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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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the job and never made it home. despite being deaf, jenny never let her disability get in the way of her goals. through a deaf interpreter her family expresses outrage. >> you murderer, murderer. why you kill my friend. >> reporter: her loved ones devastated and in tears after learning she was killed by a suspected dui driving 3:00 a.m. wednesday morning. police believe victor sandoval was driving under the influence before slamming into her car. >> i miss her a lot. i miss her so much. i'm just shocked that she's really gone. >> reporter: she lived with her for more than a decade. >> i lost my soulmate. >> reporter: she describes her girlfriend as a sweet and supportive person. >> use to always be together care for each other. now that she is gone i'm shocked. really shocked. i am alone. i am alone now. i am alone in a house by myself. >> reporter: friends are left
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answers. >> why did you murder my friend? why were you drunk? why were you driving? why were you looking for trouble? my friend was innocent and she was deaf. just why. >> reporter: back live here. you can see a small memorial now. according to law enforcement sandoval remains hospitalized at umc facing charges. coming up saturday is a candlelight vigil at 2:00 p.m. reporting live, fa teamaa, news 3. now to a developing story on the west side. police locked in a standoff stretching into its sixth hour. it's part of a robbery investigation that shut down three nearby schools. news 3's antonio castelan has been there live since the beginning. any signs of this coming to an end? >> reporter: jessica, we just found out the s.w.a.t. standoff is over.
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inside the home at the 1500 block of tonopah street. look right over there. you can see the metro s.w.a.t. officers putting up their equipment. we no longer see the emergency lights out here. this all started after 12:30 p.m. this afternoon. police say a group of robbery suspects entered a business. the armed suspects hit the store and took off. no one was hurt at that the robbery suspects to a home on the 1500 block of tonopah. when we're arrived we saw police detain four people. those people are being questioned. during the standoff three homes were evacuated, three schools were also put into a soft lockdown. right now, a lot of those parents that are still getting their children but at this time, again, the s.w.a.t. standoff is over. one person is under arrest. as for those four people that police are questioning? we do not know if they are connected to the robbery. that's the very latest.
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the studio. >> jessica: all right. thank you. we're following breaking news coming into the newsroom. one person shot an right now and will keep you posted as more information becomes available. her son was purchaseded at a house party -- murdered at a house party seven years ago and his killer never caught. now karen brill-kelly is taking drastic measures to find the suspect. her 16-year-old son eric was shot in the head in 2009. despite the crowd of witnesses, no one has been arrested for his murder. she is hoping someone will come forward with information and tonight is offering a new six figure reward. >> they need to pay for take our child's life. eric was a good kid. he was doing all the right things. he was passionate and kind. he would have gladly gave them the money he had.
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do this is that somebody was here and they know what happened. >> she is putting her home up to get answers. she says on the day of the conviction she and eric's father will list their house for sale to come up with the reward money. >> jessica: women are hoping this man is cae shower. police need your help finding him. new at six, news 3's nathan o'neal is talking to people who go to that gym. so, natean, what was their response to the allegations of this alleged criminal? >> reporter: a lot of those people that i spoke to today who go to that gym say they don't even recognize the man in this photo. but they want him captured. as for whether they will return to the gym?
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members of this 24 hour fitness in north las vegas are on edge tonight after disturbing reports surfaced of a flash err. police say the man caught on surveillance id sauna, flashed her then committed lewd acts before following her into the shower and watching her. >> i had a little bit of apprehension when i first heard this fim was a bit surprised it happened here at this particular facility. woman who did not want to be identified tells us the sauna is coed with access to both the men's and women's locker rooms. >> i was in the steam room today. i didn't have a problem. didn't feel uncomfortable. so it's business as usual for me. >> reporter: many gym members finding confidence in at least some level of security. >> everybody has a code. and they fingerprint you. they scan your finger at the desk. >> reporter: that's jamie who just joined the gym on monday. do you feel safe here? >> so far. >> reporter: she says she is not intimidated as detectives search for the flasher. >> be aware of my surroundings as well.
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myself from the situation. >> reporter: a reality many jill goers are ready to accept as the search for this man continues. do i kind of off. you know, you can't tell by just looking at someone. >> reporter: if you recognize the man in this photo, north las vegas polig yo to call them directly. or if you would like to remain anonymous you can call the crime stoppers. reporting flooif the newsroom, nathan o'neal, news 3. a man who police say pretended to be a customer at the fashion show mall is a wanted man. police say he robbed the place last night, threatened an employee before demanding jewelry be put in his bag and taking off. metro says he is a light skinned african-american man about 36
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he has a slight mustache, was wearing a fur hat and jeans. if you know who he is, call crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. >> jessica: we are continuing to follow bruia meeting tomorrow between las vegas and ceo sheldon adelson and the team. it reads in part, quote... we, of course, are working to confirm more of this story and will have a full report coming up tonight on "news 3 live at eleven." >> the electric automaker faraday has started construction on that billion dollar car plant in north las vegas. but now one state official is wondering if there might be a red flag waiving. our -- waving.
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conversation with state treasure schwartz. >> reporter: schwartz is wondering about the financial wherewithal of one of china's richest guys. according to forbes worth more than $7 billion. what's dan schwartz worried about? >> the concern is and it's merely a concern at the moment. >> reporter: okay. what's he concerned about? >> his ability to fund faraday future. >> reporter: the red flag schwartz seize is that the company started trading on the china exchange supposedly for a reorganization. nevada last month handed faraday a $337 million incentive package. schwartz as treasurer is responsible for issuing $175 million in bonds for the project. >> i believe special session was i think the 16 or 17 of december. and the trading took place on december 7th. so there's some question as to how much due diligence was done. >> reporter: not to worry says
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today's state of the city. >> i'm very confident, very satisfied with what i've seen with my business instinct to know we're with the right team. >> reporter: n the meantime. >> faraday itself is a huge opportunity. >> reporter: at today's north las vegas lunch, excitement for what faraday could mean. >> it's going be a catalyst that makes everything move. >> reporter: so schwartz just happens to have a trip scheduled to china next week. he going to pay for it himself by the way. he is going over to celebrate the chinese new year. he tells me he plans to talk with people familiar with the company and hopefully get some information. in the meantime, construction at apex continues. back to you. jeff, thank you. coming up tonight a celebration of life is planned to remember the late husband of celine dion.
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event. but you do need a ticket. we'll tell you how you can get one coming up. we're going to show you th hero a combat feel to the classroom right here in the valley. >> an actioned packed forecast coming your way. we've got clouds slide through the sky right now. strong winds chances for rain. gonna be a wild ride. details coming up. >> jessica: the world health
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labeling theessica: welcome back. there is a new push to deal with the crisis inside clark county classrooms. as you know, the school district can't recruit the teachers it needs so now it's setting sights on nellis airforce base. >> jim: the idea is to fill gaps
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of men and women retire interesting the military. kelsey thomas is ie newsroom with more on the troops to teachers program. >> reporter: the goal really is to turn local heroes into local teachers. we all know the armed forces is known for stressing hard work and certainly that is very helpful in the classroom. >> i'm confident. i have my arms up. >> reporter: commanding a classroom comes easy for retired master sergeant marcus johnson. >> drill is a big part of discipline. >> reporter: a year ago johnson was commanding airforce troops. at the end of a 21 year career in the military. today he's teaching rotc at western high school. >> take baby steps and make them better and better every day. >> reporter: clark county school district wishes it had a lot more teachers like johnson. >> without a doubt our teacher shortage is a crisis.
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that still sneeds 700 teachers more than halfway through the school year. meg is in charge of hiring for ccsd. >> we really want retired military. especially with their life experiences. they are such great metors for our kids. >> reporter: ccsd is trying to recruit more teachers like johnson thanks to a program called troops to teachers. a program that uses fast track training to get retired troops into classrooms fast. >> it is a natural tra to still be a hero. >> reporter: ccsd's next push? retiring troops and nellis airforce base. after years of leading troops-- >> do a little more reading on it. >> reporter: -- johnson now grooming a different generation. one step, one student at a time. >> there you go. perfect! perfect.
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teachers actually came from the troops to te program? only about 200 in the district. they are hoping that number will jump with the help of nellis airforce base.u c learn much more about the program on our website, in the newsroom tonight, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> jessica: would be a great addition to the classroom. to oregon where not everyone is leaving the wildlife refuge where armed militia has been standing ground for more than 25 days now. the majority of the protesters left last night. but we're told at least four rancher lavoy fin kum was killed during a confrontation with law enforcement. several men were arrested including ammon and ryan bund wri. they are the sons of nevada rancher cliven bundy. ammon has been speaking through his attorneyd the rest of the remaining militia home. >> my message still remains.
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do not use physical force. use the national platform that we have to continue to defend liberty through our constitutional rights in an article three court with an article three judge. >> jessica: the occupation began january 2nd. the ranchers are demanding the government turn public land over to local control. >> jim: everyone is invited to attend a celebration of life for the late husband of celine dion. it's free but you will need a ticket to get in. caesar's is hosting the evr rene angelil next wednesday at 7:00 p.m. caesar's has started giving out tickets at the box office. you can get up to four per person. even if you have one they're going be honored on a first come/first servel died january 14th after a long battle with cancer. >> jessica: we are coming up very close to the end of the month of january. but you have to check your calendar twice.
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maybe even march. it's warm outside. >> jim: i'm on board with that. a nice day tys better for awhile. kevin? >> about 48 hours worth. because january will come back in february with a vengeance. it's nice today though. 63 for the high. well above normal by four degrees. we're going improve on that nu for your friday and saturday before one big-time crash. over on the other side of the continent they're looking at the snow. a picture from -- why are they naming the schools so long. this is brooklyn ps 307 the magnet school for stem studies. you can see the snow melting very, very slowly as the cold temperatures continue. but no more snow in their situation. we are clear but late this afternoon a batch of high clouds worked their way over the spring mountains. we'll have a few waves of high clouds tonight. but they shouldn't be too thick. eastern and charleston 56 degrees still.
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no wind over there. 95 in henderson. they only gusted to nine miles per hour. mesquite it's 53. also calm. low humidity with a temperature of 53 they're coming in at 29 percent. pretty much still the 50s valley wide. barely in southern highlands and summerlin. but you warm to the mid, even close to upper 50s as we get close to sam boyd stadium. sandy valley at 55. the lake checking in at 52. as we plan our friday going to be a really nice friday with a start in the 40s we're soaring. low to mid-60s lunch time. we'll peak in the upper 60s before pulling back once the sun goes down. over the last couple days not much wind and not expecting too many clouds either. the clouds will become a story as we get toward the weekend. first things first. big batch of it. i mean, we've got a parade of clouds extending all the way back through the pacific. most of that going north of us.
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working towards southern nevada. it's a front area of low pressure that will work down from the north that will become a major a major player in our weather towards the weekend. you can see that front. it's going to be a s that's coming up sunday. 20 on the mountain. 34 overton. 27 in pahrump for lows. highs tomorrow got comfortable highs. 71 at the lake. 73 at laughlin. 65 in mesquite. death valley getting close to 80. for . couple of waves of clouds going through. most part we'll have more sun than clouds tomorrow. still mild with a high warming through 67 degrees. and hold on here comes saturday's high. 72. but the winds fire up in the afternoon. and they could gust saturday afternoon and saturday night to 50 miles per hour. that front blows through. decent chance for rain on sunday.
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then the northerly winds come in on the backside monday. blowing with a high of 49. i don't even know with a low of 35. talk about a shock. >> jim: a big drop. different layers can i wear in two easy days. >> jessica: we want to take you now back out live to the breaking news that we told you about just a few minutes ago. sky 3 flying above the scene of a homicide investigation. it happened just a short time ago near civic center and cheyenne. >> jim: what we know is north las vegas police tell us they're still searching for the shooter. no one in custody. we're going continue to follow these developments. we'll have more for you as we get more. ll way to the u.s. senate. >> jim: we'll tell you what's being proposed to help the city recover from the feral cat problem in las vegas.
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solutions is working. . >> jim:. >> jim: a strategy to manage the feral cat population in the valley is showing signs of success. >> jessica: the program is called community cats. 235ir8 felines are trapped, sterilized, vaccinated then turned to the spot where they were found. since june, 750 cats have been saved that otherwise would have not no chance to be adopted. >> it's grant funded through best friends at this time. we're hoping that it's going to -- it is a pilot project so that it will grow and we'll have more trappers. my goal by next september to have trapped over 400. but i'll need help. right now it's just me. >> jessica: if you'd like to know more about community cats we've set up a link to the animal foundation on our . >> jim: 30 years ago today the
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exploded just after lift-off. >> jessica: coming up we're going look back at that horrific day and remember the seven astronauts who were killed. . >> jim: also coming up we're learnie about how three inmates escaped from the orange county jail and we're getting news of some arrests in the jail
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at 630. . >> jim:. >> jim: more than two dozen people in 11 states and washington, d.c. have fested positive for the zika virus. >> jessica: health officials say every one of the patients had recently traveled to
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the of this outbreak.
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