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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 3, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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f so ithall goese hiod tarngs e rroccuining d oneay. dowhy hees tke mart t geenbeat a top? pul w domeplum 2tingoi96 pnts. pls&p ngungi7% 1.8da nasq se nongdivi2% 2.4. th i think elis sf l ofllis a ab thout y e waotwe gtr a song ardolle , thoiway s l ha come wn domu so ch. an e d thinway stterees rate hav meplumted. t,firser undd stan sthats tock ca ren t acquickly stimuli. usbecaoce streks a t foroshe mt rt padi traogng tr etheodcommity e styl blikelsusheco of r rn o wh eat. it ul sho bdn'te e th bcasee ut w iknow.t is t shor sterms tockldshoude tra se ba td onunhe fntdameals. th reey ant meabe to ac atttohed ancomparies ten'they? thbut tanksrco foanes r ging fr haom we t thrafedesel reisrve do oring in say tg torihe pf ce o toil,olhe ps iticowto iroa stng ll po hs to fedge bundsngetti ai ags&nst 0 p 50refutuths raer th elan s ilingidndivstual ocks
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an med sos timengstrale. we i getntnstact rea tionshat ar ste jue likinthe t stan tipoliancal isalyshe we ard t.abou e thdeincinant as lysiftis oen on wrt g bu dthat'toesnp sto op perole ftim acn ng oit. oc streks adi no enffert. w noenwe t td to ahink bout mm coieodite s th wsamee ay w k thint aboutithe ofdes the n.ocea s let'thuse xaat e tmplehtonig. twhens hinggoare ndod aes tid mi con,ng iry eveg thinhein t wa witer isll r ie asmet cos nt geolly r tlingdsowar the h.beac a atday b the.each twhenidhe t ge is ooingut, th , oughytever dhings rownt as i sgets owepto ut tsea. st aocksorre mmpe cotelicaand th athatgynalo. wh t en is comeheto tck sto rk maheet trere aio vicipus r de tif s, iwiyou unll, toder es th anat cbenot tr cond olleand t righfenow liels e ke w rhaveip de til s al toverlahe pitce wh a li arfegu td onbehis ach. p ri ntider umbeisone li decne ntin it eress.rate hein tt pas htheygeave llneray be iken ltie a omde cining .
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po vesitiio actr n foytever hing wayou o,nt try eveg thinwayou nt b toomuy co es tshthe ore. wh aten rlues p rmmetlyapid as th idey day tod c, itedreat rip de tiwo of thrry veat olmrwheed th nde futaamensil pos.tive t righranow artes nke sisoing ic quthkly e at w thavelio beeve th muere e st b csomes risi whsomeere. en evwe if 't can o getrmur as ou arnd. thand ipat re tidreis cg atina ge hugh fli st toy afetas ve ins stor.hide th wat'shehy trey so p ands rice d yielo to g.down yoeverhone win is w the oaterf ui eq stiestoeem t wanalout l at on ntce ue il w ofindhout wt wha i is f caninreakopg peutle o. e th wrealeseakne s thtirip de so sp to iseak th in e ncfina, ialsksstocat relo ed t ncfinae. 'rtheyine beowg drbyned ll seers. we w kno tfromephe r orts ivreceroed fg m bis,banks thiis tu ac pallyy rett bgoodheut t rip ti igde s snalshiomets ng ig wron obso nwaody tonts e takany ch s.ance we w knoe thero is ninbankg cr iisisisn thnt coundry a we ul woved han seen it ithe mb nuweers b gotonut bndds a st , ocksn'i doowt knme, i an,
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th reey ang doite quily bad. e we'r win a world ehereeauropn nk baths wien momlytarive dri it do ndwn a d arengrivim the.down nowe ke w theschinnke bae s ar .weak anwe cdl hanine cht a buk brea wn doeu of anropeks banno is t in th rde cas. r ouncfinastial aockst ren' y read ievenr f ous bankare. e thliequas ty iy mones pluginto u. res. ty,asurs it'gna si gsthin b areinubbl g up de unthrnea n ande o ons wantto dr awn. e thesprofalsione s arsctoo ared to i getd n anh beacecis dd lare clall ear. abhow thout tue ref rn o meplum otingriil pces? i atrepe tedlyyoold w u hothe we ssakneoi in al is about ma e ssiv sovery upplruof cndde a nohas g thino to d dwithd eman s.whoa we n seecathe ler sasts ju to tday,arhey ewe skeaed h vily rdtowas s galeguzzecrs b ause lepeopie belasve ge olinis co dminganown ayd stdoing wn. w wessitnethes oomer ctimodies aw roay fl m oin begialto rly. me i wean, n eve iseenenndepdent
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r bytiepor gng aquood ex dexon relivegod a uaod q, rter too. an pad brtauec eseonxxs ithe le coast atrrelried pf ce oe crud habut ved a ifry dltficu to rsunde rtandt epor bfromdap toy. on ate thsh cruheed tck sto ngtakido it orwn mane than 8% d we bi comitne we h th tfacthe icprofe il os imbtungliga ait'sin rembeder e caust don' rg fooiet, ntl webe up e causof bo tagus ables thout sse ru ians saand tudist o cuucprod ationnd en wht thapuwas rt to iest,t st caol a perl ov e thee ntir p.grou heat te sam ttimealhat isl th s waenhapp ting,tohe se ck w 'thadnn eveghthouout ab tt onhe ow shpp griiting . e thndsecoge larrust cliise ne ga s ve ukishoc bnglyotad ns new gubut ceidan. nowe ke w thombotte linfibenets lfromilow obe maye mor athanny r otheancomp ey on, arthivcarnal secrui i andest doman't itterf e thnurevenee li't isnst as rong w aspee ex octedt r nog gointo
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i 'tdidnt waneato h tr onhe do illarsis a icgnifheant ad tgee,uphe sreer fg akinm stor do illarsts juta brud l an it's eait w mringwne do. e thardoll't isnng goige to t y anerweak t anysoime econ bause e thisfed si raiatng ryoes, u gi be wn tor ondeotwho thher an tu.s.leraveenrs b fefitthrom e ro sturng cy.renc it ec's balome d,l bapl peo e, ju erst te riblafand infectg er evngythiic, wh wh isoyhy ral bbcaristean plock d ungeto sh ngockios alm% t 16y.toda w no tsomehthougwe it ownt dn usbeca be ofngookipas im bctedy e th vzika birus wut iovent er itit, n' wase t thleprobm. lei'm g avino it tstthe rong ll doar. ed ne tlessy,o sa w the orld ca earibbp n ri atidehand ta t's idconsleerabt parheof tck sto rk maspet ellecia ty inorhe me
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n givedethe e clinilin o and pe ex ansesoore grnd ea tingso be se en. so t whaoudo ywh do heen t pr siofess,onal t notrehat , tail t buesprofalsionads trtaers ke si pos,tivee tidngcomi a in,nd tu hern ttom inat neg.ives ri a dep ti. et primty sple. yo owu knt whagoyou dt too, wa frtch heom tel sid fine,rom th ore shtie une l thtirip des ta heke td m anerdangcuous tsrren mogot atre wer. th lwey adoays . ua usi lly d woulilbe w tlingo it wa s andf ee i mit's birkyut th imis tite waoning b the each ikis lppe diyoing oeur tis in a tt lioole tky ris. r fo tsomefehis liels hake s rk fe in wsteds aterhaand heve t ui eqntvale"j of waws" wheree're to e ld w'tarenow allo ed t.swim i t don'ansee ngythimm swin er i wathe otter thher hean t oil tc pad h an bi'vetreen tyingo t geouyou at ofinnythhag, tt's a onbad r e fo m"mad" oneyof 20 ut16 bes i r tpectowhe de nsid yoand t u goo to dtoit, o. wi i irll cbacle o ck tthbuy e
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ow kn d are woingell. it ea is gsrninso sean. it n's aruice hn weasad lekt we an e d thrsrevee al w just riexped enceeryest wday,hy ha tsn'tathe weter s dtledown? 'sthat c forinerta. re heth is tte boinom lite, wh th sse mapoive calititul reo rn t crthe toazy f wn og beine ther fo e r thk stocetmark s andg tron do fllar aeelsafnd sofety ea tr, sury ttimeito wath on e e shora for erbettlm, cander a lyes, mowert omenntof ery. lhey, get's jo toinohn o. ohi hn jo? >> le calelr: hjilo, m. te pesla neak ehargy ens be ns congerviit caps al ardhas a ctheyilan weyl thvi surhive ts oi wnl do?turn n>> i wevertoant e maka ci de osione n th olifeatr deh of a ancompt y bungownisa chee peak s seemisfoolh.
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i iaspec.lize lo i t ok aprthe reeferd. th reey ana sig ylinge ou'rnot l alr,clea, sircothe smmontock is t jusptan othion ayat m not ofpay f. yb marie a , ppleuprip n wheyou go th to ace trk. w hot abouinbob y new bork,ob? >> le cali,r: h. jim sti jut wanento m itione lik hiwatcoung yowr shd , ank than foyou l r ale thpstive othr e ye ali -so- t>> yhankreou, ermemb -- c >>r:alleou i wikld l ke tonow wh ouat ynk thiut abone it ar te ndrm amo 12 onthsivut gheen t oilow icl prndes a z theika vi rus. i >>t wanhato thenk t be unablieveole pi ple wflewith on bl jetthue, erey wbue fa.lous th l e oiksstoc d andsiiverndng a ke maops peanle w ft tolieel ke th aney w st tojeell e.tblu aithe esrlin g are toing o be h tougwnto o n forecow b oausef at wh s youthay, kae zius vir. op pehele weyn the hav lfearike eb tola,sthey waay ad y an then
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a it.gain lujetbile sto l to fhighe.or m i iwishld coul teltoyou e com on t in,athe ws er i bfine ut i k thine thertoare nyo mase hors laat pd y an ijumpstn ju, yet alooke t thcechaner later low ic prohes, y,, boci spemaal "d ne moy," the ceo of adobe systems ve ned r haefit bore. n ca ttheyitranstoion c theloud d an thelptohe sorck se? i' nsll aa wer lelitt n bitow. us plu , yoghthoue t th most etcompe itiv ogameerut hs e wa g beinedplaywe betenen danver d ca naroli. evnot loen cse. er tha e's ragenealtionug strgle go oning n dowthand une foofder rithe hade stare s rrtupngeapi e thrdrewau s yo phaveblrobay ibeene n onheof ts cartiand me p toteull aneth ngd fa. tw to ofoohe tssthleck stoe s ar inpullayg aw. dowhy yon't ayu stit w ch,merar?
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fo owllji @crm eramn oittwr.te ha qve aiouestwen, traet cmer #m eeadtwr ts o ugivecas a t ll a 0 183-0-74.cnbc smisshiometng? ad hema to ned drunn y caeawrvok haonc ourcls,otheui r tningm heveforer.sw teeatrrs scheto intummuuus. piand arlled c diganscomebes. pet but it's n yot'sou, itthe drlauny. ecprotur ct yoesloth fromtcstre, fahing, dingzzand fu. ...with downfay bric itiocond..ner. not ity onls softenand hensfres, elit hteps prolothct croes fe m th odamagee waf thsh. soour yvofate crilothes sta y fyourite avorheclots. do
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i pictakes tureriof sunses, t buthwiba my pckain coi 'tuldnle sep and get up in time. th fen ileound ave pm. aleve pm is the only one to mbcosaine a epfe sle plu aids th he 12inour pavi relie ng ngstrealth of eve. m ba i'ck. alev fe pmetor a br amte. heit's te littlgs ithinfen li m that sake me.mileen spheding tit day w nieh myce. i t don'peuse sugrr polior ip f,hold caus be de mys enturellfit we. tbefore lithosepitle oueces wt ld geetwein by en mesdentur an gd my ium and t wasmforuncoe.tablev l en weling fitturdent es letd in fooicleparts. just ew a fof dabs r supegrippolie fre is ni cliy callenprovse to oual ret mod fooicpartles y soe moou'romre clefortabco and ent nfide easo no it's out t abinkeep dg mys enturein, it ut's abong keepi foo thepad s rticleout. try
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ou[ccogh, ugh]mi neke? ja t? h coug cif your an heame. t don'hieven tboutnk a it. ok i toinex mucfo dm r my y phlegmh.coug ye .butah..t whamiabout ke?he ha has ty sct drhyratcg thinongoing . gu whess at? ksit worhis on h cougtoo. co ugh!s gues what? woritn ks oughis coh too. atwh!? stopn' doll mt pue! spoi aller ert! sh n'e doeske it mat! uconly mm inex devesrelih botanwet cod dry forughsho 12 urs thwied two m iicinese pin onll. t starrelithe ef. thditch rye mise. le
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> >> twhenarhe mgeket utts p ro ththugh ate mend griyoer, u ve halo to orok fck stoats th get ch r eapeheas tt y ger.lowe atake, dobee.adob i , mean jit'sthust owe grs th i en phalomen. e'adobars quwater azs aming. h itrias tnsllious of ers. litrilofons ce pies. heso wu n yothsee oce stllk pu , back gi am toingllo te y youou ve habu to .y it otdo ne takroit f.m me s let' ttalkano rye , th idpresanent o d cedoof abe.
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>> co welo me tfrsan scancio. i >>o 'm steexcicad beweuse are ou ab tt toabalk a out ancompy at thag manvees o tr 40iorilln st cu domertrata ctansa wionshat ma t y nolyrealw knot abouyou un thtil eeey shi tcas aimp gn atth r'sunning around the super wl bo. t' lekes taoo a l ik att. he>> trere ang goibe to ot a l u ofpynhappl peo te ifhis do t esn'ofpay f. ha>> wyot's etur b? >> t seecrhis cheam aeesed? at thy 's mercomm. cial >> am crees chet'e, ie s thm crea secheesp of r enceedloadh wit esthe e sencslof i, ands man. >> et gim hno aerthri d. nk >> y. oka ivso g te meenhe g oesisatf th. th i itink oi's go ng t asave lot p ofe.eopl w >>yohen lku taut abobe ado, e thertware joo masir buesness g inh rowts areae we'rin. th rle wocrd's veeatite connt wh r etheo phot oshopr lu iltostra ir orsin def gn o iepremorre fti ediidng v weos,e t dohat. bu a sssineha perdops as be i be , tterasnot l- weln knowisfor er evngythido to h wittadigil
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m isg ovinneonli. op peanle w st to tpend mheironey pin anaersod lizeanway dsd ad a ng tondue aek che o wayinf dog th boou of sir buesnessud pro, ic wh hh iso ow dhowe se w th ticreaarve p wt ofadhat isobe d an ptelle eoplt abouthe im anportf ce in er othds woren, wh h youanave ndad age tar ptinge,eopl a howre suyou f re ofathe ouct y are rg tag etinpethe yopleanou wt? it w's aoray fto us eb cel rate obothr f ounebusi. sses >> o notcenly atlebrt e bui th frink heom tso pero n wht migh t beinhinkoug abyit bu ng a k,stoc t the aotalssddre able etmarkbo of heth tusse bseiness , is, whatbi$48 n?llio >> t' thaghs riimt, j. e thancomp yy asoiou p ontedut is pl comy etelsftrand orme lfitse. we at creesed d pktopshubli ing, asit wut abou , yo, knowngmaki re supl peoo e whanhad ngythi to ex s pressethem dlvest id ig usin
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th ane trmasfor ttionwehat saw s wa mwhene obilcowas amingnd wh heen tud clo c wasg,omin how d couleiwe rt nvenreand inimage r oureentiin busess? ho ww doine thouk abbit mole de s?vice ho ww doine thouk abblt taasets junot onst ctisumpevon d bicesut al reso cn atiocedevis. e thtadigidil mesia bu, nesswe th itink ve's o20r a li milon ma orkettuppor anityignd dt kni etmarkising r ovemi$25 n llio etmarkoping unport ity. >> n whes i wa wdownmyith ug da ahterhend s t wasg akin urpictf es oorme feb fac iook, 'tdidne liki how alookhend s id sa't donry word,, da g i'moing hoto photo s bp ithout photo sp dishe kdn'twanow u.s yo f >> icmour s o wa, hereshe ul woy d sa isee,d nee mmoreoney to p keertadveg isin awhat dobe elis wowl-knr.n fo ybeverisody at creive. ev oderyb ty isg ryinigto fure ou w t ho etheyssxpreir thery sto thand wat'swehat be're nost kwn r. fo u ittosed th be w e do omainf a pepew aopleownd ns it'iomillns
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ou arhend tld wore havora sty. et whither ma's i lgingyoike ur ug da whter tants wo dophith oto sh r op ohewhet'sr ita on lemobi cedevi. w wetoant th be mpe cothany at he thlps xpem e tressshhem s.elve >> t moslepeopht mig k notnow it ou's y t but ahereamre cnspaig ugso hope pealle touk ab.t it heyou ndlp urmer aor. so th on gie dimatal inrketg de sier, evngy siomle c ipanys co reingnizatg thy the thaveo ve moir thein busoness . line ig>> rht. he>> tvey haun to tadershand wt e thomcusts er ig doin iwitht an cod a y mpan ulike ander rmor th itat hou it tt ofarhe mowk, h n ca itheyasncree e thciveloty of as invfrion esom dngigni a oshoepir a ofece ar appntel uil it es como intysa ph sical tore n or obosome sdy'sanhoe d we ab enhele tthm wi e thee ntir esproc es tossxpret tha ea crtytivi w, asasell ur ense mathe ctnufag urin sgoeshlmooty. it ee's bean gr wt towiork th em thma or casterovrd mthing eir bu sssinein onl we ortrith avel hoand alspitsoity n whecayou n i goa nto l,hote c youhean cck
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an trmasfor. tion j >>reust , ally ithisoms fr an liunbeleevabte quoob, ade gemanaers ovtr 40 onilli st cu tomeracranss tion tfromhe cl evoud yeery ar. th asat h t got oo beomne c pany hitoucorng mmpe cos aniemoand re lepeopn thaodanyb ty inhe wo rld. >> t' thaghs rit. m inwaany thys, tat'stohe sry ad isobe w notknell-foown r. 's itat grer youerviewt s geto he boar aowut hre we' j notust sftranngormi w the oorldf ea cr btivenaut eg bliny ever si bu tnessveo moir thein busess li onndne aif so t you ahinkbout th ope prtyensi p fore eoplseto u r theilemobiic devo es tk chec th baeir tank sntteme m, toa ake re atservinion ot a htoel, be ab o,le t k you dnow,y o anilreta pishopheng tnty waer, evngy sile ic clatk thpe hapwens, 're ho llpefuayy pla ing arolend en ngablipa com tnies to do hat. a >>e t th tsame time,ayhe d to
3:20 am
is ll stiy verngstro. y >> weah, te'reomhe c tpanyhat in edventum doc.ents en wh t you ahink sboutnghari and ho ecw elictronum doc aentsowre h nebusiapss h, pens ait'sn ll i anpdf oud, yw, knot' thae s onof e thntinve.ions od pranuct vad in. sion el>> woul, ybe've o en s essucc asful tnd afierric mp coanany cd ofe ourseaa grt oc stk. at thhe's tsi pre adenteond c of ad whobe i'ich eeve bn co redimmenorng frs yea. ad "mey monll" wiba be ck. > >>lisin collva weyrehede ias ch tangeorhe wndld ah witthe bi meg gat jusndarou c ther,orne amcr iers going one on one with the industry leaders and en eptrneres ur ainea le gu of eithowr win atheappncra besy rd fo m andore. yo n'u wontt wami to mass "d ne mo iy"esnvint me acari
3:21 am
al isl thk wee cfroms nbc'one ma .rket hey,y budd's g letheet tse l dayquiid gliquanels .d go bu e t thes gliquidare els new. munex cistfaax. m 'sithe te samffdiceeren. thes e e arsymulti-mptom. so wellthare ese. th iis onex sts mathreng and mfights.ucus that d one.oesn't .. uh f.thinkast! dryou soopped g.methin oh l ...i'l bput it onack s the.helf.. w neucfrom m fasinexx.t ma e tholonly cfld and quidu li gel at's th-s maxgttrenh and fights mucus. st e art thef.reli tch dimithe sery. le d t's en.this eei've bmyn on l al feey.l dam i'!bushedyea oome t. seexcuco me...hrming t!ough ri he gde tavel w ce ofrtomfo with dr. scholls ssmaing agl gesoleins. e they'r provento g yoive oru comft. wh heich u lps yofeel re e moiznerged .a .. dllg.ay lon
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take ne of o ose thllpisow keand ta s a big.mell s theyeamell rfreslly h wh if at twed yoolweu ashe w d the eseetssh 7 days ago. really? no way do wny? do brwny fadiic conertion gi a ve us week, an 'ld wechl ange byour federorev. mwante orhnfress?es add donew eswny frech prott. hugh!bueartrn! ne bno o ournsatn my wch! y tr-selalka htzerrneartbuli reews.efch they worstk fand a't donte tasalchky. m.mmam..azing. vei habu heartrn. -s alkaer heltzbueartrern ewliefchs.
3:23 am
> >>t don'wiyou oush yld cou go ba n ck i atimeuynd bha alp bet, arthe ftistllormaowy kn n as legoogn wheasit wdi trat ng aa ch muer lowlu evan atio athan rs pehaon tket mabls a oeachr nu's
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wo 'tuldnt than be a aoextrarrdinmey tipo to aunces th oce stosks prnt ea lingsast ni ofght os alm0 t $6whwas edittl do o wn t0 a $1.gain es guats wh? acyou lytual t hadhat po opitrtund y analnot atl th alongingo, t, fac c you ould shaveednappal up etphab17 at me tirns ea iingsrln ealyy ju of la east yr. th tat'samhe slte mu aiplee s th er avstage anock p d s&500. nc siene th's, iten giv a you rr te 4ifical5% rhely we n threst of m thet arkewfis aul. t atmohat ymentroou py babl ghthoue t thk stocwas ou eotrag euslysixpenve. ju nost a otherprver micedr embe anof fheg, ton acr cym iedreat r foyou. grthe fowthacor fk,eboozo aman, linetfd x anlegoogic, whs h ha
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
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3:45 am
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3:47 am
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3:48 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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