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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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please stand down. >> ammon bundy through an attorney asked for peace and for the militia memberses to go home. thank you for joining us i'm marie mortera. >> i'm reed cowan. it's been 4 hours since the news broke. powerful words from the sheriff who said he was disappointed by the faceoff that led to the arrest of bundy and other protesters and one man's death. we have team coverage tonight. >> vikki gonzalez joins us live from bunkerville, where cliven bundy is talking about his son's arrest. but first we have steven meyer in portland, oregon to give us latest on what's going on up north. >> reporter: hi, marie and reed, gening to -- good evening to you. we heard from federal and local auth remaini occupiers to pack up and go home.
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malheur national wildlife refuge on january 2nd. today we learned, they may have planned that protest two months before they moved in. >> i've been work 0ing on a peaceful resolution to this problem when several of the individuals arrested came intoy they had ultimatums that i couldn't meet. i'm here to uphold the law. >> reporter: dave ward was emotional several times wednesday as he spoke to reporters. ward and federal authorities stressed they did their best to end this occupation peacefully. >> it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad. >> reporter: this all came to a head tuesday night when federal authorities say they tried to pull over several protesters as they drove from burns to a community meeting in john day.
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the protesterses who sources is identify as lavoy finicum. the special agent said they chose that spot on the highway for a reason. >> we worked to ensure that we could do so peacefully and safely out of harm's way of the citizens here in the county. we're in the threat of danger from anybody who might be present. >> reporter: now the focus turns to the remaining protesters still inside that refuge. the sheriff urged them to go home before anyone else is hurt. >> we don't arm up. we don't arm up and rebell. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. this can't happen in america and it can't happen in harney county. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: and we are starting to see some unconfirmed reports that some protesters may be packing off and heading off the refuge property and ammon bundy
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statement released via his lawyer outside of the courthouse. he said it's time to go home and huck your families and he said he will continue the fight for the occupiers. he said he will continue it in the court system. back to you. >> thank you for the update. the paytry patriarch of the bundy family is speaking to news 3 following the arrest after two of his sons and that deadly shootout with the fbi that killed one of those protesters. >> trickky gonzalez joins us live from bunkerville with what cliven bundy had to say. >> reporter: yeah. reed and marie, cliven bundy mourning the loss of a fellow rancher as well as condemning what he calls an overreaching federal government. the man known as lavoy finicum was killed in that shootout with law enforcement on tuesday. he was one of eight members -- or an additional eight members
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the most outspoken members in oregon since the new year. the leader mod is ammon bundy is in custody as well as randy bundy. he was injured. cliven bundy few lavoy finicum well and shares a conversation his family had with ammon while in the back of a patrol car in oregon. >> lavoy finicum, they murdered him. cold-blooded murdered him. he said he had his hands in the air and they shot him. i got the report from ammon's wife. we'll have to fight this battle over and over if we give up today. we have a life lost. that life was wasted. >> reporter: and in many ways,
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this very land in clark county nearly two years ago. and according to cliven bundy it's expected to continue. live in bunkerville, vick kill gonzalez, back to you in the studio. >> all right, a little bit of a taste of how angry they are in bunkerville. thank you. the 20-year-old accused of pointing an unloaded gun at unsuspected tourists on the strip last friday had to be restrained while in court this morning. sources tell us law enforcement tased kahleal black more than once before court to get him to comply with their commands. family members say black had a history of mental illness. it's suspected he was attempting suicide by cop. officers fired and injured a bystander. a 4-year-old boy received a minor graze wound to the leg and was treated at the hospital. black's bail was set at $million. one person has died after a crash in the west part of the valley.
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behind the wheel of a gmc yukon when he blasted through a red light on rainbow and spring mountain hitting another car. metro surrounded the truck and took the suspect into custody. he was transported where he's expected to survive. parents just when you are supposed to know if an sexual conduct happens at school? >> we asked for answers after a valley high school was arrested. parents were note notify -- not notified for two weeks. >> reporter: our question is based on e-mails and questions we received at the station. we wanted to talk to someone in charge at the district. they did not grant us an interview. they did afternoon send us a statement though it's not directly related to this case. it's been nearly two weeks since the arrest of ccsd feecher jillian -- teacher, jillian lafave, the woman who taught
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sexual misconduct with a student but only after reports we aired did many learn about the allegation, incidents that reportedly took clays inside a -- place inside a classroom. >> it's a negativity problem to not inform people, if not parents of what's going on in their school. >> reporter: in this case, the district confirms parents were first notified with the letter sent home, 11 days after lafave was removed from her classroom. while the district would not go on camera to discuss policy they did send us a statement, it reads in part, the district staff worked closely with school police and local law enforcement to make sure we immediately informed parents of students directly impacted by campus events. >> i think personal phone calls should have been made informing parents. >> reporter: sara ward is a parent of a younger student but has concerns about how this ins tent was handled -- incident was handedle. >> this is a situation where other students could have been
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taken care of immediately. parents should have known as seen as any speculation was happening. >> reporter: a district spokesperson explained to us the timing of information released is handled on a case-by-case basis. the statement goes on to say, inching all parents is always a priority but we must do so with the objective of maintaining the integrity of it an active investigation and the privacy of impacted. so there was no specific reason offered as to why they waited 11 days to notiffi parents. they did use an automatic dialing system. it's also hooked up to the internet which allows parents and teachers to communicate. however, here again it was not used in this case. back to you. another case of the zika case in the united states. an arkansas resident has tested positive. >> all of this part of a growing
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as this virus is linked to irrepair arm brain damage in baby -- irrepairable brain damage in babies. san drawn goons has more. >> the water building up around the ring. okay. and then that's where the mosquitoes will breed. >> reporter: christopher bramley, the vector control supervisor for clark county says this is what we will be dealing with, the asian tiger mosquito. it's already carrying and spreading the virus in central and south america. right now, that same mosquito is in several states including our neighboring states, arizona and california. but not to worry yet. it's not carrying zika in the system. >> this mosquito breeds in containers, not in standing waters like swimming pools, green swimming pools or standing bodies of water, stagnant water. they are going to be on your property, in your potted pants. >> reporter: and this mosquito is not like the ones we're used
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they bite all day long. what worries health officials is there's no vaccine for it and it can cause birth defects. since zika is transmitted by mosquitoes, anyone who has it and then gets bitten here can potentially pass it on. dr. tony frederick with the southern nevada health district explains. >> mosquitoes feast on our blood. so the virus is in the blood. and then when that mosquito bites someone else, they can transmit the virus. >> reporter: he says it's going to take a while for these infected mosquitoes to get here. >> but eventually, that mosquito will build a population base here and most likely won't have zika. but you never know. down the road, 20 years, time will tell. >> reporter: and we'll have to be checking our plants and wearing much more repellent, sandra gonzalez, news 3. >> and there is a time issue here. the county and health district
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the mosquito problem. road rage showdown. two drivers let their tempers get the best of them at a very busy intersection. >> we'll show you the brawl that ensued right in front of drivers. a woman steals a toy from an autistic child right off the family's front lawn. there she goes. despicable act all caught on camera. we were lucky to see mostly sunny skies across the area this afternoon. the sunny and warm weather has an end date.
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up on to oklahoma where a traffic stop turned into a wild riled for a k-9. dashcam video shows benjamin henson pulled over for a minor violation when the trooper decided to search the car. after bags of marijuana were found, he cuffed henson and continued to search the vehicle. henson jumped into the driver's seat and let him on a chase. police arrested him after he ran from that crashed patrol car. police are working to
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cell phone video busy at an intersection in texas. this in this video, traffic is stopped. you see a map with a bat approach the driver of another car. the other man gets out to confront the armed man and turns to get a weapon of his own. the fight appeared to be short lived as car drove by. police say people should never allow frustration with other drivers to go that far. >> he feel like you are a victim of road rage, you should remember to keep cool. don't antagonize the other person. don't look at them. don't make eye contact with them. don't give them any hand gestures or display weapons. >> police are still investigating or looking into interviewing witnesses in the case. a heartless theft as someone in texas steals from a little boy with autism. >> this act all caught on camera. >> reporter: a neighbor's surveillance camera captured the crime.
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who hopped out of the vehicle, grabs a toy car and tries to stuff it in the front seat. the car takes off and the front dear is not closed all the -- door is not closed all of the way. >> he doesn't under. but he's looking for his car. >> reporter: claudia said on sunday she was outside watching her three kids play the her 3-year-old son was driving his car. but then they all went indoors for a few minutes. that's when it was stolen. >> it was a matter of minutes. it just happened so quick. stealing from a 3-year-old. it's a little kid. >> reporter: the little boy has autism and this car was his favorite. >> he had it inside saturday trying to ride it. >> reporter: his mom said the neighbor's kids saw the thieves take it. a man was driving the vehicle. he was smoking and cursing. a woman or young girl was in the passenger seat. she is the one 0 who got out and grabbed it.
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the neighbor's kids were like we tried to stop them. we were yelling. but they kept doing what he this -- what they wanted to do. >> ortega hopes the people responsible see the video, feel story and return the toy car. a botox bandit is caught in the act in miami. security cameras catching the suspect bursting into a plastic surgeon's office, filling up a trash can with botox. the doctors said the thieves stole an estimated $20,000 worth of botox. however, it's what the guy didn't steal that has the doctor really angry. >> they came exactly knowing what they wanted. you know, we had iphones, we had computers. none of those things were touched. they came straight for the refrigerator where we have the botox. >> at last check, the bandit is still on the loose and presumably wrinkle free. to weather now, shaping up
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it's gonna be a bit of a roller coaster, although a nice one. chloe beardsley joins us now. >> that's correct. we have a lot of things happening in the weather center. we're tracking sk all a -- everything across the country. things are pretty calm but it's different in tampa. portions of florida did see heavy rainfall. you can see overcast skies across the city, miami beach also getting some pretty heavy rain late this afternoon. you can take a look at the time lapse again. still raining this evening. we'll take you there to that storm activity before we show you what we're in for for the weekend. but you can see here on the satellite, just over the past four hours some of that precipitation most of it moving through the central portion of florida. very rainy there. but as we move again, across the country, our area pretty pleasant weather this afternoon. a few high clouds streaming in. it was pretty mild. we saw nice, warm weather.
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the week ahead. we have a system in the pacific again crashing into the west coast. here's what we're kind of expecting over the next few days. >> high pressure still remaining over r the region. that will keep us warm and dry with a nice warmup for the weekend. a chance of showers. you can see as we get closer to the weekend, mostly for northern nevada, the sierra will get hit by a bunch of precipitation. heavy rainfall is anticipated as this potent storm passes through. already some weather advisories and watches have been issued. a winter storm watch in effect for the sierra. also high winds are expected over the next few days. as that storm passes through, it's not gonna completely resolve the drought but it may help mitigate it a little bit. here is a look at the drought monitor where you can see it for portions of northern nevada and very dry conditions across southern nevada. mostly the west. as you can see on our satellite, is where we're seeing some of
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more showers headed our way. here's a look at what we saw this afternoon. mostly sunny skies in pahrump. beautiful weather conditions across mount charleston. chilly, though. a lot of sunshine at red rock. this afternoon, boy, i kind of felt like leeching -- leaving work. look how sunny it is. really nice weather conditions. outside we're cooling down. temperatures ranging from the 40s in summerlin to the low 50s for southeast henderson. barely a breeze outside in our neighborhoods and temperatures in pahrump, 50. 46 for sandy valley. also in the upper 40s for overton, lake mead, 51 degrees. still holding onto the 50s for boulder cityoutside. las vegas won't be as cold tonight compared to last night where we dropped down to 38. our normal is around 40. we'll take the weather conditions, i guess. regionally, also looking at a cold night. upper 40s for lake mead. 35 degrees for overton.
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30 for pahrump as well as 26 degrees in tonopah. 62 degrees f f mesquite. we're looking had at upper 60s for lake mead. mid-60s for pahrump and breaking into the 50s by the afternoon for mount charleston. a closer look at your warmup for the las vegas area. don't be fooled by the sunshine. we'll be starting off sunny but chilly. warming up quickly. temperatures reaching the low to mid-60s by the end of the day. really nice day to get outside walk your dog, walk your neighbors dog dog, spend some time outdoors. we'll see this wonderful weather headed our way. temperatures flirting with the 70s. winds will start to pick up by saturday night as that storm passes through bringing us a good chance of showers by sunday but it's gonna be a fairly quick moving system. we've seen a couple of these so far this year. very quick amount of showers expected by late sunday. windy and cooling off quite a
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with highs only in the 50s. >> february is gonna be in just like february. >> absolutely. >> big punch. blast from the past. iconic car from the back of the future series is hovering back to the streets. >> would you believe you can get your chance to drive in i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up
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and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage,
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mcdonald's is putting the pressure upon fast-food competitors.
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service to hundred of its u.s. restaurants. customers would order and pay for their meals and sit at a table and wait for a waiter to bring them their food. they hope this appeals to parents trying to juggle kids and food while inside a mcdonald's restaurant. let's talk about valentine's day. it's right around the corn he. here's something for -- corner. here's something for you if you are looking for a very unique gift idea. a canadian chocolatemaker nancy sampson is making chocolate with 24 karatg cold. $2 from each sale will go to cancer research. so a great cause here as well. sampson said she has been impacted by the stories she's heard from customers affected. a time to get a look at what's coming up at 11:00. the governor from maine under the spotlight for controversy
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why he wants to take the war on drugs back to midieval times. and the incredible baby delivery story that will surely lift your spirits. and we want to let you know an iconic gear comes back. >> that's right, fans of the delorean. you have a chance to be in the driver seat. r t turning and doors that open up, not out. the automaker's plan is to produce 1982 deloreans. the ceo of the company hopes to sell the new da leerians for under $100,000. this will depend on which engine he dhuses for the new vehicle.
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