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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  January 22, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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difficult day in the weather department tracking storms across the country. you can see across las vegas mostly cloudy conditions. throughout the last few hours. very different picture on the east coast where we'll show you those conditions in a second. portions of the east covered in snow. here is a time-lapse of madison, tennessee. take a look at that snowfall in nashville. so much snow you can't even see through our time-lapse camera we have right here. a closer look at conditions. you can see very frigid temperatures across the country. 27 degrees for new york and washington outside right now. we do have a winter storm warning in affect for multiple kentucky, west virginia, pennsylvania and the carolinas. we're going take you up close. seeing this storm activity as you can see over the past few hours. bringing plenty of snowfall to portions of the northeast and some areas expecting additional ten to 14 inches of snow.
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inches in the higher elevations. we're also tracking our own storm activity on the west coast as well. east. you can already see some precipitation again from the specific storm making its way into the sierra bringing additional snowfall to the mountains. for us it's mostly just been the high clouds this afternoon across the valley. nice blanket of clouds you can see through out the day. temperatures toasty outside. as the system continues to move inland there's a chance of us getting rain in our neck of the weather authority coverage. taking a live look at washington d.c. right now where the massive winter storm is beginning to the nation's capital under a blizzard warning at this hour. cities from the carolinas to the big apple are bracing for impact. brian moore has the story from washington. >> reporter: for most of the east coast, roadways were nowhere to be today as a potentially record breaking, shovel buster of a storm
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miserable for more than 85 million americans. nashville got an early taste. the donuts in this stuck truck far less glazed than the roads. big wheels were a big help. in charlotte the carolina panthers fought the elements to prepare for their nfc championship game sunday night against the arizona cardinals. out of town fans may have trouble flying into the game because of the ripple effect cause bid thousands of flights can regulations. -- cancellations. >> boston where there's no snow. >> reporter: washington, d.c. this storm. more than two-and-a-half feet may fall in the next 36 hours. >> we have a forecast that i years. >> reporter: national mall and monuments closed along with much of the government and residents hunkering down. >> not much to do. we already went grocery shopping for the rest of the week. >> reporter: store shelves were quickly cleaned out before the first flakes fell which is more
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roads. which won't be seeing the light of day any time soon. the infamous knickerbocker storm of 1922 that dumped 28 inches of snow on the nation's capital. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> reed: thank you. taking a live look at mccarran airport. that powerful storm is crippling air travel around the country d there is a ripple effect. it's effecting some flights from the east coast to here in las vegas. in fact, this morning american airlines grounded all of today's flights leaving washington, one air travel at mccarran says she lived through a similar travel mess last year in boston. >> last year it shut everything down. they closed schools before the storms hit. that's how bad they knew. it snowed every weekend. we were stuck in the house for months. it was really bad the shoveling. trying to find somewhere to put the snow. you could literally jump off the second floor and land in the
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>> reed: this morning many flights were on time or running early in an effort to avoid being trapped in the storm. but that's not to say in coming hours airlines are bracing for a much different picture than this one. >> marie: what we see here at home perhaps good ne for now. considering airlines have canceled 2800 flights friday from or within the united states as, again, this blizzard swings up the east coast. all this on tracking service flight aware. is the storm impacting your take our poll. facebook. while you there are don't forget to like the page. rene angelil, the husband of singing star and las vegas headliner celine dion is being laid to rest today. his funeral getting underway right now in canada. we want to show you images just coming in to our newsroom a few moments ago. hundreds of people waiting in long lines outside the church to
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she spoke to "people" magazine yesterday and said the support she's received from fans has been a blessing. i want to show you more images and videos posted on social media from fans outside the funeral service. the service projected outside on a big screen for people to watch. and all those fans joined by world. >> reed: coming home. metro police searching for a suspect this morning in a deadly shooting outside of an apartment complex in the northeast part of the valley. happened at liberty village apartment homes right near nellis and cheyenne just before 10:00 p.m. last night. police say the victim was in his car getting ready to visit family who lived in the complex when somebody shot him multiple times. it's not known if this was random or if the victim and the suspect somehow knew each other. officials are hoping that surveillance footage that is available will give them a better picture of the suspect. a late july trial date was set today for a man facing attempted murder and other charges in the shooting of a metro police officer during what
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encounter in an apartment complex hallway. teag fox has pleaded not guilty in the december 17th shooting of officer gregory sedminik in south las vegas. this is footage shot by a man as that officer was be rushed to safety. sedminik is recovering after surgery for his arm and upper torso. the shooting sparked an intense search before fox was arrested several hours in southern highlands. a washington post reporter imprisoned in iran welcomes back to his family. >> marie: coming up a look at the reunion that played out in front cameras. >> reed: a new travel warning about the virus. it causes birth defects. what authorities are saying about the growing number of cases when we come back.
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the wrong dosage of >> reed: families evacuated from homes just moments before the top three floors of their building collapsed. this happened in rome today. a possible tragedy was prevented thanks to the vigilance of one
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of the fire brigade there. large blocks of rubble could be seen on the ground with several cars badly damages by debris. so far we don't know what caused the collapse. >> marie: a touching video of freed american prisoner and washington post reporter jason rezaian five days after his release from iran has been published by the "washington post." rezaian and his wife brother are seen smiling and laughing. he was released with four other americans over the weekend in a prisoner swap with iran. >> reed: the centers for disease control issuing a now warning today that has a lot of parents really taking notice. it's about a virus linked to pretty serious birth defects. >> marie: when we come back we'll tell you about the travel warning extension for pregnant women. >> reed: plus the east coast not the only ones hit by a after a tornado hit the south. >> marie: plus two suspects caught transporting marijuana
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they could have gotten away with it if it wasn't for one thing.
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>> reed: there are reports that have a lot of parents concerned today. that zika virus we've been telling you about is speeding in latin america and the caribbean and it could be linked to a rare condition that leaves patients temporarily paralyzed. today the centers for disease control expanded its travel alert to include even more countries including barbados, bolivia and ecuador. the syndrome has been report in some people who most likely also had zika. it causes a person's immune system to attack parts of the nervous system. earlier we've been telling how mothers h babies born with smaller heads because of this. and new word this could have other consequences to your health. some patients may not be able to move and may need life support. >> marie: kitchen measuring spoons are fine for baking but should not be used when taking care of sick patients. studies have shown people
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much is in a teaspoon but when they use spoons from the kitchen they tend to over or under serve. researchers at cornell university found dosages would be more accurate if drug makers put all dosing information in milliliters rather than teaspoons because people have a more difficult time visually estimating milliliters. >> reed: water births do not increase risks to newborns. a study included data on more than 6500 births at home or a free standing birthing center. those newborns were no more likely to score low or need be to be hospitalized. this is believed to be this e largest study of water births to date. new government research finding a large gap in breast feeding support for teen mothers in the maternity ward. the study of nine maternity center show the percentage of teen moms who got help with breast feeding rakeed from as high as 95 percent to as low as 29 percent. moms who did get coaching were
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>> marie: on to weather. the same system that's set to bring a blast of winter weather to much of the east coast brought tornado like conditions night. the reports of a tornado where mobile homes were destroyed. damage caused by severe weather reported across the southern portion of the state. trees came down on homes and tree gettingo hard hit areas. forecasters rather are predict a much calmer friday for the area as the weather pattern moves northeast. that massive winter storm affecting areas like nashville, andy hall posted this photo on instagram from the vanderbilt university campus covered in snow. >> reed: so we're watching this situation all over the nation regarding this huge massive wirpt snowstorm. but here locally we are hearing that some travelers may actually experience delays and cancellations day 20 come. >> marie: chloe beardsley has
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>> chloe: we also are expecting an active week opened the west coast. not quite as crazy as conditions we're seeing in the northeast right now. you can see throughout the day mostly sunny skies with high clouds across the las vegas valley. also really not weather conditions for mount charleston. it's going to change quite a bit by tomorrow afternoon. getting use to all the sunshine across the valley with mild weather conditions. weather could be headed in our direction. a quick look a at desert inn and 215. currently in the low fiftys this afternoon. temperatures across the valley raining from the low fifties in summerlin to 60s for the downtown area. for the most part pretty light to moderate winds continue across our neighborhoods. outside the valley we're currently at nice 60 degrees for pahrump. 61 degrees slightly warmer in overton and 56 for your current temperature in boulder city.
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ray around the upper 50s mark for las vegas today. temperatures overnight pretty chilly dropping to the mid-40s. not as cold as last night. we're going hang on to those clouds overnight. a chance of showers headed our way tomorrow. we'll have all those details coming up in a minute or two.ui condion the east coast. we've been talking about this monstrous snowstorm. you can see a rain and snow mixture across. you can see the carolinas getting quite a bit of rainfall and tons of snow. you can see several inches of snow falling within the past few hours. some areas reaching up to and over a foot of snow for today. we are tracking that storm activity. you can see most of the region, several states, tennessee, kentucky, west virginia, virginia, the carolinas under a winter storm warning. that's the pink portion you see right here on your map. on the west coast we have a few things popping up as well. winter weather advise riz and storm warnings in affect for the sierra for unsettled weather
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you can see the pacific storm making its way into the west coast. as we get closer you can get a good look of the precipitation we are seeing here. again, we've been hit with back to become storms across the west. you can see bringing another round of showers to the sierra and also across portions of northern nevada. certainly good news for our drought situation across nevada. for us it looks like we could s d by saturday as this system passes through. maybe hold off on washing your cars this weekend until things start to dry out by the tail end of the weekend. overnight conditions tonight. like i said, it is going be a chilly one. temperatures dropping into the mid-40s overnight tonight and waking up to a blanket of clouds by tomorrow morning regionally. another cool night tonight. 40s for overton and mesquite. not quite as cold as last night but i call upper 30s in pahrump pretty chilly if i were you. highs tomorrow. we'll be fairly warm despite the
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mid-60s lake mead. upper 60s for pahrump. 20 percent chance of showers possible for the las vegas area. winds start picking up in the a look, a chance of showers, a good chance of seeing showers for the mount charleston area by tomorrow afternoon. the day. lake mead also looking out for a light chance of seeing sprinkles by the afternoon. temperatures reaching mid-60s by the end of the day. days. again the slight chance of seeing showers by saturday. winds picking up again slightly by sunday. after that, light at the end of sunny skies, warm weather, mid-60s. hello thursday and next friday. weekend. slam dunk. one of the most exciting shots in an nba game last night coming from an unlikely source. >> marie: check this out. an amazing half-court shot. you have to hear about who threw it after the buzz. dana wagner good afternoon.
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it is the most clever student section prank we've ever seen at a basketball game.
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>> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. tomorrow on this very channel the toughest "saturday night live" ever. >> i'm rhonda rousey and i'm hosting snl this week with musical guest selena gomez. >> i'm very attracted to women who are stronger than me. >> so you are attracted to all women? >> yes. no. wait. yes. daib daib. >> dana: you can see snl here on channel 3 right after "news 3 live at eleven". we take to you idaho. these two guys accused of smuggling marijuana from
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when they got into idaho they thought somebody was following them so they called the cops. turns out nobody was following them. they were just high on pot and paranoid. investigators showed up and found 20 pounds of marijuana in the car as well as cash and a dog. now we take you to oregon where this motorcycle rider slows down at an intersection when he's bump from behind and gets knocked over. you know who is driving that car? that is a police officer who then gets out of his cruiser, pulls his taser, and kicks this guy in the chest. in the end, this man was awarded $180,000 by an oregon jury. now we take to you the state of ohio.
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when the student section delivers a baby which happens to be another student to distract the free-throw shooter and it works. that may be the most clever student section prank we have ever seen. and that's what's buzzing today las vegas. we'll send it back to you. >> marie: that's a new one. >> reed: sports medicine. >> marie: biology students for sure right. >> reed: one of the most exciting shots in game came thursday night from a baseball player. >> >>. >> marie: that's colorado rockies outfielder charlie of the grizzlies-nuggets game in denver. a no look over the head heave. and a fabulous fling for the 2014 all-star. he celebrates like it is a game winning home run. >> reed: how fun. the super bowl is a little ways out bite are already getting a sneak peek at some of those
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>> marie: really exciting for the people who really watch for the commercials anyway. coming up a look at one ad that will air during the big game. >> reed: plus the driver of an
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could be to blame. >> marie: it's hard to picture a downside to cheap gasoline but there is a negative. >> reed: a lesson in law. local students get first-hand experience in a real live courtroom. how this program is make an impact on young lives. >> amazing. it's hard to believe. he is in better shape than i am. >> marie: the good stuff. a 104-year-old man still working as a barber and not slowing down. what he has in store for his 105th birthday. "news 3 live at 3:30" starts right now. new at 3:30 crude oil has stopped crashing and that is
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>> reed: at the end of another
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