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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 25, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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we begin with breaking news out of reno where there's been an officer-involved shooting. this is a picture of the scene from social media. one man has died. involved after they were called they are okay. that's what we're learning from reno. of course we're watching the story throughout the 7:00 area. we'll get more information as it becomes available. >> well, you heard the gunfire ringing out there. the view of the iconic bellagio casino fountain becomes a crime scene after a police officer shot a man. >> according to police, that man waved a gun, pointing it at people prompting officers to open fire. thanks for joining us. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm reed cowan. out that 20-year-old kahleal black was mentally ill. news 3's sergio avila has more suspect's background. >> reporter: the sound of gunfire startled hundreds
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bellagio fountain. jill trains her camera on the of officers who rushed to the scene. police say 0-year-old kahleal black was waving a gun and pointing it at people. they say 45-year-old officer george smith ultimately shot at black. in the end, a child was grazed by a bullet. black was arrested but not wounded. >> i know his brother. >> reporter: a person living with black who didn't want to go on cam raul says camera says he's a good person. >> they told me he got shot. that's crazy. he got lucky. thank god. thank god. >> reporter: according to a close family member, black has been taking medication for mental illness his whole life. he recently stopped taking the drugs. the person at black's apartment had not heard from him in a few days. did you see him on friday night or anything like that? >> i we -- we didn't know about it until yesterday. the detectives came and told his brother. >> reporter: according to relatives, black has never been in trouble with the law.
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stopped taking his medication, he's spent time in the mental hospital facility in southern nevada. his family was trying to get him help. he faces four counts of assault with a deadly weapon, one count of resisting officers and another of possession of stolen property. metro has scheduled the full briefing for the officer-involved shooting. it's scheduled to take place tomorrow morning at 9:30, sergio avila, news 3. a man is behind bars accused of killing a woman in north las vegas. the shooting happened late this morning nearer vance and civic center drive -- near evans and civic center drive. they found the woman's bodytigate. surprise. this is a family neighborhood. they also say the couple kept to themselves and never caused any problems. the shooting remains under investigation. the former pastor convicted of raping girls in his
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five new victims have one forward since his evacuation. otis holland was found guilty of 17 counts stemming from the sexual assault of minors. he was already facing 25 years for those charges. he's set to be formally sentenced in march for the new set of charges in henderson. he will be back in court for a preliminary hearing early next month. a big sigh of relief coming to those of you who have installed the solar energy. nv said they will gifnt current customers a break on the rates. new rates just went into effect. those rates approved by the nevada puc last year. nv energy's move would let the existing customers stay on the more favorable rate system for as long as 20 years. customers made their voices heard today at a meeting. >> invested $40,000 into the system. excuse me.
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at least 20,000. i think it's wrong for the citizens. i think it's wrong as an american citizen. >> meanwhile, a nevada political action committee filed a commission to go back to the old rates and remove any cap on the numbers of solar users in nevada. a local doctor is working on a new treatment to help people suffering from shingles. dr. shin is looking for local people suffering from shingles to take part in a trial. he's testing the effectiveness of his treatment. doctor shin calls this an investigatal therapy that targets schick when and shingles and the pain april soecketted with -- associated with it. the great blizzard of 2016 is gone and the cleanup is well underway. for millions of americans along the east coast, life won't be getting back to normal for a few days. brian moosh has thebrian mooar has the story from washington. >> reporter: across the
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the air, the sound of heavy equipment moving mountains of snow after a monster weekend storm. for millions, this morning was a rude awakening. >> i looked out the window and my car wasn't there. >> reporter: from new york and philadelphia to baltimore and washington, highways are slowly re-emerging. but many are not going anywhere any time soon. the storm is blamed for more than three dozen deaths, including a new jersey mother and child blamed by carbon monoxide in a snow covered car. the monetary toll is estimated in the hundreds of millions. with flight cancellations topping 10,000, many airports resemble makeshift campsites. travel isn't much better. >> it's not that good. the opposite of good. >> reporter: kids are finding the storm's sim ver lining with plenty to do on a day off. some are going off the deep end, making the best of the blizzard
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brian mooar, nbc news, washington. while the sun and warmer temperatures are helping to melt the snow, freezing temperatures are turning everything to ice. that east coast blizzard left many without power, halted transportation and has even made the roof of a church partially collapsed. check out this video of the damaged structure. thankfully, nobody watt got when the -- got hurt. we can tell you some parts of maryland received up to 20 inches of snow. hundreds of marchers stranded are back home. six bus loads of students and chaperones made the trip for the march of life. march for life, rather. the buses were among 500 vehicles stranded along a freeway in the winter storm system that slammed the eastern u.s. with more than 2 feet of snow. the group became stuck friday night two hours east of pittsburgh. they were put in hotels, some up
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>> finally home. be home? >> yes. >> what do you want to do now that you are finally back? >> go home and sleep. [laughter] >> and she has basketball practice tonight. [laughter] >> ii want to see my puppies. >> and your mom. >> and my mom. >> and go to mcdonald's. >> you know, one of the buses actually made it through and arrived in nebraska yesterday morning. now to amazing video of a time lapse of the massive winter storm near the nation's capital. 15-year-old chase higgins lives in the washington, d.c. suburb of potomac. he said he put his phone in his living room window at about 1:00 friday afternoon, after the storm was beginning to hit the area. he said he left it in the window until late saturday night and this is what was captured. look at the snow grow. what's maybe more impressive. >> the teen went 24 hours without his phone. >> wow.
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phone away for a while. good practice. okay. passengers for american airlines flight headed to italy describe the turbulence that injured seven people. the plane was forced to land in canada last night. american says the flight was bound for mylan for -- for milan when it encountered tush bu lens. passengers -- turbulence. the flight was caring 193 passengers and 11 crew members at the time. >> the plane actually dropped, you know -- >> on the side and everything went flying and people and -- yeah. it was pretty intense. >> i'm happy to be alive. it was scary. i was just praying the whole time. it was very scary. >> not the ride they were expecting at all. american airlines made arrangements to put the
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they said they were working to get a new route for the plane to depart. two furblgtives -- fugitives turn themselves in after hiding out from the law for hours. >> why they called police begging to be arrested and be put back behind bars. and if you plan to go to the big game, get ready to shell out major cash as opening tickets hit the markets. we're tracking your weather across the country. things are finally starting to settle down across the east coast. a warmup will continue for our
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i will have the details -- it florida troopers are looking for the driver of a pickup that crashed into two vehicles and a trailer before overnight. the truck slammed right through the wall of the home leaving splintered wood and shattered glass everywhere. officials the registered owner of the pickup said she didn't know who had her vehicle and that her roommate was home at the time of the incident. investigation. charges are pending, as you might imagine. hurt. security cameras at a prison in northeast brazil cap churred a dra mat -- captured a dramatic
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inmates blew howt a out a wall before running away. at least 60 incomplaints were able to escape -- inmates were able to escape. one esing inmate was killed by gunfire by police. high drama in the sierras when a chase turned into a rescue mission after two fugitives nearly died freezing. >> the two suspects were hiding in a wooded area when they had no choice but to call 911. here's the story. >> reporter: in the high sierra along highway 50, it started with a traffic stop for swerving but then -- >> two male occupants of the vehicleuped out of the -- vehicle jumped out of the car and started to runner. >> reporter: the two fugitives with warrants and a parolee took off running into the woods. authorities say they found a .9 millimeter gun. >> in addition to the firearm, there was at least three different types of controlled
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methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana. >> reporter: the duo dashed down a canyon and crossed over the south fork of the american river. they ignored a law enforcement warning to surrender. by night fall, they were freezing and falled -- they called 911 beg be to be -- begging to be arrested. >> we knew there was a very high liklihood they wouldn't survive very long. >> reporter: they huddled together overnight to keep warm. on saturday morning the s.w.a.t. team found them and they were transported across the river to a waiting ambulance for treatment. >> never seen two people happier to go to jail because they knew would be dry and warm. >> both were treated the aed the
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at a hospital and turned over to jail. this man has died. his journey was inspired by a former explorer who attempted the same trek. he died after being airlifted to a hospital in chile suffering severe exhaustion and dehydration. prince william who was a friend of his said he and his brother prince harry why deeply sadden wood the news. vince young was arrested on suspicion of driving while drunk. he was pulled over last night after a police officer noted he was driving erratically. the officer said he detected the smell of alcohol in the car and placed young under arrest after performing a field sobriety test. he's posted bail. he won the national championship while at texas and went on to play in the nfl for six seasons. he now works with the division of diversity and community engagement at texas. if you want to attend super bowl 50, you will have to dig deep into your wallet. the average resale price of a
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broncos is more than $5,000. that's according to ticket price tracker. you want club seats near midfield? they've already sold for $12,000 apiece. making them the most expensive seats sold so far. super bowl 50 will be played in santa clara, california. could warmer conditions be coming to the las vegas valley? >> news 3 is your weather authority. i'm kind of done with winter. maybe we can get a taste of sprick. that -- a taste of spring. that may happen. >> if you are a desert rat like me, you will enjoy this forecast. we'll see those temperatures much warmer by the end of the week. we're looking at beautiful conditions outside right now. this afternoon wasn't too bad. you can see a few scattered showers across the pahrump region. mostly sunny skies up at mount charleston and pretty nice conditions in the valley despite
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throughout the afternoon. here is a look at those current wind speeds. you can breezier on the outskirts of the valley. a look at your peak wind gusts for today. you can see reaching up to 29 miles an hour in centennial. el dole raw raw doe -- el dorado. temperatures outside, ranging from the upper 40s to the low 50s. 39 degrees for blue diamond. in the 50s for the downtown area. paradise, green valley, low 50s and southeast sunrise and henderson right now. outside of the valley, dropped down to the upper 40s for pahrump, currently at 0 degrees for mount charleston. very chilly conditions right regionally. take a look at this. eli, 6 degrees right now. across the country, things are getting a little bit better, especially on the east coast. still chilly. you can see 30s from washington all the way up to boston. actually, as we take a look at the satellite, you can see over
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calmed down across the area from that very massive snowstorm. but it wasn't all bad. we actually have some video we would like to share of someone who took advantage of the fresh powder. so cute. take a look at this little guy. now, he's from the national zoo in washington, d.c. he's just having a ball. this 264-pound panda just living it up in the snow. so like i said, some people were stuck in their homes. this guy just got to enjoy the fresh snowfall. as we get closer back to home, back to our forecast region, we saw pretty nice weather conditions for today. a few high clouds streaming in across southern nevada. things are gonna change efover the next few days. high pressure will continue to build in over the west of the that will crank our temperatures up. i'm talking temperatures flirting with the 70s. it's still winter time.
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temperatures dropping down to the upper 30s. very similar weather compared to last night. regionally, it will be 30. teens for mount charleston. 20s for pahrump. tomorrow afternoon, it will be a lot like today. if you enjoyed the temperatures today, you will like today. 59 degrees for overton. 58 for pahrump. mid-50s for boughter city. in the 60s for lake mead. off to a cool start. by noon, warming up to temperatures in the 50s. peaking in the upper 50s by the end of the day. slightly below the normal temperature with winds decreasing later on in the evening. if you are heading out to the lake, lee 70s on -- low 70s on tap. wind 10, 15 miles an hour. gene be a pleasant day at mount charleston. cool but pleasant. red rock, 54 by the afternoon. and for the next seven days. so high pressure builds in. temperatures reaching the
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peaking at 68 on saturday. after that, a little bit of unsettled weather short wave. that's the area of low pressure passing through. maybe bridging us some sprinkles -- bringing us some sprinkles and cooler weather and start the next workweek. >> by sprinkles, you mean cupcakes, right? >> i wish. lf [laughter] >> we would be so happy. >> very happy. >> i will take that forecast. british astronaut tim peak shared his view of the northern lights from space. >> he took this photo while on board the international space station and posted it on his facebook page. the light display occurs when a burst of the sun's magnetic field causes a solar wind which hits the earth's atmosphere and creates this incredible sought. he called his view magical. still ahead -- historic journey. a group of women row across the
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welcome back. japanese auto partsmaker tekata is facing more trouble. a 10th death has been linked
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u.s. regulators added 5 million more cars to the 19 million vehicles already under recall. the company released a statement offering condolences to the victim's family. tekata has struggleleled for years since the -- struggled for years since the air bags were known to be defective. they face multiple private legal actions, millions of dollars in fines and the u.s. justice department investigation. gas prices are at their lowest in seven years according to a survey. after a 14-cent drop over the past few weeks, the average price is about 1.91 a gallon. prices have not been this low since january 2009 when they reached a low of 1.86 per gallon. over the weekend, oil prices bumped up and that pressured refine rips to raise their wholesale prices. if oil prices don't settle down, the price break could be short lived. olive garden says catering deliveries are available at all of the restaurants across the
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guest can have meals and breadsticks delivered for family gatherings, office parties. catering delivery is available for minimum orders of $15 with a 15% delivery fee for orders up to $500. each order comes with the grated cheese and u ten sills, table covers, plates, -- utensils, table covers and the mints. coming up at 11:00, city leaders serve a cease and desist against a risque photography studio. also the new app delivered by a unlv student helping children fight obesity. those stories plus breaking news as it happened and maybe a mint live at 11:00. [laughter] a crew of female british rowers arrived in australia all the way from the u.s. after rowing across the pacific ocean. >> the four women began the row in san francisco in april of
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that journey, 9,718 miles. in fact, australian media reported that the group became the first female team first four-person boat to row the pacific. the women were greeted by loved ones and lots of huggeds and cheers. the crusade they were happy to be -- the you why dash they -- they were happy to be on dry land. >> had a couple of sharks that followed us for a few weeks. >> wow. the woman rode 24 hours a day in shifts. despite the dangers. they stopped in hawaii to restock on supplies. the journey raised main for injured service women and breast cancer patients.
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>> that dozen it for us. >> winter storm jonas. >> it's bizarre. >> so bundled up, it's hard to tell who they are. i'm billy bush and we'll dig out the celebs who made the most of being snow bound. then wemove on to the huge chunk of mariah ice. engagement ring reaction from her ex, nick cannon. >> real kings don't need no pats on the back. >> that's the other side of nick. making his points clear about
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