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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 28, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> fortunately, we are happy to say. good morning, we are filling in for the wagners. a better start on local roadways than what we saw yesterday. tom, it was a rough day yesterday on the roads. >> that was with accidents. this morning we are dealing with a police situation we'll hear more about in a few minutes. on tropicana police activity. we have a camerag closed right now. we have lanes open but watch out for a possible delay. here saturday deferentially ahere is a live shot of the area. everything is up to speed right now with a smooth commute on the 15. let's goat what is happening with the weather. here is kelly. >> kelly: thanks tom. we are looking at chilly temperatures once again this morning so not quite as cold as what we saw yesterday.
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going to heat up quickly. we expect 50 by 9:00 a.m. 63 with mostly sunny skies at 4:00 this afternoon. warmer temperatures on the way but also a pretty powerful storm system. we'll go into all the details coming up. >> thank you so much. police are looking for two witnesses who may be their best lead at this point in time in a homicide investigation that started this morning. >> let's bring in craig from eastern and tropicana and that's where we hear an argument started at a bus stop and end in this deadly shooting. >> good morning to you. it was this morning according to police when two men were at a bus stop here at tropicana and eastern. they got into an argument with four other men who walked up to them. after the argument started police tell us that there was gang language exchanged and then gunfire from the group of four
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we're told that someone in that group of four fired six shots on the men at the bus stop. both were hit by bullets and then that group of four ran away. >> there were two males at the bus stop when they had some type of argument with four hispanic males. there was at least six shots fired. one of the males is now deceased. he's in his 30's. the other male is in surgery. he's been shot multiple times. we don't have anybody in custody. >> back here live tropicana and eastern, police detectives do believe that there were at least two witnesses who saw all of this unfold, who saw what happened and they are hoping they will come forward and talk to police about what they have seen. they are also looking at nearby businesses that might have
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that could hold the clues they need to identify suspects and perhaps solve this crime. >> we appreciate that update. we'll check back with you throughout the newscast. >> that double shooting not the only one that happened overnight. another happened just before 11:00 last night. this one near decatur. a man and woman drove themselves to the hospital with gunshot wounds. both of these people are expected to survive. police found multiple gun casings at an apartment complex where they believe the shooting happened. they are looking for two suspec that wildlife refuge in oregon where that standoff continues. one was killed there yesterday. bundy and leader of the occupation issued a statement asking his followers to go home
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bundy was arrested along with 7 others on tuesday night during a traffic stop. another follower was killed. a criminal complaint said the group had explosives and night vision goggles and were prepared to fight. the sheriff is emotional as he spoke to reporters saying he and other officers did their best to end this occupation peacefully. >> arm up and rebel, we worked through the appropriate channels. this can't happen anymore. this can't happen in america or in our county. >> bundy and his six co-defendants ordered to be held without bond on charges of conspiracy to impede officers of the united states. >> they remain in control of that refuge and are not standing down.
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bringing back memories of another standoff when rancher bundy and suppor. that time it was over grazing rights and that ended with the federal government backing off. he said that's when he met lavoy who was shot and killed on tuesday. he told us wednesday night that his death was unnecessary and will not be in vain. >> this man was as good a man as there were on earth. they killed him in cold blood. this won't come to an end until the federal government backs out and ranchers quit signing these contracts. >> they will have to decide how they plan to continue this fight in his honor. if you follow the news, then you probably remember the bunkerville story.
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but garnered a lot of national attention. in that case theodicied we don't want anything bad to happen so they backed off. in this case somebody lost their life. that's what they were trying to avoid. it was starting to boil over. >> challenging trump. we're going to tell you which challenger for the republican nomination for president wants to take him on one on one. >> day of remembrance. it's been 30 years since that tragedy struck the country's first teacher supposed to go to space died in that explosion there. how the agency and country will honor the 7 pe challenger disaster. >> casting controversy. an actor has been casting for a made for tv comedy about michael jackson. it reunited the controversy. if you recall maybe associated with what is going on with the
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we're going to plain this and break it down why some people are scratching their at this choice for who was chosen to play michael jackson. >> kelly: we have clear skies. a little chilly out there right now but wait until you see the afternoon forecast. don't put the coats away. i'll explain switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you, without having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and?
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>> we're getting word of a train derail until the florida. it's north of miami this. is from moments ago. they are trying to assess this as we speak. 40 passengers on board when this happened this morning. >> so the broward sheriff's office issued a traffic advisory in that area there. not sure how serious these injuries are but it's causing delays this morning. 56 people on board that train and one person was hospitalized with minor injuries and we're getting this information, it's fluid.
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this could have been a lot worse. >> we've seen train derailments where people are tossed around like rag dolls. >> they had the one in philadelphia where they are still trying to figure out what happened. >> more than 2,000-gallons of diesel fuel spilled on the track. we'll keep a check on that and keep you up to speed. all the talk is about the presidential debate. >> donald trump will not be there. he's not saying much about that except he plans to do well there. trump says he's planning another event to raise money for the wounded warrior event at the exact same time that the debate is going on. he says that his podium, ted
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but people will not forget about him. trump said it's because of a feud with megan kelly who is moderating this event. his challengers had plenty to say including ted cruz who is challenging him on a one-on-one debate. >> he doesn't want to answer questions from the men and women of iowa about how his record doesn't match what he's selling. >> interesting side show. >> greatest show on earth. this is not a show. this is serious. >> did i wine and moan? did i refuse to show up? did i hold my breath and stomp my feet? no. i said give me a podium and a microphone. you don't walk away. you stand up and fight. >> there is no clear answer this morning whether iowa voters will be offended or impressed. trump's numbers in iowa are very strong. it is a risk but could turn out
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could go in his favor. >> he is so ahead in the polls, you have to think it's strategic considering he's so close to the iowa caucus, he doesn't want to chance that. you may recall watching this when it happened live a couple of years ago. nasa will hold a remembrance today honoring the astronauts that lost their lives in the challenger disaster in 1986. it's the first time that a teacher and civilian had been sent to outer space. the challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff. in honor of those men and women who have lost their lives january 28 is the nasa day of remembrance. this morning nasa officials will have a wreath laying at articlington national cemetery later in the day. >> i remember this.
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>> so this video out of oklahoma has people talking because it started as a traffic stop and turned into a pursuit. it happened earlier this month and investigators just released the video. that man is behind the wheel. he was pulled over for a minor traffic violation. then the three-point found marijuana in his car. then you see henson managed to slip his hands under his feet and drive off. police caught up with him after he stopped the car and tried to run. on the video there you can hear him apologizing saying sorry buddy. there is a police canine in the back of the car. so he's apologizing to the dog as he was driving. oklahoma police do plan to use that video as a training tool
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how easily they can jump behind the wheel and use your car as a weapon. >> he slipped those canned cuffs underneath his feet, got over the seat and took off in the car. >> that is bold and brave. >> i have two friends who have daughters who turned 30 this year and both are named crystal. i'm sure that happened around the country there were a lot of girls born that year named crystal. >> i did a project on her in , jr. high school learning about her and how she died in the explosion. how incredible just the opportunity for her to be able to do something like that. it's so tragic when you think about all the school children around the country who were watching this unfold.
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shuttle mission before then had eyes around the country on that. >> that was before the 24 hour news cycle. so it was interesting to see how they were able to get that to the public. it's a day of remembrance repping the 7 astronauts who lost their lives. >> it is chilly out there this morning. we're going to have nice weather this weekend. >> kelly: nice weatherer weather and then stormy weather. we're going to keep the winter coats out despite the warmer temperatures we're going to see today. this is from yesterday where we were looking at lots of sunshine across the area. and that snow melting as well. sheer a look at the current temperatures as you are heading out the door this morning. 41 downtown. green valley at 43. summer lin 42. we have clear skies now.
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north and west. that is not expected to effect us over the next couple oh days. another storm system behind that one will bring us wet weather later this weekend. today mostly sunny skies. 64. i can't wait to crack the windows open and get fresh air. tonight 44, mostly clear skies. our seven-day forecast take a look at this 67 tomorrow, 68 on saturday. then the storm arrives on sunday. we're going to look at windy conditions, valley rain, mountain snow especially during the overnight hours. and then we're looking at just 50 for the high on monday. big difference in temperatures. and the winds going to make it feel colder which is why we need to keep the winter coat handy. >> looking forward to that snow in the mountains. >> tom: right now police activity on eastern avenue south of tropicana. we're getting live reports on
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the overnight hours. in the curve everything is looking great. no delays to speak of. we'll get into the bowl interchange where traffic is continuing to be light there as well. traffic times up to speed. just a little under the speed limit, nothing to get concerned about and trav times all in the green from every direction. good start here. >> thank you. las vegas losing money but not because of what is happen tongue strip. se out on a lot of scholarship dollars. >> let's start with las vegas. >> good morning. >> let's start with what is going on in the could be.
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are legal. that is hitting their stock market. there is corruption crack down. las vegas sands a lot of business in the cow and their business is down 20% so hurt the overall company earnings. >> nevada unemployment rate has been at the top of many list but not for being great, for being really bad. i'm hearing the unemployment rate the lowest in five years. >> it is. five years it's gone down. training and rehabilitation. las vegas unemployment rate 6.2%. the rate in the state is 6.4. that is a five year low. >> high school graduates failing to claim billions of dollars in college grant money. how is that happening and what can make sure students don't end up on that list?
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in the fall and fill out a free application for student aid, you are potentially giving up money. many are not doing this. they didn't take the time to fill out the fafsa that hooks you up with grants and financial aid. you can fill it out online. >> it's so much easier you can go online and do it. don't want to skip out on those forms. i had to go stand in lines and do all this stuff. now just go online and do it. >> get the money. >> the time now 5:21. we're going to get you in the loop las vegas. a lot of people are not laughing about the choice of an actor to play michael jackson.
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casting of michael jackson. michael fine the british actor is set to play michael jackson. it's about a road trip jackson made after 9/11. a lot of the people that have criticisms about the lack of diversity in the oscars and hollywood saying this is another example of that unfolding. president obama weige oscar diversity issue saying he was asked about it during an interview in los angeles tuesday. the president says the oscar debate is part of a broader question, are we making sure that everybody is getting a fair shot? look for talent and provide opportunity to everybody. the oscar is highly criticized for all the nominations going to white performers. >> a surprise announcement from top model host tyra banks. she's a mommy.
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night. welcoming her baby into the world. she opened up about infertility on daytime talk show. she says the baby has her big eyes and finger and her boyfriends mouth and chin. they can talk about these issues that affect a loot more women and men than people think. congratulations to her. >> they used a suffer if gat to have the baby. and people were praising her for being honest and open about that and not trying to hide it. she's in her 40's and has struggled with infertility. you would be surprised how many people struggling with infertility. it's bigger than people realize. they are talking about it and saying i'm not ashamed.
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>> anyone can be affected. congratulations. we love babies when they come into the world. >> and when they come into the studio. >> the man lives out his dream and it was a fly under the northern lights. look how cool it was. >> it's awesome. >> we're going to talk about that coming up. >> plus a special delivery. speaking of babies. this driver will never forget, he delivered a baby and what made it more special, we'll share that with you coming up. >> trump is not going to the debate because moderator megan kelly is biased >> rachael: it's roker. >> yes, dear. >> rachael: yeah; right. versus
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>> think about our >> one of the worlds best gliders fulfilled his dream flying under the northern lights. he can be seen preparing his equipment at sunset. he had to overcome snowstorms, frozen wires and low visibilities in temperatures far below freezing. >> i can't imagine how cold that air must have been. i've gone sky diving in arizona and it's warm there and up that
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imagine the view. incredible. >> hopefully he had a go pro cam. >> i'm sure he did. >> the food and drug administration is working to stop the spread of this dead liviers.
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after a high school teach was arrested for having sex with a special needs student and they found out on the news. >> excessive force. police officers seen beating a suspect. we're going to try to sort this out for awe he meet the newest gerber baby. isn't she adorable. she's going to represent the company for the next year. her family gets bragging rights. >> how many people entered their babies into the contest. there was a lot. she had to beat out a lot. >> want to welcome you in on
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that gerber baby is so cute. michelle said i think my baby should win. >> every mom and pop is proud of their little baby. >> the wagners are off. hope they are enjoying some r and r. >> words we are not familiar with. as we bring you the top weather this morning. it's going to be nice this weekend and then things are going to change. >> we've got crazy werth going on this weekend. beautiful weather and then a huge mess sunday into monday. today fantastic. little bit cold out there right now with temperatures in the low 40's. by noon 59. 3:00 64 is our expected high for the day today. we're governor cuomo going take a look at what is going on this weekend and how it could impact your plans coming up.
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we have a fire situation to a residential area just east of the 515 south of flamingo road for watch out for fire department activity there. in the bowl things getting busier. not at rush hour stage yet but a slightly slower commute whether you are coming in from henderson. no major delays on the freeways as we take a fast cam view. not a big deal right now. >> thank you so much. the clark county school district finally respon questions regarding notification to parents of the arrest we've been telling you about of the teach area cued of having sex with a student. he was arrested on campus on january 15. the letter informing parents of the incident weren't sent home until this week.e wondering why.
5:29 am
wanting to know what took so long to get that important information to us. >> this is a situation where other students could have been hurt physically or emotionally and should have been taken care of immediately and parents should have known as soon as any speculation was happening. >> the district would not go on camera to discuss this issue but sent us a statement that reads in part informing all parents is always a priority but we must do so with the abilityive of maintaining the integrity of an active investigation and private of the students immediately impacted. they would not comment specifics case. >> we now know the name of the man running from police causing a deadly crash on spring mountain and rainbow yesterday. it was victor sandoval drunk
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light hitting another car that. driver just driving along, an incident person killed upon impact. metro surrounded the truck and took sandoval into custody. he is expected to survive. officers found multiple stolen credit cards and a semiautomatic handgun inside that s.u.v. >> horrible crash there. it is a ride that one driver in kentucky will never forget. jason daniels received an urgent ride request, so urgent and here is why. get his girlfriend to the emergency room becau lab the baby had different plans as they usually do. car. he said it was the perfect way
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>> i'm adventurous when it comes to et eating new creations. how about a peanut butter pizza? >> that's a new one. it's for real and you can try it out in las vegas now. >> is this like -- there are multiple locations across california and this month their celebrating their first restaurant in nevada.m dying to know what a peanut butter pizza is. is this cooked or like the peanut butter jelly sandwich? >> it's an actual pizza and very popular when it comes to this location. this is what john's incredible pizza is known for. they have multiple locations and this is the first one they are
5:32 am
vegas. we're at boulevard mall. you guys come check it out. in addition to the food, they also have these alley. ones. to get in for your family prices start at 4.99. adults go up to 10.99 and that buffet. take advantage of that. getting back to the peanut butter pizza. i have to be honest with you. craig who has tried the pizza, he is not only a fan but he is a big fan. you are looking at the fun zone. this location is 60,000 square feet and includes five different themed dining rooms. i'm going to the twister area. there is so much to do here. this is a very large location and all you can eat buffet.
5:33 am
there is lots of fun going on. you want to check it out at the mall. stick around because i will try live that peanut butter pizza. craig said it is very good. i'm going to send it back to my anchors, back to you. >> make sure you get strapped in there little kendall. we don't want you flying around. >> bring us back a piece so we can try it. >> tell them we would like to try the peanut butter pizza. >> she is so cute. >> i'm excited to see her eat that pizza. >> the widow of a police officer who took his own life in the line of duty faces legal trouble now. she's been charged. we'll tell you what she's facing coming up. >> one store owner is not having
5:34 am
a man barges in with a gun but the clerk isn't going to let anything get out of that store without a fight. find out if the crook was able to get away with anything. >> let's look outside. >> kelly: look at that shot. is that not gorgeous. we are looking at mainly clear skies. little on the chilly side right now.
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>> yesterday we had that horrible crash. what do we have going on this morning? >> the fire department just off flamingo and the 515. no reports of what kind of damage there might be to a building. also an accident reported at boulder highway and the 4515. nothing is saying it to me. they are zooming and so far we don't see anything blocking off travel lanes. in the bowl we're looking good right now with things starting to turn yellow in the south bound lanes. travel times are in good shape so let's get to kelly.
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some of the temperatures at our local schools this morning. at brookwood elementary skull it is 39-degrees right now. calm winds so no wind chills to add on to the chilly temperatures. here is what we expect for the kids on their way to school 37 on the way there. you are going to need a jacket, hat and gloves on the way there. on the way back 64. it is a good day to forget the video games and get outside and play and enjoy this weather because it's not going to last very long. >> i did that yesterday. i took the dog to the park. it was perfect out there. >> i tried to get out and do something because i indulged in national chocolate cake day. today is the day to do it. >> the tale of tuesday.
5:39 am
arrest and this is the officers story and conflicting a bit. what happened with these officers. the claims that people are making about what they did. >> new at 6:00 a high school wants to give away a gun. so the school trying it out of the wrong hands and
5:40 am
this >> prosecutors say 33-year-old jesse hit and kicked an unidentified suspect. the excessive use of force by the deputy to the victim's head, neck and shoulders resulted in bodily injury. there is body cam footage where the man to stop resisting but the video shows the man on the ground and not moving. here is the body cam video. when you see the video from the surveillance footage the guy not really resisting. he was fired after several surveillance videos came out of the arrest and made public. that's when things really got heated. four other deputies involved in the encounter resigned from the force.
5:41 am
who allegedly took his life nation's blood supply from the zika virus. they will screen and restrict blood donations from travelers visiting any areas affect bedty outbreak, mostly south america. they are working with blood collection organizations and the medical industry. there are ongoing efforts to help maintain a safe blood supply in u.s. territories where the virus is present. the virus is transmitted by
5:42 am
birth defects n. brazil they've put out a public warning and asking women not to get pregnant for the next couple of years. >> and even a couple of airlines offering refunds for people who booked trips to those regions. >> a convenience store owner fought back against a potential thief and it w tape. the gunman asked for cigarettes before pulling out his weapon demanding cash. the owner was not having it. he grabbed a crowbar to defend himself and the score. after a few moments they ran back and forth and the suspect eventually just gave up and said i didn't know all this was going to happen and left without any cash. >> you have to be careful going up against a gun. >> the summer olympics about six months away and there are some interesting story lines as we approach the gam.
5:43 am
live picture this morning of home of the summer olympics which will be here on nbc. here is what we're talking about. american swimming legend michael phelps making a comeback. he's 31 years old which is on the older side when it comes to the olympic athlete. for the first time in more than a century golf will be part of the olympics. many of the best golfers will be there and the first time the games have been held in south america. >> when are the games supposed to start? r wit the virus because that is one of the -- >> they are fumigating the main venue. they are taking precautions in the olympic vill to make sure everybody stays safe. that could be a horrible p.r. nightmare. >> i wonder how they are going to deal with that when we have this huge proble is one of the
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>> i hope they get a handle on it by then. >> kelly: we a time lapse look from yesterday. we had a lot of sunshine. high thin clouds working through at times. it was a chilly start but nice afternoon. we topped out at 60. and today we're expected to be even warmer. as you are heading out the door right now mountains edge 45. a little colder in north las vegas 39. still a little bit on the chilly side this morning. but again the temperatures expected to climb quickly once that sun comes up. the sun coming up earlier and earlier. 6:45 sunrise this morning.
5:45 am
bringing rain showers to the northwest right now. clouds along as well. that storm system is not expected to effect us. we're staying high and dry today through saturday. another storm system behind that one that is going to make for a bit of a mess the latter part of the weekend. highs today primm 67 for the high. lows 43 in boulder city. indian springs 35. as we take a look at our seven-day forecast 64 today in avenue. 67 tomorrow, saturday 68 but sunday that is where we'll keep a close eye out for rain, snow and windy conditions too. >> i think we've located the accident at boulder highway and 95. this underneath the bridge. we'll try and get back to that one. meanwhile light flashing over here at flamingo road and the strip. not sure what that is but we're
5:46 am
here is where we have one accident underneath the boulder highway and 95. that is in the northwest bound lanes. watch out for that one. in the bowl interchango. we're looking good just getting busier for the time being. around town can we get that shot, a saw lights flashing here, not sure what we have going on. looks like a maintenance situation but we have activity there. >> bud has a new baby. >> budweiser introduces its
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>> we're going around the water cooler. the budweiser clydesdale family welcomed the newest member. that is mack.
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little baby was born tuesday in missouri. the mom and baby are both happy and healthy. gerber, speaking of sweet and cute has chosen its new baby of the year. what a doll face. from troy, michigan, she won the contest. picked from more than 170,000
5:51 am
she beat out a lot >> is one of the front runners about to lose his lead? we'll tell you about this coming up. >> one driver got a little more than he asked for when he picked up a couple. how the trip ended with one more with. >> good morning to you. strip. it is looking nice on this thursday. >> it is beautiful out there. i love this shot here.
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from the high roller.
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