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tv   Wake Up Early With the Wagners  NBC  January 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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got the upper 60's on the way but we have a big storm system. we'll have more on that coming up. >> breaking news this morning, one person dead and another in the hospital after a double shooting. this happened on eastern and tropicana and police say they believe this may have been gang related. they are looking for four hispanic suspects. craig is on his way to the scene. he will have more in our 5:00 and k a.m. hour. that double shooting not the only one happening over night. another happened just before 11:00 last night also on tropicana but this one near decatur. a man and woman taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. both of them are expected to
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they found multiple gun casings at an apartment complex where it took place and are looking for multiple suspects. >> a shooting happened in the courtyard area of the apartments around 7:30 wednesday evening. a resident heard gunshots and looked outside and saw a man lying on the ground with gunshot wounds. he died at the scene. at this point we don't know if he lives in the complex. a witness told police he saw a man running away from the courtyard where that shooting happened. if you have any information call crime stoppers. >> three more militia men have been arrested in oregon where that standoff continues to unfold. this morning bundy and leader of the group issued a statement asking his followers to go home while he was in court yesterday. he was arrested along with 7 others tuesday night during a
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another foreman was killed. a criminal complaint says the armed group had night vision goggles and were prepared to fight. the county sheriff got emotional several times as he spoke to reporters saying he and other officers did their best to end the occupation peacefully. >> we worked through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. >> bundy and his six co-defendants were ordered to be held without bail. each faces a charge of conspiracy to impede officers of the united states. so farther not standing down. >> bringing back memories of
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his supporters fought against the federal government. >> clark county rancher reflecting on the life of lavoy describing the husband and father passionately up holding his view of state hood. >> this man was as good a man as there is on earth. they killed him in cold blood. >> he was killed during a shootout on tuesday. >> little extreme but those people that were up there weren't hurting one soul. >> the leader of the movement his son, now in custody along with six others. >> the f.b.i. keeping specifics
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tight lipped but he believes he was shot while surrendering. >> what kind of human beings do that? >> the fight will endure as long as fellow ranchers continue to allow the overreaching federal government. >> this won't end until the federal government backs out of these states and ranchers quit signing these contracts. >> a mission that cost one man his life. >> community members gathered to remember the arizona rancher killed in tuesday's clash between protestors and f.b.i. agents. there was a candlelight vigil held tuesday night. his family said he was not a violent man and did not deserve to die.
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to stand for freedom. coming up we'll show you more of this intense video. >> what is going on? we're going to tell you coming up. >> and we're taking a look outside. pretty clear skies. it's nice. >> kelly: mostly clear skies.
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wait until you see what we're >> a convenience store own fought back against potential thieves and the incident all caught on tape. i say the store owner won this one.
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you see him pull out a weapon demanding cash but the owner wasn't having it. he grabbed his crowbar to defend himself and his store. after a few moments the suspect and clerk running back and forth across the counter. the suspect like it's not worth it. i'm getting out of here. now they are hoping that offender is caught. >> when you are going against somebody with a gun. >> you got to be careful. that's for sure. >> a prison break in brazil caught on video. this shows what happened. you can see this man running away from the prison wall. and then an explosion. this blew a hole in the wall and the inmates rushed to escape. dozens of prisoners climbed over a fence as they tried to escape and moments later many of them ran back into the prison after
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they tried to get out and they were like never mind, not a good idea. 46 of them have been recaptured since they broke out. they are climbing over the fence and police on the other side are shooting at them and they are like maybe not such a good idea. >> now we're talking about the donald ducking out. >> all you are hearing about is that. >> he takes the air out of the room. >> donald trump getting heat for backing out of this republican debate. >> video of a man stealing a car and then he starts apologizing
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who he was apologizing to >> today marks the 30th anniversary of the challenger tragedy. 7 members of the crew died on the morning of january 28, 1986 when a booster engine failed. >> that was a sad day for sure. >> the republican presidential candidates facing off one more time before the iowa caucus. this happening on monday. the eight candidates leading the polls have been invited to participate in the prime time debate tonight on fox news. although the front runner is invited he says he won't be there. rand paul who was out of the last prime time debate is back
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recent standing in the polls. news 3 is your place for all things politics. >> donald trump picked up another key endorsement during a rally in south carolina. south carolina lieutenant governor henry mcmaster threw his support to trump and a large crowd gathered there. trump thanked the people of south carolina for supporting him from the beginning. he mentioned briefly a rally he's planning on holding tonight during the debate. he said he will be in iowa and he thinks that he is going to win iowa and new hampshire. >> campaigning in iowa senator ted cruz attacked trump over his decision not to participate in that presidential debate tonight for the second night anyway row cruz challenging trump to a one-on-one debate and he proposed a date, time and venue
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>> trump said if the two candidates can't agree on a moderator they can take questions from audience members. >> 8:00 saturday night a two hour debate. if gentle donald can't handle megan kelly, how about instead mark leaven. >> if the two did debate they could do anytime canada. >> that is a attorneys where cruz was born. questioned whether he could be a candidate but his mother is a citizen so he's a naturalized citizen. trump is planning to have his own iowa at the same time of the debate to help veterans. >> if donald trump backs out and
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prepared for a lot of criticism. >> donald the ducker. >> he's chaos candidate. >> donald duck debate. >> refusing to debate. >> no shows get no respect. since trump opted out one suggested fox news set up an empty podium with a poe tate toe wearing a you tupe. >> they left that chair empty, run out of our studio. >> will fox drag out an extra podium and leave it center stage to shame the donald? >> no fox news confirmed it will not set up an empty space.
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as when clint addressed an empty chair representing president obama. >> it's not just no shows who podium. it's rate shows too. >> few seconds delay at the restroom, she'll put the p in podium. >> sorry. >> if an empty podium isn't enough, imagine a moment of silence. a candidate for president of arrange tiny na used 30 seconds of his time in silence to draw attention to the empty podium of the leading candidate who refused to debate and lost. donald trump take heart, at least if you don't show up at a podium, you can't take it with
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like the donald he kept talking. >> i love the way she puts her spin on it. >> donald duck. >> so now it's time to take a look at the weather and what is going on outside. i was saying when i was stepping out this morning had to put a satisfy on and long sleeves but not as cold as yesterday. >> kelly: not as cold as yesterday. wasn't yesterday afternoon gorgeous. low 60's, tons of sunshine. look outside on the time lapse view yesterday. we had waves of high thin clou now we're holding on in the low 40's for most locations. 41 spring valley. we could drop a couple more degrees before sunrise. the days getting longer and
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here is a look at our radar. we have a storm system bringing rain showers to seattle, portland and northern california as well. this is not expected to affect us. high and dry and mostly sunny across the area. we have a couple of days to enjoy before that gets here. 64 for the high today. that is going to be nice. tonight a little more mild. 44 and mostly clear skies. the seven-day forecast we have upper 60's in store for friday and saturday. get outside and enjoy because it's not going to last long. rain showers likely across the area sunday and huge dip in temperatures. monday not just windy conditions but 50-degree temperatures. it's going to feel colder.
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what we are going to see on saturday. >> authorities stay wife of the police officer that took his life has been indicted. they found inconsistencies in financial documents managed by the lieutenant. his widow was found to hold a role as the advisor with the fox lake explorer post. money withdrawn from the account from the organization where young people were interested in becoming police officers. they join that organization. they may have used the money that supported that effort for personal expenses including a trip to hawaii. her bond is set at $50,000. >> a former florida sheriff deputy has been indicted on excessive force charges during an arrest in august of 2014. here is the video.
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grand jury said jesse hit and kicked this unidentified suspect during the arrest here. it all alleges that the excessive use of force by the deputy to the victim's head, neck and shoulders resulted in bodily injury. he was fired after surveillance video made public. four other deputies have resigned from the force. in a statement chris blair says the five officers violated their oath of office to serve and protect citizens and has condemned these abcs here. he faces 10 years in prison and a fine up to $250,000 if he's convicted. >> 4:51 on this thursday. >> here is a look at what is coming up on "the today show."
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on today with donald trump skipping the debate tonight. how should the other candidates handle his absence? we'll separate fact from fiction when it comes to the zika virus. >> how long do you need to go without your smartphone? one woman's wakeup call when she gave it a try. and the ultimate wedding guide here on today p. >> unbelievable footage has been released of a champion falling more than 1,000 feet down a mt. can you stop what you are doing and look at this? holy cow. he lived to talk about this.
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he was skiing in this alaska range last spring -- it's a she. that makes it even cooler. >> girl power. >> she hit an icy patch and tumbled down at a high rate of speed and went faster as the slope became more and more steep. tin credibly lucky skier suffered only two jammed fingers and some bruce. she was wearing a microphone and when she stopped falling she was heard saying i'm ok, i'm ok. >> she tumbled 1,000 feet. >> looks like a doll tumbling down. >> she's tough. >> can you imagine gas being 39-cents a gallon. for some residents in texas it was a reality. the cooperation decided to show customer appreciation in a big way wednesday.
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were able to fill up their tanks for 39-cents a gallon. the price for a gallon of gas has not been that low since 1969. >> that's been a while ago. >> now we're talking about a big spinner. >> this photo of a photo for some huge money. that's a potato. how much would you be willing to spend on a picture of a potato? you won't believe how much this went for.
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looks great to me.
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this print of a potatoes? somebody paid more than a million dollar. this photographer is known for portraits of famous people. he's a celebrity photographer. i guess he can turn a potato into a million bucks. >> he sold a picture of a potato last year for $1,080,000. it will be the 15th most expensive photo ever sold and it's a poe tate toe. >> i will bring in a potato and we will sit it on the desk and change it out with a new one and that will cost about 85-cents. >> i can't believe they got a
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picture. it's because he's well known for his work. >> very good work of the potato. >> we have a lot more coming up. >> temperature wise outside it's still a little on the chilly side. pahrump and primm 34. boulder city at 48 as you are heading out the door. temperatures still could dip a little more before sunrise but by 12:3059 and it's going to get warmer. we'll have more coming up in the 5:00 hour. >> a made for tv movie about michael jackson is raising eyebrows because some people are
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music up. >> breaking news. two shootings while many of you were sleeping. the search for the suspects coming up in a live report. >> stand down. bundy calling on his followers to dezigs after one protest or the was arrestened and one was killed in a shootout with police. we have details. >> a man pulled over for a simple traffic stop takes off in a police car. how he was eventually caught and how police plan to use videos coming up. >> welcome on this thursday. friday eve. we're talking about the weekend baby and it's looking pretty good when you are talking about
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