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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 25, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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in student >>eed: turns out the federal agency tasked with handling out these loans is mired in controversy. here is a deeper look from kristine frazao. >> reporter: when the housing bubble burst so many in this country said never again. but the governmentuntality institute's peter schweitzer says it is happening again. but instead of home buyers getting predatory loans it's students. >> they're studying social work or want to be a school teacher and those are noble and important professions but reality is you are not going be able to pay a $200,000 student loan back if you are making 35,000, 40, $50,000 a year. >> reporter: turns out the agency in charge of doling out loans has been charged with inefficiency and mismanagement. in a government accountability office report. the department of education documents show while the top bonus there was $38,000 in 2011, in 2014 it was $75,000.
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>> you have students who are not incentivizeed to try to pay off student loans and you have a sprawling federal bureaucracy that rewards inefficiency. >> reporter: on capitol hill lawmakers are calling out those inefficiencies and calling to simplify the system where currently the agency gets to set its own goals and define its own veowedrshisyste to become far too complex to serve students well. touted improvement like making financial aid forms easier and reducing waste. >> we updated our systems, increased capacity and provided training to thousands of financial aid professionals at thousands of schools. >> reporter: and there's a growing concern problems now will lead to bigger problems later. >> when kids graduate with huge debt, they can't buy a house. they're less like throw start a family. they can't start a business. they can't get going their life. >> reporter: another bubble
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be the next to burst. i'mehr reporting -- fra sdou reporting. >> reed: iranian president making the first trip by an iranian president tour in 16 years. he went on rome. on his four-day tour in the wake of the implementation of iran's landmark nuclear agreement, he is scheduled to meet with the italian prime minister, pope francis and the french president. before leaving iran he said his country will sign two road maps with italy and france to outline goals for long term relations with european countries. >> marie: there are new developments in the war on terror today. jonathan elias has the latest from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm jonathan elias. isis now has released a propaganda video that claims to show nine of the men behind the november terror attacks in paris. this is a still frame from that video. the gruesome, roughly 18 minute tape, shows the attackers
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and some of the militants actually beheading hostages. the identities of the victims are not known. in the video one man says the group was authorized to act by the isis leader to carry out the attack against paris. and that the goal was to bring ance to its knees. a warning from eu's top agency it says isis iseady t strike again in europe. the agency says isis is preparing fighters to carry out special forces style attacks in europe. in miami a man is weapons in his home then talkplg and showing videos of isis. he posted bond. he is now under house arrest until his trial. from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm jonathan elias. >> reed: tonight show host jimmy fallon is the latest celebrity to step forward and help the people in flint,
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you can see right here the comedian tweeted this weekend using the #waterforfleet. announcing he is donating $10,000 to water improvement forr presidential candidate rick perry is endorsing ted cruz for president. perry explained his endorsement of the senator from his home state in an interview with politico. he said of the people who have a chance to win the republican primary right now he believes cruz is by far, quote, the most consistent conservative. perry dropped his 2016 presidential bid last september. perry's high profile support for cruz comes at a critical juncture in the 2016 primary with the iowa caucuses just days away and endorsements beginning to pile up. hillary clinton has sealed the endorsement from the boston
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the newspaper wrote today she would make a better president than her democratic rival senator bernie sanders. the globe said clinton is now more seasoned and forward looking than she was in 2008. the paper is popular in new hampshire. the state holding the nation's first presidential primaries next month. sanders is beating clinton there in the polls. >> reed: a tenth death has been linked to takata airbags. as a result u.s. regulators added 5 million more cars to the 19 million vehicles under recall. takata shares actually plummeted 11 percent today at the news. they face multiple private legal actions, millions of dollars in fines, and a u.s. justice department investigation. >> marie: twitter's bumpy ride continued this week with top executives heading for the door. on top of the plummeting share price, the struggle to attract new users four of the company's top executives are departing. a source familiar with the situation says they were leaving on their own accord and made the decisions at separate times
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one of those leaving announced he was joining google's virtual reality division in a tweet sunday night. >> reed: mgm is trying a new approach to bring in season 58 employees. >> marie: the company is asking employees to get online. sandra gonzalez is live at mgm poolside with more on how this works. >> reporter: it works by doing job interviews from your phone or your tablet. mgm resorts is hiring hundreds of people for seasonal jobs. full-time, part-time, for their pool. hi christina. >> hey faith. >> welcome to mgm resorts. we're interviewing you today aor gu christina of mgm resorts demonstrate the process that's beginning to hire
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part-time and on call seasonal positions. interested applicants just have to apply online. chosen candidates will then be lifeguards. there's bartenders, cocktail servers, lots of jobs. they're not going just be doing this just for their pools. they're going to be doing foirt the new arena. so if you are interested in some of these hundreds of jobs, you just have to go to the link on our website, reporting live sandra gonzalez,
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>> reed: thank you. americans are buying bigger, pricier homes these days according to the national association of home builders the average home size rose to 2700 square foot last year. that's about 40 square feet bigger than the year before. almost half of all new homes last year built more than four bedrooms and garages. but bigger isn't always better to ther housing market. new construction has been tilted towards the high end and builders aren't making as many starter homes due to land prices and lack of available morgues for less -- mortgages for less affluent buyers. super cost. the average price for a ticket betw panthers $5,200. a pair of club seats have sold for 12,000 making those the most expensive so far. super bowl will be played at levi stadium in santa clara, california. the reason some groups are
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costs are so high is because some groups buy the tickets then resell them for aig mark-up. all right. those impulse buys. you know, those buys you might see at the don't need it but you pick it up anyway? if you are guilty raise your hand now. don't worry, you are not alone. a report finds today over half of americans have spent $100 or more on impulse buy. that includes 20 percent who spend at least $1,000. i'm not going to say any names but there are two people here raising their hands. >> reed: and it's not me. >> marie: not me either. in all the study found 84 percent of americans have made impulse purchases. so who is the most common recipient of an impulse buy? that would be one's self. >> reed: new at 3:30 p.m. mcdonald's customers and investors appear to be lovin' it to borrow their logo. the fast-food restaurant has seen a jump in same store sale biz more than five percent. mcdonald's is crediting it's all
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than expected revenue and earnings report. they also saw same store sales rise five percent worldwide. >> marie: hilton hotels 0 soing in on younger clients with a big announcement. the hotel chain will debut true hotels at the end of the year. the true brand is intended to appeal to millennials looking for modern designed places to work and socialize and in the latest technology. along with complimentary breakfasts they will offer beer, wine and ping pong and foosball tables. daily rates will vary but range from 90 to $100 a night. >> reed: she gives the voice to the mission and makes sure they are never forgotten. >> marie: we'll introduce you to the woman leading the when it comes to the challenge of identifying victims of heinous crimes. >> reed: the east coast made headlines all weekend. we give you one team's incredible view of mother nature's icy visit. >> chloe: across the west coast we're pretty lucky.
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mountains and valleys today. but we're tracking the radar. looks like some rain is in the forecast.
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news 3. >> marie: there, more 40,000 unidentified murder victims in america labeled john and jane doe. they're wait fog their families to finde waiting to be buri with their real name.>> eed: oman is working to match families with victims. news 3's christine kim introduces us this week's hero. >> reporter: these are faces without a name, without an identity. >> these victims come from all
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>> reporter: she created can you identify me. a nonprofit working to identify unidentified murder victims by turning a description into a recognizable face. >> if somebody dyes they're not foun ford years and there are skeletal remains. the forensic artist can buildhat image to make a face. that will help a family say that could be my loved one. >> reporter: she has a team of nine forensic arts, retirement law enforcement and others who volunteer their time. these jane and john does can easily be forgotten but the group gives them a voice to share their stories. >> they could be from human trafficking. they could be from sexual abuse that led to murder. they could be kidnap victims that led to murder. >> reporter: so far they've identified more than 160 people from their website. >> a loft families don't really find closure but they find their loved one. there's not always answers.
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where they are so they can go about their life. >> reporter: kathy is still searching for her daughter who went missing in 1989. >> you can't give me any hope unless you give me her body or justice for her. >> reporter: at 17 years old, she gave her five-month-old up for adoption. it turns out her daughter whose adopted name is a her home in michigan. police asked her for her dna to match a jan doe they believed it could be audrina. it wasn't. >> i would like to look right in their faces so that i can see is that her? nope. is that her? i'm not the only one that feels that way. >> reporter: this journey is a painful one. but one morris hopes she can make a little easier. >> that's what we're here every day for. just to try and bring resolution to the unidentified victim and let the family know where their loved one is. so they can finally bring them home and bury them.
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their actual name instead of jane doe. >> rbodyte who has gone ab aeyond doing something to helpsth their story.
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that story on -- to help change people's lives. she's doing it by making prosthetic limbs for the people who live there who lost their own. >> here, you know, you give somebody a pro thesis and it helps them get back to work. there you give somebody a prosz these that may not have access to one and you are allowing them to go back to work to support a family. you're giving them back so much with a simple act of getting them across -- a prosthesis. >> marie: for more on how she is helping change lives tune in tomorrow on "news 3 live at 3:30" for the good stuff. >> reed: time for a look at what's ahead on "news 3 live at five" today. >> marie: it is another week and still no end to the ammon bundy standoff over a federal
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>> reed: plusourorecast and a check of traffi at 1:00 p.m. friday afternoon just as the storm was beginning to hit the d.c. area. chase says he left it in the area until late saturday night and this is what he captured. pretty impressive mother nature. firefighters are the ones who come to the aid of those in need. in virginia just the opposite happened. emergency workers with fairfax county fire and rescue were responding to a call in a snowy neighborhood when their vehicle became stuck. that's when neighbors stepped in digging out a fire truck and clearing an up hill street. thanks to all the help it wasn't long before firefighters were
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>> reed: some areas near new york city continue to dig out this morning, these pictures are from long island. you can see major snow blanketing roads and buildings here. community leaders say it's going to be several days before crews can clear all of the main and secondary roads. hot bowl of chili weather. >> marie: it's so pretty to look at but walking in that, living with that, it's got to be chilly to say the very, very least. >> reed: come to vegas! time for a check of our forecast. it is a love letter if you like warmer temperatures closer to the weekend. >> chloe: that's for sure. phenomenal weather what's we're seeing this afternoon. a time-lapse in pahrump. you can see mostly sunny skies. also lots of sunshine up at mount charleston and, of course, the valley not left out. you can see just a few scattered clouds streaming in over the region. and pretty calm this morning. then winds started to pick up a little bit this afternoon. we're going take a look at some of the windiest areas. inspirada gusts up to 30 miles
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much calmer in sandy valley. you can see light winds with gusts only reaching up to ten miles an hour today. pretty variable all across the area. here is a look at the current wind speeds just out of the north. here is a look at the peak winds throughout most of the area. some of gustiest on the outskirts of town. 30-mile-an-hour winds recorded for centennial and temperatures not too shabby. at 60 for el dorado. upper fifties for the downtown area. 52 degrees for summn. mostly upper fifties in our neighborhoods east of us. 55 degrees for pahrump. also upper fifties for overton. 54 for boulder city. regionally it's not completely warm. take a look at that. 28 degrees for eely right now. elko in the 30s. the east coast is slowly rebounding from those very frigid conditions. you can see temperatures 54 degrees for atlanta.
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chilly in washington and new york. not as cold as what we've monitored over the past few days. and certainly a lot calmer compared to last week. the tail end of last week into the weekend. as far as the west coast goes, the only thing we've seen this afternoon again is the high clouds streaming in over the region. we're not going to see too much change in our weather pattern at least in the short-term. ridge of high pressure will continue building in over the region. that's going to bring us very dry conditions and very warm weather over the next few days. temperatures overnight tonight looking like the upper 30s. day, you will pbably l thecharleston. 59 degrees for overton. mid-50s for mesquite. by the afternoon still going to see lots of sunshine. again dry weather conditions.
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five to ten out of the northwest. heading out to the lake? low 60s on tap for lake mead. again, light breeze. and lots of sunshine of course for mount charleston for tomorrow. red rock in the mid-50s by the afternoon. if you are a fan of the warm weather, which i am assuming you are because you live here, you are really going to like this forecast. temperatures peaking into the upper 60s by saturday. hello weekend. i'm already looking forward to that. we do have a short wave that is going to impact the west coast. what's that going to do? chrimas --. >> reed: a calendar for the weekend. . >> marie: the long trek is over for a crew of female british rowers. days at sea.
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all the way from the u.s. after rowing across the pacific ocean. their journey began in san francisco in april last year. so you understand why they are so jubilant. the journey was more than 9,000 miles long. all four women rowed 24 hours a day in two hour shifts with stops in hawaii and samoa to restock on supplies. today they're greeted by their family. >> this is an amazing to see them. and i'm sure even more amazing for them to know that we're here and we're not going back on that boat. >> we've had sharks circling. a couple followed us for a few weeks. >> marie: the historic trip the group now the first female team to row the pacific and it was for a great cause. the journey raised more than $54,000 for injured service members and breast patients. >> reed: you have heard of bear cubs but take a look at this bear cub cuddle.
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few quiet moments with his mother at a german zoo. newly released video shows the six week old cub snuggling up with his mother in their cozy cave. the cub hasn't been named and its gender isn't known. he is snuggleed in to much to see. >> marie: you know there's a day for everything nowadays including bubble wrap. it is bubble wrap appreciation day. bubble wrap was originally designed tolastic wallpaper. the product was of course not a success there and maybe that's because people would be popping walls all day long. >> reed: plastic wallpaper? interesting. well he has been on television screens across the country for decades. but now donny osmond would like a little more long term spot in your home. osmond and his wife debbie are debuting the donny osmond home collection this week. the new furniture line is on display at the las vegas world market center. he spoke to news 3 this morning and said the collaboration between him and his wife has
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hope the line will appeal to the masses. the pieces are not on sale yet but will soon be available at walker furniture, target and way fair. in utah my mom likes to shop at osmonds furniture. >> marie: i love how he brings
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