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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  January 29, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the best set for the big game. >> dana: good morning. 5:00 on this friday, january 2. live pictures from the las vegas strip. >> kim: we have important people associated with a very important franchise in the nfl making a visit to las vegas today. we have ethan couch in court and live pictures and a lot going on. >> dana: let's find out what is happening in terms of traffic. tom, you join us with reports of a fatal traffic accident early on this friday. >> tom: this is the accident we're looking at tropicana and dean martin drive. this is not a fatality but accident blocking lanes. i15 -- just to the west of i15. in the bowl we're doing fine right now.
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travel times in the green. freeways looking ok. >> kelly: we are looking at great deather today. temperatures warmer than the last few mornings. once the sun comes up the temperature also rise quick. 53 by 9:00, 61 at noon and 65 at 4:00. we have a big change and wet weather on the way. we'll explain it all coming up. >> kim: we will have an update on that deadly accident. we've had live pictures. we'll get to that in a moment. >> dana: happened about three hours ago. the 10th fatality in 2016 on our local roads. >> kim: are the raiders really coming to las vegas? >> dana: they are talking about it. the owner is going to be in las
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they are going to build the stadium regardless at least that is what the sames corporation is saying. that's where we find craig this morning live from the unlv campus. so you are saying there is a chance for the las vegas raiders. >> there is a chance. all began with what we do know is going to happen today. first, there are reports he does want to build a billion dollar stadium and the key word is with unlv. news 3 did get confirmation in confirming a meeting that will happen this morning with las vegas c.e.o. and mark davis. wants to build a domed stadium at unlv at price tag of a billion dollars. they recently purchased 42 acres. very the land and space. mike system the vice chair of
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board of the authority board. he welcomes that but there is a complicated maze of issues about paying for it and how or if an nfl stadium can realisticically fit into the campus footprint. >> money is always the biggest challenge. there have been situations in a professional team has shared a facility with a college team. we would have to look at that very closely. our primary responsibility is for the admission of unlv. >> back here live at unlv. let me run down the time line. they have a meeting coming up in march and they expect to draft a formal proposal on a stadium by the time they meet with or without having an nfl team. the nfl has said no to las vegas
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in the past. still some to work out but this looks promising especially for raiders fans. >> kim: thank you very much for that live report. >> dana: sames corporation talk about building this stadium with or without the raiders, with or without the nfl team. could that be the impotatoes us the for the team moving to las vegas? maybe. we won't know those answers until this process continues. the bernie sanders campaign admitted that some of their staffers went into employee dining rooms on the las vegas strip to talk to union members about supporting bernie sanders. those staffers were allegedly wearing culinary union pins. some of the members may have thought they were talking to union members when they were
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culinary union sent a statement saying they were disappointed and offended by any campaign trying to mislead union members. they are working with local unions to resolve the issue. sanders campaign suggested just an innocent mi the staffers have been told not to do that again. the move could mean sanders would lose this very important endorsement. go idea in terms of the union's initial reaction. >> they are a very important endorsement for the candidates throughout the states. >> it's important because we know there are a lot of members in the union. thousands and thousands and thousands of them and they do vote. so this looks to be obviously a close race in this swing state of nevada and we know that coming up in about three weeks from now we're going to have the nevada democratic caucus. the republican caucus will come three days later.
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20th of february. >> kim: i can't believe the iowa caucus is on monday. still to come, zika emergency. we're hering a lot about this of late. you may wonder how does this affect me. we have answers headed your way. >> dana: the field looks beautiful. oops. they made a big mistake. we'll tell you about it. >> kim: still to come, joining the celebrity apprentice. around is filling the shoes of the donald but who is he going to have he wants to hire? big names, faces you'll recognize. we have the story coming up. >> dana: kelly says there is a
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with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider with high-speed internet from centurylink. >> kim: the world health organization called an had emergency meeting on monday
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>> dana: the world health experts working to stop this in its tracks. they are stopping directly of linking it to the birth defects. in areas where the virus is present, there have been an increase in babies born with abnormally small heads which can cause severe develop mental issues, sometimes death. it is spreading fast now in the americas although not quite in the united states just yet. there is concern of it appearing in the u.s. there are no medicines to treat those infected with zika and novak seensnohaving sins to prevent it. >> ethan couch will learn hours from now whether he will be moved to an adult jail.
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you can see he had a police escort. he was deported back to the united states. you see a picture of his mom next to him right now. they are both accused of going in december down to mexico and that was a violation of his probation. he was put on 10 years probation after killing four people in that drunk driving crash when he was only 16 years old. >> they are getting the field ready for the super bowl at levi stadium in santa collar railroad crossing california. you can see the big logo at center field. they had a big oops moment. they are supposed to have one panthers end zone and one broncos end zone and they had two broncos end zones. are they choosing a favorite here? they want the broncos to win this thing. super bowl 50.
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a week from this sunday and the panthers about a six point favorite right now. >> kim: the super bowl is a great excuse to buy a new television. prices have never been lower. retailers are offering deep discount this is time of year as they clear the shelves for new models. how in the world do you know which one to buy? consumer reports experts share tips on how to been cheep. you can get a 65-inch high definition tv for under a thousand dollars. >> the ultra hd tvs are on the market, a great hd is still a good choice. >> consumer reports test hundreds of tvs every year and for a super bowl party a screen 50 inches or bigger is a good choice and also important a wide
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>> this is where older tvs come in handy. everyone in the room gets a great view of the game. >> you want a tv that can handle fast motion without blurring. they test how each set performs. some may be great for the game but if you want to invest in the latest and greatest check out an ultra hdled. this set cost $3,000 and is one of the consumer reports highest ratest tvs ever. >> this tv offers everything you need to make your super bowl party a hit. >> if you want a newer tv, brand new models will hit store shelves in late february, early march. >> kim: consumer reports has several recommendations for good deals on tvs you can buy right
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for a 55-inch television consider the models from samsung and sony both at $800. if you are looking for bigger there is a sony for $1,500. they have an ultra hd pan na sonic for 1700 bucks. you don't have to take notes because we have information on our website. >> dana: tom, the props are out for the big game. >> i get a fist full of props. you make props. >> i usually say ok tom how many do have you. >> tom: end up interrogating jay on what to do. i'm sure we'll have that coming up. super bowl just over a week out. >> dana: kelly, any props for >> kelly: no. any advice?
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>> kim: i like out of the gate with the points. >> dana: just pick a team. every play you are rooting for one or the other team. >> tom: paytonmaning ispeyton manning is going to be the sent mental favorite. >> kelly: today we're going to be dealing with gorgeous werth. enjoy it while you can. here is a look at the lodge camera from yesterday. time lapse look as that sun came up. a lot of people up there enjoying the werth. the snow is melting but there is more on the way as we head into the weekend. i'm talking six to 10 inches of the white stuff expected in the spring mountains this weekend. downtown 44 as you are heading out the door.
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quiet weather for us right now. we have a few clouds hanging around. across parts of california seeing shower activity. this storm isn't the one expected to effect us. ours is still offshore making its way in tomorrow with showers possible in parts of lincoln. but clark county expected to stay dry today and tomorrow. 66 the expected high today. partly sunny skies. tonight mild as far as the lows are concerned. 49 and as we take a look at the seven-day forecast , the winds will kick up tomorrow afternoon but look at the high temperature, 69-degrees. 57 on sunday as the wet weather moves in. valley rain, mountain snow, gusty winds, windy conditions on monday and look at the difference in temperatures. we're talking morning lows at freezing and highs only in the upper 40's. >> dana: we appreciate it while
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>> tom: an accident involving fatalities so stay away from here for the time being. all four directions closed at that location. around town we go to the bowl. traffic times running up to speed right now whether you are on the 15 coming in, the 515 or 215 in the south part of the valley. bowl interchange showing relatively light travel there in the south bound lanes with no major ties. >> dana: live to the floor of the nasdaq, it is jane king. you remember the owner of the raiders? >> i don't. >> dana: i'm going to do my best al davis. he used to say that. i know they are talking about building a stadium here in las vegas. and if they build the stadium the raiders are talking about
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going to build it regardless if the raiders come. >> could bay lot of things. the casino giants leading investors planning to build a one billion dollar domed stadium on 42 acres unlv. it would house the school team and possibly an nfl franchise. it would be for boxing, soccer and music festivals. looks like this is going forward one way or the other. >> the las vegas raiders. let's talk about underwater homeowners in las vegas. we're number one on the list which is not good. more than one in four people in las vegas is severely under water on their mortgage. >> there has been signs of improvement. but still it is tough. it's been a bumpy recovery. fourth quarter numbers say 27% negative equity.
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that's a loan 25% higher than the home's value. it was more than double the national average. nevada was number one among states under water. >> dana: we got hit by the great recession of 2008 and here we are still trying to dig out. have a great weekend. we'll check ck in on monday. >> kim: let's get you in the loop las vegas. we begin with the presenters of the upcoming academy award. they've just been announced, at least the first list. whoopi goldberg, tina fey, kevin hart, lady gaga in the mix as well. sam smith going to be there. the 88th academy awards will be hosted by chris rock and handed out february 28. nbc with announcement also, big names that are going to join arnold schwarzenegger for the next installment of the
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warren buffett will be joining arnold schwarzenegger in the board room. we're hearing jessica al baptist church and tyra banks. those names i just talked about along with ste ba are not contestants but advice cores on the show. the show changing locations as well. it's been in new york city. it's headed to california baby. we do not have a word yet on the premier dated step children of a woman killed in a car crash that was caused by caitlin jenner have just dismissed their civil lawsuit against the reality tv star. an attorney confirms the suit has been dismissed but doesn't indicate a reason behind it. they don't have a lot of information on this. just a few details from court record. appears the two sides may have settled their differences out of court. the s.u.v. rare ended two cars
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in the end losing her life. >> dana: being on an ice rink can be fun unless you are trying to drive on one. one guy on the brakes and other on the gas and they are both out of control. >> kim: puppy bowl prep. some of the cutest competitors
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>> kelly: you are just minutes away from seeing some of the cutest creatures. we're talking about the puppy bowl. we are checking in with the aadorable kendall with these adorable dogs. >> tom: i have tough stuff to start out with. an accident that did involve a fatality. for the moment it's closed all four directions. tow trucks are on the z so that should be clearing up relatively soon. we go to craig and i15. looks good in that area. we'll dip boo the spaghetti bowl interchange. all travel times are clear. that is coming from craig into the 95 bowl interchange. 515 good as well. all smiles on the freeways this morning. so far so good as far as weather
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>> kelly: messy weather on the way for the weekend. we head throughout the day today looking at partly sunny skies. quiet. the sierra all the snow and rain staying over there. saturday we are going to see some of that activity start to get closer. lincoln county could see valley rain and mountain snow. clark county expected to stay dry on saturday. sunday we're going to see the bulk of the activity make its way in. you see at 5:00 a.m. starting to see snow action. we're going to take at what we expect on the backside of this system coming up. >> dana: video coming out showing a road that was an ice rink. cars sliding down. backing up quickly realizing these cars have no control whatsoever. people have cell phone footage of it.
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locks up the brakes and doesn't hit anybody. we have no reports of any accidents here. look at this guy trying to walk oint. forget about that. maybe get some salt on the road. >> kim: maybe the pope mobile would have done better. we have one for sale to talk about this morning. we'll tell you if you can get your hands on this one. the donald wasn't there last night but held his own event.
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veterans >> dana: cracker barrel crackdown. you'll see the takedown ahead. >> kim: speedo, oh yes, the most decorated olympian of all time is behind the curtain. wait until you see the distraction he provided last night. >> dana: live pictures out of
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the final friday of january, 2016. >> kim: money, money, money, money. i think of donald trump and the celebrity apprentice. the apprentice is moving to khali. arnold schwarzenegger. nbc broke ties with the donald. arnold schwarzenegger is going to be the boss. what is the line you thought arnold would have. >> dana: remember i'll be back. back. >> kim: it was not a good arnold but a creative thought of what the arnold could come up with. >> tom: it will be totally different. i'm looking forward to seeing it. >> kim: different city. >> tom: police are working at
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valley closed in all four directions. that should be cleared soon. we have a smooth commute as we get your friday morning going with no delays on the 95 or 515. in the interchange travel times fully up to speed with no delays up there. let's check in with kelly. >> kelly: temperatures right now in the mid and upper 40's across much of the valley. as we head into the noon hour today 61-degrees by noon. 66 at 3:00 is our expected high today. tomorrow flirting with 70. but then back to freezing temperatures. we're going to take a look at when those are going to arrive and how long they are going to last coming up. >> kim: the elephant was not in the room last night. >> dana: donald trump wasn't at
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michelle joins us with a break down of what the republicans had to say without donald trump in the room. >> donald trump known for stealing the spotlight. spotlight. he refused to show up because megan kelly was moderating and they've been sparring since the last debate when she challenged him in a way he didn't appreciate. so no surprise she addressed donald at the start of the debate. >> donald has chosen not to attend. >> i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly and ben you are a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. >> it's not about donald trump. he's an entertaining guy.
5:29 am
>> i kind of miss donald trump. >> once the whole trump debacle was out of the way, it was focused on the candidates there. everybody was wondering who was going to take the center stage. ted cruz took that. what you are looking at is trump's own event. back to the debate, you can see who is in the center. ted cruz was and each candidate tried to sway the voters by focusing on their own qualities and not attacking each other. >> there is three lanes, the establishment lane, the anti-establishment lane and then the kasich lane. i've been a reformer all my career. >> i'm the only one on this stage with no political title. >> barbara bush is my mom, i'll take that too. >> this election is not about our pedigree. this is about people that are really hurting.
5:30 am
things and have a proven record to do it. >> where was trump? just a few miles down the road at his own event. a last minute fundraiser for veterans that happened at the same time as the debate. coming up we're going to show you video of that. he only had about 24 hours to throw this whole event together but he still was able to raise more than $6 million for veterans and that is what his event focused on. i watched both. i flipped back and forth. they were happening at the exact same time. he did talk a lot about the fox news debacle and i switched to the other debate and they were moving on with the topic. again, donald trump making headlines this morning and he wasn't even there. >> kim: you had rick and mike show up at his event and at one point rick santorum said i'm
5:31 am
not at the trump podium. we'll see how the ratings did soon enough. >> dana: he says i'm endorsing a different candidate but i can be here to help donald raise money for veterans here in the country. >> kim: rick santorum winning the iowa caucus in the last presidential election. it got him next to trump's podium last night. just ahead of the super bowl we're having fun here in southern nevada with local piss thatpuppies that are getting prepared for the super bowl. >> good morning. we are at the spca.
5:32 am
from our local area. this was a puppy bowl puppy last year. lots of fun this morning. we are waking you up on the right side of the bed because the cuteness factor is skyrocketing as you are waking up with the wagners. 44 shelters were invited. he's been in some of the commercials. he got a penalty for excessive barking. we're going to talk about the trip. you all went to new york city. >> new york city was so much puppy chaos. it was amazing. the whole city embraced the puppies. how could you not. >> to be one of the 44 animal shelters selected from across the entire country which was 80 puppies. what does it mean that we have three represented from southern
5:33 am
>> it gives us national city. it's a lot of fun for the puppies and fun for us as well. >> fun is the main theme but when it comes to the shelter it's adoption. >> it is adoption. we do highlight through the are available for adoption and they mention in there too that if the puppies are adopted by now or if this is a puppy you are looking for to go look at your local shelter. there are shell areas cross the country that need help. >> you have many looking for forever homes. >> there is over 800 animals here, you name it, it's here. >> you will be able to catch all the action that will be right before the big game on sunday. that will be in a couple of weeks from now.
5:34 am
from southern nevada. >> kim: treats for everyone and even the humans out there. thank you very much. that one was very interested in that little white. how you doing? a picture of a baby may have saved the baby's life. this is a fascinating story. what the mother saw in that picture that gave her cause for concern. >> kim: the donald as you see holding his own event last night. michelle touched on it but we have some of the must see memos headed your way. >> dana: kelly has a wet weather forecast.
5:35 am
she has answers ahead as >> kim: i wonder what the weather is going to be like. >> dana: i bet kelly has an umbrella for the weekend. >> kelly: that's a good idea. pressure at 37. boulder city 48. high park middle school 45. the kids on the way to school today 49 on the way there. 66 on the way back. partly sunny skies. saturday looking good but a big mess on the way for sunday. i'll have all the details coming up. >> kim: crack down at the
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wait until you see this stunning video. some of this on your screen. >> dana: we open the dumb criminal file for a story where
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into the with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses,
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yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider with high-speed internet from centurylink. >> kim: donald trump will be campaigning in new hampshire today. he skipped the presidential debate because he held his own event.
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three miles from the debate and he was helping our nation's veterans. >> this is an honor. i didn't want to be here. i wanted to be about five minutes away. and i've enjoyed that. all the online polls have been well with the debates and i've had a kick with it. have you to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly, have you to stick up for your rights. >> dana: they raised more than $5 million at last night's event. >> kim: we take to you oregon where we are getting a look at the shootout that took the life of one of the protestors that invaded that wildlife refuge. the f.b.i. releasing the video. shows the confrontation from tuesday night. the deadly confrontation happening in oregon when he was killed during the accident. bundy was arrested in this incident.
5:40 am
protestors who took over the refuge this month. he had his hands up at one point but at another point he put his hands down and looked like they were going into the pocket. that's when the officers were forced to fire when he reached toward his waistband where he had a loaded gun. >> dana: a crack down at cracker barrel ought on video. you can see this officer coming to the seen of that accident. the guy gets out of that car that was upside down and runs into a cracker barrel trying to hide behind a display case. officers come in guns drawn and were able to get him into custody. that guy was wanted for a string of violent crimes over the past month. this happened in new mexico. >> kim: one of the cars used by pope francis during his last visit to philadelphia in the
5:41 am
the pope traveling around the city in that fiat. one will remain on display at the auto show. another up for auction during a black tie gala today. the proceeds will benefit black physicians of philadelphia. >> dana: we have spectacular footage to show you. a lightning strike hitting the city tower. this storm caused major damage to property west of sidney. 16,000 homes had power outages there as well. i don't know if this is going to affect the australian open. serena williams is there. >> kelly: it's moving closer.
5:42 am
afternoon. now it looks like it's going to be a little earlier in the day. keep the umbrella handy. we are definitely looking at wet werth on sunday. saturday if you want to head out to red rock looking good. here is yesterday where we had tons of sunshine. see lots of traffic there. the park lot filling up. today the same thing t, especially this afternoon. as you are heading out the door right now 45 val 43. henderson 44. not as cold as we've seen the last few mornings. temperatures definitely going to be improving in the afternoon. here is a look at what is going on across the west. we have rain showers in washington, oregon, california, northern portions of our state as well. we're seeing a few clouds around the area, partly sunny skies today. temperatures are expected to be
5:43 am
primm today you are expected to hit 70. overton 66. lows tonight much more mild than we've been seeing. boulder city 48 for the low. tomorrow if you want to get outside, tomorrow is the day to do it especially early. 69 for the high. winds will pick up in the afternoon and sunday we look for wet weather. valley rain, mountain snow. could see six to 10 inches of white stuff in the spring mountains. morning lows near freezing and highs only in the 40's next week. >> tom: we have an accident in the northeast valley. we have video from earlier this morning. this did involve a fatality. single vehicle accident wrapped around that pole there. the person inside was taken to the hospital where they did pass away. it has been closed for several hours. should be opening soon.
5:44 am
few minutes and take a look -t at the 15 and 215 looks great. traffic is light. so down in the bowl all good everything runnin gre right now. we'll head up in just a few minutes and find out what is happening with that accident in the northeast. >> dana: sky 3 on the rooftop so go up two flights of stairs. live report coming from tom. >> kim: distraction is what we're talking about. it was a distraction. speedo. the most decorated olympian ever causing problems for someone who was just trying to make a couple
5:45 am
it's water cooler >> dana: time for the water cooler on this friday. a mother in arizona says a picture, a photograph saved her baby's life. she was snapping these pictures of her little baby when she started noticing a strange glare coming from his left eye. she thought that was because her camera was bad. for christmas she got a new cam
5:46 am
noticed the same glare. she took rider to the doctor and turns out there was something terribly wrong. he had a tumor in his left eye. they were able to catch it early. they are treating it and saying that rider should be just fine thanks to those pictures that his mother was snapping. >> just take the picture. it could be good for you. >> quit complaining. >> kim: that's amazing.
5:47 am
sync battle last night. >> the wrecking ball. last night on spike television. we take to you arizona. arizona state university college basketball matchup trying to distract the opposing team free throw shooter when they unveil olympic gold medalist michael phelps with two students from arizona state. i'm hearing from my producer that only one of these is an olympic swimmer. the other two apparently not olympic swimmers. >> they are chippendale dancers from here in las vegas. >> in his speedo. it worked. the guy missed both free throws to the delight of the student section. be at arizona state.
5:48 am
in the summer olympic games in brazil. he still has to qualify to do that however. >> kim: he's been getting ready for rio so looks like he's lining himself up for it. he's wasn't ryan in some races. >> ryan, come on. new at 6:00, a test for our runnin rebels. we are showing asu. our runnin rebels have a test this weekend. we have a student section called the rebellion. what they have up their sleeve new at 6:00. >> dana: coming up as we take a live look out of washington, d.c., we're going to talk to tracy. she's going to break down last night's republican debate and
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>> kim: that is a big question mark at the end but a very important person is taking a tour here locally this morning. details headed your way in a live report. >> dana: donald trump last night, he was still a topic of conversation. what his opponents had to say about him coming up. >> kim: passing the test. our runnin rebels with a chance to make a big statement this weekend.
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