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tv   News 3 Live Today  NBC  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>> ig rht now. onew nubt^tuveli am adahun bsdy iak speingiciaut os ndbehi .bars u yoil wel bur sedpris to hear. pl heus tst la tworeif caliaorn ma in otes r theun urcapted. ho liw po sceay a cigampanlo sgann el he clpedtifugi.ves an de frindshe gatr temo rrembe a mawo knlli ledtas ekwe. ws ne 3 sstart now. iv>> le sm frovelas gas, ithiss ws neod 3 tora. >> d googrninha, tonk you s ch mu forrt staing your dayit wh us n othis ndsuay. ewe'rin takg a liveoo lkve or l egas valas v oleyn nu ja31ary st. ca oun ybuveelie it? go iingdiuafebr ary,jein 's itoi gong t a begooool . y todaarcompo ed teryestday. >> te yes wrdayete srdeco h.hig cr edegres.
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of the50s. mo areas tod aaydn yau ceen s th s loudheon tot shn y ifavou h\coct aieivito s tr da to d thim t varnmoing. th ftis aonerno c we soulda .rain n 50 o p.stri swind arelm ca but d eon'tctxpe at th t hisrnafteoon. de w .28n adhe tar berometu qite w. lo un moart chonlestwn doo 34. 51 in umpahr ip,t's 47n i our do wnwnto udst.ios ow49 dnntowde henrsond an8 4 in su mmerland. lyfairfo unirm temperatures. ethds win n bot aigea dl but ey thl wil be theto sry later is ther aft anoons itl wilget equitre bezyho alt tughhe wsind wi ell b soweuthst. a te win srtorm wniarngn i aecfft at nine andun rshr tough p4:00 .m.on aymond. cyouan see theud closov ming ro thugh. mo ore tme co as theys stem is mo vingthh.roug to day58 .
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te afnrnoon rai and byreezou sth wi nds. w uaitee theec forast r fo moaynd. bo y itois cldnd a wepor ou ctrn evean seeon_la fglyin n ihe tes wert ll vaey. >> w.wo to atsrney forda amun b le re aasedte statmen to hise wif and the semtatents a tthe re e.fug dybun anden sev othereo pple re we aterresnd oryanuah 26tn e whil ofourerthrm asa nme remain atn are ogon wifildle fu rege. >> to t ahoset the gerefu. pl seasetand .down th asis wer nevea mnto tbe an ar smedtand off. wenl oy came toos expe t vws an ca edu pabple thout gdo ri pghtsctrotey ed bthe in utstitofion t n do motkeah t is mesointht g i nwas mever teant
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go as.o tr you lifamies. r >>teeporor: sri heang him ngaski the four peeoplll stit a th eil wfedliu refge tond sta do wn. du tringhees arr lonek, to of dy bunup's serports s wa shot kiand .lled v*ti emo t fbuteaeguoc l wdeaf womanasho wle kil ad inv^ as crfaunar e tlier.weektira sh se war kled rafte ape susdcte du rrivededamm slanted i cherga at nb raindow ari sp nginunta. e thig vil was qtuie as shent spe he hr wole .life fheryamilt senhi tes messag in signngla,uage iyoove ilo >> cuam e alesstmoun. fr s.iend abprobly a hudndre. , noe morprmen thaosd.ndre
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nt watoed ber fsiendh wit her. he>> trere aa wys ourosmu com nity gecan get to atherrend ptven c .this dthis'toesn haveo t pphaen. >> ol p siceay the man wtrse caua co th dto vicr sa alndov. l at astk,chece hwas sp hoizitalnded aha csrgein agast im hr aeti sll peg.ndin yo eu holar pice tell us ifyo u see soinmeth sg,itinmethg. at thpe hels e lawcenfor mentcoc^a ca thtch ste la i fewesnmat who peescard faom nosal cniiforil. th erey wne oe th.or for me th aan week. e th two weretu capred fugn i sn an fro.ciscit maa wo aic pol wehenhe s asaw vehicle dibescred by cepoli. e onas w cdhase p byeolic and the o ther wasu fond hgidin in the van. th woe tke broou t of jail withel a ir thmad inhote wderren en
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re mong chaoes t sitecuryll wi me cost la 2 c*.weekrc eaat lnest o uerso perasn w presoil ke se af serts w o e thve denr secolium. gu enfir gu enfiralterupisor colado rcmoto ycleenconv.tion orno wnd o m howg pl peoot areoca rt hu. er thee arer sev osicerde in igvestgatinid insnde asi outde t ofumlise ur>> d ing bastury the sweredired an ahaces lea ciinabbg. d welie onseec dedeas party an dul metiplduorer oths.ctimden, e at s thiltie, wan roe havs en y p >>olaye s atea lstn oen e pe irsonnemoei biouest and strreav hee ben dema. in igvestrsatore a lngookint io wh at sedparkhe t fire. e thmetis i y6:.05 osthel craebngti mgrdi a whqute hose celebration for ur hos.
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iowa caesucusow, h cdaandi tes
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we willav h tetha inn > >w nes thirnmoing,it que a arsceur dgin m gardiras brcelenatioer aft a l oargeak re tel felur ding aad parne i new or s.lean psixeeopllu inc ading child we re inedjur. li poceay son no e wasse slriouy rt hu. e th]nc brallh feth on oe ositlaqu si f de ostthe freetwhrom ere th pae deraha cepoliar clended a adlowee the deparall ron o s we dadnesy. > >>ic poleay s denseog f may ve ha cdause asi masupile defui ki g llin pfoure eoplinand ngjurie th deccifila p on a key arod in the so fme om thege loddnd uer
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t hhehwigya e mareedin close to traffic as emergenpacrsew, fifirersghte p andeolicos alo st glrugoed tp heljaioti vicnms a arcleneresc >> >e onma n is usingtb fooall to rt culai his die.seas ho w heop h teso slown dowis h al mezhei wr'sith uspl unalak tginn ohi o o frustratedit wurh yora oveectivbl r addecimediotne nki worng?ca han't tndleidhe sfee efcts? bo toxs treatmssymptoof l ngeaki, go o ing tooften, d anrothe stdeng sudnen o ed tgo. as uk yourstrologiboto if x n caalhelp cur bm yoerladd an dud rer ce you dailyakagleise epodes. th fee efofcts ox botay mea sprhod tours ks weeer aftec inj,tion incausrig sesympous .toms er alurt yoct dohtor rigy awa
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kispeabrng, ineatheyg, obe pr,lems ss lobl of r adderocontl usor mwecle ssaknen ca sbe aign lof athife-enreat ingitcondion. do tan't otke b iox u f yotcan'em yopty laur b odderurn yo own or e havina urtrary actfeinn,ctiout or i. si ffde e mectsncay i ludeleal rrgicioeactns, inje n ctioaisite pfan, e,tigu, uti fupainatl urinand ion icdiffulty yiemptoung yadr blder. llter youordoctr youdi mehical y.stor scmur le oe nervitcond,ions dimeoncaticls ingudinbo nutulixim tons, ti anelplatanets ood blthd rsinney , maeaincrhese tk ris erof s iousdesiec effts. as urk a y ologiaspeclist otif banox cp hel t learand w n hobotox
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>>co welme k,bac theim te is 1 6:2. wee arju st howas,a so
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or f pderesilntia ca atndides. a bigoc fus on nd huf oar laoce camto unlv. >> bnegining ofcicilo dia pr inomoteag pni joieong p ple ofll aks walf o thfai. t >>o have acu disnssio and to ahaveod go evening and celebrate pceeam a >> dni joi more tn 200 las ga vens. >> e w haveee sn souc m vhniolece wo irldwde wee hav ttao sndp u d an skpeat ou astgain enviolce. >> pasineor priaz iuessn oeths e onnatindal ait pol sicalstagei de fo inllowghg hifi proerle tsmrori ckattas . >> h i t tinka erextstmi wslil
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an wdu\l wilupend in hav tishou mng atch wimeee nd rsundeintandg, isinclussvene and de unndrsta the suises. >>pis thiordoctsos tu ses is balamad. >> estehe t thgagserin are rtimpo tant bouild a ciliv ci soetyt tha is isincluvend a lc weomesif dncfereses a a ngstrethh rathaer tn to be a ceplaesunfe of ma>> ocny laial feth lsaderir in joqu s toncit pettoion end vi ceolen nm*s f obido. re oligill smae movhe ty hope il wle maka fe dife rencurin on, co mi'at nnhavi io elneo' > >lperhi tn nan mueopesha tttb foo all
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eialzhs.mer' ouhe prsve orh teta sst withi hs an grn.dso hes cut outeslertic asutbois h vofateriatea tndms airngeadi t r haw it hst mos mana oo lwa for adding to hisneccoll?tion othenesahat heys tadan pintherg n wi the der supw boic >>el theni runngel reb hsad a an choce tla pye thir wayo t a tw od see inhe tnt mouina wtes an dak me ao strng smetatentn i theou mnntai .west wtheyould hostlos st firpapece plar s e diatste. ckche w outehosn ihe t astnd. br yce herarplond aad enstevme zim, rmandeinsi, oc kn ikingst do d t ip ut .-11
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ourebndnd azi gbsrahi sne ke. 'sit anpp aenar ktene in.jury we l wilr hea f cinch a wfena numis.te re lsbeap aitrngli c, tutathre th do awn iadetren aor tos.rethine-po m gae. ,like wabu hitsth oerid s e ndae we'r tdie -2020. ndsecof hal going in onhe tst fa tr ack. tta liletu sff th.ere vedrie her and jones jr.s i go gino t p i.down fr om erth te,hee aztcs hldo it aw .ay toin whe t game, 7tr sgaiht ssloes with theel rebsga atins the teazcs. >> you know, d i hon'tave the sstatht rig now. ob ouviysl i,wt aasiv paotl
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ben is such a,e on ofea hrt sbeat of this atem. me gakes lihi tsre ae mad f horim e whreh t aeyre lngetti him play nd a's itri gtty andou yan c don es o kiall ofnds ff stuid inse. 's hepe resmctedned orseade s and aw a.. li bttlef it ogoair n outot on f ly o tthe beam oindue ow shhos asor impttan b i e>> wh wisfoest t ben ercart. w hotaboue l theready .belst br k oohnjon son aeyhet g th weni i s anegdio, 1.55-4 d an thekl oaahom seroonsak t ing onhe t topre fnshman i the ti naon. be n simmons of u,lshe ysla li akeba erplay. ho abw touhe t reverse jam. 508.-3 so sonerin comg .back\ll e bu heddy caal, hreerigh. ga ieme tndd aqpe talin a stho
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pu dtnow by iiasahou csins and hthey oold tnoe thy rumbetoia nk ra i b toonati tfighnbni t,ghn rya darth devar fr om reno. he 'sn o a fight wintr skea wnhe he o tokn ont aonhy edgass l outmaast y. ll we m, he bight iencont tion fo anr heot srthoen ainga rmcoeri. hnjonsou redced biarbaynn corm bb rule. we ieil wl see weherjobl rumohe jnnso w lillxt ne. at thl wilnde tsspor jon thahndray,m fro ck ja tetso swim kstrun. 10 dd0 buhistgrptripr tr to ir theonui sts f torhe5 2 ye arnn aiversary of the event.
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e.ic those that took parta sys the an alnuwi smel hdpehe tm strengthenhe t mirdsino du ngrihe tri t pilgrims will attend ltuecres onud bisdh il phhyosopsmtu culnre i iaruss. > > w ias lnooki fgorla virdim pu tin. wa se h etherta he s doet a lohaof ta f.stufen ok ay. le ut it in onnoti. 6: e.nris wweve haok.lo cbs oincurg it. lo tok at thal fush of color. rove on thees wti sdet of he va ,lley 44eg drees at w elte. ar chonlest andhe t44ecoest5.21e. n wirds ae t.ligh ro barmetel wilbe hngeadi .down
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ve49 oinr sgprin .lley nagaids win t no aig b l.dea it'sng goibe to e brezy to owmorr. the real winds well wi be lk ta wingbeill or tom row rnafteoon. ey thl wilbewi bloesm froos hwnort best,t'oy i go ng tbe il chly. 49 t atheir a.port 57 los ans,gelehe t tre'she fe otchfst moiureff ovien pa c.cifi focaliarnitoarld cou i uset. u yodethave oe cr. at th j's pustaiold mir cong wn dom froeedhe tad ul g.aska 'sheree th fostreca. hiby ts teafnrnoo,0* la gas vequs slyaree th mo reistuh wit the snow in ce lntra naevadan d t shegprin un mos.tain t asowhe l msove roth yugh,ou t ge thera wpun arod moreistu. is th is 5:00 m.a., wantes av hla the t po iatentr l foonnot holy swer
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herehein tll va en th s the mtuff oovesndut a ve hae somheof tll chi iest inmornf gs obf suinreezg te atmpers.urel tumois tlofte th e thesdsclouevi mong in. 7 4 yayterd. re a hcordigh. we l wil tuckykeo manub of 5 the0s. ov iger nloht gws, bo ea dr ertempreatuns iy av br yeezth sou wi,nds e0o 2s ajo mi anles ur ho. ok lo rhe tain d belop y amidnfter aoonnd go tnt en ev ingilr s.hour h nig.y,todaio per o in ra with gusty winds, south tota ut sothwesnds. up pasaonhe tnt mou iain, oing eto bod gosog.iin ouit celd b dicey onak le .meaden l e thda 7-rey fo,casta o vaoi mrestu a s od tnay im forerrshowe and cold wdsinnd aay m mbeniorng showers motow.rro wthenear wm upow tard ekwe's end. stchriine. > ha> tyonk u, je.rry
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n cau yoie bel ivet adalrey? so a howtbouol h udingp withhe t new years retisoluons? ho rew aou y dgoinit whl heathy onoptios tp kee you on tr.ack i nk thi ino produnce the st rentauraam's ne onwrg. t>> i'sguortuicihe ten acctv.] oisr vee th oo>> l tk atsphis hreadere. i yknow ou'r ea mtend ati cons nuourr rv se iice,det's oulicihas i e tr thied ste rentauraor bef r folepeopet vegnsaria and englute,-freurn oke mart ta iblells alah.fres y't done hav rvny aices dre patserv,iveseldo g. ms innothresha tgot's tingeso m hwitr yountlt ytever ihingh.fresg fr h esedsmokmo saln. c ausitrla sau
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ke marblt taile w l be se ervethvery yingou have. it oi's gng meet allr youea hlthy ne eds. >> ou yrar mket tableth is e la sad. >>s it' our sdala nuesffbuad er ov 4o a sete itienn oit. ev hierytsng muehoseu 'on btyuthnyginro pssce.ed erevhiyt wngl il hbelteaor f yo u. >> he t'sre l a ootopf onti soto. >> it w 4h 2ptonsio w,c d have a gr peat farur m tione lu .nch aymondou thrfr,iday youan c icomen for 5$1.un u yo gcanouet etarkle tab $1 so knat's deat grees st tartdahe rn >>, it is s thethame yingill s oree fude co erdinn t >> iouis, ncr lud h anerdinn, ev heryte s th.sameom s>>ifo ou ye 'r aonud bt,geo g fo lur o >> g forh.lunc yevery da f l,di or , nner reyou'in gotog a bea hylth onoptis. r foca pse thoaromt meaiderrslove, yo anu cal't t a tout aurest wrantouithalt tgkinut abo
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w>> h del7 1s cut ohabl me 'sthatt whaeouplpl peoom c to h t resteraau >>e jt uson upco.le >>e wokcove ethryginin es hseou hebutcver einryth ilo we e havhfres ftile mignon. we av h teheos mtul poparak ste in azbril,he t l nnpicas it'fi ertend j and e fughorlav to al reusly jakt meou yutr moh wa ter f >> orlepeop whoav he never si vi ytedour aurest,rants it' v ery uueniq inow h ts hing are do ne. ta blk a hout iowtor wks. i' otm ne sur if you can see the ci rcle cad.r th 'sere there gen and t'shere th ed. re >>u j tstinh chiss a a st op ghlit. d ree mans opst.
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yo cuome to the table, s_lit sn dowo lo s ag weand e havmathe trket iable mithe oddlee f thaurest.rant erevhiyt enge ls bisugro thto yo turleabh t cera tdfi gr een. we l wil sngerviu yo me of er ,pork sa geusa and.lamb >> s ier th aeat stregy to isth o >>usbvioouly y c t go tl rkma tetleab d aend y jo ev yternghin oe thrkma tetleab be usca ghnil^ 's itt fasd foo.ace u' yoerre ho sit down and jo eny ytever.hing g oo t the mtarke e,tabl get a as glfs o wine. dsitownn adli fph ted car over. get feadyheor te ridusbeca th eais m ct isg ominyofor u. f >>hoor tryse t tingtt eaara healthy, obviously thedo mkear t leab t, bhe d bfuff o
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an oud yso alav hen a-l ara-cate me nu. >> e wo alsa hvea ses basuna- onsalm. or, unch cyouteneom cne imo panda t sixtighdesunce an fy or our aeatssnel saldd a onn. ha>> tyonk ou sh muc for jngoini us . > >anthuk yo for linettg us come in . c >>ngomi up, the cpaamnigr tlai ea hngtihee r nt io e thwa ioauscauces.
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e thsu r >> nightowne on 3ws live. e th iaow ccuaussere a a day ay aw. l a aookowt higampa is ,plusfi gunrein rgs out i cnt fro alientsecolium. a hend laal cniforiata ma in tteosootiun rnge ptcad.ure whatol p siceayl payed a key le ro inch cating theit fug.ives t>>s hi nissew t 3ayod. >> d gooinmornndg ank thau yo soy e mu orch fl ngoinier us._ e th ntimesow i ewe'rog in take livfivoo las au beultif 3 sonat th inl f rcolo ande th cl.ouds i'mis chr a >>ndm i' rrjey.
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gh hi for teatmper.uresel t >>ldhe oor ec rwaord e ar ye e thec r word basnroke ye rdsteay. >> w we billeki loong for 60nd a do i kn't inowf w winl f .angeay ewe'r t 4os qmotow.rro twhaa rt stauafebro s\ he tre's l h frmroh t ri sp ngsrvresee. so al ksbrea. jo enuny seshin yeou'rng goi to ge tay tod bseecau itl willo cud up tot.nigh 48 atlt aa and veyallw viequeit w va an t easa ind as theearomter a heds down. mp teureratnes i m theid 40s. i 34n thete unmos.tain 50 in hrpaump. erwint s wromno on to:0 4m0 idlugin sinprg mo taunsind anun mot archonlest. cl oudsadcia ri dgftindeghhrou m andin c toasome ta we bolk aut mo reistuin comndg age lin ring
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th wi tn ttuperares ercoopngatit, ild couke tahe t rm fo of flsnows.ake >>pl peoeer nevik le hinearg th at word. >> ndeat thun aro .here >> er yhankjeou, rewe at jusu rs houpay aw fem thu wa iosseaucunds asderesilntia ca andid wtesbill ute on i full fo rce. ey the hop thene ot lasus phil wl helpcu causers oo ut veste ess lehand wsmanore. >> na doruld tammp ccke ba hean mesin w eyver rubepcalin nt coest andt' is sspoe.ibl tr sump'k weaestes pol\l,here ari5- ca iowompeti _ny esadle. w >>ee arin havle t andicechn icdiffesultih wit the y.stor oncetey 'r weble aat th
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y.toda a bigur ttrt oul wilatelp trump d anso as ason wee g tthat st wory,ile w blring it ymo is than is ti emo vaqu froa wo nmail kedlerftus stepec i duri dvermm slaed into harer c r atowainb unmon.tai wshe eas dafd an mute ander h ndfriends ail famy griatheong t le aveen toks ofpe resct andls ao ento shd tis mgeessa ng laeuagin say lyo u. > >e shad hole endmoss aofunt ie frnds. i' ad sroy pybablhu a d,ndrel pe noor, m arrehund i an me t nre'sayo wu yo clab en evw knonathe ofmes t alla op pehole wte wan bd toiee frnds wi erth hys waat thb uncommet tog a ev prentve entse lik this.
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p >>ceoliay s then caan mt tha us cahe ttdl deara csh was ctvior saalndov. gechargas atins him are ndpeing. a annettorory fda am bundy re edleasta a squ tmenttho hoe ts oull stith at .fugen ybunden seve otheor p sudorteere atrresed on ja y nuar w26th fhile oourther ar dmeme n remain t athere ogon ld wilife furege. >>ll a ghrit. toho tse at,fugeeleas dstan n.dow th asis wer nevnt meabe to an me ard stand f.of we n oly ctoame o exps ws vie7 lond ao ed e ucatlepeoput aboir the gh rirots pte m not take his thsome iingast wer nevnt mea . bep see homr yougesmili. >>ous ydsow knin durheg tdi
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su tepporasrs wt shond ale kild wh eden ferales invtotigars roconf tnted e thiv fobnowmsilertdille se ace br h itismbcolueria w from arne.bya th it s he basnee h cselo od wh eilff oiaicr >> oiafficls sayth at mee ti of thela avancheri fday rnafte,oon ey the wer 150 biowmos,lerr fou erdiff gentpsroumola teo p,e wer bu wriedhen thew sno came down. b, ro a meremb ofhe toc lal chsear and rueesc was on aid rers ms hielf. i evbeliee thonbec helroptearorc seah d ancu res tsqpf helndul aue 'sthate thy onls reaeon w g em th en stfa an>> me wer tableio d g sethemlves free.
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theem rains 12ur svovirslo fwn touf othe area. ytodare the arell sti ow snlemobivers eherywnre i br mc tide,erfathnds a ons areea gringp u t hoead into the amse aarehe wre yedasterresc e pi fa l taalavchancae dmen.ow eytham cfre aomerlbat r to ide thfor aye dd and epi des st yeyerdapara t,gedyre.y the feel fe sa. w >> a toingsalay >>ledae' w nutt pting oelurs ves hein t dgeanr >> he tva anclahe wasre ig trdgere t andrehey' naj seurmo atwhas wpe hpeapngni >> on i dem't rr embeapit hngpeni rebefo. t >>ayhe mfor oelldebris rp sudrisee pl peoee areydi heautng o heto ta. are lstil tdygeas hlo hittard. >> it's difficult because it could be your neighbor, son our daughter. > t>sehoif^ea h odingo ut tarthe u da toy y sa atheyilre wglin to ttake ecechans.
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in dleeop road. you could f dierom a drunk dr rivengunei ba t atng wro ac plt e a wthe meti. e >>boveryiddy d t rhetighh ting th at's all i can .say th e bc marnecoro eic offrd oered the arealo csednt uil an in igvestn.atio >>t thaanteph iemercr po regrtin. >>nd a thew to coralif nia es dcape tiinmange havbeen urcapted. th we toke brout oth of el jai a ek we ago with air thmad inhote w su derren redayfrid. t he oiafficavls helr aeady
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th wie morgehanfts aer an stinveioigatn. l atteas oneso persn iy d dea a x siinmatith oo canj i aured s er wie fredsi outdef o a drenve co umlise. nv deeric polaye sun gefiran rg t oud anlocobb sta pookre at qusor coln ot mxpor eo st yey.erda rasevefil ofrsce a a ond pnesoerisn gbeines quedtion stinveorigats ry t igto fouure ht w perpa s tde nf guire. it un hearanow meoy p twerenakes t p htalspi or wtha ar sp tkedhe guirnfe. have you ever wreonded why a s ong getsck stun iuar yount?heade y whtomaun t je istaleat c ghenou se it w.h usha. p a enpatimet cons ioaiomplgnin
6:34 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
me ? , yeahthyou ere. b cut iavan snee mo y aj tal mah -- ornd spe it o gt righivon l ing en or d it y e ou'rlato b me,dy ju f haor wdot i h)(bot k ithnow at i b cangge be ar i b cannge ki i b canmoe al st olany ind th g al it pel deifnds we si're ' nginthtoge er ha we ouve fhend w n e we'rinsingge' to ther t tahe s te heof tth wea er ns turm fro tgrayueo bl ho w o ry eve body a t nd i iall,l t al a t nd i all ep d ends i l t alnddepe s n o you
6:45 am
t aprthe ssinceat the re pp(ae)laus ud(jmmy hu ing) u yo, know tthis runks ha wbeenmeith tipracycall l aly of m, life..and. mesoth of ine th gs erin h e oushavld hene beow thrayn awa tlongagime o. i k thin--that
6:46 am
, well..aww. hono, ulw cou-d yo - daoh, g,rlin c how yould ou w thro sawaya uch g?thin ud (ae ienc,awws atscd tereauappl se) lelitty. bab s,ye. yes i edwant t youeto me. him u yo twantayo sthe up re mwith e? ocomeetn, g o outatf thnk tru , tit'sldoo o m and.usty umth... ere. siyou ret he . erthu e yo go. ok ay?oa wh ... . oh..daaw, y. bab wsoelhat e se w got? heoh, sre'shiomet ng. daoh, g.rlinhe i re, erbettd hol him se'caus he'edscar . isthan is an arrntgeme ... ha...tsat i ng atne carhagie ll. t buasit w w too ide. c wen'ouldndt fiia a p no bid g anenfat toughldo ho it. rewe a yournt ca hegie all? u yon'wereent ev rnbon, thee wer you? , aws let' asingg son geto, ther ocome n. y adou m le meyoove u
6:47 am
i n' didntt wa dto o it ou ye madovme lu e yo a llnd a t the ime knyou t ew i g i yuess ou ysalwaw kne it y adou m he me appy om sesetim ou ye madlame g d b heut terre wmee tieas, d r y adou m fe me eel b so ad t don'cabe s bred, aby. ou ye madigme sauh 'c se d itidn' ntwate to oull y i n' didntt wa ttoyoell u t i yhinke ou'rd gran t' thaues tr , yedos i ed 'deo, i d kyai now do i 't canl tel you iwhatee'm f ling t erhe vnty meofion r you namend se hs my reartngeeli eeswrtthea ... ou yw kno is(k s)
6:48 am
e lov you m i'a gonnyoput wnu do . ygiveo ou t joe. te(mut)ring t elhe b ls arnge ri ing pp(ae)laus f e or mmyand gal b the irds siare g ngin f e or mmyand gal ybeversiody hing tths wi me,me co on! ud (ae iencinsingong al g) ve edyryboee's bown kn in' a to inwedd g 'rtheyine go ' nd a w for eeks 'vtheyene bein sew ' e svery ausiealnd s isingudt lo er,me co on. ud(ae)ienc he t cy'reegongrg atin .good (a ll) f e or mmyand gal t arhe ps son'inwait g or fan me gd my al (ancudie e) a omnd s, edaye we'ra.gonn .. con,me o'r yout e nolyrealon lfe hast as arong s... ie(aud nce) f hror tr ee o ofourrer mo (a ll) in el lov and
6:49 am
veoory ghad, tounk y . ng claan, cllag, c ng wehent tll tro ey pp(ae)laus d ding, ding, ingnt we b the ell z zing, zing, ing mwentary heintstr gs ro fe m thntmome sai m w hilli fe g, chug, chug chuwe hent tor mot um bump, bump, b p twentrahe b ke t , humpp,thummp thu ntwehe my trarts ings n whemihe syoled ulu co d feheel t s car hake e hedtipp h his at anokd toea a s t sa he e id hd hopeadhe h n't pestepond upfe my et as he myked e, nam hei y ld mthbrea i ld couspn't beeak ecaus shed carealme h df to eath z, buzz, buzz buz ntwe b ther uzze lo plop, plop, p p wehent tel whe s p, stop sto ntwehe my trarts ings he as rt stao ed teleav toi olok h hd ofleis s eve h witanmy h d
6:50 am
e hedstaywi on eth m d anasit wnd gra t justato sitnd ws h hi hand inholdneg mi th to d e enheof te lin he(orcl strariflou sh) se) el! u. d ant don'etforg ... t don' fevert,orge ry-- i l wil bcome ack twhenlehe etsphan st rooth in eee tr s i l wil bcome ack he we n thsbirdma ovke l te toeehe b s w icoill acme b k n whesuthe n res fusehito s ne si pre cdentdgooli e isou a cofsin e min i l wil bcomewhack heen th fis lkwaun aro td oneewo f t a rond pdemenaan up wnd do wonngashistton reet he we n th hsnowuras t ned wfrom thiteueo bl
6:51 am
ru(cho s) w lle wie com bbackefut b ore e wyobid ieu ad u e' wked lisa to 'sy itn beelo bvely weingyoith u ho we hape tu't younll t e us orin fe morheof te sam
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