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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  January 27, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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from both federal and local authorities who said they did everything they could to avoid any bloodshed. all this comes as the sheriff down there in harney county is urging the remaining occupiers to pack up and go home. protesters first took over the national wildlife refuge outside burns, oregon, on january 2nd. today we learned they may have planned it two bhovrz they move in. >> i've been working on peaceful resolution to this problem since november 5th when several individuals arrested yesterday came into my office. they had ultimatums that i couldn't meet. i'm here to uphold the law. >> reporter: sheriff ward was emotional several times as he spoke to reporters. ward and federal authorities stress they did d this occupation peacefully. >> it didn't have to happen.
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sometimes our choices go bad. >> reporter: this all came to a head tuesday night when federal authorities say they tried to pull over several of the protesters as they drove from burns to a community meeting in john day, oregon. something went wrong and one of the protesters who sources identify as lavoy finicum was killed in a shootout with authorities. the fbi wouldn't say what led to the shooting, but the special agent in charge of the operation says they chose that spot on the highway for a reason. >> we worked to ensure we could do so peacefully and safely, out of harm's way of the citizens here in the county. removing the threat of danger from anybody who might be present. >> reporter: now the focus turns to the remaining protesters still inside that refuge. the sheriff urged them to go home before anyone else is hurt. >> we don't arm up. we don't arm up and rebel. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore.
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and it can't happen in harney county. >> reporter: an arizona man also turned himself in on charges related to the occupation. he turned himself in last night. we're told he will face a judge here in oregon. from downtown portland, oregon, back to you. >> reed: the man who police say bellagio had to be forcibly brought in to court this morning. his name is kalil black. he is 20 years of age. he is facing five counts of assault with a deadly weapon. >> marie: also in court his brother who tells us he wants the court to understand kalil didn't act out in intentionally. he says he is mentally ill. news 3 sergio avila has been following this case from the beginning and joins us live from the clark county detention center. >> reporter: judge conrad hathen said black is a danger to the community just before he set his bail at $2 million. but the prosecution and the
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take a look and see if he is competent to stand trial. they need to check to see if the diagnosis his brother has said of mental illness is true. just take a look. black had to be forcibly tied to a chair. he was wearing a mesh mask with a towel over his mouth to prevent spitting. the judge told black he was lucky to be alive after being shot out by an officer and the judge expressed his gratitude that no one was killed or even more seriously hurt in this incident. an arrest report we just obtained says that witnesses heard black scream "i'm going to -- completeive -- kill everyone when he approached the fountains on friday night. moments later an officer confronted black who later pointed and fired his weapon at black. shot at him twice. like i said, missed. ans brother today after court telling us that he needs to find some help for his brother.
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i just don't want people to look at him as a criminal. he is not a bad guy. i would just like to see him go to a mental hospital. just, you know, to get as much help as he needs. >> reporter: black is scheduled to be back in court next week. but, again, the prosecution and the defense want to take a mental evaluation for him to make sure that he is fit to stand trial. reporting live, sergio avila, news 3, back to you. >> marie: sergio with the latest thanks for that. >> reed: we've been telling you all week about the rash of mailbox break-ins happening over the last six we pl inspection service just released this surveillance video of this suspicious white van parked in front of a cluster mailbox in south las vegas. the postal inspection says it may be the get away van being used to steal mail from those many boxes and vandalize them across the county.
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these photos considered a person of interest in the crime spree. if you have any information contact the postal inspection service. we have a link on finding morey adoptable animals. that's the goal of the animal foundation. >> marie: they're taking another step to becoming a no kill animal shelter. news 3's denise rosch is live in the cat adoption room. you have learned this is something that will take time. >> reporter: the initiative is called mission possible 2020. the goal is to save as many healthy, treatable animals like twist right here by the end of that year. and already positive steps are being taken. sarah and her family are faced with a tough choice. which tuxedo kitten to adopt from the shelter. >> this one maybe. we'll see. she is frisky. i don't know yet. >> reporter: and employees here are hoping more families will stop in.
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possible 2020, a five-year plan to save as many lives as possible. and the reason it could possibly take that long is because we have a loft animals to impact in this community. she is the chief operating officer with the animal foundation. pointing out the shelter took in more than 30,000 animals last year alone. through programs like community cats which traps, sterilizes and releases feral felines, euthanasia rates are on the way down. >> it has the possibility to save over 4,000 lives once it's fully implemented each year. >> reporter: another program is called kepp. that's keeping every pet and person together. the idea there, cut down on the number of animals turned in at the shelter. >> many of the animals surrendered by their owners aren't here because their owners don't want tem anymore. don't feel the anymore.
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be able to offer them resources that will allow them to keep their pet family member in their home. >> reporter: but more than anything workers say this will take a community effort. spaying and neuter pets to cut down on unwanted litters. ensuring older animals like 13-year-old nick and five-year-old mister have a real shot at adoption. i'm happy to say both of those tuesday eedo cats at the beginning of the story were adopted today. the shelter will be participating in a relocation transfer program. sending some animals to othe n on mission possible we've set up a link. go to reporting live i'm denise rosch for news 3. reed and marie, back to you in the studio. reed and i. because we are shelter pet
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lio places like that but you are changing owners lives as well. >> reed: i know a secret about f the feline behind her. have a good day. a massive fire tears through a four story building sending flames shooting into the sky. >> marie: coming up the imfact has on a popular tourist destination. >> reed: severe storms in florida. look at that. cars thrown right on top of each other as police tape surround. it was a mess. we'll take you there after the break. >> chloe: and today's weather was pretty nice and it's only going to get warmer.
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>> marie: a massive fire overnight destroys a four story building indown new orleans. firefighters battled flames to keep them from spreading to nearby structures. one person was the the building but able to escape. several blocks of canal street have been closed. >> reed: a wrong way driver causing a lot of accidents in strad. highlighted right here you see the 78-year-old driver traveling eight miles in two crashes as drivers
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fortunately nobody wat hurt. family members were called to the scene to take the elderly driver home. we can tell you his driver's license has been recommended for reexamination after this. >> marie: another case of the birth defect causing zika virus found here in the u.s. >> reed: coming up the latest state to detect the virus after the break. >> marie: if you are trying to quit smoking we have good news when it comes kk e habit for good. >> reed: plus a thief caught on camera stealing thousands of dollars worth of medication but
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steal that is raising >> marie: another case of the zika virus in the u.s. an arkansas resident who recently traveled out of the country has tested positive for the virus which is linked to irreparable brain damage in babies. the centers for disease control and prevention says this person only has a mild case but is still a concern. zika virus is spread through mosquito bites. it can cause symptoms such as fever, rash as well as birth defects. >> reed: if you are struggling r new year resolution
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news. a new study finds multiple ways that work abou the university of wisconsin compared the nicotine patch, the patch plus nicotine lodge edges or treatment with the drug chantix. a year later quit rates were all about the same. one in five smokers remained smoke-free. >> marie: an out of bound skier survives an avalanche just outside salt lake city. the skier suffering leg injuries when the avalanche carried him down part of a 10,000 foot mountain. the skier managed to stay above the sliding snow and survived. there have been ten avalanche fatalities in the western u.s. in a little more than a week. a strong storm including what may have been a o cd damas morning in south florida. so far paramedic have treated one person for an injury. this aerial video shows a tractor-trailer on its side.
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t picked up a car and tossed it from the southbound lanes of the florida turnpike into the northbound lanes. >> reed: it is nice to live here in the desert. no wind like that. the sun shining. it is a time for a check of our forecast. >> marie: mother nature much nicer here on the west coast. let's live it upbe: we like this weather. we love the sunshine and the beautiful blue skies. a few serous clouds streaming in. other than that, pretty lovable conditions. we're at 66 degrees in laughlin at bennett elementary school. mac lyon at 64. and las vegas 63 degrees for cunningham elementary. another look at those neighborhoods. variable temperatures across the area. you can see 55 degrees for summerlin. low fifties for the downtown area as well as neighborhoods just east of us this afternoon. barely any wind across the area.
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valley we're at 60 degrees for pahrump. 62 for sandy valley. mid-fifties for searchlight. upper 50s for boulder city. the evening looks pretty nice. calm conditions with variable clouds will continue for the evening. temperatures reaching the low 50s by nine. cooling down pretty quickly much later the evening. got a lot to talk to you about this satellite. today mostly just high clouds streaming in. we have high pressure that's keeping us fairly dry. but we do have a stronger specific storm that's starting to make its way into the west coast. that's going to change things up a bit as we get closer to the weekend. we already have a few winter storm watches issued for the sierra wells some wind watches and wind advisories in effect for portions of northern nevada and the sierra. nothing for our immediate forecast area as of right now. but we could expect those winds to pick up by the tail end of the weekend as another pacific storm, again, makes its way to the west coast. tonight it's going to be pretty calm. temperatures compared to last
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variable clouds will continue throughout the evening. temperatures just slightly above the normal overnight tonight. regionally still. 20s for mount charleston. low 30s pahrumpment 41 boulder city. and upper 40s lake mead. highs tomorrow a little warmer compared to today. if you are a fan of the warm weather you will like these numbers. 65 for pahrump by end of the day. 67 for lake mead. a closer look at the warm-up for the las vegas area you can see reaching the l 64 by the afternoon. much warmer than what we typically see this time of year with very mild conditions wind wise expected to continue. as that ridge remains over the west the warming trend is going to continue into saturday. toasty temperatures in the upper 60s friday and saturday. if you've got plans, do it by friday and saturday. chance of showers headed our way as the storm starts to make its
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good chance of showers possible by sunday evening. and looks like the winds are going to start picking up by monday. followed by much cooler air headed our way. we're going go from temperatures flirting with the 70s by friday and saturday to low 50s monday and tuesday. really mean it when i say take advantage of the next few days. because it is phenomenal outside right now. >> reed: wash my car. the lunaane reaping the benefits of the holiday. >> reed: plus, a six-year-old designs their own drawings on their cake with crayons. how the cake decorator managed
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>> marie: i like that. >> marie: now for videos that grabbed our attention. a botox bandits cause on camera. a toddler's comprehensive prayer and what happens when a six-year-old designs his own cake. >> r a and more in today's take a look at this segment. >> reporter: this thief wanted one thing and one thing only -- botox. security cameras caught him bursting into a miami area plastic surgeon's office then filling up a trash can with botox from the refrigerator. the doctor says on the street the pilfered botox could fetch $20,000. however it's what the guy didn't steal that has the doctor angry. >> they came exactly knowing what they wanted. we had iphones. we had computers. none of those things were touched. they came straight for the refrigerator where we have botox. >> reporter: at last check the
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loose and presumably wrinkle free. this two-year-old has a lot of people to pray for. her parents put her to bed then on the baby monitor caught her mentioning everyone she's praying for including mom and dad, grandma, and santa claus. after her two minute role call she finished with one thing. >> amen! >> reporter: and this is from the customer is always right file. it seems a baker got an order for a cake that was drawn by a six-year-old. being the professional, she made it exactly likrl ro now i'm hungry for crayon cake. >> marie: the lunar new year sell fwlagsz full swing at singapore zoo. new year. according to the lunar calendar february 8th will see the start
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what better way to mark it then present the monkeys with festive envelopes. they're packaged full of the monkeys favorite treats. they're unwrapping them saying i didn't want that. i want tham if the zoo sees it as a time to use forms of animal enrichment. and give the crowd something to smile about. visitors were given a real show being able to see a newborn java lomb ber. i don't know what it is but i bet it's furry. >> marie: maybe that's it. >> reed: you they all got to take part in he celebrations. and one did it with his mom. >> the means is to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. encourage them to do their natural behaviors. >> reed: the lunar new year is observed by many across asia. >> marie: still ahead, no debit card, no problem. >> reed: coming up, how chase
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withdraw your money at their atms. >> marie: plus las vegas is known for its top-notch and one of a kind restaurants. now people around the coy be getting a closer look at what makes our city a culinary icon for one of our own.
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"restaurant start up" and >> reed: right now on "news 3 live at 3:30." a firestorm of controversy over how our government communicates. >> marie: and catering to the world. our city is internationally known as a culinary destination. tonight we get prime time attention thanks to one of las vegas's biggest restaurant names. a preview of restaurant start-up and h stage. state law demands the person on this listen draged from any casino they enter. >> reed: fascinating look back in today's video vault. tom hawley is going show you the list.
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