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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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it's one of the reasons she was at this walmart parking lot trying to figure out a way to wire money to the kidnappers. >> i got a phone call about 10:00 yesterday morning from a mexican cell phone. >> reporter: it was the beginning of a five-hour nightmare for this woman we'll call catherine. she wanted to disguise her identity. >> it sounded like my son crying. >> reporter: the caller said he kidnapped her 10-year-old son walking to school. >> mom, mom, please help me. they kidnapped me. they got a gun to my head. >> reporter: the alleged kidnapper then laid out his demands. >> he told me to drive to the bank and get money. >> reporter: catherine pulled out $180. the caller said he wanted the money wired but there were problems with her first transmission attempt. he threatened her for several hours, keeping her on the phone as she tried to find another transfer store. >> they were gonna call him if i hung up the phone or called
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>> reporter: she made it to a walmart to send the direct the money. she was directed to wire it to mexico. >> after the money cleared. said that was a scam. your son is where thesed spob to be. have a night [bleep] life. >> that's what we see. >> reporter: metro police hear about this all of the time. >> don't wire money, don't e-mail money. don't give out any information. >> reporter: they knew so much about her information. >> they knew what color shirt he wore and a that he took his skates to. >> we find people use social media. that's a popular area to look at what family members are doing. >> reporter: she learns that other people learn from her horrifying experience. >> i don't want another mom to go through what i went through. that's a mother's worst nightmare. >> reporter: police say it's
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these scammers because they are usuallydone outside of the country. antonio castelan, news 3. now we turn to the breaking news we've been following this afternoon. for the second time in less than a week, police opened fire on a suspect on the east side of town near pe coscos and bon nan -- bow nanbonanza. christine kim has more. >> reporter: one person was shot injuries. he's been released to the hospital and is on his way to center. this all started with a call about a man driving recklessly vehicle. metro is investigating multiple scenes at this point. we saw crime scene investigator take pictures of a car up on the sidewalk with a driver's side door open. police have confirmed this is a incident.
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running towards the house and complex southeast of here on asbury0i this afternoon. police confirming the suspect was armed. one witness tells me he was watching from outside his home as police surrounded the suspect who he says was also armed. >> i heard the officers -- he shot twice. and there was about, like, eight, nine cops surrounding him and then the emts showed up five minutes after he was shot. >> reporter: and within the past hour, i did speak to a woman who says the suspect actually jumped into her backyard. the police shooting happening right in front of her home. we'll have that interview for you coming up at 11:00. reporting live, christine kim, news 3. >> christine, thank you. this comes days after another officer-involved shooting. in fact, this newly-released video shows us what led up to
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the bellagio. the brother of the man accused of pointing a gun at tourists says he thinks what happened was an attempted suicide. it's an interview you will only see here. kahleal black's brother detailing a troubled past, a family who wants to get him help. sergio avila is live from metro headquarters where officers gave their full briefing on what led up to the shooting. >> reporter: well, reed, the brother of that suspect, 20-year-old kahleal black, telling us that that his his brother is in need of help. they were trying to get that happen. they are so grateful that he survived this after being shot by -- or shot at by an officer twice, not only that, they are also expressing their sorrow for the 4-year-old boy wounded by an officer's bullet. >> might have been a suicide attempt. a cry for help. >> reporter: that's kahleal black's brother speaking to us. he called black's episodes
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friday wasn't the first time. [ sirens ] >> he started having mental breakdowns, he -- he's a completely different person. >> reporter: in surveillance video just released, they say black is pointing an unloaded gun at people and pulling the trigger. >> there is a guy with a gun, a black male adult waving a gun in the middle of the street. >> reporter: 911 calls tell the story. black's brother said he was about to file a missing person's report on sunday when officers showed up at his apartment. >> i'm gonna be honest i thought he was dead. >> reporter: when officers told him black was waving a gun around, he had no words. >> we were trying to find out how he got the gun, asking around friends, coworkers. everyone is -- no one knew he had a gun. >> reporter: metro said the gun was reported stolen and are looking to see if black is connected to that crime. the undersheriff said officer smith fired at black twice after the suspect pointed that gun at the officer. his bulleting missed hitting a pillar and then raising a 4-year-old -- grazing a
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>> i think it was god with my little brother at that moment. my condolences go out to the family. i really, really apologize. i feel like it's my fault because i couldn't help my brother. >> reporter: this relative painting a picture of a troubled young man in need of help, especially now that he's facing some serious charges. >> i know, you know, no actions go unpunished. you have to pay for it. that's why we have a justice system. i would definitely want them to look at the situation as my brother being mentally ill and not try to look at the situation as she's some regular human being -- as he's some regular human being. >> reporter: black faces several felony charges, including five counts of assault with a deadly weapon. metro also apologizing to the family of that young boy who was hit by that gunfire. news 3. back to you. >> thank you.
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killed in a crash last night on the east side of town. we brought you this as breaking news last night on news 3 at 11:00. the coroner has identified the victim as lizbett dominguez of las vegas. met troy said she was the passenger in a dodge charger when it collided with a ford focus. police say the driver of the car she was in was critically injured. the 21-year-old driver of the ford was not hurt. new information tonight about alleged relationships between a valley high school teacher and a learning disabled student. jillian lafave was arrested january 15th and is now charged with sexual misconduct with a student. according to an arrest report filed by metro, that student, who is between 16 and 17 years of age, has a learning disability. the report indicates there were more than 13,000 texts it exchanged between lafave and that student over a three-month period. many of those texts were sexual in nature. today, many students learned
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relationship or alleged inappropriate relationship after hearing about that arrest on the news. >> all of these kids are like what? they -- they were like shocked that everything happened so quickly. >> hard to believe. >> yes, it was. >> it's a bad decision. shouldn't have done that. >> it's the school district's policy not to comment on ongoing investigations. late today the district did e-mail a statement to news 3 saying these matters are always turned over to school police. despite inquiries, there was no mention why it took ten days for the district to inform parents of arrest. now to a home break-in caught on camera. you can watch it all unfold. three armed men kick in the front door, ransack the place, take taking everything they take -- taking everything they can carry out. it happened on friday tropical parkway and commerce. that's where fatima rahmatullah joins us live. and even know they weren't home at the time, they see this video
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house. it's scary. >> reporter: that's right, jim. homeowners telling me the men parked outside abandoned homes like this one where they watch, wait and target which home they will strike next. >> it was like your worst nightmare. >> reporter: surveillance video shows several men kick open the front door of a north las vegas home with a gun in hand, the men spent 45 minutes ransacking the home, stealing everything, from electronics to jewelry. >> it looked like a boom went off. it was ridiculous. >> i felt so violated. i was angry, hurt. tearing up thinking about it. >> reporter: the homeowners say the family is usually home on fridays. last week, they were not. >> all of the what ifs run through your mind. what if you come home to a raped daughter or dead daughter. >> reporter: the thieves got away with $30,000 worth of
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two playstations an xbox, four tablets and a safe. felicia said it's not the material things taken she's concerned about. she's upset over the sentimental value of a necklace she received from her husband which was stolen. >> how would you feel if someone went through your mother front door and stole all of the things that meant something to her or your father, someone you lived. that's the part that hurts the most. >> reporter: and there were a few dogs inside that home. they are unharmed and doing okay tonight. and take a good look at the flier. if you recognize any of these men or the white sedan they drove off in, call north las vegas police. reporting live, fatima rahmatullah, news 3. >> thank you. the county's newest medical marijuana dispensary is open for business. >> we'll get a look inside and we'll head out to apex to talk with a master marijuana grower
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dispensaries in town. a new hospital coming to a new neighborhood near you. they will be different in size but will the service be a downsize? kevin. the clouds, they are out of here. the temperatures are heading up. but a short period of time. how theythe need to take a perfect selfie nearly killed a tourist. she stumbled into a watery fell. and we're understanding there's been activity up at the bundy standoff in oregon.
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we'll have that for now to the prbs. 25 days after the -- now to the breaking news. 25 days after the standoff started we're hearing about
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at the wildlife refuge. ammon bundy we understand has been arrested along with three of his supporters. the gunshots were reportedly fired as the members were on their way to a meeting in the town of john day, which is very near that refuge. they have been there protesting the arrest of some ranchers up in oregon who were charged with setting fires on federal land. we're working to get more information. there are unconfirmed reports of injuries in the area. we'll work to pin that down and bring you more in the newscast no more baby steps. southern nevada's medical marijuana industry is maturing and racing forward. almost a dozen dispenries are selling the drug and the infrastructure that supports them is rapidly exanding. and -- expanding. >> voters approved medical marijuana back in 2000. it wasn't until three years ago state lawmakers made
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it's taken three years for the industry and the government to work the kinks out. it's a full-fledged business serving thousands of people. it's the newest dispensaries. dehind the glass some of the 9200 cardholders. welcome to the source. >> we opened on december 10th. it's been six, seven weeks. >> reporter: andrew is the ceo. >> we see dozens of patients her day and some patients come in every couple weeks, some come in once ament. >> reporter: what you see here is happening in almost a dozen businesses in the valley. las vegas, clark county, henderson, all now have working dispensaries. valley wide 22 more have been approved. the medical marijuana rush is on. >> what we're growing in this room right now is cleaner than any head of lettuce or any produce at your grocery store right now. >> reporter: drew is a master marijuana grower.
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come -- approved cultivation facilities which has 20 more under construction. all of these dispenries need product. with more facilities like this, that bottleneck is becoming less of an issue. week. patients come in looking for vaporize. >> we have ocm growing in the room, lemon haze, girl scout cook cookies. >> reporter: in a state with the toughest medical zahn dards in the station, back at the source, you can do your own product testing. >> they can take the lid off and smell it. it has a magnifying glass at the top. >> reporter: okay. medicine for some that took years to happen.
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would like to see fixed, the time he says it fakes to get a medical marijuana card. he says that can take months when you and i can go to a pharmacy and get a prescription in a matter of hours. back to you. >> thank you. it's been on a hiatus but a week from friday, first friday will be back. they spent the past several months growing their team and making the transition into a nonprofit. events will continue to have the great collection of artists and musicians. there will be a kid zone. it happens from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. and there will be a dance department. the first friday comeback is next friday, february 5th. the theme is called back to our future. want to focus on our immediate future as far as the weather goes. kevin says things are gonna warm up. >> we'll take him up on that. >> got the ups and downs coming in the seven-day forecast. we will start with the window on the world. this is the os for the astronauts aboard the
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every 90 minutes cruising around the globe, look, there's italy, greece off in the background. that's pretty cool. our window is not that bad. you still have a chance to see those five planets in the morning sky stretching from the southwest and southeast. it won't quite like this bold telescope, you will see impressive sites. around saturn. today we had a high temperature of 58. a single degree normal on the high side. the morning low was above normal. bright sunshine as the sun rolls over the mountains on the east side of the mountains with the recent wind, a sparkling valley sky fave vistas a view. 5 up camino. next stop, saint elizabeth, near buffalo, lake mead. windmill and paradise 53 without
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we are seeing neighborhoods around the edges already dipping in the 40s. we have low to mid-50s. the wind had been prevalent and noticeable the last couple days has weakened and i don't think we'll have much wind tonight or tomorrow. probably not until the weekend. pahrump 49. sandy valley, 47 degrees. your wednesday starts in the 40s. quickly surging to the 50s. i think we will get in the lower 60s before pulling back in the afternoon. the wind after the last couple we deal with stronger winds here. not even a factor tomorrow. so is the story, pretty simple. an area of high pressure expanding. that's what's calming the winds. i think some of these clouds may penetrate the area of high pressure. tomorrow afternoon into and there. that's about it. the jet stream right now taking everything to the north but that is going to change especially as we get toward -- i'm thinking
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stream sacks sags south. then we will get some clouds. we will get some winds possible and a chance for rain sunday night. right now appears to be the best chance. a lot of time between now and then to change things up. 28 in pawmp for the -- in pahrump for the low. mesquite, bottoming out at 33. highs tomorrow, boulder city, 60. laughlin, 6 a. up on the mountain, 48 for the las vegas valley tonight we're going down to 38 under a clear sky. wind wills will be light. expect a high temperature of 62. a sun-drenched wednesday. seven-day forecast, wait a minute. let's pause to enjoy these numbers at least into saturday as they go. i like these sawing sound effects. mid- to upper 60s to start the weekend. some neighborhood up around 0. but look out. clouds thicken. so does the clot. chance for rain on sunday and down goes the temperature.
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week high the in the mid- to upper 5. there goes the lows down to the 30s. that's unacceptable because next tuesday is that major meteorological holiday, groundhog day. >> oh, yeah. >> that's right. we're supposed to have good weather for the groundhog. >> yeah, stakes are higher. >> literally. [laughter] >> mother nature is saying just kidding. >> yeah, right. coming up -- we'll continue toful the to -- to follow the developments out in oregon where ammon bundy has been taken into custody. sounds like some people have been shot. and changes in the ranks of the police department. >> and bullets fired at a couple. and let's take a look at the monte carlo. the mgm announces an opening day for what they call the park connecting the monte carlo,
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tell you how that is taking with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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welcome back. mgm resorts is giving you a new look at its latest attraction on the strip called the park. >> jim is out to make the -- mgm is out to make the strip more walkable for tourists. these are renderings that will connect the monte carlo, new york, new york and the t-mobile arena. this what they want to see spread up the block. mgm executives say it will debut on april 4th just before that arena opens on the 6th. the park's also next to the monte carlo's new 5,000-seat theater and venue.
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sit, relax, plenty of bars and music acts. some of the restaurants shake shack, beer garden, california pizza kitchen and a place called sake. today station casinos is announcing it is looking to fill more than 100 positions for the upcoming and very busy pool season. these are coveted positions. the gaming company is looking to hire folks for the gren valley ranch and red rock resort locations. they are holding two job fires. one is this friday. the other is next tuesday. some job includes cabana hosts, vip attenders, lifeguards and food servers. if you are interested, you have to apply online. go to and the big breaking news out of oregon. ammon bundy, the son of cliven
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been arrested in oregon. >> they've been armed in a wildlife refuge in oregon for the past month. this is from koin tv in oregon. tens of thousands of gallons of water are shipped to flint, michigan the outrage is pouring in.
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