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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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where one militia member is dead, another wounded and several others locked up in a story that captivated national headlines. the bundy stand ofoff at a federal wildlife refuge. good evening, i'm jim snyder. >> marie: i'm marie mortera, in for jessica tonight. we want to show you the e sourc say ryan bundy was treated tonight, suffering from a gunshot wound to the arm. his brother ammon the leader of the standoff, has been arrested along with five others according to the f.b.i. >> jim: reed cowan has the latest. how does the patriarch say this went down? >> reporter: it is confirmed the man shot dead is lavoy finicum. i'm operating off of two sources of information tonight, first the f.b.i., which has only confirmed arrests. the f.b.i. account, five others online, seven. the bundy family and those close to them offering their account by this audio posted on the
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post titled witnesses of lavoy's murder. >> they said, reported to spread it to the world, lavoy finicum has been shot, murdered. >> reporter: the voice of cliven bundy, relaying what his daughter-in-law was told by cell phone by her husband, ammon bundy, arrested calling from the back of awe law enforcement car. >> ryan has been shot in the arm. lavoy finicum has been cold blooded murdered. said he was unarmed and they shot him. >> reporter: lavoy finicum, seen in footage days ago, confirmed dead. the f.b.i. saying this all happened when they worked to bring into custody a number of individuals and that during the arrest shots were fired. tonight no word from the f.b.i. if anyone in bundy's party shot first or even made threats.
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believes his son ammon's story. >> he had had his arms in the air, said he was unarmed, and they shot him cold blooded. >> jim: so two accounts, one from an f.b.i. news release, one from cliven bundy. the story still developing, news 3 will monitor events throughout the night and post the latest on our website, >> jim: all right, reed, thank you. this latest incident involving members january 2, when the militia took over that federal wildlife sanctuary. the group says they took it over to take the land back, after two oregon ranches were convicted of arson for setting a fire that scorched 127 acres of blm land 15 years ago. >> marie: many of you remember the standoff that happened in southern nevada almost two years ago, when suppor agen near bunkerville. that dispute was over federal land bundy used for grazing.
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than a million dollars in fees, over the grazing. >> jim: a lot of moving parts in this still tonight. we'll have the latest for you can keep track of all the new developments on >> marie: more breaking news out of the pacific forth west, two people dead, three hurt after shots were fired in a seattle homeless camp known as the jungle. a man and woman were killed in the attack. was random. they believe the victims were targeted. slers say they are trying to find -- investigators are trying to find two persons of interest. >> jim: a developing story here at home. a stolen car, reckless driving, and a police chase. that's what metro says sparked a police shooting this afternoon. they tell us the suspect was armed and pointed the gun at officers, forcing one of them to fire. christine kim joins us live from
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report there appears to be several scenes, first washington and marion. stolen car. metro police say they followed intersection. take a look behind me here, you can see where that car stopped, leaving behind an oil slick and markings on the sidewalk. here. it ended just south of here. >> i saw him running away from the cops. >> reporter: this is a 1990's model honda. metro police say a man stole and it ditched it before running away. >> our area unit saw that that occupant had a firearm in his hand. >> reporter: a number of officers searched for that suspect, accused of speeding and driving recklessly away from police in a stolen car. metro says an officer in an unmarked vehicle spotted him a block south by homes on asbury hill avenue. >> he jumped a few back yards and one of them was mine. >> reporter: stephanie heard the commotion right by her home tuesday afternoon. >> i could see everything
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>> reporter: captain mccarthy says an officer saw the suspect come out between houses and was forced to pull the trigger. >> the suspect pointed a firearm at that officer. >> reporter: that gun located at the site of the shooting. >> i could see the gun on the floor, and like all his clothes were there and everything. >> i heard the officers, he shot twice. >> reporter: the suspect was treated for minor injuries. >> like this really big, lots of tattoos, and he was getting put inside the ambulance. >> reporter: and released from u.m.c., now facing a number of felony charges. the suspect is at the clark county detention center. no officers were injured in the incident. christine kim, news 3. >> jim: thank you. 13,000 text messages, part of the new information tonight in the arrest of a local special ed teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with her student.
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jillian lafave was arrested on january 15. she's charged with sexual misconduct with that student. the arrest report says lafave and the student who is between 16 and 17 years old exchanged those 13,000 texts over a three-month period, many of them sexual in nature. the report also says there wer betwe the two of them, dating back to last thanksgiving. >> marie: a warning tonight about a terrifying and sophisticated scam targeting local parents. police say the scammers call the parent and pretend to be their child tell them they've been school. the scammers mimic the child's voice enough to make the victim believe their son or daughter is in danger and the scammers may even know personal information. the crooks then force the victim into wiring money. one local victim described her horrifying experience. >> mom mom, please help, they
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they would be let me g. after the money cleared, he said it was a scam, your son is where he's supposed to be, have a nice -- life and hung up. >> marie: they are investigating multiple cases. that mother there not the only victim we've heard of. police also adding that the scammers do their homework, they use social media to find out more on the victims. if you are a victim of the scammer or you know someone who was, call crime stoppers. >> jim: now to the video that really rattled a local family, showing three armed men breaking into their home. it was all caught on surveillance cameras friday afternoon near tropical and commerce. the men kick open the front door, then ransack the home for 45 minutes, grabbing things as they go. watches, electronics, even a safe. $30,000 worth of valuables stolen. the family was not home at the time.
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>> the sanctity of my home, my secret place, my space, was taken from me. i felt so violated. >> they're cowards, come to my house again with a gun, make sure i'm home next time. why were if you know anything about this break-in, okay crime stoppers. >> marie: we're continuing to follow breaking news out of oregon where one protester is dead and several in custody. >> jim: also a story you will only see on news 3, the atf says this operation put guns in the hands of gang members. see the evidence of how a gun trafficking operation here in nevada was taken down. >> kevin: a few high clouds and chilly. >> marie: very chilly, in fact so chilly you're looking at a car covered in snow, but what happened inside is a miracle. now to you, kevin.
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sorry about that, marie. 39 degrees to get your wednesday rolling, but you will like where the temperatures are heading, but it's a limited time offer. details coming up. last place y excluded persons, better known as the black book, it's the subject of this week's video vault. it means you can't set foot in a casino without risking arrest. the full story including
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goodman tomorrow morning. >> jim: we're continuing to follow that breaking news out of oregon. one person dead, another shot, several others arrested including the occupation leader, ammon bundy. source says ryan bundy is recovering from a gunshot wound. the unofficial spokesman for the militia, lavoy finicum, died in the shooting. the bundy family tells us they ambushed during a traffic stop. authorities are expected to talk tomorrow morning at 10:30, and
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about what happened up there earlier tonight him. it was one of the largest gun trafficking operations ever uncovered in nevada, that put dozens of weapons in the hands of gang members in oakland. >> marie: now the atf is showing us the evidence they say put it all to an end. john treanor has the story. >> reporter: marie, over a four month period of time, he sent almost 100 guns to oakland, california when he was asked why, he said i like money and he made plenty of it. but the atf says he also made plenty of violence possible while he was at it. it's this video that helped put an end to one of the largest gun trafficking operations in nevada. a plot that sent 90 guns from las vegas to oakland. guns that were used in violent crimes. >> over a four month period this individual trafficked 90 guns. a majority were recovered by law enforcement, were recovered from violent crimes including the attempted murder of police
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caught here on henderson post office security cameras is edward -- when they opened the box they found six handguns. >> i don't know where they're at, i sold them, they went away. >> i like money. >> reporter: it was a dangerous crime. he told police he used a p.o. box as a nevada address, successfully able to use that to pass background checks at gun stores. he would box up the guns and ship them to a friend's house using a fake name. oakland rapper, kenny clutch, the victim in the now infamous las vegas strip shooting. >> i was like kenny clutch, that's the name that came to my head. >> reporter: several boxes were sold to gang memb tr operation police
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concerned postal worker. perry was just sentenced to eight and a half years in federal prison. of the 90 has been guns that were sold, only 25 have been recovered by law enforcement. that investigation very much still ongoing. >> marie: thank you so much for that. the next republican presidential debate happening thursday night could be without one of its biggest attractions. donald trump says he will not participate in the next g.o.p. presidential debate, saying he might hold a separate event that would raise money for wounded warriors and veterans. shortly after his announcement, trump's campaign manager reiterated he is out of the debate and that it is not under negotiation. trump says even though the debate is just days before the iowa caucus, he doesn't think it will hurt his chances. >> jim: a story of survival near our nation's capital. the national guard rescued a
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stuck in her snow covered car since last friday. they had to why a hummer to reach the woman who was stranded on an unplowed side of the road about 30 miles south of washington d.c. she was conscious, and unhurt when they got to h on april 4, that will connect the new arena to the new york new york and monte carlo. it features several bars and restaurants including california pizza kitchen and shake shack. and will be right next to the monte carlo's new 5,000 seat theater and concert venue. >> jim: by april it will be warmer, we know that. but we have some ups and downs before that. >> kevin: and windier too. when you're a big time news anchor will mr. snyder here -- how many windows do you have in your office? >> jim: i have one window, i look out at the lovely satellite dishes. >> kevin: why does the weather person never get a computer?
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you needed a window, it's mine. if i had a window to choose from, i would choose this one that the folks at the international space station look out from their office. how about this, as they we, takes 90 minutes to go around the earth and they came across the ed trainian and italy there, that is a gorgeous sight. how about that to look out every 90 minutes or so, we have a decent view out our window, we have five planets lined up before sunrise, will be this way through the third week of february of if you have a telescope it's always cool to look at the rings of saturn. we had a high today of 58 degrees. actually pretty close to normal for this, the la those numbers tomorrow. beautiful blue sky day. the subject rose and lit things up and notice how we don't have as much pollution through the
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the wind have definitely been our friend in cleaning the air out. green valley parkway, 45 degrees. not much wind, not much humidity. east side of town, they're at 40. and boulder city it's 50 degrees, still blowing at 5 miles per hour. so it's pretty chilly around the edges. freezing in the canyon there as blue diamond. outside of town the mountains still low to mid 20s. pahrump down to 37 degrees. as you plan your wednesday, we are going to warm it up a couple of degrees. we'll start around 40, ration our way to the mid 50s at lunch time. heading to the low 60s before pulling back once the sun go down. there won't be much in be the wind category, pretty light all day long. but we may get a few clouds. the clouds, the sky was unblemished today, we've got very high thin clouds, working their way into the california
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north. but a period or two of high cloudiness certainly possible and possible on thursday too. but the jet stream is taking the more significant weather way up that will allow the warmer air to come in here. but later on this weekend the jet stream sags south, we will see some of those clouds, a chance for rain and an increase in the winds too, just in time for the beginning of february. a high tomorrow on the mun taken of 48. 58 in mesquite. 65 in laughlin. the las vegas valley, a chilly start to your day tomorrow, but a quick bounce back with the sunshining through. and i think we get to 62 tomorrow. even better on thursday, and we're not stopping there. even better friday and saturday, where some neighborhoods might scrape against 70 degrees. the clouds increase saturday as do the winds.
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mainly sunday afternoon, through sunday night andn we begin february with windy and much cooler conditions. so if we are going to vote on anything, let's just go right to march. >> jim: no need for a poll, we're all on board. still ahead, kids do the darnest things, especially when they think no one is watching. but first, here's jimmy with a look at what he's got for the tonight show. >> hey, guys, josh brolin and
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it's a great show, do not change >> marie: a 2-year-old south carolina girl is now an internet sensation just for saying her prayers, right before bed. >> amen. >> jim: the parents put the toddler to bed without asking
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prayers because they were rushing down the watch the carolina panthers in the nfc championship game. >> marie: but if you listen closely, you can hear her praying on her own, after mom and dad left. the family's baby monitor caught the whole thing on video. >> jim: and she covere bases, you can hear her pray for her parents, grandparents and even santa claus. the video has been shared thousands of times on facebook. >> marie: she's probably praying that the panthers would win, and there you go. >> jim: coming up, a chance to see the rebel girls perform the routine that won them the national championship. >> marie: plus the running rebels face boise state tomorrow. >> should i give her a knife?
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>> amber: tomorrow night the in boise state. the broncos have won each of their last three meetings and in year they're in second place in the mountain west. the rebels are in seventh. right now boise state leads the conference in scoring margin, rebounding defense, turnover margin, and defensive rebounding percentage. they've won 12 of their last 13. unlv is coming off a loss at
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they're still the four to four and a half point favorite. one sure bet at tomorrow's game though, you're probably going to be in awe of the rebel girls, they are performing the routine that won them the national championship last week in the universal dance association hip-hop competition.he win before they even stepped on stage. >> you kind of know before you go out on stage, you look around at your teammates and you make eye contact with a few girls and there's so much confidence and so much joy and fire in people's eyes, it's so easy to be able to tell we have it. and we don't even watch the other teams, you feel it on the inside. so back stage before a final performance is when we kind of knew. >> the fact that we get to perform in front of our home town and be able to show like unl have that we represented them in such a great way and won this national championship and for them to see the hard work
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see the final piece is amazing. >> amber: they perform at half time. and tomorrow is also a red out. you are encouraged to wear red to the game. but if you don't, they're going to give away 5,000 red t-shirts. to the nba now, where the dallas mavericks visited visited the l.a. lakes tonight. kobe bryant sat out with a sore shoulder. we know he's retiring, but that doesn't mean he's going to let a looky take his seat. there weren't enough seats, so kobe made the rookie move, and there was nowhere to move so he had to sit on the floor. kobe still winning when it comes to being the boss. larry nance jr., he used to be on the wyoming team in the mountain west conference. >> jim: there's some hierarchy in everything. all right. up next tonight, kind of a home ec class like we used to have in
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world class chef involved. >> marie: finally tonight a local chef is helping local high school students think differently about food. >> jim: chef philip del who once competed on the tv show, chopped, is now prepping the next generation of culinary superstars at rancho high school. they are trading their pencils for forks and knives to prepare dishes that could easily be at the top of a menu at a straip restaurant. >> marie: and from the looks of what they're cooking there, programs rivalling some of the best dishes in southern nevada.
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