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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 26, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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report of a shooting at a naval medical center in san diego. it all appears to be a false alarm. >> reed: we're glad to report that. the commander of san diego's naval medical center says absolutely nothing has been found to indicate the shots were in fact fired inside the hospital earlier today. so the false alarm initially prompted a lockdown and complete evacuation of that hospital. this after authorities received a single report that three shots had been fired inside one of the buildings in that hospital. you see right there a lot of s.w.a.t. teams came fal alarm. they wrapped it up peacefully today. >> marie: new cnn/orc poll showing demlaratic voters. >> reed: she tops bernie sanders. however there is some indication that sanders is closing in on that lead. clinton's lead is now smaller than it has been at any point since the field narrowed to just three candidates. the third candidate martin o'malley is trailing with support from two percent of
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>> marie: new at 3:30 p.m., this friday the final batch of hillary clinton's t public. this instead the u.s. state department says it needs more time. >> reed: our national correspondent kristine frazao spoke to the journal whoisz are suing under the freedom of information act and says the voters losing out. >> reporter: on the campaign trail in iowa, hillary clinton has her eye on the end zone. but in washington, a delay of game. with the state department asking the courts for an extra month to 57,000 pages. that would be after iowa, new carolina. >> as secretary of state, her communications as well as other for under the freedom of information act. i think the public needs to have that information. >> reporter: vice news
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filed the freedom of information lawsuit more than a year ago fired back. saying the state department has not shown good cause for the extension and argues voters in the primary state before the release will be harmed by not having all the information. the state department listed two reasons for the extension. first, they found several thousand emails that still needed scrutiny. and the second reason is the weather. the courts here in washington have been closed. many of the roads are even still blocked. it is an issue that comes up time and time again for hillary clinton. >> when you are facing something like that you got to get the facts. it takes time to get the facts. >> reporter: one coul potentially get worse as the fbi continues to investigate her use of a private email server. >> i have friends that are in the fbi. and they tell me they're ready to indict.
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attorney general does not indict, they're going public. >> reporter: how will this play out on the campaign trail? we'll get the first real indication next week when iowa voters head to the caucuses. in washington, i'm kri pa has announced who he is backing for the 2016 bid. senator marco rubio has his first endorsement. george pataki is backing the florida senator for president. the former new york gov the announcement today. he dropped his own bid, you will recall, in december. pataki believes rubio has the leadership, vision a for the job. >> reed: perhaps bridge fwiltding going on. pope francis and iranian president rue ani met at the vatican. the first meeting between a pontiff and iranian head of state since 1999. during the visit they exchanged gifts. rue juani gave pope francis a book of painting and a handmade rug.
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depicting st. martin helping a poor man. the iranian leader is on a four day swing through europe to boost iran's image abroad as well as rehabilitate economic ties. >> marie: isis claims responsibility for an attack in syria. and air travel is suffering because of terrorism fears. jonathan elias has more from the terrorism alert desk. >> reporter: from the terrorism alert desk in washington, d.c. i'm jonathan elias. suspected boko haram insurgents have killed at least 35 and hurt 65 others in cameroon. four suicide bombers attacked a nigeria. suicide bombers have killed dozens i bombings in the syrian city of hamms. the bombings killed 24 and injured 100 others. a booby trapped car exploded. a few minutes after that, a suicide bomber detonated his explosives belt in a crowd of
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fall off in air travel following the attacks in paris and suspected bombing of a passenger jet over egypt. easy jet is the second biggest airline in trance france and says in november businesses have fallen and passengers choose not to show up for flights. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm jonathan elias. >> marie: back to breaking news here in las vegas. metro investigating an officer-involved shooting near pecos and bonanza. >> reed: christine kim joins us live from the scene. what can you tell us. >> reporter: this is what we know so far. metro police saying a shooting happened just before 3:00 this afternoon. we're at the intersection of bonanza and pecos. this police shooting happened ons an bury hill and as you can see down the road it looks like there are apartment buildings. a witness tells me that is where thee shooting occurred. this witness tells me he actually saw the police shooting.
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into that apartment area. and then he heard two shots according to this witness. you can see here this area is blocked off. south of here. so avoid this area if you can. what we do know is that police shot a suspect. were injured in the incident. i'm not sure if you pecos. we are unsure. it has not been confirmed that shooting. or in this incident. but you can st crime scene tape. that area south of here is where all the activity, the police activity. if you are commuting tonight, i did see a mom and her daughter walking home from school. avoid this areaf you can. police will have this area blocked off for at least several more hours. once we get more information we'll be sure to bring that to you. reporting live tonight i'm christine kim, news 3. >> reed: aside from the updates that we'll post on
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so is it at c kim? >> reporter: c kim news 3 lv. >> reed: you can also follow christine on twitter and get yawn dates from that shooting. a california boy is in the hospital after he was injured while pushing his brother out of the way of a hit-and-run driver. devon mitchell just seven years old. he says he almost got hit by a car while crossing at a crosswalk when an suv ran a red light. he is okay thanks to the selfless act of his brother. the nine-year-old sefrd a broken left femur, bruised lungs and swollen temple pushing his brother out of the way. >> it was green then the car turned then it was going to hit my brother. so i pushed my brother out of the way. i was trying to move my leg then the car went too fast and it hit my leg. the front and back wheel. >> reed: the family says they are proud of little dashawn. wouldn't you be seal? they want the suspect to come
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from a sinking yacht off the coast of south florida. monday some 13 nautical mile co guard officials say it appears the vessel began taking on water after runing aground. feet in the air. none of the boat's 13 passengers that boat sank in 1200 feet of r a at this point is unrecoverable. the boat just three years old was built in brazil. for sure. and he's passed away. long time actor abe has died. he is best known as phil fish in the 1970s tv series barney miller and also a doochld mafia soldier in the godfather. his daughter says he died this morning while asleep in new jersey. vigoda was 94. >> marie: president obama proposing legislation that will help more save for retirement. officials think the plan will
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americans access to retirement savings. among his ideas offering tax credits to small businesses that enroll employees in retirement plans, requiring companies to offer plans to part-time workers, and making it e at 3:30, owners of go pro action cameras can now live stream video do the world the smart cameras are a favorite with adventure seekers and videographers of all kinds. to make it work with periscope a go pro hero four camera first links to an iphone through wifi. the newest version of the periscope app allows users to select the go pro's signal and stream it live. periscope is owned by twitter and has about 10 million users. if no one in your house has an amazon prime membership chances are your neighbor does. nearly half of u.s. households have a membership. that's according to report from the consumer intelligence research partner firm.
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amazon prime memberships in the u.s. jumped 35 percent last year to 54 million. that means about 46 percent of u.s. households have at least one member. >> reed: one woman is taking her expertise in pros thet toikz a country that needs it desperately. >> marie: coming up in the good stuff, what inspirel in need. >> reed: another even a day old and this newborn is stopping traffic. why officers were right by her side as she gave us hope by k078ing into the world. >> chloe: high pressure is going keep us warm and dry. but the the weekend we could see changes. details next on news 3. >> marie: we are continuing to follow this developing story. officers forced to fire near pecos and bonanza.
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taking the good stuff where we focus on uplifting stories around the world. a michigan woman is headed to haiti where she'll be using her passion and talents to help change people's lives. >> reed: she is doing it by prosthetics limbs for people who live there and lost their own limbs perhaps during the hurricane or the flood that happened the next year or the earthquake the year after that. megan morelli reports. >> she was born without part of her arm. it's always been a way of life for her and i got allowed her to do and i realized i wanted to do that for other people. >> reporter: megan's desire to limbs started with her friend amanda. now she's a certified pros the tis working with patient sgliz get to be in the le then fitting it to the person and helping them get back
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>> reporter: and soon she'll be heading to haiti to the same. she's one of around 20 volunteers making the two-week trip through a group called stand, the haiti project. >> i will be working with amputees that may have lost their limb due to the earthquake several years ago or car accidents, work accidents, however they may have had the amputation. and trying to make a device that's functional for them while in a country that doesn't have the modern conveniences that i'm used to using. >> reporter: she'll be taking many of her own tools with her and other necessary supplies. the group won't just be providing the care. >> we'll be trying to train the locals so one day they can be self-efficient and provide care to each other. >> reporter: megan says she's t her because while she's given up a lot to make this trip, she says it's well worth it. >> here you [ inaudible ] yeah it helps them get back to their life and helps them go back to work.
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prosthesis that may not have access to one and you are allowing them to go back to work, to support their families, to be active in their community. and so you are giving them back so much with a simple act of getting them a prosthesis. >> i honestly don't know where it happened. is with just told to come to the command post at bonanza and pecos. we'll get you more once we have it. >> i don't know his condition. i don't know if he is deceased. i don't know if he is injured. but i know he was hit and subsequently taken into custody. >> reporter: thank you. >> you are welcome. >> ree so we were just catching the tail end of officer clark there updating the media regarding the officer-involved shooting. this happened near pecos and bonag the investigative vehicles now go in.
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especially as school has just now let out or after-school programs are soon to be let out for people to stay away from this area near pecos and bonanza. >> marie: this is such a busy area. the family courts not too far away. you are ot we can. >> reed: time for a look at what's ahead today on "news 3 live at five." l high school teacher busted accused of having sex with a student in the classroom. coming up at five, in addition to an update on the officer-involved shooting we answer questions a lot of you are asking. how obligated is the school district to inform parents of crimes just like this one? >> reed: plus, countdown to global catastrophe?e doomsday clock you have seen out your social media feed all day gets an update. what scientists say about a nuclear threat at five. plus kevin janison with weather and tom hawley checks on the traffic live from sky 3. that's coming up at 5:00.
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today with a partial roof collapse at a baltimore county middle school. the baltimore county fire department said initial reports show a snow drift bha have caused the roof to fall in. there's possible damag injuries to report. firefighters and engineers are expected to reevaluate the building and determine what repairs need to be performed. winter storm claimed the life of a long-time u.s. capitol police officer. officer austin died after suffering a heart attack. it happened while he was shoveling snow at his hon delaware's eastern shore. the 44-year-old spent nearly two decades patrolling the capitol grounds. several other people in from around the d.c. aream may be over but federal offices in washington are closed again today. the storm dumped more than 22 inches of snow across the nation's capital this weekend
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the blizzard will go down as one of the top five snowstorms on record for washington's dulles airport. >> reed: time for a check of our local forecast. a little cold up on the west side but the sun was shining. a lot to be thankful for. >> marie: absolutely. and maybe even more sunshine to be grateful for as we head into the weekend. we are your weather authority. >> chloe: chloe has more on that. >> chloe: nice weather conditions. lotsesky. e one or two streaming temperatures outside. we're going look at overton. now. light breeze just out of the northeast right now. degrees right now. anthem temperatures in the mid-50s outside. we're we're going to check in with other neighborhoods.
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low fifties to upper 50s, even 60s for southeast. 58 degrees for henderson. t of the h continues for most neighborhoods and wind gusts. breezier in the northwest portion of the valley. 28-mile-an-hour winds record ford centennial. outside the valley temperatures at 57 in pahrump. 63 overton. and 56 degrees for boulder city. also seeing some variable winds. looks like breezyier on the east side. as we look at conditions across the country, you can see some severe weather again making its way through the south. but the west coast, we are seeing very mild weather. but it may not last too long. we do have high pressure for the continuing building in. that's going to bring us dry weather conditions. lots of sunshine and gradual warming trend. we did have a weak impulse north of us that will bring showers across portions of the pacific northwest and across california. not too much impact for our area yet. calm conditions expected
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temperatures dropping into the 40s by nine with mostly clear skies expected to continue throughout the evening. temperatures a little cold night. we drop down to 42 degrees this morning. we're expecting the upper 30s for the las vegas area. 28 degrees for pahrump. 20 degrees for mount charleston. and mid-30s overton. low 30s mesquite overnight tonight. highs tomorrow will be a little warmer compared to our temperatures for today. looking at low 60s for pahrump. 62 degrees for overton. 58 degrees for mesquite. beautiful day at lake mead. and 60 degrees on tap for boulder city by the afternoon. we're going see a lot of sunshine again across the las vegas area. temperature as little warmer tomorrow compared to today. slightly above our normal for this time of year. most part pretty light winds will continue across the area. as that high remains strong around the region we're going to see temperatures gradually warming up. you could see reaching the upper 60s by friday and saturday. temperatures flirting with the
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to last the entire weekend. chance of showers possible by sunday and cooler weather to follow into week ahead. >> marie: nice to get a taste of pre-spring now. >> chloe: a little bit of everything just like in television, mother nature knows how to give a tease. if you can't get enough of your better half now is the time to celebrate. don't wait until valentine's day right. it is national spouse day. honey if you are watching at home, i love you. the busy schedules, work, kids, chores can all get in the way so sometimes we can often take our spouses for granted. here you go. show them extra love. >> reed: that's what jewelry is for right. >> marie: a big day down under across australia. millions are celebrating australia day. the day the first fleet arrived from britain more than 200 years ago. for many this is about recognizing the australian dream.
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where hard work is rewarded and a fair go is considered part of the national dna. for indigenous aus trail yachs l i invasion day or survival day and voices of protest have rarely been heard. >> reed: traffic snarled on a new york freeway because of a mother. she was busy giving birth. the nypd was there to help her deliver. they tweeted out this picture of this new new yorker. welcome do to the world. police say she was delivered along fdr drive near the united beautiful. every wednesday we take a trip back in time with video vault. this week tom hawley is playing by the books. a black book. take a listen. >> having your name put in here means you can count yourself out of all nevada casino action. >> marie: this is the black book. it's what's officially known as
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alleged mobsters or cheats not allowed to set foot in casinos. tomorrow on "news trivia bit about las vegas. a lot of people may not even realize there's some people who can never step inside a casino. >> reed: it's delicious history here. and we love ta tom hawley's the guardian of it. we have so many great people in joig us. as we leave you we want to let you know we're watching that breaking news situation at pecos and bonanza. >> marie: next up date in our next newscast at 5:00. we hope you join us. >> hello i'm mark hyman. chicago's had a reputation as a city of lawlessness and corruption since at least the days of al capone. many people today think nothing's changed. you have heard about laquan mcdonald. he's the unarmed teenager who was 16 times. chicago police officer jason vandyke was charged with his
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but not until 13 months after his death. vandyke was charged hours before a o release. prosecutors say this video shows an unjustified shooting. there were allegations of police cover-up. emails just released under an open records request support the suspicions. the office of chicago mayor rahm emanuel, the police department, coordinated actions. created by the city council in 2007, the independent police review authority is supposed to be just that, independent. its website includes all the usual phrases about transparency, public accountability and building trust. but emails released to several media outlets suggest otherwise. according to the associated press, mayoral, police and agency officials closely coordinated their actions. internal records reviewed last year by a news organization raised questions then about the ipra's independence. last summer an investigator was fired after refwuzing to change
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shootings of civilians were unjustified. it's easy to see why some rigged. to comment go to behindtheheadlin >> important message for women and men ages 50 to 85.
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