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tv   News 3 Live at Six  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>> i'm jessica moore. we do know that raider nation is ready for the team to move to town. kelsey thomas is live from unlv. the stadium would be right around the corner from campus at tropicana. >> reporter: that's right. the lot near thomas and mack could be the state-of-the-art billion-dollar stadium. we don't know if the raiders are moving here, we know a lot of people are talking about it. >> if i put everything in order of importance, my kids, my wife, the raiders. >> reporter: a die-hard raider fan, richard pleads silver and black. >> th is my raider shrine. this is everything i love about raiders. >> for fans like richard, rooting for a team they love in a city they live in. >> it's like a pipe dream. we want the raiders to be to be at home.
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this lot owned by unlv? the casino mogul said he will build a $1 billion dome stadium that could become the home for unlv and an nfl franchise. we staked out the lot near ul unlv and waited for the raiders' caravan this morning. and this is what we found. >> anything but san antonio. i'm okay with it. >> thisthis is where all of the action is in las vegas. >> reporter: there's one thing fans agree on. >> i'm sure we could sell out every game. >> reporter: they don't root for the oakland raiders or the l.a. raiders. they are just raider fans. >> where they go, i go. that's all that matters. >> reporter: major sports league, especially the nfl, have said for years they would not place the team here in las vegas because of gambling. football analysts say it's a leverage play by the team which wants a new stadium in oakland, california.
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unlv, kelsey thomas, news 3. >> both teams do tend to play in cities eens each other. breaking news at 6:00, three people shot in the same general area yesterday. it's happening in north las vegas. john treanor is live. it could be a coincidence but the approx proximity makes you wonder if there's a connection. >> reporter: this is a dangerous situation. this is 3:00 when the shooting first happened. north las vegas police have been on the scene at this apartment complex on civic center north of cheyenne since then. details hard to come by. one woman, two men shot, injuries not life-threatening. they are at umc. witnesses say the shooting happened indoors. out.
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custody yet but at you mentioned, a 24-year-old was shot and killed in this same apartmentcom plex. that was residents on edge. police have not given any suspect identification in this shooting. you are urged to call crimestoppers, 702-385-5555 if you have any knowledge about what happened here. also new at 6:00, a wrongful death lawsuit over a deadly police shooting out by red rock has been dismissed. we have dashcam video that confronted concaptured the cop front -- captured the confrontation. the complaint filed by tracy meadow was kleesed. rangers were called to state route 159 of a reports that he was battering a female bicyclist. the 20-year-old was shot after reaching for a rifle inside a trooper's vehicle.
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videotaping sex acts including with her children was in court. debra sena will. the two women claimed christopher sena used intim dangs to control them and force them to perform sex acts. he's awaiting trial on 14 criminal charges. police say this group of men terrorized a pawnshop. they went in, grabbed whatever they could get their hands on. robbery sparked a standoff. antonio castelan spoke to spectators. some of them are telling you this is becoming way too common. >> reporter: that's right, jim. those business owners say more and more times their businesses are getting robbed. the robbery suspects who hit that pawnshop are here at the
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police say those individuals are ruthless. robbery suspects sparked a six-hour standoff after hitting this northwest valley pawnshop. police say these men were the men responsible for the chaotic events. >> it is a little bit of a problem. >> reporter: this woman heard loud noises coming out of the pawn shon pawnshopped of. she said too many robberies are having. >> two, three people come together. one will have a conversation and the other will pick up the stuff and run out. >> reporter: police say at this pawnshop, the robbery suspects stormed the place and forced customers to the ground. the thieves stormed showcases and made off with jewelry. >> not very nice. it could happen. somebody could have gotten killed. >> reporter: this man also works at the shopping plaza. he says it's very important to look around his surroundings.
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that's how all all we can do. we can't stan people from coming -- stop people from coming in. >> reporter: the suspects are facing robbery charges. they are expected to be in court next week. jessica? a 212-year-old man was shot and killed wednesday night in the northeast part of town. we brought you this story as breaking news last night. the coroner has identified him as kevin camacho. he died. he was founding on the ground 7:30. still no arrests according to police. the final militia holdout at that oregon refuge say they want guaranteed pardons, not just for them but for everyone who took part in the standout. also today, ammon and ryan bundy and the other members arrested went before a judge in federal court. they face a long list of charges, including using force
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11 are now under arrest. for more coverage on the standoff at the wildlife ref refuge go to veterans living in pahrump have been waiting for a decade for a new v.a. clinic. today marked the official groundbreaking of this $1 million facility. it's a resource the community has desperatelily needed one in four citizens in pahrump are veterans. nathan o'neal traveled to bring us reaction from the vets who live there. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: with shovels in hand, this is a groundbreaking moment for thousands of veterans in nye county. >> now to see the ground breaking finally, it's just fantastic. >> reporter: a moment veterans like some waters have been waiting on for nearly ten years. >> it's been a hiccup, after hiccup. >> reporter: like many veterans, tom is forced to drive 70 miles to the nearest v.a. hospital each time he needs treatment for
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soon he will have a closer option. >> it means the verts will have -- veashts veterans will have a closer place to. >> reporter: making good on a promise to build a $12 million veterans clinic, a promise tape. >> i know this has been a very frustrating process. >> reporter: dean heller sits on the committee in washington. >> every member on that committee knows about pahrump because i've been talking about pahrump for ten years. >> reporter: the groundbreaks that's already complete, there is a reminder for a lot of the veterans desperately wait for the construction. a backhoe ready to get to work as early as monday. >> all right get it properly >> reporter: to improve the health and quality of life for thousands of veterans just like tom. >> i think if you build it, they will come.
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pahrump, nathan o'neal, news 3. >> glad to see they are gonna get the help they need. coming up -- a message from the culinary union about the controversy surrounding the bernie bernie sanders campaign. >> we told you about trying to lobby. the first move of its kind valley. we'll introduce you to the person behind it and tell you unique. we cannot offer a partridge in a pear tree but we have two blasts of wind. one shot of rain and the temperature is doing the el plungo. your forecast coming up. >> very impressive with the bilingual forecast. the nfl is gearing up for the biggest game of the year. we'll tell you about the big whoops on the field as crews were getting ready for the superbowl.
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news 3 live at at a time when controversy is su -- is surrounding the muslim community, a new mosque opens its doors. it's the first mosque in the united states to be fully paid for by a muslim-american woman. new at 6:00, fatima rahmatullah spoke with that woman making history and is live near north jones and rancho with the story. >> reporter: jess, this mosque you see behind me is an american goal, by an american woman who loves her country and wants to serve her people. as the final toucheses are paid, she's turned her dream into a reality. >> finally, the day came. dream come true. >> reporter: by building a house
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in northwest las vegas. >> we're not going to tell anybody not to come. there are so many people -- everybody i'm not going to judge anybody. >> reporter: this man is the first master planned mask built by a woman in the united states. >> the woman can do what they choose. >> reporter: with no fund-raising or community donations, she paid $3 million for the entire construction. how did you find this? >> i'm a pharmacist. i worked all of my life 24/7 and i'm a real estate investors also. half of this come from that. >> reporter: at 71 years young, don't let her age or small stature fool you, she's a force. >> you can do it if you can good intention, determination, nothing gonna stop you.
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a muslim portrayed in a negative light, she said it won't stop her. >> they are not just talking. they do good job, good deed. >> reporter: do you feel a sense of accomplishment be? >> yes, a good deed. mission accomplished. [laughter] >> reporter: and the mosque intends to empower members of the community regardless of their faith. she says this mosque is open to all. reporting live, fatima rahmatullah, news 3. >> thank you for that. now at 6:00, move on nngot to see here. that's generally the message from the culinary union and the bernie sanders' campaign about a recent controversy. the sanders camp is accused of sending operatives masquerading as culinary workers into off yip its areas of the casino workers -- offlimit areas of casino
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the sanders campaign apologized. the culinary tells news 3 the situation has been resooved. the union is officially neutral now. here's unlv's michael green. >> it's not a good idea to get the culinary mad and what remines to be seen is whether the sanders' campaign has done that. so the culinary has their own agenda to be concerned with, including contract negotiations. they may may not want to play this up too much but i have the feeling it some people will remember. >> we'll see soon. nevada is wufnt very early states to vote. if sanders wins iowa and new hampshire, john ralston who broke this story yesterday says it may increase pressure on the culinary to pick a side. the democratic candidates are adding more locations. they've added locations at the
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palace, the rio, paris, harrises. the democratic party says if those strip workers use these locations instead of their designated neighborhood locations, they will need to declare they can't make it because of their shift. for both the democratic and republican locations, we have a link at the republican caucus is february 23rd. good news and bad news as we start the weekend tomorrow. i will take the good news. it will be warmer. >> of course you will and the bad news is that kevin janison has to tell you when it gets colder. kj? >> not sure i like that deal. i get to deliver the news. remember, i am just the manager. it's looking like a bumpy ride this weekend. we've come out to some piercing cold temperatures, too. waves of clouds. we had the clouds earlier. you got up on friday with a little gloom. sunshine came out. a few more bands of clouds and other clearing spots. i think we'll clear off.
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boogie, but with the winds tomorrow, they will be jumping all over the place. up on the mountain we're expecting a foot of snow come sunday night as the storm rolls on in. it's 59 degrees. still pretty mild. this is on the east side of town near lake mead and fell vis. feert apache, 54. hardly hit any wind. peak gust 9 miles per hour. on the mountain, 40 degrees. not gonna get too cold. that's coming sunday night. still at 60 near sam boyd. 58 downtown. summerlin, 54. outside the valley, pahrump, 55 while over in boulder city, they are still in the upper 50s. official high temperature today made it to 63. probably could have done a couple of degrees better had we not had the thicker clouds come through but still above normal. tomorrow with more bonus rays of snipe, we'll start to -- sunshine we'll start at 50 and then 60 with the sunshine and
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we'll cross the threshold of 60 and it will pick up. 19, 21. 19. that's sustained. there could be gusts to 40 miles an hour tomorrow. and the strongest batch expected on the back side of the front come monday. here's what we're looking at -- we're -- it's like standing in hawaii and shooting a fire extinguisher across the pacific. that moisture mainly has been in northern california and northern nevada. we're getting a few renegades. that could happen later tonight before clearing after that during the early-morning hours. cold air of low pressure that that will sag and help squeeze rain. the wind picks up and by sunday, the rain moves in. i think we'll get a good shoot, light to moderate showers working in mainly sunday afternoon and sunday night and it's on the pack side of that when we expect the strong cold winds. that will be sunday night and
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pahrump goes parents ofparts of tuesday. 70 degrees in boulder city. 63 in indian springs. for the las vegas valley, 50 degrees. i think we'll see more clearing rate tonight and and -- late tonight and not much wind. that changes. then i will mix up the atmosphere. i think 71 for the high. up on the mountain, windy day tomorrow. white day sunday afternoon into monday. we're expecting 6, 12 inches of snow. the higher elevations of mount charleston. the skiers will love that. seven-day forecast, there's our wet sunday. best chance for rain sunday afternoon and sunday night. back side of that system, the strong winds, cold air with a high of 48 on monday. 33 monday night and the winds are still gonna be blowing. that means as you get rolling tuesday morning, bone-chilling windchills. we'll worry about that next
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i was at mcmillan elementary. we sent them packing and a fine subtle friday afternoon with the third, fourth and fifth graders. we had a lot of fun. a lot of great energy out there. i want to thank fell for the smiles they provided to us -- thank them for the smiles they provided. >> kevin came back with the smiles and it's contagious. >> we had a lot of fun out there. >> we love that side of you. >> thank you. still ahead -- i wanted to show you this before we go to the break. it looks fun nip but funny but there's nothing wrong. this is the way they planned to fix the british jet that caught fire. >> it caught fire right on takeoff, the pilot was able to successfully land the plane and safely land the plane. all 174 people went down on emergency slides.
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mccarran stranded. now we see they are working to make repairs on the jet and it had to -- >> improvides. >> the hangar is not quite big enough to contain it. >> it kind of reminds me of -- remember the poster that said plan ahead and the last few letters were fallen off? i thought you would like that. still ahead -- back behind bars, one of the three inmates who broke out of the orange county jail has been caught. we'll tell you how it all went down coming up. and a big mess on the speedway. a crash between two semitrucks and a car. what troopers say the car was
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people headed north or trying to on i-15 were delayed by a crash out near the las vegas motor speed way. it was a nasty one. nevada highway patrol shut down the northbound lanes after two semitrucks and a bmw were involved in this collision. the driver of the beamer tried to pass the semis, but crashed into one of them, causing his car to flip over and the two trucks to smash into each other. the driver of the car suffered minor injuries. he was cited for an unlaf lane change. traffic was redirected off the freeway at feedway boulevard for a while. we all know donald trump skipped the republican debate last night. >> did the move work in his favor or hurt him plus, how did his rival ted cruz perform. and the big game a little
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