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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  February 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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so 'l welnd fi outha tt nitotgh ibpossly. t chis omes hjustsourer aftnd ra lpauro dppedut oloe f th.racene ncnnoutemen echelam cise thlesper mo g.rnin ays,cas it' abeene cr inleedibor honru to in predciplscibam cn paigthfor e white.hous y todalli wi w end iherendy al wiltoing gh fi for ctheeausrtlibey. e thdend pr--yea ioldxps edecte tdrr t hurnulis fttl aonentie the tesenae- rtelecionam cnpaig wh heich isav ftermo tdowin. >> st kry wal: hae tounk y uc morh fn j o us t eswednday. ha ld afot olaiolitak brete ws ne b tola cou ywe so t jusauspa nt wao ed tthget o at sasyou al so s on aibpossle. no t'w leins br g itie dftd aeier bng s thotgg.rnin ic>> me:hellol pbeice eliev er thaye mt be ctuspe s in cthis.rimes b heut tony dd goo sc deioriptfn o taan.mer newsecig crage fietsepor ons thielivm fro t hbneigooorherd whte ipp had.ene is th is atuc e alidnd e.oliv od goooternn, g.crai ep>> rerort: i'mabunole tr hea .you
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ju stta stione noty m s fb iopen is th the colontr room. 'r weeor repg tin tonhisto sry th iatvenvols a man whoad m ae erdesp cate fallheor lp. he wasa on 911al cstl juer aft in behog sot s he is in theas lt re allyer litally mtsomenf o his li alfe tkingit whhe t 911 atdisp.cher she iab unle to tellhe tmny a fo iniormatbon aheut t pnerso or onpershos wt sho atim h and rt mo iallyednjur him. so datosy, ai re portw,nohe tre are g mreat manyore qiouestns an thwe ansnrs i this in igvestn.atio eswitn dsestidn'r hea arg.guin f in tact fhe sirst oignf tr leoubs wafi gunnre i the aare of uc ed lidanenivole. w it:4as 2hi0 tinmorng. at thi_nol psice m dsroune no>> vet en aon secdr otwo te afe r thsshotoo i l oked mutind wi andowen se.bodytcl th sat' wi came down to see what was going . r >>teepor ir: hen tdo la ar dsskne epoue ll wi mfudala coldpses. i therestet.
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utabooo a fy awastand co tennecod t911. >> seeceaerd pjoct ayuall o iseth of le ca.lers dallen i to 911. we e'roi g bngeesg.stlu oehe d ssn'twhay oho st .him >>gi tra sconomehae ttal cled 1 91 ae nd hwasoo tt shop u i gu tesso make it. au[ ine dibl]. j heust was e.gon ep>> rr:orte es invttigaors say the victim was hitor mo ha tn ce on w but phatkerovoed thpa[i ta atndck ansld woue f?itu th ere f areew clues. >> ait wness w,sae, lik a late inleave g th.areao t don' iknow'sf itol tfmarhe ea. >> or rep ter: theimvict i isn hi m andopo res nded inwith m outesisf h sp deeeratl calr
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re al ady.dead ry>> k: stalks looe lik trehey' vi hang isssue in theie fldut b a wecippre tatehat rtrepo. > >>ro metvi ser acesreki wor ng inaga a tfterwehey ret shu .down 31al cols gt aney busalsign and ometrleunab t epo resond t n- nogeemer wallstrabhe t wo d rkeoon t b itqu.linee e fi ofsciali bel tevewahis fueti sll i mrron achn tecical cglith. m >>llichesce: arygthouh. in thkbo athut eif dncfereeha tt n ca jmakeaust fewco se wndshen youe hav 9 a11it sonuatiu yo ed nep helig rht ayaw. k >>alrystha: toonk gssdney the awere tbleo utreroe it. m >>lliche le: et's tatk we t righnow. my fsngere weral reolly ched w oti g into my carhi ts rmo.ning ai wsnk thi mingaybe i sldhou h paveutn oa wrarme uie bu 'st itut bea nifulow. >> ly kel : l ivdeceing. it st is te qui.illy eat lreompaod tt wha it
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w ist to wart aithn l^noo lt at whrt stated aeg.rnin eai hrd rrtepos of fnroze fo inuntahis ts rnmoing. hnortas l s,vega 28 eedegrs. 'sthatr foure degeles b ee frg.zin th wat's whereote bdtome mo g.rnin hesoutrn hindghlas 25 grdeees. ne jllisust 27 eedegrs. anow wsee ar gngoio tketa a lo tok a aim tpsee-lae her and hiput tn s imotion. we 've gotut bea cs.ditionaol ai , itmeanluar bue ne l nice wight aindslls wea t buertempe atur wwisee e arblnca st weill elll bheow we re wldshou obe tarf ye. ad he ingugthrothou of th aye dre we' engecti hgh of miche0 5llesegree at then's tre degeles borow n bu 'rt weine goe g seertempesatur pabov retn.soo loingouet yw kno hjust c me wwarm ge're goingndet an whesr at thgo is toing pe hap ry>> k: stalnk tha f youhaor t
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inhelpcag loitls wsah ditibili n leart aboutohow rc exel th voeir te. th tee a-evam nhoada stin fsturete ec spmoial otck vice whveh gis op pe le a brealhootor befbeovem niorgas zer isayivt geeopl th wici spe aeeds c ke maei thic voes d.hear to sday'nt eveer undway at the op unport vitygeilla onal wters uscamp. ke ma thathe top unport ity agvill wersalte uscamp. th at's soinn. on secend evllt wipp haten a othe thermpcaus. th at's onen jonds aak oeyn o uafebrry .24th cyouinan ford meet d oailsn our itwebse. just go to ne3lwscov.m. >> ry kalst a: mani rlsight ti ac mvistoet ttoday pstrote a bigam ge hnguntion cioventnha tt gi benns i legas vas tghonit. th eer intionatnali ultmate hu snterar m wketbeill hateld th ea mbday all. bay ot prerestres ain urgg ppler tr sl otboycm t mgerprop uties tntil mp coenany tsds iat relhiionsp th wist t tat,sahe pelu c ssay a thelnimaratig r ativisgrad
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ey thy sa t hrouppeas s d an 0 $9iomill cn inseonatrvn,io wi eld lca edu ationc ma hurinitacervis. m >>lliche te: yodain celone di f aansannd mty o gsu g tor atheemto rr embeher hu d.sban nly oneranag lothe f ve oliher w w askee taiv a loke lo a nowage ca 'sesarac palere whacel cn di aonngloit wreh aneelng'sil iefrs ndd anmifa wlyl ilthga er nito swerhe psformsa cae n p acal fe aorst cebelonratie lifr re cey.mon an lgeli p ased masthont ft a lernosig agh fi wtith crance an hed ti vdeou yore aei seng re he iros fmhe tun feralha tt as w ineaontrsa de s tailtypretht tig but e co acg rdin nto eceews hlineas no al p tk ri duheng tr cey.emon 'sthatt whare we'n hgarin d l t.leasru rtheicehrehoons dnoreen r aet th ater funalhe t arend hermejo s se 15 r--yeasoold w,n noir thers fi nsohe, as w-- so os sia el ntoqueply s aoke hboutis
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d anow h his frathe hed sai est c ha g s bis shoeilto ft l buhe wi sll dst be dtoy nguchie alor f -y 15olear-und yon.g ma cayou agn imin av hey. k >>alrystut: b idngopil 'rtheyvifupli bpo suprt an eld wisl w aheserray ndexteo ed t fthatyamil imht lig haof tt sslo. w itas aor hinrifyg igflht. wi setnesays s aan mke sucutd o of al pane in siaomal u lookt ae thlehon iatthla p.nel af r te eanloxponsistla tedtha hole you see right there in the aircraft. hywxp etseray sy the bevelihee t eplan was bod.mbe of cifisalot ngr aineethg wi at th. y wh ishe tre a dipascrency. 'r weoie g tngory t sort it t.ou ic>> me:helloi j tningafdrt? whyo smeit mil aryelaerleadnts waie to w see iomendenclu td inhe se elect serrrotesysm. k >>alrystn: o n toue ha irmpshe. e th inmaines re pntsidel nd caesidatin movwag tothrds e
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th cat's aomi12t .:30 wand jet usunfo odtha an heot prsoerenou c
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thame icereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin th ree al world. the grandmheotwhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa.
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a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt c w' c weakan male regr pros esghri tnofow per aopleamnd fsilie wh edo ne it.
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k >>alrystha: tounk y for instayitg wush . ase hou soverttommi etv.] sc lehedu hd toa old inhear g in inwashngto t onafhe s dngnki at wcter a ikrciali fanchig. in fl t'swatap amcontedinath witad left aheer t cesourtc switoh sd r the iivern .2014 a cost-cutting move made while eth cyitas wde untar ste fi ianancl namantgeme. the csiorrove riverat weras w prnot lyopera treedaus ad lem froe pipos tee s iponthe t indrngkiwa ter. residents started complaining ouabtht eaparpecean s,llme and ta ste of the water after the wi s btchuto noneth in e state govemern tntsahey uly woisd lten to em th. > >>ls aneo tow aydt a n icconvkited wllerscho e aped afrom y newprork lisonast su wmmer thr t-weekee nhmatunha tent edsu. ta t lisld wou w>> i louldeik topo azelogi to
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el ftr fea andlt fet iec nryessa to ve lea_nhe tlme hosau becec myci_ne.cap wthatmyot des teinnt. an pl deee po azelogi t ur yo orhon. k >>alrystho: twose tid dav ea swdt an rrdicha ma,tte one who n iso lr onge withus w, heas ll kisped, aarkdde fle ma tnhunkeean mnthu lthatpeeft ioplee n th etpr whe sasteenedncod t tayo th e-red-an pyun for ea chch .arge k ieepin mase w a inservyai lenfe setencor bef adhe mt tha caespe. >> he mic lle:ne wit ssses ay a wmanucas s oked outf a ercomm pcial lanemiigd-flht. th hisneappend i lisomaa. d an tsahey hiy t asedtart it w ahpln exnosio and then aig b gi ant ggapin holen ihe tid se of e th rlai.ines . ry>> kl:staff olsiciay say the ve ha fn't aoundviny eceden of a
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ex ioplosutn b etsxperhi tnkve ryman di fferently. c nbpores rtncconserbo a aut possible attack reinmaer v high. >> reporter: nelyaral casm a scomm an geemer ncyut.ssenl oxygen masks blasting in the ndwica.ol hu ithn sie odethf aircraft. in this cell phone footage en st d unneenpass agersucre lo ky t libe ala wh wiile setnesais clmam a n ond fire was sucked ouatt 00 14,n et fe. er ths e warra te eiblesixploon elvi_ir aerlinelas hd nf cod irmecathe ofuse the osexplm fro theeletsid ac blcaoot ben ee sarn ndoubr e thppri oedn pesefugela. it t had oaken el somalia wherel aedqai lednk igensurs. ar age w ingr. us jast let yar a scuspeteds isi om bhb trew atparth anoer 32a-1 je nt i egypt.
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n ca,si is aicld,meer 2eo pe pl died. this time officials say one pa enss tge wo rewein jured. the body of a-y55r-ead oln ma sc direovend oo the rogund. rtpasal fngli from t wh moile f st orethe edliev enpass wgersd alkethoff ane ple te afisealordemur on nin saythg i binkere w ho sck. of alficiays sre theno's id ev oencef an cnarimilct a but so theve xpe eonlosies do ok lo l we itonse cauyd bare un aer mb bo 'swhatni sturong fatm thde vio is h. cngassembre e re dacten whe ethesixplo ha edppen. ac bko t u.yo ic>> mehelly vermios aca sry. >> l > altrighli a reen sior le s,ader s twor eniotamiliry leaders sa women should be irrequoed tfr*is reg fters af dr st reioricthans tart b wredenom fr combom jatinobs .s. we lretifedy bef dseens de rtpantmeas lyet .ar
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ernellld toeenatcaa pea h un on w iomenentd bat two oidr sa is th dgurin that,lo wm, hole g thintuon y.esdas_ ev yerme acari snulhodeg rteis r orfhe t dftra. otwgr asaeed iyinghot suld be pu t a to tedeba. the cnturre semystcoui reqjos a eebetw-2n-18 r6 toteegisr r fo drthe r co whld yoen teu s oppedhiut ts mo g.rnin aii sd neeera extr un ca sorrf p me songthi. 's it ilchly. vit's peryblossieh te te atmper auresrore pybablng goi t to chenesoldhat tet w're going se nte ueil nxtdewinpar cou ofthrse f at's i ndgrouishog ht rig anwe w st toyohow etu prraty czy de vi m ony.ondasu da t look ae i windslan scot m onon mday. a rfwateinall te wescorn sup, esid
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s pemileor hzy theeo vid pdosteook rea alasdy hrada eive recrl nea 2 mi nlliows vie. t ra therhanef d gyingtyravi th asough n theameug ssgest deupsi downrf wateallsap h pen w trhen songus gtsf od winlo fw nsagait a waalterffll's ow rc fosc s them treaoater t s ard upwp orackw baward. n' ishat trat c ethin wer w strong enough at th w theer wat dfallown the sideth of lie c tffop flit i ar ound andlo bwt iac bk the he otwar y. here a grae' wotve gviue cui q nd consitio ts lobl of kyue s. 'r wekie ta tng a imm courceadenme ca cayou een s tconw snotn ap c ri spont mousain d ue blaou thrtghou thedascad we ki lootng ae moresu.hine lyreal t asheek weea wrs .on ertempesaturha, tbt's teenhe g bi storya todyh witor mgnin to bothein ts.20 theyn'haveteb redoundho a wle lot. th aesehere tre curnt mp teurerates. do wnwntoht rig now 46 deesgre. at thh's t watas aboutur oh hig
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ke laors, n ltheas vgas cngomi in at.44 emanthy, ou areig r ahtt0 4 gr deees. inagati, sull q sh sunmaine v.if a dncferent u yol stil awant a hatlond g yowas e u arinheadt g oudothe un in t thaerwintt. coa s wind nhereanice ghd li inlook cg attoalm e fivs mile hoper wsindus tou y t get cwinds.hilla 'shereoc a l tk atathe steellira ra pidar e.ctur onwe dav't hche muis goi ig orerrnlifola is thrm stote sysum corild bu blatef it oviacti- ty -eittl ofbit iv act tityeo thth nor ern ioportf ns o ut so nherndaeva gong ty stazv^a qu tietghhroucomy.da 34 pos mucis f 34thact ghrouthout ste re of th .week ytodas lotsu,hine calif gr de.ees 'sthatorr t fo ethetexpec.high 'sthat d tenesegreow bel alnorm. ghtonitit sllil chutly b not as
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be meez fretrtiv 33 re deghees tec exploted w in .the i ls a aooket thiy -da fo streca. d an w theinarmreg tsnd iut abo to erund 56 eg d rees drrtomouthe 5 idn frue en th bthnto s e 60thfor weekend. ok losu at boper unwl sday.e ds.gree th een neext wt'r weeok lodost a r uppe tifliritng w70h ens.gree ic>> me:hellhi tuns s r supe bowlas50 hen beci de.ded p fpleromne sidy, au listraila wel b rethemi at thteespichgeineld ippe r foup tdsusan owl sla dolnrs iid neonlike tic.scam th das top rirt ale wi die marl^nrtmoera. >> or rep ter:thtogeheer tnty we olto ppe deselrateki seea lp hely ontd finrr w then hi berond fhem tlateebsi im fro a traus aliatoo. an os icer tsay aan't ilunter afthe tpe suwlr bo is ay pled. is thr yea kratheine nina ul co mdn't issit.
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gathe ilme w pl beyelat aou sa ann fro cisciustadism th aysundch whial is atso p'srick rt bihdca int rug bohawo tse ke ticts on fline uromrsnivepal swl sea urtobus tht neyerevd.riveeste sh tasn' k alone. sh paneaid18 $,000 for a su boper acwl p tkageghhrou the same itwebse. rafte cleountsspl comnaitsis h coacodmmtia wonas confirmed but st nillo etticks. erkath ainendne shaet mhr tough atripsodvirhe wrehe tuny fod typlenot of laomp aints th e coy.mpan th kaeerinck traoed d twnhe we ebsitgo wn ohoer wse elas hce sin re hpaidhealf ner mo then she wentot he tfl nnd aer hn ck lull reaany chr sh s e wareoffeo d twettickr s foear ju 50st $ch0 ea. e ths 49er sevenent .50 ep>> rh touey twnchdo th aursdn th wis thimffip or,lerto ri marte moera. >> st kry sal: inpeakag bheck rre ew "nlis 3 t ve ae"threon alg wi eeth r aowanshat'ta
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p hooue yntee comk bac aes.oi jus. s lasvegaw shoman licebera. l taent at theu^no pia 3 v o ra un hematcard flr e foiofashem t bu aheo lsd hacrse et en tecounrs. to wlm haals tenut abo lib llft aoerno animo pl usor mthe an 50 gspi rmioa ng eth hiayghw. ho olw pcuice thts e lrsinke off e th road. those sritondes a a whole lot re mon whe you join us for s "newve3 lith at "ree. ic>> me:hell c e .bill nwhe isoiit gong t t rfpe dectitay w bhoutinreakghe t ba nk? 'sthat a qiouestnon llt ait cies e artos hare c wqualnhe itvocaom c
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exup n tt,t,he ta ke aiv l leook iensid- -hwhic e on iiss thu yos? guy el vis wngeddi elchap. u yo,know v las egasauspf oic secour t, onophe tth of ste li
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ge arm.ried ewe'r thee wgddinit capalf o the wo rld. ctheyean bre extmelysolycost. th vee arage cleoupinpend-g - re cis? >> st kry ial: ot'm ho w ch? >> he mic lle: l $00,0o aoccinrd g stin fiaanco.s.pert th ayey s thene o koey tee kping stcos do.wn lo tica,onl atocn,io tilocaon. ll waubet hve suriede bgeig tici aesoscrntou ory th gsinke lilual totra avege cost of theed wding inac eh , citythe benumfr o nuvees, entvep sesac andil avaitabilfy o iandt'sut o with iants nual abestornd wstce pla s towed. re he t isheop t ivfe. ndorla o,iflorda. en th lasve as,ne at a,lant gea.orgi a,tamp fla.orid d anpr sgfinlied, miouss.ri co inming 15th at tte bof om o , list ithise s duarin p t tode
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in h eacheof titse c g afrp araj,a;laskce wor, sterne ss maseachu ntts;, orthnew je ; rseymoh wits thild,ndo li st. >> he mic lle:lil l >>egas vhoas s buldume n ber one. >> he mic lle:hii tt'nk iass be c on st cors we w knos thi it moscaaropul eplacn wheas o tcinedd d i haedmy w hding bereorce no hue havngeddi ouso yesto canel any inwedderg hu dwa. k >>alrystth: wat's ihateg ma t.grea el>> k ly: and quickkrmelope nts ouif ynt wa eavo semoy. m >>lliche ie: andem amanot king thisup. i c adi wedncng o ra at we gddin*p.apel tallenhe mud.e wer qahss dresed aor oncray no he tde bride cr bayon a iotm n inkiddg. k >>alrysthe: widre dou yrod rea th is. >> he mic lle:id i dren't itad . ie covred it. i as w yothe. k >>alryst a: iesm m wsing ith you. if u yont wa m to iakehat ppen cyoucon a mtke i teenhapp. m >>lliche ye: anou ct ge rr ma iiednyn ag thin wyouantn i th
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me cowsn neli 3 tve aale :30. it o isew ethec sd ong biucca auss t he ldfie onarrws. e th mareining psirentdeali ca atndidoes m tvingrdowa the xt ne hulrde. whohe tor f fmerrontne runarrs nghopi g toacet bvamo nop. m >>llicheloe: hook win is st ludio l)(sod d: gom'ay, lady! s i aman-air-c, -loto here tsave uyo frnoom aerthfa bor ke u waosp thgse eg with glorious spam!
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m >>llicherie: nghtow on ne haw shmprei. as he tie fld nraih teos re inmain pgderesilntia ne hxtdlure. ho e w therformnt frone runrers a nghopi g toacet bn ry>> k: stals plua zik y the first personge to tht ampaik zes vi harus esn'ttrven std leout of c theryountht rige her t inhe s. u.a is thie patacontrted th irus tandngarni ng mfro the ccd. m >>lliche te: henel ctiebrang th e uso. ewayn nnewtos i leiv indi stuo lkfos rhtiger hwie uthsig r ht n .ow e' wreon hgorin ourlakaop trod s an n th75e athivnnsaer orythf e eo.usl nn>> aerounc3ews ediota s trighw. no ic>> me:hell a llgriht. goodrnafteoon. th yoank ru fooi jning i its dnwey.esda ry>> k: stalmp huy. da we t'reinalkaar tipolics. wi nns igh lihef t iys
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