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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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you'll hear from vicky gone sal nez a few moments. put we start with sergio near the bellagio. >> reporter: just got a briefing from metro here, this is what we're telling us. the fountains going off, gunfire erupts on the street. officers had opened fire on the suspect. metro confirming for us just a few moments ago that there was a man that was walking in and out of traffic, he had a gun in his hand waving it around. several people called police when they saw that happening, officers arrived on the scene. they started to give the suspect command. they're telling us the suspect was not obeying the command and acting very erratically, some sort of altercation after led to the officers firing on the suspect. we're being told that the suspect was not hit by that gunfire. he was taken into custody, however. here's what i can tell you, though, unfortunately it seems
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graze wound from one of those bullets that went flying, we're told he was taken to the hospital and has since been released and he is in good condition. someone else, another by-stander was not hit, but his clothing was grazed by a bullet as well, uninjured. but you can imagine when the fountains are going off, that's a very crowded, very popular time for people to be in this area. the suspect is in custody. this investigation, though, is far from over. the strip here on flamingo is still closed at this hour. we're told it will be opened shortly, but right now still a traffic nightmare for anybody out here. so we do know that there was somebody who was wounded, a juvenile grazed by a bullet, no longer the the hospital, in good condition. someone else received a graze through their clothing but were not struck by direct gunfire.
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custody, after acting very erratically here on the las vegas strip. you see this, we've been hearing this a lot, you see the police cars out here. a lot of people have been asking us, is this part of the movie that was being filmed out here, that bourne movie. and unfortunately it is not part of the movie. this is all real life. one respect in custody after officers opened fire here in -- the blending why. >> jessica: thank you. captain mccarthy says the suspect will face charges for firing a gun into a crowd of people on the las vegas strip. this shooting was confusing for locals and tourists alike. vicky gonzalez has more on that. we know the bourne movie has been filming here, shooting scenes this week. that caused the strip to shut down. a lot of people thought this may be more of the same. thisas unfortuny a very real shooting. >> reporter: yes, that's right, jessica, that's a question we got a lot tonight.
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movie filming. unfortunately, though, this is something that is real. a real crime scene, just behind me. you see diners dining al fresco. normally they'd be watching the fountains, but they are front row to a crime scene tonight following a shooting on one of the most trafficked areas of the las vegas strip, right in front of the bellagio fountains. we've talked to lots of people on the strip, but one was an eyewitness, a man who works on the strip for the past three years, telling us in spanish that he actually heard those gunshots, several gunshots rang out just before 8:00 p.m., very surprised by it, as many people were on the las vegas strip. people are just trying to find ways to get around, and there are these diners just across
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a lounge that turns into a night club, you see the club lights and music and people dancing. so we have the juxtaposition of. ho it has changed dramatically, being that this is a very active investigation. as for this portion of the strip, it is expected to open in the early morning hours. vicky gone sal easy, news 3, back to you. >> jessica: thank you for that update. just so you know, tonight's shooting was the third police shooting involving metro since last month. on december 17, metro officer was shot at an apartment complex near pebble. the suspect teague fox was found after a seven-hour search, he's now facing multiple charges including attempted murder. >> marie: another shooting left a 23-year-old man dead on eve, happened near durango and desert inn. the victim in this shooting was not armed. >> jessica: we're going to continue to follow this breaking
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you can catch up on our website, most of of the east coast is hunkering counsel tonight, expecting the worst from that massive snowstorm. this is a live picture from philadelphia where thousands of people are trying to wait it out. >> marie: a live look here at washington d.c. where most believe the storm are hit the hardest. kevin janison has the forecast. >> kevin: those folks are dealing with the teeth of the snow right now, the heaviest snow falling could be an inch or to per hour for the next several hours during the late night portion or early morning portion of their saturday. it will be the d.c. area, parts of maryland, northern virginia, up into southern pennsylvania, that's where we think we could find up with two feet of snow. this general region has already had 7 to 9 inches and the snow is falling at a pretty hard clip. the virginia-north carolina border, those folks already picked up to 14 inches of snow.
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this is charleston, west virginia and it was coming down to the point where it just covered the camera for a while. then you'll see this in richmond, virginia, the plows come you through, clear the road, then it's snowing too heavily to keep up with it. those snowfall totals again, up and over two feet. our forecast for the weekend has a smaller storm impacting the the west, in a few minutes. >> marie: thank you. more than 80 million americans are bracing themselves for the storm. some believe it could make for historic winter weather. >> reporter: it was a virtual whiteout at the white house, and the u.s. capitol was shrouded in a cloud of snow. washington d.c. under siege and in the bulls eye of a blizzard of epic proportions. local officials say it is a potent perfect storm. >> we expect two feet at least
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snow is coming down wet, and heavy. which means that we could see trees, power lines down and a loss of power. >> reporter: as the snow began to pile up, virginia national guard troops were called into action. >> we put chains on all of our tires. >> reporter: the cleanup won't begin until the storm has blown over, late sunday night. thousands of flights canceled, anyone who hasn't gotten out isn't. >> this is our third flight change since we started. >> reporter: and the ripple far from the blizzard zone. this snow marked the beginning of a day and a half onslaught and a half feet of snow and 50-mile an hour wind. it threatens to become washington's worst snowstorm ever. and the snow is expected to continue through sunday evening.
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storm could blow itself into the record books. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> jessica: that same storm is stranding hundreds of people here in the valley who are trying to get back home. sarah says she tried to beat the winter storm and reschedule her flight for this afternoon, butn officials say 34 flights were canceled today total. another 34 were grounded for tomorrow. each en though she tried to be pro-active, she is paying the >> nothing you can do about it, it's mother natu a problem but it's just frustrating. >> trying to be pro-active and just can't win every time. >> jessica: that's a good attitude sound like. you probably are going through a similar situation if you have any loved ones trying to travel or maybe people back on the east coast. we want to hear your story if you happen to be stranded in las vegas because of these storms,
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facebook page and participate in our poll. >> marie: we are continuing to follow breaking news on the strip. >> jessica: police -- after the break we'll have an update. >> marie: also a cold case is finally closed. >> jessica: plus the shocking
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feet away from a school. >> jessica: we're continuing to follow breaking news tonight, a police shooting on the las vegas strip by the bellagio. officers say a juvenile that is not the suspect was grazed by gunfire. the suspect is in custody. >> jessica: new at 11:00, the man at the center of a 35-year-old cold case murder finally takes a plea. so why does the man's lawyer say he is immediately available to be paroled and walk out of prison? reed cowan joins us with the case and the questions. >> reporter: lily lee shannon has accepted an offer from prosecutors to take a plea in the killing of jamie walker, here's more.
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of a massive skull fracture after falling almost 50 feet to her death. at the time police speculated she died while trying to escape from attackers. the day before her body was found her father got an early morning call demanding $75,000 for his daughter's safe return. but it would be too late. walker's body was discovered on in 1981. more than five years ago, authorities said d.n.a. evidence linked willie lee shannon to walker's kidnapping and slaying. >> there was some d.n.a. evidence, but it wasn't etched in stone, just because he had sex with her doesn't mean he killed her. >> reporter: that's shannon's attorney, he says his client will never say he killed walker. the plea agreement allows him to void admitting guilt but does acknowledge prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him. >> it took us a long time to make a deal that was acceptable to everyone. >> reporter: he says his client has been behind bars for
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>> the law is 5 to 15, which means after five years he's immediately parole eligible. >> reporter: that means walker could walk as soon as this year because he gets credit for the five years already served. his attorney saying prosecutors didn't have a case. >> this was a case where i was read be sentenced in march, after that he could immediately apply for parole. >> jessica: thank you. some of of noticed a strange sight in the northwest valley this afternoon. after a helicopter was forced to make a hard landing inside a detention basin. it happened around 3:00 near kyle canyon road. sky 3 was above the landing scene shortly after it happened. it's not clear how many people were on board the robinson 22 training helicopter. but metro says there were no injuries. >> marie: new at s11, police in wisconsin are looking for a thief who stole a whole lot of
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>> approximately $90,000 worth of of parmesan cheese that was missing from a storage facility. >> marie: you heard that right, $90,000 worth of parcel san cheese. officers say the crooks stole the cheese in two separate heisti fl of the stolen good, but when they reached it that semi trailer was empty. even if they locate the stolen cheese, inspectors say the product will be thrown away because the seal on the trailer was broken. >> jessica: contraband parmesan, that's a headline. new at 11, new video shows why it's a good thing to stay inside during a thunderstorm. that was a lightning bolt in tyler, texas, splitting a tree. captured by a security camera at a school that was only yards away. the bolt sent branches of bark flying toward the school, but
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>> marie: kevin, you were looking closely, you said whoa. >> kevin: yes, that's pretty wild because you don't normally see that kind of photography when that happens. >> jessica: pretty amazing. >> kevin: you tell people to stay inside their house and we've seen bolts go through a house and come out through an electrical socket. >> jessica: so you're not safe anywhere. i'm kidding. speaking of weather phenomena, you were tracking on the big phenomenons that caughting a huge made ache. >> kevin: i think they'll wind up with two feet at the top in the mid atlantic states. that's the big storm. we have the little storm that might, it's trying. up on the mountain, today was a pretty calm day. but we are expecting some snow showers tomorrow afternoon. i do think it latest accumulate closer to the ski revolter. in town just periods of high clouds. to our east they were thinner. this of course in zion.
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today you saw occasional clouds that would block out the sunshine, then there would be a few holes and beat get some rays, then another batch of cloud would come in. when this happens tomorrow those clouds will be thicker and it will lead to a chance for a couple of light showers in town. we'll start off near smoke rafnlg in the northwest, 48 degrees. humidity starting to inch upward in evening. on the east side, 44. and spring valley, coming in at 47 degrees. we're in the 40s valley wide. although southern neighborhood in the lower 40s, while we still have upper 40s showing up, including the near east side. then outside the valley the mountain is warm, but this is always an interesting phenomenon this time of year, we get the warm air aloft, but without the wind to mix it down it just stays aloft, there's an inverse and the cooler air has settled in the valley. high temperature today, one degree below normal.
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so it goes down as a normal day. tomorrow i think we might be able to eke out a few more degrees, if we get a few more holes in the clouds. these cloud kept parading joseph head today. with the rays we get in the morning and the few we expect late in the day, maybe we'll be able to sneak up to the low 60s. the low 60s expected around three or four in the afternoon. top gusts tomorrow 15 or so miles per hour there. will be, they will be stronger on sunday. the mid atlantic states, it's this area feeling the teeth of the storm right now. nay could wind up with close to two feet in the suburbs of washington d.c. southern pennsylvania and southern parts of new jersey also getting clobbered. and the winds are picking up, they'll be gusting over 40 miles per hour. it's going to be a downright blizzard for those folks. but it is moving at a good enough rate, so maybe the top expected snowfall totals, they may not quite get to 30 inches. here come the clouds, you can already see showers off the
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impressive because the radar is on shore, so those rain showers are looking pretty good. if they can survive their trip across the desert, expect them here tomorrow afternoon. but also pretty much be prepared for the mountains to serve up most of it. up north the cloud should be through by tomorrow night, on the back side shiitely cooler and a breeze on sunday. pahrump 39 tonight, mesquite 40. 43 in boulder city. highs tomorrow 66 at the lake. 57 in indian springs. and 68 in death valley. for the las vegas valley overnight, 44 for the low temperature. occasional cloudiness tonight. i do think we'll get a couple of bonus rays early, maybe late. the chance for rain is mainly
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but a couple sprinkles or pocket of light showers are possible. i'm liking the chance for ul su. and i know you're not looking at me, you're looking at the mid 60s, i would be too, next week the end of the week. >> marie: thank you. still to come, more on the police shooting outside the bellagio. >> jessica: plus the most out
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you will ever see. >> jessica: science has helped man kind and now it helping an astronaut play ping-pong with water. >> marie: astronaut scott kelly having some fun on board the international space station. he's using what are called high doctor phonic paddles which lets him play in zero gravity. screrp a student developed the paddles using hydrophobic material. >> marie: first they grow
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ping-pong? by the way, they got this awesome shot of the earth, too. still ahead ear continuing to follow the police shooting on the strip. also coming up, one of the biggest high school place tomorrow afternoon, as findlay prep faces bishop information man. >> and the rebels are in reno as
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tomorrow. >> tomorrow night the running rebels will be looking for their fourth straight conference win as the interim coach looks to be perfect since taking over from dave rice. the game will be in reno as they take on the nevada wolfpack who are 3-3 in conference play. since taking over the team, they've put up 89 points a game. tomorrow night when they step on the floor with the pack they'ld -- the more talented team. if all guess we'll the rebels will why their depth and athleticism to take over the game. >> they have an older team, guys that have experienced this rivalry, they'll be an attacking style team. they've done a lot of nice things in defense.
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we think it will be a game with good tempo. >> the reb be cg out with another win. 7:00 tip tomorrow night, on tv espn-u is where you want to check it out. the fighter 18-0, fourth in the u.s.a. today super 25 ranking. prep won the game last year by a single point, 50-49 in the final second. even though the teams aren't conference rivals, these teams look at it as a rivalry game and state bragging rights. >> it's up there, you know, this is our rainfallry game. we look forward to it every year and they do a fantastic job over there and we're excited for the challenge to compete against them. >> it's the biggest game in the state, it's the two best teams
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>> i've always called it a friendly rivalry because it's for our school's sake and the city's sake, it's not for a playoff beth or state championship, but it always been a real good friendly rivalry. but we definitely want to win, we want to make that clear. >> even though bishop gornan's record just 14-6, they -- findlay 18-0. should be an electrifying game. >> jessica: might be a friendly rivalry, but we want to win.
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breaking news we've been following all night for you, another live look at the las vegas strip right now. the strip still closed off. earlier this evening was a lot different, take a look. >> marie: such a chilling sight there too, you can see the fountains, and then to hear the music and to hear the bullets flying just gives you chills. those bullets flew near the bellagio around 7:30 after police opened fire on the suspect. many people watching the fountain -- >> jessica: the suspect is in police custody. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring
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tonight, join jimmy and his
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