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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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time frchlt peter walsh >> anchor: right now on news 3 live today. two shootings happening at the same place. residents on high alert. one of the evacuees from california priso . but the other two remain on the run. the vehicle at the center of the manhunt that could be the clue to catching them. and then bundy behind bars but standoff has not ended. one condition the judge is giving to let the detained go. now. >> live from las vegas, this is news 3 today. >> anchor: we begin with overnight.
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including five children, after drowning in g [c. boat capsized off the turkish coastm 75 people were rescued afghanistan. syria and mean mar. we do not know where the 33 people that died are from. and we will be sure to bring you updates on breaking news from available. throughout the newscast. well, the time is 6:01 and good morning. i am christine kim. >> and i am jerry brown. >> anchor: i know busy weather weekend today. >> weather: you would call it proverbial calm before the storm. but windy this afternoon. no doubt about it. but also warm. i think you will like today. you can see quiet across the valley. 47 degrees. down under the twinkling lights of the strip. winds are calm of the 43 percent. barometer, boy, it was high
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now it 2.968 mercury. falling, before the storms tomorrow. 43 at the airport. mid 40s downtown henderson and out at summerlin. and it is a very balmy up on the mountain. mount charleston lodge 53. and 53 in pahrump. and 49 boulder city. clouds are moving in. and through. i think we will get sun today, before the clouds to the north sink down along with rain. today though wind advisories over the mountains not here in the valley. but it will be plenty breeze easy this afternoon. and sunday, monday, winter storm watch for mountains and sheep range to the north. not here in the valley. but i will till. by monday morning could see snowflakes westside of the valley. but hard to imagine that when it will be 70 degrees today. some gust easy pm winds. not going from north but from the west and southwest. i will change that. 47 is the overnight low tonight. not as cold as in past nights. but again, winds will diminish tonight and pick up tomorrow.
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dreary sunday. so if you have outdoor plans do. it today. >> anchor: take jerry's advice. thank you jerry. look forward to the full weather forecast. another shooting rocks las vegas second time in 24 hours. same complex. latest, three people taken to the hospital with gun shot wounds. as news 3 john treanor explains police are still searching for the suspect. >> [applause] >> start by introducing you to participants. >> anchor: i believe w do not have that story for you at this time. but we will be sure to bring it to you when we get it in the system. and the wait is almost over for veterans in nye county that need a closer option for health care. workers officially broke ground friday on $12 million va clinic.
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that had to drive 70 miles from pahrump to las vegas. to see a doctor.l h a lot of people. one in every four people in pahrump is a veteran. well, white van is at the center of a manhunt for two escaped california inmates. investigators say jose neri, jonathan two and back dong stole a van after escaping jail. one surrendered friday and back in custody. police believe the other two fugitives are possibly traveling from san fresno. one of them taught english as second language at the jail is under investigation. after law enforcement found flirtatious letters between her and fugitives. they think the 22 bonded over the first language. >> speaks english. as far as we are concerned, information we have. why he was attending that class. again the connection, what is from iran. we are not sure.
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of us. >> we are coming after you and brings forward and will take you back. >> anchor: investigators say he admitted to giving inmates a map of the security jail but denies giving them tools on breakout. so again escapees are believed to be in california. and quite possibly in that white van. $200,000 reward for information leading to the inmate's capture. and federal judge refuses to release militia members arrested this weea ra bundy's sons. judge said leaders of the armed group occupying wildlife refuge for three weeks are a threat to the community. she is concerned that they quote won't follow orders. the judge went on to say that she will release the two bundys along with other protestors if the standoff ends four members of the group are holding out at the refuge in burn oregon.
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sued over the animal kingdom park. what one family claimed happened that lef bac home without a loved one. plus, three teens fall through the ice into a frigid pond. a look at the chilling rescue caught on a officer's body camera. just ahead and he is battling cancer but he only wants to make everyone else happy. shinning moment in front of hospital.
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>> anchor: good morning. time is 6:08. colorado officer rescues a teenager from a frigid pond. and heroic acts are caught on
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take a look. patrolman responded to a call of three teens falling through ice on january 14. he quickly grabbed a branch and pulled one of the boys to safety. unfortunately police could not rescue the other two in time. the teen that survived was the hosp. and alabama family sues disney after a snake bit their their son during a trip to orlando. snake dropped from a tree while in disney animal kingdom and bit the boy. but that's not all. they claim their grandmother died from a heart attack when she saw the snake attack. disney said the allegations mischaracterize what actually happened. a spokesperson said the snake was wild, and not part of the park exhibit. and there was no ambulance call for the grandmother after it happened. the boy was treated with a band-aid. these horses are having fun before heading to california.
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to town this morning. all of this ahead. so what are the odds on the game this year?
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a >> anchor: good news for nfl fans in southern california. unless you are a charger fan, chargers and rams disagreed to a deal in principle to share a stadium. earlier this month chargers were given th, share a new stadium. after the rams were approved to move from st. louis. friday chargers own said team would stay in san diego for 2016 season in hopes of reaching a new deal with the city. san diego mayor said the team
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in san diego. >> passion and support, the support of the franchise for 50 years, you cannot get that in englewood or l.a. that's san diego. k lot of work to do. but we have said from the very beginning. we have rolled up the sleeves.g faith effort. you know, no limit to what you can achieve. >> anchor: chargers have until january of 2017 to decide if they want to relocate to l.a. or stay in san diego. and here is the sports update. >> reporter: all right. rebels complete a big week in the mountain west taking on san diego state tonight. won four games undermion wednesday handing boise state the loss. rebels will play tonight 5:00 against as tech. and rebels are 4-4 in the conference probably will not catch it before the tournament.
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number two seed couple games behind. and two seed is huge in march a win tonight. it would be a big confidence boost that the team believes they can play with anyone in t te league. especially at the packed center. >> crowd is phenomenal. thomas and mac gets the momentum going. you can see it. it is hard for appoints teams to call time out because you cannot hear. you have our -- the energy. guys feed off energy. they are pitbulls. you going. up. and thomas mac can be unbelievable home court advantage. hopefully saturday the game brings people out and this thing is electric atmosphere. bowl. after the money came forward. first day. book director and staff have done it again. known as world leader in superbowl prop bets.
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clara between denver and carolina. few years ago most moin won on superbowl was taken in when denver played seattle. last year dropped off a few million dollars. but jay said propositional bets for big game are. >> bigger than ever. most propositions ever posted for the game. ander year they get more and more popular as people get comfortable. with them. understand them more than they have in years past. they have done well with them as well. >> could this be a record breaking year. >> based on numbers we saw all year. sports bet sing more popular than ever. they love football and nfl football. last year nevada handled 115 million. and two years ago record set at 119 during the seahawks and bronco match. this year what we have seen during regular season no doubt
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record. >> reporter: one of the bi bets. well national total score by one of the teams. panthers get a safety or broncos only get is 5000 to 1 f both the team's get two safeties they will end up with four points. almost 10,000 to one. and interesting one. doable. and 200 to one if panthers land on 11. and christianno, if you like soccer. total field goals made. beganno kicked it when they were in championship here in vegas. and rory if you are a golfer. final round in dubai classic will go up against bronco total sacks minus a half. so fun bets on the board. if you want to go west gate and check out sports book. brand new sports book unveiling later in the week. but almost 400 bells. that's it for sports. back to you. >> anchor: thank you.
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for a special apps hel to open a new business on the strip. and counting down to big game. as news 3 denise rosch explains las vegas boulevard shut down for grand arrival this morning. >> size and grace and beauty of them. you can see them raise up and show off. >> reporter: been a tradition positive more than 80 years. the budweise clele team that has been around longer than the superbowl itself. and their first ride april of 1933. with the repeal of prohibition. >> i wis and sent a case of beer to white house and new york governor that helped repeal it. >> reporter: horses are here in vegas getting ready for a ride down the strip. las vegas boulevard from harmon to flamingo will be shut down
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as the team arrives at paris hotel. beer park. despite the name new rooftop restaurant that is open to all ages. here. and we wanted to provide something where locals can come, have affordable time on the strip. >> reporter: two are partners in the restaurant that say beer amazing view. >> great barbeque. gr the clydesdale side kick dalmations are here for the ride clydesdales on the road 320 days a year. three teams of them. one from new hampshire, and st. louis, and ft. collins colorado. this is manson, and you will see superbowl sunday. >> reporter: while horses are rotateed in and out hitch supervisor admits some of the
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>> like michael jordan or elvis, they want the spotlight. and come up for it. they want to be on every day. >> reporter: harnesses shine. wagon ready. las vegas strip their next stage. denise rosch, news 3. >>well, residents in sydney australia saw a image during a storm yesterday. sydney tower was struck by lightning. big storm. storm uprooted trees and caused major damage to properties. 16,000 homes lost power there. and let's turn to jerry brown with a look at the weather. and jerry we may have a storm pretty soon here. locally. >> weather: i don't think it will be as intense as that one. but we have rain coming in. and definitely wind. and chilly winds by monday. this is the last hour. from the las vegas springs preserve. skies have brightened.
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impending sunrise. 44 degrees here at the downtown studios. west-southwest wind at five. winds are the story but not until this afternoon. barometer is low. as storm system is approaching from the pacific. on the east side washington and eastern, 40 at bracken. winds nothing to speak of. far westside, charleston and 21541 degrees at west tech. it is 42 up north las vegas airport. 46 downtown henderson and mountain edge, at 46 degrees. pair of 4's for the mountain. up at the lodge. 52 pahrump. and 50 boulder city. and 50 down in colorado river valley at laughlin. at the top of the hour 45 for las vegas and 57 l.a.. and reno. and freezing point in salt lake valley. not a lot going on back east. some cold air moving behind the system across the lakes. but our eyes definitely west. there is has weight. you can see the stream of moisture all the way from the
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westcoast. and up to the northeast. broken clouds in here. it is cold air. so when you get the moisture and colder air volatile mix. and means good news for skiers for one. sierra and wasatch pummeled and you can see how the moisture moved in on models and puts us in the assume by sunday afternoon. with snow levels over 4000 feet up in the mountains. but then by monday morning. dropping down to 2500 feet. so we could see flakes flying in the west valley. today clouds moved through. few clouds around. but generally, i think, on balance mostly sunny skies. temperatures, 70s on the map. very balmy. very nice across southern temperatures up a bit. so 71 today w gift afternoon winds. west-southwest 15 to 25. gusting to 40. 60 by 10:00 a.m. 67 by 2 p.m.. you will feel sustained winds
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and then 6 p.m. breezy and windy actually. 64 degrees. 47 for the overnight low. if you are heading up to mount charleston. wind advisory, as i told you in first weather. storm watch in effect for tomorrow and monday. beautiful day down on the lake. but boaters watch fought sustained southwest winds. okay, here we go. and you can see temperatures going from 73 to 40s. ouch. on monday. hog. in the morning. because temperatures are down right around the freezing point. christine? >> anchor: that's a big drop. thank you for the warning. we have often told you about people accused of ripping off renters. but sometimes landlords are hurt. we have one victim's story in today's rip off alert. >> reporter: in this case, searching for unsuspecting victims but i learned there are ways to protect yourself. >> we decided we would rent it out when we were not using it. so i put it online. >> reporter: jacqueline is
6:22 am
she and her husband own in florida. >> i got an e-mail from a man that wanted to use it for -- it was three weeks in november. that was perfect. it was vacant. >> reporter: tex syed farook and tashfeen malik agreed on the price and worked out details and check never arrived. >>i said the check has not come he and sent me a tracking number. and so when we tracked that check it turned out that it had been pulled. >> reporter: they were suspicious of the foreign address and pulled the check for fear it was fraud. and it was. that is when they reached out to jacqueline. >> i was terrified. i trusting. my husband tells me i am too trusting. >> reporter: conman sent a fraud check for more than agreed amount and asked victii to send the difference back. when bank catches up with bad check it is too late. victim deposited the check in the account and sent the differ the conman. >> consumers have misconception
6:23 am
in a situation like this. when in reality you as a consumer are responsible for the funds you have deposited into the account and funds you withdraw from the account. >> reporter: jacqueline considers herself lucky and said she has learned a lesson. >> i would make sure i got references and called references and make sure that there was phone communication between the renter and myself. >> reporter: postal in do as much research as you can before you enter financial transactions, especially if that deal is brokered online. with this rip off alert. i am marie mortera. >> anchor: look. out of their money. bob holmes owner of claydra dragonta tattoo announced he is offering free donald trump tattoos. it can be anything related to the republican presidential candidate. his face. which took less than an hour. or his campaign slogan. holmes said the shops are booked up for weeks.
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so what is the key to a trump tat? all about getting the hair right. well, the time now is 6:24. and hillary clinton back in the spotlight. this time some of those conversations involve the president. why these e-mails are being withheld fro pd out. how many made it out alive and
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>> anchor: right now on news 3 live today. four people shot. one killed. and all happened in one complex. what residents are saying about the actsf violence. plus, e-mails between hillary clinton and the president will not be released. why the records are being kept confidential. and then, japan taking extra precaution in signs of a rocket launch.
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news 3 live today starts right now. >> live from las vegas. this is news 3 today. >> anchor: good morning. thank you for joining us. on this saturday morning. the time now is 6:28. and we are taking a live look at the las vegas strip with lights twinkling over there. it does look like we have cloudy right? >> weather: clouds are moving through. we should be mostly sunny later this morning. we have a few clouds passing through. big story today. temperatures and windy tomorrow. but let's look right now down on therd weather bug network. and start with southeast valley. and southeast valley is not far from m resort. you can see clouds christina referenced. 54 degrees down there. south-southeast wind at eight. that's actually one of the
6:27 am
not doing much downtown at the studio, southwest winds at two. and milder at 44 degrees. pressure you can see is lower than it was yesterday at this time. and we are generally mid 40s, pretty much, uniformly across the valley. as you can see. balmy up on the mountain. 45 at the lodge. to 52 in pahrump. and 50 in boulder city. clouds providing some insulation. and well, that's my bag. get rid that have one. let's look at the wind advisories. in effect today. for the spring mountains. not for the valley. but we are expecting some gusty winds this afternoon. and then tomorrow, and monday. winter storm watch for the mountains of concern. if you are going fought skiing or snow boarding. could be dice ceases driving. but today sunny and mild. mostly sunny and mild. with winds developing. and we will talk about the impending storm system coming in tomorrow. later on in the main weather. >> anchor: i was going to say, stick around for seven-day forecast, because you may be surprised.> up and down. wait until you seize it.
6:28 am
another shooting rocks a north las vegas complex two times in 24 hours. latest violence three taken to the hospital with gun shot wounds. as john treanor explains police are still searching for the suspect. >> reporter: for the second time in 24 hours, the police lights color the side of the apartment complex. another night with a shooting. >> if we had stayed out longer, me and my son, i could have been a weeping mother. >> reporter: for nicole terrifying night could be deadly. 3:00 in the afternoon she heard shots. >> i live across the hall. >> reporter: north las vegas police are not saying much but at this apartment complex on civic center drive north of cheyenne three shot and rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. what makes it more disturbing and has nicole worried. this is second shooting in a day here.
6:29 am
18-year-old lost his life in a shooting. at the same complex. >> i inct people to live in fear. >> anchor: police do not have anyone in custody. if you have information you are urged to call crime stoppers. that number is on the screen there. (702)385-5555. and white van is at the center of a manhunt for two escaped california inmates. investigators say nooshafarin ravaghi, bac duong, jonathan tieu stole a van day after escaping a southern california jail. nooshafarin ravaghi surrendered and back in custody. the other two are possibly traveling from san jose to fresno. and hossein nayeri that caught english as second language at the jail is now under investigation. after law enforcement found flirting letters between her and a fugitive. investigators think he hossein nayeri and nooshafarin ravaghi bonded over the first language. >> she speaks english as far as we are concerned or information we have.
6:30 am
and again the connection whether sure. but that is very much of a concern of us. we are coming after you, brings forward and we will take back into custody. >> anchor: investigators say nooshafarin ravaghi add -- hossein nayeri admitted to giving a map of the jail. but not tools on breakout. escapees believed to be in california and mobile. quite possibly in a white van. there is a $200,000 reward for information leading to the inmate's capture. and federal agents continue to block the road leading into wildlife refuge in oregon. a sign the standoff may be far from over. fbi released aerial footage thursday of a traffic stop. and fatal shooting of a man. militia member occupying the reports claim he was shot with his hands local ranchers stood out in signs.
6:31 am
the officer that opened fire. but the state and county government. >> cast king blamm more at the governor, and even our local officials, that were putting pressure to, you know, end the standoff. and i don't think it had to come to bloodshed. >> need it all over. >> anchor: no one knows how long the last four militia will holdout until federal agents, in. clinton. because they contain top secret information. department said that e-mails were not left as classified when sent. however, they are being upgraded
6:32 am
the state the public. >> secretary clinton and president did on shall remain confidential to receive advice and council. to be clear. e-mails between then secretary clinton and president obama have not been determined to be classified. >> anchor: clinton has been under fire for using private e-mail server while secretary of stay. last eight months state department released thousands of pages of clinton's e-mails to the public. but a decision to withhold some e-mails could provide clinton's opponentd ptil race with ammo. >> anchor: japan has installed patriot missiles designed to intercept a missile strike. the battery installed yesterday at the headquarters of japan defense mintreatment all coming amid sig that north korea may be preparing to launch a rocket or missile. and analysis based on commercial satellite imagery comes three weeks after north korea conducted its fourth nuclear test explosion.
6:33 am
they had seen activity at a ballistic missile test site that is consistent with the test. would not go into more detail. >> anchor: rescuers in eastern from a collapsed mine. they had spent the last 36 days trapped under ground. and mine collapsed on christmas day killing one and leaving 17 missing. the four survivors were detected more than 650 feet below the surface. and they lived on food sent down through passageways before rescued. top asian executives nerlas vegas this weekend. inaugural asian-american business round table summit launched yesterday at the venetian. taking risk and change the game. jon wong that found the summit said it began as a idea to create a forum where highly successful and potential asian-american professionals
6:34 am
advice and generate ideas. >> we hope this will help to increase awareness. [inaudible]. >> anchor: summit will continue this morning with a speakers. >> anchor: the time now 6:36. you know volkswagen makes a big decision about the future of the business. how you may able to get your money back for the car you purchased. figure. company coming out with a mini
6:35 am
>> anchor: in today's consumer news. volkswagen may buy back some of the diesel cars linked to ignition cheating scandal. german auto maker has rejected demands from lawmakers and
6:36 am
recall. however, recent statements from the company indicate it is reconsidering the position. and last year volkswagen admitted it sold millions of the tests. volkswagen attorney told u.s.lo that a buy back program may be a solution for some of the vehicles. the company has set up a compensation fund to determine how much money it should pay value. also offered cash and discounts to some diesel owners. and facebook announcing that iphone users can now stream live video over the social network. function is only available in u.s. for now. and the network expected to rollout the option to the rest of the world over the coming weeks. to share live video tap on status and select live video icon and write a description and choose who you want to share the
6:37 am
and your users will have to wait for option. similar update will be coming soon. and danish toy maker lego unni representing disabled people. and who asked the toy company also to show the reality of disabled people. and online group called toy like me handed in a petition signed by more than 20,000 people who supported the wish. the figure will be introduced as part of a new lego city released this june. set shows a scene in a park which with figures of parents and babies in a ploy ground. time is 6:40. i am making others happy. the goal of this little boy. fighting a big battle. heart warming moments he shared with his favorite nurse. plus. radon could fill your home and maybe you do not know it.
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o with 40 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working.
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>> anchor: welcome back. five-year-old boy in california that is fighting leukemia is one bringing a smile to face of his doctors. robinson has grown so close to staff at the hospital he had a very important question for one of them. >> anchor: did you hear that? he was saying will you marry me? giddeon going through chemotherapy treatments for leukemia last few months. and staff tries to make the hospital as much fun as possible. his mother said that even though he is fighting a tough battle all he wants to do is make others happy. so giddeon said he put a ring on it.
6:41 am
how could you say no to that face. also in california. superbowl 50 is a week away. and superbowl city in san francisco is almost officially open for business. thousands are expected with fireworks and festivities. pete shows us around. >> reporter: the excitement surrounding superbowl city. is all time high. >> everybody welcome to san francisco. the home of superbowl 50. >> reporter: san francisco mayor ed lee speaking at the news conference today from the site. event is free. main location for concerts. food. and interactive fun for the family. >> i am glad to host this. glad to represent the city. >> reporter: subowl city is visas everywhere lounge. invite only. showcasing demos of the latest technology. >> we have a strong vision of
6:42 am
going in the future. >> reporter: you have the nfl experience, where fans can get a chance to see their of favorite nfl player taking part in 40-yard dash. even if your team is not playing in the big game. you can take part in football drills or learn about the history of the nfl. said mary pat with nfl. >> it is really two to 92. >> reporter: but to enjoy the events it is important to be prepared. >> you do not bring large backpacks or other things that will not a repo: public transportation is suggested to avoid traffic. save stress to enjoy the fuwy >> anchor: that was pete reporting. and fun tidbit for superbowl. national chicken council is expecting americans to eat 1.3 billion chicken wings next weekend. if you havelaid the wings out end to end they would stretch
6:43 am
denver, colorado. 53 times. that's a lot of wings. i am a wings fan. but i don't know about that. and the interesting thing too is who knew there was a national chicken council. >> weather: tomorrow afternoon maybe a good afternoon to sit in and eat chicken wings. dreary. sun is rising as i speak. and i the pictures to prove it. you cane it popping out there to the east. beautiful view from the red rock resort.dwhihe westside of the value. cimmaron memorial high school. lig winds. they will pick up this afternoon. barometer has fallen since yesterday. far east side 45. sunrise manor. and 47 degrees on the strip w west breeze at 4 miles an hour. and 47 over at the lakes. to 46 downtown henderson. mountain's edge 46. 45 degrees. nevada.
6:44 am
54 pahrump valley high. overton 42. up on the mount charleston lodge. officially 45 at the top of the hour. out at the airport. the 57 in l.a.. and 33 up in reno. 51 up in san francisco. just seeing that story about the superbowl up there. you can see not a lot going on back east. pacific. there is hawaii, there is the california. boy they need the rain. so they will take it. snow in sierra and also snow over in utah wasatch. that's going to start sinking down. note broken clouds right in here. that's cold air. that will mix in with the moisture soft we are talking about a snow feast mountains of nevada. morning. this is what we have for sunday feet. we are in shower activity. bu around you can see moisture moving in. possibly some snowflakes flying on the westside of the valley. most likely. all right. you can see clouds zipping through there. around this morning. but we have breaks.
6:45 am
line right out in here. so look for some sun. mixed in with fair weather clouds today. and 71 degrees boulder city. nice high. 69 in pahrump. 70 overton. you get the idea. mild albeit breezy. i should say windy in parts. 29 up on the mount. 47 overton. 43 sandy valley. overnight lows and they are up because of the clower. so 71 today. with gusty p.m. winds developing from the west-southwest. 15 to 25. occasionally gusting to 40. or even more. 60 by mid-morning. 67 mid afternoon. then you can see the winds winds by 6:00 p.m. overnight, windy minis e heading up to the mountain. wind advisory in effect from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and as i told you earlier winter storm watch in effect for sunday and monday. lake mead 72. boater take note of the sustained southwest winds 20-to-30.
6:46 am
cold in a hurry. by monday, afternoon. cold north winds only 40s. and down near freezing tuesday morning. we will have one, almost, frozen groundhog. and then just warming up a bit by friday. into the mid, maybe, few upper 50s. christine? >> anchor: he cannot come out because of the frozen ground if that happens. thank you jerry. radon is second leading cause of lung cancer and linked to more than 20,000 lung cancer deaths a year. thi morning is jamie with unr cooperative extension. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> anchor: first off what is radon for people that are not familiar. >> colorless odorless tasteless radioactive gas and naturally occurring. comes from a breakdown of uranium. naturally in rocks. and accumulates in the home and
6:47 am
>> anchor: for people wondering what is a limit to, you know, a safe gas and for it to be dangerous? >> epa designated action level of 4 peco. if you are home is four or higher fix it. to put it in perspective. if your home is at four per liter risk of you developing lung cancer is same as someone smoking half a pack of cigarettes's daze. >> anchor: how can we test for this. you have a kit available to residents here. they can make sure that they do not have that number four on there. >> so we are giving out free radon test kits. and it is from university of nevada cooperative extension. and you can go to 8050 paradise road in t liv in part of the home. and then you get the results back in two weeks.
6:48 am
>> lived in part of the home. >> anchor: and then do you have a location of people that can stop by through next week to pick up these kits? and also informative session. >> free radon test kits and free radon presentations at these locations. >>you have a map you brought. explain, this is just for one from homes that were tested with these kits. but what area are we seeing more of this? >> so keep in mind that we havese nevada. just of homes tested. and so the red areas are where the greatest occurrence of radon s yellow is lowest. and orange is moderate occurrence. so it is real interesting. you can have elevated radon levels if one home-and-home next door lower levels. so everyone should be testing. >> anchor: what should people do when they take the test and find out the number is four or greater. >> you can fix your home, if you
6:49 am
they fix it by drilling a hole 3 or 4 inches in diameter into the fountain. hook it up to piping system wi exhaust fan at the expend runs continuously 24 hours a day and sucks out radon and puts it out above the roof line. >> anchor: there is a solution. thuo joining us. >> thank you. >> anchor: up next in the video vault. excluessive club with 32 members currently.
6:50 am
tom hawley has >>well, perhaps you have heard of the nevada gaming control board list of excluded persons. known as black book. tom hawley has this morning's video vault. >> reporter: having your namu count yourself out of all nevada casino action. state law demands person on this list be dragged from any casino they enter. created in 1960 with 11 names including mob boss and enforcer known as joan marshal that challenged the legality of court. kifanno successor added in 1978 and reported seen breaking the rules by dining at sam's town. lawyer argued you cannot make the arrest after the fact. >> [inaudible].
6:51 am
and hired we are state supreme court noting nature of the nevada resorts. >> i submit there is no rationality basis to preclude a citizen of the state from taking his son to a bowling alley. or taking his wife to a tennis match. just because that bowling alley or tennis pavilion is associated with gaming establishment. >> reporter: as a result restrictions were modified. >> people listed in black book can go into businesses with slot machines only. that includes few small casinos in vegas. >> reporter: another client that made the books iscasmanno said it was honor russ. >> you cannot do this or that taking away you're living. >> reporter: as if to put exclamation point on living. he survived a mob hit. and rosenthal never arrested in vegas but nominated for his role
6:52 am
feels strongly this is a hit on his character and he will not let it take place without swinging. in. for gaming mission a fire wall. >> until we get to the black book stage we cannot really >> repor >> anchor: once you are in the black book so far the only way to get out is to pass away. there are currently 32 names on the list. weeks ago. you can find the names and photos on tom hawley's facebook page. this is what we have for hero segment tomorrow. he is a las vegas firefighter serving the community by rescuing people from burning homes. but on his own time tod and his family touched many more lives by leading a effort to fill empty stomachs. for seven years family giving out warm feels homeless. it happens rain or shine every tuesday morning.
6:53 am
volunteers that come with a homemade dish. >> difficult. because you know it is like they are sleeping. in the cold. or the heat. and you have compassion for them. you know, you want them to get out of that. you know, and have a normal life.
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