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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 22, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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on this friday morning. they've been so generous with our news cameras this week giving us a place to set up and watch them shoot. our photographer went down there and got footage and police said you got to get out of here. he didn't ask questions. when police tell you to leave that's what you do. do they have a dangerous scene where safety is an issue or so super secret they are thinking we've been generous with you so we're not going to allow you to see this portion. >> they've been in the same spot all week until today. something is up. runnin rebels on the road tomorrow night. the team is 3-0 under interim coach todd simon. will they make it 4-0 tomorrow night? we'll find out soon enough. >> kim: you know he has season tickets.
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i want your thoughts on how todd sime man has been doing in this interim position. do you think he gets the permanent job. >> tom: going in they were 0-3. now they are 3-0 since he took over. that doesn't guarantee the job. i would guess he doesn't get the job unless he wins at least a couple of games in the ncaa tournament which would involve winning the mountain west tournament. the odds are stacked against him but we'll see what happens. right now looks great. this is where all the filming has been taking place. the police have been chase jason bourn for three days and still can't catch him. here is a look from one of our films on the strip. >> dana: he has driving skills. >> tom: i've seen a couple of
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i thought the cameras frozen but there is a cab moving. these cars are stopped in place. so this is not a frozen camera. they are waiting for the cue from the director to start moving again. they are stopped waiting. so we'll check back in on this. meanwhile everything is looking good around town. travel times up to speed here. looks great but as we go to kelly, we all have friends, maybe family back east. they have a different deal to worry about. >> kelly: they might as well stay home. that's the best thing to do. for us much better conditions. partly sunny skies throughout the day today. 58 at noon and 60 at 4:00. we do have a little wet weather on the way as well. could include mountain snow. i'll have details coming up. >> kim: don't complain about your morning commute locally. check out the charlotte area. this is live.
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for this morning commute and it is no fun to be a part of this as the weather is happening back east. >> dana: at least they are not hosting the n.f.c. championship -- i'm hearing they are hosting the game on sunday. the panthers hosting the cardinals there. i would imagine they have the field covered right now and by sunday most of that will be out of there. for you betters if you are wondering is weather going to be mostly sunny skies. >> kim: we is the war of 1812 to talk about but before we get to that there is a ripple effect that happens when have you the severe weather back east and that takes us to our local airport. delays, delays, delays? >> reporter: it is that ripple effect that is what makes such a mess of air travel. it does have a ripple effect all
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i want to step aside and show you the baggage claim here. this is one area that is calm and peaceful. that could change later today. that storm is a very big deal. you can blame that storm directly on an incredible amount of snow in the east, so much so that american airlines grounded all of today's flights that leave washington, baltimore and charlotte and north carolina leaving from those airports. if you have a flight, do the right thing to save yourself some sanity here. check with your airline. go online and make sure that flight is moving or not moving because the weather is going to be a storm that is going to be a real headache for air travelers and very likely if you are
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east, it's likely your flight is cancelled. >> the entire state of maryland is expected to experience severe winter weather including high snow, high winds with gusts up to 50 miles an hour and frigid temperatures. >> reporter: amtrak cancelled some lines for friday, saturday and sunday including crescent astros new york to new orleans, cargo astros new york to chicago and silver service from new york to miami. so those are some of the rail lines that will not be running as a result of this storm. we're going to go into the baggage claim area and take a look at the board and see what they are saying about flights cancelled, flights on time and see if there are any people here trying to avoid this by changing
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it happens. >> kim: we appreciate that. >> dana: met strow looking for a murderer in our community. someone shot and nil their own car. police say the victim in his car getting red do i visit family who lived in the complex when he was shot multiple times. it's not known if the victim
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officials are hoping surveillance footage will give them a better picture of the suspect. >> kim: marco rubio sat down with jimmy fallon and they talked about why he is running for president. >> if you go around the country you see people telling you we're working harder than we've ever worked and can't get ahead. i want to expand the american dream to reach more people than ever. >> kim: that was the serious side. i will never forget i was able to interview him in sacramento
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read a vanity fair article he was profiled in and his dream was to be baseball commissioner. >> dana: we're talking about that massive winter storm. kelly has amazing time lapse photography from the east coast. these steps from the lincoln memorial. they are dealing with all of this snowy weather and live pictures coming out of charlotte, north carolina this morning. more on this coming up. >> kim: car seat dangers. this is a "wake up with the wagners" exclusive. we are teaming one the experts at consumer reports. what is wrong with what we're looking at right now? that's a hidden danger and we'll explain it after a quick timeout. vegas. she's in montreal.
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>> kim: welcome back to the program. i can't take my eyes off north carolina. this is highly unusual for them to have the conditions. it's really icy which makes it so dangerous what we're seeing right now. they get snow from time to time but the icy conditions are very dangerous this morning. >> dana: there is state of emergencies in place for most areas along the eastern seaboard. they've had snow from arkansas through tennessee and the mid-atlantic states don't get snow that often in north carolina. thousands of flights have been cancelled and you can expect to see more cancellations and delays. >> kim: they are calling this a nor easter and washington, d.c. looks like the bullseye of this weekend's blizzard.
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heavy snow and we'll have live coverage throughout the broadcast. >> dana: government offices shut down today. national weather service warning this storm could bring more than two feet of snow to washington, cause more than a billion dollars in damage. the snow should start falling later today in the washington, d.c. area. two feet of snow not out of the question. >> kim: north korea has arrested an american student. they are alleging he was implementing antistate acts. he's from virginia university and the report says he entered the north as a tourist and allegedly plotted to undermine the north koreaen system. thurh k we'll pass it on. >> dana: a shooting in a movie theatre in washington, this in a suburb in washington.
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and said he shot the woman in a movie that's right accidentally. this happened during the showing of the movie 13 hours. the secret soldiers of benghazi. witnesses noticed a man stand and wobble. had a gun in his waistband. after it was discharged the man left like nothing happened. the woman transported to the hospital in critical condition. the that's right was not investigating. an investigation is under way. >> kim: now to a "wake up with the wagners" exclusive. you have maybe seen reports recently about the danger for children who wear the coats buckled up in car seats. this is a serious concern. but there are easy ways to keep your child safe. >> in cold weather we bundle the kids up to prepare them for the elements.
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can be a dangerous combination. the harness might not be tight enough to secure your child in a crash. with the help of fivehold ben she demonstrates a quick way to see if your child's coat is too big and bulky to wear under the harness. they put ben in a snow suit and secure him into his car seat. there was no slack in the harness slap. then they removed his coat to put him back in the seat to see how loose the straps were. >> in the event of a crash all this room means there is more room for ben to ride up and for his head to be outside the protection of this which means he could have a head injury. >> you can use the same test for bigger kids. >> in addition to not wearing a coat, make sure your child is properly harnessing every time.
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any fabric and their chest drip should be at armpit level. >> secure her into her seat and then put a blanket on top of the harness. and for the bigger kids teach them wearing a coat over the harness while riding in the car. >> kim: consumer reports suggest periodically from time to time go to a car seat checkup event. we have them all the time locally. the professionals will make sure your seat is installed properly. >> dana: we bring in tom and kelly to talk about traffic and weather. we have cool pictures out of our nation's capitol this morning. this is the jefferson memorial. there is not that much snow on the ground right now. >> tom: they had a little dusting last night. they got an inch or so and expect the big one tonight.
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i was stunned so i come into work and i'm like the storm has hit. she goes kim, that is the precursor. i was like they are in big trouble then. if that was the precursor and everything came to a halt, what is going to happen tonight? >> kelly: a lot of people are preparing. they have closed schools and closing businesses ahead of time. look at the huge area of the country. all of that pink you see, that is a winter storm warning from arkansas all the way to new york. the area shaded in red, that is a blizzard warning. that is for parts of maryland, washington, d.c., new york city, blizzard warning so not only are we talking two feet of snow but 50-mile an hour winds on top of that. here is a look at the storm system right now and we're seeing a lot of snow from this, especially into parts of kentucky, west virginia, north
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a lot of ice with this as well in parts of north carolina and south carolina as well. we do have a time lapse video. this is out of virginia. we're going to be able to see a little bit of that snow coming down and as the sun comes up the mountains covered with snow. not a lot yet. the clouds moving in. they have more snow on the way. here at home quiet conditions. partly sunny skies. a nice day. 61 the expected high. nice light winds.
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around with us. 43 for the low. our seven-day forecast, most of saturday looks dry at least in the valley. we'll see activity in the mountains. two to four inches possible. rain showers in the valley possible saturday night. that should wrap up by sunday. partly sunny and 58. >> dana: we go live to the floor of the nasdaq. jane king is joining us this morning. people in the united states have to have health insurance nine days from now or they will be fined by the federal government under obama care and seems like people here are getting the message. >> yes, they've been enrolling topping numbers from last year. the government says that about 78,000 have signed up for the plan. if you don't have it yet, still time to get it. >> dana: i love your hair today.
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>> kim: it's sassy, i like it. >> it's blizzard hair. >> dana: i see sledding in your future my friend. be safe out there and we'll check back in on monday. >> kim: we begin with a local headliner celine going to be a tough day, she is laying her boulevard husband tolaying herbeloved husband to rest today. it was held at the notre dame where she married her husband. hundreds of people waiting in long lines to pay their respects. she took a brief moment to talk to "people" magazine from that location yesterday saying the support that she's received from all of her fans has been a blessing.
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"people" magazine that everyone in montreal loves her and her husband and they felt compelled to go to the basilica to tell her that in person. they didn't mind waiting in long lines outside to do just that. you are see it all over her face this is the toughest thing she's ever been through but she has support of all of her fans. we have a brand new snl headed your way tomorrow night and you are going to know the person who is playing host. >> i'm rhonda rousey hosting snl this week. >> i'm attracted to women who are stronger than me. >> you are attracted to all women? >> yes, wait, no, yes.
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i'm going with her pronunciation rousey. news 3 at 11:00. >> dana: she looked like the old rhonda rousey. >> kelly: she's going to be in a movie soon.
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>> kim: tom has been on jason bourn watch every day this week. >> tom: we have a couple of accidents to point out. this is i15 and blue diamond road. we have an outside camera that shows flashing lights. doesn't like it's causing a major delay but it's on the ramp on i15 north bound. an accident in the downtown area bonanza and casino center. injuries involved in t tat one. your travel times up to speed. the freeways are ok. let's get to kelly who is all about the east coast snow. >> kelly: we want to make sure we check in on our local weather too. liberty 36-degrees for the
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7 miles per hour. >> kim: people who know her call her jen. to the rest of us she's j-lo.
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her thing on >> kim: hollywood in las vegas. this time our news screw kicked out. what is going on is a super secret or something dangerous about to happen when it comes to hollywood magic? we have the story headed your way. >> dana: excessive force, a motor cycle rider knocked to the ground by a police cruiser and then knocked to the ground again by the poll you what went down coming up. >> kim: unexpected allies. police get a little help as they are in the middle of a big chase. wait until you see who comes to the rescue. >> kim: it is 5:30 on this friday morning. at least you are not waking up to this. we have had multiple live pictur the
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washington, d.c. is expected to get the bullseye. we had a drive camera out of north carolina. this is a gorgeous live perspective right now of the lincoln memorial in s capital. >> it's the jefferson memorial. >> it looks like mont cello. >> snow from little rock arkansas to the nation's capitol. there is the mgm. manny pacquiao says his final fight will be inside that building on april 9 against tim bradley. making the announceme at a news conference in new york yesterday. is fight with tim bradley, he's going to hang up his gloves for good and go into politics for full time country.
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rhonda rousey playing host on snl this weekend. we have a new installment tomorrow night. let's check the traffic situation. you have a couple of accidents to talk about. >> tom: we have an a blue diamond that doesn't seem to be causing major problems so we'll revert to bourn watch. they are doing some filming right now of the next installment of the movie. the cars are just stopped. i thought the camera shot was prosen but here is someone moving around. they are just stopped because the director said stop, don't move right now until the director tells them to move again. we have an accident down here on bonanza which becomes casino center just north of the 515. also something curious happening in the downtown area. there is an event which involves
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free mont. free mont is going to be closed between las vegas boulevard and 6th street for a park jam. they are filling it with snow. we don't expect it to be delivered until late tonight or tomorrow morning. but the closure started at 5:00 a.m. we'll be over this later to show you what is going on there. the big event where they are doing snowboarding on free mont strait. all the travel times in the green. good news there. we've been talking about snow back east. but we're going to have snow on free mont. >> that will be a great event to get out and enjoy especiaefs melting. partly sunny skies, 58 at noon. 61 at 3:00. and highs in the 60's expected to continue tomorrow and we have wet weather on the way. mountain snow. we're going to break that down and take a look at what is going on out east.
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we've taken you live to the shut down las vegas strip because movie cr ied and they've been shooting the jason bourn movie down there. >> dana: this is a chase scene and it's taken them five nights to shoot this scene. the cars are in similar position to the last several days. but our photographer was kicked off the set today. sam has been there every day but today when he went down there metro officers kicked him out of the site. >> kim: if they have something dangerous and here is what we've seen as far as the action, maybe they haven explosion or super secret they don't want to share with all of us before it hits the big screen but we'll monitor this on the vas strip still closed down because the movie industry has invaded the place. we'll have continued coverage
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if you were up late last night watching our 11:00 news they shared it off the top. local police searching for a suspect in a deadly shooting from outside of an apartment complex. this happened near nellies air force base. about 10:00 last night they got a disturbing call. a person was in his car getting red do i go visit family members who lived in that complex when out of nowhere he was shot multiple times. it is not known if this is a random act or if possibly the victim knew the suspect. officials hope that surveillance footage from this apartment complex will give them a better picture of the suspect. we're just getting started with the developments on this one this morning. we're talking about kendall right now.
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she's there for a hot air balloon festival getting ready to go up and away. we're having lots of fun this morning. we are light it up this morning. you can see they have the baskets and the flames blowing. coming up at 6:00 we are going to do a cold inflate of the balloon. want to show you how power gets these thing up into is the air. it's cold out here but feels warm. i'm going to introduce to you christian with the h festival. >> this event is free to the public. it's a great week end in mesquite. saturday is full of fun
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we have activities on our show room, free champagne tasting and our night glow to tend evening. >> that gives families an up close and personal look of the balloons and the pilots who man >> absolutely. the pilots interact and show them how it works. see. >> how can they get down here? >> hop on i15 and head president miles north exit 120. >> thank you so much. >> lots of fun out here. moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, bring the little ones out here. we will do a cold inflatable. big balloons out here this morning. reporting live in mesquite. >> i think they should let you
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i want to see that in the next hour. >> maybe. >> dana: our executive producer admonished her not to wear hair spray this morning. >> kim: our dog has one more pick. he has a 12-8 record against the spread. not so bad. if you are a person who can quit your job and get that done, you can make a little money. do that. >> dana: we're talking about donald trump in town yesterday. what he had to say about hiss chief rival ted cruz coming up. >> kim: also starting it with a bang. big celebration. there is something new this time around and we'll explain it as "wake up with the wagners" continues.
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our weather forecast. not only tracking that morn senator storm, she's talking
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valley this week >> kim: they put the running back in the runnin rebels and it's fun to watch. >> tom: and that is our classic rival. we are on bourn watch on the strip. our photographer was kicked out. i don't know if they know we have a helicopter, we do.
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east of i15. everything is up to speed and looking good. snow being delivered to free mont and we'll talk about that later. right now we'll talk about weather here. >> kelly: we have clouds hanging around that morning. this is a look at the current temperature. primm you are below freezing. 31 for the current temperature. pahrump you are at 34. this is what we look at through the rest of the day today. we're going to have clouds around, partly sunny skies. the precipitation staying back to our west. as we get into tomorrow the clouds thickening up and the possibility for showers during the evening and into the overnight. that will clear out as we get into the day on sunday. sunday looks like a fantastic day to get out and enjoy. we'll take a look at the east
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>> kim: we're going to give people a sneak peek right now. this is kentucky. when i think of kentucky, i don't think of this sort of severe werth. >> dana: they get snow but not as common as other places in the united states. they also get snow in north carolina from time to time and arkansas but just not this much. three feet of snow could be on the way for portions of the east coast looks like washington, d.c. is the bullseye. >> kim: 80 million americans impacted by this blizzard. it's the ice that is the problem with a lot of live pictures we've seen as far as the danger involved. >> dana: you've got to see this dramatic rescue. a toddler weren'ting into the middle of a highway. where are the parents here? more of this daring rescue and how he got in the street in the first place. >> kim: talk about an intruder. we've seen this from time to
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this is quite unusual to see this animal on the move like this. i'm taking this in with you.
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scene and tell you how this all i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant.
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it survived. share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage, get two breakfast croissants forfour bucks. >> kim: proof that we are a battleground state, we continue to get a lot of love from the presidential candidates.
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ted is starting to go down. cruz is going down. he's having a hard time. he looks like a nervous wreck. he's going down. he had his moment and he blew it. >> dana: donald flump town. so too bill clinton. talking about the mud slinging in this year's campaign. >> they want to you forget that an election is about you. it's hard to make change. >> dana: bill clinton is going to be in reno today. >> kim: in oregon a jury awarded a guy 180,000 after this. you are going to see the bump. guess who did that. an oregon state police officer. this was a traffic stop in 2012. we're talking about it now four years later because of the big payday. justin wilson said he was just minding his own business when this happened. in the end he had a broken collarbone.
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did it. it was in line with state police policies but a jury in oregon disagreed and that rider just scored 180,000. >> mardi gras celebrations begin tonight in alabama. for the first time people will be allowed to carry guns there. if you have a gun, have you to have a permit and you can't drink alcohol. >> kim: we have video of a rescue earlier this month that involves a toddler that ran into the middle of your highway. the sheriff's office using this video to bring attention to traffic safety and the dangers of distracted driving. the two-year-old got out of an open door of a community center and runs and does this. the sheriff's deputy was driving down the road, slammed the brakes to avoid hitting that child. he took him to safety.
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you have to pay attention because you never know what can be in the middle of the road. >> four people on the run for 90 minutes when the people on the lamb got shopped by sheep. they couldn't go anywhere because of that flock of sheep crossing the highway. there were young people in the car that have been charged witha number of crimes including theft of gasoline. >> kim: we've been checking out live pictures of the werth. kelly has been hustling around because you've been providing time lapse footage of the blizzard back east. >> that's a cool feature we have access to cameras all over the country. it's a matter of sorting through ones. here are the weather alerts we're seeing for the mid-atlantic. >> kentucky, tennessee, west carolina. all this pink is a winter storm warning. the red we're seeing around
5:42 am
new york city is a blizzard warning where in addition to the snow we're looking at 50-mile an hour winds so it's piling up over cars. going to have a hard time finding the car. here is a look what the storm looks like. we have showers moving through virginia, west virginia, kentucky see a lot of activity. speaking of kentucky, this is a time lapse look as the sun is coming up there. look at all that snow and it's still coming down. i highly doubt we're going to see horses jogging out there today. here is a look at the temperatures at home. paradise you are at 42. just some clouds right now. we are watching this storm. could bring us wet werth saturday night. today nice day. partly sunny skies. 65 our high. our seven-day forecast looks like we're going to stay dry
5:43 am
wet weather moving in the overnight. two to four inches possible in the spring mountains and are you drying back out on sunday. >> tom: we have an accident over here to the west of las vegas boulevard. elsewhere around town they are doing the movie work down on las vegas boulevard so we have a live camera there showing traffic stopped. looks like motion in the north bound lane. they are working on that accident there. looks like they are not clear over there. downtown accident on bonanza just north of the 515. kelly was talking about snow back east. we got snow being delivered for park jam tomorrow and the closure is starting now goal until 5:00 p.m. on sunday.
5:44 am
travel times up to speed so looking green on the freeway. we'll be anxious to see what that looks like on free mont street. >> kim: i want him to fly over the jason bourn site soon. >> dana: two men called the cops
5:45 am
cops weren't on this case until >> dana: tearing up the las vegas strip beginning her residency at planet hollywood bringing down the house rob i he bringing in celebrities for opening weekend including ryan seacrest and justin beiber. she's rob that nbc show shade of blue which airs thursday night here on channel 3. two guys accused of trying to smuggle marijuana from las vegas to montana. when they got into idaho they got spooked and called the cops on themselves. >> i don't know what the dial
5:46 am
out. >> they weren't being followed by the cops at all. they were high and got paranoid and so the cops came in to arrest them and found 20 pounds of pot on them.
5:47 am
will make you stupid. >> kim: we have live team coverage of the blizzard as it's happening headed your way. >> dana: the las vegas strip shut down once again as they film the movie. today something happened to our cameras that has never happened this week. we'll explain ahead. >> kim: if he's not president, what else would he want to be? just hours ago on this channel former local marco rubio now running for president tells jimmy what his other dream job wall be. >> dana: 6:00 on this friday morning. we're just trying to get to work in virginia this morning. >> kim: no one should complain about the commute in southern nevada this morning as you check out the commute as it's happening in virginia. >> dana: look how many cars are on the road.
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>> kim: kelly has been telling
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