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tv   News 3 Live at Eleven  NBC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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the adobe villas apartments, that's where police officers found a man dead. metro police have set up a perfect imther the around this complex, at this point no arrests have been made but police do have a sus p here's what we know happened. around 7:30 this evening a resident heard two to three gunshots, looked outside and saw a man lying on the ground with gunshot wounds. the victim is described as a hispanic man in his late teens or early 20s. he died at the scene. we d man running a way from the area where the shooting happened, described as a tall black man with thin build, last seen wearing a gray hoodie and blue jeans. back this complex is described as similar to a horseshoe shape. with a court yard in the middle, the apartments surrounding it. detectives are going door to door talking to residents hoping somebody saw or heard something
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if there's any information, if you have any information, you're urged to call crime stoppers. i'm christine kim, news 3. >> jim: thank you. we're following more breaking news right now, a deadly stabbing happened around 9:30 near las vegas boulevard and st. louis. police say the victim died at the hospital. and they are looking for the suspects right now. >> jessica: we continue our breaking news coverage in oregon where militia men who held siege at a federal wildlife compound appear to be making their exit. that's the word tonight from the f.b.i. in oregon. >> jim: and as they leave they are being arrested, three more have been cuffed so far. news 3 with team coverage tonight. vicky gonzalez live in bunkerville with reaction from outlaw rancher cliven bundy to his son being shot in the arm and his friend lavoy finicum being shot dead. >> >> jessica: we begin with reed cowan. >> reporter: late word tonight
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arrests outside the wildlife refuge, as it appears that those who occupy the refuge after yesterdays arrest and shooting are leaving. it's been a big day in oregon in the wake of the arrestses. >> it didn't have to happen. >> reporter: the sheriff dave ward describing the moments when ammon and ryan bundy were arrested. the takedowns on the spot where lavoy finicum died in a shooting. the f.b.i. and deputies have not elaborated on what happened in the moments just before, only to say -- >> we worked to ensure that we could do so peacefully and safely. >> reporter: protesters first toe wildlife refuge outside burns, oregon back on january 2. but now we've learned they may b they moved in. >> i've been working on a peaceful resolution to this problem since november 5. >> reporter: the sheriff was emotional several times as he spoke to reporters. ward and federal authorities
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end this occupation peacefully. >> we don't arm up and rebell. we work through the appropriate channels. this can't happen any more. this can't happen in america, and it can't happen in harney county. >> jim: apparently it is not happening tonight. it looks like those who have been occupying the last 24 hours are on their way out. like we said at the top of this news report, some of them have been arrested, others have been allowed to go home. >> jessica: exactly those words now read please go home, strong words coming from ammon bundy tonight. the leader of a militant group that was occupying that wildlife refuge is speaking through his attorney as he sits in jail. just over 24 hours has passed since the shootout between protesters and local police left that one man dead, several others in custody. authorities say the demonstrators only have themselves to blame. our team coverage continues with
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the bunkerville ranch. >> reporter: cliven bundy, who we spoke with earlier today, is condemning what happened, mourning the loss of a fellow rancher. and in many ways what happened in oregon hits right here on this very land in northeast clark county where bundy successfully spearheaded a standoff with federal agents nearly two years ago. as he mourns that rancher, he says his life will not be in vain. >> we've got a life lost, that life was waste bundy reflecting on the live of lavoy finicum, describing a husband and father upholding his view of statehood. >> this man was as good a man as ever on expert those rotten dirty buggers killed him in cold blood. >> reporter: finicum was killed during a shootout with law enforcement on tuesday. a deadly turn to a heated standoff between authorities and armed antigovernment militants
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since january 2. >> a little bit extreme, but those people that are up there didn't hurt one some. >> reporter: the leaders of the oregon movement, cliven's sons, ammon and randy bundy, now in custody with six others. >> we're tired o f tight-lipped, but cliven believes finicum was shot wild surrendering. >> what kind of men do that? what kind of human beings do that? >> reporter: the patriarch saying the fight will endure as long as fellow ranchers continue to enable what he describes as an overreaching federal government. >> it will never come to an end probably, not until the federal government backs out and gets out of these states, and our ranchers quit signing these contracts. >> reporter: a mission that ultimately cost one man his life.
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nearly two years ago on this land during that standoff with blm agents. now he as well as other antigovernment activists will have to decide how they move forward and honor finicum's life. ammon alluded that it would the be through the court system. vicky gonzalez. >> jessica: the memorials are already beginning. community members gathered in oregon tonight to remember lavoy finicum, he was the arizona rancher killed in yesterday's clash. they held a candle-light vigil, honoring finicum, shot and killed during the incident with the f.b.i. finicum's family says the ranct a violent man did, not deserve to die. the family believes finicum was there to stand for freedom. you can catch up on all of our coverage and follow further developments on >> jim: now, this is one that will make parents furious,
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two 10-year-olds have guns pulled on them by two men after their school issued i pads. john treanor has that story. >> reporter: it was just a walk to school. sale one they likely make on most days. but on wednesday, it turned violent. two kids on their way to grant sawyer middle school robbed at gunpoint. >> this is extremely traumatizing to those people, especially the parents in the area. >> reporter: police tell us it happened on one of the many sidestreets leading to their school. two 10-year-old students walking , here's the key, their school issued i pads outside of their backpack. 7:30 in the morning, those two 10-year-olds robbed at gunpoint. >> well, it's really appalling. >> wow. we didn't hear any detail. we were wondering ourselves. >> reporter: parents and neighbors are in disbelief, long on worry, short on information.
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alerted parents. at 7:30 in the morning near jones and hacienda, two students were robbed. the robbery was at gunpoint, the robbers, bun plaque, one white, in their 20s, appeared to be after the kids' ipads. >> now that they know our school has them, does that make us a target? >> reporter: the police are giving recommendations. stick to the main roads. put i pads and valuables in a backpack, and walk in groups. >> jim: police say they are looking for two men again, both in their 20s. if you know who they are or have any information about this, call crime stoppers. her son was shot and killed it a house party seven years ago. >> jessica: the killer has never been caught. tonight the family is taking drastic meshers to find the suspect. >> plan on a funny start tour thursday, won't be nearly as
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the changing forecast coming up. diswhrrp -- >> jim: one woman needed a ride fast, so she called lyft. what happened on that ride is something the driver will never forget. >> thank you, everyone in las vegas. natalie portman is my guest
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plus we have john oliver. >> jessica: new at 11, seven long agonizing years have gone by for a local mother whose table son was shot to death at a house party. to this day, police still have not arrested his killer. >> jim: now the victims parents are offering a hefty reward hoping that will convince someone to come forward. christine kim spoke with his parents about the drastic measures they're taking to try
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>> eric was shot in the back of the head. >> reporter: there's no closure for karen brill kelly. no answers to the questions plaguing her mind since february 20, 2009, when her first born, eric michael, was killed. lot of people say after seven years move on. but when it happens to you, you will never say those words again. you don't move on. >> reporter: police say the 16-year-old and another teen were confronted by a man outside a house party near charleston and beasley. that's when police say the suspect both teens, killing eric. >> eric had a right to have a life. he had a right to get his driver's license, to get married, to go to prom, to have children, to go to college. he had a right to love and laugh, and to be kind to other people, which is the kind of person hes was.
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by and police are still searching for his killer. karen is convinced s reward. they'll list their house for sale to come up with the money. >> maybe they've grown a conscience. >> reporter: she says she will not rest until she puts her son's killer away. >> one day i'm going to have you behind bars, count on it. >> jim: crooks steal a family's livelihood in a matter of minutes. now they are asking for your help to track them down. surveillance cameras captured the theft outside their home in the northwest valley. the video shows shows the crooks drive up in what looks like a yukon or tahoe, then they use bolt cutters to cut through the chain and take that car wash trailer behind the van. the family that owns it says they are losing money by the hour, and their 20-year-old business is in jeopardy now. if you know who took that trailer or saw anything
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call crime stoppers. >> jessica: these are the stories we love bringing to you, good news to share tonight. a local woman who we told you earlier this the mental capacity of a 12-year-old, was found safe after more than a week missing. 20-year-old jessica lacey left her parents' house without her medication after they had an argument. police say she turned off her phone so she couf safe this evening. no word exactly where she was found. dozens of volunteers helped in the search and lacey's parents tell us she is being checked out at a local hospital. >> jim: the sheriff and local leaders come together to talk about preventing crime in local communities. they held a town halle vebility in the northwest valley. people on hand got to address the crime trends they're most concerned about. the sheriff says events like this helple bawr communities and give the police notice of crime trends they may not know about.
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that a lyft driver in kentucky are never forget. jillson daniels says he received an urgent ride request last friday, the passenger calling him repeatedly before he could pick them up. the caller was a man trying to get his girlfriend to the emergency room because she was in labor. the woman gave birth to a baby girl in his car. he says he thinks this is the perfect way to celebrate one year of being a lyft driver. >> jim: do you have to pay three times the rate when you deliver a baby in the back seat? >> kevin: it's another passenger. we're getting a downhill slope into the weekend. i think you're going to like the numbers until we get to sunday. as we could use some rain, that's fine. it's the wind and cold that will have some bite. we will not be celebrating those numbers.
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news as far as the rocky snow pack. this of course the western slope of the rockies why the snow melt is finding its way to the colorado river. this is western colorado, utah and wyoming, around 100%. so the blue areas in southern parts of utah, over 125% as far as the snow pack goes. and even these purple areas, southern utah bordering with arizona, that melt will eventually find the colorado river. right now it's at 160%. it's still early. a lot winter to come, and even spring snow as well. but we're heading in the right direction. in an el nino year, pretty confident we'll be adding to those numbers. 60 degrees after a cold morning low of 38. pretty nice day with the sunny start, in fact if you were anywhere around our gorgeous scenes like red rock canyon, you saw the blue sky, the red rocks and a few white clouds. they thicken during the evening hours, as they continue to stream overhead and we have a whole batch of them out there
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but the way things are going to move, they'll probably be out of here, and do the rest of the transversing of the sky during the cover of darkness and be gone by tomorrow morning. as we start tomorrow, we'll be in the mid 40s. we'll probably find our mid 60s by the afternoon. there won't be aa lot of wind or cloud cover. so winds tomorrow generally less than 10 miles per hour. with the sunshine, those temperatures in the 60s will feel warmer. here's what we're looking at. okay, this area of low pressure circulating off the california coast, it's been moving inland. shoveling clouds into the clark county sky. this will continue to push eastd ta the clouds with it. there's a break in the action back here, and over the last few days, the jet stream has been guiding one syst after another, right up into, well, washington is getting drenched, oregon too, and that will
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the week. however once it sags south it will work into southern california and nevada. much colder temperatures beginning on sunday. tonight though 23 on the mountain, 16 in caliente. pahrump going down to 30. but highs tomorrow afternoon, mesquite at 63. pahrump of 5. death valley, a sneak preview of spring, they're soaring to the mid 70s. for the las vegas valley we do have high clouds out there now. i do expect them to clear after 4:00 a.m. look for a low temperature of 43. tomorrow a good dose of sunshine, 64. some neighborhood could find tupper 60s. and your seven-day forecast, 67 for friday. 68 on saturday. if you've got your weekend planned, those breezes on saturday should not start until the afternoon. saturday night those wind will increase. going to be windy, there is the potential for some showers. confidence growing that we will see a few showers on sunday.
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wind continue on monday, left over breezes on tuesday and then as that relaxes our temperature will jump back up. but you can go from about 70 to around 50 without some turbulence, and those morning lows next week back down to the mid 30s. we're not done with january weather even in february. >> jessica: thank you. still to come at 11, a northeast governor is in the hot seat tonight for some pretty controversial commentst back to
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up next. >> jessica: the governor of maine wants to go medieval in the war on drugs. >> jim: governor le page told a radio station that he wants to bring back the death penalty and put drug dealers on death row. then jokingly he followed that up with his preferred punishment, bringing back the
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has voiced his frustrations over the state's drug problems multiple times. >> jim: remind me of a mayor we used to have around here who wanted to cut the thumbs off the graffiti taggers, who will go unnamed. the first tennis major of the ses winding down and serena williams was a win away from appearing in another final. >> jessica: and both the running rebels and lady rebels were in action tonight. >> rachael: it's roker. >> yes, dear. >> rachael: yeah; right. versus roberts in "the not-so-newlywed
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>> think about our with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time,
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yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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>> it's a big week for running rebels as they host the top two teams in the conference this week. unbeaten san diego state on saturday. tonight it was second place boise state. broncos are 6-1 in conferenc rebels looking to rebound from the loss saturday at reno. they come out looking pretty good at the thomas and mack. knocking down the three. rebels had the lead. but here comes boise. the rebels get beat down the floor. hutch inson makes it a one-point game. later, more from the rebels, still first half. the rebels outscored and just before the half they trailed by eight. second half here come the rebels right back.
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led by two. moments later mccaw will kick the pocket and go the other way, he goes in for the uncontested jam. rebels pull away down the stretch. zimmerman added 18. they get a 10-point win. new mexico beat air force. meanwhile the lady rebels were in boise tonight and they were down by five at the half. they get a spark early in the third. brook johnson going to get the steal, she's going to take it all the way herself and score, she had 13 points. that cut the lead to three. 10, boise hitting some threes, but dakota gonzalez had had a career high 23 points tonight. now down by 13, rebels trying to play catchup the whole night. calloway will take it off the glass, she had six points. but the lady broncos win it by
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play. boise 6-2. san antonio spurs a perfect 24-0 at home. your 33 consecutive home games dating back to last year, they're trying to set a record when you got tony parker playing like that. and how about danny grown, he'll knock it down. it was all san antonio tonight. spurs tie the trailblazers for seven h all time best home streak, 34 straight wins. but golden state won their 40th straight at home tonight. they're all trying to catch the bulls' record of 44 straight. tennis, serena williams a win away from moving to the australian open final in search of her 22nd career major, her seventh aussie open title. she is off to the final on saturday. she'll take on the seventh seed.
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and say serena is going to win. we'll see what happens. >> jessica: thanks, randy. up next, how you can help one of
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major face lift. >> jim: finally tonight, one of the most traveled roads in las vegas is soon going to get a big face lift. >> jessica: efforts are under way to improve the way maryland parkway looks, including by giving it an artistic face lift. clark county, unl have and the national endowment for the arts are all pitching in to make it happen. >> jim: you can weigh in on the plans at one of four public meetings, the first takes place next tuesday at the winchester cultural center. >> jessica: the redevelopment
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the way to cashman field.
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