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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> and super bowl ready. the national football league, who is playing for super bowl 50 and which one is the early favorite to take the title? >> dana: good morning. it is 6:00 on this monday. live pictures of the moon. sky 3 is up and running. >> we have beautiful sunrises. >> tom is great about catching those. tom this morning has traffic issues to talk about. we had an auto pedestrian accident that shut down a local road. >> tom: i'm on my way over there right now to jones and edna. right now that shot is not working out for me. we're having a couple of camera
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jones closed both directions. you can use rainbow or decatur instead. we continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: sky 3 is headed to jones and edna. we have that on our map. it's at this intersection where that is shut down right now. get a look at the freeway commute if you are heading into the bowl. 15 miles per hour is what you can expect. a check of travel times on this monday no complaints. 15 south bound to the 215 clear at 3 minutes. 16 minutes if you are coming in on 215 eastbound to the 15. >> kelly: farce weather is concerned, we were quiet over the weekend. a few showers in our local mountains. today sunny skies. a few high thin clouds here and
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52 by 9:00. grandfather in people who have solar panel systems at their homes prior to the beginning of the year. the beginning of the year is when a law changed that cut back the amount that solar panel owners get for selling electricity back to nv energy.
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the reasons why many people installed them in the first place to get the rebait. those people could be grandfathered into a plan to keep the rebait. the commission has agreed to hear about homeowners and rooftop solar panel systems that stoke nv energy and hear arguments about whether or not the power credits they receive should continue. they have the paperwork to reconsider the rate increases for those who purchased solar subpoenas in the past. the rate hike includes all future and current customers with solar systems. just to put numbers on this , the commission has to make a decision that affects 18,300 solar customers across the state of nevada who had solar panels
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>> people paying attention to that important decision. >> dana: isis released a new propaganda video, claims to show nine of the men behind the attacks in paris. we're going to show you still frame taken from it. these are the men we're talking about. this is an 18 minute videotape showing the attackers final messages and actually shows some of the attackers beheading hostages. the identities of the victims not known. paris attack left 130 people dead. footage shows david cameron and that may suggest that the united kingdom could be the next target. >> metro police need your help to identify a suspect in custody linked to a shooting on friday night. we have a picture of the man police are calling john doe. he was walking in and out of traffic waiving a gun at people. police fired grazing two
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the suspect was not hit but he's in jail and apparently he's not telling them who he is. if you know anything about this incident please call crime stoppers. we're going to talk about that massive blizzard that pummeled the east coast. it's over but the clean up just getting under way. millions of people expected back at work today in baltimore, philadelphia, new york. our nation's capitol, federal workers are getting one more day off while crews continue to clean up. travel services are working to get back to normal. there was a travel ban in new york. trains, buses and flights slowly starting to return back to business. >> we haven't operated these trains for a couple of days now. we are doing what we can bringing people in early to make sure they will operate but it's going to be a slow start. >> the massive storm has been a
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close to two dozen people have lost their lives as a result of that massive snowstorm. >> dana: the panthers an early four-point favorite over the broncos for super bowl 50. on the left-hand portion of your screen, the broncos defeating the patriots 20-18. patriots had a chance to tie in the end of this one but missed the two-point conversion. the panthers beating the cardinals 4-9d-15. the super bowl is not this weekend but a week from sunday. but the panthers an early four-point favorite. >> anchor: i'm curious to know what you think about this matchup. >> dana: possibly the last game manning plays. he's one won before. he'll be the oldest starting
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he's not old but for football he is. cam knewton probably the m.v.p. of the league. this kid has had a great year this year and he was good yesterday. >> anchor: it will be a good one. in 7 days the country begins to decide who will run for president. we have big caucuses coming up. big names, big endorse whichs this weekend. >> dana: a passenger plane in the united states forced to land in canada. it was headed to europe. we'll explain next. >> anchor: it's a make a wish monday. we'll introduce to you madison and how the make a wish foundation gave her everything she could have asked for. >> tom: complete closure. stay away from jones for now. we'll explain in just a moment. >> dana: we have a check of your
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skies begin to lighten this morning. live pictures of the strip. how warm will it get?
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"wake up with the wagners" on >> dana: chris christie live at a town hall in new hampshire. the iowa caucuses are one week from today. after that the candidates will be moving to new hampshire for
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presidential year this year. >> anchor: chris christie may still have a chance to get there. >> dana: a handful of candidates that still have a chance on both sides. chris christie probably one of them that has a chance on the republican side. >> anchor: this weekend big endorsements. >> dana: the des moines register endorsed clinton. conservative voice glenn beck endorsed ted cruz. former new york mayor michael bloomberg announced he is considering as running as an independent for the white house. however, hillary clinton not phased. >> the way i read what he says was if i didn't get the nomination i'd consider it. i'm going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> dana: bloomberg sees an
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take on bernie sanders he thinks there may be room for him to run as independent. hillary clinton said i'll relieve him of that by winning the nomination. >> anchor: an american airlines flight headed to italy forced to land na canada after severe turbulence injured 7 people. it landed in st. john's newfoundland sunday night. 7 people were taken to the hospital for further evaluation. a spokesman said he did not think of the injuries were life threatening. >> the turbulence when the plane got into the turbulence, it hit a big dip and that's some flight attendants were without seatbelts and they hurt themselves. and the other people a few passed out because of it was bad. scary.
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made arrange whichs to put the passengers up in hotel rooms. they were working to get a new crew for the plane. >> dana: who is favored to win best picture at the oscars? maybe the big short. that was named best picture of the year. the last eight oscar winners have taken the top price from the producers guild. a good pretickettor here. we will find out soon enough. the oscars coming up next month. >> anchor: we're going to bring kelly into this conversation and talk a little weather. it was not bad out there this weekend. >> kelly: saw a few rain showers on saturday. on sunday the winds picked up a little bit with a few clouds rolling in. we did see a few clouds here and
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notice on the roadway, you can see a little bit of lights, you see the cars. i think a lot of people headed out this week toned enjoy the beautiful weather we had. temperature wise as you are heading out the door this morning 45 right now. southern high land 35 this morning. bundle up just a little bit this morning but this afternoon remember to bring the layers with you because you are not going to need them. we had clouds move through during the overnight period. that helped keep temperatures more mild. that's why we are seeing temperatures in the 40's. we are expecting cooler conditions tonight. clear skies moving in taking control, just a few high thin clouds and that's all we are expecting. today 60 with plenty of sunshine.
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cooler today than what we were yesterday. overnight tonight because we have clear skies temperatures will get cooler as well. 39 the low. tomorrow 59 for the high. that is normal for this time of year. look at the rest of the week. warming up into the mid 60's for thursday and friday. upper 60's possible on saturday. we have a possibility for another storm system to move in sunday night. >> tom: unfortunately we're talking about a serious accident which has a complete closure of jones in both directions. auto pedestrian accident so the road is closed. this is jones and edna just south of u.s. 95. you can see the 95 up there at the far upper right side of your screen. going to be a complete closure. you can use decatur or rainbow. report of a serious accident in the bowl. we'll report back on that in a
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the man accused of ambushing a philadelphia police officer in his control car is expected in court today. preliminary hearing scheduled for that man. police say that is archer there approaching that vehicle and firing several times. he did hit officer jesse but he did survive and was able to shoot back. he'll be in a courtroom today that ambush suspect. >> anchor: another major sickout is expected in detroit. this comes after 88 schools had to close after a sickout by teachers. they are protesting the conditions of the public schools. there is a hearing this morning where a judge may order an instruction against the teachers and the sickout. >> teachers in the district can attract teachers and classroom conditions.
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interested in taking part. some would rather stay in school saying they need to be there for the students. we're excited around here on monday because it's a make a wish monday. >> dana: we're going to meet madison. she loves to swim and she loves dolphins and so her wish was to swim with the dolphins and she had an opportunity to do that
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basketball when shaquille o'neal shows up. what, you want to play with us? everybody recognized him. they took out their phones for this. >> anchor: that is goodod one more time. a fan enjoys the touchdown celebration just a little bit too much. he went head over heels. how he became a part of the craziness when "wake up with the wagners" returns. >> heads are spinning. they say trump and his stretch teres are right winging clingers of our guns. but he can kick isis [beep]
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>> i hope nobody is allergic to nuts because we got a big one with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time,
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yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> tom: we've got a rough start to your commute with two serious accidents this. has a complete closure of the ramp from 15 south 95 north that.
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no word of the condition of that driver. that is south bound 15, all traffic continuing off the south bound 15. to get on to the 95 they'll have to go to charles state of nevada and double back. this serious accident at jones at edna and that is completely closing jones both directions. that is just to the south of sierra so take an alternate such as decatur or rainbow and that is going to be the case for a while. two serious accidents as we start out this morning. >> kelly: we're going to weather now and taking a look at the temperatures this morning. in pahrump we're at 38. primm chilly 33. overton at 33 right now. winds pretty light across most of the viewing area right now but the winds will be picking up along the colorado river valley.
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30 miles per hour. here is a look at our bus stop forecast this morning. we're looking at 56 for the kids on the way to school. but 60 on the way back. we've got even warmer temperatures on the way, especially toward the weekend. >> anchor: thank you for that. he is a giant basketball star. >> dana: playing hoops in gainesville, florida where the big fellow shows up. going to post somebody up here. he got word there was a police officer who went to this neighborhood recently as part of a noise complaint. instead of breaking up the basketball game, he played basketball with the kids and so shaq said i want to join in.
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out as you can see. that's shaq. >> anchor: how many times do you get to say shaq came by and played basketball with us. so cool. >> dana: live pictures out of new hampshire this morning. chris christie at a town hall trying to drum up support. the iowa caucus one week from today. the first vote of the presidential campaign will be cast one week from today. after iowa they go to new hampshire and then third on the democrats list, nevada caucus is here. third for the republicans will be south carolina. >> speaking of people involved in the political fray, sarah palin or someone who plays her
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>> dana: looks like her.
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yo >> dana: the face off with the friday is heating up in oregon. why they had to cancel a community meeting there. >> anchor: showing down shingles.
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it has a vaccine but a local doctor is working to do more than just treat it. how you can help. >> dana: the massive snowstorm will take a while to clean up. we have a live report in moments from washington, d.c. good morning. live pictures coming from sky 3 this morning on this january 25. there are accidents out there to speak of this morning and kimberly under the weather so kris system filling in today. >> anchor: we hope kim gets better soon on this monday morning. >> dana: let's get a check of traffic. tom is in sky 3 this morning. you've been very busy this morning. >> tom: unfortunately we've got a bad accident in the bowl interchange. this is i15 south bound as you make the merger on to u.s. 95 north. looks like we have a rolled over
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all traffic is being detoured for the time being while they up. to 15 south. here. this ramp is closed and will remain closed for a little while investigation. a separate accident has closure of jones at edna as you continue east that. is shut down as they continue the investigation. we heard that the injuries are considered not life threatening so that is good news there. as that closure continues use decatur or rainbow instead. >> kelly: we expect another gorgeous day. it was beautiful yesterday topping out at 63. today just a little cooler thanks to wind out of the north. 57 at noon and 60 is our expected high. not bad for january. wait until you see the forecast
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we've got big numbers for you. >> dana: 6:30 on this monday morning and authorities wand bundy and his followers to get out already. but the nevada ranchers led that armed takeover of that wildlife refuge says he is not backing down. >> anchor: it's been nearly a month since the standoff started. the meeting scheduled for today was cancelled over safety concerns. after the militia showed up at a few days ago, officials cancelled that meeting. >> the most aggressive thing i've ever seen done in a public meeting to bring that level of firearms into a building because law enforcement was there. they out numbered law enforcement three to one. >> we have no intention on using our weapons but we have them and
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in our own defense. >> anchor: he says he's prepared to be there through the spring, possibly the summer. >> dana: a local doctor hoping a treatment he's working on will help people suffering from shingles. he's looking for local people suffering from shinning tolls take part in aequorin cal trial. he's testing the effectiveness of a new drug. >> we think this new antiviral drug under our clinical trial will not only stop the viral replication process, during initial stages of the disease but also kill it fast and strong enough to prevent damage of the nerves. >> dana: he's just in the testing phase right now. still have a number of hoops to go through to get this to market. in the end he's hoping this will
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>> anchor: my brother went through it. >> dana: it is unbelievably painful. >> anchor: hopefully he'll be able to do something about it. is it an answer? which plane this could be. >> dana: just a little too involved. touchdown celebration. how the player reacted coming up. kelly has a check on our forecast. plenty of snow in our local mountains. that is not the east coast. live pictures from sky 3. a few clouds out there.
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moving >> anchor: he's getting into the furniture business. >> dana: donny osmond live this morning. i love donny. used to watch his show with his sister 30 years ago. now she's a headliner on the strip. i love him. he's fun. >> anchor: and the resume does not stop there. we are in the world market where you can come and see the home by donny osmond collection. you are going to want to check
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>> dana: now the donny osmond center. >> everything about the home is great. this is a way and introduce yourself to people throughout decades that have been inside their homes. this is a way of adding you to their family as well. >> one of the things we've done is it goes with the rock and roll thing i do. there is a country style and city style. we're in the city style. it's high sheen and over in that area it's rustic. you have something for everybody in this show room. >> let's spin this, this is a furniture collection of introducing yourself inside the home. >> it's such a fun industry to be in. >> let's do something quick. i'm going surrounding the oscars ask you a series of questions quick fire. let's do it. >> favorite color.
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>> why furniture? are. we decided to do this as a hobby and it's evolved as something huge. walk of furniture is going to have a huge gallery in the next couple of weeks so you'll be walker. >> how is it working with your >> horrible. stage. we were supposed to be here for six weeks and decided this is going to be our last year in vegas, eighth year. thanks to everybody. it's been such a successful run. we have a lot of fun on stage. >> what made you stay for eight years? >> i grew up here. i did my first show here when i was 7. this is the center of entertainment this. is world entertainment center. everybody comes to las vegas. >> you have grown up in the limelight. what do you think of justin
6:34 am
thing you did? >> i know what he's going through. that transition is tough. i hope some day he endorses baby, baby. i wish him all the best. >> a couple of weeks on, way go to walker in three or four weeks and you'll see a huge gallery of donny osmond home collection. it's going to be all over the place soon. >> so many locations, those will be on our website as well.
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of your couches. >> dana: i was sell lose of him because all the young ladies loved this guy. >> anchor: she's so nice. >> dana: he's a huge sports fan. panthers in the n.f.c. championship game beat the cardinals. one of the fans goes head over heels. i don't know the if he was trying to get a high five but ended up on the field. he was fine. now that fan will be happy because his team is going to the super bowl. they are four-point favorites.
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>> jeff: patriots were favored too against broncos. >> dana: what did i tell you last week? they had a real shot to win this. and they have a shot at beating carolina too. gloats for a check of our weather forecast. >> kelly: looking nice outside. we start way live look outside. the sun is getting ready to come up. we have that beautiful glow going on. not a cloud out there looking to the east. current temperature 41. temperatures going to improve as we get into the afternoon. we're looking at 60 this afternoon. lots of sunshine on the way home from school. great day to get outside and play. wait until you see the temperatures we have in store for the rest of the week. >> jeff: new accident reported on 15 south bound this. is the onramp from the 95. it's in a bad spot. we're going to get a check of
6:37 am
21 miles per hour as you make your way past that accident. a look at your travel times today on this monday 15 south bound between the bowl and tropicana slow at eight minutes. 215 eastbound from 95 to i15 is a 7 minute stretch. >> dana: thank you for that. >> anchor: water for flint. another big star stepped up. jimmy fallon stepping up to help. how much he's given and the challenge he's issuing to his friends. >> tom: we heard about the serious accident on 15 south to 95 north. have you this one closing down jones we'll have an update coming your way in just a moment. >> finally it's the red line. the story of discriminatory housing practices against african-americans in she can. for his role as unseen voice on phone jacob shuttle.
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can take anything you want. this is my house and it's not right. >> ok, i'll give them the message. >> and the best actor is, oh my gosh i knew it.
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>> anchor: the solar power systems debate could end with both sides getting what they want. we bring craig into the conversation. fill us in, what can we expect to happen today? >> reporter: around the first of the year there was a change in the law for people who had solar power systems on their homes. they began to be paying less by nv energy for the power they sold back to nv energy. now comes the question since the law changed, should it affect people going forward and should people who had the systems before the change, should they be grandfathered in and continue to be paid back at the higher rate? that will be discussed, perhaps decide tabid commission today. it affects more than 16,000
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>> anchor: we will be there. >> dana: after this program, nur news coming up on the cw. >> jeff: a group of girls in high school made t-shirts for a yearbook photo. but what a terrible idea. we'll tell you what is behind this uproar. speaks for itself. plus the las vegas furniture market arrived. what is the best way to style your house for the new year? we have what is trending across living rooms across america. you can catch us in about 15 minutes. we'll see you then. >> dana: 6:46 now. we take you live to the east coast. edward joins us. they are digging out along the east coast where you guys received about two feet of snow there in washington. i know you used to live in las vegas but you never used to dress like that. >> reporter: no, in fact i'm wearing five layers. not own on a bad day on mt.
6:41 am
dress like this. here in the d.c. area, we're still dealing with about knee level snow in this area as they are trying to remove the snow from the roads. the governor said we're in recovery mode. there are some neighborhoods in maryland that have not been plowed. they are still dealing with 24 inches of snow. emergency crews are having to go through that snow to responds emergencies in this area. it's a deadly storm. 30 people so far have died because of this storm. many in traffic accidents but some while shoveling the snow had heart attacks. >> dana: we know thatted the ripple affects here at the airport as well. are the airports there up and running again? >> you can expect that ripple
6:42 am
there are 12,000 flights over the course of this storm were cancelled. today about 60% of the flights e getting out of dulles international. so they are slowly getting back to capacity. the problem is actually the ice. i have a cup of water i got a couple of hours ago. they are dealing with the ice on the airplane. the runways are clear but the planes are not because of theerom here. about 60% are getting out. >> dana: get that hat back on. that's where you lose all the heat out of the top of the head my friend. >> anchor: a dispute over a 25-dollar service fee is what police believe led to a deadly shoot out at a gun store. the owner and son were killed after another father and son came to pick up their gun. the service fee throwed that
6:43 am
officials don't know who shot first and have not commented on any potential charges. >> dana: malaysian investigators working to determine if a large section of debris that washed ashore over the weekend belongs to that missing flight mh 370. investigators examined the debris for 20 minute this is morning and quickly left. it is highly unlikely the debris came from the missing airlines due to where it washed up on shore. >> anchor: jimmy fallon rallying support for flint during the water crisis. he tweeted out water for flint announcing he's donating $10,000 to water improvement efforts. it will go to the community foundation to support the recovery from lead poisoned water. fallon is calling for others to
6:44 am
he asked how about 10 friends match me. >> dana: most people in new york city decided to stay indoors this weekend because of all the snow. not this guy. i don't know if this is a good idea. it looks fun. the guy is just fine. his name is casey. he's posted these things to youtube before. 4.5 million views. in part of this video a police officer came up and said i got a complaint about you so i have to act like i'm talking to you here. >> anchor: you are stuck indoors
6:45 am
why not. >> dana: that's in times square. >> anchor: we didn't have to deal with any of that here. now we're going to get a check of what is going on here first on our roadways. >> tom: we've got a couple of major problems out here. the first one in nevada's busiest interchange where the car is flipped over can completely shutting down the ramp from 15 south to 95 north. we don't know the exact situation. right at the split. the driver was starting to go one direction and made a last minute decision and rolled over. this ramp is closed and looks like it's going to remain closed for a while. people have to do a turn around at charleston to get back. jones is still closed. you can see the car on the tow truck. down at the bottom where that
6:46 am
motorized wheelchair. car versus wheelchair but the injuries nonlife threatening. let's continue team traffic with jeff. >> jeff: we're monitoring that accident on 125 south bound approaching 95. the car is flipped over. we've got a situation where it's in the red on the 15. same goes for 95. real slowing. another freeway accident at 215 eastbound as you make that merger to the 15. as for your travel times today, we'll start with 515 south found las vegas boulevard and the 215 clear at 12 minutes. 15 south bound is an 8 minute stretch. from the bowl to 215 will take 12 minutes. >> kelly: the sun is up on this monday morning. we are off tie beautiful start. look at this. temperature wise as you are heading out the door, not bad. in fact quite comfortable.
6:47 am
this time of year is 40. summerlin you are at 45. spring valley at 38. here is a look at the satellite radar picture where we're not seeing a lot of activity. we had clouds that passed through overnight that helped keep the temperatures from falling had the skies been clear. we have beautiful blue skies out there. lots of sunshine. could see a few high thin clouds today but that's it. here is a look at our forecast highs for today. in primm 62. mess skit 59. indians prince 39. a little cooler tonight because we are expecting clear skies. here is a look at that seven-day forecast. tomorrow 59. that's the normal for this time of year. then look at the temperatures
6:48 am
62 wednesday, 66 by friday and saturday 68-degrees. we are watching a storm system that could bring wet weather and cooler temperatures but not until next week. >> dana: time for the water cooler on this monday morning. sarah palin returning to the political spotlight with her endorsement of donald trump in iowa. and of course saturday night live was all over that. live pictures coming out of times square. tina fey as sarah palin. >> i'm here because we new yorkens are struggling. so many of us have lost our jobs at the factory or reality shows about alaska, we've seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they've committed some crime. we turn on the news every morning and are shocked to see
6:49 am
we've been replaced by immigrants. >> darryl repricing his role as donald trump over the weekend. get on your hover board, look at this guy. that is clever don't you think. i can't believe he's you staying up right. and the good news is if the hover board catches fire, that will help knelt snow. we take to you denver colorado, peyton manning taking on the patriots. you are playing in the a.f.c. championship game. the patriots ski pr because when new england scored
6:50 am
left, they needed two points to tie the game instead of one. the ball iede to w it 20-18. they are headed to the super bowl against the carolina panthers who won big yesterday over arizona, carolina an early four-point favorite to beat the broncos. this sets up great. peyton manning in what may be his final football game playing in the super bowl for his second title. >> anchor: that's going to be a good matchup. we're going to say goodbye. >> dana: have a great monday. we'll be >> wine rack. >> it is a rack. >> announcer: shark tank's
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>> is it with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti."
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