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tv   Today  NBC  February 4, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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mo inrnang dod ldnaif, e hrewe president, would have nuked de k.nmar t >>athe bgetle g g in more heated every day. >> bo> ombbon d?ar bwhata lew e larg oholee n th co ermmalciet j? on pae enssr gelealdlgecky sued ou tt oflahe pne. e thingrowarg fe ws itas a orterratist . tack state of emergency. or fls ida'rngoveakor tneing w action aftert at leas cnineases of a zikreare edportth in at st ate. w hoa did s viruknyou boew aut ju eest wgoks a become such a re that? >> d > ano helly.kitt r fofithe tirst veme eher, t jonlyr aguan knowivto l te inhe u.s. is captured on camera. the big cat scientists have been yi tro ng t fspoteaor yrs. , tdurthaysdfe, uabrryod"t,"ayhu tdars fy,rueby ar h,4t01 26. >> fr> nom nbcs ewisths i "today" with matt lauer and nnsavautah g lhriefrive om
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el>> w tcomeodo "tay" on hu a ty rsdainmorng. >> h> wecoave d vereaicampingns th ste pare wheha it tts goen ug roh. e thgechard s antecounrgrchaes in gockg ba f and eorthiaspeclly on r theliepubsican s de i ge g ttinlyrealen intse. a >>e nd w nhavemoine nths fo belere en ctio day. >> ct exaly. t >>tahe sarkes ghe hi. at thwh is ay weeere siting get so te hea d. ithate s thsttop ory. ll hiclary n intobeand rnie ersand as atn tow. hall ey the havbaa deonte t. ight te uzd crin lay tg innao dold trump for accusing him of illegally stealing the iowa uc ca. uses egwe burin oer covwiage th ll haacie j iksonncn maerhest, w neshhampfoire .r us ll hagoie, orod m.ning ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng, sa ahvann. anyou ttd mad saiit. y todae ther nis aonew t te tohe t fronerrunnuds fe. na doruld tndmp a c tedwiruz ll arbe brmnstoneing mpw hae shir bu umt tr sp is otuckwan io ll cacring cuz aerheat. r aip trumndgrouored fin enge ou trinble ne ten.ssee
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heon til tra. lddonamp tru d nowdieman ng a vedo-oter afs r hindsecoce-pla shfinith in wae iocu cau ses. a >>llctua ty, i ihinke camin fi rst. usbeca ye ifakou tloe a ok, ok, ayu yoowkn. thoh, otat vraer fud! knyou thow, poese cilitiarans e br .utal >> or rep tter: nrumpccow ag usin te crd f uz olisteaowng iota, n inwinn, g itinechon g beoncars's co inmplaout abmet soz cru afstrsfeca, onrsea hd demeho to or flafida thter uce caus. imthe atplicion? th arat cwason t.s ou hebut no is t. >> hi i tt nk ia was disgrace that he did it. do i thn't itink ul sho d be ev llen a.owed thi k inosthvoe s teoush blde ta awken ay. an erd three wele py nt tofm.he he really lies. i n'doket lius to ate thm ter t bueahe rlilly es. ep>> rr:ortez cruiswho not r undestinveioigatmen cak bac th wi o hisnewn o liner. i>>ist o nrpsuseriha tdot ldna is hr tinowyeg ant heotter mper rutant tm orerrumptr tanum. >> or rep cter:diruz sdn'ttop
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s he iincallu g yoeaa ch ater, d.frau es dos this croslithe orne f yo u? l >>n,isteal donind's s sultget mo ndre ae morerhyst ticalhe mo psre ue et h.gets lo weok, d neemma cor andein ch noief twt a reitte cr in.hief my ls gir 5 are 7 and. i thavello te, youlicarondne a ca neterire aet br tehabed veanth esa prtiidenanal ctedida who sp re bondssuy ing ltinyoeverne, ev daery hey, wn he loses. >> or rep tter:exhe tenas s ator al akso ta ing atdig ah sar n,palier aft a sheedccus his ca gnmpaia of y dirtk.tric t >> is seemouif ynd spe too chmue tim dwithd onalp trum-- la [ erught ] -- strange things happen to pe . ople ep>> rr:orteew a ne tonheto t fe ud. on e thelistabntshmee sidjeb
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gegeorbu w. gish, hvingis br r othelpa hehaing jund, st en whap he s peareeto n.d it s >>a end alsignt tharewe a ep pr taredt o ac tin sheurecy it of s thitrcouny. to b getinack b theesusin s of wothe rld. ea pllase cp. >> or rep ater:odnd ttway, o r feweetcomps itorbufor ndsh a e th oreste f thblrepu ican d.fiel nd ral pauriand anck sm toru th bopp droouing uyt, gs. ul pano is pet ex tcteddoo enrse odanybfoy behere t h newhiampsre arprimy. bu ntt sa iorums. s he iinbackw g noo marco.rubi nnsavaah? h>>lialjae sock tn,nkhas. >> hi> arllcly toinann bed iern sa erndfis d eldeh tougtiquesons in ow a tlln haum for. dr anitea ml chelt is athe ivunsierf ty ohanew irmpshe wh toere t'nighens ev bt is eing . held an , drea mgoodngorniyo to u. r >>teeporoor: grnd mo ming,att. ni tos ght'c msnbtedebal wilbe ei thlyr ond- heaeato-hbad dete an e d th oonlyefne bneore xt we nek'samew hrepshima priry.
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se teparaedly waynesdht nig. >> s thiaris hr d fome. >> or rep ater:fe dif srentofide ll hiclary n intoonwas pl disay dn wey esdat.nigh h>> ihaave bd to pe inc ubli al dewiing omth srye vefi difcult is asuesernd pl sonaesissu. r >>teeporayr: sshing lie reed jon at esuiblparae to h gethrer t tough those.imes >> e batgrulefor fim latitnsio. st lio en ticcritnss, awer es quontis but at the end be at gr. eful >> or rep cter:csritinc poun ed o ho e w shaiexpltaned king 75 $6 f,000warom trll sfoeet r chspeees. w >> iell,'t donw. kno th wat'sthhat ffey o. ered >> or rep ater:se clo wnessith swallt tree'sthatom becbie a g su isr e foiebernde sanrs. >> i do not know any progressive o whthhas suese paper ndcs a s takemi$15 iolln from wall street. >> or rep ster:rsande c andonlint bhavetreen g adin fjabsayor ds er ov i whoe s th real og privresse. om>> s me ofsty been frireds a ramode tes. i mloveatoderes. cayou ben't od a me erata and
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atheyifre dntfere. >> as i wew somamhat tusedhat se nator sanders set himself up b toe e thkegate oepero n whis a pr ssogre ive. r >>teeporitr: wysh day awafrom prthe y,imarnt clis on ifar be , hind sin a stateashe h won ar yeo.s ag hi>> ts state has been so good to me and my famil y. i scarecho muut abot wha ha s ppenewin nps ham. hire ep>> rr:ortein try ng toarrow th p e ga, herecobut ngunti on ersandmes mo tntum whree eeks om fr i nowutn soroh ca, lina e wher cbillonlint a wasdylrea mp cainaigndng wey esdat.nigh ho>> wth is ste beng chakee mar? r >>teeporonr: t'sightat debe is re hallyryillant cli lon'sast cechanre to ro-int hducelferse to h newhiampsotre v wers,reho a f sovear olmrwhey inglorsuppting be srniersande. sh lle wion be s the tage fa o-ce-t wfacesaith s nderheat t de mbateatodery ed belrach ma addowurnd o c own thuck odd. t >> yhankerou vchy mudr, anea.
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go egod sue. ch touck s dd iewin n shhampcoire er-modg atin to t'nighbas den te oc.msnb h wemsave ponbc calitiall anyst ni wcoleceallah witn us i ud stio. ch iuck,l wilt star ywithou. na doruld tccmp ag usincrted uz of al stething ece el itionn . iowa ernumb, oneheis tnyre ag thinon th bse sue tanct?of i isand a it t smartipolical at ? tack >> m i akeshocatd thit pol ical aicamptrgns wy tolein ensctio. th isere a not o loterf the er the. thdid akey tvae ade ntagheof t tu sin atio cwithn?arso ye uts, bot a lst of gouff n es o hi behend tce sthnes ere. lo a tt ofhahe c argesre wrovert.ough 's ital donumd trayp pla ing lelitt o bitlif po. tics at thd, saiav i h se toheay t re moy thet,figh m thethore is lp hee s onidcand ate. tenot uzd crt , nolddonamp tru bu rct mabio ruo. e thatprivlle poi ing bhaveeen ar heabing ovout heer tt pastwo pdaysioost ndwa iesicatt tha cr asuz hgon't attenp, bum i and k thinlypartau becruse tasmp h
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p trumbehas roen e adingtl lite t bithand s ere' oonlyuyne g on e th -riserc- mabio ruo. ic>> n wole,owe kn v the oter ibasew n neshhampisire ff dit eren ithan owa. ar e e thhanew irmpshtee vo- rs - s let'k sticheon tub repn lica de sie herre-- ay theioemotnal te vor rs othare raey picgmat te vors? thin oorer wards, eye thng goi g tor o fo ocruzumr tr lp orook sofor e,meon b thepeest trsono at bela hilliry c ontonoer whver th moe deiccratin noms?ee i h >>riistoy callnd-- aee i fl li nke itoeed e giv that eicarv bate,seecauhi notasng h hbeenriistoc. fo o r twonreashes, te y ar ac prl ticarsvote. ewin nps ham ihireenndeps dent pacan iprticinate h eacy'parts pr y.imar wiyou eall r td in phese olls t aboulepeop j notchust ngoosi be n tweeo rubikaand .sich chkasido is weing n ll iatprive d anicpublli polng. yo aru hewe betilen h claryonlint maand rurco bio. th reey ain makcog a templely ff dit erenalappe. ovit mt es aedthe ges. d anknthe fiife beght n tweecruz trand ruump rns aofisk not ju acst en h marodest tyinghe r othetobut y tallnaalie ttinghe
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g brin tinto cheir amp. >> i and't donw knoouif yld wou ll caa it e knift,fighck chu, bu ybt malae a fibel ght. ig>> rht. y >>eaou hrnr beanie s adersnd arhilliny clsaton wyings ho i mothe rost psigreserve pinson rathe whce, go isngetti thealen depn ds o yowho e u arhein toc demc rati toelec rrate nightow. ywhate ou'rngseeisa is snder thand eae id alismhend td bol id saeas tyingitake to inwash agtono nd de thosgsthin. at thpp's angealith to une yoger ge tineraon. at thhy's ws he'g doinelso wl th ere. prthe tiagmaguc ar smentd houlbe e onorto wllk we h forryilla cl n into iherew n neshhampire icpartlyularth on moe deiccrat si de. crdemo paticryrimaer votors, f ar yen s, ihanew irmpshvee ha en beit a be mormaprag atic, ilessisdeal tic. s itd houl wplayheell re. asit hson't . far i k thinghtonidet's wbategoill lo a ayng wde to ngcidiit if ll wi. ic>> n nole, lot af ot o time le ft. be srniersandeds heane to w shhamp ire. 's hesh fluh
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i hee s thneguy ooxt dt r bu ll hiclary n intofahas thced is be aforeonnd dlle wene in w shhamp ire. isshe ng goipo to n ur amoenorus ou amf nt ourresoinces heto t st ate. heif sse cloe s thgap tasubsllntias y, i mit atuomenm ct viory? >> s thiheis wacre endh cae idat udis jonged s howssuccey full ey thag mane e thctexpensatio ga me. iebernde sanhors stauld ke a apeekatt whco mario rub i didn wa io. h iftse le e thetaxpecs tion d,stant thaashe hwi to an by wh r oppe dof ae-oublt digi figure, will he lose if he wins. i >>92n 19bo, noemdy rreembed at th. 'l wee l setoyou t.nigh e thtedebain beg 9s at:00 eastern time. >> oo gd luck, chuck. ahaved gooineveng. >> th> mye erstdey enepg inisth mo g rnin aoverpln exn osio tlshortey afker tathoff at edrippt tha iholee n th osidef ssa par engee planomin s. alia wa cs itd ause bby aomb? nb kec's imir s hmonsewas n ve deenlopmn ts osithe iotuatn. , hi.keir od goni morng.
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e we'rl stilngtryifi to ogureut at whpe haphened re. of cifis allltes u snoaphrl ne s waunfoind desihe tla p, ne aso mbbos iliunlyke. peexs rty samada fgem rotsoue id ma daugge ss gestxpan eonlosi did oc cur. isthor mngnihe tir aneliay ss e thraaircasft wmi 15 s nuteinto e thigflht, still climbing, when a lehoas wlo b iwnthn e sefugela. ex rtpesas pay enssrsgeay mot n have survived if pnela a wast a erhighit alt ude. cioffisaals e y onenpassisger ss miing. tnwiseessas a y sspageenwar s cksu oed outthf ple in cadingtin aplexioosfrn om siinde. ss parsengecr desseibe eing e.smok s>> ihiaw wmote ske. in ew a fon sec dds ieaid r lize atwht is.wa an thd heen w cn itd alme, downof ur cowese, aw s h ae ol tin he e.plan ep>> rr:orteth in ste pa. u.s bo plund haneseead brgn ta eted
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n.cabi ch rireard riid to ed tnadetote osexpl iivess n his shoe on a m2001 fiamit.ligh inand 9, 200a on oidetrunt-bod e,planr umaukfaroul abd ta mu hllabxpid evelosi hs inis un eaderwr. tincahis ffse olsiciae havnot ru ouled fat a e ilurheof t ai ftrcra. rewe are awath of poe rerts t aboudathe aalloneirligh flit. oka spn esma ntoldewbc nr s ai s bua has oteamann st rd byeady oito je n thstinveioigatt n buis wa g itinanfor ic offreial t ques afromriutho itiesman so lia. an e d thisturkrlh ai finest ligh tfromamhe srpe aiwaort s elcancueed dhe to taavy il nd wihes, tlly te us. d an omoste f thenpass wgersere tr eransfonred th to l-e ild fate htflig. th erey w men't teant oo beatn th e,plan t andeshen d cape with r v >>luery cky. >> w > nelodevetspmenth in e gh fiait agthnst kae zius vir. fl a'oridves go rrnorscick ott
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er emy gencedon waynesdfo in ur ticounhees weore phaple eeve bn di seagnothd wi m theitosqurno-bo s.viru e ther bhaveateen st leae nin s caseloin f. rida t scot hsaysnte wafis ofs cialto p bererepar d fopothe ilssibity th ikat zula cored spad. he oalthiafficells b aievell heof tes cas f areperom wopleho nt coedract the disease while avtrineltog at l ainrime ocar th cae bbrin.ea fo prmeracharmcaeutil utexecwhive iso raheed tce pri of ru a d 5g by% ,000ppis angeari on it capilol hdal toy. onwe dxp't etoect r hea much om fr. him linatas e ha omoreatn th. ha>> trit's gght,uys. tthatraemporiry pikce hd e ha cr s iticincallkrg shtheli ste mo te han d mamein a. rica n knowspfor ngeaki m hishiind s ga leaml tets wan t himepo ke ie qut. th rme foruer dmpg coceany o known for astronomically raising drug prices and his voice, now
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>> from hence forward he does spnot toeak m anyr embeheof t es prs. s >>lihkreew's nor attney poimsing a gag order after the ntclieea apponred rg chaf es o risecuraty fud. th are charges t e noterela d to nt corsroveprial hiice orke f li avfe spiing orll f. hiv nche iedreas p the fricerom 50$13.$7 to 50. nthat iewlyedmposen silce lylikeex to ttends o hi appearance before congress. o >>cen advihis of secounl, he wi blline kivo hng fisthif enamendmt rights. h >>tae was e lkativday tueson a ha r lf houaranappen ce oradio io statwen po5.r 10 >> t i'mngelli i youro'm fthm e streets. >> where he spoke about evyternghim frolddonamp tru -- he >>'thasna been good si bun.nessma >> -- to a video he released last >> ou yhi t inks t'ayoko tefbe wi m >> he if e wer rhere night ow i wo sluld imap hth in cee fa. ou>> yldn' wout. he >>behas dien feuh ng witthe
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follion e onr thd e anonly co f thpy otee laumst alb. >> t he isshaking withots me. he hin topip hit game 's not ea besy to e on thivinreceg end of those things witht ou g jumpin. back >> y bute ou'rhinot p.p ho w >>vehater. oeit d msn'tr,atte. man a >>hind we le htiis sll tw ngeeti i outtsnsulin onle, iwhenmet co ls to megalrsatte s hierlawydo is thing lke taing. e >> wt don' tknowhehat wi knong roly bheke t o lawfrr ded aude an .yone is>> hh higilprofrse peona im inpactofg pr its. stthe poock lirtfoopo drfrped om 5 $4iomill $n toll4 mi ion. asuchar bizuyre g. >> w seehehy tye lawrers ae lik en ooughe f thtichatng. t >>s,hankal natie. thcre inim saluaexasl ulsat ca aseinga bstl ilsbcoisy mo ngvior frdwa. a nnpelvsyiaanud j rgeusef tedo throw out the case on wednesday, jereinctthg dee nsfes e'aiclm that the former distri ct at rnto peymirod set no to
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e thdgjufoe d unatthro psemias w not binding on the current d.a. and does not prevent the current co issby rg chaited wugh dr ging an sad asngultior a ftemer mple un siivermpty ee loyeisat he hom 00in 24. enhe danies imy cr inal > >> uanatpdtoe s arytoas lt ek we. lgcay aramfl desenefn semaisdenn wi made tn, mhe wan choimla hede wa wos y ozteafa r t hid an ac decilyntro c-cssckhe aed ne li. sman th age leloued aoked, t it'tdidn in th wk itucas s ah anenccidt. ey thpe sus hndedorim fga 20 mes. so t thahais wppt hawhens ouen y deacci cntly-cross aheck ne li. sman ig>> mavht hene set thaone co . ming >> t> toidhe ve eo wedshow you t atophe tth of owe sh. r fofithe tirst veme ee r, ware ge g ttinima glatpse o thenly n know jwildr aguahein tte unid at stes. ivhe ln es i.tucs n, ri anazo. adthe mault asle hn bee bseeny mo reente ccasor bmerae eforbut l untihanow ves neenr be
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co vanser ationisctivayts s arjaguves ha b allisut darappeed fr heom t. u.stodue it habat alossopnd pioulatntn co rol. v >>coery ol. uc>> mthh raeeer son it eo vid. >> oi g fng aorit le tllkwa. >> ey h. h>>loel! > >>atwh g's ooingn? w >>vee hae morwewet r atheto ta bolk andut abe mayit a ltle sn toow storm, o. ju bst a oriefne. ok lowh at apat hd penehein t licaro nas. ithisnss wisaton- nlem, orth licarona. rost wngdsinhe, y avinra co inmbg in btongriow dpon r we neli ts,esren oomto hes, kn ngockin dowivmasse st urructrees, mallyg akina ss me. d angstlaee morreheor's m te onayhe w da toy. ok lowh at e at w ohavee n th ra dar. so reme aayas mlo be g okinat re th fe toinour ochesinf ra and th s is istall inream ag up along on frsytal tstemwihat ayll l on ale g tht.coas e as winget apto ctte ha eras an rfd no wolk,e e arintalkg t abou asome preasngickito up re thche inf es o.rain
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tt lilale flosh fg.odin re hean is r otheg thinrewe a tc wa, hingnia mite winorr stm re thn at isothe asuthet acmasstthuseeas ar. in ra w andnoet svew mofr in om sothe touth t.nigh mo to trrowlohis esw pr sure sy wstemmoill p ve ucothe ast ab ruout oush hmor to mrrowngorni om fran atlcitic muty, f ch olong la ismond, k ntauo on tnew anenglved, estn boon. c we bouldoke loating wf snoall ra oftes in an erch pr houngduri hrush our. en ths this moveoff. is tha is k quicemsystt thawill tmoveghhrou. w itbeill t jus ecoldh nougto sn ow. as c youeean s a, weoore l king anfor reywhem frotoone r fou esinch. st boayon m u see fp toive chines. hachatasm, mixs, she inc s of ow sn. otroicmetrn s, inathe 'stionla t rgespeindet ndeny,stud edtestel wirrfess pencormae tacrossnthe coury. ve zorionn, wig bit wonh hued ndrey fifte three stat.wins ana t god t irt thigty-e ht,ntspri t got wo,an mod t otbile gro., ze ri vealzon onso wst firth in e usfor data, call speed, liand reity.abil
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st ouory vt ofniirgirea, a you tomoni yringchour s ild'neonli ti acvity closely enough? we te'll oull yut aboe som apps at th m you wighttoant et dele yfromchour enildrho's pnes.
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t firs ithisods "tonay" . nbc ju hest athad, tee inhorn w le nearthd hae wrd, ayu yo probably shouldn't fall asleep. >> ol> d money, new money. e anvexclusi l firstat wook hat coul od bethne of r e supe'sbowl st mod talket adaboutes afr your ca lo.l newsas wis wh th rholeoom you are inkiddh g? wasit? t's leshwat wi i fthrezeeb. r alfothl thine ygs out can'uswash, e... eb...fabreze ffrric rereshe wh oa he wy mrs.ebber ha inles t hey, i nsmellse icerin he trand ply bluggae febreze... .t..ino cont euouslynatelimiod r.ors fo.. .. 4.up toys o5 daf esfreshns uggaplfeble anbreze icd fabrrefr r.eshe.. .[in .. +halee exhalicmnemon]...
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you say avocado old el paso says... y zestkechicd n anadavoco s taco oin surndtan 'ufst ftoilrtsla . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas oleld o pas..says. arstsot whmeere fresh 'rwethe e tthotes ung yocompany around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing
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go>>wet it. w slow,e.e di at>>wh c about oashingut? no m tr! i' tyingbuo meild sog hethinre. w ab>>housout deing fegrx foroundpp shiing? >> n'i do st needd ome kiingtellme o how tburun a ss!sine eei've bg n doin this4 for onlong mths. fe >>oudex gran hnd cuselp vesa a moneyivnd delfaer o st tstour cuomers. t noidbad, k . youmindreof me ng a youer me. >>ai tden! ihe dogngs eatiyour ai retainer agn. le taket's ho a smirt 5-ecnute ress. grfedex s ound ier tfastreo molo s cation upsthanun grod. fortifying the gravity-defying... adventure-collecting... friend-connector... iffortheying t-p goings...lace off-to-the-races... day-seizing... yo u. yo reu'on strg. weand e 'ro here touhelp yy sta w thatay. ne iaw specnourl k ish. lti- mun grai flakes th q wia,uinos, apple al s anmondspd ras.berrie new special k nourish. fo y.rtif
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
gguinor befhee tho sants rg e vmicti inti cricocal iondit n att lashe ctck a im>> ke': wllav he adan upte o n ws ne 3 later andom tworron whe youak wep uh wit ,usre we' teexcid forry laris dav to om prote "snl"nd aou yw kno he's go tingo be e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper, wutlilne r vekemat iin th e real world. the grandmothewhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent cawan't it. nga siomle m d whoraespelyte ednea s isracae t n'itwa. uda stwient mth aaiount n of cdebt wan'tait.
7:55 am
wh edo ne it.
7:56 am
it's 8:00 on today. risoro itiese n thlispot ght. o >> nshone boulddee ma to qu onestifw sel borthseecauy the don't look a certainay w. >> he tec dision to quit that has some rethinkg ineegr k. pulling ckbahe tur c otainn e th olifesuf a odpermel. he>> wu n yok thin tbackoso the ar yeats whe typemof mieordos
7:57 am
>> really bad hair. loi bokack and i was a kid. r >>l acheerhuntns opep uouabt life as a cor ve agirlhynd w she is in seeaug ben ty iw a net.ligh > >>what is in a name. avwe h ae anz to e guidheon t anbr yds aou prebarobly mispronouncing. y todaebis fy ruar014, 26. >> d gooinmornntg mo ana. g >>moood g rninlost. s.ui g>>d ap>> hirpy by thdauso! ch[ rseend app ausla]e
7:58 am
4. gr t ea htoe avjoyou g ininn us o t a weinmornreg hene in rkw yo ty ci. at whre a groat ce wd w ihaven r oua.plaz mb meofers u theigso rerht he. so or hono ed t thave hem. w >>n e calybarer hea your omawesroe thk wbacsdthuronay sg "r wiock outh y m" byelicha ck ja son. a >>at greic chor e foy.toda ha>> wret we o the cthereshoic? >> instg. t buovall icer m jhaelonacks is thni morng. >> in com, g uprea pag ntin tohow-. th iley wowl sh h youo ow t amake me ga o outytf an fhingrom cl ngeanito up in makalg her thie cfoodeshoicen, evch teayoing ur ds kiut aboan fince. ta>> sodrt t kay's eid'sonditi. fi a rst k checheof t top iestors. >> ce> onin agaal donumd trp nddeman ed otetwitatr th ted
7:59 am
t ofwehis iek'scaowa esucus. in rk asaanwes esdny daumtrp accused cruz of stealing vicryto suand teggesatd the som cruz f stafermembsls miowed ibyans ll tething haem tn t beoncars was pu g llinofout r the ace. >> t thar voted,frause the li poanticie s aralbrut. ey th b arel.ruta athey bre a ounchshf dit ones iecooks. >> is it su no serprit thalddona hris tg owinyet another temper tantrum or trumper tantrum. j>> bebfiush ednishth six in wa ioex is edpectbe to ne joid by hi ots br fher,r ormeidpresent ge worgesh. bu. hi y llartoclin tn isinrailg t inolhe phels af ad odatuesy's pr y.imar iotenstwn betheen o e twarappeed scto ee alateswedntrday ading jabs over whiso e mor
8:00 am
d>> it o no aknowrony psigresve o wha has r supeanpac ked tas 5 $1iomillomn frl waletstre. i >> s washaomewust amhaed tt se r natoersandt s seelhims f up btothe gae keteerepwh on ao is reproge.ssiv he>> tat deb ae ise t th 9:00 ereastmen tims on nbc. a ndark iightlan or ndo. e thflman d ashe awhatreppead to be ea a rn l guleand itft w hout inhurtyog anne. nn wacaabe crped erusad. > >>r a cad enden up inuan usual sp ot. trit sseuck l veraclvehies edparknt, we b air, orneedland li poayce s d ther riveersuffed a me l dicageemerbency tforehe cr ash. cr a haane bd tooue bringht to re tmovearhe c d andr rive from rothe of. no ret suut abo d ther'rives
8:01 am
>> w > no cto atoall am revp ro so erityiexper nncesnwatioide. >> st it d arte twithvihis deo fr som anttude i and gt is oing l.vira da ho t hastohe sry. s >>oihe ja ned risoroo ty tjoin a omwelccoing itmmun ay one hug egcollmpe caus. st inshead yse sa e shentncouered lta cushure sce ded ribeas di oisappinntg and hateful. msomeusay r jh toenudgmt. re>> panppy ked ligo to a out t. lo >> e liky.part ep>> rr:orteor a fsomer tyrori mbme ierpls gied tngo expose what she clsalul a c oturef ue cr lty. o >>f ne owothe warst ars heing a ersistk talt abouoxhydrt.y cu r >>teeporinr: shece ste posd
8:02 am
orsuppt. sh ite qu s heritorortey afr 1/ 2 ar2 yes. >> ec i d tidedino jo g anditive l ala try, but my values didn't ig aln. asit wll reae y ththway mee won re weat trething hee otmer won. to ee sen womle in shaderolip res intell wg usshe ould care more t abou owhat pthere eoplk thin whand e at w llook ike. inhearstg siteers g llinersists d to sressielutt tr atexhe nt rm foal. >> reporte or:o hiivunsier ty de galta chmma r apteg usinosphot to au lh nccaa aimp cgnleald de sfineottere. ypes >> mi com tttedldo hoeaing ch ot toher h ah igadacicem st daanrd. r ouo motto is toodo g ad inll as s.pect ep>> rr:orteve uniy rsitof lo iluisvlsle ando lea ing .hand >> ng beior a sy oritersist is
8:03 am
th iatan ce, bph udiol vngueals. e thos athatotre ngr in lieek fe en arbl't a se tollee ath of e si po ttives hingo.we d ep>> rr:orte t andathe nl iona conference tells nbc news rosotyriem mrsbep his haanchd ge lithe ofves li milofons en wom d animhas edprovdu gran atio ra adtes idingart shhees tl cal a for ghthou dtfulguialoe. i >>t wanocto fn us othe positive and what we can do to change. right now it is about opening up e therconvonsati. s >>aihe se d sh tmadehe de oncisi t notmeo na the risoroutty bts wanpr to e omot gechan. r weedeach t outrao sy cuse eruniv asityasnd wd tolwe sp realect orex fak speouing t d anauapplr d hehafor tvinghe co ennfido ce s we e havn takemba nuf er o tiaddi ponaltiroacteve sn ps i ntrecers yeain addisg th is im anportrkt wot tha will co uentin. i k thine therprare lyobabd goo risoro atiesadnd bor sors itie
8:04 am
u >>tunforlynateey, th u endp on sthiswhhow heen t ty dos hing athatisre dinappo atingornd f at frtierniases, l. wel t >> ihereres a isal sooterhd. u yowetwo n re irisoro. ties ri>> ta.delt d haeaa grpet excerien. s >>gitop mvinge e thetsecr nd hae.shak > >>ngcomine up a xt, life onlesst thainone rternveeceid t onerhe vrsy fiy t daheof t b. jo >> d goonoto kw. nn jesha buue hagtcr cauphes th wier supl modeelrachte hunr. fi t,rshe t th rmsupeodel rlache h m goi'toing a share o photomy ef waggo heffle wopn it p.s upth o at's sstinterehoing neyusbecam goe i'toing share a ph ofoto go my ege wafflen i whpst po up. l' my eggoeggo egl'y go meggo (a ringnswehi macy!ne) hee leavssaga mee.hi know, i 'r youe,e therau 'c canse i y seeou. cai'm yolling elu to tyol lu tomy'eggo eggo! an sncr:thome aingsoo re tlidetocious . share
8:05 am
go l'eggo my eg. inca sk reconow beinmes skve.acti ganew r skrnietiinacclve brearly er.ight th tivee acly daist moiizurer th awixintioitdant v,amin c th mootat s bhes,raoosts diance anotd prtsec. brsee sighterkin j ine ust on.week clnew brearly er ightomfrer garniac. skin.tive ndsoup adwic sand h an cleanaland re, anfed ing elodgosort, f. o 50 and ri0 calor lees oss. th eae clpan gsirinen mu. erat pana. food it as d shoulbe. dmom,>>n. no fw that hasedexst nereamlie-d our ercecomm d an uhelpedow os grusur biness, i th itink e 's timrtwe stating ace liknea busiss. >>ok .ay.. he e gore w... >> okoh, lothis at ...
8:06 am
ersono pitnal eems arrm ped initte w theceorkpla ... llose wi need comtowne do. 'l we doil beomng smae y ndatoring.test thand s alere' so a nstrictngo datiicy. pol>> t uh, buy, whone me're.arried th oiat's gbeng to robl a pem. ougrow ysiner buitss wh the li onppne shi ingol to fs fromedex. st p moe eoplheknow tc' four a s ofondiamnod. kayw,ew jers elinbr yogs..u.e nethstwe: c ocolche.atevia lchn olatoc eamondi.ds on llyiaev mn,teas orswef jeylrde gnsior fen es...makelry jewh witchrare e ocolatondsdiam. sa p ve u 2ton 0% oleseevct lniayl st,es th d wiinazzlgng desi ss that suhe'so re tlove. kay ate , th-onumberwene jestorlry e... .. amica. vian leco choialate d..monds. .for .. s thet weetesinthing ur l yoife.
8:07 am
ve b i'oneen ee my fdal all i'y.shm bued! tyea meoo. cuex msecoe...ngmigh throu! de ri g theavel w ce ofrtomfo with r. dchol s ls massaging gel insoles. e they'ren provto yo give oru comft. h whics yohelpelu femo rgre eneediz ...a ayll d long. i want what he has. j atonohns's, prthe tsoducou in r th baro time utine ogwork tliether teake am. e th wwashese ith thpoossham, e thamposh wosh thitloe ons.ti yo aby'ur bins sker barri e whilimyou sthiulate nsess se. with johnson's, mo the pre youn,ut i e mo thhere touy get t.
8:08 am
> >>t wha isnd treing datoy. t' letas srth wit la. bels th s is ian iesnterting udsty. ba nck iou yroo schl daysas wny a of ou yhe t ter'aches pet? >> no. i >> was >> ou y rewe. i >> was not. ny>> abody votedt bes ngsier? >> re theou y go. w>>hatbo autt mosik lely to eesuccd? m >>r. r.roke >> eyemploef othe ntmoh? th osele tits are meant to co ene urag you. tta lioole bost tr you ego. a ew ndy sturo fmva harrd anduc be eyrkel t sohel rea alde,he ty
8:09 am
g aroup areis praed it is damagi tngoer oth oppe. le lysimper otheo pple s yeeou get ag ab lel andy the give up. >> eiaspec wllyiths kidhi i tnk th reey aen svesitio t . that >> s it' sseuppod toe b mo titivang. >> ou i wakld tte i that way. >> tshat'he tay w iou wldak te . it pp>> atlarenusy jimt splyay se h is ay alws going to be the ac tesher' pet nose sen in my ngtryi. y >>oungir gls are so im sipresleonabhi i thenk tye giv up remo. >> ng thist thae mak you go hmm. >> ne> oay wo tot n get eyemploe of thentmoh. th uyis gel fl epaslen ohe t job of ah tec stp.artu it as w his first day. e th orco-w tkersook this otpho. he pdoste theic pture on ddreit.
8:10 am
i urcapted aid v neoot long oag of ourcocu-exetive odpr,ucer to m maelzzarli in his office. >> tshat' t.grea h>>e saidle pase ndremi people iak wep u at 302: ien th rn mo ing. ha>> tt isom se ofis h best . work >> > are you romispcinounheng t sname of some of youror fav ite dsbran. a ot l oopf pelee wer sedhock to ar leomn sngethiut abo a e.stor me sopl peoaye s raza. ac lytual it is oupronnced ?what
8:11 am
>> > how abouts thi one? w ho doou y say ?this a >>cameri wnay to t say hat. e>> way s adi das. >>nd ahi tss iad goo one. ho w do you sayhi tsre sto in. >> rupapys. >> e someo pplehi tnkt is iap per r . us >> ha tt is . good >> ow> nt whaer bsanie snders i yi sabong aut larry davidnd a the dmgranhoa wus jten wtan d icingn e th. dark k>> inowr you ptsarenol td you tnotok talit policsin durgop p st art. iebernde sanadrs me a cosinfeson
8:12 am
i >>er unddstanar lryav did is inhostg "" snl. d heoes aoo gd atimition of u.yo do you do a larry david im ioitatn? i >> amry lar da vid. >> well aw. kne t >>he realar lavry did .""snl an rvintewiiew th ltvuure ve re saledneomeoge sug istedtt a nn diernd a lasrry' antge cd alle ofout b thesalue lyingarry nt waoed ty pla- - oo>> l tk at hem. ai>> rouse yr handf i younk thi th ieres bretteha tnve e cnehanc th atni bernde saers showson up "s nl"? >> soablylute. i do not know ytan. hing d >>on't theyav he aeb deat on rdsatu ayt?nigh h >>ne ca get inft aer . it
8:13 am
in joing us. le miruy cysnn aedounc asey k seadvir. >> y didnoou kw this? >> i d.di w >>ee havla bkend a miley ee twted a photoof elhersf li gckinhe t bu. tton >> k younowy theh pus theto butn to tthurn eir cha ouarnd. >>ha w dtid youus j tsay? >> ie hav to tunen i more teofn. i >>nk thi the mileyki boong edwork. we e havne o more vweier . here nafiy,llru bce sinprtegsen ma okingneuc lky won'mas damre co me tr. ue
8:14 am
itap hdpeneue tsday pemirforng in too.ront who did he bring on stage? an89 r--yeaoldom waneb celngrati her rtbi. hday e thos bs g haveer a big hug and le hder in a da nce. ce ni ntmome. that isr you popta srt datoy. >> i doe hav mesog.thin an thuk yo for. that i t wano th wisy m wife a happy bi ayrthd. >> happy biayrthd. a >> yreouak ming nndier? >>luabso. tely >> pizzaou snd good? i'll call, on me. >>py hap bihdrtay. > >> allk wee long wee havee bn tt ge yingetou sor f the g bigame on da sunity weh th s buperowl co cimmerical k. koff mthisngornie wav hewo t more
8:15 am
>>ou y needo t iholden th ac t.coun i >>ik led it. i>> can doob aericso t atth.
8:16 am
is thne oro fmoy tota f torhe pr s.iu >>y mam nes i td odt go dto moy job betou y never ththoug a pr ciusouldee fl so bad. it 's mmayhen ohe t road. so little gas. t ge on wheels. te ch on eewhls. >> tatoyo, let'so g esplac. >> . >> e>> wte posd the fulloy tota co cimmeral. it un rson lgerha tnha tt on to coday.m. yo owu kn m howuch itos ct touy b a 30on secdd ain durg theup ser ?bowl
8:17 am
>> that's your latest weather. we arech catgin up with su odperm tels foind out where ey th are hi>> tsni morng we areki talng to he racl hu. nter >> i have a majorl gir h.crus ch raelte hunr beganel moding0 3 syear ago. itas w ap triac bomk het tha inspired her to create a new
8:18 am
in aho wle new light. th reat fsh face,un s kissedlo gw andea bchy hairde land rl ache erhuntn o theov cerf ont couless zimaga fnesor muchth of e '80s an d '90 s. >> ou y were thest fir class of truesuodperm els. en wh you hearhe t word su odperm-el - >>ik l aelo halween stco ume. do i knn't haow wtt i s.wa ini thtk i wikas le methisgrgin me mont thatap hdpene with iofashhen wreve edyrybo was a pe surrsta atha tt meti. r >>teeporisr: drecovetd a 16 syear oldun hter wtasn'ay alws so sthure isee carr was for her. >> on hyestl neverne dawnd o me e th ctimpa oft wha clylears thi wo uld end upng bein iy m . life >> or rep wter:ere you im atmedi helyappy withhi ts ercare or werehe tre times you
8:19 am
>> ias wik le g i'moing to go in d ane mak money andet g outnd a ne do s byix ntmohs. re he we are0 3 yrsea telar, cl rlea sykeuc mde . in wa s iap hpyng doi it? it was ajo b. i'mrkembaing on a journey ar ndouhe t world. >> ep rr:orte theea46-ydr-ol model is searching for a new definition of the wo. rd esh jtus may have found it while oo sh htingerew nho sw he"racl erhuntou's tfr o be."auty >> as much as iug thoht i de unodrsto byeaut iev nerly ful de unodrsto itnt uil after ien wt on s thinejoury. >> psiosbilities are endless. wh y aren't weri dgnkin ?this >> or rep hter:ow d tidhis oj pr cectehang you? >> youl fal inov leit whse the op pendle aou yet g to winalk th eirho sesor f aom mentnd a understand what theiras p isions t in heir,life whyhe ty tnkhi th iss i imrtpoant. >> choosing to dress like this.
8:20 am
wh weere e comfr om. he>> t eiexpernce ofin givg nthu aerew n teak on ecperf.tion after travengli theor wld and ar le aningbout byeaut ander oth cu eslturt wha did itch tea you ou abtme a'sricaci fasonnatih wit tiplasc ersurgy? i >>en wtro fman wting ito t luabso ntelyoon lger wnganti it and also understanding that is at whou yee ndn the howan c you ju edg mesodybo. >> reporter: t onehing remained constanthr tououghst i where hu fnter hindser eshapns,er he at home withon s and ugda. hter y>>ou cabeme aod melea rlly yo ung. t goar mriedll reay young andad h drchileaen rlly yo ung. en wh you thinkk bac to those ar yehas wypt tfe oor memieso d hayou ve? >> ll reaady b hair. ik look bac and i was a iiv led with myea hndrt a i
8:21 am
ild wouer nevha cnge it. r >>teeporhar: wot dou ynk thi it ea mns toge a with g?race ha>> wt makes you y.happ a tollctuaye liv them is very hard. if i can be happynd ait exced an d a fullan humei bngha t at's go odth ing. >>o s the mainre sectha tt ra chelre shadit whe mnd a ioo tk es the s,shot sheay ss it helps he avr he alt heahygl ow. ioo tk two ofhe tse andok we up pe tlrfecy thhealy. i its a leittl ngstro. >> e lik aka vod ?shot h>> iaave . cold opi het i rkwos. >>ar sug up in that. >> not thene ohe s . took >> y areouid kding me? >> thece prif o tybeau. y >>ouhi ttnk i is ibterrle.
8:22 am
>> howy manes time hav you edlick a y?penn >> ien havut't b its i wihat ul wod agim ine. >> thedd oesthi tng iav he he ard. nd>> ath by wae y, -- >>l i'lak te otan her. > >>n o wsdedneaye wd hearfrom on 26e 8:on am s thisdthur ay mo g.rnin di amwaana ognern dnews ay.he are's alooke t thn seve day fo streca. i tha ink oflot pe woplebeill lo ivingt. >>ke lly:wi it e ll bt grea at wetoher o getut isthke wee nd an d nintoweext utek b ghrit
8:23 am
er whe hein t 4 low0s mwith uch of thevelas vagas lleyt righ annow d mpteurerathies ts rnaftewioon e ll bngrisi53 to de s.gree ithats l stiltta liitle b lo bermw noital wh stmounly s ny sk ies t bu alookl t alof e th hisunsn ne ia vesey n da caforest. gatiood o me tshwa ur yo t caro erpe. d >> ana:nw mea philetsaren viarrio ng tngspri eyvall is heel pidropheng ts kid off th oris m ningraton ine som cepolie. tap e thera was tishoong the er with n a main itcr cicaltiondion r afteashe wt shoouar:0nd 30 m. a. thoris m.ning it acwas trosshe restroet fm ri spng llvaigey hhoh scol arne am fl aingond ffbu alo.a n womaedcall-1 9-1 to pore rt a stdomeic urdiste.banc two wemen rgre a uingrebefo the ctvi ims wa ishote n thadhe. i hes sslewn kno in cralitic nd con itioat t umca.raum a and s newinhoppg ntce er ge g ttina r majoadupgre. italis cboled ca .park ouit wld haewve nan tents
8:24 am
gg bier, nestw rentaura to go . in ithisdenclus w a neitfurnure orst ae, w ne a-- ollthf e re vanoontishs ldou inbe fd ishe by r latehion ts h.mont an end wh w youake uph wit the wa s gneronda frirny moing we hwilla ave lot fofs un a we ge t adrer y fosuthe per bo wl an lld wio alsoklola at rry vi dad asha he ots eml iona ma alteri. w heill sthourda satghy nit aliveound y canthsee heat ty ve ha already sent out meso of th ome pros thfor
8:25 am
iebernde san rs [ cheers and applause ] 8:30 now on a thursday
8:26 am
bi cgnchae forto us say . hi >> cgomin upun, f ways to keep youha hppy,hyealtnd a inedform fr heom t frou j s. e wav he a newak tone zzpia, ethui qcknd a eyasec reip f or ethim ultate serupow b it's like a little blast from the past from aie vrweig rht here. anthyok u. >> oo lk at isth. >> ion d k'tw noatwh'm iol hngdi erthe,om skie nd of aui jce. >> t' thasre pytt odgo. et l g'set ahe cck othf e atwer.he >> jtust wano t -- aivnnsaer ry tof ihowtampors nt ithe uso? >> ewhveryeree w go ascros the dworlhe t ous is th ere. we can'tha tounk yug enoh to
8:27 am
>> how do you ppsut?or #>>ousecconnts. >> tnkhaou yer vy chmu. ce airtynlut pha tt . on th wi l jayeno and ourd goo fr iend -- l set'syohow atu whs i in gong o as far as your wtheaer is conencerd. r fotheee wkendda friyet w heweatn r itheif pacicth norwest an atd syurdaom seun seshin dr ngoppi east hfalf othe. u.s su ndayet w wtheaer on the utsoashernte atitlanc co ast. flookorsh sunine along picacif no esrthwt co ast. an gelrd guaianoo schl it is ca olth sicoochls we. ek
8:28 am
>> ro fmor narth caolin -- t >> yhankou very chmu. rgeteady to read. ari wter is sngoario ttheop t awith sserie ofoo bkst tha a olotfpl peo tehinkld couom bece e th 5next0ha sdes of eygr. none o is meorur sispred than the author herself. >> reporter: she is the new rl da oingthf epuhiblisng rlwod.
8:29 am
heroi dng diessh. sh es i skyoc rtikengn o btes se inllg listsit wmeh so are ca gllin n theext 50ha sdes of ey gr. i >> loved . it i ol absyuteled lov . it d an iug thoht this woman, a ermoth couldve lea thepo corrate wo rld and write a sty.or >> sheas wr you timotiva?on >> or rep ater:if calaorni mom twithwo eetnergitic ltle boys an uld fiml te fdrunsiaing e shte wroer aft thes kid weren i d bend a self blpudishe her ea stmy stories onneli. >> i dn'idthi t tnktha anybody would want to puhblis me. r >>teeporher: tnam ce "cdaalenr rl gi" ary stobo aut a high
8:30 am
y pa h offader d'sbl gaming debt. msomeightl cal these books soft rnpo. i>>es dsepi it. >>he tre ias lot of sex in . it a >>innythhag tt you are em asbarr sedt?abou >> i woun'ldt say rrembad.asse ie havee bnai rsed in beingpe on edmind. mykid's tcheaouer fnd out i it wre. sh aie sd i wtano t rdeaou yr okbo s. id saiou ye lik hot okbos. sh e gsoebs autolyel il'l rdea at th. ndcaleirar g ilsng bei an tredslato int 15 languages. >> s it' a leittl fterighning and exciting. ut>> b herba husndus jt sedtart e thk boota cerinkn he ows the inorigth of eor gsgeouea lding n. ma s>> a the main man basedge larly on semylf.
8:31 am
>> itdespe herce sucss ayudre ys satl lite hasng chaned ier h li fe. >> o d yrough nei kborsnow you are writing these bos?ok >> tuaclyal, . no r>>eporter: her friends do. gdoint whahe sov lesti wring ll fu ,time h derreamne turd re ital y. >> the most imptaorhint tng i nt wa tol telny abodyls ee who nt was tori wter o dony agthin is a go fterit,ak met i enhapp. go for it. do te whaverou y want bseecau you ca n. >> for todayan jet lishaman,bc n ne ws. >> cgominp u ,next getff ohe t
8:32 am
is to "y"dan oc.nb > ra> ch tael:odaye' wayre ping ibtrut teo "eremil le.iv"
8:33 am
>> >e w are backt a . 8:38 y'todares pag ntin iteams jo gininor fcesit wh ourta srt to fdayour js help getou yrea yr f of a toro pivductare std t an genow gttinr yous kidn in o the ac . tion slet'k talut abo y.mone we av he a qiouestnm fro our re pagntin . team ra echel.s say how do iea t mchy dchil theue val of y?mone dhowo i einxpla that were a fverynaortute but we't can al hways wavehat we ?want qu onesti. ne mosy iay alws a ldende re cesour. u yot wan t to yeachours kidha tt youe hav to make ceshoic fm ro ethim te they areit ltle until tsadul andav h le towiive th th em. th eat gre i ways board ga mes. >> youav he to be age pr apatoprie. u yoe lovsi ung molynopo. >> soh mucor me thant jus being th e erbank. mo lynopo teseach youll a about ve diicrsifn.atio u yo't dont wan to put all of yo urgg es onar pk pceland a dwbroaay.
8:34 am
i >>se udo te lovy sorras a kid. >> i bet once in ale whiou y edwalk away bseecau w yousoere us fredtrat. it teseach youo t stick with ,it rs pee,everll reayor imp itantn e thma s.rket >>takan. >> aer new mega. te ens love it. egcolltue ssdente lov . it it teseach you how toev le erag urreso ces. sit iut aboui bgldinie cits in ca tan. sit i a fstantaic . game >>li deaitng wh faninsce not a ga me butes gam canel hdsp ki get erbetth wit . it >>nk tha you very chmu. > >> nowet l m'sove to kidsnd a cleaning up. ji mllnartis ie her to tell us ho ow t do atth. we ha ave tiquesroon fmem a mber of ur oen parting . team ho ow d ich teay mgh dauter to cl ean uper hoy ts whoitut mgakin eeit fl like nipuntshme. w >>eer we aedllow toak me as ch mu of as mes as ibpossle. heat t o endef th day we had to
8:35 am
30 on secndds an the weld wouet g a d gol arst. heat t endf otheee wkho wmr eve dhahe tos mt starsot g a izpre, something theysk aed for $5r o $10. youot bhan wthi tsel jewry th ene winril wl getth at. we areoi gng to put0 3on secds on the occlk. omwhve e grset theos mt toysn i eth bin nswi. >>ta srthe t cl ock. >> one, two, three . four >> iv fe six. >> vesen. ni ne. >> 11, . 12
8:36 am
>> deoubl ndhas. 0>> 2ve or rehe. >> 18r ove . here s >>o'l shelet g the star. egracs get the . star tso i is 3-2. avwe hoe twor me days andou y sa ouid you wldre shahe tze pri at e thend oef th week, ghrit? > >>t iks wor. tt mat', leos g to you. ha o rd t ygetour kids to eat gh rit? y jo h canelp with . that mlet reeadou y aue qn stio from daaman. an amayda ss how doou yel hp kids ar sttak m hinghyealtd foo cechoins o their ownnd a get themtr to yew n gsthin? >> first and fosoremt as a re paount yt wan toe b alt heahy role demol. eeit soms sio obvutus bt i is rfpoweul. ed eucatr youdski. in er othrd wos, whenou y are inserveag h flthyoods make a co tinneconwe bethaen ttlt heahy item and somet sorf o hhealt pa k.ybac ey thon d't carebo aut ol chroestendl aod blo purresse bu ot de cartaboung beirt smaer
8:37 am
>> stinead ofti putngom sngethi f inront ofhe tdm anin sayhig ts is t wha you areat eingod tay get themnv idolve ien th prs.oces >> fidelynite. e the morol invvedhe ty i want to focus on kfbrea ast. kfbreateast bends ea a mel w ve ha l a ootf control over. you want aoo cl snpi on mesointh gthhealy. th sis iy mpy hap to ast. syoutartit wh wholein gra bread tandhenut p tngoppis on top. ithiss bfareakst a.pizz ki ovds le zzpia. u yo dot i waith tolartil. u yoe mak the tolartil. u yold bui itik le aeg rular a.pizz is tha is ni morngil mk akshe. wh osn doe'tan wt a milkha sken i the rnmo ing. nowe kw thiss ias blyical a fr uitmo seothih witatu s nky estor -- funky w.stra >>r o a st ore. >> e> we hav otipsttn ge tinghem
8:38 am
>> y mon sat hes ahell t ssport eandisxerc hee has d.trie w ho can i get him mg ovinand nd fie somxe eercis heua actlly en . joys >> in' wast aat nuralif gted at e.hlet n >>or was i. ino am the t pro. with ias wit ltle ild wouo gor f ke bies rid with my dad, night lk was. ouwe w pldut on tsligh. one mi. nute d anutwe p h onead s.lamp aras p yentsreou a f the irst plexame. ymomm isng doi erexs.cise e shee ss mein movgo s she will. me co tore fe seclass. thave themryar kate and te.nnis emayb not pu. sh letm the find theirwn o pan.ssio othetherng thit tha ials rely fu ndn a i didhi t ass aea tcher is yoga. we av he llbiy,la bkend a -- ch loe. ayoure lrouden tha . that
8:39 am
th weree go. ey th are brette than i am. tr osee pe- -og yang brisoo gd er engy, cntoncetiraonnd a acteshehe tmow h to calm em thesselv. >>nw doward dog. wh oat de w do when we do wadownrd dog? glwraneree ss . it my pnaersolav feorit- - yanou c go nt ioob cra. echlo -- myav feorit isce dan rtpay. slet' do . it da nce ptyar. heby twa y,f iou y want taro he re mo goo t y.todapacom/inrentm.gtea
8:40 am
>> t>ree >> ac> bkt a 8:47. lo sve i ien th air and nmeo ti tlikerehe psent tonv iinest ur yo lareshtionip. mfororeha tn0 2rs yeaur o ie fr hndsave hdelpe5 2il mlion lecouplas pn their ddwe. ings ria fend ,here daho. >>oo gd inmorng. we re aoi gngo tav here gat vi adorce f cesoupl of allds kin mi cong up. >> weav he tdeame up with "the kn ot" and madehi ts music video ca lled "leittl ncromae"e w had up coled medarri 50lu ps ye ars. it is anc epiwe sgepin bifeautul si muc vi deo. ilit wl bet nex week. sit io suc mfuh n. >> ha wto d you do? ar ue yo the redi?ctor >> i am malor ppsu ort. yo u areng goio t love it. >> et l'sk talbo aut how toee kp yourel rnsatiohip ccsuulessf. twithhreefe difrentin kdsf o
8:41 am
up co wlesitho n kids. fyourirst tip haso t doit wh -- e >> wknow that lghaurtes ieth best dime. cine that goes for lareontiipsh as,s we . ll arstt ea rly. in orcorpate humoro intr you li fe. >> t thas end upki worng a lot. af reinfirmlog ve. >> soablylute. cthisane b asim s aplest jus yi sang i love u.yo os three thrde wons ca be so rfpoweul. >> w sho ate unid t.fron yo u're am. tea en wh youet gar mried neverut p seyourowlf dnnd a as lwaybe re tfspecul. >> ta cerhiin tngspe hapn when youe hav chenildr. >> your firstip t isak brehe t inroute. th ats iad goone o. >> rioelatpsnshi do notee nd ro e.utin r foe dat night shwitc it up. ke tar ove the plans,ee kpm the a se acrettnd i will add ait b of ci exntteme. >> re dss . up
8:42 am
>> e mak an ef. fort pu tn o the itoutfou yw knoy the . love sweee each othert a ouror wst an ord meso reanlo to ok our be st. >> do youhi tnky the ?care >> t ihink weul shod reca. ma ukessl fee good. w >>hatbo aut unctexpeed ge esstur? >>nd ay thecane blecomp tely . free >> getp u ten mesinut early and risurpouse yr ouspse. se imnd h at tex mee.ssag >> youe havth oer s?idea en>> sd i leovou yex tt msaesge ro thutugho the day. >>et l'sov me to ourty emp kwhenarids nee go w your ondeif u yo thaves hingomin c mon. bs>> aeloluty. th s is i otakemen sog thin new. ke taf golonlessges to. ther c ite an b sverye.impl
8:43 am
c itean b atl litooe smch. >> it a lsotle inmethg. ju sst a kmalloriss ou a cple th tat itoalk y thee dancy ever y da twhencohey omme he. >> b andppe suveorti. slet' notk talut abos thic musi o videmoone ecre sond. 's it d allnganci. we 'veot gve edyrybon i lgon blal sgown and it'sik le their own lo dvely pance.arty m i'xcso e aited tbout his. ou>> y g are toingbuo de t it xtneee wk? >> e wllwio dhibe tnd sheneces an had svee omn.fu >> ha t ynk soumuo . ch > >>mico ungnep , xtu yollwi wa tntsto k icouar fnd tors,hi su r pewlbona ss ckthwi f ancreh tw
8:44 am
y>>, es iit s. ba ck now >> ac> bkow n withur oto "day" fo od coowuntdno ter supl bow.50 st inofead ki picp ng uona phe an ded or pring, izza ymakeour wiown fth ah renct.twis na anbel nglabeins i theut ahor of "there fege ran okco"nd a st hoshs a y ow bsathe amme ne. rewe ain makzzg pia. th s is iyonot ypur t pical. izza dwhatu o yo tcallhis? i itfrs a pench. izza le stt's wiart heth tgh dou. alooke t thedingrs,ienthi notng ou tt ofrdhe oy.inar r>>yeallim splegh douh wit ou fl br,g akinerpowdl , oiand wa ter. so s it'gaa veugn doh. ka>> oy. >> po we isp thhe in re. asaltaknd bpoing . wder
8:45 am
th dde mindle abi comhane tt thtogeer. ba llsicaray a oftio p two arts r flouneto ot paridliqu. d ane i'vot g ard thi of a cup of oil and thtwo- oirdscuf a p of tewar. s >> i wthatwaarm ter? >> ht ligarly wotm, n, hot hot. jitustom coges tr.ethe juyou onst wel't b hieveasow ey i its. >> l howshong iouldket tat tha to gett tha teo th cstonsi ency reyou' lngooki r?fo t>> i justom ceset tog lherike th aat indst' done. >> t >>shat' our h.doug bbum,buum, m. ythenicou p uk itd p an ait's ce nigh dou. >> er hise ne oha that bes en si g ttina for lelitt. bit ou>> y f canhoeel ppw sut le i . is 's it avedogan ugh. e thes edaysboveryn dy i your mi fas ly ig goinatto e erdiffy.entl o >>kay. whnow o at do?we d n >>heow tpi topngs. hwesoave icme nive oll.e oi dr e izzl ithate n th pan. ytever ghingonoes re the. w>> iheill oulp y. >> tibeauful. e thesreare ond nsio.
8:46 am
ian c put thear ginlic th at e me sae. tim w it bon'turn. git's toingoko con. dow git's toingkeo ta mn 15esinut. er>> p.fect yo gu'veouot yugr doreh he. m >>ugy doh. >> 'r youine go rg totholl at out. >> g i'm toingveo gi a you. job ka>> oy. y >>e ou'rg goinakto me e th r otheone. hi>> wle'r youe rngollit thaut o d an snghowipl peoeow hy eas it is, il wilrt stabu to thild e zz pi ta onouhe dhagh ts t habeen pr edepare. her >> seehe tni oons e?ther th reey ang goi top keen ieth id frtge ast lea ak. wee t so is makeo it slesimpt tha cayou ven hapr it edeparad ahe t of ime. l >>nyet ame me n ntioouto y we ohaveeaur t tm ofrsaste do aiwnstigrs d igingyonto ur zz pinaa anbel. w hot,is is? guy >> y ver. good v >>goery t.urme i >>e likit. i >>nk thiry eve wbody tantso be haout fvingun. yo dou t n'ntwao tee flhi ts teim of ea yrha tt y'rouetu sck in the tckiwhhen evile neeryoe elsis ha fvingun. a >>annd cme we n ntio here pe roplezeeali'r yout e no from ndaroue, her'r youome fr new ze d,alan i andeyf thde wonatr wh yo owu knut abo a bigam ge like
8:47 am
cu sp wa last . year e >> wthhad e y.rugb >> wonho w? >> te my tham, l e alk.blac er>> vody go. i'm assembling ts.hi a>> ind a'memssinblthg .at i' inm go mg tothake heis te. sam th i onink te ofighe bng this ab coout g okint is igsbrin er ev tyoneheogetr. geyou ist thnc chaate thca we n ng ha a outt nd it isn'etrock ie scnce. l it gooks ood. ka>> oy. w nos let' ocomehever o re twhat we ld woue havinput o theven. le tat's ke a lookt a what it lo lioks heke w'sn ite. don ithisaus bel.tifu e thrscoloen, ev. t >> is makeeait rlilly anght d me s anu yon caiteat ro at om ertempe.atur so memetiens wh c youchook eese eaand ct it iold,n t cabe ag clgy. >> t whahiis trss veion? >> s thi vis aaregetveian n rsio de mah withizuccni. edcook wndo. w say toda athemound ydo're ne. a >>elnnabgb lan tein, yhankou ucso mh.
8:48 am
im>> k: 6 8:5n am othsdur ay inmorng. t hi hereankim nad dane wagr oherewsn nend 3 a avwe he fo unatrtune tnewsaro she. >>da fna: hoor tse heinadtog rispng eyvallh higolscho th is mo g rnin theyinran olto pice ssacro s thet treefrheom th hig olschoau becf se oa tishoo ng ar ound3:.m00 ais. th mog.rnin asit w nelaar fo mingand albuffo. me soone ca 9lled t-1-1o re port mea do sticstdincurbae. o twwemen rgre a uingrebefo me sowaone s ishote n th.head th neat o t was akenmcto u and theywen re iiccrital itcond ion.>> : kimnd aer othat upde on ws neiv 3 l e atnouton bht rig w noleget's u t yothe refo cast owithur meolteort.ogis >> ke lly:mpteureratrees a wa g rminicup nely thwis tonof su nenshi t out.hereanmw y lo mp teurerateles bow eefr zing thismog.rnin webut vehape temreratus hein t s 40 t andhe ref st odathe y we inlook lg atofots sunenshi.
8:49 am
53 re degodes tay whisich ow bel no brmaloout l k atxtnek. wee 60s ans!d 70 an>> di a: ilovendt, a mid br fe.uary e ths skieand teatmper iuresn e ths 70 n byweext ek .we im>> ko : tybmalie a ttle op sh pingourstdoo. h weave ops tionyofor u asu yo secan eye th bhavewoeen g rkin u ondipgraonng ka l,grilt tha heis t aurest rrant ightth ere an eyd th're diad bng abiill g ck deto up p. ey th alare ddso aa ing w ne aurest irantn e thgoold rdon beer aspotthnd o erupadgr es in udclg inw nernfuurite orst e, a w neinsp sningo tudiand no reonvatious shld beis fin hed la ter th misthon . >>: danaex a m icanrerastau nt op en thjuere mst a ontho ag so th reey a indollg we. weotcannt waiyofor u toe wak itup w h ustoowmorr rnmo rry vida hd isngosti saayturd gh nivet li theeis w akendnd the pr aomosre out. w weshill ow soyou f me oe thes thand reey a lahis.riou ithats co umingmop toowrr wh en
8:50 am
pe hose to u e yo thisni morng on tosday'e tak george clooney andan rihna on ne ver iav he ever. we have everything you need for your big serupow bpal yrt th isweekend. al tlthand a meor coming up >> > from nbc nsew tshi is
8:51 am
tanae liramos,le wliilgee tis danam tn rollha. veli fmrotu sodi 1 an i ro efckleel rpl aza. t>> i ishu tyrsda mog,rnin uafebrry 4, 2016. me sool fks out on thela pza this inmorng. mr tanon o anmssigent inew n ha irmpshe. linatahae, wto de w veha? >> nd braew n by ben ctreor. he was on our . show i t jusov lhie ts ngso. i e lov him. it's "brand . new" ait'snd bra new y.da i >>av h teoow ddnloa it. > >> let'sal tkit pol bicsseecau no w. >> ll reay? d>>alontrd p umd anted cruz back at it rhtigow n aerftru tmp shfinieced sond in iowa. u yo rbeememer he gav a pyrett iogracus sp,eechha tnked the lepeop ofa iownd aon culgratated te uzd cr. it ll ang chaesed yayterdn ia esseri t ofsweetn wheal dond
8:52 am
dfraun iow iaoi echngen b ca 'srson mpcotlain that s ome cruz afstfers sdprea thed wor th at cnarsoea hdede homo t idflora sstuggeing heas w ge gttin outf o rtheace so why te vo a for guyet gting out of th e race. lastig nht dd onalptrumke spon o x fos newbo aut this suise. >> t ihinkt ias w a dicesgra at th heid d it. i don't think it should be lo al wed. th i tink vhoseotesul shod be ta kenaw ay. eahe rlly . lies d ion't like tose u thater t m bute hlyreal esli. soed t cruz,y the are not ve inatstigthing is. d te ccruz oameut and said i ol ape,ogiz t butayhe w he ap izologased way sing ncn re edportis th. we k toore bgakinew ns andol td r ouss graoo rts srtuppoerso t ta ke theor wd out. aihe sed hno is t going to sc dineiplion anye iensid of his aicampgn. tr iumpts nouy bing it.
8:53 am
wh ichno is toi gngo t ha. ppen >> it is no surprise tthaon ddal is hr tinowg yetno aerth trempe ta runtmr oth anoermp truer nt ta rum. e>> h is cngalli you a eachter, afr aud. es dos thiss crohe te lin for you? >> stli,en nadold's insuslt get mo ndre ae morys hcaterie l th . more eewe nd aom cermand in f,chie anotwi tertter in f.chie my ls gir 5 are 7 andnd a are erbett habevedn tha a pr enesid ctialdaandihote w re dsspony b ltinsuing eonverye ev deryheay wn he l. oses en>> satoris cruezki talngo t ja ncksot las ghnit. rsandeonoo cpersk aingla hilry cl n intotabou sinpeakgs fee from sfirme lik ganoldmhs sacer aft
8:54 am
>> one thingen satoran sders in poo ts touis yer we paid $6 0075,0or f three eesp. ches wa has tt a bad mejudgnt? >> i madepe sseche a lot. id tol themt wha iho t yught. sw anered esqus.tion d >>id youav he to beai pd ,0$67500? >> on i dkn't ow. th sat iha wty the reoffed. er evecy sryretast of tatehat i kn owas he don . that to e b sthone, ias wn'tom cedmitt to nnru ing. i n' did ktnowth wheer ild wou or t. no y >>idou dn't knowou ye werun r frg idpresent? i >> 'tdidn. >>'s letac fe it, aot l of times ea spkersav he aer ctain price ilistouf y want ape saker you olooknir the wteebsi andhe tre a isce pri list. 's itt wha thear mket will arbe. >> ulysualhe wny theig sn you up
8:55 am
rh pe dapsown thed roa this is su forteror h aicampgn. >> atl lite ceacss. >> andre thea is eb date thtonig on ms nbc. kchuc todd and rlache madow, rn beanie s adersilnd h lary toclintan sgndin on a stage ge to hthergavin a badete. ithiss infascg.atin ba ck onhe tep rcaubliidn s jeeb bu essh yayterdak speing at a to wnal hl in nohaver,ew n shhamp ire. lddonamp trucc aused him of be lingowne ergy and ppserha arawkwtd a ti mes. he>> tig snalt thaar we e ep pr taredo actn itheio natnal cu seritynt iteres ofhi t s trcouny toet gk bacnt i o nebusi ossfre cgatin ae mor acpeulef rlwod. pl ease clap. >>as plee . clap ik>> ledi holpng u the auspplae gn sior f mshi elf. o >>neng thi iil wl say, jeb bu assh hin kd of ary d sense of hu imoruf yoch wat him.
8:56 am
i inth hk weasak me agok je er the. >> i do like theas cualea wr at th thean ctedidasre a all -- ptexce for dd onalumtrp. t >> where tas a thinginrendg ou abt that. >> they allss dre like joe. >> y theav he the menas. do re we nallytheed e -- wowe kn ywhoou >> he wre did that allst art? i gok bac tois chris chrtie te afper surmrsto y,sand the ceflee. t thaay ss rngoveor. k wenow whoou y who am i? m i' vego. rnor >> ie hav to beer govnor to day. >> pderesintet gshe te nic heleatr ckjaet. at thhe's t one you . want ha>> tt'sha w tthey arell a gh fiting
8:57 am
wo rld,ut b a tboutheja . cket > >>t whae els isap hngpeni y?toda bofacesok ini turng 12. hayth bir tdayo bofaceok. took ak looac bk atif le as we kn t ew irebefo s thelocia tw neork by cinreatg aas hhtag be foreeb faci.ook er evyybodgh weied in. in' wast contnstaly mirended of nd raom tsevenro f ymears ago th at i noge lonre car ab out. rebefo fooacebk iw kneho w my frealdsriener we butot n what th erey we ea. ting ri dchar wsriteef boreeb fac iook inimagte iou wlde havn beeei wrd y if couomeom hnde a ias w lo gokinou through yrto pho al . bums tdon' forget to like our fa okcebo page. fo beacre fkebooha wter we you do ing? an ftd aer cefa. book
8:58 am
kidrinomng sreewhen i laat nta. >> or befeac fkeboo i. >> ias woi gng toay s -- i >>'mn o fooacebk and i pr apteecia theer pow ofeb facook an idw kno a lot ofeo ppley rel on t i top kee iucn toh. i amor me igrnstaam twr.itte >> e hav youed lik our fooacebk pa ge? >> pl peovee ha beenik ling it dlrapiy. >> ll wi yie,oure a going too d it now. goo t cefa.cbookodom/ttaay'ske. yo n u cawin a 00$6 jryewel pa e.ckag goea hd to theep sweesstakab t to r.ente awereng doi a fooacebivk le chat orsh tly. cayou skn as u quonestis. weil wl try towe ansr them. >> ll reairy fst f bigooacebk -- >> bofaceomok.cay/todke'sta.
8:59 am
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9:00 am
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9:01 am
th en it moves fsofhore fyairl qu y.ickl e thno slwfal ouamnts f fromour to six chines. st boon twoo t five. ym plouth twoo te fiv and hachatm ma eey s three to six isnche of ow sn. m i' notoi gngo trt stabo aut mwhatighte comn osd tueayex nt ek we. iewill mightet gck stu in new shhamp ire. ithats >> > let'see s how were a g.doin
9:02 am
go to our datoy'se tak fooacebk pa agend leik us and register r foeth sepweakstes f aor $600 rtceicifeator few jryel at arses. >> 0,20000y b rrtomoow. oendef th ekwe. e>> wav heee bn agiverangbo aut 25 ,000 folks a y.da >> big pr. izes n o miwhames. > >>t jushe aad raprocatstinion, qu tyantir oveli quatynd ae mor le eisur actitivies. th erea is re shad traitf o hi y'stoross muct sfucessl in tonovars. we la expurin sisprg inndfigsin ne . xtfig innd gs xtne. ,lookth lfe wo h wasnguffi andinpuffg. oulike ysome do s,timend grapa? , wellouwhen ye co havpd, anit crd be habrea to the. canitha be gerd to out air t, wh caich in maket hard to ir get a in. so ke i taly d to mor.doct sashe id... ic symbcoulort lpd he youbr beeathe ,tter ngstartihin witnu5 mites. icsymbesort dopln't reace sc a realue inher
9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:07 am
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9:08 am
we eare rdyo tea lve it for dead before the show sawhe tht lig of day. >> thew sho isut abo innothg. a>> lone nbcxe evecuti whose cu fos s wasinot tcomug thoht wthey wereorthhe t shot. >>e camro fm salpeci demepartnt. he was wngorkih wit dreiffent rm foatsf wa sn'ttu s ockn a ndmi set. hwhenech wat tedhe show stinead ofva einluattg i heer expedienc it. he iv led it and itad meim h la ugh. heat t endth of e daypl peoe will watch a showha ttes mak th emh.laug w >> dhatoeshi ts mean for you d anou yr inorigal ?idea he as h a ltisf o essuggs.tion fi trstakeou yrde iaso t di eesagr ablelepeop. t >>hosere a peeoplho w will ch ngalleoue yder iase mor and it creiciz youor me w whichill he oulp yro impheve t . idea >> 't don be adfraio t raprocatstine. >> t mosheof te tim its ibo aut it wa fingheor tig rhtim teo t
9:09 am
ha ove te mak pesrogrrs o ie hav to t getshion de butin givg yo lfurse f theullin wdow to allow creative s.idea >> e mak time forsu leire bb ho ies. >> n pobelzeriin wners are2 2 ti mmesoreik lelyo te b pe merforr, toacr, maangici, da tncer ahanenyon else. y whs ithat? ar>> pts ile refnctio ofav hing ala retrly songen s osef ri cuy.osit anthd mee saio cur wsityed ten to exeplor leds them to reintegstin startiic. >> who knew the realec sreto t cc su iessns iou yr web brr.owse >>ir foxef and comhreav he ttbeerob jnd ata siny j theob ng loer. ke ta ain tyit bf o intiitiave. at th is ain wdownt io the iainit ytiveakou t oenr you job. >> im a aom chre user andav he en bece sinor befe iea rds thi . book y>> m work here is done.
9:10 am
>> w iasn a inorigal. justas fticinang guy. he iso s t.smar on f e o btheig tshinge hai sds i go with highum volfe o s.idea he talks about tshomaso edin ha vingor meha tn 01,00 pas.tent st mon' did trkwo. ke epur t oninguthe tas ide and a co mupleayom bece- - is>> rk ta,kers too,ei bisng rk ve ad rse. f>> i you are sintartg upou yr cownnyompaee k dpoingt wha you e arng doi fi rst. he ydge bour aetstl lite bit. >> ov i le e thyhobb idea. ei innsteas w a velontrit.quis f >>eweo pplew kno that. >>e h wa'tsn. >> scfaininat cg,heck it out. > >> wee hav, foodksdrin a and
9:11 am
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havei st .. ne.of ma o pnyces ie min yfeli. so w n he astmya hmmptosy kmst epmico bacngk on m loy -tngm erntco rolmedicine, talk i o ed ttomy doc r andd a founinmisse g piec my inmaasthme treatnt. ce-d on bailyevreo prstents a hmatosympms. eobrfo is tsr adul with hm astwea not trll condolle aonte long-hmrm astntroa col nemedici, ke a lihan inrtled coroicosteid. br 'teo wonlace repes a rincue haler ddfor sureaten b phings.roblem im brprove g eathina fufor 4ll 2s. hour onbreo cs a tain otypecif medine ithatasncrehees tk riseaof dth om a fra sthmmsproblean ind may se tcreaishe r hk oftaospitilizan on i ilch adrendond aenlescts. s breo ifor not lepeopse who iasthma cs wellolleontr ad on lo m ng-ter casthmaol ontrdimecine, li inke an cohaled ostertic. roid ce onas your is thma wellllcontroed, ocyour dwilltor id decoue if y n st careop bd o ancribprese a ff dit eren casthmaol ontrcimedine, n like aled inhaiccortidostero. otdo ne br takoreo mane thpres edcrib. e yo seocur d ytor ifthour asma es n dompot ir rove oorgets wse. as dk yourifoctor hour 24-o bre uld co mbe a pissingoriece fu. yo
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9:15 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
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9:18 am
cu vandum ata conctir dtil dev to re e ceiveea frpl reenacemt umvacu. m cdd'onals andtn paripersh wi thea r idingsun fntdameals i sw ngappi outoy ts forks boon i th heirappyea mls from now until br fe 1uary5. th issn i't thest fire tim mcdd'onaldes ma the itswch. thein chaid d the same t ihingn 13 20 w and hillavetr disedibut mo hare tn 50li milon bo oks. > >> the subwayan shdwic chain $5 ot fog lonpe scials i no . long st ngartiay tod itos cts $6. li onacne bkas lh was iiammedte an d cefier. bw suays sayhe t $5 sasub w la edunche ninrs yea ago and s costforre ingtsdiennd a er ovheadav hee gon up. le lt'sook at ourke weend ou k.tloo ctexpe aingew fw snowe shors mo to. rrow look for wetth weaerth in e
9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
es the are easyri pnts madeo int fe re wreeater lebotts. >>hi ts isur ona sck iustadm. so all ofou yr fitavore . dips we put outs lotf o ves.ggie h weave ay bab one forhe tid ks bl tare o onen ithein livgm roo an ned oth in e hekitcn. >>he tzo amanme comlrciare whe balecinaldw isld buiing ack sna ad st ium. >>s this ico ol. thfor ero bncos fan thest toaer and the diy snack iostatn. >> oo lk at that. go onbr cos. e>> w put out ahe cese teplatr. isths io s easy even the kids gcaneto int doing this. yhone and mrdustand aar caolin pu lled . pork an dn thend ep uon shiometng ee swet wav hero bswnieha t atre ei jthera ust lsmal pgarin e.knif
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9:23 am
>> ha tt's whathe ty are indog? y>>oupi ske it ando d . this >> o!wo >> !nice >> ait ltle ishe man. >> llexce ent. >> wow. fo orr mef o theseas ide and th aereree mor- - >> let's see tonhat ee mor .time >> yanou c goo tur o itwebse. ngcomi up nexthe t bad guy edturn good w?no ggooduy now. oonef ouror favites adroune her il sp slingometh of eea bf ns o ntheew onseas. a ew f of his own. v >>imery sipresve. v>>imery sipresve. ja dnen'idt kelies rictrontis. t no line.if an nod wht iencat tme otcwanghier hal cieor s. y whttse oletan e?st nejaho thtug . 'thatwhs ney jaes lovgh lifit & eet grnfk noogat yurt.
9:24 am
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9:26 am
has toa h uc poflahilpdehia cream cheese, wsotehar veu yokema, is creamier than ever. do r es youup rmakeeremov i takeoft all f?y everrokiss-pof, prcry-oof, -prostayooof lk? ro neut mgena p reakeur movedoes. it se eraofs 99% yourst smoortubbupn make owithne towelette. ne med anyprooore anf th that? roneut.gena i t get ouorkof wd ano i go torthe st e,d so andymebo 's,n'smelliroun a d, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i gjust oot out.f work at thho's buncney hesatof ohas, ts t'all."
9:27 am
lweast eek w got sinhockg ne ws. >> do we n'tan wt topo silt i so mu ter youv tf i youen hav't tc wahed it. te mu. m toth is e frathe of's lizby ba. >> wi,llie i likeha tt you were himoutheng t wo rds. >> you weremu comtinicang si lylent.
9:28 am
it s.take >> . >> i >>d neehe tob j y. need the mo ney. t>>shis i his- - you -- i >>nk thi weul shod call. ias w spdee.erat >> you neotic- - >> t thaes chey mtomenhe wret i s wae lik -- w >>ee werwn dra in. >> n iethds worma of ury vipoch, yo reu a thethfaer. >> im ahe ty bab ddday. theha cerract is- -ir the tirelaiponshso is mpcotelicad
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9:29 am
co campli ition ntoit. >> i wedatcht it las ni ght. ouwithtiv g ainginnythgwa ay the tirelaiponshwe betouen y and iginas sori terfic c youane b yo wnur o owsh. en th h youavene o onhe t show. >> he iso sta fanalsticly asfant tic. >> ias w a leittln i awe of. >> di he dat greor wk onhe t ow sh. i hes asfant tic. >> meilanwhe,eg m banoons i ctexpe iingn realif le a le ittl cgirlgominso on. >> you aotre nhe t fa. ther >>ot n the thfaer. el>> wl -- >> [gh lau]ter >> he llo. ha>> wt enhapps? >>ot n atal l. >>h suc a lyovel guy. >> asfant tic. ch hangeheow s isbl ae to ap chproa the lero? sh se iwn kno foroi dng tsstun.
9:30 am
ca beshuse ule co sdn'tit a aicertn y.wa e sh hado tea ln . up an hed s wase lik i can't dos thi t lene aloum jpve or aar c or at wh ieverist . e>> w willak m uep t forhe ac tion whelse ere. >> we have to ask youut abos thi nt piteres inthg. u yoe wer like onef othe twor o 32 temosea sdrche tshing on pi esnterort, meul pop tarhan me hongcomi hair styles and wbstra ierryrece cam keca. >> hi wch iho tughtas w big win fo r . me >> i dierscoved preintest
9:31 am
d anor wking on my e.plac wh y? >>re thes iet somhingau becse u yo are deremoling yourwn o eplac m soaybeou y sdhoulta srt inpinnyog lfurses a youre a mo rengdeli. w >> nitho shirt . on >> more ntpitieresng, more nn pi ing. erpintisest la a bolck h e of . type geyou ckt suned i andev nerom ce ck ba out. nseve hoursat ler you have 001,0 hecoucs edpinn. o >>r youen sd a preictu ctdirely to linatae. >> oinrderg a uccoh. >> ay alw ssod goo toee s you. >> newpi esode 009:0/8:0 ce l.ntra > >>e lov isth in eir a and ee crpyup cid has hisrt a on our
9:32 am
at whi am inlook?g atwhm at aoki loating ? t budmgranoma, maymy s s wen'dohat ve to wad to get clean. usca ue wese michartrn ulfta so. ar chulmin sotra etft gus yo n cleaouwitht wathe ulstefdi wadng. it c hasrtomfohi cus onsyo n u casee th reat ate sofdr anmo bsre antorbe, an u d youscan te upo ti 4 lemes ss. en y jogothe h witmicharn. ve e gi. xtratrget exa.
9:33 am
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> >rachael:od taye' wayre ping tribute to "eremil le.iv" >>he t band,he t food,nd a the ma nf o the hrou hif,msel eremil > >> fmrobc n news,s thiis od "t way,"ithhi katee lefo gifrd d an hoda .kotb veliro fmtu sodi 1a in ckroelefr leazpla. w hat is atth? >> z bachy ryblur.
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