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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 4, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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he otopr peanle w mt toake ndfries. i' stm juin try mg toyoake u a lelittey mon. j mysnob ius't j et totanterin t buutto pin it te conndxt a uc edyoate u. ca e ll m-8at 14300-7c.-cnb weor te et mcr@jim.amer t' leves gis thiitday e.s du en wh t oild urnet up i ttookhe ti enarre mwiket t th ih whicis ho e w thw donejoavs agercoe d ul f godorom 93wn 1nt poifos bere rethe alversoi in fl toh inisup po183 .ints s& inp ga.ed aqnasdli dec jneds.2ust 8%. at whtr a s bong,reizareb comack. ma tony swecks were sp pt uhein t g bi ijumpl.n oi a temons.6r $2ve0 mo t off3 he $ s basisobut inmethofg prlyound si po htiveneappedad toy. e thksstocth of mpe cos aniethat mwereonost r the iopese n th oi tcl pakeh lisa chee,peak ee fr aportthnd oeaer dn d ma dr ngillick stotus ac rallyead th lle rad y an rthatureassed
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e thatbe denn oworsect ts inhis ma .rket le tt meyoell y.u wh r fo oagesasil hn beegidragng do hewn tle whoke marcat beofuse a e false sens dthatd emanfor ud cr de isniecling. inmachhaes tllt seck stoens wh l oi lgoes mowerakay meme th ne moy. d it'toesne mak rthem.ight n'i dontt waar to fague cts. th cte fath is mae deornd f oil oiis gp,ng u d notown. th isere on a censequo ce toil go doing whwn, heen w'sn it a sululy gt t nonddematn sofess. we v getcoery nencerd. wo d,rriegh frid tenet abouoil mp cos aniee whercathe losh fw fr heom tls wel't isnat gre ghenouco to thver bte ded. loa nc heane, btckrup ty onhe ho n.rizo ithisbis a t.g bu c if crude souldbetay n twee$35 $4and f0, aucew bigks hthher an mnow,ofany t theleroubl d oi ancompcaies lln pu t offhe inunthe kablstand flay aoat. wthat rouldveelie b thestigge
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heat ten momd t ane drivall oc stigks hifher to we t ok ioff th ble tae. am ei i boong f hlishere? no alt rely. pe eslycialn whecoyou ernsid the trtwo lendsthike lle doar ge g ttinerweak c anddiommo ties cliker oppeg goinerhigh. osthe are big changes. n'i doowt knth if iley wstl la thbut reey a. big t inolhe dgolar owes du n yoneed re moen greks bacbu to y a elbarr. e ther cis a aauseffnd eect tirelaiponshe. her il whu e yot can'alacturuly t mp oithe utl glca it ven moth up e pr ofice c thediommos ty aidit d y.toda a westlso d eppeheto ter out tslimicr of toazy orwn f a mo , menttoo. oc stf ks oancompthies hoat suld be at negy ivelctimpay ed berhigh anoil s d gaesprice likthe ilretaaners e d thaurests rant d diowgo ddan toy. nihow o ce ta see thbrea of fr reesh y alitp cree tintohe eq onuati. ma thybe asis hal fintaly s rted ta ikingitts l ihiumden or r to ta owmp dmen soth of dle eness
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itdespe e thrnretusa to nity er three weke pocf ts oinnuttess. th lle seofing b thestank ocks j isngarri. de hious. i k thin cit'sd auseumby rors th e at w hkeepngeariut aboge lar ba innks op eurate thht migin be bltroue. fethe l derarvrese ae isedttun ssto in ue ibathe g nkinemsyst thand ake we inessnan fillnciaes s ishiometheng tndy firy wor .some th ayey mon go d holt abouthe an plraned ikte h. es f dtheyon't ra raise bates donks man't ke y monedeoff tsposi. we e havzaa bisirre iotuatn wh fiere ianancocl stetks g shpunigaed andin ain aga t forhe tsame.hing ye eyt th't canen defemd thesselv tfromelhe s alinghend tnt gia y bus.back r lowereinteatst rries butng o th yee buf rs obothe arnd mket eq leuivatont scks. yo llu wi c seex loroimor ky berl k clary rallayon dkes liay tod. op peoole l tk at ahesevis didend pa cyingmeonsuckr pa gaged oods pl ays. atheyixre fnced istome , ocks to o.
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fu inny, isn'tt? mb ki cerly wlarkatas hfted aer re inportbag a ard quter. we ke taloud abt it. to itday ow's l h forg avina d solid.yiel k stocrais t wdingabell ove wh itere w wasthhen o e ce came ason lekt weid, sary eveg thin wa nes fi. wit'sabell whove itere was intrade g thbeday iforet ossupp dedlypoisapd intearin en gs in. owentn ut ollan ae -tim.high inthe ridustraals d llieusbecae l alonfor d e anfoone l r alas 3m ou ann ancede nicd size dividend boost and a buyckba mo tvingtohe sp ck u5 $4.6heat t sa imme tate thon eath witgha hi 4. ie2% yoald rmored hare t n 7% erhigh. y?wh imit sdiply ddn't bo as aadlys op pexple ed.ecte mbremeboer, heth tsu conmer ck pa gaged coodsnyompa t andhe stindus rialhuare ge be cinefis arie dof aneecli in dothe allarstgain m any ajor encurrcy. s it ih wort inoteitng wh da toruy's tn inurhe ee o th
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e wherasit wct exanely or yea ago. i ywishouou cayld sof it the ot cuher cirrenutes ore the. a respite against thdoe 'sllar se rie islengoldun arored he. te lochnoangy, r othedabad r y fo fa okceboaz, amndon afl netndix a abalphoret fy merlowknasn og gohile wasch hen gival up l gaits anins end the. som li ske iyeaid dasteru y yo have to wi be g llinuyto big a hh itqualowy grtoth sikck le ph al iabetwento ssakne. hein t, endy todaa was whday en stthe maock wrketedas l not bjustsiy riilng o b bute y th pe hot thabethe gldragiled o mp cos anie gwillo et tnoli ather day. t' ley s sarewe all sticr in azy to utwn ble at itast b's ar,ette rmorenaatiortl path of e ig nehohborod. s let'o go t imarkvan neda. al>> c wler:i ish thwas atere th mee gah witsuyou .nday th wi t alleghe nitativ ty inhe
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st clore gsosinon i dwn't ose the o twksstoc w butishat r you ioopin jn ofnecpend y ans?sear i >>e liko to d twhatrehe gat pe lyter tanch mughte. y ifonou dho't serp thoue, y t don'thown oce stks. i dhaveshone ngoppi at jc eypenn. oit'skay. do i shn't t op as.sear i t can'mmrecothend oce stks. de ibbieorn fl pida,e.leas de .bbie >> le cali,r: h. jim qu quick onesti. i ihavet nvesn ed ieydisnck sto 20for s -plus.year hai rvelleaeny yejothd e rf pencormae. m i'teexcioud abe t theydisn mp coinany f thee.utur wh reat ar youghthouts? >> ka oy. sn dis ey impa cothany lat aot of pl peoide saw,, not waia co se.nd it 't canti contonue se rai ic pres. at thve driins thgs. sh teort-e rm w hhavepsiccu. n'i doowt knes if ilpn wgnl si a upnys ma. i thown are shndes ak worfor .them gr theat paeme rks. do i knn't f ow ieydisn s cantack up th at omis ment.
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ll cat thaala repi stut.d be uli wo ad beer buyt , noa ersell. s let' cgivet redie wheritcred d isue. da to sy weataw rleiona ti. t don'meget ng wro. we n areutot ocr of toazy wn ye t. ni to aght,st moniner l fe-uprom bccnne oar sa foles corce.ntm, ipael, , ypal fi .tbit ha i heve tak snek peeheat t ch teay tod. fi thrst nge kith of oue cld le sarcs fod e anl'inteo s ceon at why thedoare toing e mov yo behend t pc. k stic cwithr.rame nn>> aerouncn': dosst mi a se ndcof o m"mad."oney ll foow @jimcmeraonr wi tertt. veha q astueion? tw t eeamcr, erad#meetw.ts nd se a jimman e-o il t ma eydmonc.@cnborcom e giv us a ca t ll a0-1-80cn743-bc.
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ad hema to eydmonc..cnbcom. l lysonfdisintectaay sprls kil99 of.9% te bacria m onthore usan je t thhctrasan. t it'snghe "pugym ent stbag ink" lineutra zer. thand vee "pred nt molmildand ew son thecuhower nrtai upfor 7 da to spys" ray. lsit's a"oo the causdor ingerbactghia" fi ter. evand "en thee'athletot s fongfullus" kier. ovdisce er mor youways u cansose lynfl disint sectapray to khelpureep yo homealthheier. dr y?y spra . .. th is iseagrt.
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epn i ke (l it?s)augh e all th care d ofove... .n ..a ow in dry tipe anrarspi nt spray. neja t? ugcoifh ou yan cme hear . t evdon' tennk ahiutbot. i ok i toinex mucfo dm r my y phlegmh.coug ye...bah wutt abhat oumike? ksit worhis on h cougtoo. ug coith! ks wors on hitocough o. cimu rnex dms elieveand wet dryug co 1hs forurs.2 ho t' leths end is. ha anppy rsnive aryerdinnrl, dain'ca isn thh muc love cbeedlean lby ae ittlofbit n dawa?ultr yohh.ea e onlebott t hashe segreaan clepoing wer of b twoesottlth of is aibargann brd. a opdrf ownda d aneagr isegos .ne inwork mg onety fe d allavay ge aime pren he . minwey lockr ba bu w,t nop i steson thimach ine an myd get r numbe ich whhematcr.s my dl' scholcusts itom fti orthortc inses. w noimi get ate mediefreliom frot my fon. pai low myacer b. k pain
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> >>avwe he to f oocuse n th omcuster. th s is ithe meti, mthore vean er rebefoe, thus crstome need .us this ies thim teor flo cud co inmputg. is ths i our memont. >> theis undpute kding oef th dclou b haseenn othe rise nc sie.
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to tp ofhe le, adn cae thmpcoyan epke c its?rown >> hi wle we're out here in san an fro,cisc w it boulde crazy not to e takalo cseroo lkt aha wt's enhappingt asfsale.corceom, cr m. e thnt eiserpreof setwar is a se e rvicancompy that ie likto th ofink th as nge kith of e ou clds. la imst t re itteepors d wain no ervemb. leit bayw aw n thersumbe. nc siene th s the wtock hhichas be neen oth of eae gr test orperf omersl f al itimet's fa ollenf ut or favo tnearhe ee52-ww k loheas tar mt kerntued ai agsonst le-calghd hially vued st eockswiven n th ainamazg or sty. e thancompesy doren't iportts qnexteruartil untee thrks wee om fr. now ebuterarli today,e wot g a cechan t toalkit wh the si viyonar fodeun r,aichanrm, oce of lesacesforbo aheut tad bro er e statheof tin busess. ta lke aook. eryesti day hewatcred a port wthatloas g awingovnd ling. it ne turt d oue to bonsomeome fr ac urcente. 25 p,000e eoplg usin.this ve ryar relyyo do e u se kthatind of or endntseme. at whth is rois p dduct oing
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rl eaier? t >> ahesere two of ourre dsam co mingog trethes a oneut beaiful ad emvanc aentt saorlesfomce.c. ofone rs cou te ishat acurcente otis nus jt g a preaterartn of ou ndrs api hels ng uutto p the d clou einto gvery creatnyompa t inorhe wbuld, it itw s no g usinsfsale torcen o ru ntacceure. we e havfithe 25rst u,000 sers inrunnicg wh eh isinxcitg. ey thd sai htheyneave haver d a mo ucre sfucesspll imtaemen tion of hn tecy ologccat areentu and wh haat tant mess ihe ts re ia t lo umore csersg.omin exi'm d citet abou.that mwhatitade si posanble atd wh u yoinare tidicas ng iana brd prnew t oducavwe hlle caed li inghtng. gh lig tninis theex nter gennatio of saorlesfce'sla pm tforthat ns ru onho pannes dle tab atsnd abwearasles l welapas l atopsnd sk de.tops e therotis n lhingliike inghtng a atthny oomer c ipanye n th d.worl ac urcentove prhaed td t an said no eyw th g cansto fahaer tern ev
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>> ta i s wrteda ith ecprojt ca beweuse a ares lwayngtryi to gu fiutre o y howotou gm fro$1 bi n llio2 to $iobilld n an$3 bi n.llio th swe aner is, you doyestred me soth oer pctroduhas tret we goodor in toder ng bri out ucprodhats tret weat gre. wo i liuld tstene o th full o.vide m itmeade nk thi p theesrogrsion wa to10rd $li bils on iraon tck. >> well, the key towo gr athnd th ye ke toti hitngse the ex rdtraoy inarmbnuers, and no e onsha growns a fast ase whave at eprnterisetw sofisare two th .ings e on isxt ediraor cnarymeustor su s.cces ithate s thceacentur elexamp d ananso mhey ot rplexam aes,s we inll, pa comnies k younow. it ld couma be , ttelouit celd b ge l neratrelecic. ouit c bldean myom cespani who ha adve hxt ediraornary su sfccesul salesce for. mp cos anieovall heer tld wor. itwo,dincreinble tinovaon. we o aree n the vergurof oh 50t r majoasrele te ofolechnogy. 50 ea relinses ye 17 ars. ev yeery e ar w thaveghhrou a
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de relivered thw e neioversf ns o sa orlesfitce wreh mon tha150 fenew esaturry evegl sinare ye. e noprntersoise reftwaiv delered rthatofate ov innn.atio u yothput eoswo t tshing ge to atherband, oum, y get aoextrarrdinowy grth. >> i aslway tryo tget peeopl at me houn to taders wnd,erheth it beceace,nturma or miybe ne re ad. i dosat itwn wtth maeoel pple wh heen tck sto a was.t 24 e thermaare ifny dntferets par of j theeyourn. wthisthas em, not you tag.lkin enlisttoing on crssume he and at why the sweregayin in a di l gita awayhend t stock is now 8 upks buc and tyhere c bditeing in ch touit weh th omcusters. sfsale iorceats wh gothe tm in h.touc >> what a great y,stor elmatt. u itsedo te b withat m 2teld45u8 y buerfishce pri f yorour to rddle andhe wu n yogetea r dy oto g to ba,rbiehe tyou wtldn' kn haow tu t yo awerehe fisr ic pre stcu.omer
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sa usme cr,tome'r youne o a jo y urnewith ttmael. reyou' on aou j rneystart,ou yr ch ild. yasourld chiev dselop and s,grow'r youe a onnnc iblredie ntadveure. e'thernys mafe dif prent oartsf th at joy.urne th tat'sforue err evy coy.mpan >> bearbiad hn beeng doi badly. an td itd urne tandwehey re ngtryifi to gure out why the ck hetu it .rned t>> i whink ae'reet th gi begnninth of ear bbie story. we h'tavenea rgolly t yrdesteay ye tt tohene concted rbbaie. wh yoere veu ha o then-ne-oone riexpe aencendit we h thntpare m isinanag tghe tirelaiponsh. t buit'sne oon-on-e wthith e il chdd ante matl can build and de pvelorn joufoeys e r thd chil elas w fl asheor t ptsaren and ha ven ant itieracveel rnsatiohip wi heth tto cusmer. th sis i aap metfohor err evy mp coany. ig>> rht. >> ry evepa comanny wo ts t ecconntht wiir theto cusinmer a w neway. heif te y ardonot thing that, en i ascan ysureheou te y arnot go toing t hit gheirh rowt ettargs. 'sthatt wharewe ano in hew, t e agheof tto cusmer. hayou o ve tncrecoaleptuhoize w u yoecconntht wir
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rb bar ie oecconnhoted eet whls or te whayover , u doveyou' got hito tbonk aowut h a youre dibuilhang ttne oon-on-e la reshtion aipnd what ies th erdiffentou jrneyhas t yt our st cu iomerins go bg to we onith yo u? it ou celd b aew renal nejoury, a te renntio joy,urne itou ce ld ba onrd boajoing y.urne ithisins go bg toe e th erdiff benceenetwepa com nies athatucre sfucess tl ingehe a t ofomhe c apanyomnd cespani at thl. fai ka>> oy. a wehalso o ve tncbalaate th. avwe hene beol invvedit whr you k stocngsayiit posthive ings t abouit. twithhihe tyongs e u ar in a ll fu m dayngeeti. w neowfelle , tho.c.o. ei>> kloth bouck, w r neo.c.o. lyreal teexcid. nj>> eoy him. an rtd ceainlyor jpmganor rept co mes out,nc urmonficu speonlati om fr ast queblionae cesour, li kelyel irrtevanr occ inae urat t abousta cu lomeross. ho yw doeaou dthl wi f theact th u e yo ahaveck sto t out here maand a ybe omcustaser ht, los e maybnot. usversng doiht lig.ning
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a atpus a cblicnyompa.o c.o. do iting f now1 or 1s,yearn whe lo i t ok a, thatlli wi a seen neerroreous lportthike at. h we'tavent losjoa mar st cu.omer at thhe's w wre iikas lowe, w. en evwe if t lossta cu, omerno omcusteper rntreseres mon tha ahalfce perf nt onurevee. avwe hvee a eery dvep renue po lirtfoo . we e hava veryan balced foportlio. we ta've alked tboutonhat the .show pit'sfuowerl. e thfokey ler sacesforwe is are co a y mpan hthateeas s an itll, tbeenghhroual it w.l no h weliave thved h rougbitwo g ce rensssio20 in nd01 a8. 200 eoas cav i hd e hauito ghede t ancomproy thitugh we as get ad rer y fonethe etxt s of tu enrbulomce cuping s thi year d an ynextear. rewe apa prered. 'r weade rer y foit. a >>e t th tsamei ime yknowou tayou kehi t bngsseecau'r youe yi tro ng t gbe aciood n.tize yo n u capeuse tarcenf ge oy mone .away u yoa had ntreceti meeitng wh e thidpresent.
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rs ourc, maio ben f of sfsale.corcehiom wsch i ns contisteholy ss wn aofone the mp cos anielepeopt mos tlikeo rk wo. for rt path of eso reanth is atc mar un taders tnds hhatis cnyompa ri thwhves en he is dngrawim fro enthe ptireofool en talt t ou e.ther e >> pqualay. e thesgsthinte matr r fo ybever sody,hotakes,lder not fjustheor ten womol inv ved. ha>> tounk y t forpphe oniortuty t toabalk thout at. sfsale horceeeas biln buikt, le y everancompn y, o vcores.alue h wetaave alked tbout hese rebefo. tr beust e causinnoth mg isore rtimpothant hean tst tru of y everlesingto cusmer. tw f o, osecourow, grth. ca be iusefou y'reot nwi grong in th che teususnd ytry,e ou'rg goin avto hpre a m.oble th iree,atnnovion. ke li 50 rseeleas of noinonvati. d anthfourua, eq.lity we a are eboutitqualy. e thnebusif ss onebusis ss ito im e provstthe ofate w the.orld thand usat bs inesbecan s thi edincr pibleorlatfr m fogechan. at thns meay mangsthin. m it peansquay ey alitwofor men.
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us hoste lak. wee trwe sy onglevbeliate then wom st mupa be heid te samenas m. ijim,l'll tel you .what knyou ow , thiscobut iempans ve hant speli bilofons la dolrs, bi nslliodo of s llarumon han re cesourag mant emenemsysts. yo veu has ceoouon yowr sh all tithe me. >> o. i d w >>thith she pua of onbutt, er evo y cekncan f ow i atheyre yi paomng wheen te samenas m but a oflot s ceoafare traidsho pu buthe .tton owi knas i wai afrd. wh t en iedpushit it d sais i wa ngpayien wommi $3 n llio less th enan m w andd e haakto me e th ch .ange 's it j notabust woout men. it bo's aakut msuing here ts re i eq tyualin wheomit co es t pr tiotecheng tht rig ls ofgbt li e ke wdoare ining ia indna. a wetire sigll fg htin that t.figh it bo's aakut msuing here t ancomp sy isrtuppothing e mm coieunit ss we.erve at thur's o-1 1-1el modh wit1% of it equ% y, 1roof panfit d 1%
3:20 am
rv seice. una h mdredonilligr in .ants r we5,un 2no000 finprondts a fngosreor f oe onerur ss.vice thbut ste moit excthing ising o toleur p 1dgedog% pr, ramsmore an th c 500niompaaves hw e no ad d opte1.1-1- at thha's wm t i'teexcioud abt. ha>> tt cenhallutge ore the, i th think atat m.ters rcma be nniof, founr,deha cmairn an ced ofo al ay sth witercram. mo frehiasabon.le e thancompaty thrt staimed sply co nguntips ste e hasedvolvh wit th ane brw d neitfitba. ult is i theatnnovneive arw we able en toughtio mo tvatesthis toock ge f t ofcothe asuch tr it ades below its ipo price. coming up on "mad money's" vein istamn icer ca,ntouwndoo t ckkif.of k checutthis o, bro.what ha's thet, broim? mo inre savn cags or ncinsurae? byeahessoro-fndr, a more.
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remoto ways save. ni , cetabro- ctohip. th nat's,ot allte bro-hakein s. ic gemoo has ycletorcan nsd rv i, urancetoo. atoh, thot's a le. mor eaoh y ah, i'mutll abomore dd, teevy broselt. ic gexpeco. eeat grvit sa ngsd ane a wholrelot mo. ma(sn rnte):lyhe w dre oyothu k in gyou'reoing?mr cu. mu s: to, work youwith. it o 's tacday.tues ouman: yt 're nong.comi oki toinex muche to t lp ge mrid ofcusyy muge constion. i' odm go d allay. nn [aer:]ounc x mucinewokeeps g.rkin 4, not 6, not hbut 12ours.
3:22 am
clour s othestcan h retcinout e th, washinruin fg themer.orev t protecloyour c frothesm histretcding, faand ng, .fuzz .. do.with brwny facoic ionditner... it h pelps crotect flothes thrommae dathge of .e wash soour yfarivothte cloyes stayour or favotite clhes.
3:23 am
a >>ncnnouwher: t en is cometo , techl inten is ihathe f ll o me fa. th cue fo ms one obilnotech logy atthretoens t rusitout ons brze st bu. llwiig bs betheon ter intofnet gsthinul res tt inebhe r oirthf le a ?gend >> wh at oiat poent dsts a ock ilike wntel ihiche s theslargt mi sedu con mctoracanufr ture be tcomeheoo co ap treigno. ey thor repa ted d solitequarr. e thk stocbehas uten pou thrgh th ate mend grio er tpothe int it t'sdira angjut 1stti2 s me rn eas. ing in istel d tieheto tso pernal co ermput p and ic iscln deine
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3:25 am
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3:26 am
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
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3:45 am
ge ext teciabd t ouit. ev heen wern th ne is got a iant st i orm a had erpref.ence if c youolan h.d it yo veu haho to t,ld i, yesedinde ro thanugh r othem.stor ti mm inurissoimi, t. c >>r:alle. tom jihi, m. >> s i'm, orrytom. admy b. m. to >> le calesr: y. w hot abou tyourhthoug s on ng lom -ter oholdeln farrs l ga pa rsrtne. he>> wsen i e e thd yielin ub doigle di its wesay e havto st waay ay. at th r's alaed fg. un rsdendtaro frum y stazbr, il th oat'sf ne owethe olak hds. t no pthatcuartistlar buock t e th ifuele n th su.s.uait tion t righnow. jo ne inorew yk. e. jo c >>r:alle, heyjim. wjusttoant e giva you big yaboo-h.
3:46 am
y, bul, seld? hol 'm>> i r notmeecomg ndinany ss foueil focl st.ks e thancompemy semms cod itteto e thvidinddedo, thing ste be ey th b canheut tck stoe s artoo .hard i shavenyo maat greck stos at lo dws i non'ttoeed ch reao int mpa cowiany dth apoisapnginti ar quter. th isere wa no cy weayan s it an hey oty r waesto de cribe thbp qu th laat, adiesennd gentlem , is e thluconc osione f thtnlighing un rod. nn>> aerouncth: lie ghtning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. rolayenegteris wsrenero fthm .plngumpiur s cfacelsel fora atdram ticforansrmation ouwithe net thored frs fille. yo onceur ceert t s mightyohow ge..ur ar .youevskin wil ol . olays.ageles and trrey stgenericr miulpto-sceying .eswirl
3:47 am
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3:48 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
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3:51 am
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3:52 am
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3:53 am
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