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tv   News 3 Live at Three  NBC  January 29, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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the search for the other two inmates who made their elaborate escape last week. now this twist. a jail english teacher allegedly had a relationship with an inmate providing him with google maps that may have shown the roof before the escape. investigators say she denied giving them any power tools to get out. >> marie: back here at home, years of waiting for nye county veterans may be finally coming to an end. ground officially broken today on the long promised $12 million veterans clinic in pahrump. >> reed: news 3's nathan o'neal was there and explains how veterans feel sol for this. >> reporter: it's this moment that veterans in nye county have been waiting for for nearly nine years. this ground breaking marking the start of construction to build a $12 million, 10,000 square foot veterans clinic.
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politicians have made to this community for years. a promise delayed time and time again because of government red tape. >> it's been a hiccup after hiccup after hiccup. it looked like it was going be a start then a stop. a start. then a stop. now to see the ground breaking finally. it's just fantastic. >> reporter: the new veterans clinic is a much needed resource for healthcare in this community. nearly one in four people in pahrump are veterans. many of them are currently forced to drive 70 miles to the v.a. hospital in las vegas for medical care. this new fault will lift that burden. >> the ground breaking is already complete. the main phase of construction is set to start on monday. and they have about 18 months to complete this clinic. in pahrump, i'm nathan o'neal, news 3. >> reed: that intense standoff we told you about yesterday that had a neighborhood in lockdown for hours landed five people in jail. you might remember it happened near rancho and vegas drives. according to police, four of the men went into a pawnshop on washington.
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then they pulled out handguns. police say they ordered the employees and customers to the ground and went on to rob the place. the investigation led police to a home near ravrno in vegas where some of the suspects would not come out. that's what led to the standoff. the standoff ended and the men were arrested along with a getaway driver. they're facing robbery, burglary and other charges. progress on that beautiful t-mobile arena to report. the gold an arena next to the i-15 letting news 3 take a little bit of a peek inside. >> marie: grab your cushions because they're nuth the seats. news 3's sandra gonzalez joins us live outside the arena with more the seat installation and the ground opening. >> reporter: as you can see, crews have been busy on the outside but all they're also busy on the inside. by taking care of thousands of chairs. these are the stadium chairs soon to be filled by crowds for concerts, sports, whatever
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when all is placed and bolted, about 17,000 seats will be available. for now, most of the heavy work is done. and before you know it, april 6th will be here. that's when the t-mobile arena will open its doors. next on the agenda? staffing the arena. that means there are job openings. dan quinn is t-mobile arena's vice president and general manager. >> we'll have ushers working in premium areas. we'll have security officers. then our partners that we've contracted with to do other stage hand and cleaning services, they will be hiring as well. >> reporter: next to this venue a park known simply as the park. it will become a central gathering place on strip's west side. crews are working hard to finish to get everything completed. they told us they would like to do virtual hiring just like they are doing right now for seasonal jobs at their pools.
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quite yet. and when this arena opens in april, it will be a concert with the killers and wayne newton. reporting live, sandra gonzalez, news 3. >> marie: exciting times. sandra, thank you. >> reed: local pride as well. for pro football fans this could be a long weekend as they anxiously await super bowl 50 between the carolina panthers and denver broncos >> marie: mark gives us a behind the scenes look at all the preparations. >> reporter: thousands of carolina panthers fans gave their team a sup broncos pure bred arabia mascot.
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to the bay area. >> like having a child. with a playpen and everything. >> reporter: everything is also what san francisco officials are preparing for. >> we've been planning for this event for thyears. from first responders training for water based emergencies to a secret command center housing federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, officials are braced for any potential threats. >> local, federal, state law enforcement will be sharing information in realtime so we're all on the same page. that's critical to understanding what the situation is throughout the bay area and then responding appropriately. >> reporter: one mis-step thursday. crews at levi stadium accidentally painted both end zones in bronco colors. a mistake quickly corrected but some panther t unintended sleight >> i hope it does rev them up. give them some fuel to get into the end zone. >> reporter: its fuel that will have to last0 is still
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mark barger, nbc news. >> reed: going international now. a mosque in saudi arabia attacked by men st people living in that area. then jerry brown joins us on a friday. >> plenty of clouds but i don't think anybody was complaining about 63 degrees. i've got a 7-day forecast that goes from the 70s to the below freezing. it has wind, rain, snow in the
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stick around. . >> marie: chaos erupts as two gunmen wearing suicide bomb belts attack a shiite mask in saudi arabia killing at least three people. one attacker blew himself up while the other opened fire. then worshipers jumped in and stopped the second attacker from setting off another explosion. no group has immediately claimed
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>> reed: to ak apull co, mes co where fire ripped through -- ak ka pull co mexico where fire ripped through a high-rise. officials say a gas leak ignited the roof at the building's entrance. the fire is out. we're glad to tell you so far no injuries reported. >> marie: more cases of the birth defect causing zika virus found in the u.s. >> reed: at the same time the virus isn't just affecting brain development. the other symptom that now people have to be worried about with we come back. >> marie: a new warning for expectant mothers with diabetes. what doctors are saying about the link between diabetes and autism autism. >> reed: michael phelps taking a part in a big court side distraction last night. put some clothes on young man. we're going to talk about this in "the buzz" with dana wagner. >> marie: as we go to break, fans making us gisle today. check out the [ inaudible ] spotted along the morning drive. it was from quality shoe repair.
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well? share your pictures with us on facebook. just search for ksnv tloous investigation and while --
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are there be sure to like us. >> reed: the number of zika virus cases has jumped in the united states. the cdc saying there are now 32 cases across a dozen states and the district of columbia. it's important to note the virus is not spreading locally in the united state travelers. there are major worries about the dangers pregnant women and their babies face. zika is linked to microcephaly. that's a neurological disorder resulting in the birth of babies with small heads. talking about that, doctors in brazil are warning that children born with those birth defects could also suffer serious damage
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evaluated at this rehab center in the counte limited vision and are cross eyed due to the deformed optic nerves and retinas. doctors say babies with zika linked birth defects need early treatment to help improve their eyesight. the cdcssued a travel advisory last week warning pregnant women to avoid 14 countries in the caribbean and latin american >> marie: women who don't get h sep may be more at risk for type 2 diabetes. har verdict researchers -- harvard searchers found women who had more trouble falling asleep and staying asleep were at greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes. this was especially true for women with other health problems like high blood pressure, obesity and depression. the combination of diabetes and obesity in pregnant women may increase the risk their children will have autism. a study found the risk almost four times hig moms
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doctors aren't sure why the conditions appear to be linked but point out most children whose mothers have these risk factors will not develop autism. >> reed: a severe storm hits sidney, australia today. the tower in the center of the city struck by lightning. the storm caused major damage to properties west of the city. australia media 16,000 homes and power outages. several city train lines had to be shut down and a lot of wiring repaired because of that crazy lightning. the storm caused flight delays two huge sinkholes opened on the same street. it's not in florida this time it's in the southwest part of oregon. the largest took out most of the travel lanes on a highway. the second is right across the street. both opened up within just a short amount of time. that section of the highway is expected to be closed all night and traffic is being detoured. >> marie: frightening images there.
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really nice friday. lot of people wondering what can we expect for the rest of the weekend. >> reed: we have the weather authority standing over there. hi jerry. 60s today. 70s tomorrow. and then we're going to be down sub-freezing before this week. that. wenr then we got the clouds tonight. the clouds nice. they're going act as an insulator. our temperatures are going to be milder stm still in the 40s than they were yet 24 degrees. you can see the pressure has fallen quite a bit since yesterday at this 66 on the east side. warmer at pecos and bonanza. winds are going to be a big part of the story next three days starting tomorrow. cooler out to the west desert and 215. a 58 degrees a southeast breeze
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64 pahrump valley high. boulder city at 60. how about that 70 down in the colorado river valley at laughlin. 63 in our downtown studios here at ksnv. downtown henderson on water street 63. summerlin did make it into the 60s. that's palo verde high. they made it up to 61. 66 downtown. 68 on the east side over at sunrise. normally one of our warmer thermometer thermomen the weather bug network. we made night the low 60s. still there officially. maybe we'll even go up a degree or so. 70 in bar snow and phoenix -- barstow and phoenix. not a lot going on back east. one system moving out but our eyes are focused up to the northwest. pacific storm system moving in. that's going to pack a punch in terms of winds and cold temperatures and moisture. when is it going get here? i'll put it in motion. you can see sunday we're in the bull's eye. look at that.
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here in the valley. that looks like a pretty good bet. overnight tonight the clouds increasing. the rain should stay out to our west. i do see a few sprinkles in nye county. not all of that hitting the ground. most of it not. sandy valley 46 overnight low. 50 in boulder city. look at these highs tomorrow. a few 70s on the board. 74 in lake mead. 68 in pahrump. 63 up in indian springs. 71 here in las vegas. up. however it will be short lived. 49 the overnight low. not as chilly as night's past. let's credit the cloud cover for the milder temperature. 71 tomorrow. definitely breezy. especially in the afternoon hours. winds picking up southwest 15 to 20 miles an hour. morning 50. 7:00 a.m. 66 at noon. by 7:00 p.m., 63. you see the wind speeds. up on mount charleston under a wind advisory from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
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goirg up to ski i think you need goggles. advisories. you can see they extend into arizona and san bernardino county. and also down the river. but not here in the las vegas valley. lake mead looking pretty good. 74 at hoover dam. a breezy day south to southwest winds. the afternoon but pretty much breezy all day on satu 48. that's the high folks on monday with wind. with a northwest wind. look at those morning lows. 31, yes that's below freezing. we thought we were over winter. pay us a little visit. and, of course, we are looking at rain on sunday which we can always use. we like to keep it during the week. >> reed: you wore a black tie. going to the emmys. >> no i'm not. [ laughter ] are they tonight? he is always nominated so i'm sure he will win. >> reed: you look great. >> thank you.
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valentine's day is the busiest time for online dating. coming up what you need to know if you are trying to find the one online. >> dana: good afternoon. i'm dana wagner.
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we'll see with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working.
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just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. yeah, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle look. okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider with high-speed internet from centurylink. i'm dana wagner. las vegas. a picture saved the life of this baby. this is the story out of arizona. the family taking pictures of their new baby called rider. every time they took a picture they noticed a glow in the baby's left eye. at first the mom thought it was a problem with the camera but
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christmas and the same glow kept showing up. so she took ridetory the doctor and the doctor discovered a cancerous tumor in the left eye of rider. but because they caught it so early, they now think that little rider will make a full recovery. donald trump like you have never seen him before involved in a lip sync battle. of course it's not frooum trump. that's actor. that's actor [ inaudible ] was the donald. even evoking a little miley cyrus though wrecking ball. very interesting take on donald trump. another home. where student section in a basketball game goes above and beyond. that is olympic champion swimmer michael phelps in tempe, arizona. arizona state last night in action trying to distract the free-throw shooter from the
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and they did it. the free-throw shooter missed both free throws. i am hear from my producer the other teammates in the photographs are not olympic swimmers. and video -- no control whatsoever. cars sliding down the hill on ice. this guy is trying to get up the hill not having much luck. scariest moment though no doubt came when a bus was approaching the intersection out of control. people get away at the last second. thank goodness. that was a near collision right there. but nobody w injured. it was tough to even stand up on the street as you can see. and that's what's buzzing today las vegas. we'll send it back to you. >> marie: wow. all right. more ice videos here. this one is going viral. it is a video of a t rex that's going ice skating. >> reed: if you remember anything from jurassic park, dinosaurs don't do well on slippery surfaces.
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this one is the one exception. 55 million views on facebook so far. t rex decided to try his teeny little hand at ice skating and this video has gone super nova online. that means like a whole bunch. who knew t rexs were so athletic. let alone they still exist. he is well preserved. >> marie: very well preserved. lovely. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg now richer than some of the most powerful business owners in the world. >> reed: coming up, a look at his new net worth and who he has surpassed. >> marie: plus no cheese, big problem. angry customers take to social media to complain their
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how i was worried. responsible for the family thing too.
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president taking more steps to
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