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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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the semis were in each of the two lanes. one attempted to go between the -- bmw, i should say, attempted to go in between the semis and didn't make it. ended up hitting fp over. the driver was the only one injured. that person taken to umc we're told with non life threatening injuries so that's good. but it's caused a big snarl. all northbound traffic closed. they're hoping to have at least one lane open by 1:00. avoid traveling in the area at least until sre up. we'll continue to check in and dip into these live pictures here just to check the status of that throughout "news 3 live at noon." >> krystal: we want to welcome you in on this friday. we made it to the weekend. here is a question for you. will 42 acres of land near the las vegas airport become home to a billion dollar stadium? >> michelle: that's the buzz. also how about the las vegas raiders? there was sure a lot of activity w possibly
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news 3's craig fiegener live from tropicana and coval with the latest.u saw some buzz, what exactly was going on over there? >> reporter: first let me start by saying we do know this for sure. based on statements released officially to the news media that sheldon adelson had a meeting this morning with unlv officials and with mike davis the owner of the raiders. the topic of discussion was about a stadium to be built on some land as you can hear near the airport which is owned by unlv. sheldon apparently wants to build a billion dollars building a stadium in cooperation with unlv. now to that land. this morning there was a lot of focus on that land or at least a lot of attention. about 8:00 unlv police on the property clearing it of homeless people appear to be living on the property. we can't know for sure if this was to prepare for a visit by people behind a possible stadium deal but there is certainly speculation. adelson reportedly wants to help
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a billion dollars. unlv recently purchased 42 acres near tropicana and koval near the airport. michael is the vice chair of the nevada board of reej entz and says it is a complicated maze of issues now on paying for it. >> money. [ laughter ] money is always the biggest challenge. there have been situations in which professional teams have shared a facility with a college team. we would have to look at that very, very closely. our primary responsibility on the board of regents is furthering the missi of unlv. >> reporter: back here live. that is at least a view of some of the property, 42 acres, again, near mccarran. and this morning there was a lot of activity here. first with unlv police clearing the lot of people camping there what's it appeared to be. later at 9:20 a.m. several blacked out executive cars were
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appeared to be circling the property. people in the vehicles appearing to be taking notes and looking over files and paperwork. as for then nfl team eventually calling this stadium on the lot home? the nfl has said it won't happen in las vegas. that's what they're saying for now. i'mra reporting live, news 3. >> krystal: they're saying that for now. >> michelle: so there's a chance. >> krystal: there's always a a team here in town. so we'll see what happens. >> krystal: new today at noon more news involving the new las vegas arena. it's called the t-mobile arena. it's on the strip right there live. really went up quickly. today they're starting the installation of the first of e venue's 17,000 seats. this process will take six weeks at the t-mobile 'reba. it's set to open in april. it will host big entertainment
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a national hockey team will call the arena home. we have kyndell nunley live at the arena. another big step as they get ready to make their opening. also new at noon as we talk about sports and gambling, we get news of this. state officials saying that nevada gaming revenue was up slightly in 2015 compared to 2014. the nevada gaming control board says state casinos won $11.1 billion. slot machines accounted for 63 percent of that. the gaming win was basically flat. do las vegas r were up. nevada gambling revenue has remained relatively flat since 2009. really hasn't rebounded to the peak levels that we saw in 2007. while visitors are coming to las vegas in record numbers they are choosing to spend more money other activities besides gambling. >> michelle: okay so we're going talk weather now. we're going to check in with kyndell nunley. she will be live from the arena at 12:30 to get more information on that. and the weather, it's really nice. i mean, we were out there. we went on a lunch break real
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and i could have wore short sleeves. >> kelly: it is a beautiful day. i hope everyone does get a chance to go outside and enjoy it maybe on technica academy camera. we did have clouds roll through earlier. right now we're seeing partly sunny skies, a mix of sun and clouds out there. temperature wise, wow, look at this. laughlin, you are at 67 degrees right now. big changes are on the way. this is our future cast models. we're expecting partly sunny skies throughout the day today. partly cloudy overnight. look at those showers starting to drop. that's saturday morning. the activity expected to stay north of clark county. lincoln county, nye county could see activity tomorrow. then the winds kick up saturday night. sunday though, that's when we're expecting widespread precipitation to start making its we into the area. more on that and what we're
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>> michelle: so a day to go out on saturday and enjoy the sunshine then a day to stay inside and be lazy. >> krystal: something for everybody. ie that. >> krystal: thanks. >> michelle: three days to go now everyone is talking about it until the iowa caucus. >> krystal: this presidential election is in full steam. the presidents -- let's try this again again. the candidates for president are crisscrossing the state trying to sway undecided voters. >> michelle: today all the talk has still been about front-runner donald trump and his decision to skip the final debate over the whole spat with fox news and moderator megyn kelly kelly. s absence had an impact. that debate not the second worst ratings of any debate so far. >> krystal: interestin peter alex soppeder has a -- alexander has a look back at the night from the gop. >> reporter: as fox put it, he was the elephant not in the room. >> we love our vets. >> reporter: donald tru boyt the fox news debate. >> when you are treated badly,
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rights. [ cheering ] we have to stick up for our country when we're being mistreated. remember that [ cheering ] >> reporter: defying critics who called the move a mistake trump compared the crowd and the number of cameras at his veterans fundraiser to the academy awards. later touting $6 million raised. across town trump's absence gave his opponents an opening to deliver their best one-liners unchallenged. >> i am a maniac. everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. ben, you are a terrible surgeon. now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way. [ >> o miss trump trum. he was a teddy bear to me. >> reporter: the policy oriented debate offered a glimpse into what this campaign might have le unpredictable front runner. ted cruz number two in the polls became the number one target. >> the truth is throughout the campaign you have been willing
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>> that's an authenticity problem. everybody he knows is not as perfect as him. >> the last four questions have been rand please attack ted. marco please attack ted. chris please attack b attack ted. >> if you guys ask one more mean question i may have to leave the stage. [ laughter ] >> reporter: after jeb bush announced he won't even be in iowa. >> he cut and run because it wasn't popular. >> reporter: and the candidate exchanged barbs with marco rubio over immigration. >> that is the book where you changed your position on immigration. you use to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you. >> reporter: while chris christie lashe out at the senators on stage. >> i feel like i need a washington english dictionary converter. >> reporter: retired neurosurgeon ben carson highlighted his unique credentials. >> i've had more 2:00 a.m. phone calls than everybody here put together. decision>> even as the challengers kept talking
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way back to new hampshire. >> michelle: okay. here is another element to this whole thing. last night trump trooul said in an -- donald trump said in an interview with cnn before the event then aga fox news called him and apologized to him for everything that was going on. and asked him to come back at the last minute but he said it's too late. but then fox news, the ceo, put out a statement saying, here's what happened. donald trump asked us if you give me $5 million towards this cause for the vets i will come back and fox news said we can't do that. so that's what happened last hiu the split screen. if you were watching you were flipping back and forth. >> krystal: something we've never seen before. fascinating to watch. >> michelle: the worst ratings so far. you know donald trump will be talking about that.
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here in las vegas the culinary union says that it has resolved the dispute over democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders campairo culinary union issued a statement cob deming any staffers who falsely claimed a23i8 yags with the union to gain access. but sanders campaign manager has apologized saying this will not happen again. the union is a powerful political force with 57,000 members. they will not endorse a candidate before nevada's caucuses and that's late next month. >> krystal: ammon bundy still in jail whil a oregon after a deadly confrontation with the fbi. the four want assurances that they won't be arrested. meanwhile the fbi released unedited video of the deadly confrontation sm an fbi plane. according to the footage after authorities pulled over the group a truck driven by lavoy finicum raced away. one minute later the truck veered left to avoid a roadblock
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finicum emerged with i hands in the air but on at least two occasions finicum reached for his jacket pocket. authorities say there was a gun in that pocket. the video an attempt to dispute claims that finicum was trying to surrender. >> michelle: watching that video and you can see it. they said they wanted it all out on the table. it's interesting to see how it went on. >> krystal: they don't want anymore bloods, myself, yourself included, use apple products. coming up on "news 3 live at noon" we have something that anybody who uses an apple product needs to know. there is a recall that's involving an accessory. fire hazard here. we'll let you know what's going on. >> krystal: plus a woman almost loses big money trying to rent her property online. the take away for you in today's rip off alert.
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>> michelle: thanks for staying with us. nissan is recalling for the third time more than 900,000 altima cars for a latch problem
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the car flying open. so this new recall we understand involves altimas from 2013 to 2015. nissan says paint can flake off the hood latch exposing the bare metal. over time that latch can rust and cause the secondary hood latch to remain open. so nissan will notify owners and replace the latches for free in mid-february. >> michelle: if you have an apple phone or ipad or anything that involves being plugged into a charger listen up. apple is alerting millions of people about a mak and create a risk of electrical shock. the company asked to report it and exchange it at the nearest am store for free. that's what you will have to do if you have one. it will also refund you if you bought new plugs -- if you decided to go with, like, a different plug becf this issue.
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between 2003-2015 with macs and other apple devices and are included in the apple world travel adapter kit. >> krystal: we have a lot of people with apple products so that's something you want to make note of. so we were saying we went out and made a quick lunch break went out there and really long sleeves not necessary. >> michelle: i was kind of warm. >> krystal: if that's any indication of this weekend i'm not complaining. >> kelly: part of the weekend. don't put the winter goat koets away just -- winter coats away just yet. we're going get some action going on here.g some rain, some mountain snow. but look at what they've been dealing with ih florida now. including this tornado. actually caught on tape. the twister tore through the cord yart of a church in the southeast part of the state. surveillance video showed patio furniture being lifted in the air. the church also suffered roof damage.
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says this was an ef-1 with winds up to 85 miles per hour. thankfully no injuries reported from this one. that is definitely good to hear. we hope that there are no injuries or anything like that when we get this local storm here that's coming in on sunday. do keep in mind, sunday, we could have slick roadways especially in the higher elevations where we're expecting to see some snow. that could linger into monday morning's commute as well. plan ahead. give yourself a little extra time to make it to your destination if you are going anywhere on sunday or on monday morning as well. right now though we're high and dry. we that's about it on our aliante camera. and temperatures, this is why as krystal and michelle was just saying it was so nice out. look at this. downtown 62. southeast 63. summerlin and lakes both at 59. temperatures still expected to rise a couple more degrees this afternoon. here's a look at the satellite radar and what we've got going
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a lot of activity just up to our north. in fact parts of lincoln and nye county seeing quite a bit more cloud cover than clark county right now. we do have precipitations across the northern portion of the state back into northern california. here's a look at our future cast model. this model is going to pick things up starting on saturday. during the morning hours we do have a chance for some valley rain and mountain snow. but in lincoln and nye counties. clark county is expected to stay dry during the day on saturday. even saturday night looks to be quiet. isn't expected arrive until sunday morning. and once it does it's going to become widespread all across the viewing areas 6:00. we've got valley rain, mountain snow, spring and sheep mountains and lincoln and nye county all dealing with snow showers. this is going to continue throughout the night on sunday. even as we get into monday morning. monday morning commute, we're still looking at wet weather, some slick rid roads.
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continue to monitor throughout the weekend and of course on monday morning on "wake up with the wagners". forecast nor for today though. get outside and enjoy. 66 degrees. partly sunny skies. overnight 49 for the low. and then look at the 7-day forecast. tomorrow 69 degrees. the expected high temperature. but the winds gusting to 35 miles per hour. if you want to go outside and maybe get some hiking in, hit the trails, i suggest you do it early before the wind kicks up. sunday, that's when we're going to deal with valley rain, mountain snow, breezy conditions. and look at the temperatures dropping off. monday precipitation in the morning then clearing skies. but windy for thf 4 going to feel even colder. and we're looking at morning lows dropping to around freezing again. so definitely want to keep the winter coats handy. >> krystal: what a difference a couple of days can make. we'll stay bundled up. we have a preview of what
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we hope you come back and join us. this is an act of kindness in virginia getting a lot of attention on social media. why one police offs he stepd to help a stranger. >> michelle: between now and valentine's day is the busiest time for online dating websites. what you need to know if you are trying to find an online love interest. on "news 3 live at 3." we still have a lot more on this newscast. it's only 12:20. did you know mcdonald's is issuing an apology because some people were upset and they took to social media. look at. they ordered cheese sticks and there was no cheese. excuse me? >> krystal: not acceptable. >> michelle: they were not happy. what happened to all the cheese? >> krystal: those customers shared their p sticks. mcdonald's apologized saying the cheese melted out during the
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have been served. mcdonald's says there was not as widespread as people may be saying it is but the pictures don't lie. there's no cheese. >> michelle: i'm sorry but if i had opened up an empty cheese stick i would have been mad. i probably would have gone back and been like excuse me where is my cheese? i'm serious about cheese. >> krystal: i know. she would have. >> michelle: i love cheese. >> krystal: i wwrap. >>y they say that the -- well not today. today the story was trending and this is something that all parents should pay attention to. they say a picture's worth a thousand words. well in this case it was worth this little boy's life.
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his life. >> krystal: political pundits are in overdrive. is that what they're calling the political pundits these days. >> michelle: do you even know where this story is going. >> krystal: i know where it's going.
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is going to win the iowa caucus. in the strangest way of predicting who will win this contest rodeo fwhulz iowa were given the opportunity to. >> michelle: poop. >> krystal: yes they pooped on pictures of the candidates. they pooped on hillary clinton on the democratic side and did their business on donald trump on the republican side. they're choosing them or not to the bathroom. [ laughter ] i just read it. >> michelle: that's not the up. when i was going through the rundg we've got coming up later but this next story is kids. thousand words. fear-year-old in arizona. look at those rolls. this is the ta mri s family. mom wanted to capture every minute of her baby. she started noticing every time
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there was a flash in the left eye. she bought a new camera thinking it was just something wrong with the flash. noticed it again. she took the baby to the doctor and. guess what? he had a tumor in his eye. and thankfully the flash would make it glow every single time she took that picture and because she followed h mama's intuition they were able to treat it and the baby is expected to be okay. it ends up being cancer. can you imagine? >> krystal: you got to pay
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for sure. >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> krystal: breaking news here live at noon. we're looking at the i-15 on the north side of town near the las vegas motor speedway. it was shut down because of a pretty big acc unfolding around ten this morning. a couple of hours ago. this crash involved two semis and a car. >> michelle: apparently a bmw was trying to make its way through the two semis didn't make it. got squished in between. the bmw flipped. the semis hit each other and then it was a big mess. the person driving the bmw expected to be okay.
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looks like they've got at least
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