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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 22, 2016 6:00am-6:59am PST

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>> kim: kelly has been telling us all morning long, she says it's the ice that makes it so dangerous. it's steveing to see all that snow, it's the icy conditions causing so many problems back east. >> dana: they could get two feet of snow before this is done. the brunt of the storm hasn't even hit washington, d.c. yet. >> kim: we have live team coverage headed your way throughout this hour. thanks for spending time was. just quickly we want to show you a little bit of a talent that is now considered a talent. >> dana: this guy , this is how he makes a living. they call him can head. he sticks things to his head. how does he do this? pull harder. >> kim: as we start off team
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it's parkway that is 12 minutes. >> kelly: we are looking at a beautiful day here at home. partly sunny skies. 43 by 9:00. 68 at noon at 60 at 4:00. we have wet weather on the way
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at time lapses from the east. >> kim: thank you. looking forward it to. we're going to check in with sky 3 in a little while. our top story is the ripple effect of the big storm back east and we're feeling the reflects locally. >> dana: i'm look agent the they are reporting 2600 flights cancelled today, more than 3,000 delayed because of the weather along the east coast. >> reporter: incredible numbers. and when you consider the fact that when there is cancellations at that level nationwide, they often have a ripple effect down to large airports like here. check out before we go to the video the departures here. this may change later in the day as the storm moves in. right now to new york and j.f.k. destinations from las vegas most of it is on time.
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all of that is ok. but the other flights we're seeing before the board changed were showing on time. it's very likely that will change later today as the storm moves in. maybe they are trying to get the planes in the air and out of bounds before the worst of it hits. that is something to consider. if you are flying, check with your airline and make sure everything is running on time. check out this video. you can blame all of this on the incredible snowstorm in the east. american airlines has grounded today's flights leaving washington, baltimore and charlotte, north carolina, those airplanes grounded. if you have a flight, check with your airline just because weather is good where you are li here il vegas, that doesn't mean everything is all good. >> the entire state of maryland is expected to experience severe
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this will include very heavy snow, high winds with gusts up to 50 miles an hour and frigid temperatures. >> there were a lot of amtrak lines cancelled on the east coast for all of friday, saturday and sunday. looking at the arrival board here as well, one thing i noticed is looks like some flights coming in from new york and new jersey and minneapolis, looks like some of those got in the air early and they are arriving here in las vegas about 30 to 45 minutes in some cases early. that could be another way they've planned ahead for this storm and some of the chaos it could bring to the scheduling. bottom line check with the airline, the airport. the internet will be a great service to you and many airlines send out text messages or alerts
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been changes to your travel plans. if you folk travel into or out of this storm, that plan will almost certainly change based on everything we've heard so far about this storm. thank you for that live report. one more look at the morning commute in virginia. 80 million americans impacted by this huge blizzard that they are calling a nor easter. >> dana: how about driving. we have seen very few cars on the roadways in virginia this morning. up to two and a half feet of snow expected in the nation's capitol today. 18 inches possible in new york. expect delays today. >> kim: this is going into a big
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lopez and her residency as it's rolled out. we are checking in with jay gray who is out in all of that. right now we are talking about what happened hours ago on this very channel. jimmy fallon sitting down with a former local and a current political candidate for president, that would be marco rubio. they had some fun last night and there is serious memos as well. football was in the mix as part of the discussion. check it out. >> i want to be like commissioner of the nfl which is more powerful than president sometimes. >> you want to be commissioner of the nfl? >> yeah when the next one comes up. you have a lot of power in that job. you can like suspend people. he went on to say go gators. he is a fellow florida gator.
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have ginn him a cheer if he had done that. >> dana: runnin rebels going for four in a row tomorrow night. they are not going to be here in town. unr and unlv both at 3-3 in the season. tipoff set for 7:00 tomorrow night. there is the big 7-foot senter. rebels on a roll right now. >> kim: we have been watching every day this week the jason bourn movie in action shutting down the las vegas strip. that movie magic is happening as we speak only this time something new. they've been so generous with our news crews this week but this morning they said sam, get out of here. sam was kicked off the area. we're speculating something super secret is going to happen
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maybe they have an explosion planned and want everyone cleared out. we don't know what they had up their sleeve but we've been watching these fun moments throughout the week and they are not done shooting yet. >> that was jason bourn's car driving next to the camera. i think he was making a left turn on harmon. i think he was trying to get into the aria. >> kim: we'll have more of the movie as it's happening because we have tom up above in sky 3. still come a man comes forward. it has to do a shooting in a movie theater. his excuse for why the gun went off will have you talking. >> dana: an american assisted in north korea. we'll tell you where he's from and what the charges are next. >> kim: we have a story this morning detailing the dangers of drug use. these two idiots turned
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wait until you hear how. >> tom: we have flashing lights, blocking travel lanes on i15. we'll have an update coming your way in just a moment. >> dana: kelly not only tracking what is happening with a giant snowstorm back east, she is tracking our werth.
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>> a man that went to see a movie accidentally shot a woman. he turned himself n. she was taken to the hospital and at last check informs critical condition. >> dana: north korea arrested a college student from america. the report says he entered the north as a tourist but allegedly plotted to undermine the north system. that is all the information we have right now. >> kim: we have video of one of the five american prisoners
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this video is taking the world by storm. he is now a freed american prisoner and you see him laughing and smiling with his wife, brother and other colleagues. it's the washington post that posted this clip that we're all taking in. that swap followed the lifting of the most sanctions of iran under the new nuclear program. >> dana: snow and a lot of it from arkansas through kent and tennessee into north carolina as well. we have live pictures coming out of virginia this morning. three feet of snow is expected in the nation's capitol later today. they are getting hit as you can see. this is causing a lot of problems for people. more than 80 million americans impacted by this storm system. all the way from little rock up through new york city as well. people are being told to stay home if possible. stay off the streets. it's going to be a nightmare out there today and tomorrow. >> kim: we have a friend here
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we have a couple of playoff games that you don't believe would be impacted? >> charlotte got hit today by a bunch of snow. they are hosting arizona on sunday and will be in the afternoon around 6:30 charlotte time. for us everything is going to clear out by sunday. i don't think the weather will be impacted and denver sunny and in the 40's as the wrong cost host the patriots. >> the war of 1812. >> kim: kelly, have you been doing a terrific job. great work as far as monitoring our own werth but you've been providing gorgeous live pictures of the weather back east. >> kelly: it's so cool we have this feature where we get to see
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follow this storm system. we have blizzard warnings for the areas shaded in red, that includes the capitol as well as new york city as we are looking at two plus feet of snow. all the areas in pink is a winter storm warning. we're dealing with, look how big this system is. we've got snow in virginia, west virginia back in kentucky wrapping towards memphis. thunderstorms in parts of virginia where you see purple, mixed precipitation, freezing rain, that is dangerous situation. here is a look at a couple of live cameras. this one in virginia. they are welcoming this. this is a ski resort so they are thrilled about the snow coming down right now. blue grass community technical college in lexington they are looking at up to 10 inches. here is a look at what we're seeing here at home.
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cool downtown, 37 for all the people out with the movie shoot. spring valley 41. as far as what we expect for the rest of the day, clouds moving in. showers moving in from the west. we are not expected to arrive until later on saturday. today a nice day to get outside. 61 the expected high. tonight 43 with partly cloudy skies and our seven-day forecast we're looking at 62 for the high tomorrow. should stay dry during the day but a chance of showers, mountain snow and breezy conditions during the overnight. >> tom: we have lights flashing on i15 south bound. doesn't look like a serious accident however there are orange cones blocking off the shoulder. things a little slower than usual passing by. not a big deal. we might as well be on bourn patrol as well.
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where you see people directing traffic by hand where they are doing more shooting on the movie. snow is on the way in the downtown area. here is free mont street. it's closed right now between las vegas boulevard and 6th. that will be the case until sunday night for imported for a big snowboarding event. as we continue team traffic they are going to be snowboarding on free mont street. >> jeff: pretty much anything happens on free mont street is what i've learned. we've seen it all. if you are coming in on 15 south bound about to hit the interchange, nine miles per hour so it is moving slow at this time of day. 15 south bound is slow at 9
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>> kim: so some people just not cut out for a life of crime. couple of guys learning that the hard way as they try to smuggle marijuana from here in las vegas up to montana. they are driving over the border from idaho. they get spooked and call the police on themselves. >> the cop driving around not wanting to pick us up. wondering if you could help us out and just go ahead and do it. >> kim: according to east idaho the suspect was high on marijuana when he made that phone call. he was not being followed by police. investigators found 20 pounds of marijuana in the car as well as cash and apparently they had a puppy with them. >> dana: like aunt betty on the
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supers and they thought it was the cops. >> kim: don't do drugs, see how stupid it makes you. when patients are diagnosed with cancer, they look at their future and don't like what they see when they get that diagnosis. >> dana: that is not the case anymore. researchers pioneering new technology helping patients fight the cancer without the agony. >> i had great health. i had gotten a physical every year since i was 30 years old. >> he was surprised to get a call from his doctor. psa i had no idea what that was. the reality was prostate cancer. >> have you at the most two years. that's a good view. >> he started working with a doctor where new developments in prostate cancer research turned two years into no evidence of
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>> today if you try to find cancer in jeff's body, you can't find it today. >> prostate cancer treatment has improved dramatically in the last decade. >> this is one of the machines we use to destroy tumors here. >> a patient lies on this table. >> and the high energy x-rays can kill the d.n.a. in the cancer cells. it's eradicating cancer without the invasive procedure. >> we've gone from asking men to go from nine months of treatments to five treatments. >> this research is fantastic. >> whoo a comment, if you are now is the time to have it.
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at planet hollywood. celebrities coming to see her show. we have some of the memos you want to check out headed your way. >> at least i'm not that guy.
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because i moved >> tom: there is an didn't blocking the right lane but not a lot of traffic out here this time of morning. this is north of southern beltway. i want to swing the camera around and show another glorious sunrise on the way. the people back east are talking about snow but we are talking about beauty here. >> kelly: i have another shot of that as well from red rock. look at that. isn't that gorgeous. it's gorgeous start to our day. temperature wise as you are getting ready to head out the door, chilly in primm and pahrump. boulder city you are at 41 and layoff lynn 46. mid 40's for the kids on the way
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we have clouds. partly sunny skies but this afternoon 61. what a great day to get outside and play. especially because we have wet weather on the way. take advantage of it. >> dana: kelly just rubbing it in. jenny from the block is jenny from the strip. >> kim: she brought down the house wednesday night of this week. her show is titled all i v. big celebrities coming in town to see her. ryan seacrest, justin beiber was there for opening night. talked to the people who are involved with the show over at planet hollywood and they say big time celebrities headed to the planet hollywood this weekend as well. she's a huge star here on nbc in her new show shades of blue.
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premier for thelida con el espectrk in a zillion years and you can watch it thursday night at 10:00 here on news 3. >> dana: people on the lamb
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tell you about >> dana: donald trump in las vegas taking shots at ted cruz. what he had to say in memos.
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we've never seen anything like this. george clooney is even amused. you'll see why coming up. up, up and away the hot air balloon festival will be taking over our southern nevada skies. when this will happen, i have a live report and you are not going to want to miss this. >> dana: you are flying above photograph sky 3. >> kim: an exclusive tour with tom and our pilot patrick and simply gorgeous. look at all of the color as the sun is starting to come up. it is 6:30 on this friday morning. welcome to the program. it has been jam packed with news, weather. the silly, fun or serious of the severe weather back east. >> dana: we have shots from the east coast. they've had snow already and more is on the way.
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this guy was in his backyard pool. an eight foot crock. wildlife officers came to capture him. when he saw the law, he ran back into the water. he got away scot-free. >> kim: that would be the silly side of the newscast this morning. jay gray out in the weather in a little while. let's go back to sky 3. tom breath taking images we just opened up with. >> tom: we started with what seemed like picture out of hollywood now we'll go to hollywood on the strip where the next installment of the bourn movie is being shot right now. the south bound lanes are partially blocked. they've opened one lane to let traffic through. looks like that's just for people wanting to enter the aria complex. we're not sure what they are shooting but they have a portion
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we heard they kicked our photographer out. we will cover the action from sky 3. we continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: earlier sky 3 was showing that accident on 15 south bound near tropicana. it caused a bit of a ripple effect. 11 miles per hour if you are making your way in through the interchange. on 15 south bound that is our only trouble spot. so that is a nine minute stretch. 215 north bound to the 95 is clear at 12 minutes and 515 to downtown clear at 1 minutes. >> kelly: we've got quiet conditions across the area. partly sunny skies throughout the day today. noon 58 and 21 at 3:00. we do have a little bit of wet weather in the forecast. we're going to take a look at when it will move in and when it will move out coming up.
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the forecast back east and the three feet of snow expected for some spots. >> kim: 80 million americans affected bety severe weather and locals in the mix too. our local airport feeling the effects of the weather back east. >> dana: more than 3,000 people showing up here in southern nevada to welcome donald trump. >> kim: we gave you the heads up it was going to happen and here is the proof are. donald trump hosting this big rally down at the south point. and in typical trump fashion he wastes no time making a big scene against ted cruz and he goes after jeb bush. >> jeb is down the toilet and ted is starting to go down. he's getting nervous. >> cruz is going down. he's going down. he's having a hard time. he looks like a nervous wreck. he's going down. he had his moment. he had his moment and he blew it.
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to the outdoor sportsman awards here in las vegas. that the location he talked about guns and he would protect the second amendment and the right to bear arms. >> dana: that former pastor out of henderson accused of raping young girls in his congregation guilty on all 17 charges against him and it might get worse for holland. prosecutor says holland facing 22 new charges that came to light during this first trial. he will be sentenced in march. most experts agree he will probably spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> kim: you are in for a treat. we are taking you to the hot air balloon festival. >> dana: kendall is there. she doesn't have hot air but she's close to it. look at that balloon. >> good morning. this is a hot balloon.
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they are using cold air to inflight the balloon. you can see how massive it is. these people are not as petite as me so when you compare the size between the hot air balloon and people these things are massive. let's get to the details. the festival will be kicking off tomorrow going into sunday. the event is free. families out there you want to
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there will be over 40 hot airci the i saw hot air balloons taking off and went there this is a great. you are calm floating over the sky. it's like looking at google maps in real time. >> thank you so much. the event is free. the way it was described a's bucket list item. i have to agree because i have not seen a hot air balloon in person before. it is beautiful and massive. we will be taking a live flight
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the cw i'll go up live from the air. >> dana: for first time fliers there is an initiate. they sprinkled grass on my head and poured champagne on my head. we're going to take you live to the east coast. jay gray is standing in the snow right now. you look cold. that will be live on the program in moments. >> kim: heart and throat kind of stuff. that is a toddler in the middle of the road. where are his parents, what happened and how was he save? we have the complete stories headed your way. >> dana: what is moving in this weekend?
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the >> kim: this is one way to stop a car chase. it went on for 70 minutes and came to a screeching halt. >> dana: kids accused of stealing gas, reckless driving. it was sheer luck they got the
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of sheep. >> kim: we're going to check in with jay if you want to show this live location. kelly has been doing a terrific job all morning predicting and forecasting our local weather and taking us back east for images like this. >> kelly: look at all of that snow. we're not going to be dealing with anything like that here at home. maybe you want to head out to the mountains. that is the difference. free mont street. we set this in motion we are looking at nice day today, highs in the low sixth and rain by fresno and snow in the sierra. that will make its way in for the overnight hours tomorrow that. will clear out sunday. just a pretty slight chance it
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four inches is our mountains is possible. >> we're going to start team traffic way look now after 15 south bound. 13 miles per hour if you making your way in through the bowl. this is having a monday even though it is friday. let's go back to the bowl. 13 miles per hour. travel times are looking ok. if you are coming in on 15 south bound you aring looing at about 10 minutes. cooling up manny pacquiao the boxer made announcement at a news conference yesterday. didn't expect this one. we'll tell you all about anytime memos. >> tom: we've got a little problem on i15 north bound before you get to the bowl. we'll have an update coming your way in just a moment.
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from simon and gash funkle. people wonder how he got the rights and then they realized
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we're >> kelly: all morning long we've given you a live tour of the severe weather back east and it has a ripple effect for all of us locals. we take you live to the airport where scrag standing wyoming we are feeling effects of the major blizzard back east. >> absolutely.
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a lot of flights go from here to the east coast or east coast to here. american airlines has grounded all of its flights leaving washington, baltimore and charlotte north carolina. at the same time amtrak cancelled trains for friday, saturday and sunday. new york to new orleans, service new york to chicago and new york to miami. we've seen flights coming eastbound to las vegas appearing to have left about 30 or 45 minutes early. they are in the air scheduled for an early arrival here. there are for right now flights on many of the major airlines leaving las vegas this morning scheduled on time landings on the east coast specifically in new york. as this storm moves in all of that could change. check with the airport. sign up for text alerts from your airline. check because your flight travel plans if you have one today will
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>> kim: flight the director of this program puts this out for us. 2400 flights cancelled. >> dana: today, just today. >> kim: 80 million americans impacted by this storm. that's a great resource to follow. flight >> dana: right now more local news coming up at 7:00 after this program on the cw. jeff joins was a preview. >> jeff: brought to tears. this woman breaks down after a donation is dropped off at her consignment store. what a man left her that leads to a hate crime investigation. they are the division 1a hip-hop national champs known as runlv rebel girls. we are talking to them about their big win. that is coming up. they are going to be here in studio in about 15 minutes that. is when our program starts.
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>> dana: if they are here, i'm here. >> kim: i can't wait to see them in action. 6:47 and we have more live team coverage of this. >> it's serious when we move into this. we could use some rebel girls here. we're going to see snow here and some of the hardest hit areas 30 inches or more. this is a historic snowfall. looks like we've seen the snow intensify.
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bigger. that is not scientific but that's the best way to describe it. they are really starting to accumulate here. state of emergency here in virginia and in four other states. we're on the leading edge of this system that is going to swallow the east coast for the next two or three days. we have the national guard on the ground. every available state police officer and the state responding. we've got power crews staged across the region because there is a national weather service saying we are going to get blizzard and whiteout conditions. 50-mile an hour winds and you can hear one of the plows moving behind us. they are trying to keep things clear as they can. you don't have to get out in this mess, don't do it. that is a smart idea. going to be for the next several days. with the potential for power lines to go down with that wind and snow, there are some who may
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the storm for days after the snow stops falling. >> kim: our rebel girls would heat things up at your location. but on a serious note taking heed this morning is the mayor of washington, d.c. they had a precursor storm that wrought capitol to a halt. is she still apologizing for that this morning? >> yes apologizing this morning saying they are prepared for 35 inches or more there. they are shutting down the federal government at noon in d. c. that's how concerned they are about this storm. she's taken heat for that. said we weren't properly prepared for what happened overnight. but we're going to be prepared for what is copping next. and that is when the most serious storm is going to effect things. you think politics locks things
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good a job there no d. c. >> dana: as jay was reporting we saw a split describe washington, d.c. whe't even started there yet. that is nearby his location. they are going to get hammered with snow. the bulls eye on washington, d.c. up to three feet of snow -- two and a half feet, 30 inches of snow possible in washington today and tonight. we take to you oregon, the sheriff's office there released video of a rescue of a toddler on the highway. deputies say the two-year-old boy ran out of a community center. his parents cleaning up and didn't realize he got out. he comes upon this little guy and able to rescue him. no charges are going to be filed against the parents. they say it was a bad accident. >> kim: that is frightening. we take to you new york city. super exciting because we know
6:44 am
but she had acting chops. we check out new york city, check out this promotion for tomorrow night's show. >> i'm a ufc fighter, we actually fight and don't wear costumes. she will soon be starring in
6:45 am
you were telling me watch rhonda rousey. he says he's able to do this because he has abnormally high body temperature. it's at 100-degrees and that turns his skin into a total body suction cup. >> 23 years ago i shaved my head for the first time and i was at a ballgame trying to cool my head down because it was a hot day. i went up to grab it and missed it and i was like where is my drink and everybody was laughing because it was stuck to the back of my head. >> kim: he's making money off of this. he rents out his head on the weekend and he can make up to $1,000 a day. you saw george clooney standing next to him with a smile on his face. this is how some make a living. >> dana: did you say our viewers probably could not do this?
6:46 am
if someone spics stuff to their head all the time. >> dana: if someone can do that in the viewing area, i want to see it. >> kim: that's how dana puts on his wig every morning, suction cup. >> tom: we are bracing because of a lot of snow coming down on free mont street. they are importing the snow for park jam. this is free mont between 6th street and las vegas boulevard. it's closed and they are going to have a huge snowboarding event going 30 feet up in the air. lots to see therefrom we have issues on the roads. earlier we were having an issue on tropicana and now at charles
6:47 am
accident working. 95 north bound between the bowl and 215 clear. 7 minutes on summerlin parkway westbound and the slow spot nine minutes. >> kelly: a few clouds as we take a live look outsidement high thin clouds and beautiful start today. @ wise cool downtown. 38. north las vegas you are at 39. summerlin at 43. here is a look at our local radar. high thin clouds right now but we're watching this system to the west that could bring us rain and mountain snow saturday especially in the overnight. this is what everybody is talking about, the big snowstorm , the showers making it closer to baltimore and washington, d.c., the bullseye for that system. here at home partly sunny and 61.
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tomorrow night. cooler on this friday. one of the biggest names in boxing will be here in las vegas for manny pacquiao taking on timothy bradley april 9. held a news conference yesterday in new york city and manny confirmed this will be the final fight for him and then he's going to retire at the age of 37. he is running for the senate in his home country of the philippines. we had to show you 24. this is the best student prank we've ever seen at a basketball the opposed team trying to shoot free throws and the student section delivers a baby. it's a fellow student. he missed the free throw. this is in ohio. i've seen this 10 times. i could see it another ten. i love the expression of the
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he just comes out like good morning. making history. a snow storm of epic proportions set to bury our nation's capital in just a few hours. at least two feet expected in d.c. more in other places. impacted, and our team of all. breaking overnight, a university of virginia student arrested and detained in north korea accused of committing a hostile act. what was he doing there, and what will the u.s. government do to get him out?
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