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tv   News 3 Live at Five  NBC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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to >> ho ancr: ty hey sae thilchd rais tizumatsed, he wawas g lkin heon t lkdewah witerfath en whts shong ra. out iwhent iski loorong fe m th owwindd s ankilucly thoe sh p d di nothir t hefaand y milel me s mber nareinndery g wh this c hd ton.appe on hwetoave ve lihike t s d an it's ilikeus jfet elkeli ey th't don owkn t whothey ook mir a ufrom s. ey th't donw kno twhatdihey d to us. th wois oeakse f thor lepeopt tha tlice hey took tvee li hs ofuscoin. -y 26olear-hnd jony.t >> i just s killmeau becitse n'does t ke may ansee nsouy kn ow? he n'sot ossuppo ed tdebe ad nhe'supot sd posetoin bege th gr .ound rtrepo her: idomic ondico k n.lema stheyay on ndmoay n lema shot medkill m thes an ae e ashe w al lk wahiing urs for--yea old
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e thousutwo tsspeck tooa f of with thed.chil erpatt sontiotcannie belheve t rd muaser we dont righroin f nt of thfoe -yurr-ead.ol ik>> lu e yo'tdidn heven ave th are het toe bkeliha tist my il ch d. at wh about he r? u yo sknowhe sts l ha mbremehaer tt. at thr- fou-oyearld sis.mart >> reerporthi: ts wo man wa d tchehim e diroin ff nt oher nd wiow. >> -- >> or rep ter:erpattson haso n wideahhy te thmoofer her us co cin's hildd woul ptake art i n a hecoldd arterdmuer. hi>> tiss us jt cry azcabee us 'its kelil, welre the's a ce n rtaig thini n'doret ca how you l alinget t to iwhand y, th iere s a rtceleain ovel f sp reect bjust teing ther eof hr ch.ild >> rertpo: er ttpasoer n st ssre esspth hat cersou inllwi be missed. >> we cano dinothf ne o asus wwiere imth h . att leasledoub
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>> or rep ter:ot bsph su aectsre w noheat tnd hen ersontdeteion nt cender ay theare thboin fac g rd muer gechar s. a ife nyond woul tlikelpo he e thlyfamiu , yocan learn to ww new.v.ws3lnd e. dto>> ho ancnk tha a youionton3l n womertimpongeakiws nev w. er th ae is obprwilem heth t nes. >> ho ancr 2:pa aplyrent if u' yoalre c lingde1 9-1-thand e ty ciofegas vouas yde y me tigo is ex be ivtens 31 ll1 calls wit gene aanatutom ic bu calsign butascioffiaals re st ngartitr to d y anree rout tthemt o noangas ved s an ccu nd hen.erso an or: alnormde eythe com heto ta trmewio soatchbifso u yoavdo hll ca, 911 know th ouat y mayexenperi ce a y.delathe ey'rinworkg thwi e the phonrvseprice deovirs ri nghto ow titfix d an will ykeepou pod.ste nc>> ahor 2:w noivat fe,
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cari thelphtonigtr to tthem o a rg bu slaryctuspe . e ththone e ey'rinlook an. he t lef in asaltagecaway ivr drl omby w an. th drcta piivpratatiz ion is a tilaomna wn an iher 20s. if k younow of i anymanfor tion to p helh catcm the ccall rime pestoprs at 2-7055385- 55. >> chan: or 2ro met deivtect es ar g okina for oto sh un onsomerle eaisy thni morec an d ar apt tmenlecomparx neos ensw son d anrtdese in. las stheyheay t m manitade a to l c ca loorl st ge toelet h p. ohe de uatndmc adectexpeo ed t ma rke aerecov y. path o ey dknnot hyow wwa he s ot sh . il st l in tojant nighaihe s d herid ha sn ittasolicoeninem3 t 2 ho a urs siday ncefuhe as ar edrestlak. wee chan: ornd ae h ispereinat g hi cos ldatwer hefor inrema ing oc ercupis heof ter fedal liwildeffe rtuge o avleane d gi uvep. but he was supposed toas ba e djus geteafoornbun tht atwas postponed.
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ti o me t olookthver enevid ce. on e ofthlie mimetia s mber re ard ste fwith unnyutis o of jailtonight. >>nc ar ho2:th coe y sb is ngtryipe to adrsue a pe nsnvayla nidgjutoe is dssmi criminal sexual assault d an isia do aiaghinst m. ane a erformto da held tge jud he ede d cidetonot su pure e thl gecharars yeo s agusbeca e of hwhatide sae werdesedcritibil y d su ises that caused the r.cuse rmptenile uitverseeploy sman oyempls ee i -withnd sta up era mefor t , bur fo ame ndrwh wende ntwe w il ilanstupd nd aig f ht you! ay! an thu k yopard gos blesastu!yo n>> ho anc r 2: ithatlls hi ary toclinkin asewng nps ham hire avo ftersheor tupir s iporte n th fracepror enesid ft -- e rt not.heas ly be distrnbeanie s iderse iowa secio nlast.ight s >> ho ancunr: aless nd do eqconslyuentwa it sts ju0 2/1 ers. th liis mmitsn argitovic ry
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pu recablis.n u.r nato ted acr nae doruld ty mp banfo w la t poin with o marco rubi ajuste p po beint thindruhe t ck. a m nc>> a2:hor t wea ake lookenque at poth wae iocu cau ts onache rr e fo e the white.hous trs ep>> rr:ortee th braceenetwe . in clanton ndd sawaers s so el os clste laht nigli calorng f -- in x fieprestonts grmdetea ine u wi .nner y imar dsick aysi 2: ayaw now trand ll stidi leareth e po s llerthbue lowif iowa sh ed us an, hings poll t tt man er i thiscase. t >>usoo rtohed hanew irmpshe o ll hiclary n intongtryi g to et th ste bela on ght. a qufew ick cechoid s ansi wa dedeciatd th thefidnal ateleg e its wa thatoscl e. t butoclinn d diotn , lose iowa likeshe di 0d in8. a >>nend w loirmpsh ge is oing a htoe av dtoidecwhe cao gon ai to toe oe tit wthh ree blpus ican i al akto mresuhe tdoy ot necwrk dem gaus a in! >> repteor r:r up serportlds hel
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i he e cam thomew o neanenglid i w>>cae fmem rowaiohe w wre as untod dee thrlwo d. co >> reporter: e sdean ars 1nd inpolet iadnen ihashmpe ir post but the primaries a week ti .away aicl n intooois l aking thead o e so h utlicarohina ws ch i a 30 \opo leint n ad icrdemo atic b ll poreing.icpubl uan .s. r se tonater crd , uze thlyon e nd cae idatotto n cch anconvi ing wi stn laa . >> nd [irnisce] able thisonecti is ot n ingotog e bcidedde by -- r>>poeerrt: ar mubco rn io i new shhampisire theplinace .iowa dofor naldtrump after iowa coming on chacarriteicstre te ni ce. an tr s-- omepocaliti l op pele e ark quic pto ooint ut io wa vo mtersotay n be thale re
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s feelt abouthe caatndid es. th ey sat id itrbe ue tjust o be danevae causheof te vers lapopu.tionotthe wiher rldcad s to uhakee p thceraen depn ds o who stinays w andi out. n>> ho anc r 2:nowe kr w oue stato is or imp etantthverything e ar yell wive co r ity everb step heof t waye ythis ear. >> roranchha: tt.righ nc>> ahor 2: a ter a exasr* ti pacoent tentackae zi eldad s virur aftenghavi sexe th me sowhone o isarctaffe ed. >> comchan tor: s hi aiste mega sel gechan. lnda sllasthaid patient became om cteffeafive hater svingl exua acconttht wi psickn erso d woulorest fturnp ne vea zuelewher theeisrus re spg adiny.pidl rebefoisthe, cas theviisrus ly on tht oughbeto sp read uthrogh uimosqitto bes. wothe herld althniorgaonzati to as afia, ricaano evand alentu i ur. l d anh soutalare y read inworke ctoinontatb ous.reak d ri magerps lsnerae ar
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irrequl e alda_ n womeegto rr isteenta to r fodrthe aft. th nee gesaral heid tso reabs jo n arepeow o d to n wome eveno southt gh ildcou ke eup th to yeree bears fforee emall v r p t starinbillosg, p ts. e thrageneidl sa d the raftr r ul woard sttht wiom a wuran t ns ad 18. a >>r:ncho if you are already a memberthe milita yry ou co beuld ti get ng a l smal pa enymnet xtarye . the pentagon is proposingo t 1.6 percent pay hike. the budget does not come close to the race many vicianlis llwi ge t. employees can expect to earn th peree t rcen morera ave recongasss hovpre e th pe onntagbu's .dget nc>> a2:hor ho yao ayis l ing of 0 f 70rkwo ers. th o e cehaens bein try g to be t nefip grouof glenish sh olareh wdersho sae y th 3past d anhaa ealf yshrs e d ha not ma de ogpr iressrnn tuing ouar nd th eir nafil nciaorperfe.manc o yahoiso alsngfaci st iff co itmpetion fracom fk ebooand go goglee.oogl >> chan aor: t uteckoff trados p now.
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als co w>>hae veleobonm pr sues ret bu nis aotug h obprm.le remo acchi iuptn heenevg in utcommssunle'r youe e on1of th pee leopn is hir caatthhe wn amslnd ant itho e back one another. th iisovs oerthn e shlour de wehor,ve atooa lald w loe th tr k uc mtoeuanerv, eythre a bl kioc ang 5 9rtnoabh t oulfhay watwben ee qu horanc v andyvalle iew. where is back up into the spaghetti bowl and we're just ttgeg intoinhe tea moft he t gp ru hshr.ou al retuly soick gn ng o p5:15 m dprso y theotdo n a getar clen soo but e r ey thwe're n ll or theitoway n fuhopegelly t usofout e her 5 xt 1teminu s orh wit trtow ucksahdponow onsititing uhooke p thuschor. a>>r ncho 2: anthyok u.l up en id ttityeshievyo as owu kn r n rspe ionalmanfor.tion 're prdo noing tw inathe lplest o an t
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lon d e anbryou t ough tthisr o ou ntatteinio isput git abouchbig s angea e onheof tt bes -owide pen
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>> weav hmae genatod >> a >>r ncho2: e thanwetlards pk hin tlle vas ey iofone the lsjewe ouof sn therdaneva. >> an : chor butu yosecan we itas rn tad isheraby tsh d anr othe oactsf alvandunism til ce re.ntly ibackn seemptr be sweweho dyo u w hoh tras parkn camebecoom fr pe popleinartyt g ouanere d auorno rit cabong ahaut wnt lthey eft s ndbehi . e >> anchor 2: and news c 3y ount las d asketycounic off ialst wha can be e donitean up. th g rninewe wndck a un foe d thileea c aredllof a de .bris nc>> a hor:se kel y is ere li ^ ynito ght. b wehtrougs thiheto tlos deat iotent on ofouur clenty s ader aenc thand teyk ootiacon. >> reporter: ts his ietpr ty un libeabev, lewai jont us urfoon ms thimoso aginshowe g th a astranh thd dee isbrnd aak ta e n lo isths iawhup ssepotod lookmeli . i iteaclhenup itre, is beautiful and sirentdewos rk be ertt and the co cuntyedlean . up an t d no tonly, hatthe ey'r
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i >>gos a od m20ile .ridees ta f >>heor ty oppehele ts re il m th noliing heke toaen r d, ha ^ pigripanng hardlebresid an nt e th iwindein thcer fa rag>> do we han't o ve tt figh . t >>eanwetlards pisk a adde i se deasrt oncis oistarnbhed la igte-narht p tiestaand rget ac pr.tice i >>stt juns rui itr fo ybeverelody>> bbeken er lebottras, gi ffitanend ev old hecouc s. l >>s ocales pjustn ut it tha here egill aallynd thsere'nt ple y of esplacdu to mp ley gallowin tn. s it' okindupf stid cto ome adalrey are. >> d used harrito wp te urethe ouwithint gog esh rougsglas ck piuing p soinmeth g. b >>ut efan tfortino brg ba ck th tue naral be iautys ussin rkwo ing. >> is it cl tner, here no dr eoug p orkede n thl trai
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u' yonore micoutng o o onef wh u'o yoore gtoing n ru.into he>> t cas merag beintains lled thand e co cuntyinlean g upto keep people out.erth le is ess h,tras t and'rheye hol pefuthe sftrantiormas on iesun not te armpor q t >> iris gtoeat hive tt s ou herecad i on gotout s ga ves d ane thera are lot of s townuli cod af wfordthish ey ul coffd athord ingskeli .this lepeopd neetope resndct ae tak ca f re oit thlvemsees. >> ka osoy it s iilsta l rkwo in rproganess isd thhais w t i sh edow you four months ag io, t is ti s all ngoong inobprm lee a, th sate omgsthinke to ep va s ndal pout,e eoplalactu ly dr ovive heer t m toc at to reas heof trerk whey a the tet no loald weor a w k incrudaogpr.ress l stil tttleurreashe t bu wwhatdeseare oeingren he. igtonveht, urencog.agin re inportveg lim frotlwe ands .park ls kehoey t nmas,ews 3. nc>> a: hor cinraorpoted yo u. d anouif y do vehang thi s to
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th eransfti stalgf of of ch neeyen . u yo yshowgaour e rbag abill t e thunndte ais it .free nc>> a2:hor son i dhi't t lepeopw knot that bue'thers al atternsoive mathybe iley w l do nthat ow. >> oranch: rteakehquapps ha l altithe ndme abe -- ee thr . en nc>> a2:hor d any everannow d p ith e en weedo fe.l onn te t e theronwas cke bama in y. itto t nighidpresobent siama gned xean e cu fe a l deraeakehquamdastan rd. th vee mouncisuenferes l deraadno ie il bus ding gwillrethirs at rth eeey n wd totaithsn nd a .oea uarthq ke. th ece exe utivr ordeestak e threhsmont . > >raoranchnc: oaie agenti wa k toyoeep oteupdaetd, ms ro is l esiden nghavibl proheth t-1 9-1 d anbaxecu1 31emsystht rigb now. ad>> ho anc r 2:ercallats thl cal 1 9-1-avor h owaite n th e linoe qfor auitele whia 31the ve1 nead gost tight o a bu sisy .gnal rometenlaavaiatble e the -1 list o metrwais aanre eyd th are ngtryiou rerhete tldco but y theare sa tyingishat y wh
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they're rkwog in gto tet he 9- 1 1-ckbape on leunouss y do ha rg eme dencyt o notrci use enc e thosernumb s. a >>r:nchow nogeto e t th 14-1-frr ouheweatn refo.cast ormeteisolog it: t niwas ce to anday d alyou twaysusell me en whs it'lychilth in nae se te ceou tt ofilhe bitl qu e so pobi .tter u a >>r nchoex2: y actl was ica tlledinhe w hd we ad st yey erdadei admed soe bik to th r.e ai idwe dhaite have t is af ooternenn evthtgh i a was t lo.ercold . l >>aook oais radd le s up to oo begtlan cn yowi athip z li ne. on f e os jim'amre fdaous s co ctwe ay uall haveo vide thatmp da y. me soth of frews thom we destsil of as s vegaheas t in ra s wangcomin dowto the he ofart theeyvalld anthe s treeincomwng do swithg tron windwe riexped enceciespe ally ye daster y. i ift walilks dke auck evn en i rathe in, iitfis delynite a du ck. ho ow abteese atmper?uresst e ths edgeheof tle valppy di ed idownthnto s e 20mi sum, t 29
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todownenwn hodersut29 bpvathe illeyers whs . e thtamouns in ileedegrd s anle li ca wentet as iel bth a ig sbl t ankenoof smow al st a dondotfo , e nu mie s onthwas w e lo ertempe aturathni mor ng. w lle wick chewi in a uple orighbs hoodi but r rst wa tnted o go uback lp tolninco un conty ae d th kidsbaare ck. sn s ow inoltt meveing ry icquy klt budski e arckba sc hoolto day. up he on tunmo vtainery lelitt lt meing cabeofuse c theold tle gg wif le otrthe soees not llrea my ashtweig as ctexpen tow ahaveeseacl r bcoldtiut st ll ahaast th nenshi . gh ri iw uphen tinunta 20 eedegro s, n.wind guthe hest td y ha19was k bac into wn. ce nintenal llhimis con ng iat , 39l stilingettg mesod. win the dradofess 33 ieearlt r bu thatsowiax relig tono the omea destsiwa is wrmer44ith orde s greeheon tt eas osidee f th .lley eth kee lamis con ng i2 at 4 eedegrios al th
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eyvallth by y,e wadaisth den thwas ode go ws. on thly erthwpeexcerien t inhe ndwi . ts outhide e llvaisey 2 a 4 de s greel cioffi tally odayvi tetop atmperure teminud s an 46 an d e thinmornerg the 31was . d 10esegre be lowno.rmal wsameay tot gedathe ary stted t smarhein ts 30 upand to pe t ek ade50 s greed an like dato, yvery late enwhu ty esda t abou10es mil h perour uno ors s de ss. pr settye implcaforeorst fe th cnextna.days dscloucoo ng tarthe o of hi pghssree urvissol ng. we vehae somheof tse dscrow mo tow rrot,nighbe mayly ear sdthuroray m ningt bue th ttpaisern ingo bg toine thgs m toatoder ae as hiregh-pe ssur p ex aandsirnd a adgry ualls come in mie ene thhwsout est. an atd thhi i tounk yde keli cumes alpecin ly inethe eext w k. a ghtoniott, nmu so ch. nni egne d oreese n thtinunta . alswe e like thre cas a, hildju t noraso cab t it as a
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t oue therinin l ccolny.ount u e thhtheigor tominrow ru pah mp ne 1,is 5ld bouiter c, y 49thfor e s laasvegle valtoweght 're go ings tdown ao 31.gainurn ndarou e the wdgesnaubut nt th n em ithfor ste we you ll wi s seemiome d uto 2pper 0s fo r a t shor.time il50 w l bee guidrrtomoow, l stileg10 d reesbermw no al bu a not e wholoflot awind nd su nenshi ldshouoestayok . eaa clfew toudsdahursrny mo ing wi 4 th 5'ibahak bacdo 60s er ov theikeweendnd al wildup keep ngcomim froe.ther e we'ro.infeeletg prty idconf ent th neat wweek te'll out the bi .g 70deilat wt l no gh. >> ho ancat thka's o y asni r ro st ng. >> ch anor: falor ce.ient th 'satra cy.z >>anorch: 2he ty edneo tmeco down here. a>>honc r:thnka u.yo rs fieyt th ancenouneyd the ar ta akinghiway s re sellg rkin
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aawi mpll ihuact dsndreva of lley d sa ndatte.ance em mi cop ng uatnew 0, 6:0 the o gi t annoans unceilit w l r. ou outse rcmesof oe thleva t qupa g rkins areaepto se arat ancomp y. ajan l d als of urewho n ly o the . x, ar clunk cos ty iidconsg erin nd an ce aicerttsn pe b are seingis at pe ort st es. 'r welke taabing puout edrebr s, an prd apteshel r ts peu l we'l thave adateewll n co umingnip to. six nc>> a hor:le a b andernd ndfrieemly rrinde, fta gir fo yourntvaleshine ouldbe on ur yopp shoing t lishein tt nexclorde naie we s.ek
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s wi meth 40 ings of et sternpeed c fromlienturynk, mia fafoly of an aur cell bli onthne at me te saime, instreamaming, g g,owor dngnloadiies. mov ah yein, the et'sternat gre, i but k hathinndir ap makeuwe litnt atotle o far. yeah,at th w's notng.orki ch i mur prefetwo-the beday ard,-rhornd glimmes,asse just pt-sles--in-hi carnda kig.thin ah yess, i mium the r pledazcre y uncllook. ayok. pabe "maul giatti." 's tthatsshe ef ence oolthis r e. el fea like ywoohollsid in
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nc>> a hor: g thethood iing s en id.tity g ur yodi crenfrd itiorma w re onass ie thw neipchins e th r. a ne y w warork athund nc t.ches al. se tycuris mberetto s . ub dolar yeathbut is lva siiner lh tevenhio t db ti it. am anericme bhavee ecome morrobl e awaritcredrd caanaud e d ar de intect mg it oreklquicany th er ev. noone ry stot thaa oflot s kid nomay t ha pve aemroblh wit it al l. po a lessib shgeorta of ifcaulr.lowe >> an 2chor: le cal d in ca rnlifondia a duonariz a is inhurtule cawiflo ops. th dae ussaai reticl pr s ne gope 30 t rcenomfrst la .year someshroppepos re rtedngpayi m asisuch gheillt doahars ead toverashe pw t feekwe s. e thorsh tages come at a pa ulrtic barlyad meti for calow-rb etdi ers. th ese adsadresasble a su tibstetuor f everything from rice and pasta and even to make zzpiouscr t.
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yo meu soey mon . a okloth at se bet ferybrua rg ba ainsisto up t nighand fu urrnitnde la s ate thernumb e onotsp . ta rersile arsce diinountg current lines to kema f way or to monew tdelsishis ttmassre essarale asooo ge dbycc t righ now. wh e r th dbest ealsuslos ghri t ou aralpridestseny ' da andle hpor nl ctexpehe tco distsunwi on ernt p clot nghihere wri ps caceben p u sane 0 to 6 7orrc0 pet entooff st upock or ft nexarye . r ic[musd.>> > >>se thore ane wie r.dogs rth cisnyompais in givusg easnpeekk t ae super bowl ad that llare ingoto ag .ir cas d anyou can s?gues oneho ?t dogs infor hetchuz ke p. _ ththe d ree an iis andt key. econ30 sy ds bel or self n millioeathis yt th s at i fupy noestleiciter wh th icostlys on fore th lfhai-miollones t bu, hey bitk acthink is prices. ithate s th onlyes iasonch wat . itco
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st riaggeutng b theancomps ie >>to> t,nighto vicry lap. te uzd cres rpehaths e ce raan, hding a su rprising loss to na doruld tn mp iiowa ilwh mecoar rubio's strong showing gives thopeoai meanstrm re icpublans. bu 'st itho a pto fi fnishilor h lary toclinn. declared the winner in
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