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tv   News 3 Live at Six- Thirty  NBC  January 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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the of this outbreak. erica edwards has more on how quickly the virus is spreading. >> reporter: experts say the zika virus is spreading explosively in latin america. predicting as many as 4 million cases over the next year. evidence is strong za could be causing pregnant women to miscarry or deliver babies with abnormally small brains. that's led the centers for disease control to warn pregnant women against traveling to countries and parts of the caribbean where mosquitos are spreading zika. >> it is likely that earlier in pregnancy, the first and second trimester, may be more risky. but we don't have all the information right now. >> reporter: zika is mild in most people. sometimes causing a headache, rash, joint pain or red eyes. about 80 percent won't have symptoms. making it difficult to tell least 31 people in the u.s. who traveled overseas have been diagnosed including an expectant
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>> yesterday we were informed of a laboratory confirmed case of zika in a pregnant woman who traveled to an area with on going zika transmission. >> reporter: the national institute of allergy and infectious diseasedo a very early clinical trials on a zika vaccine this year. >> that doesn't mean we have a vaccine ready. that's going to take years. but the starting on the vaccine trial will be an accelerated process based on a prior experience with vaccines against similar viruses like west nile. >> reporter: no avoiding mosquitos is the best way to avoid zika. doctors say several insect repellants including those with deet are considered safe for pregnant women. the world health organization will meet on monday to decide whether the zika outbreak should be declared an international health emergency. erica edwards, nbc news. >> jessica: 20 other cases of
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reported in u.s. territories. most in puerto rico, one in the virgin islan refunds to people who booked flights to the growing list of countries affected by zika. >> jim: recapping our top local stories now at 6:30. family and friends are remembering a local woman killed in a horrific crash this week. jenny was an uber driver. she died early yesterday morning when police say a drunk driver slammed into her car at the intersection of spring mountain and rainbow. her family tells us she was deaf and never let that stop her from doing exactly what she wanted. a barricads ended near vegas drive and rancho. metro police say a group of suspects robbed d buffalo. then police tracked them down to this home. four of them have been taken into custody but as many as two others are still in the home. we have a crew now and will let you know what happens next. seven years after her son was murdered a local mother is pleading for the public's help to try to find his killer. today she announced a $100,000
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leads to a conviction. 16-year-old aric brill was shot in the head at a house party near charleston and beasley in 2009. despite the crowd of people at the party no one has been arrested for the murder. metro homicide detectives say any information is helpful. you can call in tips to crimestoppers at 702-385-5555. >> jessica: three dangerous inmates escaped jail in orange county by cutting barbed wire and pulling it back. that's the word from officials who confirm the manhunt to find the inmates continues night and day. meanwhile sheriff de arrests have been made in connection with the escape. today the orange county sheriff'ssheriff get out. >> this area behind me is area on the top of the roof where the razor wire was compromised. it's our belief they saw the
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based on the preliminary investigation the inmates made it up to this area, compromised this wire and rappeled to the ground. t to an asian gaj. there's a $200,000 reward offered for foss that leads to the arrest. >> jim: ethan couch the "affluenza" teen is back in the united staten mexico after skipping out on probation. couch gained national attention when he was given ten years probation for a drunk driving crash that killed four people when he was 16. his defense was that he was spoiled growing up in an affluent home and didn't know right from wrong. his mother tonya is free on bail. >> jessica: $28 million in additional funding is approved by the michigan legislature to deal with a contaminated water crisis in flint. the emergency spending bill includes money for more bottled water and filters to be brought in to help those residents. this is the second round of
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contamination was found back in the fall. the problem stems from the dw water from the flint river to save money. but the river water was not properly treated to keep lead from getting i the water supply. senate democrats want to add to a bill and provide emergency help for the people of flint. >> we haven't seen this kind of levels of exposure before. there's a lot of questions about impact. and heaven help us if there's ever an emergency like this again. the people of flint want to be able to help those in the future through research and information gathering about what is happening and the best ways to handle it. >> jessica: under this new proposal the epa would receive up to $400 million in new federal emergency funding to replace or repair flint's water supply infrastructure. so far no hearings on the issue have been scheduled in the
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>> jim: 30 years ago today was a dark day in nasa's space exploration program. the shuttle challenger blew up 70 seconds after it lifted off. a lot of us remember these images. today there were memorials pud on january 28, 1986. we get more from nbc's chris clackham. >> reporter: after a half dozen delays leading up to it the shuttle launched into an unusually cold day for central florida. the seven astronauts, family and friends watched from the grandstands. but shuttle launches had become so routine by january of '86 that only one network carried it live for the country to watch. that is until some 70 seconds into the flight. >> challenger go and throttle up. >> reporter: the investigations th followed would conclude
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the shuttle to break apart causing the explosion and the nation to stop in shock. the challenger seven were remembered at an emotional memorial service thursday at cape canaveral. >> ronald e. mcnair. >> reporter: it included special tribute to challengers most famous astronaut who was supposed to be the first teacher in space, christa mcauliffe. >> at a time when many people would think only of the impending launch krista was taking care of the teacher's business. >> reporter: there was even a tribute from those on nasa's latest mission, the crew on the international space station. >> take a moment of silence and recognize the sacrifice of all those crew members and how their spirit and their legacy lives on in our achievement in space. >> reporter: achievements that followed the tragedy of 30 years
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chris clackham, nbc news. >> jim: i can't believe it's been that long but i will never forget it. if. it was the first major story i covered. the old a. p. machines would have a bell inside that would ding when something was happening. >> jessica: i was a young child but my mother was a teacher so the idea that christa mcauliffe was killed was heart break to me. something none of us will for jett. >> jim: still ahead tonight, smoking smoking bans are nothing new. but how about in the privacy of your car? >> jessica: one state is trying to push a ban that would limit smoking when children are around. >> jim: and the southern nevada aftern
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. >> jessica: would you support a ban on smoking in cars when children are inside the vehicle? . >> jim: a lawmaker in connecticut is trying to push through a law that would make that happen. republican representative maureen is at the helm of the task force. she not only wants to push the ban through but also to try to educate peopzf secondhand smoke especially in such a confined space.
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projected to spend $1.2 million of its nearly half a billion dollar tobacco sete moy on smoking education. >> with the lack of what we spend on educating about this problem, connecticut has to address it. we don't want to punish people with addictions. but we're also trying to keep children safe. so it's that balance. >> jim: the goal of her task force is to find ways to help pay for smoking cessation programs. >> jessica: reed cowan joins us with a major story coming up at 7:00. >> reed: we just got into the newsroom the video of lavoy fib kum one of -- finicum. one of ammon bundy's friend being shot in oregon. we're going show you some of that video. the bundys have said for a long time he was innocent and had his hands up, was compliant. the video may show something entirely different. also bouncing terror.
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to use a kangaroo to reign terror on law enforcement. how his plan was stopped in the tracks. a police chief hailed a hero for saving a man from a burning car. how tense the scene may not have started as a accident. tonight at seven. marie is gone. so i'll be joining you. see you then. >> jessica: i'll be cheering from the sidel w weather center. you said we might be able to break out the spring ward record. >> yes and for the record i'll be there as well for the dude trifecta at 7:00. should have a couple of nice days. a high today of 63 and warmer tomorrow. we had a beautiful day today. sun drenched, clear sky. late this afternoon we got a couple of clouds. but not even a blemish to the sky. if you are heading out on this
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probably not the right word. mild for january. 50 degrees in the far southwest durango and blue diamond and venture over to jones and washington. they're checking in at 54. here are the numbers for the rest of the valley. we're seeing 50 in southern highlands. 51 centennial hills. 54 in henderson. it is cold on the mountain but you expect that. they're in the 30s. boulder city is checking in at 54. if you are making plans for tomorrow we're going have a upper 60s. i do believe we're going on see degree threshold. not much wind expected. light all day long. those winds are gearing up for a huge blast expected on saturday. it's pretty simple process. what we have out e express. these clouds extend way out in the pacific near hawaii and they're coming to the west coast. typical of an el nino pattern. but nothing heavy rain wise. the system that's going to
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the north. as it does it's going bring with it first the significant winds in advance o. then significant winds behind it. there is a limited amount of mois. a decent chance for rain but not heavy rain come sunday. the headline will be the winds and the drop in temperatures. 50 degrees tonight at the lake. 33. cold night up in indian springs. high temperatures tomorrow the mountain at 54 degrees. 73 in laughlin. 65 mesquite. death valley climbing ever so close to 80 degrees. not like we're rushing it. 43 for the las vegas valley tonight. a couple of waves of clouds go through. tomorrow for your big time friday, 67. i'm hearing the phone ring already. some people might not be showing up for work. 67 degree high on a friday in late january. that's living large. come saturday into the 70s we go. the winds definitely a factor. probably not until the afternoon. some of those gusts could be strong.
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hour. on sunday with a chance for rain a high of 56. the morning low is going to be 50. the afternoon high 56. the mercury not getting a workout. on monday we may struggle to get out of the 40s with the wind blowing. so it will be very bone cold by las vegas standards. those breezes will continue until tuesday and the morning lows going down to the 30s. we are going to introduce you to february. >> jim: weekend weather whiplash. >> exactly. up and down and not a comfortable way to spend it. >> jessica: let's send things over to randy with a look at sports. >> this afternoon the sports hall of fame announced its class of 2016. there are pretty cool names on the list. the executive committee made that announcement at finley toyota the site of the hall. three individuals and one team will be inducted. gorman baseball player and rookie of the year marty cordova
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the team induction is the '97/'98 unlv men's golf team which won the national championship. berry, anderson and a few others. of course coach bid current rebel coach knight who is looking forward to seeing all the guys back together. >> i think it will be a great experience. they all have stories about each other, you know, that the growth they went through in those four or five years here during that time. and that's the neat thing about sports. you go through a growing period with them. >> it means a lot. it means a lot to me because i was born here, grew up here, watched the town change over many years. a lot of these guys that are inducted are good friend of mine. and coaches from when i was a little kid to high school. so it means a lot. >> all right. so the list is also joining those two would be two time ufc
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who went to bonanza high school. and sigg who led the effort to bring jerry tarkanian to las vegas among other athletic public services. june 24th the night of that hall of fame ip deduction. last night the runnin' rebels did something remarkable. they lost the first half by eight and blew the doors off the boise state. by 18 in the second half to win by ten. a nine point lead at nevada sy in the second half. the win improves interim coach simon's record to 5-one since taking over the team. one of the reasons is the play of sophomore scored a game high 25 and is emerging as the most valuable player. >> he is an x factor. because he is so good defensively. i think he is mountain west defensive player-of-the-year the way he guards guys. but when he is bringing the
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those -- making perimeter shots and splashlashing the rim it's fun to watch. >> after the nevada loss we really got to practice. we really got after it in practice. an and going hard in practice paid off. >> next game for the rebels san diego state.g one quick note. nhr all-star weekend starting tomorrow in nashville where the board of governors will be having a meeting. probably no announcement if we're going get an expansion team yet. but at least that is a real team we know is coming. the raiders thing is oh boy here we go again. it would be cool but let's hope we get the board of governors. we have our national affiliate on that meeting saturday. we'll have some ki of there. >> jim: she's been criticized for decades for being too thin, too perfect. >> jessica: now barbie is getting a new look.
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. >> jim: she has been a may stay in little girl's toy collection for decades and now barbie is getting a whole new look. >> jessica: with mattel will be offering barbie in three shapes just as women come in many shapes and sizes.
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tall, petite or curvy. barbie has been undergoing transformations mattel says to bring her more in line with realistic body types and better deflect the diverse group of children who p barbies. >> jim: the new shapes can be purchased online at mattel's shop along side the original barbie. the company has not said when they will be available at stores. >> jessica: what do you think? we want to hear from you. we've set up a poll on our facebook page about barbie's new look. do you think it was time? or do you prefer the traditional standard look for barbie? weigh in and while you are there like our page pudgy g.i. joe. we'll have to watch for that. >> jessica: he doesn't have to workout. i do think about barbie it's nice because the dolls you saw, they just had a more realistic shape. they weren't necessarily obese or overweight. but they also weren't, you know,
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bo breaking news tonight. the fbi releasing video of the moments a militia member from arizona was shot and killed in a traffic stop up in oregon. then the zika outbreak has world health officials on high alert. how the virus is making its rounds and big question: should we be concerned here in southern nevada? also tonight, burning rescue. this intense car fire. what he says was going through his mind during the rescue
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right now.
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