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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  January 31, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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[ohercrastfll riou]sh rc[orahestyi pla ng thmueme sic] ar tthurhereac r: no arw hes! thi th wiha a w at-ho cnd aioheer , tfromithe lthtle eeatr imon tques s are, it 's methe rirv g sffin how! e thancompniy toinght esclud : ca chrol nganni , idpreskeent y'nnedcrs sey,etar emrs.n velyollinc n, ws ner pape man gegeorsi fra er, fr d'ank ,rone th ute sonsh keoningt ngstrid, ban lmorteyinds thand che ora,estr
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lo haok sowrp n , re hehe's tr deahiboy f,msel rr me vy! rc[ostheral flourish] [a uspplad e anrichee ng] k than tyou. yhank ou. thyoank u. pe [sg akinstindilyinct ] k than tyou.s hat't.righ llweu , yoclcan haap tait ag n. [ancudieuge la]hing wthaticas nise. l iten, mayok loit a lcotle ednfusig ton ht. we t jusofgot plf a anefe a urw hoo.s ag 'vweene be l alenweek sd in pain fig lmingsthin t forhohe s w, d anasit wy vertiexci ng. , ahsti ju t had ime etto g o out mf myoratadt, sui anshd rue. her iitrds habe to e lievatth moal tsteehron ms thvehaon gbye
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how. do r youbeemem, r iturarth ? ii dod.ndee ous? ] ely ttoadhe l y i'oum ab it toduntro ce. frheom tst firht nigd , an all g,alon's shen beenda wolerfu igne rhbor nightdoext or. hawe sn re ay alleheout re. noand dlw sa y sh ae is tboutavo le.e us d aneato l4tve 4reh st et. e thesbiggtt hi tontrhe s eet. e'shins go cg tooralif nia. awe hsked er e if wd coulnydo ag thiniaspec l r fo lthisapast anpear ce,d ansashe o,id n sthatl he'lerwandr ove omfr o herhewn t ater coand nme i d anhesay odr go.byes bno, andsarno p,ades thnoliing hake t t. osourf cowese, e havura fo th ca omeran ut istthe ,reet d anouif ypl peoree he tintuhe s dio wayotch onur ms,itor llyou' s now ee oursr fiest guist thni eve ng coveme o sr toooay g.dbye rehear's chaol cg!nninch wat .
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hi. d [banshfiniones s g] gh[lau s] , well si'veeneen cetran s, thbut asat wet som.hing t isn' lthaty,ovelbe yoing eiur nr?ghbo hoi oupe y't dond minal e l thbrceleg,atinv, mer bu u t yo, knownai figolly t mydr wartrobe paunk d. anatd thso is inmeth g elto cteebran', is?t it buu t yon'must t leitave th on ree st et. , ohweno. itll, ll's aht rig , thall ope perele ach watiting . !oh ahye ! bugogoi t-- oudo yw kno athemutll ore the ? , well, yeah we--w noo we dayanyw . n' do? t weayanyw , yoowu knrv, me , i mygot nk tru. pad m i'g goin away kn i ow!is thur satniday ght. w hoyocan avu le?e us , well mit's y-- eli feri ter bble,ouut yw, kno isthur satniday ght y is m lverypeast marfor nce bonwaroad y wi th o,hellly dol . kni ow.d antoi'm g.urin t bulei'm g avinitit w h myd goondfrieng, gioger r ers. ye s? yends, a's sheng goipl to ay tatt.he ses jamat the re. seyou r.e, mri mer ck, r ouucprodther, vee lo oable ne? ablove le.s. ye
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ye weah, hell, d saie,to m she "aid, cnow,,arol yo"do ntu wago to mo to ,scow w or youldikou l e outo te r thedunitte sta s?" , welloui thdoght llyou sheeld sri ameirca f st. soablylute . abtesolu ly. od good, go . [ausppla e] [s dhortolrumr l] ye s. stliwien, hath tnet li , u yorucan r n formayo fobeoure y go. ohat, thru's t e. i now iknowa t's lgood ine. we anll, ,ywayso m mr.ckerri b hasd ooke me. 's het seno me tdisan ego loand ges an lesd anfrsan scanci o, an l d alkethe tiy ci es hein tte uniatd st es. thand onen l edon,ndngla . lo ! ndonreyou'ng goito u end lp inn!ondo ye ons, l adon,r.rthu d an--then, yes-and- mrrr. mesaick id--'s heo- als - memr. k rric tsaid-hat- seyou e'e, ht s go me si ugned p tiunnel ju19 of 67 toy plahe dllo,.olly 67 19 ? 'sheor a f-lwardngooki. man s,yeis he . [linaugh g]
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he s say ghe's toingveo ha fea alstivdo of .llys , yeahi and toget sit heat the mot-r's- knyou ow,ke liat i h tchedalhem l. sta fe oivalllf do ys? sta fe!ival wnow,ilho w tl be?herewe i'll, inm go hg to-ave- aihe sged i st to it at h theofead t the,able an end thge ginger ro rs. ..good . thand e'en woire g ng toe havlecarok. coo s she' pbeennglayi it a inalustryoia, owu kn . yes. thand e'en wavll h e-- mmaryn'arti s anin vercouvht rig. now anend thre we'ng goi htoliave bttle gettye,rabl bwilline do g it asin las vege , thvetab n.rsio lelittty betoi's g ng toin be t thaernumb . s,ye i she s! w i sa sher, ahe'sr. dea an end thre we'ng goi hto ave, mouh, pilly con. llmocoy pi n? llmocoy pibrn's ngingi it srto i ael. i'e ll beddarn . [ancudieuge la]hing la[app use] ise. tru anend thhe-- t'sn he ingo hg tothave alere e-l th - iwhat cs itdalle iinl,sraeyo do owu kn ? iisilt st l o,hellly dol ? i sgueshe mllo,,olly n'i doowt kn . gh[lau
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tsowehen ... or eshighllt do a. do lla., nos youra got erbettct rea ion. th tat'simhe divinut e olof dn ly iewhebrs., ye a.doll lldo a. llweyw, an ay-- thand en-- oh's, heng goiha to ve th ige or inaltc maerhmakdo .llys u yo, know'sthat p the lay othatusur m iicalses ba.d on r oulelittw, sho k you now. itas's bned o e thntthorilon wplder ay. d ane'so hins go g toe hav gruthn,ordo o whedplayin it y new ork. gruthn,ordo. yes plshe dayed lolly evi ewin nk. yor d an stheneyhirlth boopl iayed tt inovhe m ies. thand e'en hins go hg to avee thinorigolal devly l i a off ll ojaus, owne c l. ud[ae ienchilaug ng] wo i 'tuldnto be reo su -- uli wo d-- shnoe's vit li ng,do i thn't ink. , noowi knt , bumemr. k'rric s rya vear reme kabl man. au[lg]ghin , ohe!i se i oh, fellto int tha done,t idn' i? 's hena gonp proupher , ane'd she ll be.ther gh[lau ing]
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w,nov, merr. dea .. ye s? y mak i as what hayou n,ve ost firal of l? ahoh. ll, we -- yooh, owu kn ... nit's ice. thw e nes pariinopen gs, l alpathe opris gsenine hav got e thesitpandru nehke jac ts. an od soarur we drobremist ss, wjeann,ilso tinashe btemen oatheur t,atre picot ed i tfromrahe dswing attht jus ocame ut. t butothe p isdi panhrt ne u, d anbothe --ttom es the e arrcourge ots bo s. doi knn't ow if c youeean sm. the d anerin h e, tharese . e mricmerrpak's nts. [ancudieuge la]hing llwe i, he s a rkrema mable an, w,no't isn he? at wh is oihe donng t?ight wehell, ai's w fting or pahis bants gack ay in b now. t is hat ouin yntr co?ract no 's, het jus nia ance mat, thll's a . i edwantsh to ouow yls gir , ifr yous knee gap. u yo, knownemy k es tisomegames p. do i knn't f ow is your do.y, wh t the irick s orto b row memr. k'rricsps sursende . !oh gh[lau ing] ulit phels tes kne up.
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, wellurarth i ande havnknow ouabatt th s fortiome me. llwe g, we dirlst idn'.know ydoeaou wosr thrte, a hur? we h gap ere thand dere, won't e? acbr es. 'rtheyt e noedcallt tha mein a.rica atwh t arecahey ?lled --brrrpe suss,nder thwi. you rv me : sudespenitrs w.h usan atd when in d?glan acbrrr es. acbrrr es. l:carora brr nces.raot b ces. all: no. ac broues weld bju rdst oy,inarld wouitn't ? s,yewo it uld. acbrrr es. ye s. bresrrac . w nogoyou lt to earn alto tkek lit. tha u' yooire go ng tanengl d, yoveu ha- to- n' dou t yo!dareyo lku tat jusouas y do. nobut ubodystnder ands rda woay i s . we i ll, rsunde tander evrdy wo s you ay. no e , thatoperidor d n' i wid idoant strche54er 6 32. sh ule co udn'tstnder and,d anllfinasay i id, um [mg blinngin e alisht]ccen rcdoerhest ... ane d sh,said h,"oh. yea " au [lr ghteapand seplau ] u yo thavebbo bat,le i u yo.know thnow tat i ohink,f it maa idn same to -- , ahhimr. ltonew flto me an ist bul. mi wster ho?nr coilad h ton.
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thand anis md saie-to m - foatr whso rea n? o toa pen onhiltel hot . oh . linn,ondos thiaimayfusr ho e th wat invas i, itedaihe s d... bl[mumining indist ctly ngin e alisht]ccen , wellidi sa , "wishat sa he ?"ying sody, la ... atwher's he? nam k you now,e onheof tie laders th e, shide saea-- yheh. sd. sai .. [ancudieuge la]hing sh ide sahe, "w n yot u gestto il,anbu u yo tmust tastehehe cs.rrie eythas're a biglfs gols bal ." isod, saiw "hooudo yw kno atwhs he'ngsayi ?" sashe id, t'"thaats why thesaall y whouen y 're ouon yy r wastto il.anbu " gh[lau ing] me rv:'l we rl be bight tack. yhank ou.
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u yo hbothaave ecperfivt drreing .cord pe>>t.rfec tnotsicke a. noenccid.ts.. >> ithattis une l onouof y cl a ips tfood,ruck inruyoing erur p rfectd.ecor p.>>yu .. ynow,ouou whild tnk iyourannsuromce cpany wo cuuld u t yo someacsligk, rht? . >>no iyourannsuratce res hrgo t toughoohe r f. pyourcterfeor recd n'doest t geanyou ngythi .>> hianytng. rf peect! drfor s iver withac ntcidegi forssvene, rtlibetuy muonal w 't e rais ryourates e duouto yrsr ficit ac.dent d anouif yha do n ve adeaccint, clour ceaim s nter areav blaila ae tot ssis24you /7. fo frr a uoee qte, ca ibll l mertyl utua
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coyou sauld p ve u50to $ 9 ll caay tod at e seincar ncsura e ina e whollinew ght.
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. i n'cabet evlithe .at n'isatt th ... mahow onny misths t? tha --ah- ah- ait's--bout , well ait'st lmosyetwo ars.
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d anneyou miver assedht nig ? neonver e. r nevepestop d onghe ni t? . noi and gfelt ood y evert.nigh isthn't reat g at? t isn' mthat-arv- u yo bmust ge inshood [koncks k] des ini th.k so l youliook ouke y ... bmust ee inlexcelhant s pe. bmustuse. m.t be llweve, se n hud ndre..and. ha ouve yr eveyomet irur g l thasat hst to byand y for ou? , ohlelitti bibrwoste ald. ini d vite her omto cone al tg toouhe t r juorst f c thenyompat, bu toi erld h'd sheer nevon go . yes. shbut a e's .dear s she' gsuchcoood y.mpan shpre's lyobabtt kni ed t abou bfouretlank s ckbare thesn, ha s't?he s.yeh, o's sheam a l b. whs at imothe st exrdtraoy inargthin ethathaver edppenyo to u du aringfo percerman ? au'cunse fhiny t ngs ghaveo ot tenhapp . esi gu s it t wasimhe twae i --lked u yo see, avwe hise thp. ram .. s,yere whe u yoougot d.t an .. "h !"ello wegoamr ch bpion auiltp ram ouarhend the orc stra t so i ogoes ut tintoudhe aeienc keliem a srci-ci le. an gd weo et t owalk ver,mo alntst ouro yods hea , soand al i wouked t on r the amp, ant d goiecarrayd aw d an otooktene so p to,many
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ofellheff tp? ram thand mat'sany cho ce tk-than - i otforgth to onank ree mo . yokeu as d me i did etforgeb som ody? dii d. thare demp plu l fat ady atth i sate n tht-fron - not.t fa t buwashe ars de , shs e watibeauy fullp.plum d anlli fe ghritot in l her ap. d anasit wt jus ssoanoft eed sw t. ie[audlance ngughi ] shhee's onre t.ight e'sht!s no tyes,adhe l y wiheth tda ban ges thand ute cr, chese wherheis s ? oh!, no , oh htheyo ad t htake er-- sashe leid pkease ouep y erup hd e an awayom fr f the oronte f the.stag oh w,, nov, merp sto it! d coulfayou ll in lto as ady' lap? anshe ard i e e th oonly nesat thw kneasit wng wro . i and 'tdidn t getlko tahe to r inor ft d oushwho s,e wa be e causorthe trchespta kepl g ayini and skeptngingi ... diyou --dn't d youtidn' ssmiot a n e? e thenaudiusce jout th ght w itomas sfre rengeshi we goamr ch pionor chapeogri hy, s.gues [ancudieuge la]hingan did i mdn'ta iss .note thbut oue tr bles waingettckg ba up. co i 'tuldn b getupack . d anpti kein tryndg, ali pul ng,ke li o outswf a ngimmil. poo
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shno, noe's att thon str g, s she' pjustinleasplgly ump. bu e't sht s nongstro , yoowu kn . soep i knnt ru ing efromtoxit t, exi i but skeptngingi . dncoulin't fwad a cky ba up, heso ts boyhein tru cho s amadein chaho by gldinin acto eheh otwar's ist. au'cotse nt jus oneul colld pu i me,'t donnk thi . soand e , th olast ne edleanr, ove liand wke aeret h,ring t gop,me u d anedpullon me heto tge sta t righimin t e thfor ste laee thres not . d aninwe fdishe ghriert th e. thand die au tencehthougel, "w l, ths at inda wol erfuernumb . 'sthatll reamey sog.thin " [ancudieuge la]hing l,caro r youbeemem r thghe ni st wedhare a lelittas disheter re on s thet?tree ye s. nithe thght ghe li ts alntl we out bjuste efor tshow ime? i and edwarn. youi ygave fou alilash ght, au 'c kse i-new-th rat's, ightinopenghg ni t. bryou t ough fme alilash ght. sashe "tid, ighe lwihts ll o goneut oht nigy ver."soon eyth t do.dohey . an n d coonedise. cam n coonedise. cam an rvd meat, thy 's mcechan tto yhank ou, be e causedcon cison ame, an eyd thw blemaour e,nhol t ou oherethn 44ee str t, x sirsfloo up t tohuhe s oberte ffics.girl er thhee, twy sath anis m iholee n th
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esflamin comt,g ouan urd yow cre lkeptngeani toveranhe m tholeeo sewh asat win comt g out.of i pti kein say g, 't"donk loohein t re." bu eyt tht kepinlook g. , wellhayou med so how molere ecictri ty wthand,e di d anerwe wmpe colylete acblouked t. anoonir conditi ing, l nos,ightno no g.thin d anorwe bdrowe uryoct eletyrici . d annti wath to yoank u yofor leur ecictri ty anurd yoce jui . 'sitay alw s avblaila ye to ou. jyour uice lwis aavays blaila e. ghriigt. r ht. k than you. thyoank u. idhe dea a bulutifng thi . adwe h s oneigpotl ht,at thll's aat, thht nig . m wea ade n chai here's it m wass erv'e.juic d anurarthck stuhi ngs fin er iwathe lull p g, d anotwe g o you n. d di ayou,r?rthu d didoyou r . thyoank rtu, a hur.d dithyou meank ? yes. yes.
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e onlispot ght, 'sthat w alld.e ha thand eaat ddir au enceay stheed tllre ani eveonng l g. e thtomen ffok oir theke jac ths e wairno adi conintion g. it l wasthike nke si ing t ofithe t.anic c orr'ustests land sta , it j wasdiust ersast . t buonthe hily t ng thavat ssed u yowas leur ecictri ty. wee werdprou stoitend r ovee.ther an thu,k yov. meryo vu'reweery e.lcom we pe susouct yw ble it in f the pirst.lace no ! e'thertes a icrrifre cur nt e thes odaysthn 44ee str t. yoare fru a oiendngf gi er rsrogeo', whpls reg acin you? yyes. eah. , wellt i meerging . wai as inri ter ble sflop how. e we'vhaall emd th , n'have?t we i so i wasisn thp flo,show an cod i 'tuldnt wai gtoutet oit of . 'sthat w the torst, hing awhenfl hoop sstw jups keeni run ng. iifult wolyd onsh p ut ucland doose wn. goand y. awaht rig . yyes, es. ll wena, fi illy,ost cl ed. d aninso gasger -ked-sh s e wangmakiov a m ie, thrse fiavt trg elinslsale ady, shand ide sa , an"i wrot car l foecmy sleond ad hiin tvis mo
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llweyt, an hing g toutet oth of hois s w. iso o gotf ut o it,d annti wegi to ,nger an wd itn as it gianmacinee,scopan std viioavis n evand hierytbung, ert th e 'twasnh muc sof at.crip witotas n goa crod satipt . all gsor ingeiand ma t de is up aenwe wont al g. cau n yoinimag e? whthe moole vie? s. ye s she "aid,y,hone d why on'tu yothsay ndis al i'lthsay at?" i and adid,hend sd, saiu "yosa any," sad i "aid, igll r ht." an dd we id.ll weu , yoimcan e,agin pthisjulot enst w t zazig-g ggin abackornd f th. as at a mofter t, facwe t gotllo caiting , "t eahe df th olea say,slad " ist whaalwe citled . itand a wasri termoble vie, w itusas jttt ro en. doand k youthnow at wese cloo?d rk ithat esn't asyr folitwo gttle irls cto alosetin en re inbig ryduste lik.that thude stloio crised doght wn. c wed loseomit celpletwny do . wwhatt as iedcall?t firseltravsaing adlesl y. 'sitt jusl.awfu t buvehowe r, lllucille bagh bou rt up ko, soy' thellre aht rig , thand e ey'rl stilg.goin d anergingt wen on akto more gl miouss.ovie i and owentlanto gas ve s, t so iedwork out riall ght. gogood, od.t bus it iama shsne, it?'t i
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ywheno ou gugthro h rra ho tible whingsoith e,meon ait'sen frip,dshiit ik's l ie anatniti ion. eythin stru g yo up elon tneephoes pol ... ouso yth go hrouga ibterrhile togng tr,ethe anend th n you fevertorgeth viese itciss tudesheoget r? , well'sthat w the ay gi anger and i re. 'r weine jooged trethe r eyth't done havth pee excerient thavei hae, her si g ttin,hereta g lkinhoin trese gooat p ls eofheyes re. itand nt's itieres ng,en whal i t yk to ou, do i knn't ow wheyich le toatook . tinoe ce mg goin abackornd f th?ey thth're arat frt apa ? , no'rthey e sout bea aifulignd b . oh an, thu.k yo yo vu'reweery e.lcom llwew , ho.nice d antisome imes, h get ung heon tht rig, one d an ithentc swierh ov tinidhe m dle, au'c dse i won't ant osto lnte co yact,noou k w. se i ele. whel, tuly co d s focu, moreppi su ose. is t tha iwhat?t isye has, tmut's etch b ter. i now lyreal am. jtheydrust ouift t a lelitt . d woulsiyou sng u soa hung? h? wooh! yould keu lion a s g? [ausppla e] woyould keu lion a s g? ytan yhinganou w t llat aro, ca l.
8:20 am
fei o el s sad. dit'toesne haveto b omfrhe dllo,.olly oeit d s--? no. who at dthyou mink, erv, onou accf nt oocthe oncasiof ng goiy awaaland l, d aneli fesa so d, hoouw abyet "b b bye?aby" woyould keu lit? tha atth o wasf ne o byouritig h s. "byeye by. babs." ye ge mentle n pr befereslond . yes. yes. y donoou k aw itl?t al usi o ed t tsing hat fwithy reddinmartan's b d. diyou !dn'tye ds, i id. sayou itng wedh fr dy inmartan's b d enwhas i w inntgen lemeerprefnd blo es? llweco, i 'tuldnp hel atth t wasobhe jad i h . [linaugh g] ll i'da be rnedme ties flies, doitn't ? wh n'y dou t yo asingru cho s, anend th p you,oint i'and omll c e in imanytu e yo mwant.e to riall ght,u yo isingtht with me en. en thl i'l asingru cho s, yoand tiu no ce, ouso y m canizemor.e it ghri'lt, imol me trizeorhe w ds. us i o ed t tsingtohis so my n las abyullan wheashe wab a b y. yadid ? . yeah lhe'd, augh ghe'd o... riall ght. b"byeabye b y."
8:21 am
b yeye by bab em rr embereyou'ba my by he weyn the giv you eythe e lt ah hougowi kn atth c you are w yon'triou w te ancld de are t thaghthou tonoohe l se ou y s are till heon tar squ e goi'm sonna und dlikea eannindurb . l i'llobe g omy s but endat thnb raio ow t me n thehamy s dowsll wi fly ho ti'ugh e ll b goner foila wh e i w kno that bi'llile sm ing it w bh my aby anbye e d by nou.w yo ee[drip ba]tone b bye ye-- or[nvomal ice] b aby em rem ber reyou'ba my by n whe gtheyyoive u eythe e ho alti ugh know ythatarou c e
8:22 am
ha tout th gh heon tse loo a youtire s ll on s thee quar 'l i gl bey loom b enut s d rthatowainbme to n thehamy s dows fwill ly ho tyough bu'llnee go r foila wh e i w kno that bi'llile sm ing w myith y bab e bybyand e h witabmy be y bybyand e [ausppla e] t.greaat gre . , oh ghe's ood. 'shey ver.good pp[ae lausincont ues] 'l we rl be bight ack.
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i ewknou yer wfre ndie s ofre pdesi ant mnd. anu d yo stoldawome yfullcu tote s aries tbout hem. z liencarpwater res he soalut aboee a wo.k ag i sknowashe ws., ye n'ise t shmba la ? yehes, sut's c e, anlkd taboed aouut y . d an hthey ave anso mnvy cotiersa ons. d diseyou rse, mnc. li oln o ise n th tshowhtonig ? elevinyn l, colnwawho s prenesidnnt kes edy'etsecr ary.
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d.i dil, well i'l ytell ou,di i owd kn. her a aste mat fr of iact,ne'll verrg forset mnc. li eoln. ver. yo owu knat, whpe hap ned, gegeorns bur i and re wewa in gtshincon d t abou ojune63f 19 -- no w, itanas j uary 1 of-963- w weinere d viteomto c e anted ennrtai at i theurnaugalal g a, ctheyitall . , ohbithe e,g onh. yeath g e bi.gala asit wsi pre kdentdyenne 's 2naud intigura on. an wd soree weul awfroly p ud se'cauwe we nvre i.ited soen we aitert ned, thand t en iovwas er. afand arterwweds, t wen ttolohat jvelyonohnsty par . e thsojohnavns gpae a rty alfor e l thrtentersaine . it a wasut bea tiful.hing d annethe ayxt d , thwaere bis a gg fo thamat cte oual erl ovhi wasn ngto dc. , ohmei re, mber yes. yes. d an tthengrhey edoundal e l thesplan , d an onone f us d coulouget t. s wa fit a og bor aarlizz d? asit w w a-- aell,zz bli ard cthey'vouldtte gouten o in. oh er, ths e wag.a fo t buasit wog a f, too on althg wi b thearlizz d. th wat'shahat edppen . a zablizogrd-f . th rat's.ight fla rdizzaey, thl cal.them
8:25 am
wewell, e werndgrou ed, w sot e saurin oel hotm, roo gegeorns bur d anusmy h aband,nd i d anelwe fryt very sor for elours jves,siust g ttine,ther thand en it g wase'eorgrts bi,hday d aniegracen allwa vis giimng hir a by thdaypart haat tryt veen mom t iner bevilly h ls, anend th o allsuf a --dden i and suwas edpposbe to ninorew y k-- ane d thphteleraone ng :3at 6 0, an hd myndusbawe ans red phthe "one,lecharwes lo ," heand we ans red, heand ea rep hted,ide sa , a"yoursre mnc. li oln heof tte whise hou ?" ahye g, soe eorgiand lo aokede t onheanot r-- atthig's rgeht, torgehthoug -- i s guesgeshe hits t s ale l th.time orgeasge wnk thi ing m oftoary ofdd, rs counde. a ... [ancudieuge la]hing , oh.dear gsoe eorg,said y "b dlongncista e? or i howe s shincall g?" au[lg]ghin i' rbm moonid t.ight , soayanyw ... itms seet tha e shedwantkn to ow d coulavwe hnne di er thigat nitht we h thedkenn ys? , welllechary s, manhusb d, ljustdooke ghri gt ate eorgmeand an sd he "aid,soi'm rry,do i thn't i ink locan tcate hem
8:26 am
k?" e so hdoput hewn tep tel,hone thand e en hedpickup it ghriayt aw ouwithyit sa wng atoord us, asand thked ere op ator ctoctonne him heto tte whise hou . ahe fskedrsor mnc. li oln, thand e en h--saidho wit ut as ukingwos a hrd--ide sa , "td hey'elbe dedightco to me fonnr dit er a t8:00htonig ." bu wt itheas ty onl way adhe hch of ngecki into ft d ou ithats t walyrealmr ins. l ocolne f the white.hous w itt asn' asome ctor inplayjog a ke. ouit ce ld'v cbeen baroltturneor eb somwhody so wa heon tgr resu . anayd pl ingjo a n ke o us. haso ts t waonthe ayly w atthco he chuld eck. d annlwe ody haa svery thorttoime r get.eady d angegeorth is ise aractocr y ofde vaue.vill thwi c his.igarwi isth har cig . d an ltheyliook ke bband aoxesl t als.time te afeyr thbe've raen tngvelifo ysr daa on n,trai ey the comjuout nast s y, ea crn se ipathe nts evand hieryt ng. an acd grlwie aloays oked aliketl litlle do . , well ktheyhonow w o to d ithatven fiut minlaes f t. eoso gsarge "iid, 't can go, oumy thapee res albeady en osento ut t-"the- s hi?whatwe gell, dorgeweoes tar ae.oupe d anigmy w s waadalrenty se out
8:27 am
sogo we bt it ack tfromirhe a.port we s gotodomeb by to bring-ack-"s myend b wig?ack" my. wig d angegeorou's t pee. twereheoget r? toergeth . we well, e werg doinama te . erwe wtee a t am atithe me. wirath gs cie'sibles ngs, erwe wtee a am. 'sthat w thereay pntsidene ken dy edwantto us ea appo r, sidwe d . d an gthene eorg,said"w a ait teminu ," an bd heweorro id an ron. asit wur satniday ght heand ro boranwed n iro omfr m theeranagif's w e... ediron t hise?oupe , nonono, . he t hadouhe tonpee . ohoh, ., oh it a wasigll r ht., nopahis wents rere c,ased an wd he nouldoot gto w the hhite ouse ouwithokt lo ingke lian a bx,d bo k you now. an hd sode hato ro bor iw an ron, d anuthe pe somlstowe, out d ansecreas d his.pant he d, saiat "thss dreyo of isurs cr d easet righssacro f the."ront d anaihe stad, "heke tss dre off puand ht it"ere, d and,i dian id hed roneremy d ss, an gd weffot oth to ite wh e e housgoand ert th 8e by :00. an s.d mrco lin ln,ar de. mrsollinc n, sa neid ode won trful,hingsh ide sa , no"i ku'w yooire g ng toe havaua bel tifuineven g."
8:28 am
th nne ke jedysknust ow-- tthey ohinkhef otopr pe le l altithe anme, eyd thnk thi yofwaour annts l.d al enwe wert th e, gjuste,eorghu my d sbanmeand , prand enesidd t an kmrs.dyenne . weand d hadr,innean ted afdsrwar , infor cestan. , mredkenn y-- prthe enesididt sa , "w youldikou l e to l seelnincoed's b ?" d anouof c rse w wed anteeeto sco lin bln's ed. soli he usned in up e, lin anoud prmadly d rche us tdownalhe h l... thut,thwo, free, our! 'sthatht rig . jaand licqueenne k nedys waheon t o ende f th,line th wirg geo e, ane d shhemarc d. an gd he ot into l'scolnro bedooom d r, heand ud pro ly edopen d the oor, thand e en hedclos itry veck qui ly. d anaihe sshd, " h." s"i'm,"orrysa he "mid, thy mo er isep sleining co lin bln's ed." [linaugh g] washe gus a thest ere? yehes, s was t athihe woute h se. s hiermothth. mo ters,lihey ve ywithyoou, owu kn... so . thbut oney dlw't ageays t toep sleli in n'ncold.s be kn i liow, tttle eeny krosedyenne . dobut k you now hwhatneappe d? e thowfolldeing ercemb tofyehat ar,
8:29 am
oufor w r ne oyorkngpeni , an wd we-ere- gowawer rks wousing ouarhend tck clo , kibreat ng i in inhi wasn ngto dc, d anotwe gal a c l frheom tte whise hou , itand was "mrs. blady jird"onohns , d ansashe "nid, i ow, know buhow ousy y a all re, i"butld woue lovyofor u tome cot'-- iris chs stma ntime ow-- r fotoyou e coman ld atseast nce lis oln'"bed. shand ide sa , "nyoow, inu brurg yoil fam y, teand owll ghaer cnmpio bto hringamis f"ily. f "i jit'sfoust hr an--our" wegos r waouso t bched,y it thftat aorer w uking s thall mee tie lik,that hek tooouan hf,r of d anenwe w t. onand ou accf nt o lmrs.lninco 's teonlephlle cabe to wigin th, i abwas le to l seelnincoed's b . [lteaughd r anauappl se]n' isatt thde won?rful byes.t ut is show-you- thhne jos son''tdidne hav ybaninody th it igat n ht? no ey, tht keplepeop out cso i i ye obs, nwaody is in t. itbut ws sho h youerow psson'na s turesoare ug thol.htfu ahyes.. ye e sh iknewn' hadent se it,ca bei use etoldbovery dy.
8:30 am
ou, to i veld edyrybot thauli co d t aboug beinhein tte whise hou , hoand e w thidpres entie tr sd tomehow . heso s h had aeard ibout t, reappa,ntly th nat i evert goeeto s it. th eat'sinxcit g. yet s, i is. mthatbeust t fun to , oh yes. d i diowa sh p forderesi nt key,nned i butn' didt t ge to-- asit wth at ge bi llba troom aherehot a tel. yesns. ie't ha agoodncudie e? t buashe wy ver,nice maa ourveldis au, ence yes. d anoda gogh lau er. heoh, . was rya vean strhige tapng hdpene atthht niger, ths-e wa - i rjustbeemem r stthe riory noght w. erths e wawaan ahard tght ni t a for ogphoterraph , rfoth w e ne tyork,imes o whtahad thken nne wi ing urpict te ofeahe y r. ..yes. d anasit wic a p,ture i k thinllyou' r allbeemem r, it i waspen pa rs, thand en maopny cofies ma it de. asit wsi pre kdentdyenne riar--ving mithaust ve abeenrpn ai ort, se'cau t alleohe pweple re libened ahindat grece fen , aneyd th h all ad thhaeir utnd ohi to m, d anashe wki walo ng t it. anpod i d inteutit ohe-- tdy haa blbig p ow uheon tl, wal abthove ese prt'idenads he , d anouwithint th,king au'comse sesetims thienhapp s, eyth t cut,o it d anybevertuody ,rned
8:31 am
"g thee, ugey oo ht tthput at heon ter cov heof tw 'hoakto mte ouyo ncur itaome x.'" se'caue herthwas ole white un ed st watesthith haeir utnd o . anbut , yway sthatk truc himnn fundy, ala he d.ughe whe loulditove . heoh, au'd lisgh hd hea off. 'sthatay alwshs a whock en prthe enesidugt lat hs a you. yeh,s. oy theh.laugwe gh lauhaed tght ni t. idwe dwan't o nt tomgo h e, ge aorge.nd i .ah..we t jus'tdidnt wano to g.home we shll, be'llt e ou fin a ew mis.nutete lis hn, i-ave- wai o nt t atakeak bree herbe e causvei ha me sose pre ntsr fotoyou e takheon td. roa doyou n't. , wellbryou t oughreme pssentwh oen id meoh, rv. i and shaveliome tttles.hing stupart e thneengiul, wo?d ya l we'ligbe racht b k. [ls]augh
8:32 am
payou cy yournsurar iance ium prem clikerklockwo . h montmoafter nth. a yeareafter y nen one, yoighthyu nedroplaa into h.ditc ...yeah iyourancensurpa comteny u lls yoay uto paip ag n.y whr pay forancinsue hif you pave to ay enevfo more g r usinit? if av you hrte libe muy dtualbleducti e fund , co you y uld pa no ctdedut ible aall. sip gn uedto imm liately ower dyourbleducti10e by $ 0. d anowkeep lg iterin0 $10an , nuallyl ituntion's g
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e'ther ls no timito w ho ymuchanou cn ear thand avis s aingsesppli toev veery e hiclouon ylir pocy. ca ll rnto lea more. chswitlibe to murty tual d yo anulu co ud save50p to $ 9. ibcall l mutertyual fo eer a fr t quote atoday r see carancinsu e inwha w ole net.ligh rtlibealy mutuan insurce. ttoeihe nrhghbo rood,?ight ll we h, wea ave lelitt iequodt gocobye imingwn no
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se'cau h youcuave nrtai ainf hal.hour ye has, trit's ght. h soisere b our ig mul sicabygoodese pr ent cto carolinhann g oherethn 44ee str t. woyould meu co ind an isignlen, p ase! . ahemseplea ? ru[dl]mrol drllumrood, go . :merv adre y? mecorv: igme i rocah,l: o no! ca rol:, ohlohow !vely [ausppla e] :merv mecoin on er, evy!ybod isthth is ute sonsh keoningt ristanng bomd frla phihidelp a, whu'o yoeeve s n at m thes acy'depara , atand y manr othefibene ts anspd ho sital.hows ud[ae ienchilaug ng]
8:35 am
ca trol:hahe w t? wo gman:erreatsi kenn.ngto ca rol: grthe r.eate rvme : theae gr-ter- e thtegreansr keoningtup gro . : mervt?righ pp[ae]laus arso cthol, s is i it. d anini thu k yoedwant stoomay sngethi . , oh, merv, dearknyou ow iwhatte wanu d yonoto k w. tisomeonmes r the oad, etit grys veel lon y. d ane whiloni'm r the oad,'s itoy a j ithatal'll kwaysthnow sat aso s on acuthe n rtai dgoes own, cai nen tu in ouon yogr pr ram fiand utnd ost fird hanwh hat'sniappen ng o s44tht.tree au 'c'lse issl mi youst moal of l. anthu,k yo w and e'll ymissreou toumend sly. oh! k than you. wh o!oa-h [ausppla e] ca chrol nganni , esedcort by theae gr ter inkens bgton and! 'rtheyine go pg to lay. awaitut min e. ey thgo're manna rch. hee re w go. t counof'em f. man: ttwo,, hree..four . [bpland gayin"h , elloy"doll ] la[app
8:36 am
the 'sat ton shendtaris t ghw,no heis tin beg ning sof as erieedcall y "mvetwelrs yeawi reth pntsidene ken dy." e thitsubts,le i nt"ie imatirmemo s by p thederesi pnt'snaerso l searcretvey, elilyn n.ncol " mr ins. l hcolnrias w tten sca faininatosg cl e up ofsi pre kdentdyenne , whi ich rhave
8:37 am
itand is liunbelyevabd. goo iweednvit her omto c te onhohe sniw to ght, anthd al sough nhe's mever adete a silevippon ancearafoe be re, e shptacceured oit invn,atio d ane we'r pvery.roud esladi g andementl en, 'shere. mrsynevelco lin ln. rc[orahestyi pla ng tslow iempo mntro]usic la[app use] it ic's n me toyoeet pu inn.ersoi' eeve snyn matu picofres . you , well nit'stoice he be re. dohow f you aeel?igll r ht? wei ll, s gues so.m i'qunot suite re. 's itew a ner expe,ienc't isn it? 'sthatht rig i, it s. st jute preiknd lue yodo sen't ybe anouody ert th e, yoand bu'llste jue, fin l alt?righ lli'. try s i wainfasc.atedi treadirhe fnsst imetall nt ine thrdsatu ay ev g i lovee thguinaudaral ory st y. th aat'srm cha ing e piecriof w.ting u yo amean tboutpehe s ech? yes.
8:38 am
e thera was lot s ofinnow hi wasn,ngto wh meich thant cat in'ould t hoget o me to go tgathe la. sso id tayeniall ght at t thesehen-rnato nnkes edy'.home ..ah . hso ihead ty copof i theurnaugddal a,ress d an iwhent wento t bednihat ght, i ghthouwet, "i ll, ldshoure lallyitock up ine som safe omor sace pl e," hebut n' didvet ha y ane placocto l.k it so oc i lthked dre be oom, d anitput my on , bed ansld i wiept tth i mond.y be wiouth yadr he tonnahe ialugurre add ss? 'sthatht rig . thn en imothe g,rnin al al ofde sudhen i ard oca kn mk atory do . d ane thersewas r natoedkenn y, knngocki s andg,ayin rs "mnc. li woln, ihere s namy ialugurre add ss?" oonf ne omothe st imanportyst dahi in y.stor 'sthatht rig . soand ot i g up an ndd hat ed iimto h roththugh ore do . shand y ortleather,fteri d hear tfromathe bmhroo
8:39 am
he r wasngeadi e thguinauadral sdres as wa he kis ta bng a ath. whand at diu d yok?thin anatd wh y didhiou t nk tors you elf? yostu mue havha med soug thothhts ere. llweth, i t,oughl, welhe j wasliust ke fmyr athe tused o do hwhenede usma to peke ss.eche hed useoto g fin oronte f thormirr isin hro bed om, taand ntlk ie o thormirr . isoug thoelht w l, heus's jket liis he . heso tlin a lttle oater n, lhetheft the ba room d an iwentthnto dre be oom, heand s was till inreadisg thec spe h. whand en othe go intbethe m,droo het' musutve pup it on d hiserress , usbecal e altithe me ashe wss dre ing, ashe wll sti adrething eee sp ch. n'isatt thet som?hingan end thwe he ownt de n ths,step d anenhe wwnt do ttoivhe lroing om whthere erey s ved brhis aseakf t, heand t kep adrething eee sp ch riduheng tle whoe timhe e wasg atinkfbrea ast. twere ahereasny lnut mi te, iehurr td upshing atthd kin of haedppent- tha -?
8:40 am
no. hly? , ohmeyou an hein tug inaha-- ty?t da ay. ll ween, whca it imme t e fom r hireto d ss, l al sof anuddege torges homa tcame o me oln, ulwou d yo hcallatis f her seand he ifse ha h... ? . t." isole cals d hierfath who stwas g ayinnoin a hther.ouse thand ugen m sy, hawho end beki woritng w h us qufor a ite ernumbye of ars, we vent o tr toathe fs her'e,hous d anthgot olis c lar,ou britght k, bac an td he iried,t on t bu dthatt idn'eifit ,ther sowo he nere o atthha he fod be re. ahat. th was sta more impe ssiv day. wh ouen yll reaopy st d ank,thin vthatfeery opw pe le sichnce ilurch l ane d th days p ofderesioont rltseve , sapoy imt rtangsthin
8:41 am
thand naat ialugurha-- t t icpart iularurnaugddal a ress q isd,uote p andblroba y bwillr e fo ymany tearsmeo co . onthe nde, as it' e thh catcsephra ethatboven kebby ynned t gok stuc on, sk"a w notyohat ouur c ntryn caordo f, you t bu ywhatanou c do yofor ouur c."ntry do r youbeemem r whe en he wrot?that s.yewe we lyre f ing wfromngashitoton m palh,beac d anamhe ct e ouheand ed ask me 'dif ie com--back hheomad scte dinatiohe te wan gd totoive me. ansad i atw thha he d, , ohrasevelll ye ow espiecpa of per hthatd e hatewritinn thn,gs o d an tso ihthoug , l,"wels he' gjust toingswo an er osomes f hi mail s orhiometikng late th ." d anofall ud a s den, d itd awneeon m haspte keta dic,ting at ths thirewas sallyhiomet ng. thand neat oas phrs e i d anaihe swed, "noll, w, wioull ye typ athispll u haand t ve iy readmefor wh gen iffet o p the lane p atbealm "ach? i and did.
8:42 am
waats thus i rinhed , antod i ok thyeose pllows ieceapof p er atthha he d tewritesn thine thn,gs o d anpti kese thong alo thwist my raenog nphic.otes . ah an wd sohehat te wro s wa, alsolsis a to inilhe f es. hewas el a wgal ord nize man,s. mrco lin ln? evhieryt ng ince plad., an ..? not , noysalwa., no kni ow,om frin havcrg seieetar s, th heat tny ca ivdru e yoy,craz for revenicleapng u uryok, des d aninputting thwags a y atth d you won't ant awput ay. , oh yyes,hees, d use to.s wa..he a .? llweno, . hed userito witte l-tle- thlee tee phonernumb s ontl litece pif es or.pape heand tu'd semff ' hinocis p ket port ut ihein tlf bil old. anend thn whe 'dhe t tryndo fit thaernumb , 'd hep dumytever ohing ut on d the esk. ht[liggh lau ter] anerd th we it as. thand e en hdncoulin't f d...
8:43 am
andid i kdn't now towho s.m wa au[lr]ghte mr ls.coin,ln reweou yit w h idpreskeent ynned yaat h pnnis ort nithe thght at thece el rtionnsetur rewein com?g in hinisyannt por afrom ll--ud [ae iencurmurm ing] areye th micoacng b k? [lteaugh r] cu exe,se m s.mrco lin ln. oher, thu e yo are. we oure yhy in s anni port nithe ofght e theiolect n twhenethe r urns cwereg omin in? at whd kinomof m ents twere hey? we asll, st it d arte out, th tue rewerns re veavry fleorabke to y,nned asbut e thengvenie wor on, it am becose cl er anosd clther, cee ra . weand e wer alltc wa thingv,he t d anasit wni mid ght, 1then a:00,hend t00n 2: . wahow ?s he atwh h waskee li ? wehell, r wasedelax . heke wal d frooom r rm to aoom,.nd.. au[lr]ghte inkickorg do s, ..and.
8:44 am
heno, v wasreery d.laxe whand en amit coue ar:0nd 3 0, she "aid,ini th k gi'llmeo ho g and bo to ed." stand thill waere ks noednowl ge oft whaigit me?ht b no., no it s was vtillclery ose. an sd solyhortre ther,afte i ghthou t, "w mell, iaybe." too thwaere sn't lyreal p anyseurpo fo tr meayo stre the y anerlong . an id sort stao ed te,leav teand red so,nsen o whalwas taso s tying,here alt so aplthe ace, tsaid, o meyo"do veu ha ria acde b tk toothe m el?" i and ,said o,"non i d 't." he d, saiul "wou d yo like idto rthe wi" me? d anidi saes, "y , i'ved lori to itde wu.h yo " aihe swed, "wall, ilit t l i psgo ustair ant d gerimy bseefca , i'and e ll bt righ."down sowe we utnt o d the-oor- wee wer at rtrobene ken hdy's-ome- weand t hadumo stovble er a oflot yc bic les an icd trs yclestand uff w soule cot d geofout d the oor.
8:45 am
ck bath of ene that-sen or edkennhoy's me, d an twentghhrou y the ard, an wd asmee ca roththugh rde ya , i edlookr oveheto tse hou , thand ere, ugthroe h thowwind , sai esw prt idenedkenn y-- hen' wasest prt iden--then thbut heere , was ttsiining oo a b k-- insitt ag inir cha , inreadbog a ok, d anoui thtoght el mys f, "w iell,w kno now ghe's toing po bederesi nt," be ecaus wheonas cntfide w, he as. heand a wasdylready stu ing eeto st whaouhe cold d teaf br hee ecamidpres ent. it t wasoshe muct to phingreictui k thin ei'vesever en. d an cif i'vouldkee ta n a urpict ie ofd t and save it, rti cey ainld woul.have wei ll, kthinyo gu've uiven s vea oory g d ve prbalreictuth of at.
8:46 am
reheth is gae ma.zine jwegoust e t th.copy urartht jusedhandto it me, usbeca ie itats thnd bra. new itand n 's ostthe .ands thand tue acital ts,le i tw"my yelve wearskeith y.nned " thand ore st wy isenrittby . mrsynevelco lin ln. d ancoi redmmen atth b youhiuy t s, anadd re e thalinsttslmen . mahow nsny imetall nts twill bhere e in s thes,erie ine th?post thllere'tw be sto inenallm ts, thand y en m--book thand oke bo , dwhenthoes omat ct?e ou au tgust0the 3 h. itri's w bttenifeaut.ully an ted ininrest g anryd vech tousting s.orie we i ll, ewantbovery dy tow kno awhatde won mrful an he. was ayes.e nd w do. th yoank rsu, mnc. li oln.ho i oupe yco'll acme b k. ulwou?d yo'r you e anul awfooly gesd gu t. odgoig n. htanthyok u. [alappe]us
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