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tv   News 3 Live at Seven  NBC  January 29, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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nevada gears up for the grand opening. thank you for joining us. i'm marie mortera. >> i'm reed cowan. the largest arena in las vegas will open its doors in ten weeks. it's sure to bring jobs and a ton of entertainment. san drawn gonzalez takes us inside to show -- san drawn gonzalez takes us inside to show you the progress being made. >> reporter: crews have been busy on the outside, as you can see, with all of this machinery. but they are just as busy on the inside with thousands of chairs. the chairs are being installed. and this is just the beginning. when all is placed, about 17,000 people could sit down. the t-mobile arena is opening on april 6th and locals aren't the only one watching this giant venue forming next to the new york, new york. robert gonzalez of dallas, texas says he would love to use it for
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>> basketball, wrestling, whatever. >> reporter: he spends a lot of money to see the cowboys and not just on the tickets. >> beer, food, which that's really expensive, you know. pretty much. >> reporter: brian cooper of chicago not only would like to go to the arena but likess the idea of the park built next to it. >> seems like it's in the perfect spot. easy access to everything. i don't see why not, you know. actually, i think it would be a perfect spot. >> reporter: the park simply known as the park will become a central gathering place between the arena and new york, new york. drews are working -- crews are working feevgerrishly to get it all dop. don't forget about the people who will will have to work there at the arena. there are a lot of jobs. dan quinn is the vice president and general manager. >> we'll have ushers, security officers, and then our partners that we've contracted with to did other stage hand and
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hiring as well. >> reporter: mgm would like to do virtual hiring for the arena jobs for the pool jobs. when it opens in april, first concert will feature the killers and wayne newton. sandra gonzalez, news 3. from one stadium to fob another. could acres become home to a raiders? shell donshell don reportedly want -- shel don adelesome had a apparently discussed the possibility of a new stadium and a pro football team. he tweeted out this picture of his meeting with the owner of the raiders, mark davis.
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there this a complicated maze of issues on paying for it. >> money. money is always the biggest challenge. there have been situations in which a professional team has shared a facility with a college team. i -- we would have to look at that very, very closely. our primary responsibility on the board of regents is furthering the mission of unlv. >> and then there's the hangup of over who will call the place home. the nfl has said no to las vegas because of the gambling issues. that didn't stop the fans from being at the scene today. state officials say nevada gambling rev noon was up slightly in 2015 compared to 2014. the nevada gaming control board said state casinos want $11.1 billion. the trip's gaming win was basically flat. ian town las vegas's revenues were -- downtown las vegas's rev nufs were up. -- revenues were up.
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las vegas in record numbers, they are choosing to spend more money on other activities besides gambling. >> five people are behind bars tonight after an intense standoff up at a north las vegas neighborhood on lockdown. four men robnd a nearby pawnshop after ordering the employees and customers to the ground. the investigation led police to a home near rancho and las vegas where some. suspects refused to come out which, of course, led to the standoff. eventually the standoff ended and the men were arrested along with the getaway driver. one of three escaped inmits that orange inmit -- inmates in orange county, california is back in custody after turning himself in. a jail employee may have helped the three inmates escape from behind bars. >> reporter: the inmates cut through steel, snaked along plumbing tunnels.
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>> nooshafarin ravaghi has been arrested. it's believed that she provided critical planning tools that aided in the preparation for the escape. >> reporter: the sherr itch avenue department said she had a relationship with one of the escape tees and provided maps. investigators say she denied giving them power tools. the case, a striking similarity break. >> i did wrong. i deserve to be prison employee. >> reporter: joyce mitchell admitted to having a relationship with the two murderers before helping them bust out of the prison. >> we know there was a relationship. whether it was physical, we're still trying to confirm that. >> reporter: bac duong was spotted sunday, test driving this van before feeding away. investigators say they are one step closer to arresting the two other inmates wanted for murder,
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torture and who pulled off a imagined. important members of the virginia police force are one step closer to being better protect while they work. it all happened while one k-9 dog was shot by a suspect. now every dog in the virginia k-9 police unit will wear vests when out serving the community. the vests were made possible thanks to a donation from cnn's anderson cooper. the department lost a k-9 earlier this month after he was shot and killed by a suspect while wearing no protection. another super bowl favorite is in town for a very special appearance. >> the budweisers clydesdale team. counting down to the big game. las vegas boulevard will be shut down for the giant arrival tomorrow. here's denise rosch. >> i think the size is great, the beauty of them.
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and show off. >> reporter: it's been a years. >> reporter: the budweiser clydesdale, a team that's been around longer than the super bowl itself. their first ride, april, 1933 prohibition. >> they sent a case of beer to the white house and to the new york governor who helped get prohibition repealed. >> reporter: this weekend, the horses are right here in las vegas, getting ready for a ride down the strip from harmon to fla flamingo will be shut down as the team aryes arrives at paris he hee tell helping to open beer park. a restaurant that's open to all ages. >> born and raised in las vegas. we wanted to provide something where locals could come. >> reporter: these two are
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say beer park is about more than just the amazing view. >> great barbecue, great food. it's approachable. it's friendly. >> reporter: it scored the ig aboutest -- the biggest selects for the grand opening even the clydesdale dalmatians are here for the ride. the clydesdales are on the road throughout the year. there's one in new hampshire, one in st. louis and these guys are from fort collins, colorado. this is manson. you will see him in a brand-new commerce super bowl sunday. and while horses are rotated, the supervisor admits some of the older animals don't seem to like that. >> it's almost like michael jordan or el elvis. they want the spotlight. they want to be on every day. >> reporter: their harnesses shine, the las vegas trip their next stage. denise rosch, news 3. >> beautiful horses out there. >> yes.
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learns his lesson after robbing a woman in broad daylight. >> find out how a real-life superman came to the rescue. >> and the hole creating quite a nightmare for drivers. we have wind advisories over much of southern nevada. certainly for the mountains, california, arizona. heavy winds heading in. also rain, mountain snow, colder temperatures.
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a drone captures this huge sinkhole in the middle of the take a look at that. the sinkhole measures 50 feet in diameter and is 50 to 70 feet deep. portions of highway 101 are all but swallowed up near the california stateline there. the oregon department of transportation expects the detour to be in place through the first week of february. a man dressed up as superman
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woman being robbed at an atm. antonio was wearing this costume as part of a fund-raising effort. but he sprang into action when he heard screems. he chased the attacker wrested him to the ground until police showed up. >> i looked the man. and he was over there by the shops. i chased him and everybody was pointing and it was him, it was him. >> a real life hero. authorities arrested a 54-year-old man in connection with the robbery. three dogs, one cat and a lizard were rescued from a burning home in kansas. the animals were home alone when the flames broke out overnight. neighbors called the fire fire through the front window of that home. crews put out the flames in about a half-hour. the owner returned home as firefighters were bringing those
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we're glad to tellnobody was -- tell you nobody was hurt. chances are good you will be hosting one or attending one. >> we're talking about a super bowl party. it wouldn't be a party without the right television set. kim wag never has more on -- kim wag never has more. >> the super bowl is a great excuse to buy a new television and prices have never been lower. retailers offer deep discounts this time of year because they are clearing the shelves for the new models but with so many options how would you know which one to buy? consumer reports shares tips. big screens to watch the big game have never been cheaper. you can get a 65-inch, 1080-p high-definition tv for under a thousand dollars. >> a regular hd set is still a
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>> reporter: consumer reports tests hundreds of tvs and said for a super bowl party a screen 50 50 inches or better is a good choice and also important a wide viewing angle. >> this is where and o. ul comes handy. >> reporter: consumer reports tested these patterns. some tvs may be a great deal for the game. if you want to invest in the latest and greatest, check out an ultrahd old. this 55-inch set costs $3,000 and is one of the consumer reports highest-rated tvs ever. >> this tv offers everything you need to make your super bowl party a hit and uhd will help future proof you for when more content becomes available.
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tv, brand new models hit late february, early march. consumer reportses have recommendations for good deals on big screens available right now. 55-inch set consider a couple of hd models from samsung and sony. both start at $800. if you are looking for something bigger, there is a 65-inch bravia for $1600 and a panasonic for $1700. we have a loot more. go to our website, for now, i'm kim wagner. back to you. >> thank you. well, you know americans love the super bowl and they love their chicken wings, too. according to the national chicken council, americans will consume 1.3 billion chicken wings next weekend leading up to and during super bowl 50.
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if laid out would go from charlottes to sports authority almost three times. let's go to korea where an authority says one shark is not playing nicely in the tank. the largest in the aquarium about 7 feet long is said to have slowly eaten the smaller 5-year-old male hound shark. the larger shark was filmed her tank. today only the tip of the tail guests. the aquarium believes it's a turf war so she just ate him. >> okay. let's talk about a more beautiful image. how about our weather out there? >> gosh. jerry brown, i guess you never why the that kind -- never cross that kind of shark. >> that looked nasty. i think the forecast is more appetizing, at least in the short term and then it gets cold and dreary. here is our die and time.
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we go set sunshine. we still made it up to 63 for an official high. not too shabby. 5 currently on the -- 58 currently on the strips. the pressure, much lower than it was at this time yesterday. calm winds in the southern 50. down in the southwest valley, up in the northeast valley 53. nellis air force base, a wind at 4. 48 up on the mountain at the lodge. to 54 at the lake mead marina. 54 boulder city and 5 had in pahrump. temperatures in the 50s around southern nevada. that's the case in the valley. 52 in summerly. 55 in the lake. the west valley yesterday stayed in the upper 50s. did make it in the lower 60s today. officially for las vegas, 58. 62 over in l.a. 51 in reno and a pair of 4s for the salt lake valley. how about the highs tomorrow?
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71 in las vegas to 76 in phoenix. quite nice. barstow looking at almost 70 degrees. back east, a little storm system moving off. some snow across the great lakes. let's go out west, a lot going on in the pacific. there's very cold air when you see the broken clouds. that's the cold stuff. you have that moisture streaming in off the pacific. when up mix those two elements, moisture and cold air, i think you know what you get. it will be a bonanza for the ski resorts in the sierra and eventually to the utah wasatch. cold, windy conditions will work their way in here. tomorrow, a respite from the cold. as you can see, by sunday, especially through the afternoon and evening hours, you can see a real mess. snow level in the spring mountains looks like it will be around 4,000 feet. so that will include the ski resort. they could get half a foot of snow, even up to a foot. some moisture aloft, but we're generally talking about cloudy conditions overnight with the clouds providing some insulation.
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they have been in nights past. 39 in pahrump. 45 in overton. 50 in boulder city. then we have 70s on the map tomorrow. really gonna be a lovely day, albeit a windy one. you can put on a t-shirt. shouldn't be a problem. 39 degrees overnight. not as chilly as past nights. tomorrow, mostly sunny and mild. but some gusty afternoon winds. southwest 15, 25 gusting over 40 miles an hour at times. 7:00 a.m., 50 degrees. 66 by noon. 63 early evening at 7:00 p.m. down from the afternoon high and up on mount charleston. 49 for the high. and red rock looking at 65. wind advisory in effect from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. for southwest winds, 25 to 35 miles an hour. definitely goingles for for the skiers and boarders -- goggles for the skiers and boarders. seven-day forecast starts, in
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by monday, 40s. tuesday, a very cold groundhog emerging there. let me tell you. 32, 31 for overnight lows. then we sort of climb back into the low 60s by next friday. so it's a very active weather week. we're looking at the rain on sunday. snow up in the mountains. so be preparedle tomorrow just the just -- so be prepared tomorrow. just a roller coaster. >> up and down. nasa released a very cool photo taken by the mars rover. the photo which combines 57 images was taken earlier this month. it's a portrait of the mobile laboratory near a spot where it's been collecting and analyzing samples of sand. following that, they will find possible locations for it to move and collect rock samples. they've been collecting dale da since august of 2012. well, after decades of building planes and pirate
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something new. >> a powerful look at how the toy company is mirroring our
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community. i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours?
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share it with yourself. freshlycracked egg with ham and bacon,or sausage, get two breakfast croissants forfour bucks. nissan is recalling nearly 937,000 altima mid-sized cars to fix a hood latch problem. they say paint can chip off exposing bare metal and that can rust and cause the secondary
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this involves the vehicles from 2013 to 25015. in the two previous recalls in 2014 and 2015, details stretches latches and applied lubricant. we like this one -- lego unveiled the first mini figure in a wheelchair. they followed up with a request of those with disables to show the realities of their world. they handed in a petition signed by more than 20,000 people supporting this wish. the wheelchair figure will be intrope drussed as part of the new lego city set this june. living set appears to show a scene in a park with figures of parents and babies in a playground. time to get a look at what's ahead tonight. say 3 over mccarran airport where work is being done on that british jet that caught fire. a lot of people wondering if it will fly again.
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are -- and local business owners are really annoyed with crime. what they are saying to news 3. that's stories and breaking news as it happens. and before we leave you, thousands came out to wish their team luck in charlotte as the panthers prepare to head to super bowl 50. beautiful crowd, dance, cheering as that event went underway. panther linebacker thomas dave zris pounded down the point that the team -- davis pounded down the point that the team is there to thank the fans. the broncos are scheduled to hold a ral on rally on sunday before heading to the big game. gad luck to everybody. and with that, we wish you a
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have a great weekend. we want justice. >> do you think you have new evidence that could free steve avery? >> we do. >> "making a murderer" divide deepens. i'm billy bush. we are in wisconsin. plus what did avery tell this reporter behind bars? >> he agreed to do a jailhouse interview with me. academy awards. >> it was all planned out that the networks cut away to him. >> how trump had the media eating right out of the palm of his hand with his debate counterprogramming.
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