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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  January 29, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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president taking more steps to ensure employers are paying women the same as their male counterparts. what he is proposing ahead. >> marie: a violent fugitive caught but a double manhunt continues if them --. as we're learning the three california escapees had help. >> reed: a police officer stepped in to make someone's day. what inspired him to do this >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> marie: thank you for staying with us. today mark as day in history women. >> reed: the seventh anniversary of the lily ledbetter fair pay act. the act which president obama signed in 2009 is named for a woman who discovered her employer was paying her less than men doing the very same job. president obama talked about a proposal to collect data in an effort to help businesses ensure they are treating employees equally. >> oftentimes folks doing the
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ofly. it means that women are not getting the fair shot that we believe every single american deserves. >> reed: right now under the lily ledbetter fair pay act it allows unfair pay complaints to be filed within 180 days of a discriminatory paycheck. >> marie: just days before the iowa caucuses donald trump is holding a hefty lead in the polls. as a candidate trump has as you know been unapologetic and brash and has shown he doesn't need to change his ways. >> reed: so does this mean national correspondent kristine frazao shows why they may be forced to. >> reporter: the anti-establishment, anti-pc candidate with no political experience may be experiencing a significant shift. >> the establishment actually is against me but really coming online. >> reporter: coming online in d by bob dole. the 1996 gop nominee.
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ted cruz, i am for donald trump. >> reporter: and henry mcmaster. south carolina's lieutenant governor and former member of the republican national committee. >> the unique donald trump the next president of the united states. >> reporter: so what's with the change of heart? >> the idea that trump is gaining in the polls, that he is still leading in iowa and new hampshire, folks are starting to realiz he wins presidency we're going have to work with him. >> reporter: some political analysts say it's less about the establishment backing the number one and more about them shunning the number two. >> the bottom line is ted cruz is someone that many republicans know. they despise him. many republicans do. and want to stop him first. >> reporter: senator ted cruz who called senate majority leader mitch mccr o the sene floor. >> i cannot believe he would tell a flat out lie. >> reporter: with trump's absence cruz was front and center at thursday night's debate.
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question i may have to leave the stage. >> reporter: but with a dozen gop candidates endorsements are hard to come by. with many waiting until the d narrows. >> i think a lot of folks are starting to realize this actually could be the nominee. donald trump ce nominee reerp a new reality for this reality tv star once a long shot now being given a second look. >> they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. >> reporter: in washington, i'm kristine frazao reporting. >> marie: a man accused of using identity theft to help isis and the dutch stepping up in the fight against the terror group. jonathan elias has more from the terrorism alert desk. >> from the terrorism alert desk a man accused of computer hacking and identity theft to support isis will appear in afternoon. he allegedly stole the personal information of u.s. service
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the dutch government now announcing they will join the u.s. led air strikes against isis in syria. the dutch have been carrying oq for months but they balked at extending the mission to syria. and progress to tell you about coming from northern syria. the city previously under isis rule is under kurdish control. from the terrorism alert desk in washington i'm jonathan elias. >> reed: we're also learning more about north korea and the claims they tested the world's most powerful weapon. the u.s. official sayso test come opponent -- come opponents of the hydrogen bomb. this is a shift from earlier this month when the white house said the evi ydomb test. >> marie for the first time since being deported from mexico, ethan couch appeared in court today in fort worth texas. prosecutors asked the now nearly 19-year-old case be transferred to the adult system. but the judge sided with couch's
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the so-called "affluenza" teen will remain in the juvenile detention fa sill. because couch was 16 when a drunk driving wreck killed four and left one man severely handicapped his case has been handled in juvenile court. authorities believe couch and his mother fled to mexico in december as prosecutors investigated whether the boy violated probation. >> marie: police have arrested one of the three inmates escaped from a calif week. 43-year-old duong turned himself in not far from where they made the escape. no word though other two inmates but we've learned they had help. a jail english teacher allegedly had a relationship with inmate nayeri providing him with maps that may have shown the roof before the escape. investigators say she deni givi them power tools. amanda knox's ex-boyfriend seeking more than half a million
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law for unjust detention. both he and knox were convicted in 2009 after the death of knox's roommate. and both were sentenced to lengthy jail terms. the two spent about four years in italian prisons. on an appeals court reversed their convictions but two years later they were retried and sentenced to lengthy terms. last year the italian high court brought the legal saga to an end by freeing the pair once and for all. >> reed: automaker nissan recalling nearly 930,000 altima cars all over the world some are which being recalled for a third time. this time it is to fix a problem that could allow the hood to fly open while the cars are going down the road. the recall involves altimas from 2013-2015. nissan is going to replace the latches for free starting in mid-february. apple is recalling millions of power adapters because they could cause an electric shock. apple said in rare cases the adapters may break and create a
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apple says they're going exchange them for free at any apple store or authorized apple service provider. it will refund customers who bought new plugs. i think we should look closely at the screen. those are really important identifiers. we're going to try to put that on our website. that's what you need to look for. >> marie: mark zuckerberg can afford to buy a whole lot more t-shirts and hoodieshe is famous for. the facebook ceo is richer than the kou foun $6 billion thursday after facebook reported a stellar quarter with record revenue. as facebook's stock rose his net worth grew to 47-and-a-half billion dollars. that ranks him number six on bloomberg's list of the wealthiest people in the world. he leap-frogged charles and david koch who ron the koch
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worth 46 billion. >> reed: it is a busy time for online dating services. some people meet on facebook and some in other inways. there's been a boost in singles signing up. >> marie: mark barger spoke about an expert about yes would are online looking for love. >> reporter: it is the season to search for love. for many the internet plays match maker. >> the most active time for any online dating site is between the day after christmas and valentine's day. >> reporter: holiday loneliness, family nagging, social media envy and time off from work can contribute to the jump. a recent east coast snowstorm brought a blizzard of activity for dating sites which fall into three types. >> rapid fire. just recently right now with t to know somebody more with and other sites. or go to a dating site where you really are anon-and we give you the dates.
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the digital world doesn't always hold up in the real world. experts say too mu messaging before a first meeting can be problematic. so can the sheer number of options. >> people on dating sites get the impression there's another one around tr people and they don't settle in to trying to get to know the people they have ale e to smile. avoid photos that show drinking or too much skin. and in your description give you are. >> you'll turn some people off but you'll turn the right ones on. >> reporter: when you do meet. >> for heaven sakes don't talk about your exes. be a second date. mark barger, nbc news. >> reed: what's the famous book, who stole my cheese? loot of people are wanting to know about who swiped the cheese out of their cheese at mcdonald's. mcdonald's issued an apology after some of their customers took to social media to complain about a key ingredient missing from their mozzarella sticks.
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their cheese sticks lacking the cheese in their cheesy snacks. the company said, quote, in these instafrnss we believe the cheese melted out during the baking process and shouldn't have been served. we apologize to customers affected. they say they're working on it in all of the restaurants. it saved some calories right. >> marie: but you are going want to the cheese. >> reed: that's why you order the mozzarella cheese sticks. aretha franklin saw how patti labelle did with her sweet potato pies and is launching her own food line. she tells detroit channel four it will include your own brand of chili gumbo baked chicken. patti labelle made headlines over the holiday season with that wal mart sweet potato pie that was really launched after a young man on youtube made it famous. franklin said she habit tasted it but said miss patty is going to have to move that pie to the side.
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standing feud. they should just share pie and get over it. >> marie: break some bread. and just invite everybody over. sounds like a delicious party. >> reed: for a franklin-labelle bread. maybe labelle-franklin. another fight brewing. >> marie: an act of kindness getting a lot of attention on social media. >> reed: coming up why one police officer could keep those feuding a thing or two. he stepped in to make a stranger's day. >> marie: here is something that will make everybody smile. a few of our own going to the other big game. we'll drew to our furry adoptable friends making an appearance in th. >> wind advisories over much of our area tomorrow and believe me those are the winds of change. they're going blow us from the 70s tomorrow how about to the lower 30s for some overnight lows. you are going to want to watch
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. >> reed: wry happy friday. hopefully you have earned a weekend off. now to the good stuff. an act of kindness iowa. >> marie: it involve as police officer who gave a 16-year-old driver a few tickets. but these were tickets any pop star fan would want. sarah mccarthy explains. >> why don't you just turn left on first ave. >> reporter: hanna was celebrating her sweet 161 day. >> kind of got a -- >> reporter: behind the wheel
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but a traffic stop wednesday night. >> may i have your driver's license please. >> proof of insurance. >> reporter: still has hanna traumatized. >> i was scared. but i think i would have been a lot more scared if my dad wasn't there. o called up cedar rapids police officer thomas grub. >> here is your driver's license back. i got good and bad news for you. bad news you are going to get a ticket. good news is it's to justin bieber. happy birthday. >> thank you! [ laughter ] thank you. >> reporter: at the moment hanna is still bashful about now. >> i was really mad. i thought it was stupid. still kind of mad. >> reporter: but she says she's three ticket maze help her the spotlight. >> i think so. i think i might be able to. >> reporter: and for her dad it thanks to sergeant grub. >> thank you so much.t was mean of you. of his day.
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>> marie: that was sarah mccarthy reporting. yesterday we talked about a cop helping out a 73-year-old man shovel all the snow in front of his business. and now we have this story about a cop surprising this teenage girl. we want to know do you have any stories of law enforcement going above and beyond the call of duty. >> reed: we want to hear about it. tweet us during the show. you can also tweet the station @news 3 lv. >> marie: oftentimes these stories deserve more than 140 characters. so join the conversation on facebook by like our page. search for ksnv news 3 investigation. the danish toy maker lego has unveiled a mini-figure in a wheelchair. >> reed: the company followed up on requests from organizations representing people who live in wheelchairs and asked they show the reality, dignity and importance of people who use wheelchairs. toy like me handed in that
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20,000 people. the figure will be introduces art paf the new lego city set in june. the new set appears to show a scene in a park with figures of parents and t international toy fair in germany. >> marie: i love that. a reflection of our real, beautiful world. >> reed: about time. >> marie: the nevada spca celebrating a milestone this week. the local no kill shelter has three pups playing in the big game. that is puppy bowl 12. you will have maltese d toby, redhead terrier mix ginger and a chihuahua whose name is magic. they're all on the 2016 roster. last year was the first time a pup was invited to play. the shelter was invited back to fill three spots. the puppy bowl must love our vegas pups. expect plenty of rough housing and tail wag on game day.
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remember the theme of the fun is to adopt a pet. >> puppy mayhem the whole week before puppy bowl. but it's huge to recognize that, you know, shelters do have great, great wonderful animals. please do nopet. >>: on february 7th at 11:00 a.m. they will host a puppy bowl viewing party and there will be plenty of yummy treats for humans. >> reed: time for a look ahead on news 3 at five. >> marie: ammon bundy remanes in jail for his part in the standoff at the oregon refuge. why federal agents are looking at messages he sent before the standoff. >> reed: democratic preside nds facing the heat of one of the strongest unions in southern nevada. how his campaigning of culinary workers could impact his chances to win in our state. we're going to talk about that plus your forecast and check of
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>> marie: an ice sculpture exhibit in japan is making winter a bit more beautiful. the pieces are mr water from the lake. when the water is added it turns into ice making the art unique and glamorous. e exhit is open until february 21st. you know that saying what goes up must come down can be true in space. just ask astronomers over the hubble space telescope. these images so the smith cloud. it's outside the milky way but astronomers say rights goug to boomerang ba create a star formation. they believe it has been outside the galaxy for 70 million years. >> reed: you got to check this out. pluto's atmosphere. a photo taken by nasa scientists who want to understand exactly what the haze particles of pluto are made of. the haze is a photo chemical smog. the lighter patches in the ring are sunlight t that are in pluto's surface space. pretty cool.
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strong winds knocked down trees and power lines after a tornado ripped through south florida. the tornado touched down yesterday. winds reached up to 85 miles per hour knocking down trees and fences and power lines. surveillance video shows pieces of furniture go flying. surveillance video showed that patio furniture just lifted in the air tossed around like toys. we can tell you this the church suffered quite a bit of damage. utility crews say more than 700 people lost electricity. no reports of injuries. they know how to do major storms in south florida. >> marie: i bet. i just want to make sure i got that viewing party will be february 7th at 11:00 a.m. just in case i misspoke. that puppy bowl. >> reed: okay. february 7th. we'll tweet that out. >> marie: before we get to that we have a gorgeous saturday on
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>> reed: that's right. jerry brown is going to be knee high socks. >> how do you know about tho rh you will like. albeit breezy. going to appreciate. you saw a flush of color this morning. from aliante look south we got sunshine. we have pretty substantial cloud aliante 61. east wind at four. 22 percent. 22 degrees the dew point. the barometer very much down from this time yesterday. a little cooler down in henderson. liberty high. st. rose and bermuda 60. a tad more breezy east northeast at eight miles an hour. no wind to speak of on the strip. miracle mile shops 62 degrees. it is 46 up at mount charleston. they're going have an interesting day sunday. laughlin. degrees. here at our downtown studios 63.
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that is palo verde. 62 spring valley. northeast valley 62. valley. yesterday did make night the lower 60s today. taking a look around the u.s. of a. some cold air back east. you can see the warm up over the southwest. when it warms up here it frequently gets cold back east. but as i said in the earlier weather segment our warm-up is going to be very short lived. there's the moisture. some lake-effect snow back east. looking at another storm and it's got a little bit of a punch to it. winds and cold weather associated with this pacific storm. you see the frontal system in the northern california. of course they need the rain up there. and this will be another god send for the see aa as they will get mret -- sierra as they will get plenty of snow. here is the forecast model. you can see it puts us in the soup come sunday afternoon. we're looking at a snow level of 4,000 feet. that will of course include the ski resort.
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tires if you are going to get up there or four-wheel drive on sunday. here's the moisture moving through today. this is not hitting the ground. nothing to speak of. our rain probably going to start saturday night into sunday. then more substantially sunday afternoon. we're not expecting really heavy moisture. the big story will be the winds. freezing point tonight up on the mountain to 50 in boulder city. that's fairly mild. that's courtesy of some of the cloud cover around providing the insulation. flef 47 in primm. highs tomorrow beautiful. we're talking 68 nye county pahrump. 69 overton. 74 in laughlin. and 71 here in the valley as you can see the entire southwest on the balmy side. 49 our overnight low. definitely not as chilly as night's past. our normal is 41. and tomorrow how about 71. a breezy day. southwest winds i think we can handle that with those warm temperatures. 7:00 a.m., 50. 66 at noon. 63 at 5:00 p.m. down from the afternoon high.
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49 up on the mountain. wind advisory in affect from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. i showed you before the break the extent of wind advisories. should be a nice day on lake mead. in affect.y somet a roller-coaster ride. on sunday. then that's not a misprint. 40s for highs on monday and tuesday. overnight lows approaching then freezing point. we're going have really chilly mornings next week >> reed: turn on the jazz music. i'm going tell ow. jerry is an old time jazz. >> a little cold train and miles. >> marie: and a blanky. >> reed: inform think you have a planky. >> well, you know. >> reed: but the polka dot shorts. here is the play not to be over looked from wednesday's purdue-minnesota men's
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a.j. hom onds lose his shoe. reruns down the court with it. he corrals it with his left. pretty good. >> marie: talk about making
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>> reed: he did i announcer: it's time to play "family feud!" give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? i appreciate that. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. yeah, i do. thank y'all. thank y'all very much. i appreciate it, folks. thank you very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. we got a good one for you today. returning for their second day, from birmingham, alabama, it's the turkiewicz
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