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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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a pennsylvania judgeec d aides incrimalex sasual t saulcase nsagaillt biby cosil wovl me fo arrwd. and whatau csse a msias hvee ol owblinn he tid sofe tshi mmcocieral aierrlin. a aenccidt ctuapdre onh dasam c an d aia gnt ptaanet makes his ck pi forer supl bow 50. "e tarly"odayrt stas d gooinmorng evneeryo. m i' sheba ssruell. crdemoatic hdkt hsryillant clion beand srniersande wfaill ce you ve haig tonn ht ir theit firsever on 1-1 badete. ex tpecto see pylent of refi. sa snder iubs do dlingonown incalling claton er modatend a not aro psigresnve aac attk cl nintos says she'ppdisaedoint ou abt. >> wa it nds ki of aow l blow swhenorenatde sanairs sd in onrespose t a quonesti,el wl ma shybe e's aro psigresven, o
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>>os acrs the aisle, it's be ngcomin evemore br.utal lddonamp tru isus accteing d uz cr ofer vot d.frau um trp saysll he' pblrobayil fe a fo rmal coinmplat. y maeven cenhallge the i owa uscauc res.sult ithatsr ove aru czam cn paig snoteentus jtef borehe tau ccus ic whidh sa c benarsoasn w op dr opingut and hispo sups rter ldshoue urgar csson' towi s tch to .cruz tno sisurpry ingl hcruzas sp red ondeand dpebe a new word. >> it is nopr sureis that donald ishr tinowg yet a anotherpe temr ta m ntru iandf y houeikth anoer um trper rutantm. an d i ustnder tandhatal dond nd fi vs ityer hard to selo. thate h findsha tty ver di ulfficr t fom.hi bu t thend eth of aye d theow ia lepeopsp oke. >>mp truer nttarum. m i'edjoin by c'nbs t pracy otts iliveshn waoningtha to utsh o l alhiof trs fo us. mgoodngorni y.trac w >>ilee ware winatchisg th ba cknd aor fthet bweened tz cru
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on ar mruco bio. ju hist ts inmorng,ra bnd new po nll ios btonay ssco mario rub o isn theov mowe nbe numrwo t in th olat p iln new hairmpshe. we areo alsat wg chinthe mo des crate wheriebernde sanrs ca hllslfimse the deunogrdut b th nue ermbs ss swho dierfft.en >> tonight's debate isil h lary toclinn's lchast tancekeo ta on be srniersandee fac toac fe be fore namew hrepshies vot es tu day. i>>ft iisbo autur o res,cord y he'm ing goi to win by a ndlaeslid onue t. sday an>> sders has aou dbleit dig ad le .here he 's hriamme cngonlint on her fisix- gurechspeees. >> i d nootno k awnyro psigresve wh oas h aer sup pac and takes 5 $1 monilli froml walst.reet at thju is stot n reproge.ssiv >> her resespon. i >>'t don owkn, that'st wha they ofrefe d.
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ha wveona iow if trued cz htadn' se nt out qiouestenablai m lers andum rthors at c bennarsos i p droupidroputng o. haoh ttot ver fraud. atheyre br.utal th reey a a bunchf o ondishest iecooks. >> ak i wep uandau l aghthe t te lahist thengs tw's d.eete m >> rarco iubios a c nloserumbe e.thre u >>atltimely its goeac bk to at whai i s bdeefor andt thais a inwills gnesto say or do yt an. hing he>> tld fie g isngetti alsmler. ri ck stoanmru dedropput ond a do en rsedo.rubi s >>neomeoee i fl a lot of nf coceiden? r >> pandaul and mikeuc hekabe dr d oppe aoutndn' didt esendor an .yone e thnd bra new poll snghowiio rub on the move,p ury eveisone e sincaymond. l >>fot o ofpo dro outsthver e st laer seval days. th yoank u ietrac. arhilliny clanton der bnie sa s nderface oneff o onne o for
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tedebaon tighte livro fm new it bseginig tonht at:0 60 fipaci c onc.msnb d ann i pylennsavani aud jge le rueyd th cane mov arforwd. c' nbris chs nepaloas h more. >> theua sexsal asult case ag t ains cbill mosbyoves rw foard. ans penniylvadga juees rulhe tre s wa nogr anteeme benetwe ecpross utorandby cos not to s presincrimhaal c argesstgain m. hi teit sroms fm a00 24nc itiden in ic whosh csby ius acced ofex sual as t saulby anss ateociaam ned dranea taconsnd. th ece dnisioer aft a sdecon ra st dightayf o aenrgumndts a imtestony. s hion lge timtt ay ornejohn idschmokt to thend stair fst
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at th momontgcoery duntyicistrt rnatto 2ey's005 dioecisn not to ecproswaute s voirree.cabl th e dait admted t whereoas n re agt emenue-- tsdayte casr elhimsstf ted ifie wthathene h ci de cdedosbyld wou bn'te ch d argeeahe mntt tha none of s hiuc sorcesssld woure pntside co sby theier. nkevi seteel saido n such emagreent teexisd. hsmitai s idfhe tea thrft o cr aliminha crgesme loodby cos ne wover hauld ve tfiestined i a 20 07il civui st astgain him. in thens tratcripdm angitti to vi gingls pil ande win among ot thher gingsave thely new teelec sdteelug enoh evceiden. e thejudg toldaw l hyerse ul co fdn'tanind ye cas lawhi wch matches the scenarioyi plang out in he tos c cbye asstindea
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th peseroticuon ntcos.inue nbcs newearor nowristn nn peansylvia. >> c andosby s hasthaid exat s th wist conwaand s encons.sual he hasie dend all aatlleg oionsf xu seal midusconct. >> ri flo gdanooverrk ricco stt ardecl hed ahealt eenmergncy i ur fo cieounts amidea frs oef th zika reoutbak. n in arteffoco to aintnhe t reoutbheak ted rss cro issk aing pe ople traveling to effecdte co ieuntr ws totai8 2 days beefor na do bting blood hackereth in e u.s. e thus viras hlw aayse madan ap anpearn ce igigeord a anstexa awithernoth will 1 1as ces po re anmeilwhine brazil another challenges ari toustsr pouo int th eou crynto t cebeltera carnival. he thalff olsicia inec rife are sh ruahing eadf othe weekend's st feieivitics whulh cotrd atact c a orowdf more tnha ail monli pe leop.
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bhaveeenep rdorte inra bzil esinc ocr.tobe > >> oiafficlsti connue to am exthine ent evesha t tttero a ho n le itheid s oef all smaay l an ple on tuy.esda of cifis alvehaee sno n encvide e ofer t irorolnvmevent but does no let ru it out. >> he t menomtsft a aern explosion ripped aol he in the cabin oa f mmcocier oxygen masks oppe ole bnrdoala cim aur bngni n maswauc sked out. wh eil mostas persengals wk fe saly .away >> i heard a big bang and skemo teerupd. c wen'ouldet se ainnythgor f a few ndsecos. >> exspert aretu sg dyinthe esimag for ewcrs. >> is it de evincem fro the pi ctures that the explosionr o e thai flure ofha tt fagusele enhapproed fsim inde out. at thns meat tha itoo lks like ke li itri oteginadid insee th ca binnd a blew theuc strture
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a orai flure oe f the?plan edunit 747ro fmon huloluos l t part ofts ius feelag rebefo. dan aou swethst fghlitos l pttar of its roof. metal fatigue was edblam. en thre the is aptttemed te isrrorm teat.mpts an ic offial inom siaalhe wre isth week's ftlighk too off told c nbew ns nohr slapne hasee bn fo d.un the caus ies unclear. pe exrtsay s had this plane been fl ayingtig hher audltite or had e th esixplooncc odurre crlose to th ele fu tanks itig mht have
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erke smoim nnsbc nsew ndloon. >> un putxsneawyhi play mav he pr icedd tean elyarpr sgin but on me cidi lneeak neroo mip ysam it wa a s isbr22k degrees styedaery. an d some daringol ses ss took ad agvante to pailrasan os ski andbosnow.ards w ho n.fu l >>ooks fun. dverycuiffilt. i' eeve s pne eopldo itth in e te war. i t don'. know el>> wel thrm sto smysteth in e st we w ande'veha c tngedhe we atheatr pternhe t last ceoupl of s.week owwe n a see o lotorf stms going sf heoo tri btish luco.mbia lecouptl liteip rpleser hehe t je ret stsam ing goio tha c nge ugthroeh thex ntk weend a we dekeno int next weekre we' go ingon cetinuo tee s sub
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no arrthwdsnd a a b rigidge is go toing d lea to a dryec forast an dem ttuperaresl welve abo av e eragnext .week ma noybe t teo th end of next we ek. we ll stie hav somest moieur in rt nothwesre o agonnd the tamoun oinsef th cae.scad 5 i-fromtl porand tore ogonl wil be on and offca sedttersh s.ower ti nocehe tvi heaer rains are fu r rthehnortnt iori btish co ialumb. fr , idaylwe'l see ait ltle ag drging be b nt ut in'doest ok loe likfocalirnias get into the tiacon.
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an d nextiarn,ot ls of sinunshe and ertempesatur onseasal. >> thooeea w ltherooks asfant tic. t >> iesdo. sa ann fro cisc ntheextev sen idaysn a row,ny sunnd a 60s. >> love it. ll bink tha s youo much. st ju ahead a coralifaniot loe t winner has just hrsouo t claim a 633$6 mliilonac j.kpot aryou hie watcl ng eary.dach iseck thbr out, o.'swhat b that,?roheim i itswed tchgeo o icd anregot mo. more in savcags on inr nce?sura ye ro-fah br,essoor and me. ke r lirsentean insurce. more s sav brnice, to co-tahip. at th a's notbrll, in so-te.hake hageico torcs mo yclervand an insurtoo.ce, , oh athat's mor lote. oh i yeah, a'm all bout, morebrteddy t.osevel o. egeict xpecsagreat sving whand a t ole lo.more ee blumding gs? mayou k y thin rit's at ofesulus broohing t hard. nit'sot. ait'sof sign earlydisegum
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early gum disease in just two weeks. li erst.ine(r) wepoto yr r ouuthmo! ][musicno , , no, nono, pe reople ah so botndft ast ye y! ich whhyis w our prod tsuc are too. l ange.soft oo chhe ose tnene onw revlimat our lurevoy tionaramascar versdelias 5 lsfh-tran ormingnefibets. vome, lungle, dethnifion,ti ft liin, and e cotenslor. ch ovoose le
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rm fr wi r sh you skind coulbounce l backit ike edus to?ne genautroro hydt boosgewater l. hwithniyaluroidc ac mpit pluins skls w celith in e tensiohydratd n ans itlock in. fo ler supphy, eddrat skin. hydr oso bot. fromeu nogentra > >> weav he some ifou y are pinlanng to file your fe l derataxur retnsn olinehi ts rn mothing e irs ancnnoued dn wey esdait'sn beeea d wlingith oma crputete sysmlu faire and otcannep acct erolectllnicay fi taled x res.turn the aygencoe ds not etxpec ndrefu srdionuptis. th ey cnuontieo t etxpec 9 out of 10ax trspayel wil rveeceiir the
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>> f i yreou a the wnginniso pern wi heth tni winotng l toeke tict ld to ld toda, to yy islaour hast cnce to im cla f the.ries 1,46, 33, 30, 16 and maeg nu ermb 24. an hed cck out this dash cam video showing a fppliedve orar c skidding dnowhe tig hhway in england. fortunately a byabnd ais h re pa tnts,heyur sd vive nwitho ma jorur injies. t' les l >> get'sowet dn tous bsines no thw wi cn lbc'sanddo rn wdy. to>> sckut furesoi pnt to a erhigh open. at as llowdothe s w wa down lynear b 200ut aly ral in oil
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ma srket wbeill winatchg ea gsrnin from canco liphilps. d anee wkly jssoblela cimsbe numr at 8:30 a.m. ho ndaou ann ances newnd rou of ren tha twoil mlion vleehic ca re illse n thu.s. in br tgingothe talo tmoren tha mi8.5 nllio vleehicsth in e 2 s. u. an d sireggninro fm hisos pnitio atxe evecuti cmahairfn obs c id amce conrnsf o alheth. he l'l beacple acrepled bsly leie vemoons mo s.onve backo t u.yo >> and just ahead heer a ri thgllinin fishn o t hheard co urt.
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isths iar"e tly."odayhe are'stl litale headvithy taof care t ma whayokes u, yo u. t righo down tkiyour sn. av deeno moiailyizsturing on lotih 5 witl vitantnutries r foiehealthinr lookin g sk j ine ust onday. aveeno. tu naberally fulautire sults bi've een onl my feeday.all i' edm bushye! tooa me. cuseex.. me. tcoming!hrough ri gde thee el wavomof c fort th wi s dr.olchls ma ssaging gel insoles. ey thov're pr en ivto gcoe you mfort. wh lpich heu fes yoel e moreednergiz .. ll d.a layong. i want what he has. o helle!my lovth ame e flutis o... h. ugy ..todaflamthe oe isut,
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an atonio..ntonio e?qu the e.stov nit'skiot llmpbero's miclewaveabps. sou de maea for rl l, cr f,y-proo -p stayooroof lk? geneutro makna reeup domover es. it s erase y99% of our smostn tubbor makeup wi neth oelet towte. need any morpre anoof tht? tha
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it ise timow n for the te lapost srtsd heain les with gigi stone woods. go od g>>d oornmogin sheba, the nhl hasan hdde dnow a 20e gam
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dennis wideman for "cross check"ing lesinnmethis linesmen last ek we. id wemaman inintae s thwahit s uninteiontl nad ans haolapizoged to heerndson. >> to the nba. finishing with a season best 41 but cryur finished with 51 le g adinwathe rsrrio over the zawis,rd 121.4-12 tandhe micag hgan around late tbuit w uhernden t sonecds ma regininr staev kinan durt ci deended ghou a was en.ough >> and thend thuer in aie t game du franthror t aeende' hs got .it he g'sot it. he 's got it. one second remaining. and durant has done it again. nd>> ae w got yourer supl bow icpredtionig rht rehe. li li p theandam fro theem mphis zo o hasic pkedhe tol carina
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w toin the big mega. sh baeba ck to u.yo >> so .cute an thu.k yo ajustheade her the cast of ndfries s haunreited and we've thgot ide veo for u.yo pl usal vtien'sneay des com early fan. yo eu ar winatchgea "rly today".."unforty,ateldo my adctor hga a lame p n.ea trt witmenarth x.elto guyshey ! inhey, fsoally, dy imebo can ulook..p to. .b..esesid. arnie re xa iltoovs prtren to eat he and redlpe uce rithsk of nd dvt abloo pe otd cls. oxarelts al iroso pven ucto redrie the f stsk oroke in ple peo awithfib, t cano busedary a heet valvoble prm. pefor itople wh afib cu y rrentl manwell oaged n inwarfar , e' thertes limiformd innatio h onelow xarto an ard warfpain comre in r ineducrig the stsk of .roke you ,know ie i trard warfin, e but thteblood gstin d anydietar rictrest..ions. t don' sget me otartedat.n th i hdidn'tto.ave ta we sn rted oltoxare . ni s.ce pas fetysast fir. lllike a t blooders,hinn n' doop tt stg akinoxarelt out withintalkoug to yorr doct,
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b of alolood c strt oroke. wh takiile ng, yo u may bruise more easily an ayd it mlo take fornger ngbleediop to st. ltoxareay mre incyoase ur f risk odingblee tif yourtake cemediain s.cine lt xare cano se cauus serio, d an rarincae s,se blfatal ng.eedi lpget he a rightforway ctunexpeeded bleing, us unuiual br,sing inglor ting. if h youhaave ald spin thanesesia wh onile el xar,to tc war bah foaick pn nyor ave nersc or muelatle red gn si ss oromympts. do t notxaake orelt y ife ou havrtifan alicia t vahearlve a ormal bnordibleeng. y telldoour bctorefore all planned medical or dental procedures. berefotart sxaing relto, youtellctr doutor abo kiany , dneyr,live b orinleedobg pr.lems u yoarknow x elto #is theescr1 pr bibedlood r thinnets cin i.lass at th big's a. win it is fome.r with el xarto th isere gu no reoolar bl d tomoniring d no anwn knory dietare ctiostrins. eatmtrwient elth .. t...wasighthe re mov.for us ask dyouraboctor reout xa .lto sechoone the o w ne urevlone-ltimatin-oall-ne. reour tionvolumaary scara de 5liversh-tr lasoransfming tsbenefi. luvoleme, thngfi, detinion, , liftteand inlonse cor. ooseche lov
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elfeol a ccod omingn? neziw m coca rldedyem na l sasswab or shldten coth as wip, sna d an sreduce symptomityeverby 45%. n shorteolyour cd a withp, sna icwith zam. ilte qurtd noorhern w ks ell so wlepeopor can fget r theiombathroerie expnce. st juth like goey for cot tonducy,r rand se who aes all fond s rgetg.nothin lea ate'st h s not constable bob. wi r sh you skind coulbounce l backit ike edus to?ne genautroro hydt boosgewater l. hwithniyaluroidc ac mpit pluins skls w celith in e tensiohydrat annlod s itckn. i fo ler supphy, eddrat skin. o hydrt.boos eufrom nogentra ow nor f some eerntintantme , newstheg gan isos almt all
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fr iendta srsus minth matew perry un re iitedn a it l wil airn obc n fruebary 21 st. ebrucpr steingsen gave a fan a erconcr t foagthe es. sp tringeen ldifte the woman on stage where theyan dced to ergeth. he thenel hpeder h walkaf s ely off e.stag veryeeswt. >> il> myrey cus aounninncbig g ne hews s'll be the new key vi adsern o the voiceso sea nten. andt las night oneky lucan wom got pedluckm frotheee strtsor f a levae'ntins day sisurprehe s ll wier nev see. >> mr. cinhanng geao ah adnd ma hike tous y ng'slady .life >>hey. >> llheo.
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go od odgo. [ rschee a anduspplae ] eb(basonall tvacin bunkgro d) hwith feartreailung, daser iwa aln ys orithe se. to sympsems worcausn beyoe heurart isn't pumping well. (w ilater fooling rm) ou ab pert 50 centplof peo e die whi(doginmperg) inwithea 5 y rs ofing gettnodiagsed. t th bus ere'insomethu g yodo.can ttalk do youraboctor hearout fat trilure t eatmenons.opti be uscae the more you know, the mo likreyoely ..u are.og (dmper whiing) k to peep itng.umpi rehe l's aittle healthy advice. ketaof care t ma whayokes u, yo u. t righo down tkiyour sn. av deeno moiailyizsturing on lotih 5 witl vitantnutries r foiehealthinr lookin g sk j ine ust onday. no avee .
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> >>ea ldinghe ts new on cn nbcoews.m, e-threntpare bsabie are .okay ifit monorednd aeg redulat ca llrefuy,xp eenerimtsng usi er spm and egg cells fromee thr erdiffpeent topleoe mak a lesing eombry is . find >> s whytopt a three? s let'doen tnd aee sha wt enhapps.
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l we'l thaveheo te hav a talk rdaffo. co acg rdinheto tca ademy of cimedine di me.cine >> and it is aa ldeorrer aft ru de stpo. th ane m whola pces the5 $ ou th dsanditepos onhe tes tla lmode x has hisre p order elcancs ed athe onrespse. w hout abo . that >> o n soup for you. >> the casdc h lere aased new po rehart ttes urg sexually ti acomve w fenrom -415 t4op sto dr nginkioh alcfol iy theareot n on th bir col.ntro tabou halff oll agn preesanci in e th u.s. are unnepland. co acgrdin tone o cdc ofcifi al, hoalcoanl cma perlynent h aarmn bbabyefore a woman evenno kws e's shnapregnt. on commse t ouhave yse ever enn aid upse
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wrneste landscot. tetwo war fallsd defie ity.grav re>> we'ing see it. 's itd har to bveelie but. >> cou yould a get greatia facl i y the way. ri ght? >> yes. h >>ereth in e.s u. aro g hundog just predicted early spring and in some towns in japan it's time to terrify the children. each time this year a man esdrd seas a team comes to scare th loe lca dski. theor me trsea the more luck in the coming months. theie ancitnt r me is teanto rd wa off evil and mark a tr tiansieton bween snseaso. n >>ow a look ahd.ea ethon covtrsieralha parmro b he sadth to e llhi. martinhk slire iset s to appear this morning before co rengiossl nammcoteite. the 32ea-yolr-sd haee bn su nabpoeored fea a hring on
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sh ikrel pourevislymm sla ted he mmcoteitfoe r its quote aptttem to srtubvey m citonstnautiol gh rio t t ftheifth amenendmt. >> andpy hapir bythda toav gin de .grau urhe tns 39. an cad osar dldeho la ya is 43. al iceoo cper turns 68. ksthan forat wg chinly"ear toto k >>ouim: edtragen parts. a hhigoo sch plncrialipnc oe acsecu od lfdnewsesn aldhiaur tr usab hedieao tki laloc enelemrta syooch wee'roi g tngoet lou yno kw wheerh t athoscol isat loced and u'yoreoi gngo tea hthr y coernc fnsm roethom cnimu.ty soalth on k.ttac nadonl fulam ste daheaen wh c itsomerng goi raftey dz. crueja a wego're toing yo tell y hu wh incalllagocupas hionstopa camign
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yman p hbablypu ch to seeas greie lveut b not a chance to s eehibe tndhe ensces. thllat aan thsor mg.nin >> a: danod gomuobabor m.ningleve hathppy ayursd. velitu picoures city. dou yoin the'k hll don berie sas?nder >> : kimilhe wrl plyobab do the enop mingogonolsue ani berni ndsa omwelc te togr proam. its idahursndy are we'l ha rith tlledavo hoe ygakin up eao beit w us. >> a: dan's letck chet ou the werathere fo wcastithl kely. el>> kstly: ailltl liteil chly outer ths e awe areki loo ertempesatur t in0he 3's. ewe'rin gogo ta wrm up ait ltle moreda toy. ckba t in0'he 5hs tnofteron. baiut wlnti yramose s
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