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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 28, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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voters to know he is perfectly healthy. today his campaign manager said new records from sanders doctor will prove that. the move to release medical records is mostly custom. if he does get the nomination he will be asked to release more detailed information. sanders will be 75 years old on inauguration day. if he wins he would become the oldest president elected. >> reed: iran's president is in france todayto, quote, turn the page for a new relationship. hassan rue juani announced -- rouhani announced a set of business partners. on his first trip abroad since the financial sanctions were lifted he is lifting a 120 strong delegation. the business deals include the sale of dozens of planes and car factory. the french prime minister says that agreements will be signed with iran in the areas of
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the iranian president's visit to france is paying off. just hours after announcing a nearly $5 million deal with the french manufacturer company, iran finalized a second agreement to buy more than 100 airbus planes. thin clouds pilot and maintenance training and support services for 25 billion. >> jessica: isis is to blame for a recent suicide bombing in yemen and inspired an australian teenager to plot a similar attack. allison starling has more from the terrorism alert desk. >> interest from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm allison starling. isis is claiming responsibility for the laterattack. this one in yemen. a suicide car bomber attacked a government checkpoint close to the presidential palace. the attack was targeting president abdul ha deed's residence. the explosion killed at least 11 people. most of them security troops at the checkpoint.
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and it may sound fake but a 19-year-old in australia will go on trial for allegedly trying to plan a terror attack using kangaroos. he is accused of plotting to strap explosives to kangaroos and then let them loose on police officers. he's also accused of plotting to run over a police officer. and he faces life in prison. from the terrorism alert desk in washington, i'm allison starling. >> reed: new at 3:30 p.m. in recent months in iraq and syria. but now the islamic state is establishing a new foothold where it can strike its prized target. and that is the west. >> jessica: in today's safe and secure report national correspondent jeff bar has the latest where isis aims to plant its flag next. >> reporter: military analysts estimate there are now several thousand isis soldiers in the northern african nation of libya just across the mediterranean sea from rome.
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the ultimate target of the islamic state. >> there's no doubt they've threatened the pope several times and the pope ought to take it seriously. this is a logical jump off point for isis to begin staging operations into europe. >> reporter: isis has controlled the libya isisshiping, kree auting and expansion. they sit between tripoli and benghazi and is in a 1,000 radius of most of southern europe. >> if attacked by the west in libya isis has threatened to overwhelm europe with a massive influx of libyan migrants and that isis members could be among the masses. >> using this idea of destabilizing wave of migrations as deterrents. >> reporter: and after the paris attacks last year where isis claimed responsibility, the threats on europe have not ceased. >> isis has set the next stop after the initial attacks is rome. and again there's no reason to doubt their s say isis
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libyan oil refineries to help finance, recruit and expand its caliphate. the islamic state is also shoring up alliances with other groups like boko haram. valuable for resources. >> reporter: pentagon officials say they're monitoring the libyan situation closely with coalition partners and considering their military options. reporting. >> jessica: military analysts say thousands of isis soldiers in libya are seasoned veterans of the wars in iraq and syria. >> reed: the so-cald "affluenza" teen is back on u.s. soil. today the 18-year-old who killed four people in a drunk driving accident in 2013 is back in texas after being captured by mexican officials. there he is. the texas teen and his mom tonya couch were the subjects of an international manhunt. during ethan couch's sentencing a psychologist testified that the teen suffered from
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for him to understand the implications of his actions. three more protesters occupying an oregon wildlife refuge have alwaysso been arrested. they turned themselves in wednesday night at et refuge. this man right here was in bunkerville when the bundys had their standoff two years ago. speaking on the telephone from inside the property last night an occupier said seven people remain on the refuge. fe group said they plan to stay until govern the demands. >> jessica: the world health organization plans to call an emergency meeting of experts as it announces the zika virus is spreading explosively. zika is that mosquito-borne virus with a strong link to severe birth defects. the meeting will be held on monday and determined whether zika should be declared an international emergency. they predict there could be as many as 4 million cases over the next year. >> so this virus has been on the
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so a lot of people have been exposed to this virus already in those areas. but it will continue to move would be the expectation. and just as we've move one would expect this. we could still see a fair amount of zika virus disease. >> jessica: up to 1.5 million brazilians have been infected but symptoms are mild to none for most. the most severe risk applies to pregnant women. >> jessica: the number of --. >> reed: the number of americans seeking unemployment has dropped. employers aren't cutting jobs. in fact applications for unemployment benefits went from 300,000 to just 6,000 last week. the decline suggests businesses are confident enough the economy will grow to hold on to employees. >> jessica: the federal trade commission is suing devry university for allegedly misleading students about their job prospects after they graduate.
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the stat used in ads since 2008. they say the ads claim 90 percent of people who graduated since 1975 have been able to find jobs in their preferred fields within six months of completing studies. the fdc says those stats are deceptive. devry released a statement saying the lawsuit is without valid legal basis and will be vigorously contested. >> reed: trapped, sterilized and released. that's the goal behind a local program to manage the feral cat program in our valley. >> jessica: today a look at how the animal foundation hopes to become a no kill shelter. >> reed: denise rosch is live at the foundation. do we know how many feral o adoption? >> reporter: feral cats not that many. usually feral cats is about 100 percent euthanasia. that is a fact no one isic is why a pilot program last summer called community cats.
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today we went along to see how it works. >> this is where i caught a couple of kittens. >> reporter: jennifer says she >> i love animals. >> reporter: setting traps to bring in the feral cats at a mobile home park on south nellis. carefully setting the bait-- >> it's natural. it attracts them. >> reporter: to see who bites first. >> i have some really smart who can get in and take the food and not set off the trap. >> reporter: jennifer is with the animal foundation's community cats program. a pilot project that began last summer in an effort to cut euthanasia rates. the idea? trap, spay, neuter, vaccinate release as many ferals as possible. animals that would otherwise not stand a chan so far? 750 cats. >> the kittens -- [please
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standby; lost audio ] . >> reporter: jennifer says the feral colony in that neighborhood is healthy. some residents even established feeding zones to feed the ferals. but with fewer litters born the animals will end up here. i'm i'm denise rosch for news 3. >> jessica: sorry we lost part is well taken. more animals being saved because of this new policy. >> reed: yep. thanks denise. >> jessica: well-known comedians working on a hot new show debuting tonight here on nbc. >> reed: coming up a sneak peek of you, me and the apocalypse. >> jessica: natural disasters occasionally bring out the best of us. coming up in the good stuff how one man found a resourceful way to help his community in their moment of crisis. you might think it couldn't get any better than today. but tomorrow's going be nicer. but then it's going get a whole
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my extended forecast up ahead. >> reed: breaking news right now. the oakland raiders could call las vegas home. that's according to reports from journalist john rollston. >> jessica: john's sources sent him an email then he tweeted that unlv plans to partner with fans to bring officials to town to look at a site for the
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that says the team officials will be here tomorrow. >> reed: we're working to confirm more and will have more on later newscast. that would be a great thing for our community. a lot of people would feel that way. now the good stuff where we focus on the nice and uplifting stories around the world. >> jessica: sever expi how one man found a resourceful way to help his community. >> i was out here for probably about two hours. >> reporter: in this neighborhood-- >> i want kids -- i don't want kids and parents to slip or have to traipse through the snow and themselves. >> reporter: justin anderson often witnesses a completely different attitude when it snows. >> i had actually about half a dozen people ask if they could stop and take a picture because they had never seen, you know, a chair like this before.
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war veteran took his off road wheelchair-- >> i came up with the idea of putting a snow blade on it. >> reporter: -- modifications. >> the chair has on the fly tilt. that way i can adjust the height of the blade as i'm pushing the snow. >> reporter: every snowfall justin anderson does his part and more. >> the community has supported me immensely through, you know, some of my struggles and tough times with having my leg amputated and then also with my fight with brain cancer. so this is kind of -- this is my way of giving back. >> reporter: getting around is easier these days. >> i was just fit with this prosthetic three weeks ago. >> reporter: justin anderson's makeshift snow plow isn't about the recognition. he says it's more like his duty. >> it's very gratifying. you know, it's nice to know that
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but even if i didn't get any response from anybody or nobody said thank you or, you know, and nobody waved when they were driving by, i'd still do it. >> reporter: and working to keep his sense of humor all along the way. in belleville, nebraska, brian mastery for sno plow. winter modifications. >> reed: i love it. he is doing all kinds of good stuff. here is what christine kim is working on for our heroes segment monday. he is a las vegas firefighter serving our community by rescuing people from burning homes. on his own time todd and his family have touched many lives by leading a years. this family has been giving out warm meals to the homeless. it happens rain or shine every tuesday morning. they work with 15 to 20 volunteers who come with a homemade dish.
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know it's like they're sleeping either in the cold or the heat and then you have compassion for them. you just really want them to get e a normal life. because a lot of them are struggling out there. >> jessica: you can catch that story next week right here on news 3. if you know someone in your community who has gone above and beyond share story with us. bt it on our facebook page or website, if that person is featured he or she will win a $100 gift card and chance to win a $500 gift card courtesy of the children's hospital of nevada over at umc. >> reed: let's continue the conversation. just tweet us @jessica news 3 lv and @reed news 3 lv. >> jessica: and join the conversation on facebook. search for ksnv news 3 las vegas. >> reed: let's get a look at what's ahead. the campaign of bernie sanders is in trouble with the powerful
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there's some accusations against his staffers by the culinary unit. >> jessica: also coming up at five, things are looking up in north las vegas. the excitement about faraday car compa gets underway. >> reed: the local impact of the zika virus. we're going talk to the southern nevada health district about what southern nevadans need to keep their eye out for. those stories plus weather tonight on "news 3 live at five." >> jessica: familiar faces from nbc's comedys of the past are coming together tonight for a new nbc series about the end of the world. >> reed: the show is called you me and the apocalypse and features jenna fib err along with will and grace's megan ma louly and rob lowe. characterers around the world react to the news of the earth's impending doom because of an approaching comet. fisher says the show is unique and unpredictable. >> i always tell people i promise you haven't seen this before. like i promise you haven't seen this show.
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are not -- i think it's impossible even though i read all ten episodes and i shot all ten episodes wg i and i was like what's going to happen. >> me too. >> i felt legitimately surprised. >> reed: you, me and the apocalypse airs at 8:00 p.m. >> jessica: severe weather hitting southern florida today. around the time a tornado warning expired in del ray beach strong winds uprooted trees, knocked over a fence and tore shingles off roofs. it's not clear whether a small taid did touchdown officially. the national weather service is deciding whether to send out a survey team. miami, dade and broward countys have also seen a lot of rain recently. >> reed: time for a check of our local forecast. we're thankful to live here in the desert. >> jessica: yes we are. if it is the apocalypse a day like today isn't too bad to go out on.
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aviation school. reed cowan told me where this is. it wasn't sunny in miami today as you can see. what a mess. this is the it could be worse category. raining all day there. contrast to our day where a few high clouds drif over the mountains. otherwise skies are blue. a a to move in from the west. that's our future. we're going have clouds around overnight and tomorrow. rancho high just down the street from our studio 64 degrees. winds are calm. 17 percent. and 18 degrees the dew point. pressure continues to be high. on the strip 59 degrees with an east northeast at two. meanwhile, over in summerlin, didn't really make it out of the 50s there today. 64 in pahrump. and 60 in boulder city. a balmy 68 down in laughlin. paradise corridor 63. same reading in spring valley. mountain's edge 61.
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and you can see the afternoon highs pretty uniformly in the 60s. save the western valley. summerlin 59. blue diamond only made it up into the upper 50s. around the region currently 62. that's down from a high of 63 at mccarran. 65 in l.a. 55 up in reno. you get up in the northeast parts of the sta gt lakes. despite all that rain. down in miami they're currently at 73. there is the rain. the view from space. system going through and some colder air mov as the lakes. for us our eyes are up in northe system working its way in that will displace the high pressure that's over our area right now. barometers will be falling. clouds will be increasing. we're going to get up to three days of some pretty interesting conditions. very windy at times. you can see central nevada the forecast models showing pretty significant snow up there.
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but i think by sunday we are going to get light precipitation here in our valley. nothing major but, you know, significant at times. we could possibly pick up some models showing up to a little less than quarter of an inch. 30 up at mount charleston. that's an overnight low to 40 in overton and 42 in searchlight. and highs tomot the jackpot. from low 60s today to mid and even upper 60s. even a few 70s. 77 at death valley. 70 primm. 67 here in the city. you can see the 70s to our south. goine. 67 tomorrow. a mild and pleasant day. we'll get you through your day. as you can see we'll be 61 by noon. into the 60s for the afternoon hours. rain comes in on sunday. first winds. warm winds on saturday. then some chilly winds talking about temperatures in the upper 40s trying to make it to 50 by monday. a huge temperature drop.
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upper 40s that's weather you notice. that's sensible weather. >> jessica: when it drops that significantly it's windy also. so you got to make sure you keep your hair eie pulled back. >> or at least know where the hairspray is. >> reed: a plus in fashion and weather. >> jessica: combining the two. >> reed: today is data privacy day. it's observed every year on january 28th. it's intended to serve as a reminder to protect and safeguard your data. the council of europe initiated data privacy day in 2007. if you want tips on keeping your online information safe, you can go to stay safe for suggestions. >> jessica: take a look at the winner of this year's gerber baby photo contest. in is seven-month-old isla hails from michigan. her parents will receive $50,000 in prize money. what a sweetie. the photo was chosen from more than 170 entries. they -- 170,000 entries. they look for happiness and
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isla will not replace the official gerber baby who has been the mascot more than 80 years. >> reed: she is beautiful. >> jessica: she is. i'm glad we took the banner down. you couldn't quite see the smile. she looks like she is going be a gorgeous woman. >> reed: she knows how to pose. that's what jerry brown does. his mom taught him that. that does it for "news 3 live at 3." >> jessica: we'll see you back here for more news coming up at 5:00. if you missed anything you would like to see it again head to our website. that, of course, is you can also catch up with us on twitter and facebook.
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