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tv   Right Side With Armstrong Williams  NBC  February 7, 2016 4:30am-5:00am PST

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theue g asp >> st arm: rongarwhy epl peoe so af oraidf guns? dowhy peeopl wtan-- tishat th e ticop tayodn o right desi i, y am hourostrm angstroli wilams. >> st arm: rongi amn o a min,ssio w ianto tel toul y i .am an d thei mnssio is not po imlessib. so h mucth of ee m wdiaheny the areer tstrori ats,tackhe w ther s it ianin sna berordin or heanywn re ithe rlwod,i frst ar ntgumey thego o,tsp elleciay ou esr prtiden ofte uniatd stes
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tneedoan b s.gun wh at ptlanedi d theseeo p ple just get off of? are youdi kidng me. pe ople wheo ar rnsespoible with th eirpo wea ansnd nthu.ers gthey toghhrou fire rangeo t thget e perropin traing to de unndrsta how tope orate a we .apon iea rzeli we had a shower h ae fewee wks ago. ita cused paniche wne popleaw s gu orns f the frsit time. pe dople uon'tstnderaband out gu ns. me dia has done ao god job du gmbinwn do .guns te isrrorrets aoi gngo ti fnd a y wa toet gea w iponsn aneg illal wa y. th eir jobs ito w hreakavoc on icameranl soi andny ala pce ar ound the rlwod.
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rsowne ofamcaeri. po oliceerffic. w itano te hav a frank erconvonsatiut abo guns. bosomedynt was a refi tarm, here omis sngething wro with that, it is au becsey the't donnd utaersnd whatu gnsre a at.bou we h areg avinthis crsonvenatio to etiducauron oat nliona enaudice, gunsre aou yer bst ndsfrez ndfrieors, me son tha thema gern ep sh?herd >> ion d'tav he feedy m a >>rormsti ng: like that .line lk ta about ngus. >> youen mtionom s oef those
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twhenhe esprt,idenre sectary of e statcallor f theus aiatraln am exple tbeo our e,guidha tt an mes gngettid ri ofa hlfhe t ns guha we ver o more inv pri ate s handhein tte uniatd stes. i ll reaynd woer if tarhey e wi gllin toh sows u what it is like for plexame. y wh doy theh t iinkst i ad goo fideaorhe tt resf o ?us rewe a g not toingbeo s blesed th wi a /724re secert svice ecprot itionf evil kestris. we e havbe to e ablo t rndespo pr apatopri welyutitho help ge g ttinonhe t sc.ene rageneinlly ae vryd goo si iotuatn may teakur fo or feiv mi snuteor fe tho plice to get th ere. th reey a o noturri pvate cu se.rity
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a onot lf ofe difrent umcirccestans. es qutionha tt pe eopllike ifsherlf cark ofil mkewaue d,asket wha areyo ung goi to do? w wetoant rk woh wit you? awhenoure yoi gong t do wehil u yoare wagitinor f uso t get e?ther a >>rormstng: mede,trio yeu ar a lawrcenfotemen alan.yst yo oru woue yrge badl wel when u yo sd ervethe cyit of icchago. e the mory theac fe rey,alit and e thld wore we liv ins. vhe t rl wo wd weant toe liv in, they gi ben to untdersand, guns, the incrimwials e ll b othenly ones d.arme d i ton'tkhin t ihats ao god en sc.ario >> is it t no aoo gd sricenao, ar onmstrg
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mpattetedo t eteduca the am anerics. pe opleil kl oppele. pe ople will useh weratevh metods th eeey flec nryessa to geto t th at ininstct. at wh ian wt to beti connueo t do ise hlp peeopl untaderswhnd, en da ngero csmec knokingt a your fr ontodor,te bet bre ad,rme re adyo t fight andin traned i a nn maer you canke tan ohe t th .reat sit iom cing kknocing. >> st arm: rongsit i enunse re thats, siinvible. thehi tng it .is s let'go backo ts thi e.issu if t where asmesog,thin berett th enh tat, w ahathere t rocomps mise tthathe anr and he otavrs h meonade hi ts gun eissu over the years onfte ov okerlonded a coreedgniz.
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enscre, ings lmoreoloopheso t ke mae sur gnsu't donet gth in e haofens he t ngwro lepeop. >> we at gun oswner ofri ameca n'haveeit bngil w tlingola py ll ba. >> st arm: rongyou guysht fig it e atvery turn, why? >>kg bacd rounkchec if i tdha beenapripropate,eb somodyad h be enu bying a gun at ast,ore th eyld woue hav pa.ssed e onth of e main ngthies, w need mo here than t atnd ndeem theo t beni ualversld woun't have made any ffdiceeren. at wh w hould mave aade ff diceeren to get ridf o frgun-ee zones.
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ve ha sreuffed in aicmera since 50 19 whit twoep excs tionhave cu ocrred inha wret wee llygal frgun-ee a >>rormstng: iow knar we e a sefew scondef bore wvee ha to go to k.brea howe sculd ome bkac andal tk t abou twhathat ms,ean fgun-ree szonend a whyis it o s eitxploed d an whyma so ny peeopl die. i am
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ylarr a >>rormstng: aonbanding gsun in a ld worn ade ia tcahat mero fm phadol hritle in gey.rman
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fi rst,di isarmts cinstize." ithisats wh thisyr t antisad. it es resonat datoy. if youan wto tro ter arize ti nawaon, nt isis to be su sfccesul. is is andeo pple whoal reize guns can stop thebo diallica --y the ul woved lofo r us toot nav he gunsth in e s.home i itts noen ev a binra asteer. >> someeo pple aare a hrd astee. rm>> angstro:hi ccagoas w a gu een-fr e.zon >>ig hesh mtrduerat res per ca pitaov er many years adn ca dedes. wh haat toet gso t show us,he t ns gue wer ien th wrong ndhas. wthey'terenth in ean hdsf o fo lks trd.aine
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thata w tntedoa mke afe diferenc in their coitmmunies. rm>> angstro: guren-feon zes an meal leg and l awidabing ci nstize't canar cry s.gun t >>ishat what heea mnt by the ri haght nds. th asat wus ef o ao favrite ph .rase onwe dan't wt gunset ggtinn ito th werong ndhas. in abvarilely, atgislision de edsigndo to atth,t iee kps ns gu of ut o htheandsf othe go uyod gs and bad guysre a yisang esy! >> st arm: rongnti wa tore ad is th to you. th s is ifrom ahdolp erhitl. t lee m take mys glasesof f,st mo fo h olisakmistee wld couak me d woulbe toll aowhe t sctubje ra toces os psess msar. hi ystorow shs allqu conserer who ha ve aowllubed sjectac res to ca rryrm ase havre pedparhe tir
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in ed de,h tsis i tlhier, iou wld ogo sar f as to y,sat thahe t sufly o aroms t the rdundeogs for the thover orowf any so igverenty. t' les not have any neativ mi alitirn oe ativpo.lice rm geano trops aloneil wl bear e th sole rnsespoitibily of ma naintencela of dw an order and sy ostemfil myitaro strngoi pnts cmust toverhent eire oieccupd trcouny. o >>nean hndgugh bouot tw weeks of tr exafe li forhe top pelen i thesa warw gho.ett s naziwereea dthly sisurpred so dymebo hadot sh athe tm as
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theyn did'to g inu fll force for heanotrwo t ekwes. on e guhandn. >> sdhoweu yohe trey wear cowds dan arfe.ful >> aownd hy manor mere thei mght . be t>>ois h inpot, one hdganun mo fvingrdorwa,rm aonstrg wlil ve sa the lives of y,man gnive it isn ithero pper hands,ro pyperl netraidnd aer unddstan what to do he wnhe trey afo comrted with th e stitua iionn real meti. as a law enemforcent fiofcer, i d hato goo thrugh 600ou hrs fo beere w gotut oth of e amycade of fimsrear trinaing. ed nes to be gileioslatn, rmrefo t inhe scepa ofow hin traing enhapps andho w those wnseapo e argifbi gven to. we se'll e a ce hangon howin thgs hanen is thi coy.untr
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the fgun-ree zones. >> m fro the tdaa, all butwo t of ourss made murrsav hene be in e on ofho tse -fgunree a ch,urchte ofn a hosc ol,llma, so memetis hlyappi anrm aed ci ntize iitn speth of e guren-fe zoneol picy of aal mlay s in or , egonewher calonceedrr cay is l,legal mal wase abl toec dlare se itlf a n-gufree zone. a an wenabs masrd mueril kled e, on ink thi two oppele,n the a wguyho h aad calonceed carry edpull o itut and wten arfte the y, gu rano the tnd souf o a oo sh.ting wthisnoas t ait milary or li poce officer. th asis w a good sitamaran,ou abt 22ar yesld o and got on the
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th et dir bag w didhat they do. >> he h may tavehthougwa he s la w foenenrcemt. he had node iawa it s a gooduy g th wi a t gunfohereere hum jped e tondf o mega. >> st arm: rongltel me thea hnd ofod gs iot n in the agmesse, do yn'tou izreale? e thergoare odeo pplet tha wants to e savoo gd pee.opl howo de w gete p opleto train em thesselv resisponbly, go th h rougthero pper ocprreedus? ey thec bome a t rhirdailor f law fo enenrcemt. ab tesoluly. >> we aree th fstir redesponr. w >>vee han awe ansrom se rewhe, ms arg.tron s it iwith ouren m aomnd w wenho ve have serd in unm.ifor avwe h ce aaday r ofer vet ans
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wi urth o mirylita, retdurne me ho l,inookg for plemntoyme, lo g okin tforhe nextng thiey th cantt aachms theselve to, to help makes u a sgetronr coy.untr s let' tlooko our ravetens, sfolkha tavt he stood upnd a say ani w ttoan stdn i gtheap for ethost tha t.can' i want todo shiometngel rnteva toinesure won cetinuo t hebe t st beio natn in the rlwod. >> st arm: rongvei ne trhthoug ab outth .at k inow some peeoplay som se of r ouer vetansre a mlentaly un lestab andho sn'uldavt he .guns yoif ivu gem the acipprenatio hforowhe ty sderve s,u a lot s hao t do whithe t facty the feelke liy theare beedtray. >>k loo ate lave no vaneter
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al idongsee thic polpae dentrtme d andoes a greatro pmgraal cled fe sa pae.ssag niorgaonzaties, w ndee to g ive them money,dv ayocac and give th em avo e.ic ithatats wh g isgoinhe to lp us
4:47 am urcentprylk hism asl alavyour fchorite ls,anne o tonsve sf lis,portor and me. wa whtch nden a y whereantou w a withd dvanceuresfeat ourlikeel wirt-ess sex,top bo wh hoole ,me dvr d anonprism o. the g chooand rose frim a va etyof g preatsackage to f ouit y.r home ca .ll.. .. g.andrtet stahed wit prthe seism estvntial dle. bun u' yo sll gete howtimstarand zee fr m for 3sonth uplus0 p to 4 megs cen oflituryernk int net r all fo $70onlyon a m th. d thisuneal soreatds g ,pe es iciallyu lof yopove s rts. isget prntm essetvial tand upego 40 m ints ofterne fo lyr on m $70 aonth. sc ore! or ou, if ye gr lovmoeat .vies.. sout[ rnheccen a]t y,heleme cnte,in go an on ged t m prisseesianttvl u with0 p to 4 of megsrninte etfo lyr on a $70th mon . ah hy !wh[ raip c]cks no [ vrmal ]oicel. cal
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pl p us u0 to 4megs ntof it erned.spee $just m70 a fonth yor aear awithayutop . d speenomay at beabvail lein r you.area on roly fntm ceinuryl k. ca ndll atc swidah to y. a >>rormstthng: arere e ap improxy atel0040,0e vts lo g okinwfor ork ins thi trcounmay, igine if twehey nre i
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erunivessiti, aunrod urch,ches inimaget tha wd oulhebe t l ast onperser tisrorouts wld go. en wh youhi tnkou abhet tic mexan sgang inal cniiforaw reho aus jt as dyeadlnd a lletha as te isrrorts. ouobvisly, i amot n mngaki mp coonariss ns guth in eds hanof y an ca typaci, noat mter whheat t ea aris ,s i age danrous inthg. e wherdids thir stat,s thi co truny sedtartni turng a s our noteow tdsar gunss af iun gs we re adb, rlary? >> msarg,tron ion d't think it is aer vy picolitally cctorre an .swer e as whavern tued waayro fm any, lymostel biefn i god, life has
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tdon'e? w wh atoe dst i ttmaer? gsthin are takenn i a very va ca lierfaonshi. th isere a lack of re sispontybiliop, pe sleeem to be ahave isfhe ts re i nornom, no niplanng. al amostta menlityf o a im cr.inal incrimals don't plan eaahthd oer th owan hy theare gngoi tote sal wh heat t yt.wan if an i wtt i i amoi gng toak t e it . do i n't cearha wt gets iny m y. wa ithates thri calminin mn d i , factveryfi condent ps atychis risthavexa edminee her hein t dicistr ct ofbiolumna i our cralimin nutou hse. e theslepeopin thk dreiffe ntly tfromhe w waye do. we bretteot n tnkhiik le them, we et bterer unddstan howey th in thk. u yo't don egdisrardow h lerattessnakht migeh bifave u yo geto tl coseo the tm.
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reigno winarngi sgns of the im crinal wldornd a w wheneee s pe bopleinehavgin aa tot lly se enlf-cd tereway, ilm aost used isnarcicsist. ithat bs aad gnsi. >> st arm: rongyou oknw,hi tng ab out it, ts hiis ad sa encomm.tary gsthin are notoi gngo tet g erbett. hewhetmer aanriciks le itr o no het, ty willrm a telhemsves. ithatsth e good wnes. es the cnarimirels a notng goi to ch .ange >> after s anarbern,dino i saw a pi ectur of a gun ostre, thee lin wentll a theay w androu the e storout ofht sign itjus the si gn ofan sna berordinre whe it abproblyas wn'tol paliticly
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a >>rormstng: it isom c mon se nse. th eeey s theri w otingn the ,wall achs mu i as recesp ltaw en emforcanent ild wl do ytever thingote proct m ief they ar e erthhee, tey arot n going to be th.ere ey th nca't. >> s thi w ishy ire appeciats thi at pl,form msarg.tron the trierrost aasgende havbeen the .same incrimals ag'senda hbeave enhe t me sa. bl pulyicale, madke marted and thaveamhe snee liv eery meti. th reey at nothees ont tha are in gog to ce,hange ware. >> st arm:ronge w bretteta srt ar mingrsous,elve gtietng mu if t,no you cd oulhebe t-- ou y
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patsyer bnard is >> he tarre eco disesveri of tu naral recesourn s itheio natn of ielsraha t wtill plrope elisra to theor fntefro oef th re gionf othedl midste ea as an ec iconom power. it go is ingo t leaeado tve en ea grterfl con iicten th ronegi h whicwillnt eveyualle lado t theme encrgee ofne oti parrcula mi eddlernastede lear wsho i sp redectey b --th wher er onot wi bllrroke a peace agenreemt. at th is matotived stltricyy b th eic rh resources thater we un fod in theat n oionf raisel.
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dwhatoes the bibleel t lus t aboualleth e,forc y?larr >> d weid a studyt aun g ow'sner of eramica. weoo lked at it fromhe tnt poi ofeviw. th adey h lletha fceor and u sed nit ien deffse onn intoce life. go inverngcr sraiptul agpasse, erprovbs 225:6, for the terightoous e giv way tohe t edwicks itheam ses aaky mur sp ring orlu polted well. go tdkshin itti sngkso t ensurrinder ntnoce feli. >> st arm:rong ites do instg. good t,nigh evoderybhy, tyoank u r foni u
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ca niptioomng c]pany an>> cenounovr: mvee orte mysry etastr. ec[rinordg] >> ou ann:ncerh racisry ting toubt^
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