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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 27, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> all the white stuff around there. they got slammed this weekend but they are digging out of that. not sure if federal workers still off or schools closed but they were yesterday. they are trying to rebound after that massive blizzard pummeled a large part of the east coast. >> michelle: welcome in. no waggers in in sight. we are filling in this morning. we're going to start with bad news on the roadway. the video from this crash that just happened is bad. it will be surprising if anybody walks away. >> tom: we are going to get a live report from craig who is on the scene? -in just a minute. meanwhile have you this on the 95. this is 95 north bound before decatur. you only have one lane open. this is not a particularly bad crash we don't think but it is causing problems.
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you can see just before you get to decatur all the traffic is pushed over on the side. trouble on the outbound 95. right now traffic is light at this time of the morning but we'll keep an eye on that. right now let's check weather with kelly. >> kelly: thanks. as we start out this morning it is chilly. you are going to want to bundle up this morning. the good news is once the sun comes up, we're going to warm up quickly. 47 by 9:00 a.m. 57 by noon. 60 at 4:00 and we have upper 60's in the forecast. also a big storm system going to bring big changes as well. i'll have all the details coming up. >> anchor: we continue to follow this news. metro police are investigating this horrific crash.
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there overnight with video. craig is live at the scene. this is rainbow and spring mountain that you are near. what can you tell us? the video is horrific. >> reporter: this was a powerful crash to say the least. two cars on their side. i'll take you in for a closer look. the best we can tell is this happened happened about 3:30 this morning and one or two vehicles were being pursued by police and this happened on rainbow boulevard. the crash then happened as the car swerved over toward a gas station. and the video we have shows two vehicles on their side in an area where people would normally be fueling up at this gas station. the entire area closed off for the investigation. we haven't been told this but we can confirm that at least one person is dead.
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debris all through the road and the area where these cars came to rest here after colliding. one of them hitting a power pole. we've seen in other crashes power pole versus the strength to split a vehicle in two. it doesn't appear that happened in this case but one vehicle badly damaged after colliding with a power pole and the other badly damaged an side. we don't know how many people were in each vehicle or if one or both vehicles were being pursued by police. believe this happened around 3:30 this morning. we're awaiting information from metro about what they are saying about who was inside, how this happened and why. we'll learn more of that this morning and bring it to you live on "wake up with the wagners." i'll send it back to you on these live pictures. fur going to be traveling through this area this morning spring mountain, rainbow
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certainly an area to avoid. >> can you hear me? i have a quick question for you. have they confirmed whether somebody involved in this crash was an incident person driving through a green light and the person being chased hit them? >> we don't know if any of the vehicles -- we don't know what role any of the vehicles played, if one or both were being pursued by police. there was early information that one vehicle did run a red light and that happened after a police chase. we don't know if the police chase involved both one the vehicles happened to be here wrong place, wrong time. >> thank you so much. that is my concern that one of those cars happened to be going through a green light and got smashed by the person driving through a red light which has
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nervous. >> we hate to start things off on that note. if that is part of your morning commute, you want to avoid that area for quite some time. a local man sitting in jail after a stolen car and car chase ended with an officer opening fire. recklessly. he ditched the car and ran off. police timely caught up with the man who pulled out a gun and pointed at an officer who then shot at him. he was treated and released. he's at the clark were county detention center. no names have been released. those officers are on paid leave which is standard procedure. >> a news conferen 10:30 this morning regarding bundy who was arrested and
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in oregon in that ongoing wildlife refuge protest happening. bundy and his followers were headed to a community meeting yesterday afternoon whether they were stopped by f.b.i. agents. the f.b.i. says that they worked to bring into custody a number of individuals. shots were fired. bundy's family says the protestor who was killed had his hands up when he was shot. no word from the f.b.i. if anybody in bundy's party shot first or made threats but we're waiting for more information. a press conference this morning from officials who are hopfully going to clear things up here. >> let's talk about our runnin rebels facing boise state tonight. the thomas and mack are where the game will be played. the broncos have won each of their last three meetings. the rebels are in seventh.
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their last three before that. the rebel girls are national hip-hop dance champions. they are performing tonight. they are so good. just nice young ladies. they were on the show not long ago. they will perform the routine that won them that title. that's the super bowl of the dance world. that was at the universal dance association hip-hop competition in florida. i used to watch those every year. love those national competitions. they are so good. >> i can't dance like that. >> they were saying how much they practice. four to five hours a day. >> the fact they were able to be so precise and stay in sync with the stuff they are doing. that is hard to do. especially as a group. >> i'll skip it is what donald trump says.
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in tomorrow night's debate. he has other plans. we're talking about this. so hard to watch. this man just run over by a car. incredible that he was able to survive. we'll show you how this went down. >> coming up in the video vault. if you like casinos you don't want to be excluded. tom has the black book coming up. >> kelly: we have chilly
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we'll show you what it's l >> a massive fire overnight destroyed a building in downtown new orleans. the six alarm blaze broke out in a local building. these are live pictures. this is a live newscast happening in new orleans.
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is amazing when you see how huge these flames were. it spread to nearby structures. you know how close the buildings are there in new orleans. i don't know if we have video of the flames. i saw them earlier this morning. this is some of the aftermath. it spread to some buildings. everybody was able to escape. several blocks of canal street have been closed down and the fire is under investigation. there are live pictures. they are still trying to get the hotspots. you are going to have a lot of hotspots inside that building. before investigato can get this there, they have to make sure all the hotspots are put out. huge fire in new orleans. >> let's bring it back here. donald trump says he's going to skip tomorrow night's debate. >> he has other plans.
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from fox news. he and megan kelly do not get along. trump is not happy that she is going to be modera challe trump during fox's first debate back in august and he did not like her questions. thursday will be the last g.o.p. debate before the iowa caucus. trump told supporters in iowa he's going to do something else instead. >> we'll do something where we raise money for th vets and the wounded warriors. we're going to do something simultaneously with the debate but most likely i'm not going to do the debate. >> kelly has not reacted to trump's latest comments but knowing her she will. fox newsstands behind her and she will be on the debate stage. >> to graphic video. it's hard to watch. one man's near death experience. brace yourself for this one. this is a street view camera and
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walking across the street. he was taken out by this car. flipped over the windshield. this happened on january 14. he was thrown several yards up the road. the vehicle continued to speed by. he was taken to the hospital with head injuries. he's going to be ok. he's at home recovering now but the reason we're showing this video because it's a hit and run. they have yet to find the driver. you see that video, it is hard to take in. >> it's amazing he's recovering. >> the unfortunately thing we know this story in our own neighborhood people involved in hit and runs. that. >> bringing it back to our
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i was telling kelly i walked outside and wearing a dress and no sweater. and i was like it's really cold out here. >> kelly: i grabbed a jacket running out the door and got in the car and was like where are my mittens. temperatures are in the 30's right now. we're expecting a lot better weather this afternoon. >> i'm wearing a dress, that's why i wasn't wearing pants. >> tom is wearing his dress today too. >> we're going to start without this time lapse view from yesterday where we saw tons of sunshine. lots of traffic on the roads. the parking lot filling up. i bet this is going to be very full on saturday as we're
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moving n. this morning bundle up. look at these numbers. sunrise north las vegas 37 is the current temperature. spring valley and paradise at 38. temperatures can still drop a couple of degrees before sunrise this morning. here is a look at the radar picture. we have clear skies overnight. we have high thin clouds that will be moving in today. mostly sunny skies. 61 the expected high temperature. tonight going down to 42 with mostly clear conditions and our seven-day forecast, look at the rest of this week, 67 friday, 68 on saturday. big storm system sunday into monday. look at the impact it's going to have on our temperatures. low 50's monday and tuesday. >> tom: we get the higher temperatures in between.
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we just heard the live report from craig. spring mountain and rainbow closed in all directions. we have this one on the 95 north bound. as you head towards the west side of the valley. outside view shows us they are still doing work in the area with lanes blocked off. that is on decatur. this is the reverse angle view. down to a single lane. this is going to start to put a hurt on the morning commute. at this hour we aren't going to see an impact on the travel times yet. they are all still in the green. >> we have a new reason to be proud of our local airport and something is happening in apple that has never happened before. joining us live with all the details, jane king from the nasdaq. thank you for being here.
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what city doesn't? and the airport is thereupon. >> it's the third best largest airport. compiled travelers opinions to come up with this. ranked on wait times, shopping and dining and airports are getting better these days. they have cool new bars and restaurants opening up for travelers. >> that is good to hear. are you coming here in april? >> i am. >> we're talking about stub hub sponsoring j-lo. she opened with a bang. >> the leading secondary ticket marketplace has joined with
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provide fans access to tickets and promotions. they are going to be an official sponsor for her las vegas show. >> we've seen the reviews, she is killing it on the stage out there. >> we understand that iphone sales may have peeked. what is on this one? >> apple delivered its 2015 holiday sales and thg t you need to know about the iphone business may have peaked. the slowest ever growth in shipments last quarter and with sales flattening other product did say not pick up the slack, ipad down and mack commuter as well. >> you still have folks that swear by apple. we'll see how it all shakes out. >> thanks so much. >> time to get you in the lap
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mourning the loss of boulevard actor abe on the today show where he was a favorite guest. he was there to visit meredith on her last day. he would show up from time to time and stand among the crowd. he was known for his role in the god father and playing detective in barney miller. he started a website to keep fans posted on his status. that website was updated yesterday with news of his death. he was 94.
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nick carter got arrest asked suing him for battery. he says carter sucker punched him when they were escorted out of the saloon earlier this month. carter's attorney said the jury will determine the damages in the lawsuit. he pled not guilty to a miss demeanor battery charge. >> perhaps you've heard of the black book? oscar goodman represented several people who ended up on the list. he doesn't like it one bit. in a city built around gaming it could be considered harsh. >> it means you can count yourself out of all casino action in nevada. persons on this list be drived from any casino they enter.
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including mob bosh and johnny marshall who challenged the legality of the list and lost. he was seen breaking the rules. his lawyer argued you can't make the arrest after the fact. >> any officer with a brain in his head saw him in a casino would have at least questioned him as why he's in the casino. >> goodman prevailed with the state supreme court noting the multipurpose nature of nevada resorts. >>s no rational basis to preclude a citizen of this state from taking his son to a bowling alley or taking his wife to a tennis match just because that bowling alley or tennis pavilion is associated with a gaming establishment. >> as a result restrictions were modified.
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into businesses with slot machines only but that includes a few small casinos in las vegas. >> another man that made the book argued it was hon rows. >> what are they trying to do? take away liberty. >> four months later he survived an attempted mob hit. frank was never arrested in las vegas but was nominated for his role at the star dust. >> this is an apersian on his character and he's not going to let it take place. >> he went in for the gaming commission it's a firewall. >> until we get to the black book stage, we can't exclude somebody from a casino. >> so far the only way to get out is to die. there are 32 names on the list not counting one who passed away a few weeks ago.
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photoing on my facebook page. >> i thereof video vaults. they are awesome. tom does such a great job. a plan for niagara false could mean a trickle instead of a water fall. the reason for this change coming up. >> a man started getting calls from people wanting to buy his
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people want his house. >> kelly: it is chilly as you are heading out the door. pahrump at 32. primm at 31. boulder city 44. southern highlands prep school 33. that's the current temperature. bundle up as you are heading out the door. the good news is the temperatures are going to climb pretty quick. by 7:00 when the sun comes up 40 and rising into the low 60's this afternoon but upper 60's are on the way. >> like the sound of that. shots fired. gunfire rings out at a homeless encampment. yh mor is saying it's not the time to -- i read that wrong. remind that real quick.
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we'll exp >> volunteers hit the streets while you were sleeping to count the number of homeless people living on the streets here in the valley. how the certificate going to help. >> and kidnapping scam. someone out there trying to get your money by using your child. what you need to look out for
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>> why a man put an ad in a colorado newspaper saying his friends house was up for sale for super bowl tickets. >> it is gorgeous. i love that shot of our las vegas strip. that makes you realize we are fortunate to live in a place that millions of people come every year to visit right in our backyard. >> we are lucky to be here and happy to be here filling in for
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we have tom on traffic today. >> tom: use buffalo, jones on the other. on the 95 this accident starting to have a little bit of an impact on your commute. this happened about an hour ago. you see it's better than the last time we checked in. now more lanes of traffic open and pulling this over to the shoulder. good news on your morning commute. once you get to the accident scene traffic pushed over to the side. it's not affecting the overall time. if you are heading out north bound on the 95 you are looking in the green as are other routes. two serious accidents, we'll have a live report later in the newscast. >> kelly: it is chilly. bundling up as you are heading out the door. many locations in the 30's right now. at once sun comes up it's going to heat up quickly around here.
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of the week but a big storm system on the way. i'm going to break it all down coming up. >> while you were sleeping dozens of people hit the streets and they are doing it to count the homeless people who are living out there which you would think is something that is hard to do but they do it every year. >> they do this to get funding so they can help get people off the streets. for details we'll send it to kendall this morning. >> good morning to you. >> good morning to the both of you. workers with the county and volunteers within the community have been working throughout the entire night to do that person by person home lessen sus. as you mentioned that is a requirement to get the funds to help the homeless population with programs here in clark county. also brought in $12 million last year to those programs which
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this is the ninth county wide effort to conduct a person by person count in clark county. they pound that 7,900 people were homeless and more than 44,000 people experience homelessness in southern nevada throughout the entire year. let's talk about what happened overnight. how did the count go? >> i think it went well. last night and today we had about 300 volunteers that will be helping us count the homeless in our community. very important for our federalt application and it gives us a clear picture of the challenges we face as we try to eliminate homelessness in southern nevada. >> taking these people off the streets and into their own homes, talk about the importance of moving into the future what
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>> last year we got $12 million in federal grants this. is a requirement for those applications and that funds job training, housing programs, things that will get people out of homelessness and prevent some at risk folks from becoming homeless. >> thank you for working throughout the entire night and being up with us this morning. >> the exact numbers that were counted, that person by person count a few months away. as soon as we get that information you can find it on our website. reporting live from catholic charities. >> thank you for that. >> we've been following breaking news this morning. we're going to take you to a live press conference that is happening now with metro police on a terrible accident in our community. let's listen in. >> we're not goio that for a while until the coroner gets here. >> this specific intersection is going to be closed down for hours.
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please be patient. try to use alternate routes around this area. it's going to be rush hour starting here. avoid this area at all cost. >> you were talking about this accident happened about 2:30 this morning at the intersection at rainbow and spring mt. the vehicle that was traveling eastbound spring mountain, your officers first encountered that driver up the road. >> they encountered the driver. it was called in by a citizen, vehicle was stopped at a red light or a green light unresponsive not moving. and that was at 2:30 this morning. this collision happened at 3:06. so about 30 minutes from the initial contact with officers where he rammed the vehicles to where he blew this red light and killed this lady over here. >> and that was a person driving
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>> the suspect vehicle was a gmg yukon and the vehicle that was struck by that vehicle was a 2014 necessary sandy newton. >> we heard he may have thrown something from the vehicle. do you know what that was? >> we think alcohol bottles. they are recovering it. there is a lot of evidence here. >> this press conference still happening. this is the accident scene where we have just learned in the past several minutes that this crash happened with a traffic stop or a suspicious vehicle that was stopped at a light. the driver of a yukon and that driver rammed police vehicles and then continued at a very high rate of speed eastbound on spring mt. they did not chase the vehicle. you can see the yukon.
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they did not chase the vehicle. it did end up crashing after running several lights into this gas station in an effort to avoid hitting that vehicle. another vehicle that was the necessary sandy newton that was driving on rainb crashed into the gas station. we are told that the driver of the yukon has been -- is deceased and the other driver was taken to the hospital and that person is in grave condition and may not survive. that is the latest we have right now. the best information for anybody waking up avoid this intersection. we'll have more for you at the top of the hour. >> can i ask you to confirm something. as we were listening i thought he said this person blew the red light and killed somebody.
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driving the white yukon the one speeding running lights, that person died and the incident bystander in this whole thing is in grave condition. >> correct. that is my understanding right now. one person in the hospital and one person dead on the scene. >> and the yukon did not hit that driver? that driver crashed into the gas station trying to avoid the yukon as it was driving through the red light? >> that is what we're hearing that the two vehicles didn't collide. there were two crashes that happened here but they were the result of this vehicle running the red light at a very high rate of speed. as it enters the intersection traveling eastbound on spring mountain , this other vehicle on rainbow enters the intersection and tries to avoid that and there are two crashes that happen here and both ending at the gas station.
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that horrible accident this morning. that area is going to be closed for hours. avoid that area at all cost. one person is dead. it seems to be started with this suspect who was trying to avoid police at a traffic stop ram into police and 30 minutes later this happened. >> the initial call came in at 2:30. he rammed police officers cars but at 3:06 is when this crash happened. we'll confirm who is dead and wh hospital. this information just coming in. this is on spring mountain and rainbow. you heard the sag say this going to be closed down for hours. if this is part of your morning commute, find a different area to get to work or wherever you are going, find a different route. going to be a rough one. >> tom will be on top of that and keep you up to date on the situation.
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>> a warning for parents this morning and this is a very sophisticated scam and apparently targeting parents and your children. the scammer calls the parents and pretend to be their child telling them they've been kidnapped while on the way to school. scammers mimic the child's voice enough to make the parents believe their son or daughter is in danger. and even know personal information about your kids. have you to be aware that scammers force the victims to wire them money. one victim describes her horrifying experience., mom, please help, they head. after the money cleared they said it's a scam. your son is fine. have a nice life and hung up. >> metro says they are investigating multiple cases involving this type of scam. they do their homework and use
5:36 am
about the victim. that is scary. so if you think you have become a victim or if you get a call like this, call police immediately because it could be this scam. >> make awe ware of that. >> now talking about building a bridge. making a change. what they are hoping to rebuild and how it will affect those iconic falls. >> giving back, a veteran hoping to help a community that helps him. how modifications to his wheelchair are paying back in a big way. >> make sure you grab the hats and gloves. it is cold out there this morning. but wait until you see the
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i've got all t >> tom: this investigation is going to shut down this intersection for the next several hours. meanwhile good news. this accident on the 95, i think the this information may be slightly out dated because looks like all lanes are open. this is within the past couple of minutes. we'll update the travel times in
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looking good in the green right now. we'll confirm that as we check the traffic heading to the west on the 95. we're in good shape that have accident. stay away from spring mountain road and rainbow. >> kelly: make sure you have hats ands gloves and heat in the car. crestview elementary you are at 34. we have calm winds so no wind chill on top of that. here is what we're looking at for the bus stop forecast. cooler this morning. 42 for the kids on the way to school. lots of sunshine on the way home 61. remember to bring the hat and gloves and coat home with you. probably not going to need them this afternoon. >> kelly always reminds people to bring the hats, gloves and coats back. >> the afluenza teenager no
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soon he's expected to be back in the u.s. we'll have the latest. >> a chief captured on camera stealing out of a family's front yard. looks like a toy car. people are so brave. now there is a heart broken switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you, without having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why do you guys keep saying that? it's the first rule of improv. by saying "yes and," we accept the reality created by our comedy partners, paul. yes, right, i know. do you? feel like a hollywood insider
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>> one people dead and three others injured after shooting at a homeless camp in washington.
5:41 am
homeless camp known as the jungle. the police chief believes the shooting was not random. the mayor has been under pressure to deal with the homeless problem in seattle but says this is not the time to be pointing fingers of interest. >> the texas teenager known as the afflalo teen is kiradech aphibarnrat teenager isthe afluenza teenager is dropping his bid to stay in mexico. he's not supposed to be drinking and that is a violation of his probation. his mother returned but ethan has been fighting deportation. he killed four people while driving drunk in 2013. his attorney argued at the time his privileged lifestyle prevented him from knowing right
5:42 am
couch could be back in the state as early as this week. >> let's take to you niagara falls and this is a live picture. apparently visitors are going to be getting a new pathway to island near the point of the falls. a public hearing officials are going to discuss plans to replace 115-year-old bridge that link the mainland to the island. it provides millions of pedestrians access each year in order to replace them, the flow on the american side of the falls is going to have to be reduced and redirected to the canadian side. the hearing will take place to figure out how to do that. >> how do you reduce that? >> i've been there a couple of times. it splits where the islands are
5:43 am
and canadian side of the water so they are going to divert it. it's one river but breaks on two side. it's really cool. your hair will get really wet and then freeze. >> love the picture taking. >> if you go out with wet hair you will be really cold. >> kelly: we have clear skies outside. as we take a look at the current temperatures as you are heading out the door, 30's across the valley right now. henderson 38. want to bundling up as you are heading out the door. we have clear skies but clouds starting to make their way in. high thin clouds as we get into the afternoon. pahrump 63. 61 in las vegas. we have upper 60's on the way
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a big storm system for sunday i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up
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and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage,
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>> time for the water cooler. we have video of a two-year-old
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gone viral all because of this. >> and santa claus. >> this little two-year-old saying her bedtime prayers. her parents put her to bed early. they were trying to have a sunday night to themselves and they heard her on the monitor. she's asking god to bless her mom, grandparents and santa
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>> we're going to >> breaking news. a deadly crash in the southwest part of the valley. we're live at the scene and what you need to know for your morning commute. >> bundy arrested. sitting in jail this morning. his family claims another larger was shot in cold blood. how the wildlife refuge protest turned violent. >> trump out, republican front runner not taking part in tomorrow's debate. who he's tacking and which candidate is now challenging him
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>> good morning everybody.
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