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tv   Today  NBC  February 5, 2016 10:00am-11:00am PST

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e thso reane' wreri weang d,re we sh pould oointut --s it' cute. vit's ery.cute edgo r for women. yo gusuy kwno 'rwee wngearied rin psnd as it' thfor mee anricart hea so asiociatmpn ca taignkihat cks of rf to aaisenewaress forom wen handeart dseisea and a o lotf lepeop't donli reaze hanow my at deeahs h drtseiseaau c ses gamonme won. ey thnk this it'in k ad of's man in thutg, b r ityealls i a n'womahis tng too. ne>> on i0 3 women. t>> iil korls mepl peohae t anll nc caers coedmbin. a we hlso aaveig b owsh. >> re whe. he >> i who srehe? >>ar osc wrinne --'s let say it ai agn. ca osrin wnerff griauey lsdi i .here e' shsrr staingn i aov mieha tt's ve erry plsona to her. sh ge's toingalo tok ts u about at th and how she looks so odgo. s >>oohe leaks rgolly od. if a youtren'am friliait werh h na jmeust yet -- i snwa't, but lthen aookt her. sh e's omawese. yo au'rebout tooi jnht eig ll mi pioneeopl - t-shat' a
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theubyouteta sarr ndouhe t wo d.rl yif houe avdaa htug, eru'yo ll ntwao towknll abo a utr.he sh se' nnfuy. unicorns came. >> these are her fsan who swehod up n i the swnore dedsss a orunic ans,ndre we' going to ex nplai t whyhahey veho tse ou stfit on init a ltle bit. >>y theba probly sdtaye wrarme in ha tttt lihile tng. th at y.ones w >>wahat ois gng ?on >> i'me sur thatl ad tols u tabou ,it bute wer w pen'tgayin te atnntioau becsehe w wn wedalke idouts we itikas le -- >> iig mhts a hwellbeave agen w sa s.ndal wa i wsrieang atfls. >> ifou yr ptran iys lurrte ed thwies ms and bags, madinelse i thereoro shrt t aough tllhat nk ju andak met i n aicendt nea and .tidy i it ts bheigam gels ao known as th sue r pewlbo. we av houe r jerseys. >> oklo, ytpeon. lo .ok >> cam wtneon. >> ayok. sh wouldute phe tm on? >> g i uessso. m >>ineoo lks alsml. m >> lineooks l.arge i >>'t donnk thi i'mng goi to li owke h il feen i .mine
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ca un yor heaus ? iminedrs a ess. i' inm go sg to ileepisn thy. bab ha>> tst' cute. >> this is a new s buperowl go lo. i >>t's veanniy.rsar 'm>> iex so d citetabou pneyto inplayhig t 'm>> i e soedxcitbo aut theoo fd eti g to eat. >> ha w atoure yng goio t ,have oudo yow kn? l>> iikeo te mak chillion c qu esohe t way the realan texs ma ke it. yo utu c up vetalveehi, wsch i ha ord td fin in y newciork ty. >>why? >>t' iers vy ocprd.esse cyou ihopt up. u yo put inne o can of rotel ma to.toes yhaveveou earr he td ofhat? >> no . i e lik it. >> p youopt ith on eve sto or mi avcrowe. t' lees bes hon'lt, i plblrobay pu tt i in the owmicrave. syou ierveitt wh chips. ou>> y dipit. >> you dip it. me sostime i put a can ofn bea p di in erthe. >> thatnd souces ext.llen t >> i hdoesmyurt acstomh, b ut
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th at'ss.gros >> .fine >> e' wooll lkor f a knife. >> le whi we'reti getng ,that we t'll yellou abouteo grge neclooecy b iauseouf ye lov ge orge cly,ooneou y g'reoing t o hloveveim ene morft aer you wa htchi tsli c fpmrohe t ellen sh ow. nelleed ask him how hepo pro sed to amal,nd a heai sd he knew af steronix m othsfat dingha t t she was the one,ut b fheor t pr alopos he had ale who atsitu iong.goin he cd ookeala me. h heheid tin rgid inse aox b be hindher. he ed end up mgakin ala py .list alikeic musy pla tlisthatas w ossupped to stopin durghe t me ti. ahis untseromaryon cloasey w yi sa"wng hohy s'tuldn i" in the backndgrou.
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enhapping. w hohy s'tuldn i t >> whedante it to be plg.ayin o>> s ntromaic. >> n whe sheaw s the ring. y,sadlt than' wastt wha ha.ened s let' atakek. loo ot>> g a itll set up,im ted t.ou ethon sg is micong. sh ete gps uo tasgo weh th sh dihies wch sheas h never done. b i olewut the ndcales. i d sai the light sern i the box hi beyond u. h i jave tustinhe rg sngitti in er the. e shls pul it out and sheks loo at itik let' is a .ring ke li it had -- sodomebady h left titheree som other meti. do i n't know. m, i'e lik -- iot gow d onny m ee knnd, a i idsa, youno kw- - i co 'tuldngi imanepe sgndin t he orestyf m lifeho witut you,nd a kshe leptngooki - at- shes,wa ke li, oh, my god. owwe nw kno bseecau t iheres a ay plt lis sokn we owow hg lon it alactutoly aok,nd ,it's keli, 25 ut mines. 25 nu mites. fi ynall iit llyeral said, oklo , you, knowopi hehe tns a iwers
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usbecaoue, ykn ow, i'm 52, and i ul cohrd tutow o my hiptt prey .soon ow>> hte cu. i>>ov l e.that c >> youldoue lov him more? >> ie lov- -n whery henpo prosed to me,we we n re oada roip tr. >> .yeah i >>'t donw kno if youe havbeen ond roari tpst thaea rllyes tt u. yo wthisas a hgikind roa trip e wherakwe w ae upe t thk cracof ,dawn m andyis s kternewwa it s ha inppeng. a he msked syristeau becse sh -e'snd- ay m ntpare s, ob slviouy. er evyy da ild woual cndl a be ke li now'r youote n going to be elievt whary hen did. ey th 're,,like ,ohe hno is t ggoino to d it. sshe'wi shonger hru te --he t true.self s he i gnot toingoo d it. heon t i dayst waup sdpose to ha ,ppen d wetidn'e havl cel icservnde, a d wet idn' scallo th e,ey'rke li, he bdacke out. h >> bedacke t.ou e>> hke bac dout. >> ow hid de h do ,itth by e y?wa e >> wwere kihing, and he did it heon t f pirst tlaceunhe ss sit unthe siteds tateadon cc illa tamounn in ima aine,e nd wwere hi akingend hd saiha we ove t getup.
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no tot ergeth c,oin shs.ower he d sai i l tovehis girl. ha>> w at'sn coiwe shor? y>>ouav he neveree b inn ap cam te sire whe you p aut cointh in e sh .ower >> ,non ithe .sink >> wee wok up at0 4:0 ien th rn moing. i was, like,'s let justep sle fo 0r 3or me numites. onwe d'tee nd the nrsuise. nehe khaw we t h wasdoing. d >>eid hxp elain why. >> sohe tn when ist wa -- cane w ?stop he ltboed. no . yi tr tng loure me .over do yn't wouant fo?od st op. anhe wtoted p sto aandsk me. i'm,keli l, et'sgo. th een h did .it >>ha tt ishe twe stetes inthg. e tht firse placsuthe tsn hi the un siteds.tate 'swhatt thaedcallai agn? c>>laadilouc mnntai indi acaa tamounin. >> s it' tibeauful. >> il i wayl s iad hn't bedrush temy eth. adi h bn'tedrush my ette sh,o i wa s, ,like i w houldave aast let hebrusyd met teh. weis ksed i and was, like, oh. u yo wknowyohat eu arti getng .into hi>> t as isl coo story.
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ngbuyi minatch wgngeddi rings, d anwa it s avengriged rht iensid the.ring si inhede t ring thean womad h so inmethg enedgravnd, ahe s 'tdidnl teler h sbhuand. ay ok? w so thenrohe gom --he trey we tr ying on rings. it b waseefor t and mheyake sure p hedulle it ofndf, ano he dtice e theranwas ra eng, vingthand e gr engavin wasut p it back on. tdon'ou y get it? ut>> p b itack on. n' doakt tte i f.of >>od nob iys liinsteng. or od nobiky lited . ni'mot sure. >> od nobsy hath anying upo tsay nup i here? >>wwaw. >> so t' leuts cnt i tohis .cake wa i ont t see what itoo lks .like ldshou we do the brs?onco s>> i thatoo gd cklu? i >>nk thi. so ichefs .here >> llheiso, mse cak maker. ati hoe tn eve- - i >> can't bveelie youut c the cobronnes o t.firs >> isha tt ?okay i >> gt's oodcklu. >>,oh .good pl .enty oh>> ,oo ligk rht .here ca en w get aho stht rig here?
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th sis i my zinucchmei lie. cak >>oo z keeny .lime >> weee nde som g,icin man. ha>> t t islidesh. >> nk tha s youcho mu. y >>oure a o oneef tht mos pu popelar ioplel n althe un seiver. r >>l,acheth by y,e wa's she the ow nernd aak ceig des onerf tr ineicatci i cngsake sidegn. icut tntohatne oto o. ha>> wint ksd i this one? >> on i dkn't ow. >> e samnd ki. >> it ishe tam se ndki. en joy. >> tishis aup sower bl co cimmerhaal tevt karin hst i , in i and ft'sor hyi,unda andt i sshow theed comiandi senng his da erught o off hnery ver first da te. ta ke a.look hy>> w't don g youeao ahd and ke ta n myew car. >> ksthan, .pops
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>>ch wat om bo. f >>itavore .spot fa tevorirl gi. y >>ousi mes wngith theng wro y.dadd 'm>> iin taku g yo.home >> why? ar>> cin fdth o terhend hyuai sigenes. b >>acko s ?soon >> e her you go, sir. >> bseecauad d haso t doha wt a hdad taso .do >> honey, whatid d youuy gs do to t?nigh t >>wahat s a ten. >> ie lov .that >> t thawas nigeus. dm rooyo do emu rrembe inh hig olschong goi onr you first teda? handouow y dradct reaed. >> p mytsarene wery verup ser st .rict erwe ware h adlyedllow tove lea th weith garerd. we t thaha tint k d ofbrupngingi. en when i w otut on da tes, ytever whing gas aame. ild wouet g into these pas nger aseatndit llyeral he w gouldo yo daur oud, yr dad. i put myea hd wndo.
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wi imth hin try tgoet g me th hroughe tgh neiooborhcad beuse if da my dtespot,d us o andfne o my esbiggemt msorie is w ias wn dorsstai m iny mebasent. i hawas aving kemaout iosessn. si wain havg ae mak stwrou iosessndn, aea i hherd tr doo en opp wru rsstai, and, m,i' ,likeho w could it be? da ndd aom m are at work. eai hherd t y,kend a io g ili wevl n fertorgech wating the ck ba of -- run tghhrou my ba rdckya. iw knewa it s going to be over m ifady d ever ca.ught t >>hatap hdpene to me too. w itheas t rswot. m i' notoi g tngoe nam any names, bu e t w hwere fome romsc.hool iam ceho me. hii tnk it s,wa kelini, juor ye rar o mesog,thin andy mad d hcameome for lunch, ande h cenotihad thet t car was erth e, hande s,wa keliha, wt ie n th iheckins go hg onere? st dorme up. j wemaust de it. >>ad met i where? ad>> me it,ou y ,know r.clea asit w .okay asit wea clr. d any-- m dad ,is ,like w hy tdon' youwo tn joie m for h?lunc at th t washet mos arawkwd.
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>> telerrib. ge gttin ca.ught >> bu.sted cr aliticlyla accimedct aressho w co uld say h aasn nd>> ay bha tte w ameanmyn em, go ldenobgle, and r.osca he>> sls telab us out her onpersewal nm filedcall ou"tedchit wfih " remico ungp af r teisth. "?"siron come . knowyou i who am.og pre ressivrancinsu e?uh ve, i saple peovean a rager of ove whe$500eyn thh? switc yo did u packyour b own ags?! oh--right the ynameicour pr.e tool it swshoe peopl opolicynsptio h tot elp fibutheir .dget[ r scannengwarbli ]azy cr athatho big s mt like woepauld ock hiss,wn baght? r [ eschuckl ]so h, do ithe ave trighto n remaisomehand ?ch [ es ]uckl wa it. h.uh-o pecoer dis jimverseamy dden ,lights demah witalre w eggtehieas, l nt cuatmends, aho winle gra e lexcelrcnt souof pe tero,in fitls hue uerwithp ne eyrg
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unwrap... nd unwi... pe ex..rience. methe lt. only he tindo ltrr fle.uf ll fatr for srrieawbes this valentine's day... try our lindor strawberries and crtream flufe omfrhe l tdtinaste m r cholociersat. he>> s had ansc oar and emmynd a go ldenobglnde, a's sheee bn the star with tv and .film >>re we'ki talbong authe t lofabuhrus cneisti ilaht who you know fromws shoik le "cgohica pe ho"l," aw andrd oer sv au,"nd t a ournen thea ssonf o nb c's hitesseri. h >>eres latte rols i ofne o her moster plsona yet, a indt's a newme fillld ca"ted edouchh wit fire." she plays the motherf o ang you ma wohon ws iug strgglin to rsunde htand erlabipo rrddisoer.
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yo reu ang goi tond spehe tht nig ni to aght,hend tomn tworro rn mofiing thrst weing if'll to hthetaospindl a y getour .file cyouan ask hianyt ng,?okay 'l welur figell a this out. i >>e hatt i when you look at me li ke atth. ow>> hm a iki lootng a you? >> ik le i'm azcry. i>>'m not lngooki at youe lik reyou' azcry. >> no, y'rou lekioong at me leik uyoon d e'tnve rogeczeni me. >> no, nehoy. ovi lyoe u. >> oh, my god. >>t thaiso syheavnd a onpers ial, sn'tit? >> yes. ou>> y choses thi pctroje for olotsf onreas bs,utt wha was e thn maing thit thaw dre you to ? it y>> mis stertr seduggl with po bi flarveor or -- birpola se di faseveor o0r 2 aryes, and th ften a- er -asit wol a rler co rastef o a feli. e sh twasoshe mbrt ave, ro stt,ngest mosil resientso pern ei've vern,know t andhen she de enpd u tgakin her life after ggstru wlingith itor f so .long o >> s mthis iovieals rely
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e thuc sedtion ofan miaau becse my te sisr sgltrugited w-h -nc oe sh se wa h oner ,medshe sld wou s beo esdepr asednd w sheould de bescri its aei bngin bra dead at th w shen'ouldant wot ty sta t onhem oranyme, so thenhe s dwoul o goff ofm the andn the go to in m aaniandt' thashe w snhe lt fe m the oste.aliv >> you couldl telus j -t- i hate -to - bych wat tinghatne o en scoue, yld coul tel m howuch yo ndu uooerstd it. li ouke yt fel wthatinatch.g it >> in' didt have to do any ho rkmewo t forhis vimoe. yo u ,knowth anoert par of this vi mose i to ryealloo lk at how bi r polactaffees thil famy and, yo u owkn, i thinkt tha if my st siaser w alive dato sy,he wo fuldind thathe terre woe s manyor mesi postibilies in cameditionnd a also matedition reappa hntlyeeas baln rely he g lpinlepeopa -- cnaombition of it mednationd a metidicaon. w>>ere thereny aen momn ts i this fwhilm ouen ye, werea i mn, ti acbung, t itel ft soea rlt tha w itlmas a hostard to do? >>he tnt e mireoviet fel lecomp rtely tealo .me
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en rengacti mfey liut, bit wh ka e,tiat kie lmhoes. th ein actasg wo s- -he tor acts we ore s eagrndt, a d weidot a l ofprimov. >> didyou? >> yeah. >> youai sdt iec affts mifa.lies ouin yerr plsonail famery we you gr anty ar you ersist? wh atid d y foueeln whehe s took herlife? >> ,oh god. we ll,ir ff st oall, ild wou be trfrus wated hithern whehe s wentff o m hereds, of secour, t bund i uooersthyd wau becse wh heen s o wasthn em,s a i idsa, washe uss jtap inc oablef tt geing o outedf b cabasilly. an gry,h. yea ani me i,nk thiou y go tghhrou l al theesstag. gr anndy a tyguil. i ,mean ihi t tnkhatf ion anye ha son anyen i their lives w ho gare toing cotommi icsuide, you ca hn't belputee fl ifnl oy i ha ild fl in thenk blae don so inmethg. a >>oure yyi plaong sy manes rol oin s manyfe difrent gsthin. we sweho adit letlp cli of you on "thela b ck,"listnd a you ay pl y --eou'ro s nice. i 't cangi imaneow h evil youre a on "t he black stli." sc de yribe ourcot.ntac
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>> ,wellro ferm hoi pf nt o view sshe'in savghe t rlwod, you see, ouif yno k twhe story. sh te'seahe hfd o the bakal,ut b r fo her fromer hta vangent poi sh de's toing rheight thing. rtunfoelunathey, trere aew a f acobst ileshen t t wayhat she s ha to get rid of. i >> fs itlaun pyingme an? s >>ouc mh fun. >>why? ec>> bause i think we allav he a rk da side orev seral dark sides, an d it'st jus ingmagi me so -body-ua actllyin trygo t ay pleb som wodyouho celd b ay pl aing aivilln, but fngindi r he deunlyrbel and infindoug, y ow kn -- >> nihumaty. >> l you sooko fab. >>insp. w>>hich one d yoou do? so ul e?cycl w >>oue sho ld gthtogeer. we pl're d uggein. >> l we oveit. >> n the youta srt to do the
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>>n ior hon of theer supl bow we nt waoed t doom sngethife difrent forbtwec.asti >>ay tode' w srenghariur o fa tevorier supl bowhe sx oshlsf al til me. >> ild cou gn'tethi ts o out mfy he ad. . ad irit a 1ed6 years ago. i on d'te carf i iaw s it on ubyoutre oin durheg t ,gameut b ovi l edit. lo t ok ait. >>oh, ie lik it. >> h,watche t ombott.
10:23 am
at wh y areouoi ditng whou yr mo ney? is tn't hat?good >> tt prey odgo. .okay ii h ie hav ate betr e.on y?read fit's rom.2013 wa>> it. >> s it' .okay bo nody lad.ughe th aat'sll right. >> no one lad.ughe >> shegh laued at me. 13 20er supwl bo. e th vivao tacl bel ercomm.cial >> t ishis withhe ttl lite ch huihuaa? n >>o. f >> oirstf all, i loveha tt ey the havthe e "wwere g"youn -- >> on i dea't hrny aone langughi. >> nose sen- - >> t thawas itchary. >> ink thie h clylear d.di
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"y woueeryo g"un in esolpiane. t >>ime and money andce spa with ma lide pne'scterfe rypant. >> and utyouber staho wseid veos ve hae mor athanil b -lion- e >>boverydy isin takbog aut li ly. he lllo,ily. >> hi.>> heit's a lhealtle adthy vice.t we eall, velil, wel taand whke of esat mak, you yo u. ri doght yown to inur skh av wit eeno eeno avai d ly rimoistu lotzingion wi he gth tesoodns of ve actiural nat os at d anl 5 vitantnutrier s fohe r althieg lookin inskin ju dst one.ay alhey skth einalsqu autibeskful in. foand err showes softnads, e d thasbody w!h, too ee avatno nly uralauberetiful sults mm mm mmmmm mmmmmm, m, mmm mmmm, mmm mm mmm, m! mm mmmm, mm
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> >>t' irys tay d idfray. ajennh busag her isit stingn i fo rhi kate lende, are the atren' ma pnypleo iethn isor wldha tt n ca sayy the nhaveyearlht eig ll miion owfollers. >> butil ly singh can. at thow's hy manpl peoube sbescri to her utyoubeha c.nnel beshe sigan arx yeo,s ag h ander devi hose avenbeie vwedr ove a iobilln, bin,llio metis,ak ming is ther supan wom aer powehous in bu sssine. t >>shat' notall. wlilyasec ryentlea fdturen o pl"peogae ma"'ziness oneto hwatc listnd a rbfoes' 30 under 30 stlid , ans she't abouto re e leasatu fearem fil abouter h
10:27 am
orunicn is."land ke talo a ok. >> h younoave tet m yoanne, udincl ingseyourlf, that you tdon'er deso ve tobe s happy be ecaus youll aes derveo tbeo s so y.happ you know i goto thido tris t gh w?no ch teckhem out! ecchthk emt!ou checkhe tm out! sa y!hi c>>ckheou y t,ou rlgi. >> oh,y m d.go l weoveit . ly on a seimplan wom wouldet g a t lo ofan fs inni ucorn- - >>he cckm the out. i >>t's sngnowi oue.tsid es thuye gsam ct.e ou 'rthey he aardy guproer he
10:28 am
eth iou cn'ldtel bveieha wt wwee re lo inokg at. ethum nr be pofpleo tethaam ce in he tsn , owdanhe ty came to e se you, girl. >> ss dreiked le a unn.icor ou>> ye havh sucn a weemporing agmesse. lo a t ofpl peoe get fsamou ca be tuse dheyhio t tngs hat 'taren so ,coolut bou y chose is th sipo, tiveatupbe ssmeage. >> ihi tnkit posyivit v isery ol co. i woulde lov forit posyivit to be .cool lii be ieveein bngos peitiv and se gndin a outit pos viveibe into ai'mboll athut at. >> k talo t usut abo how you fi rstded,cide ,okay yoe?utub it'sec b tomehisma angzi thing, bu ixt sea yrs ago ist wa a re fo ignrrtey,itorgh rit? or>> f sure wrishem rem ber ngseei myst fir utyoubeid v eo sandgayint wha arese the th ?ings whatre ahe tsepl peoedo ing? p doeeoplch wat this? i sedtart mgakin vsideo in .2010 ve fiix, sea yrs ago. si bmplyseecau w ias sad. si waad a s rspeon. wa i ois ghrng t aougher vy ff diticulme tid, an ico disdvere yo e.utub i put the youbute devindo, a for th ire fimst tne i sog lon that ma ede my ver happy. >> didpl peoeta ins fntlyind ?it ho dwidhe tyd fint ind a find u? yo
10:29 am
u yo ,know ies hontlyil unthi ts y da ask howid dou y dveiscor ?me er the's aslway a dreiffent an .swer irmy fiest vw was 70 s.view myir fst v gideoot 70 views. i mbremeheer wren i d ache01,00 crsubss.iber s i wa tovermohe on. d >>ouid yarr pentsw kno w hat weyou pre u ton i erthe? >> ol absyutel not. th isere w noay i wouldl tel .them othey fnlyound outbo aut my yo eutubnn cha belseecau o onef ourat relives cdallero fm dacana. >>w sho us l aeittl bitf o your m mo and dad. >> if twehey reer he r nightow th ouey wold gha wt y areouoi dng onhe tda "toshy" ow. yo inu th-k -y thed woul fmakeun of w the'may i esdr,sing all thatufstf. w >> what yould mourom y?sa >> oh,y mom m woulday s lily, u yori weadrng ess, youho swr you , legshuh? >> h howavey the irenspid youo t -be -ou y're anma azinge rol mo del. >> t you phinkofart t tha comes om frem th? >> fidelynite. t ihink htlonesy i ditefin ely
10:30 am
sshe' the rostt.nges noi keow p spleay atthut, b my imomos s ngstro. e' shs a great amexple. kn eeee bn so srtuppo ive ugthro thoutenhis tireg.thin >> urnnico ndisla. wh aat'sp sna?shot oosfwla its nosymnyor f myap hpy pl ace. yo avu hone e. ne mi f isull of slekittnds a ra winbo and pon.pcor l alng this ndwol.erfu my w sho is balasicly bepy hap d and finr you urnnico ndisla. >> th by wae y,he ty do look hay. >>yes. i >>t'swi sno angnds it' ee fr.zing >> >> e w't cannk tha e youhnougor f ngcomi s toee .us ha>> tounk y h forg avinme. >> catongrs on erevngythi. c we wan'tait to see wshat' .next ou>> y gotit, girl. >> a tripo tco unislrn i iands cl exelusivyil avaable on utyoube sredintartg february 10th. >> ayok. rebefo g youo to urnnico ndisla, u' yoanll wot te tak ap tri to ur yont pary. tu ac,ally itay m bey mco unirn is .land
10:31 am
af thter is. w nou yon caeacr yterouow ton ouritf yal fr oomvelide gars n' mosthwmoutinatershg di,es starngti$1 at .2.99 ch 3oose10 of ss claavic fesorit e to onjoye n one.plat li oke duricelusioew nhr spim virai olthwiob lerstlf adore , fia edllas p ltae ikreirstsileibto elrtnilil arnfo o, d ancla siaslic ckeamre yfeucttnicilf adore
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10:34 am
>> y>ouot g a tv nearou yr hekitcn, thenum pp uphe tum vole ca beusee' w greoing top hel you ea clutr or youtr pany andet g wthe thole hingniorgazed. >> et som whingote beeh nod t .do thheal andri nuttion erdito de ma linestbernromil w hlelp you gh riapt stles. >> s thiis aor wkingif we and omomwif tn ysbo. oualthergh htr pan wyas in pretty good shape, madeline still had some great tips. y >>avou hote g aot l ofre gat things in your pa,ntryut b let's tstarh wite somhi tngst tha emaybld cou a usetl lite rkwo. yo gu'veomot se panko umcrbs.
10:35 am
and another one, opunened. he ore'sn ne ithe .back mo stly.done olconsinidatesg thde anpi keeng them in the same place let's you ow knt' whaers the. is thir expes datoy. oeit d msn't iean nt'sot safe to ea bt,ut use it snoond a kpee it in f therontth of ean p stryo u' yosell u .it i >>ay alwhos tughtha tthe t raexpi dtion mate ieansde need tossit. i>>st' not uetr. av fl corean b comimpro bsed,ut yo cuan reseason its a .well >> xc entelle h to saveomeer ceal on ,handut b these are both op en. >> ot i g to blame myns twi for th at one. >> ok ay. od gode i tagakin your rice out tofoxhe b andut ptingn i a bag, hbut oowldit is and h dowuo yo cook?it before you throw away the pa e,ckag cut out theka pacge be lal withri nut itionmanfortion as l weleras s sving aizend how to k coo. it itapet right tohe t tsouide. >> es makot a l ofe.sens y >>otou g isth? >>ma nedeli. w >>hat y ifoue hav aig b
10:36 am
fo r n aice rypant. >> youe hato t havece spis in er the refo aver,ndpl peo tehink 'rtheyfie ne. t >> rheyyeall .have th avey h re ayeallg lonlf she .life emaybou a cofple ar yes. e onng thi w deos i coidnsolate. lo t ok a othestld uff. it ot's nha tty the go bad, but hthey naveaso trte ofl .avor tossthem. 'rtheyote n doing hianytng. tr ynd a coidnsolate. al itianea sngsoni osr thenc freh iovers wn, ihichers hb de ov pr.ence tkeepshingge to.ther e usm the more often. th eam sine ththg wi a oilnd vi rsnega. u yo areoo lkingt ail o and pe eslycial o buyhane tout y use. un orflaviked le sawefflor and th fenrelavod forve oli oil. >> i love cdanne odgos. us i hee t am t.lo wh o dot?esn' e onf otheng thist tha i did not knows i about theue d tedas. >> xp eioiratn t >> cheyan lastge lonrha t wne in thk? b >>seecau theyas l itns can tabou twos.year yo uan cea lvehe t am fewon mths .more hthisashi notng too d with sa .fety
10:37 am
us ed by,he tse are vtaolunrily th tings chatniompadoes . th sere' no gureonlati. 's it a idgueelin forim optal ta astend fl.avor u to tsehem after , thatjuyou st ve ha to sere aasontl lite ccansean b gfoood rom tthato at a isarre hgodly xcod e fept or a hmont t orwo a .year >>ha wtf i you get- - simometes yo etu gm thege ban dup. does ittt maer? >> it a lditle owng n t and ihens t nopra m.oble ouif y have a dent ywan nhereear th ope tre whes it' g toing o be edseal,ha tt's whereou y can ha veac balteri coinntamn.atio ju rist b ingt backo tthe orste, d any' thewall stp i out. >> scdisount ampre intorta to ma nedeliou, y can llte. >>ho w d'toesne lov aoo gd zip ck lo? s itaves sp aace,tnd iee kps th gsin frheesr. freshness -- thingset g alste, yo enu tod tos ts .them ywhenouak tine thutgs our, yo ce rian, bets, i b cane anngythi, t pu ithemban a g. so ale , thioportzen si t andhe co gokin diiorectns. >>t' is t.smar i >>s tnd sous like aoo gd .idea c >>ouan yo als eiaspec illyf yo ru or youil famsy ioo l king forgsthinou, y't dont wano t ketave ethryginut o t andhenou y do kn't wnow ahathere tse
10:38 am
cyou janust puthe tm backn i re he. p zilo ck. tthenhatps keet i - - >>ps chi and cerrackhis, ws ch i avmy fe.orit >> o anyesf therc stahzta ssrche andgrains, can you do the same th ing. yo avu h be aigta con oinerutnd a pu owt dhen t sngervi size soou y ow knt' whans i ,it butou y can al soo dhi tsy bus jt kpieeng it in thegi orinal ckpag.agin hi>> cp clip. y >>ou canse u -- >> dema,lineha tyonk u. >>de ma,line lngooki .fine m >>ore of dema'slinetr pany ,tips klgnd a .chodaom. >> n theit kchen to the oobedrm, pa srent f canroind e mancr afte .this y >>eah. ur yort heaes lovga ome-3s. thbut s ere'ffa diceerenbe n thtweeege omn a-3s iilfish o osand th e egin mriared k.ll oil ke unliish foil, megareis ed y asiledabsorb ouby y..r body. .w ..akhich m es heayourrt, ll, we-hmegaappy.
10:39 am
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10:42 am
>> em rem wber ihatst waik le rebefo h youidad ksn whe y andou ur yoar ptnerld cou eatne dinr ge to ether nveryightnd a go o ut aton dndes adl cudpe u on enweekds? >> no , i't donem remanber y of .that
10:43 am
tonceidhe ks meco,o so d the nddemands a theri pyoritt tha ts gehe pusod t the bmottof ohe t ilistx s seroand e.manc >>e' wllel hu p yo tfindtoime ke ma oowhpi. a mom of two, ynob-g. >> krn,isteut ahorf o -nmamax.atri sh a e's ermembou of r "t"oday pa inrentteg am. >> s it'ut abo e thear ffmus. >> s thiis of ne otheng this at thry eve a momdrounl wilsa y, s, ye itms seeik le a great .idea wyou tantoak m e,time butre the are so manyth orier pieorits. u youpend pi bumtng in dow to u? yo ou>> yll rea hytit in othe .head yhaveoou te mak it a riprioty. wh rethes it' pngutti aoc lkn o your bomedro dooro sou y't don wo arrybouthi cnldreha perps rrintengupti or drbistuingr o ma akinged sch duled nateight at th p youeno intou yren cal dar yandonou d'tra ese i ftor any
10:44 am
ce onry eve w twoeeks too s that u yo cane havom s ieatntime time. >> ow hbo aut taspony?neit ha>> wbot aut if you g oon a ndateight and e you lat af ot o a pastor a,pizz and you getom he d an a youotre nn i the odmo. >> s it'or imp ttant nodabbehy w it ot's n a riprioty. so memetit's isot nt jusau bec se reyou' too sybu. cthatean b an ex.cuse it b can leikeit a ltle ribong. ouit celd bha tt it's pal.infu er the's a lot thatou celd b hagenint thaak m yesout wano d it. >> ifou ye hav tkidsarhat e ll puoning a yound mommy,om m my tallhe leti,n the you't don re wally aanternothso per n on oftop , youknyou ow? ca oun yp helit wh atth? >> .yeah ll we ll we y,ould cou b bey seyourlf. ta ke ao solri tp to hkpougieeeps. >> theef benitsf oim intate si th wiar a p -tner- allctuahiy, ts al res ly i mveryonuch a sc ifientic l.leve e ther aredoenorin fs ishe and
10:45 am
hein tin bra that areel rdease th wiim intatect ayivit and 'rtheyxce entelleor fen geral thhealen bs.efit se diase, esdepr.sion ethes i --t's very hel.lpfu >> toak mer you magarri ae pr tyiori b tooseecau ihi tnk pe eslycialh wit menou y know at thhe tyns ilytantl fee nn cod.ecte ani cl feene con ictedf i ceuddl up oen th h,coucut b theyl fee co tennecd y hou taveo do ttha me sostime foremth. i >>ouf yre aap hpier as a up co yle,ctou ayuall areet bter r for yous kid ande i'v told op pele -- it ssoundit a ltle dweir b --avut h seex for your .kids llyou' b berette ntpares, and u' yoll be iehappr. >> s it'ot n like itak tes all da y. ho ngw los doe it -- >> e fivnumites? >>t i takesut abo -- >> lo ok. t>> ipe dends. >> k talbo aut it. 24rs houn i a day. t >>wo songs.
10:46 am
i' ivm gyoing u -- twoso ngs. 2 >>0 teminus,0 4 ses.cond et>> l's talkbo aut someay w s that youan c .help >> i haveer nev seenil oik le -- i >>ouf yav hene be a re onlati iship ln aeittlwh ile, an hed t bre's dore tomhatay m me coit wh that. i n ofte rwillmeecomsind ung so orme st of iclubrant,he wther it 's a hhoouseitld em. co co onutsil i a vofa.rite th ioughl wile mak monenti -- l>> ioveon cocut oil. >> these n areot ctiompa wbleith co s.ndom ouif y'reot nki loong toe hav an rothetl litise dtitracon ru gnnin ouar ynd,ou mayt wano t ausefe difrent tofype lu anbrict. i >> gt's foodouor y srkin >> .yeah ac extly. he>> trere aer oth slubeut o e.ther ithis as innc pih, andou ye hav at th sanponteous mo.ment >> t i ihink'veee sn one, but ne wver -ithwe- ll, onee lik .that
10:47 am
erdiff -ent t-his odmicrerm siabrayson s wtemilliv ge you a ff diterend kinkiof s nowgl. >> useou yr imataginion. >> n turhe tto but non,nd are the gu . i >>ast hov mtemenn i it, so it vi esbrat. w >>n'ouldhat trtt hu? >> re the's a cap. fw ylooutou phe t cap .on >> we got to taket i .down ke ta itn dowa tcnoh. >>li bnd fold. >> ale sepk mas canbl doue as a dblin ldfo,hi wchan c be fun. t >>hink ty"fifha sdesf o eygr." e ther oare ttherames way to ic sphie t ungs lp aeittlt. bi l >>ike what? >> ce hangheup te timdaof y. ifr you eynerg ish higir fst gthinth in e mog,rninhi tnk ou abtnt ie imatefsi byoore ur ch enildr aree.awak ouif yhir cnldre are atch s ool avor heer aftoo schl acvitiesti, th sere'hi notngng wro with a li attlenofteronan romce. >> er aft dnoonhtelig. y >>anou ce mak a it riprioty. yo reu a t.righ w weereok j ingar,ound but -- i >>l feeet somimes bad tngalki ou abhit tecs b wausee't don
10:48 am
k than yyou f'allornt poi ing that out. >> es mak f youwoeel rse. >> m forores wayo t spicep u rwrooex s life go to kl agnd .chodaom.
10:49 am
we so're torry r youhtdauger. he>> t last inth bg,ut w ianto t kthanna jenh buser hag for ng haing out y.toda n >>ext ekwe, fun .week avwe h reyaney rsnoldnd a fran es drher. ho rew a m youiss i >>e lovn rya olreynds. >> ma thores x. >> okay. we o als chaveesoupl h whoave be aren m mriedthore 0an 5rs yea th reat aoi g tngore shahe tir se scret oflaevergstin .love >>av hgre a weeat d.eken
10:50 am
h>>pyaper supl. bow>> no anr:unceay todn oha racel ra .y. . >> raaechl! a>>nonceun r: >> nn ancou: errsupel bow wkeeend st arts now.
10:51 am
>> announcer: with the return of the recipe ayploff. hwhicr fou n..f.l grtsea wlil orsc?e atthis or fhe tne o andnl oy er emoil t cidede.>> now give me the reecip for thate.sauc >> announcer: you better bieelve ra achnd erimel has your super bowlpr sdea no w,ear you rdyeaor f chraael! r >>aeachl: ucton!hdow ,okay it is aig b weekor f bafootll nsfa.of co,urseer sup bowl0 5 ishi tssu y.nda he [c aersppnd ae]laus >> ha rac iel: anme, noat mter o wh youoo rtor f allr yea long, ybevergeody tsxc eited forhe t su perwlbo. pe suowr b 5l0 is gehu.we 'reeb celngratily ear at the owsh,ue gss what it isim te for ?here pe suowr bl ripece pyolaff neni. e[chendrs ala appuse] >> ha racel:s it'ur o big sxeft best t.yewe have t,no one, not two, not
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