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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 21, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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and iran's crippling economy gets billions of dollars in unfrozen assets now that it's reportedly tamped down its nuclear program. >> marie: jeff barpd talks to the experty from this unusual alliance. >> reporter: iran now stands to recover $100 billion that was frozen in several international years. the white house hopes tehran will use this windfall to take a more politically moderate path. but there are pitfalls. >> it is hard to believe that this deal somehow will initiate a movement towards a more constructive role played by iran in the region. >> reporter: iran is expect to put much of the $100 million into its ailing infrastructure, oil production and banking industries. but some experts warn an economicly robust iran will be then the's money that could find its way to terrorists who have israel and the west in
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syria, even a nuclear north korea. >> the iranians who are now supposedly banned from doing nuclear research, they'll out source it. they got the money now. the north koreans have the technology. the iranians have the hard currency. it's like the reese ease cup of bad things. >> reporter: others say the rewards outway the risk. they can take power from hardliners in government a more centralist iran could play a vital role. >> this deal and the achievement through diplomacy has strengthen the modernists in iran. >> reporter: in a show of good faith five u.s. hostages were released in a prisoner swap with iran. but two americans still remain behind. then there's the controversy of the ten u.s. navy sailors recently detained overnight before iran freed them. >> they don't know anything
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going see a much wealthier, more capable iran. >> reporter: in washington, i'm jeff barnd reporting. >> marie: experts say the $100 billion could pale in comparison to the revenues gained in iran begins trading on the world market. >> reed: there are new developments in the war on terror today. jonathan elias has more from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. belgium says it has arrested two more men suspected of links to the paris attacks. one was arrested wednesday night. r attacks federal prosecutors have taken ten people in custody over their suspected involvement. a 1400-year-old christian mon straer the oldest in iraq was destroyed by isis. imagery experts base that on before and after satellite pictures from 2014. while isis has not pubically announced destroying the mon astairey it wouldn't be the first time they have targeted
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u.s. secretary of state john kerry says the next week syria peace talks could be delayed by a day or two. from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm jonathan elias. >> marie: the widow of former poison russian sky says she is relieved of the inquiry. the court says there is a strong possibility the russian security service directed the killing and the operation was, quote, probably approve bid russian president putin. marina litvinenko spoke today and told reporters she was very pleased that the words her husband spoke on his death bed when he accused putin have been proved by an english court. >> i'm also calling for the imposition of sanctions and further ban against named
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[ inaudible ] and mr. putin. >> marie: he she said she received a promising action. >> reed: the city of miami police officer was recovering in the hospital after being stabbed in the face at a casino earlier today. the incident happened just after midnight when a police officer says a disgruntled customer was inside the casino and officers responded to remove him. according to police, a struggle ensued and that is when the customer stabbed officer raoul perez ifn the face. they say the officer then shot the customer. the customer there hasn't been identified. he went into the hospital for surgery. the officer received stitches for his injuries and was then released from the hospital. >> marie: former foorm suit cal -- pharmaceutical ceo shrelli has a date with congress. he would be questioned about the prescription drug market. as you know sa relli gained
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raised the price of an aids drug by 5,000 percent. he is now embroiled in a case for alleged securities fraud. it's not clear whether skreli's attorneys will allow him to attend the hearing. the number of people filing for unemployment rose since the highest level since july. the labor department reports the number of applications still remains at historically low levels. weekly applications for jobless aid jumped 10,000 to a seasonally adjusted 393,000. the number are an indication of whether businesses are nervous enough about the economy to cut jobs. >> reed: the push is on to raise the minimum wage. proponents are prepared to get the signatures they need. >> marie: but not everyone supports the race. las vegas and reno chambers of commerce tried challenge it. >> reporter: the petition to
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wage from $8 an hour to 13 an hour can move ford. carson city judge wilson sided with proponents and ordered they could circulate their petition seeking 55,000 signatures to place a minimum wage hike measure on the ballot. laurel martin with progressive rip alliance of nevada says a wage increase is necessary in a state with so much poverty. >> we see people with full-time jobs, be it a child care worker, a security guard, and they're working full-time and still are eligible for public assistance. still living in poverty. still having to work an additional job. i think it's just not keeping up with inflation. >> reporter: chambers of commerce in reno, sparks and las vegas say they're concerned about the financial impact the wage hike could have on small businesses. >> if approved by voters nevada's minimum wage would start with an increase of $9.25
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and then go up incrementally $0.75 until it r50e67s $13 in 2024. lawyers for the chambers will decide whether or not to appeal the ruling to the nevada supreme court. sandra gonzalez, news 3. >> reed: netflix customers are about to get hit with a price hike. the video streaming service says it is about to raise the month mi fee for a lot of you long time subscribers. people who are now paying $7.99 for the hd plan will have a choice. they can either pay the same for standard definition or $2two more for hd. the news comes as netflix announced it now has 79 million subscribers. uber and lyft now have new competition. america's largest automaker says it's jumping into the ride sharing business. general motors announced they will create a car sharing service called may have maeen. they plan to test it in michigan.
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programs in maleor cities later this. gm plans to open rental hubs with lyft where drivers can rent gm vehicles. >> marie: there's a new flavor of the oreo cookie. nabisco's cinnamon bun flavor cookies have hit the market. that looks good. i would try it. the buzz about the release has been circulating for three months. do you remember those red velvet oreos? those will be on shelves just in time for valentine's day. staying with food. wendy's is testing a new black bean burger. ingredients are considered vegan but not the entire thing. it can be made vegan though if you order it without the cheese and ranch sauce. the test markets for the burger are salt lake city, columbus ojai ohio and columbia, south carolina. customers have expressed interest in a meatless option. >> reed: "star wars" sets another record. "star wars" toys generated more
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that made it the number one toy property in 2015 earning more than "jurassic world", minions and adventures toys combine. the sales helped boost overall u.s. toy sales 6.7 percent to $19.4 billion in 2015. >> marie: a player becomes a hero after saving a woman from a burning car. >> reed: coming up in the good stuff what the woman has to say about the man who saved her life. >> marie: and capturing beautiful images of earth. what they're saying about the incredible sight of the northern lights. >> chloe: we are your weather authority. tracking severe weather along the east coast. most of which is under a winter storm warning. it looks like we're in for an active weekend.
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on news 3. >> reed: welcome back friends. now to the good stuff where he shine on light on people doing good. some might consider new england patriots linebacker fleming to be a hero on the field bm but it turns out he is a real life hero off the field as well. >> marie: here is the story. fleming was returning from practice last week when he witnessed a car accident and ended up pulling a woman out of a smoking car. katherine has more. >> i do express sincere gratitude and thank you so much for helping me. >> reporter: she doesn't want
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but you are hearing from the 25-year-old woman who says new england patriots player darius fleming rescued her from evening. she got into a car crash on route one not too far from gillette stadium. it. i'm sorry that you had a foot injury and i didn't realize you were bleeding. and so thank you so much. >> reporter: fleming was returning from pats practice in his practice shorts. he kicked in her window and in the process, he cut his leg on the window glass and ended upface. when the smoke started to come inside i just said i am going to kick the out. >> reporter: eyewitnesses from a vet saw it all. >> mr. phlegming from the patriots got out. he kicked the window. then pulled the woman out from safety. which her car was smoking. >> he picked her up and took her right out.
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was a rag doll. like she weighed nothing. >> reporter: the humble linebacker took off before police arrived. fleming's story without wasn't controversy with some on social media doubting his story at first. soon after fleming tweeted out... people are so quick to try to bring you down. so sad. despite his injury fleming was on the playing field two days after the heroic rescue playing the kansas city chiefs. the woman says she is so thankful and describes why she couldn't get out on her own. >> in terms of, like, the burning vehicle, the doors were locked completely. i could not get out myself. the battery died. and i tried to manually open all the locks then after that 235i8ed i tried to kick open the door. >> marie: lucky to be alive. that was katherine reporting. just a few days ago we told you that jamie foxx helped rescue a man in a similar situation. this was an alleged drunk driver who crashed outside of jamie
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jamie foxx heard the explosid out and pulled that man from that burning car. >> reed: whether you are a line backer or movie star when you see somebody in need you jump in. a las vegas child has come home after a miracle flight and operation. miracle flights arrange for nine-year-old valerie munez to fly to texas where she received surgery for a nerve disorder on her shoulder. the child has had a nerve injury since birth and traveled with her parents to the texas nerve and paralysis ins suit for the procedure. we hope she is doing well. she's cutie. >> marie: loout absolutely. a huskies owners were puzzled last night after the dog was found running around in traffic in southern california. were were they so confused. the family lives in arkansas. they had no idea how their dog had gotten more than a thousand miles from home. officers in california spotted the dog and took him to the humane society in pomona. the workers were shocked when
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he went missing in 2014. i guarantee you, that reunion is going to be a sweet one. hopefully we can bring you that story soon. let's keep this conversation going on. that may not be in the headlines but you know what it needs to be highlighted. send us a tweet. >> reed: make sure to join the conversation on facebook by "liking" our page. all you have to do is search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. make sure you hit that thumbs up button that gets you in on all the conversations. sometimes it gets heated on facebook. >> marie: the news definitely continues right here oo "news 3 live at five" today. here is a preview of what we are working on. >> reed: new developments in the ammon bundy standoff over federal lands in oregon. what we're learning tonight at 5:00 after so many community members said get out. >> marie: republican presidential candidate donald trump once again bringing
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why he says you -- to las vegas. why he says you should vote for him. >> reed: tv cop dramas spend a lot of time shooting indoors in studios. when they do get to shoot outside it is a big deal when it happens on the star's home turf. that's the case for jennifer lopez in her new cop drama shades of blue which airs tonight. that series which co-stars ray liotta shot extensively last summer on the streets of brooklyn. liotta says the local's interest in their girl j.lo, you know jenny from the block, brought a different vibe to the set all together. >> just because of jen when you are on the street all these people just show up. so you have an audience like you are doing a play. you got like a hundred people that just show up. and they're respectful when they say quiet. and they watch. if they like the scene they'll clap. it is a whole different thing. it's great. >> reed: also j.lo coming to our block.
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hollywood to rave reviews. shades of blue airs tonight at ten. by the way that residency in las vegas a lot of people said it was fantastic. >> marie: happy jenny is on our block. >> reed: i want to bump into her at albertson's. happen. she shops at home depot. >> marie: i like to think jenny from the block is jenny. we're getting unique view of th th. astronaut scott kelly and tim peak shared their view of the aurora bore al yis from the international space station. the natural light display happens when a burst of the sun's gas and magnetic field causes a solar wind which is the stream of energy specks from the sun. the stream hits the earth's atmosphere and there you go, the lights. you can see the polar lights from the ground but it is a very different view than what the astronauts witnessed. so this is quite a sight.
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for dangerous and difficult driving around d.c. overnight. this comes ahead of a serious snowstorm forecast for the mid-atlantic in the next few days. tens of millions of east coast residents could be a system. the national weather service said 12 to 24 inches of snow could fall in the d.c. metro area by saturday evening. >> reed: it's time to come home and get a look at our local forecast. >> marie: the sun is out and maybe even a nice day at the park. that's how it was at my home. news 3 is your weather authority. here's chloe beardsley with more. >> chloe: things are pretty calm right now. but we're going to see active weather this weekend. you can see the high clouds streaming in across southern nevada. we're going to look at the east coast where you can see some to move northeast as this system treks across the u.s. take a look at this.
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washington, d.c., philadelphia, and even up to new york. very heavy snow. up to a foot is possible friday into saturday in some areas. on the west coast, things are a bit different. we've had high pressure over the region bringing us dry weather conditions. you can see thm off in the pacific. another pacific storm headed in our direction. you can see bringing some precipitation to portions of the pacific northwest and portions of northern california again. mostly we're just seeing the high clouds across our area right now from this system. but that could very well change over the next few days. here is a look at what we are expecting as we get closer to the weekend. another round of showers expected for the sierra. portions sprinkle. a second system bringing chances of rain showers across the valley by saturday. we're certainly monitoring that storm activity here in the weather center. right now you can see mostly cloudy skies outside right now in las vegas. this afternoon we've seen some off and on cloud cover
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the high clouds streaming in across the valley. you can see right here just over the past eight hours in las vegas. a few sun breaks throughout the afternoon. some neighborhoods in the northeast portion of the valley. 61 degrees right now. summerlin 54. a little bit cooler on the west side of the valley right now. a closer look at some of those temperatures in our neighborhoods. you can see upper 50s, mid to upper fifties for centennial and summerlin. 58 at the lakes right now as well as green valley, paradise. 60s henderson. southeast downtown and sunrise right now. most part light to moderate winds continue across the area. temperatures outside the valley in the low 60s for overton. looking at about 36 for mount charleston. one of your cold spots. 60 degrees for pahrump outside as we take a look at conditions for the las vegas area tonight clearing up just a little sky wise. temperatures dropping to the 40s by nine with winds becoming light later this evening.
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very similar compared to the weather we experienced early this morning dropping into the low 40s and as we take a look regionally also a very cool night. 26 degrees for mount charleston. mid-30s pahrump. upper 30s sandy valley. 40s for boulder city overnight. highs tomorrow still fairly warm across the area. 60s for pahrump as well as overton, mesquite. mid-60s for lake mead by the afternoon and it looks like a beautiful day across the area for the las vegas valley. off and on sunshine as you can see with partly cloudy skies. temperatures slightly above normal for this time of year. and taking you out the next seven days you can see the warm up continues. but looks like breezy weather with a light chance of showers if possible by saturday. cooling down really just slightly and briefly over the next few days following into the workweek. after that, warmer weather headed in our direction. what i mean is slightly above normal temperatures in the 60s tuesday, wednesday and thursday. i'll take it.
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more park days to come for sure. "frozen"? >> marie: i loveit. snowman. olaf from disney. somebody wanted to build a snowman towering 12 to 13 feet tall. you kids know what i was singing. samantha and her dad jeff spent almost an entire day last week wanting to build a snowman. michigan. jeff and samantha have been years. >> his arms are basically a stick. his buttons are a ice cream buckets cut in half with black plastic. i think it just started off one of my daughters said let's make a ten foot snowman. >> reed: and they did. jeff says the best part is spendi little girl. >> marie: that's the best part. there is a quirky new trend in outdoor winter art in minnesota. people are freezing their jeans and other articles of clothing and putting them right there in the yard as ice sculptures.
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the cold temperatures. it all started with one minneapolis resident and we first told you about that guy placing frozen pants across the neighborhood to lighten the mood. neighbors are joining in posting the images on social media. some say it is a little strange, maybe even creepy. one man says he saw frozen pants while walking his dog and his pet got scared and tried to run off. >> reed: dogs are programmed. you get out of there. show of beauty in the heart of winter could be seen on the river in southern romania. a flock of swans made a stop on their way from nesting places in northern europe and siberia to the more mild climate of the delta where they will settle for the winter. >> marie: you know what the lesson is?
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announcer: it's time to play
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give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: ok. how's everybody? i appreciate you. thank y'all now. thank you very much. i appreciate that. i do. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their fourth day with a total of 20,895 bucks, from wilton, california, it's the champs, it's the simmons family. and from chicago, illinois, it's the nathan family. everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash and the possibility driving out of here in a brand-new, bold ford edge. let's go meet the nathan family. >> hi, steve. steve: father matt. father matt: yes. i'm father matt. i'm at st. isidore parish
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it's one of the suburbs
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