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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  February 1, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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en whco it smes to mallbu sssinesh, ine's he tw. kno trso s yapourselves in for actionlo! f l busmalsssineon editi .oh, no!m i'myup to k necin ti operatsng cos ! i'llave sdathe y! r forsplumbeak and b ersan erd scapaws of l n, sh s e'ingot rasusance yvv yo n u caunco.t on u chyopeipd my birdbath! w nore gyou' ponna ay! no ft so iast!ov corer meth ust an j acarscknd trus. ctio ao n fl di bod someay "dy srainsunce"?il ch: fldren o! io actfln o cut! i gecan smt a ,oothiepl ?ease heooh! t goyoot smthies? mefor . u yo hbothaave ecperfivt drreing .cord pe>>t.rfec tnotsicke a. noenccid.ts.. >> ithattis une l onouof y cl a ips tfood,ruck inruyoing erur p rfectd.ecor p.>>yu
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wo cuuld u t yo someacsligk, rht? . >>no iyourannsuratce res hrgo t toughoohe r f. pyourcterfeor recd n'doest t geanyou ngythi .>> hianytng. rf peect! drfor s iver withac ntcidegi forssvene, rtlibetuy muonal w 't e rais ryourates e duouto yrsr ficit ac.dent d anouif yha do n ve adeaccint, clour ceaim s nter areav blaila ae tot ssis24you /7. fo frr a uoee qte, ca ibll l mertyl utua at tswitchberto lituy mual and u co yosauld tove up $509 ll caay a todt casee sur ine rancin ol a whw lie neght.
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. itakeo n twthand ree. n take ifour. le r ave heasy on eneon o.
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how lmuchonger gare we oinglato py tag thewith sey dumm smines, ir? tiunetl we gug the b ous tt ofnahat so.r gear e thayarmy m beokyoin tth by en. tetry llinge thral admi.that r cleabridthe ge! [a ailarm w ls] yocan rpu inte ret hasthat h? , sino r.woul u d yo saywethere inesre m t outhere? , no sir. , wellarthere e. ok lo ls more ike or fisheeseawd
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ee [bping] thadoesunt solid weke sea ed?, l alstop. stall op. t' lepes hore we' notng huag up ain. al ckl bal. ful opall st . stall op. ahall e-ead onthird. aheaall e-d onthird. ri llght fur. rudde ri llght fur. rudde orit's w, siking r. 'sitking wor .at whou did ydo t ?o it i rjustreemembed, cu i het in tir new c cuitlathe ub gaves. keif it weps onngorkike li this, we'v ale re sly gotngomethi . commineuping . arbo stsiard de. arudderpsmidshi . dderruds amihips. dy asteae s shgoes. dy asteae s shgoes. ta r,ke oven, landoand thrun d.e fiel
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ranatu ls!m i'g tellin you,hahe se ved thdice! imstop hbo, some dy!be i fit you oreve m eshe com out. us e cue tharp, croll. co bme on. blolow. w. ywill ou?wh yoat do ,u meanbl coow? me on! ! ha goi x!t a si re whow'ine doixg on s es? ajustute. mini o have t ifigure t. l hey,haook, wwitht's th ile pencap and pit?er b ye whatah, dou yomean, "h e weow'rng doi s onixes?" sit'smaimple aticthem s... it's. do whatcayou kll it, id? inatcomb aionsmund pers.tation wwhat'sthisith "com tibina onspeand atiormutns"? lo fredok, eedy ksps tab t onumbehe nrs. we w knodsthe od. t if icoain't p mume uch, f weitigure ue t's dowo sh, heote, irwisur fige sit's ar beucke t. comsee?tibina onspeand atiormutns! don'i det unrstand inatcombionsd anatpermut.ions oyou're kay sixones. , wellcomehow wshe knoch so mu ? okoh, lover , ne,mindrr ca oll.oo shdit the ce.he a knowsboutll asc toience o-- eradar,nilectrosonacs, r. t i benowshe ke morou abe t thesr tesonasts an thou all yckle knunsbraipu tht toge
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.lo thok, eiou ser yhootdi the gece or f tht ofe-- ghall rill rt. a.ight co oon come . me.fadee fad me. l alright. alshoot ready. si is.x it ok loter , af wen cleae out th,japs dyfred a and ioingre g toke tays our sto ltem egas v as, weain't dy, fred? boy me co on.thshoot ce.e di me ocow.n nofa fde yo itu got ! e here w go. t isoahat fl cratingmep gail stg l goin on? m i'afraid's itonic chrr., si s who'g?winnin rrol ca l. c helaimshe's ng usice scien. i well, to havek breait up, t but i don'ohave tca thtch item at . i' inm goarg forwrld, cha ie! arforwom.d ro ye , s, sirn.captai
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kelio to intbakyo y. wh hiat's ta s? of kind gcrap ame? , oh, no sir.ed fr jdy was ustplex taining o us t thabounae sos.r test we goll, re on, f ddy. wai o hent t ar tthis oo. , uhe nithess,ckeldi anmes ard qu,ters e they'rminethe s bin the ay, a but r chclealannes haefbeen l t, apso a jeanesha ilrbor p ot,vi hahang a c rt, n caguideie fr shindlyg ppinhthroug ouwithint runntog inan hey of t. mines on e ly whadon't have a c rt, i so tryf weto hr get tough, r wento un imithe nes,an wd thenl gee alllt ki ed. go on. 'sthat, si all r. inone th g, thiifs ispp suo osed t be of oone hiur s ps, u yoed uturn pe-snakeyes. sn eyake- ses ared upposeeto bba .d luck t thisn'igat r ht,olcarr l? ou sif yo,ay s sir.
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u' yo ure all onpr youlesonar ssons, bu t t don'do iover t. encecommoa rell.d drilth l reat'lyolax dsur min. fe s el likeriwe're upding on er anothle. cab tsecureshhat fi ! stopall .l st alop. h pushk,er baclows fel !doc! ! docdysomebo! do omc! ce on. e thlskul adis b flyurract.ed e's therhano c ance atll
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hering tning coner tow. ul par ? sonadaand raill r stout? thiley wcal be, ptain,r tw fo to orouhree h rs.'s whatis our vity?ibil atwhib's visility? tralopic stormng comi cap up,,tain si vi lbilitythaness a d hundreyards. m co i' umingp. bothe t y can' live leungess we t himto b hoase rspitalwaight a y. arprepure to s faceo matwngin eines. suif we rface, r wecoisk a ionllisin sq this uall. e if wrelay heti hat ll t igeard,s fixe 'l he deal be herer, t f are ourdeother yersstro , thsuree bs,swa minereepe d ant five psboat t uphere. 'sit o a bigmrcean, ndon. la . ouwhat w dld you o?thlet die boy e? , no wsir, in't.ould d tai' cke ahanceav to slifee a . i k thindeyou mae tht derighoncisi-- th tim adreury to selface bsir.ow,
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[a wlarm]ailing lloh, heeyo, cas . s thhow'oyat b? doing il st cl in a siroma, .ca ousey, ymmyr du esmine tts helhaveusped , a lot i'm but ngtakiff you o themfor eca spssial mi ion. ll hyou'seave rdaled o ers taboardstarhe fishin ur an ho . dmyes, airal. ou abxet my e lic,naeutemant-comannder l don?yo y u sahe isgo a fficod oer. s, ye sir. an ony reas swhy he'thouldngo w outu?ith yo , no sir.go od. , hothen ip to..t, and. lots go of k,od luc. casey
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e thn captaidwoulke lie to se youhe in tro ward sir,om, ri ayght aw. ee stouring c g goind onaheand sta ardouon fginer en s. hayou cve the on. aaye,, si 'r we a se onalpecine niss-day aent,ignm prdioceethng to nde islaof s u-aish to. selet's t'e, tha s--at thos's alm til60 mthes sou east t ofima sushitstra. rthat'sight. towe're o knock thutlae isnd t so it becan'd use a as base en w whkee mar ouhrbreakt ough tinto ohe sean.f japa i ouwant yra to ar ngeala sminl landy,g part one ceoffi r-- t i'lle ake thy,partpt ca ain. i t don'ththink at'sod ia go ldea,andon. asbut d seconommain cnd, 's o itrinly ghtldi shoud th learte pay.
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htit migce be ney fossarr me a to tbandonaidihe rarng pty in er t ordveo sabo this ir.s, s a it'sio quest nouof yidr conf ence m inmey judg nt.unde i ndrstaly exactwh ou mat y sean, ir,t buy it's m job. n'i doink t thoui shld yoask anlse ne eakto t.e over ve l.ry wel oupick yr o otherrders. s, syeir. pr toepare ce surfaon t athe btery. prep toare ce surfa t onattehe bry. how esdohing tslook p uere?th japno s,plbut f enty oallainst.tion retoady ce surfa. below
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l we'le surfacufor yoat 2 .2:30
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uck. exthose nsplosio off areah sead ofe.chedul
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r thcleaide br ge! tchauth sh! keta d hernowsi zex-eero ft. aaye,,
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in.we can'tay stn he dow rean ery longptai, ca n.nd las on saypumpthe s t can'pkeep uwi heth t. water no , sonaradarno r .on ive ly fsmilefr eom thencentra of sea theja of panthand mineose dsfiel. ll, wel we'lavjust htoe e he tak or up.n guts le vet's hack a quilook un arot.d firs ulpa a! haveat look s. thi nd la on, th sere'a sejapanechan mertman st juding heao intrathe st its.qu teite a onmptati . oughi th wt we erepp su to oseddavoi t contachewith tmy. ene t i'm nokingthin in of serking h --st juwi folloer tng hghhrou. t buordeour cars, ptain. o mydorders say n't hianytng a about atiosituken li this.
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's oherehaur c lnce toog y ineverf ch ohathat celnn t righheinto tf sea on.japa di pdn'te renticoutell y hethat tas nre wcto su ion bin thes,ilge d anaithe dr'sn pumpnt o burut? iteven wimh a tr , c weetan't gpe any s ed, e becausbattthe s ery'w.too lo isth i'm tubch wat inglycan onabou do vet ses.n knot l we'l alolimpehng br.ind he i wantth ede torpom co roedlear. av levolue a r nteerein the old to hlethe ppak-sto ers.t pu aon anyressir pureu yon need i roothat mto th keep s e plug in.ay , e, we'll follhiow tbys bal aly the wa in. ahall two ead dsthir. eaall aho thd tw.irds thclear ede torpom.o ro it get cantt prehy roug t intraihe ssits, r. m theyeeight nud yo i upcon the tonning wer. igit m rht get ough thoifluse pop i hacan handle tt job. i ouknow y, canbu ntt i waut you o.side goini'm cg to lose hthis.atch ukeepaip the sur pres
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ma trk the pauime, l. e on, 14hourut mines wesince ed startour sitrant. anoin 1therte5 minus, houlwe s ad be t-- aicaptn, rw foduard re cerst ljuo,et gin capta. sh t ut thavalve! al iol statput ns, lamr. n.ndon o stall ,ationspu . lat mr ondonn. i thisons landin f the rorwardapoom, c.tain e th's uroom pndere.ressur bes tuarforw.d, con wh wen iu ant younto vol,teeri' l ll tel you. e how arugthe plldins ho g? ll, wen i cahekeep t m inif c olontr m givese backthe prair .essure
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ch e,arlie how'rmiyou co ng twith?he air we rk're wo iing onaptat, cin, bu n't i cald it ho tisat perepcope duch th merlong thawithrwt fo ardedtorpom fo roinloodg. ac g cordin, to drtminutwo tesd anthwe're h, crouginapta, wio th ngravy. la ndon, u' yo tve gotld oo ho uttw for mo morees.inut cu , follend rwary.batter rw fotorpard roedo om ngfloodit. fas 're wenglosiub the b ble,ptaica n.we te'd betitr quth wiwe what t.'ve go arprep sure to,facefo n ur maines.engi ad reury to s,faceur foen main sgines, ir. ace!surf rm[alaling wai ] e ouwe'rt ofe ths,straittain cap ! there'sharthe c
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a chclear lanneto inea the spa of ja
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