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tv   News 3 Live at Twelve- Thirty  NBC  January 25, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm PST

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impacted and the warning forna breakinws be a domestic related homicide. you can see a portion of this street still blocked off. officers tell me this happened morning. a woman at the home pronounced dead on the scene and one man taken into custody. i talked to several neighbors who say they didn't hear anything this morning and are shocked by this crime. calling this a family neighborhood and telling me that the people who live in that house in question certainly did keep to themselves. detectives expected to be on the scene here on ferguson avenue at least a few more hours. for news 3. back to you in the studio. >> jeff: thank you. >> krystal: let's talk politics shall we th the iowa caucuses one week from today, ifveou ithat t time is quickly approaching, the candidates making that final push in the hawk wii state.
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is growing buzz over someone who is not in the race but could be soon if he decides to go for it. michael bloomberg, the billionaire, former mayor of new york is considering a run. nbc's peter alexander has the details. >> reporter: could it be the battle of the multi-billionaires? donald trump says he would welcome the michael bloomberg bid. >> i would love the competition. >> reporter: with aides drawing up plans a source says it's likely the frmenew york city mayor would only run if the general election matched up trump or ted cruz against bernie sanders. >> i am going to relieve him of that and get the nomination so he doesn't have to. >> reporter: analysts weren't getting in with no guarantee especially for a would-be candidate with close ties to wall street. rand paul mocked the idea. another liberal billionaire from
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i think that slot is taken. fortifying his lead just one week until iowa trump may be he's untouchable. imagine any other candidate saying this. >> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. i have people so loyal. far greater loyalty than any other candidate by double, triple, quadruple. and i love my people. >> reporter: but there's plenty of love to go around. the des moines register's coveted endorsement going to clinton and marco rubio. with snl embracing a campaign that's offering an embarrassment of riches. >> rock and roller, holy roller, er.s >> she is a firecracker. she is a real pistol. she's crazy isn't she? >> krystal: .
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ande reporting. we're have more of fey's snl appearance coming up in trending today. former texas governor rick perry getting back in the presidential race. this time endorsing a fellow texan. that would be candidate ted cruz. the announcement was made in an interview with politico today in a video leaseed this morning calls cruz, quote, a consistent candidate. >> he has proven that he is ready to serve as our commander n chief on day one. >> jeff: perry himself has been a presidential candidate not once but twice. the nevada rancher who led an armed takeover of that wildlife refuge in oregon is still not backing down. it's been nearly a month since the standoff began. a community meeting to resolve the takeover was scheduled for concerns. the meeting is supposed to be a gun free zone but after the militia showed up at a similar moating heavily armed just a few
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forward with the cancellation. . >> the most aggressive thing i've ever seen done in a public meeting to bring that level of firearms into a building. they'll tell you it's because law enforcement was there. they out numbered law enforcement two or three to one. >> we have no intention on using our weapons but we have them and we're willing to stand with them in our own defense. continue. okay. right now we want to give you this new today at 12:30. there's a growing evidence that a virus spreading rapidly across south america is continuing to defects. we're talking about the zika virus. it is spread through mosquito bytes and has been -- bites and has been found in 20 countries and territories.
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this. aly. the u.s. center for disease and control recommends pregnant women avoid latin america and the caribbean. >> krystal: we live in a town that runs 24 hours a day. with that being said there are people with a lot of different sleep schedules. we can attest to that. we're early morning risers and get up at three in the morning. we have the pleasure of having dr. oxman who has some really great tips on how we can improve your quality of sleep. you are by the way with the-- >> kingstown sleep institute. >> krystal: thank you for getting all that out. let's jump right into it. one of things we can do when we think about maybe creating a better sleeping environment is the temperature. >> yeah. a lot of times especially in an environment like this it is kind
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to keep that air conditioning rolling. but we know we have to have really coolro b environment to get quality sleep. 65, 68. we need a decrease in core body temperature to fall asleep and maintain sleep. we have to have that decrease in core body temperature. 65 to 68 is perfect. >> krystal: cherry bomb. >> a lot of people are taking medications whether it's over the counter or maybe some prescription sleep meds. on average less than 15 minutes of extra sleep you get taking those. the university did work on cherry juice and found 84 extra minutes of sleep by drinking two eight ounce glasses of cherry juice. you get a natural sleep aid and pain as well. >> krystal: stock up on cherry juice. the light is always a distraction from cell phones,
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shut down at night. it doesn't allow us to secrete melatonin. that light at nightpsur brain kind of buzzed. so shut them off. don't sleep with any lights on. we need it completely dark. >> krystal: this one reminds me of a song from a group tlc. don't go chasing waterfalls. [ laughter ] >> a lot of people like maybe music to fall asleep or maybe some rain showers from an app or something like that. those are okay to fall asleep to but they need to shut off. if you going to use noise all night long it's white noise. the noise that comes from a fan. and that does a great job of allowing us to maintain sleep. >> krystal: i have enjoyed this interview. i've been taking notes. jeff i hope you have. kelly too. thank you so much for your time. come back and see us. >> i'd love to you. >> krystal: jeff, back to you. did you take notes? . >> jeff: mental notes. [ laughter ] i memorized it.
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the country for decades. but now donny osmond would like a more long term spot in your home. s on monday and his -- osmon and his wife are debuting the donny osmond furniture line this week. he spoke to news 3 this morning and said the collaboration between he and his wife has really been a learning curve but they hope the lines modern and rustic flare will appeal to the masses. the pieces are not on sale yet but will soon be available at walker furniture, target and not shying away actor chris rock says he is still planning on hosting the oscars next month. coming up, what he's doing to address the controversy over what many are calling a lack of diversity in this year's nominees. plus, national irish coffee day. we're learning how to whip up this creamy cocktail in studio and we'll share this tasty recipe with you.
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>> kelly: taking a live look outside. we've got high thin clouds right now. and temperatures on the rise. how warm it's going get today and what we're expecting for the
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stay with us. i'm here because we americans are struggling. so many of us have lost our jobs at the factory or our reality shows about alaska. and we've seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crime. [ laughter ] we turn on the news every morning and are shocked to see we're not even on it because we've been replaced by immigrants like geraldo river rock. >> krystal: that's tina fey.
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she is so funny. she was portraying that's causing our trending this weekend. the show spoofed palin's return to the political spotlight following her endorsement of donald trump. also making a return, that guy, bill hammond. he played trump. at the end of her speech palin admits she doesn't think trump should be president but heomised her a spot in his cabinet. >> jeff: he is perfect for trump. just like tina fey is for sarah palin. >> krystal: they nail it. >> jeff: chris rock says he will not be stepping down from hosting the academy awards. he was already working on his monologue when the all white nominations caused an uproar and talk of boycotts. rock says he will not boycott the show. but he's not going to ignore the issue either. his producer says rock is throwing out what he had with the original monologue. he's writing a new one. so we'll see what he comes up
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the 88th academy awards on february 28th. you got to imagine he is going to poke a lot of fun at that. >> krystal: he doesn't shy away from speaking his mind and saying what he thinks especially when it comes to social issues happening in our country. >> jeff: here are other topics you are talking about online. slow motion rescue. police save a slough found clinging to a post on a highway. >> krystal: what? okay. this is trending too. colorful festival. we showed you some of the images from the mesquite hot-air balloon festival. so beautiful. you can check out more of those -- there you go -- of those amazing photos. and send us some of your photos our facebook page. >> jeff: we hope you join the conversation. just head to fakecebook and search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. we love seeing pictures come in. >> krystal: with all the snow in the east we're seeing some creative ways to get rid of the white stuff. even more creative ways to keep from getting bored while you are snowed in.
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i want to be a part of it new york, new york these vagabond shoes . >> krystal: one new yorker decided to snap on a snowboard and surf the streets using a jeep. 24 hours this has been on youtube it has four-and-a-half million views. that's pretty cool. >> jeff: brings back memories of my childhood. we put a canoe to the back of the jeep and went through the snow and led to a big crash when they hit a yucca plant. not good. it can be dangerous. anyway. [ laughter ] when we're young -- >> krystal: it makes for cool video. >> jeff: this is cool too. a guy came one an interesting idea to clear snow from his deck.
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quote, hoverboards, i say that because they're not really hoverboards. he let the hoverboard do all the work and it looks like within minutes he cleared off most of it. >> krystal: i'm impressed because people who are just on the ground are falling off the hoverboard. he is on snow and ice and still staying upright. that is impressive. >> jeff: i think we finally found a use for this hoverboard. >> kelly: we were talking this morning that those tends tend to run hot so they'll melt the snow. >> krystal: obviously we didn't have to deal with anything like that here. it was pretty nice this weekend. >> kelly: it really was. but we've been having so much fun with all of our weather bug cameras checking out the time-lapse videos. this one from the appalachian trail. you see the branches all being weighed down by the snow? they got definitely loot of snows in parts of maryland, virginia, washington, d.c. here at home, much quieter conditions. this is our live camera from
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we have high thin clouds. we could see a few more as the afternoon wears on. it is fantastic. very comfortable conditions. this what's we're seeing right now. el dorado at 60 degrees. spring valley, paradise at 55. and southeast coming in at 57 degrees. we do have a little bit of a breeze out there this afternoon. this is what we're dealing with. sustained winds in centennial around 1 miles per hour. reports of 20-mile-an-hour winds at nellis. 14 14 in henderson. not enough to call it breezy but definitely a little more of a breeze than we've been seeing the last few weeks. the winds are going to die down. this high pressure is moving in and taking control. it's going to settle in. we're going see quiet, dry conditions throughout the workweek. here is our satellite radar picture. we had clouds move through overnight. then clear skies this morning. another wave of clouds working south and east. mesquite, st. george you are probably going to city the bulk of that -- see the bulk of that activity.
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a high around 60. mostly sunny skies. a little bit of a breeze out of the north. that's why temperatures are cooler than they were er tonight clear skies. that will lead to cooler temperatures. 39 for the low. look at this 7-day forecast. vipir -- 59 for the high tomorrow. 56 friday. a lot of people are going to be doing hiking and looking forward to -- or eating is always fun when it's nice like this. >> krystal: we are celebrating national irish coffee day. it is a great day. [ laughter ] it is the perfect cocky -- i can't even talk. >> jeff: it is the perfect coffee cocktail. >> krystal: there you go. that's what it is. we are joined by kristen from sean patrick's. what better place to get it done than show you how to do it than someone from sean patrick's. you guys love the irish culture and flare and all the food and good stuff. so we're making our irish coffee.
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show us what we can to to help. >> the traditional way is with sugar. first thing we're going to add. if you want to fill that up with coffee. about two-thirds full. >> krystal: why are we putting in the coffee with the sugar first instead of the alcohol? >> that's going to help the sugar dissolve. >> krystal: is that good. >> yeah you got to save room for whiskey. >> krystal: a little kick to this coffee. >> we're going to mix that up. >> krystal: awesome. >> we'll add our whiskey. >> krystal: we were talking about this earlier because you were kind enough to come up on wake up the cw show too that any type of irish whiskey will work. >> yes. >> jeff: now we're adding the whipped cream. i'm curious. people who drink this, is this something they do once in a blue moon? mixing alcohol with coffee in the morning, you know, i've never really thought of that. >> it is a good excuse to drink
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but it does go good with dessert or anything like that. >> krystal: if you like your coffee with a kick. now obviously it's something that clearly during st. patrick's day and that time of year that people indulge in right. >> yes. you can do it with bailey's as well. just a shot of bailey's. >> krystal: we have the sugar. jeff you want to put the coffee in there. >> jeff: absolutely. >> krystal: we're baristas now. we got the coffee. >> jeff: about halfway. >> jeff: two-thirds. not all alcohol. then we're adding the bailey's. >> krystal: how does this differ from the whiskey? >> this one is a little sweeter, creamier. that one's pretty dark. that one's a little sweeter. >> krystal: this is a really easy recipe. >> it's super simple and so
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so it is a mix of coffee, caffeine, sweet. a little bit of everything. a lot of goodness. we should mention sean patrick having a lot of st. patty day events march 17th. >> definitely our busiest the day. >> krystal: tell us your locations. >> i'm in southern highlands then we have a couple others fra fra -- flamingo and [ inaudible ]. >> krystal: so you've got the valley covered. i love it. >> jeff: cheers. irish coffee day. drink up. >> krystal: we won't because we're still working. >> jeff: coming up we're talking about the super bowl. how much would you pay to be at the game?
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the tickets are getting. >> kelly: mostly sunny skies. highs topping up around 60. a little cooler tomorrow. thursday, friday, saturday, i mean, talk about the perfect forecast. we're going ending january in style with these kinds of temperatures. >> krystal: i love it. >> jeff: i was laying out at the pool yesterday. [ laughter ] i was. >> krystal: he was in denver -- he is from denver. >> kelly: you won't feel this way next winter. >> krystal: because your blood will thin. you will be like it's cold. how much would you pay to be at next month's historic 50th super bowl game? it looks like [ inaudible ]. >> jeff: the average resell price of a ticket to the february 7th game between the carolina an thers and der for $12,100 each making them the
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get this. seat geek says the game is not only on track to be the most expensive super bowl game ever but also the most expensive event beating out the masters. beating out the mayweather-pacquiao boxing match. that was the most expensive event in the seat geek data base with the average price coming in over $4,600. people are going to pay big money if santa clara for this big game. this fif 50th. >> krystal: pay your mortgage. >> jeff: i would sell my car to go to this game. >> krystal: for reals? . >> jeff: yeah. i am a lifelong broncos fan. >> krystal: looks like you may need a ride to work. >> jeff: yeah. good thing she lives close. we want to hear from you. we're on facebook. which do you have more confidence in, the super bowl pick or your presidential pick. >> krystal: wow.
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page and weigh in. that's hard. >> krystal: interesting answers. coming up tomorrow at noon, fire hurts. but the red cross can help. the new initiative rolling out in las vegas and how you can be part of it. plus it's australia day. and let's -- thunder from down under. these hot stars. it's going to be sizzling in the news 3 studios. you don't want to miss that. make sure you tune in tomorrow. >> jeff: do you think they have a spot open for me? [ laughter ] >> kelly: . >> kelly: gonna be hot >> i'm alex trebek. if you're age 50 to 85, i have an important message about security. write down the number on your screen, so you can call when i finish. the lock i want to talk to you about isn't the one on your door. this is a lock for your life insurance, a rate lock,
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