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tv   Today  NBC  February 2, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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kas haod kbot leivro fm sditu o i1anke rocerfell azpla. >>hey, erevy,ybodco welme back. it'seb fy ruar2nd,nd aha t t is ifco we uldea hr- - c>>ieharl puth. >> e hs i adleorab,sn i't ?he >> heea t umspit whha megn ai tr anornd wiz kha.alif >>ay meobe p aplere home. >> it's not nice. o lohe ty're pblrobay inhe tir ownracovege. we a'reutll o ayanyw. w >>e're going to havene o of he otrer gat esguts. ovwe le him. lo u ramanf.dini she ioi gng to show you how to sh eovelase wrer. t >>shat' good. >> el i b eievethvery hing esays. >> th by y,e wa l afot o -- i me ian,e hat p tout a erdamp, bu lt afot oat fiealitoms c e pfromeeopl slihove sngnow and vi hang art hea at.tack ey th do itn ihe tng wro y.wa howe s pulday atiotentn.
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, wearl we'l yshow m toake yo urld ofi outewts n againy b in dog oneit l tleg.thin >> hes i a c thartngoppi r & b st ar h whorias w fttenor be e,yoncet pbull it.bull ha>> tst wa a riteng ryontoer tm in myday. >> if w youere -- i who tshat escorrenpondtha tt -hcoosts on ?e.t. apit hdpenebe to si casdy gi dfforho w wasng doi theer sup wl bo racovege. la igst nheht s o wasn wh a prw.evie shere slet'e taka .look ou>> yen hav't seen .this >>no. >> pl peoome cpe u toe mr ove the ee wrndrz aen medtionut abo my dad. >> wa it uis bnlt o theac bk of op peikle l yeour y.da if iter w fen'torpl peoeik le anfrk giorff id,on d k'twnot tha ouwe weld bng doit wha we are in dog. t >>ashe lout cofple rs yea of mysdad'if le that iem rrembe
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i hes like i'mo s happy that os thuye g asre uphe tre atheyoire dong sh mucte betr an th ild couav he nedo. >>ow h sdhoul we -- >> gi foreve m for being a mom. it ot's nt tha youry worau becse kyounowt thave einrythng i life s hare pdpare of sodymebout, b an exy nt epst a,nyst fire tim , is youno kw- - yout wano tbe ck baingt i up with l afot o erpray. en whse thowe tetsrt staom cing boin aowut h nalatur she is, how sw yeet,ou ,know just --as i w soefgratul. >> my-atakewaym froch wating he sr i's she so hef.rsel t ihinkha t ot'sf ne othe ha trdesng thio s thebe woun y sareintartecg b yauseou know, nu mbere,on sheas han to swer tiquesons, but sheas ho t ask tiques aons,umnd n ber stwo,he s ha k tonow how toea dlit wh all the loicgists. washe os srs heelf. >> llwe, she'soi go ng t oben ag ain ghtonit. la st .time >> pon.pcor c >>omeom h aend seeou y mrrothe afor anchge. i s mis you. i >>t isro gogundh dsoay, at thhe's wunn pawxsutneyl phi me cos t,ou w andece dide werheth otor nre we'ut aboo t havee mor wi onterr >> well,er he'st whahas.ppen
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tguyseto g dssreed up in those ha .ts t'le bs eho.nest ey the liv for .this p >>hil n dideeot s -- >> l phias h theso pertynalif o a ug sl t onhe silkdewa. ok lo at his etteh. e>> hds nee br.aces e>> hs i a bitf o a erbeav. h >>d e disenot s e hiowshad? >>hi weach mwhns at? sp iringns o theway? we>> sll,gprin isn o the way no ermattat wh. h >> iesay alws g.wron notysalwa. nthenaatiolan oceic and spatmocheridm atrinisnatio pegs ahisgbbin a arehes wre i is li heke tls poln i iowa. kid dd kiing. >> w. wo ha>> w tt ished goo?news i >>t's analso altion tater tot da y. t >>hese rtateot ts ceamm fro th et mel opsh. sh ock topsre apr sedinkl wh it rmpa aesannd leparsy. ee chtosy dps,eo wve e nneed to de bescriha what's inppeng?
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>> h wit sechee. i >>ug thohtou yd sai they 'tdidne hav any. >> id i dn't t aaste o bitf ch ieeseisn th. e ar you?sure ou>> yd tol me toav h ee,on and i did. >>av hote anher. i' usm j tkig.ddin he>> tde load halls han peewroe, leparsy, an -d - >> i'mry sor. wo i hauld evve n-er - >> i'mur se i b'lle nefi. >> jimmyme kiml a hasn onggoin g.thin erdiff penteeopll fee ff ditlereny t.abou 's itle cald lie --t' is mean but nn fuy. ey th askpl peoe on theee strts tiques aons tboutewhe nf s o the da y. >> w i tanto gon o rdecor sgayin i e hathe t kseofind th.ings y >>ouon d'tk wal ton a oldy lad blstum uingp an estocalar. >> te yes ordayhen tay d o tfhe t ifhey tevod. gh rit? >> ay ok.
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h >>yoave eeu bbln aege to t out d ane vott? ye >> s,ye i .have w >>here didou y ?vote i>>ed vot a atn old entleme ary bsoolyy m ushoe. av>> hue yon beee ablo tet g out d an tevo? >> ibs aeloluty veha. w >> ihere ysourol pling place? >> is it theut lnherahu crch in ll hod.ywoo ow>> he wer l the inesdatoy? >>ot n >>e werhe t peeoplt athe ll poing p nlaceice? er>> vy ceni. verynice. id>> dhe tyer off cesooki or ju ice? >> he ty did. th ffey oeredof canfee d a nudot. h >>asow w the eecoff? i >>n' didavt he , ititbut was tniceithat of w d.fere s>> ire theth any ting yhatou ha aive sdo tpl peohae t dttidn' te vo datoy? t>> i yhinkouuy gees ndo t get ur yo caesboos outhe tre ando g .vote er>> h te'sthhe ying,reou a tc wa,hing and youon d'tw kno if 's it a p.setu kyounows it'ee bn setup. u yo't canie bel tveheyp kee g goinndon a. on th waere s no pryrimang goi on er the. e thng thi ,iser h we'sherea hod d an i sadi.gree
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>> y the feel badf ihe tn'y dot te vo. o novene enws knot wha ogoesn at thecu cau usesntil yedastery. t >>hahey ove tn sig aea relse a tollowir the --o she t ayre wokayithit . ha>> tt'sss pre ca un yogi imane a tv crew cgomin up to you, hey,l wilyoun sig is th? ay ok. u yo owkn i,'t donnk thipl peoe are- - ink thieo pplet jusn sig gsthin. noi k iw do. i'm a seplear, okay? m >>aybehe touy sht.ldn' d >>haow wto i dt whapl peoske a t meo do . >> ino kw thatre thee wer no haor tldt we >> big .news ey thay alwals tkbo aut how up stomid wen are. ba omd w endrs.iver g bis newit wh tomks han y.toda h >>es iic offyiall eramsica' st mo vebelod ceitlebry. >>.yeah laste'we'rs erwinnho, we wo als lo ved,ze denl shwaoningt,nd a- - >>ho wse polls i ?this htom wankslsas a -o- >> aar hris llpo.
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vo fa triteanom hks movie. >> t mos tofhemre an't so odgo. >> wishat r youor faviteom t nk hamos vie? i >>ed lov ig"b." ovi led "big." >> ep"sleless in see.attl" at th t washeer oth --as w it ee sls pleseain s.ttle hoi thtuge hswa azima ingn hi "plplade"hia. you and i loved him in ri"bdge of sp"ies. s >>ofome o thesther j areohn e,wayn hsoarrin ,fordan sdra ll bu sock, fwrener lacewren, in clt woeastod. osomelds guyinare re the. hn jone way and clint eaodstwo. pbrad aittndia jul rtrobes. >> if w youere not tcwa,hing wwhatasoi g ongnn i ,iowa you pwereblrobaych wating "the elbachor." am andas i htoere tell usha wt ha edppen. t >> hhree ooursvf too gsdnes lastt.nigh re thoue hfrs o "the chba."elor b>>enti con hnuesisue qst for , love iandtat s wrtedith this ,girlnd amaa wra. e' shes thhe mot orf two kids. >> te cu. >> en bs ioi gng toak teer h out on a hotir a bonallo ride. hsheoas t wake up rleay.
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onpers aallyt 4:20 ien th inmorng. e shes livth in ote helh witll a othe thers,girl soak tloe a ok h atheow tni morng .went ok>> ay. >> d gooinmorng. >> ,oh my d!go >>?what w>> idanteco to smeay hi. >> oo i lk so bad. w >>hoseve weas i ?this n >> ot.mine >>on i dan't w htimo t smelly m dr agon thbrea b,uthi t s isme. is th is how the guyt tha a im etcompingh wit 11 otherom wen for hisrt heaaw s mehi ts rn moing. >> y, he anam wda,e got aat deo t go on. od gorn moing. >> d gooinmorng. hi. >> ma andae wok up l gikeood inmorng. t nool co. >> you look aubel.tifu l alt.righ i>> ,mean she did. >>he s tlyotal had upmake. >> w sheas he>> s l'sike ane disy ceprinss.
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l>> aeittl dustarst. awantat breh ?mint e>> hw knewa he ois gong t do sit,oe h got t goet up,sh bru s hi teeth, dois h .hair >> iel f storry forhe tir gl th wi the inretaer. ay okwh, eratev. >> il jubasee wll reaey th th of owe sht las t.nigh n beik lered h from the goget-. sh se'sintartog tom becere vy je s,alou i and steemse lik she ge ts jes,alou t andhen shes get .mean ha>> t wt's uhatlysualpe hapns. >> wtoant tno t tohe s.girl beto n. e' shsyi plangd har to atthle b uwpn ier h feac last ni ght. >> i'm u nottosed ng bei shoveredadow. in gontg itoo t,nigh it fel re gally aood boutevhieryt ng, nbut'mow i just ryeall sa dintppoined i hisug thohts. >> biju clee, wane talk? >> awd.kwar >> id d h you wearhathe s said?
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i >> get myha c tnceo see you. ,likes thibois aouut y and i ri noght ndw, a i jwaust o nt t ygrabhaour nd, bijulee, and lk wa you stup,airs and u'yo re, li ke,no, no, no. yo llu puy awa fromme. w hos i that sseuppood tak mee m wfeel ihen try to grabr you nd ha f inrontf o a p,ground a it ul's p ledaway? i nk this it'es bt ifig tone ht w gosay yeod-b. w i houldaveov led him un itcondllionay. s >>alhe wkedly sad into aab c li ke bag.wlin 'rtheyne i ximeco. he s goeo int a crornend a iecrd. t?righ an>> m up. er ev iyonedrs unk. h >>se i cgryin in a ercorn. no hwe hasgo to ac bupk rsstai g toaco bnk o the d wateithll a ethesrl gis, i and'm ate hom ggoinow hs is thi g toingo co rever? he is heroartbken. >> , oh hes inot, daaman.
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>>t jush watcmore. >> ch watha wt ppha.ened ashe wne fi. t >>htonig i hado tsay go yeod-b. >> it is y oka if iay sor fne o co send? i' m rrsoy. yo huedandlhe tua sit ltionike wthat sithuch rctespe and e.grac 'm>> ie donak bre uingph wit pe aople fter.this >> youe hav ten more to go. >>ahye. heno is tro bken teheard. >> c youanl tel howur h hte was. >>he w yn wouatchhi ts wsne , ewherth in ore would wldou y everan wt toov leim h un itcondllionaory f r the oestf your?life >> ahye. ma ybe. >> heoe d ssn'teet' whas enhapp bingdehin theesscen. is ths end on a live hrangeh wit ol aiviae'nd wven beeintalkg ou abert h a forwh ile.
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theho sw last t.nigh it a waso tbe couentind. e th g tirlsold benha tthe s's bu ngllyier evy,ybod ande h st darte b toveelie ,it soex nt wweekine futd o if's she still on theho s owr not. ha>> wt doou y think? >> ihi tnk's shell sting goi to be un aroord fle at oastne .more >> i hope. i >>t'f iors w ikingen th ngratious, y t goteeo kp r.he >> anam tda,wahat s a -- li be aeveshill tsts uff. it sa's d, buts it' abadorle. >> i'm,back ,hodao s you know at wht tha anmes. a lelitt snkpay spkyan. >> ou l nfmadira hnias a sutolnio ato tllsehonn ainoylig ttle oklokn, i ouow y 'recoa d w anall. an u d yonomay owt knt whai' lkm taabing out,
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i >>f youh wit a peskre whe i ob pr alemdroun thehouse,on d't ll ca aan hdy yo hau wno tdo. as u.k lo l ou madinfrani,e h has a name rthatshymeh witel ksey ba inller i i >>e lik that. d >>uo yoe lik ?it >> am ceras f.of >>od tay thet hosf o "house sm aart" nd"t"odaytr conoribut d is soinghiomet ngdienffert. >> he hasro b aught bout tisolutoons ro a p hblem ahas asked tboutmohe st. >> al i ctl ioo ndlef o two. es three ams iteha t gtetto sent me t thaneare atw thhi i tnk wi ell bll reay fuhelpl. tipainoung tgchin i ups aslway a ob prlem. th enis gantlemnv idente so inmeth cgd alle mthe pyaint nk si.
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ouif ye hav toch tou up, you got to openhe t um apndak te the us brh out. th sis i l atlit jear tthaou y tputhe extra paintt thaou y ve hat tha has a brushea alrdy in it nd, a nowha wrteveor colou y ,have youp kee in e.ther ve neavr hoe th was the usbrh. u yoalactusely us thiouto thech tin pat. en wh a youre nedoou, yut pt i ay awnd, a youap c i tf.of ha>> t st'so t.smar t>> i comes ptemy. fyou iill utpnd a -- >>h withi ts old can of t.pain re ecycl. it ha>> t t'sniingeus. >> s heedtartut abong usi a ma jsonoar tbj i o vectent it. 's it, keli, 5.$1 a ifoure y p assrofeliona in pa ateround y do a l ootf uc tos,h-ups thieais r -lly- >> a how sboutoap tsihat n ts i ofone se theys tra g andets op slpy. >> s thiyis m fitavore g.thin the -tsoapr.aine avwe hnee o ofe.thes u weovse de .soap ino ku w yo scanyee m insk h,ow inice.t is vit'serymy slihe wn it'sn i a ap sosh di. it drips offo inthe t nksi, and yo ue hav toee kpr you sink n.clea oeit d gsn'thaet tt soapy duresie. ouif yan c showhi ts onee her
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if youut pt in o the tecounr, th hre comele ref octs offf the to ndp at iin kd ofle bnds in. 's it myos mtor fav itething. m i'li telngu, yo it's ae gam gechannr ir you nivaty. ostro how does it stick? >> ou y justt spi on .me yo u owkn? he>> t are'stl litore mpie sot t itgo wh the itsp. w>> iexas d.cite >> lou, iov le it. t >>ishis theor n dicplow. yhere houave allhe t snown i yonew rk, but a o lotfre aas -- en whs thi wasir fstt seno te m isthas wut abo $99. th sis ilo a phaw tt youus ph ndbehind, a y canoung chaee th e anglouas yh pus theowsn. ey the hav atl litide vneo os thi g.thin th four isnchef o snikow-lede powr u yo ogetn it. ve i' choome rome fmri tpsn imy sh anoes d i'll dohe t dwarivey ck lispety-lit. mthey aake 2, 3 and 4 .foot yifeou'rn a ageveraizd se rs peyoon, nu ca do this. it 'son ergalomicly eccorrndt, a it ryealles makui qckor wkf o
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>> m howdouch tes i ?cost 10>> $r 0 fothe 3 . foot ou>> y can hang it . up >> yes,g han it up. is tha is pl couef o erilectcal it iems .like diguaran l,angeou ye hav il ch,drenor wriedut abohe tm kisticngng thin s i theetoutls. u yoew scrs thi on over the etoutl. s ifneomeoch toues it, itur t ns ptheowerff o foriv fe cosends. >>,oh w.wo t >>yohen luu p igtac bk in. tiany me a c ihildsea nr itr o u yog pluth in eac vuum clneear, r fofive ses,cond it turns off an esd gok bac on. $2 0. >>ot g to buy a lot of them. >> yo if veu ha aew ner meho , osomeef thct elelrica decos, er the e aralactuly etoutls in th ereha te t arertamp proof. yo yu ma have e.thos ithiss cool,le caldna swep por. 's itou an ettlov c tert hasha a t-builin night lig in it. >> ?what a >> tt,nigh whenhe tht ligs goe ioff,t castsig lht on e.ther un coter psto, llha. ways
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ll>> a it does- - >> so t.smar p >>e eoplt won' ifallen th dd mif le othe ghni t. t>> wheayt i rkwos,ou yav h e isthip tig rht heert thas goe gh riert ov - the- all yavou he to dos iut p thecr sew in. ey thn evee mak oneh wit a usb ar ch ger. ov>> l. e it >> nafi tlly,he swvaeepoc. mo t unisthnd uerhe t kenitch necabidt ank kic ith wit your to e,ac vmuu clr.eane >> sucksn ithe -- what? wa whit, isere it? >> s it' under your your kitchen floor is always a me ss. go you h witr you toe and kick it. e'theras bag like that like a cu vaum clr. eane >> s sweep inttuffeo th . area >> i kickitt wh youre,towe sep in it . $1 89. ou>> y d'ton need aus dt n?pa >> t jushe t oobrm. >> yo do veu haus a dt pan? >> .no >> e her you .go it f'sor you. ta ke that .home e>> we lov u,yolo u. >> l i'l obever tota insll. it i' bllngriy m >> e h dsoe it
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> >>re we' backn o the boozeay d kyspanes tuday. be tforeheak bre w aeskeds thi tiqueson. wh asat h a foot buto n g?le
10:28 am
>> t wehthougay mbet' is a le rur- - >> or a a >> bed has aoo ft >> a hot dog. a otfog-lon hot dog. ut>> b a bedas h a fo bot,ut no ilegsft' is on the ougrnd. >> mineoe dsn'te hav .legs smineitsig r -ht-he t re's innothung der. li ket' i rsight on the- - ayanywf, i w you tanto get l aeg nup or youk loohi t sntwier,ou y n' doeet nod tw bloou yudr bget on b a nrandutew ofit. >> et som yimeseeou nds ine o it emo tmake a emstatent. re hes itt briany vilene. tabritny meca. >>.hi >> setomimes wee havff stu in our etclos, and you think i n' dontt wa w to tear bhatseecau d weon'tno khaw wt we cano d with it,t?righ e >>onvery iesti hitheng tes sal srack t toryo td finor me ot cl bhes,haut wet w can dos i ok lo atur ose clodt andd a just e onte stamentie pce just toe mak li a ttlebit. l >> bet'sringut o ke.ysha he>> s a hasut beaiful top.
10:29 am
ftwe oenor resot t the nsflouy dr s.esse >> iov l ethem. th ey teflatr. >> wean c stepup it no a tch. sh ne ca add ate stament .belt th sis i t forhe dae.ytim 's it a serouth ndrawl , belt and lo sok,he automaticallyas h hi ps. we g've hiven aertl litite b of a fi-fgureerlatting sietlhoute. it costsy onl 1.$1 re allyas ey for day. w>>hatbo aut ghnie?ttim e'>> woll g intohe t ghnie.ttim >> yske -ha - ha>> tt's so azcry. is th a isernoth ltbe. ithiss ru'spyn oseree.rv isths inl o y$27. 's itll reay fun. shela c ispstnd as puthe t si lvern.chai >> ng chaeres hri ear ungs p a lelittbi t. >> acextly. i>>tes mov hern i from dayo t ni ght. >> ai agn, ferlatting sietlhoute. >> nk thau. yo ur>> ot nexod mel is chinrista. sshe' a gotss claic outfitt tha t a loeoof p ple.have >> detefinily. >> ot a l t ofimesn wheen wom- - ms mohe, tety g .it th eey'rng goiut o r andngunni ra ernds.
10:30 am
w >>hatul shoed sh do? >> shes ing goi p toair her ac blnk ok bacns eeembl wa ith bfun oldchtren. at th'sea r llyin. is th f isrom ueeleqndy, as it' 79 $1d, anow n it's down to 9. $8 w99, whiche love. ftheactt thas it'ol bd in color d anon cstain l aeittl bitf o a umpeplun arod the iswae.tlin isthoa ctoe gs toe siz.24 lo a t ofha spes and st.yles >> fe dif rentrscoloif, drefe nt entreschha thet tvey ha t onhe itwebse. al refuly n. u yo cango, again,ro fm day to ni ght. >> re whe islenico? i >>'t donow kn. h i'tavenn seer. he me co on, conile. >> e herha we -ve - ai>> wmit a .nute >> wvee ha lenicod, an she'sn i blour onack ck blako worut seenlemb. ev yberyod soresrt tohi ts. i tdoshill ahe t meti. 'sit easy. th e btesar ptbo a tuthisll a sitemm fro old ,ladyhe t her
10:31 am
de unr $70, and bsrookni run ng sh oes. ithenu f yon go iweand ed add a p pof o corol to her gsle. ba casiyller hom cespronsi ktsni an d neikky sig-hh kesnea ars,nd is th s iso peinexensiv for wo trkouar we. we e lov it. >> l youook t.grea rebefo andr.afte he>> wsre i naa.tali >> linataa isnn changelli our todownirwn a cporthic look. sh e haser h p,to herti dislled je aans,hend soi's gong t add a mo to etjack. a l ful lereathor mot ckjaet. we ad'll atd th. on l>>ikeit a ltleom bberac jket ty pe ckjaet? t'>> is only $5.9.99 w >>ow. >> $5.9.95 m i' rrsoy. sh ge'soing toai pr ith witn a an pothro elogyngvenita sr. sl tidehat on. lyreales tak her plain white p, toin plans jeap u a tcnoh. >> leov it. >>t las iweekt wen- to - he>> toure yo. g w>> itoent ala pce inia mmi
10:32 am
ne>> oe mor model. on ore memo del. er>> he e whave mee,lanind ahe t be arst pbot aut mieelan ishe t tfact shatshe i going toak te here blun o bluey nav aunm sea be ndll a pair it with a at sttemenec neklacm frobl baue bar. ta hake wout y areri weang and p po o itut a jnduste giv it a lelitt bit of a stenatemt. >> ks loo odgo. >> gh rit. >> ng chaes .it >> ng chates i .up >> ll ari ght. >> there she esgo. >>oo gdjo b. >> anthks. >> t yhankerou vchy mu. >>ve edyryboks loo t.grea th yoank u. >> foror meri byttanty sle tips go to y.todastcom/yle. >> am> gaye dis d yhesou can eat at e hom o prackp u for a tail tegaourt cyesf o chef tim lo .ve >> leas pe d'tono g anheyw yetre us beca se ourr isingeng goi to ni vagulla yo ieberrs. lkand mi. t th geo em t fdo theenorbidd da innce nd a bleer...
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nd besh me meape , y anyoway ntu wa me l asasong l you ove, me ait'shtlrig ndbee mapshmee , y any wau yontwae m u' yootve g p the,ower urto t tn onighe lht e shapbethe st eeslofp ou ylir .fe eeslmbp nu bers edthwi sl pieechq tegynolous adjt waany u y yo iwantt. e ththbed ovat moues y. on t ly aeea slmbp nutoer sre. xtour neis item enui a g nee "namriyour ptoolce" .this hl highty soug d-aftereevicom fres progr sive ycan beorours f ...en twrandty g ? w-no!gie are it vingaway fo 3r justy pa eastsymenof p $4.99tax!lus th s e lineoware blup!ing 'v wet dee gohborafr ghom pousie.keep flo:ahyeit, no, .'s flo guysyou li reaonze anyuse can e"nthe urame yoce priol" to r fo ofreeogn privressm, t?righ [ hilaugerng nlyvous ] ck[ piwhles ]ines kn i itow, ik's l eeythal're owayslen teonvisi
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10:37 am
go atod ed s an goodksdrin. a ifoure yll sti n ineedf oe gam day di,shesur o tosday'd foo am tets wan toel hp. ey this enl ttedhe chef and owner of es lon dome ioven au,stin te xas. ke lon ve. >> e hop hees livp u to hisme na. >> adleorab. w >>hatre a we kimang, tim? t >>ishis t wha ial c tlhe rg budoer g. >> thege burrog d. o >>kay. >> ik i lite . hi>> tss wanv iteendau becse all we had wasot h dogs bun and ovleftcrer sroap ftem saks i co tokedighe nht fobere. ke taft le movereat rascps. iav he sinirlond a brt.iske ybever hodyas aoo fd ocprr.esso g we irind lt upthike is. l als aike ucchk. ha>> trit's ght. >> then i add inik l ae tt li-le - ha>> wt is atth? >> s it' gotit a ltleal st, erpepp, ikpapra, lichil po.wder rtheeecip is o tnheeb wsite.
10:38 am
ay>> misonnae i gs toingod hol thisthtogeer. >> gu relar. >> g the oodstf.uf >> ok.ay >> tnhee w mix that all up al rewely ll. be itterouf yo d itit whr you ha s.nd >> i getn there. >> i getnft aer it. i >>ul shoakd m'ae yllo d this. i t don' hknow eow indedcirepe. f >>itorm o int hotdogs. >>,oh mygo d. >> o geaah ad snday .it kiwnot' is ngcomi. >> s it'reinteg.stin ye>> ah. >> ahye. a >>ll t.righ tbuthe goodt parbo aut it is th heat trese aat gre for- - you ca ngatailte. a oflot es timou y h -ave- >>odgo. y >>ouon d h'taveot a l r ofoom on thel,grilo s you cane mak a lo t. >>.okay hy>> w y didou puthi tins thng o to fp o ?it e>> w shut theid l w whene grill be ecauswa we tnt ibe to mo sky and tasty. en wh you grill,ay alws s thuthe li d. >>.okay >> t ahesere all adrey. no 'mw, ig fwo have --ou y can at as leot dis th. l >>et t us,atoe moee wr. >> lee,ttuc
10:39 am
>> whenhe tro p steinstart ngcomi o outef th l dog ike,that th wat'shen youw knos it' ready. ouserisly. go e likth is. d >>o it. d >>o .it >> e lik isth. >> t' thas okay. >> shreli, eechse. wh noat t. >>thka,ak me your -- ha>> wt youik le on yours? y >>ou eat yours, thswee.eart lri aeadyad h a tetar tot. >> who cares? ge ftt aer it. pu ot ite n thbun. >> allghrit. ti'll take hate.on ha>> t gt'soingbe to tooot h to ea t, hoda. >> howan c you --'s let .go d>> yid douo atth? >> she did it. w>>hat aan wom. w. wo ot>> psatoeno w. w >>vee haot psatoe .here 'r weoie gong tk coo until th eey'rft so. st jut sofouengh. en thre we'ng goi to add in -- is thfo is ur yo .guys yo ddu a in- - >> ne wi? >> ne wi. >> nk thau. yo >> cenhick k.stoc wh haat toet ds is patotsoe ab rbso thgsin. kni ow. e>> w goto t run thh.roug
10:40 am
>> you doik lise thke, ma a ne vitegret. i >> gt's toing oo beurn o bs weite. >>hi t s isdeoulicis. v >>ery gavinery. >> ov i le it. i >>e lov it too. >>t' is ,good t?righ is th r isyeallod go. >>d fin theip rece at y.todafocom/od. yo anu cck che outm'tisw sho aurest srantuptartor tomro. su rpeot h ngsi,ernd a youre a ab touteeo s y.wh >> se ingl rfrom s & btatar nk af l alaryeon lg. you put the time in. u yothput rke wo in. da ay inaynd dut o. so when yourax tun refd vearriaks, me e th omost.f it lo icw prnes oev hierytoung yd nee utto p f thenun iur yo r taxd.efun hax y tandrefu aysomfrma wal.rt se tchoonehe o re new ultvlone-imat-oall-inne.
10:41 am
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10:44 am
>> e> h is a mutalti-edlent ni imne-trae gmmyin nom rated & b starti who goes be y on name .only .tank h>>eas hee burn bning uphe t tschar fors.year he has tenop t ten msalbu and
10:45 am
an d ulpitbl. >> h heisas hew n m,albu and 's ite gon n torumbewo t onhe t ll bidboar 0,20 andt' i csdalle lo ve, asex,nd pain. . >> >> ddiepennng o ther.orde 's it i all hnow you -- ou>> y goto t d tohe ndseco. >> yes, yes. >> you have fiveut beaiful drchilen. ha heve teay hhird tmus sic? is t thaow h y mouade these ch enildr? >> it'spo sup tsed ao be dult si muc. u yo know? i ot go tal cles yayterd f mromy stolde and she idsa, ddday, me so toneshinkng thisre a in prapriopeatha w yt >>e wwant to hear. t >> hankyou, nkta. >>ha tounk y so .much f i onlyou yw kno if y onl you knew,h yea f i yonlynoou kw u k ynew, eah
10:46 am
ifnl oyou y knewow hh muc io d do pp tri ing ou y't don kn yow,ou't don kn yow,onou dno't k w baby,ou y't donw, kno you tdon'ow knou, yus jt't don kn ow >>t' whats ing goi toe tak for yo ou t know'r youe thenl oyne o ani wtro a und wshat't i going toe takor f u yo k to tnow yhateou'r thenl oy on oe tol hd meow d n ,girlou y't donno katw th i kn ouow yul shonod k w by baou, yon d't know, you do n'tknow, you't donno kw f iy onlou yw kneow hh muc i do
10:47 am
>> yo onu dno't k wu,yoou y don't ,know you d kon't now y, bab you't don owkn y,ou do kn't now h tlones iy't can take it byba, i'm t sheoleea rsonou y be enni win ng i t wanbe to he wrey mke pocts ll wiw gro s wheantbe to n i an aqua po onsiti b seecau iik le aom wanha t t otakener hwn o on dee't nod nel cl ,mateo n fcellar phone t than mea don'tal cl ,me don't be all upn o me d ron'tide me in blpuic, but ri ede mn i pteriva ha t ptatty was y,craz but then dgotveisco red ifnl oy youw kne m howuch i do lo ve
10:48 am
and youan w ttoak me mem tri out of my s nowwitay eth mm tri all ethesen wom b nowouut y't don know, you tdon' owkn, you't don know baby, you't donw kno ou y't don ,knowou y't don kn ow, youus jont d k'tnow ve einrythoug y ,do i'm sfsati ied ou y't donkn ow, youon d't kn yow,onou d'tw kno in ao't n w iay'm g toingo ve neetr l youo g y eah ifnl oy youw kne ow hch mu, hmuow ch,ow hh muc i ydo,eah love you tinrippg ofut o myea h d trimll ase theen wom you't donw, kno d you on't
10:49 am
y butou don't owkn y,ouon d't kn yow,ou d kon'tnow ou y't don >> s!ye .tank ha>> tounk y sochmu. >> nk thau. yo >> ,ohha tyonk u. >> we'lliv g aeway our big iz pre. rs fihit, t s isay"tod n" onbc. >> t
10:50 am
o>> mh,goy d. ce ylinnturisk prasm tv h yourall or favanite chnels, f tons opolive s andrts,e. mor tc waenh wh w andouhere y want wi dvth afeanced atures li wke ouress ireltoset-p box,ol whme de hovr, prisand tm onhe go. an sed choom a froetvariy re of gackaat pges it to fr ho youme. ll ca ....a snd gedtart withth ism e prntesse bial tvundle. ll gyou'hoet sanwtime zd star ffreeonor 3 m thspl p tous ume 40 gs tuof cennk irylinentert al onl for aly $70th. mon th eais ddsl soun, great ciespef ally iveyou lorts. spo get m prisiaessent l tvand o up ts 40 megerof intnet fo lyr on m $70 aonth. sc ore! , or lif youeaove grviest mo... [ hesout arnt ccen]he cy,ntlemee,in on god antge pris esm ntsel iatv th wito 4 up gs0 mete of inrnet onfor 70ly $on a mth.
10:51 am
][ alnormce voial ] cl... t getestar dth wism prien ess ttial v uplus 4p togs0 me i ofnentereet sp d. st ju a $70th mon a forr yea th wiop autay. ee spy d mabenot il avaable ouin year ar . fonlycerom ylnturink.
10:52 am
> >>or befee w say gbyood-ne o thisdatues wy,et wano tak me ve fiie vwersea rlly y.happ 's ite tim toe giv it ayaw. a >>t lmos10,000 of you end.tere is th 'sweek prize is a go pro ro hees 4 ssion caamernd a ssacces.orie >>, look wit's $orth400 al.most go o'prsll smaestnd a lesightt me cara. >> c howisute at th? >> easyne out btontr conorol f e thid vndeo a osphot. pl itus, 's rpwate.roof co ibmpatitle wh all go pro un mondts a acorcess ies. ou>> yo als get a e-thre way
10:53 am
l smalteremo and a 32 gytigabe sd rdca. y >>ou canrt sta itit whs thi on your t.wris u yoan cta srt itro fmve or rehe. >> go. t gewayn down othe ombott. w >>hatou y got? >>eb dbie annewm from nntee.esse >> i'm happy for iedebb. 45 ndsecos. ve i' gotal sly from wisisconn. >>gn aesor hn from gigeora. >> n i'mot wngasti it. >> lneaver drsickeroon fm noilliis. >> dg briroet fm noilliis. >> er entin agaor ft nex week's e.priz go o t tlgklnd a ho.cda. om w>>hae ve are gatho sw motoowrr. >> ea l mvee ale.on st opit!
10:54 am
ngcolia .ne stopit. ri lodicuus. is this over?
10:55 am
yo dou e. m ch [ aeersppnd ae]laus >> ou ann:ncers it'ro gogundh dayon ch ralae y.ra e'sh hsad theam se lkooin sce gh hi olschoan, c tunim gnel hp he ndr fi a new looknd aak me it work? >> rachael: come on out,bon.>>
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