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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  January 25, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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sergio avila joins us live. what did those who knew the man who fired, police say, say about him? >> reporter: marie, this is actually the man who police fired at. i mean, we're talking about 20-year-old kalil black. here is where the officer say he was waiving a gun and pointing it at people. i spoke to a close relative hoom fe tells me his relative has add a very difficult upbringing bouncing from foster home to foster home. as well he tells me he's been taking prescription medication for mental illness for a very long time and has recently been off those medications. not only that but he also told me that kalil black had spent time inside [ inaudible ] last year. that's a mental health facility here in southern nevada. late last year to have treatment
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so this is just -- it seems it may benecamera, but who says theyen yesterday. the dti shooting in a full briefing that could come as early as tomorrow that kalil black is facing some very serious charges including four for assault with a deadly weapon. one count as well of resisting an officer with a firearm. reporting live, sergio avila, news 3, back to you. >> marie: live from the scene where police say a man was waving a gun leading to shots fired. thank you so much for that. >> reed: the local past on
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facing charges in henderson. five new victims have come forward since his conviction in las vegas last week. otis holland was found guilty last week of 17 counts stemming from the sexual assault of minors. actually stepped forward accusing the former pastor of those very same crimes. holland was given a copy of the complaint today and when asked if he understood the charges this is what he had to say. holland is facing 25 years to life in the first case and is sentenced to be sentenced in march. for the second set of charges hol rabd will be back in court next month. a big announcement from nv energy to give those who have installed solar panels, those energy panels on your, how a break on the rate.
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went into affect and they were approved by the nevada public utilities commission last year. nv energy's move comes as the commission was about to take up the plan to grandfather in previous solar customers. the move would let existing customers stay on the more favorable rate structure for as long as 20 years. still a nevada political action committee filed a petition today to go back to the old rates and remove a cap on the number of so cou end up voting on it. >> marie: a manhunt understand way in california for -- underway in california for three ub mates who escaped an orange county jail on friday. one accused of murder. another accused of tower torture. they cut a metal plate and rappelled four to five stories using sheets. police believe a fight that happened was stageed to distract guards.
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activists have been indicted by a grand jury for a video they may that claimed planned parenthood sold the body parts of aborted fetuses for money. the center for medical progress founder now faces charges of tampering with a governmental record and a charge related to purchasing human organs. another activist was charged with tampering with a government record. the video was released last friday. planned parenthood has been under investigation since the video was e. >> marie: leased but was cleared of wrongdoing. after the weekend's blizzard blanketed the east coast the slow process of digging out is underway. >> reed: with all that snow always sew came 27ths blamed on t r nation's capital. >> reporter: it is a tale of two cities in the wake of this weekend's monster blizzard. new york is bouncing back quickly. >> things are not entirely normal today but a lot of the city is operating well. >> reporter: but it is a different story in washington where the mayor warns the district will be dealing with
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>> while we have made some progress there is still a lot more to do. >> reporter: d.c.'s head of emergency management calls the comparison unfair. >> i would ask you to say are the roads clear and the schools may be open and is it a safe situation for those children to get there? that's mayor de blasio's call and his folks advising him. >> reporter: d.c. schools remain closed and federal buildings are shut down. a the house of representative canceled votes for the whole week. and d.c.'s mayor says she'll be asking for federal help to dig out. across the entire region pooling water on roads likely to refreeze overnight is creating a new hazard -- black ice. meanwhile air travelers are feeling the pain as airports slowly return to life. 12,000 flights have been canceled including about a thousand today. >> eight cancellations but they've been rolling all the cancellations over. so i'm thrilled to be getting out on time heading back to new orleans.
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like forced vacation in d.c. so it was good. it wasn't too bad. >> reporter: in washington i'm scott mclean reporting. >> marie: it looks like things are finally widening down on the east coast. i'll let you know what's in store for our forecast. i'll give you a clue. quite a warm up headed our way.ll tell you about it in a few minutes. >> marie: the jail escape in california isn't the only escape making headlines. >> reed: coming up what police are saying about this dramatic jail break in brazil. >> marie: a virus spreading through latin america causing big concerns for doctors and pregnant women.
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birth defects >> marie: hundreds of people in canada attending a church service yesterday in memory of the four victims of a school shooting in a remote part of saskatchewan. a 17-year-old boy appeared in court today charged with four counts of murder. a roman catholic archbishop from the area said recent cuts to school and other services could
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>> reed: to brazil where security cameras at prison there actually captured pretty dramatic escape over the weekend. inmates blew out an exterior wall. the prison guards union says at least 60 inmates were able to escape this blast. one escaped inmate was killed by gun fire from police. >> marie: the zika virus responsible for causing birth defects becoming a major concern. >> reed: coming up what experts are saying about the spread. >> marie: people in alaska shaken by a powerful earthquake. coming up, the damage cause bid this tremor. >> reed: then, did you see it? tina fey returns to snl for another spot on impersonation of sarah palin. we'll show you what she had to say coming up in "the buzz." >> marie: we want to hear from you. we're asking on facebook which do you have more confidence in. your super bowl pick or pick for president?
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weigh in.
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there's growing evidence a virus spreading rapid lid across latin america is causing severe birth defects. it is the zika virus. it's spread through mosquito bites. it's been found in 20 countries as well as hawaii. experts in brazil are continuing to analyze data on babies born in many areas in 2015. all have something calling micro-sef aly. the children have an normally small heads and brains. the us. centers for disease control and prevention recommends pregnant women avoid traveling to affected areas. >> marie: movies often depict heart attacks people clutching their chests. but in reality women have much more subtle signs. the american heart association has gathered all the available information and published it in a scientific statement. now both men and women can have chest pains but women also tend to experience shortness of breath, nauk yeah and back or jaw pain. experts say understanding gender
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appropriate treatment and prevention of heart disease. new york university researchers find people who work at hookah bars may be subjected to unhealthy levels of second-hand smoke. the study found to have elevated levels of toxins and markers of inflammation linked to heart disease. experts say secondhand smoke plays a role in 35,000 heart disease deaths each year in the u.s. >> reed: the main island of okinawa in southern japan recorded snow yesterday for the first time ever. the sub-tropical island got snow for the first time since 1901. nagasaki was left with heavy snowfall. the city recorded seven inches. that's the most in the 110 years that records have been kept. some areas received five-and-a-half inches disrupting street cars and other transportation out there. no immediate reports of casualtys or major damage across spain's southern coast today after a major earthquake. 6.3 magnitude. it was a big one.
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it was follow bid six lesser aftershocks. emergency services received 250 falls from alarmed people who live there. schools will remain shut down in the area affected so the buildings can be inspected. power's being restored to areas where it had been knocked out by this earthquake. >> marie: then there's this earthquake that hit south central alaska yesterday causing significant damage. the 7.1 magnitude quake struck at 1:30 a.m. local. about 150 miles southwest of anchorage. firefighters battling three house fires sparked by gas leaks. one of those homes exploded. one point close to 10,000 people were without power because of the earthquake. >> reed: let's come home now and be thankful we live where we do. time tore a check of the forecast. >> marie: what do we have here? beautiful skies. maybe a nip in the air if you were out and about thanks to the
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out there chloe. >> chloe: i'm so excited. mostly because we'ren a big warm up head our way. i don't want to give it all away. but it's going to be night especially if you are a fan of warm and toasty weather. beautiful skies this afternoon. a bit of a breeze throughout the day. taking a look at our time-lapse across las vegas. a few clouds over the mountains. high clouds streaming in across the area. other than that, pretty pleasant across the area. nice weather conditions do continue right now.west portion of the valley where wind gusts, you can see, reaching up to 29 miles an hour for centennial. 20-mile-an-hour winds reported so far for the downtown area. 22-mil-he-r gusts in henderson. as we take a look at temperatures, like i said, warm but breezy. we're 55 for the lakes. describe for paradise. 56 for green valley. upper 50s east of us in
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now. low 50s for summerlin. outside the valley seeing mid-fifties in pahrump. 60 degrees on the dot for over ton and 55 degrees for boulder city outside. weather conditions for the las vegas area. it's still going to be pretty mild tonight. temperatures cooling off quickly with those clear skies in the upper 40s expected right around 9:00 p.m. winds also decreasing throughout the here's what's happening. you can see the high clouds streaming in across the area. high pressure is going to continue building in. that's going to keep us very dry and crank those temperatures up over the next few days. if you are a fan of warm weather, you are going to really like the next few days. you can see really not too much happening across the future cast right here. overnight conditions tonight. clear skies will continue overnight tonight. temperatures dropping down to the upper 30s. winds ten to 15 miles an hour out of the north decreasing as we get closer to midnight. a chilly evening.
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overton and mesquite. 29, very cold in pahrump. teens mount charles tonightton tonight. if you liked today, you will like tomorrow likely. 58 for pahrump. upper 50s overton, mesquite. 61 at lake mead. as we take a closer look at the las vegas area, upper 50s on tap. slightly below our normal temperature. winds starting off pretty strong decreasing later in the evening. as we take a look you can see moderate winds expected throughout the day increasing just slightly by the afternoon. now here's the part i am excited about. if you are desert rat like me you are really going to enjoy the next seven days. temperatures peaking into the upper 60s friday and saturday. look out for a light chance of showers possible by sunday as a weak pacific storm makes its way into the west coast. it looks sunny but it's going to be cold. so if the kiddos are headed out between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., still wear a jacket. it may be sunny but it's not
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so bundle up. again, another look at those seven days. nice and toasty. >> marie: i like it. chloe, thank you so much. >> reed: a sports fan falling for the panthers. we mean that literally. >> marie: when we come back, what happened after this fan took a tumble. >> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. one guy decided to snowboard right through times square.
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>> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner. here is what's buzzing today las vegas. a lot of people on the east coast hunkering down over the weekend stayed indoors. not this guy. [music] it's not safe but it's fun to look at. neither of these men were injured. that's good to report. the guy who is snowboarding is tracy. a youtubeer who posts things all the time to youtube. this one receiving more than 4 million views already. how did you get rid of all that snow on your deck? use your hoverboard. if it catches fire that could actually help melt the snow. we also caught this one on line as well. people are still buzzing about this one. tina fey on "saturday night live."
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she's a real pistol. she's crazy isn't she? [ laughter ] >> what the main trump and his trumpers ht warg and bitter clinging proud clingers of our guns bhiet can kick isis [ bleep ] because she commands fire. dana wagner tina fey as sarah palin on snl. that's what's buzzing today las vegas. back to you. >> reed: it really was spot on. kind of fun to watch. the carolina panthers heading to the super bowl so naturally their fans are falling head over heels. >> marie: literally. after this touchdown on an interception by carolina linebacker luke last night the nfc championship against the arizona cardinals one fan's
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there it is in slo mo. keyingly celebrates by fie fiveing spectators. a man tries to join in, falls over the wall on to the field. keegley gives the fan a hand back up. ! well not really ouch. the good news the only thing that hurt is his ego. but i'll tell you what. he got an encounter with a pro ball player. he probably never would have imagined it would have happened. >> reed: that's looking at the bright side. super bowl tickets are always expensive but this year's prices, you can't believe it, sky high. >> marie: coming up how much it will cost to go the big game. >> reed: mcdonald's customers are lovin' it. why they're saying world wide
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>> marie: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30." students graduateing into debt and turns out the agency in charge of these lobes faces charges of its own. the connection is coming up. >> reed: and citywide water crisis in flint michigan. it's bringing together big names from hollywood to help out. the latest person to sound off and pitch in straight ahead. that's what we're here every day for. just to try to bring resolution to theunidentified victim and let the family know where their loved one is. >> marie: ahead, a look at one local hero's quest to reunite victims with their loved one. her passion behind the cause. "news 3 live at 3:30" starts right now. i want to thank you for staying with us. drowning in debt. reality for so many americans who graduate from college. what they may not have is a job. but they do have a mountain of
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