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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  February 7, 2016 8:00am-9:00am PST

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bysay e. hanew irmpshpre arimnoy juw st tw dao aysy.wa la nsthtig, the most bitter re icpubleban dyeate t. t >> ihere. t is >> e hs know-- t >> ihere.t is e thrimemo25zed on-seceed spch. a >>akt stane, cal donumd trp re unboomd fr d hispoisapnginti wa ioin fh?is ca n marco rubikeep his mo ummentng goi s and iurgew n ne shhampire? n ca, bushchkasich or ierist su e rvivndbeyoue tsday? na doruld toimp je ns m -tfaceceo-fa. >> us> ple , thcrdemoarats e in gog ath eacth otoer, o. i >>ndnnued o annuinsin.atio an>> cla hilliry c hntonheave r ow n cockmeba kiyld-ste new shhampmoire ntveme? n caiebernde sanurrs tnen a w
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na altionem movent? >> t whaerlead ishipous ab t is junot wist sinmmg with the currt.en h >>ryillant clindon ani bere ersande s ar uwithiss th rn mo ing. >> an> bed yrnr outheniaussm. was that bere nindsaoners l" "sn nlast, ightaror lavry doris, th bo? p >>y,retttt prerey, p tty, typretd. goo 'm>> ick chud todanin mtechesr, w neshhampire. jo g ininorme fig insndht a an isalyss thispecial sunday rnmog ine arnbmss c'richs tt ma, hewss nbc'eaandrch mitell, ll haacie j oksonc f nb, newsand ra tadio holk sstw hoh hug wi hett. tr sump,rsandein, clanton e d th stlatebe numrs. we e lcomunto sanday spd a l ecia edition of "meet the press." > >> mfromesanch nter,ew ha mpshire, this is a special ed n itiomeof "heet tss preth" wi k chuc. todd >> od> goda sunrny moing. re hear we ghe riret hene in w ha irmpshhee, te situeof t'ssday arprimy. e we'rt righ iherec n nb' news fa usbulo h newhiampsre headquarrsteo , tw bdayse efor
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im anportyst daam in aneric li po tticsyehis ar. an std laht nigep's rcaublin de abater s ou w"thengashiton po cost" gulleat e pumait, rco o rubia hit nwall camed hris stchriie. >> s thionnotit thackbarama oba es doknn't haow w'st heng doi is st ju t not--rue >> re theis it . e i e thrimemo25zed on-seceed spch. nd>> aon it otly gse worm fro th foere bir ruo. we ha'll ucve mreh moth on e tedebaer lats thiinmorng. injoin tg us aodayhrre tee ca atndidhoes w a areoull cg ntin ueon t tsdaylpo hed sen tthemo e thnanomi ationernd p ohapsn to whthe hoite use. republican donald trump, a tndhe catwo atndidyies vorng f the crdemo naticbeod, srniersande an lld hiclary n.into fo bee re wtoget i thevinterews s let' atakek looheat ty ver la ttestinrackllg pot s ou this mo g.rnin n/ cn hwmurruas titmp wbih a g ad lell sti33 at ll% fo bowedy ru cbio, kruz,h asicbuand n sh i at ther ord. bi rumoo's ummentea appo rs thave pestopd. th bat'se efordethe ibates
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r focrdemothats olis ps l ha nd saupers 5 biger8 ovth 35 ough h wortngnotint cliason hke picd s up pevens ointhein tt lasfew .days in this rnmosing' u/7masss new kitracolng phel, tvey hamp tru th wiig a bd leaorand beder low hi bim ruruo, cusz, bd h an chkasi. crdemo saticthide avey hise th ce ra a bit oscler,an sdersh wit a lead 057-4li sghtly upm fro ye dasterpoy's ll. on ine th rg tobeememour abw t ne shhamp iire,tht's ave grd eyarof ll pos.ster l we'l mhavetey inw rvie this rn mowiing onth dtrald inump ajust m fewesinut. bu 'rt weine go bg to weginith dethe atmocrd s anerform cr sey etartaof silte h lary toclinn. liyou thked raat grdveya of ll pos,steren havou't y? 'v>> ivee lirod ththugh wiis tce ' innd92 a8. 200 ok lokn, i 'mow iin behd. i' inm go kg tofieep ngghtiil unt e th lveryvoast s te itecound. be e causrei caut abos thi arprimy. w >>o hy dthyou yoink aru stted wi ucth sbih a fig dethcit is me tisi conngderilo -- thok, is s ha abeen s big ttatetho bo ur yoba husndnd ars youelf.
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t >>alhey hwaysyoelp u. w >> lell, iook,'t can h sitere d anyzanall e alrethe s.ason ouobvi osly,nes i thathe t se rnato hasn bee in pcubli life ne ooxt drr fo 25 years. tso'shere aam friiliatyh wit m. hi ial totesly r tpecthat. an jud i hist thank wgrt's eat ab thout riis p imaryw s ne shhampvoire ttersa ake t,firs co sethnd, fird,h,ourtth fif ok lo. eryestasday as i wss crisicrosng om fr s oneofide s the ttateo e thr otheintalk vg tos,oter i te liy rallpehad copleupome , yosay anu chmyged d, min who kn ows. is thwh is sat'scio ex atingbout th ime pr cary,huck. mei cain in 8 200 ras il ecal li 6 ke 1tspoinin behd. re i ermemb n the bighte eforthe pr y imar92in 'll, biol's pr lste sa , yiknyou yoow, iu'ren ng siigle dits. oit'sver. knwho ows. vei los thiteexci.ment d angoi'm toing ht figha as rd as an i c. t buhai'm avingat gree tim wh eratevpe hapns. i >>t wano to gheto tat debe a tt liitle bau bec wse i soulday th ree fopoign slicyonecti is
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hi ghghlicat beyouse ltu feif as idhe ddon't we so ll. u yoghbrou st uptaecretary ste ma indelebre al tightlko taut abo it. me soth of ine thougs yd sai t aboutosenaamr obrea's esadins oron f peigny,olicy' theerre vy mi sitolar t whaveyou'd sai ab beout srniersande. 08in ' s youi aid ahave fe li otimepef excerienil i wl g brinheto tte whise hou. i sknoworenatai mccs n haa fe li otimepef excerienll he' br g in tto whetehise hou. na seobtor haama sps a heeche igave02n 20 s, its ound very si r milahato wu t yo wsaidhen yo lu're oike, ykay,adou h one ovotee n th wiraq- ar - >> okay, k youwhnow -at - ha>> wtht's ffe diceerenwe beten wh ouat yd sait abou-sthenorenat am obd a an ywhate ou'rngsayi ou abnat sesator s?nder >> re the v's abiery g ff diceeren. in 0820,en sator obamaad h na sete. he ee'd bern th te bytihat me a he d hadopevel ned arketwo of ad rsvisona on altionur secity foand n reigcypoliue isss. th erey wrye veig dilanent d sefocu md ong akin hsures e wa re tady,hehat a hadoas brd a se vt of aiewssss po.ible d an rtheyy eall twento-oe-ttoe
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. me 'sthat h notniappen ng i this ca gnmpai. er thale resnly iny't ad kinof igforelin poetcy n tworkishat su tipporndng ais advseing r nato nd saers. li'llimet hak spe h forlfimse. i k thin wthats hat'rtimpoisant is th r jobreequiu s yoe to b ad re ay onspll a oects of itn e tht firsday. weand w knootwe g a pa ulrtic carlyexomplld worht rig now. thand ese prt'ident s nog gointo ha heve te. tim ma prybe useviosi pres dentin ypast cears houlda ave lelitt mo eere lbeway e causyoof, u , knowwathe e y thd worl tifunc.oned nobut 'sw itth norea korh wit s itilmissste tet's, isss ruian esaggr, sion eit'scinforheng t an iree agr.ment yo veu hado to al it ol at nce. d >>u o yok thinirthe otaq ve sh sould mtillr atteotto vers? rf pey ectl tfreekeo tao int unaccoytt an thingwahey o nt t , takei but halsothope l ey'l ke ta r theofest r thed.ecor knyou i ow, was ivenvold inhe t
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de oncisi t inhema oba niadmitistraoon ter detmine hewhet nr oroot t go after bin n.lade d i dithput nce sas tionraon in ta ble. i k thin tthatishis eb a date th heat ter votals reavly h e to atpay iotent bn toseecauis it oo ch bsinga oth idpresanent d a ancomminder ef chi. d >>u o yoevbeli ie ifsnt wa't fo e r th wiraqe ar wdnwoul't ha sive idas toy? >> l, welhi i thank ta t's hard luconc tsionawo drau becse re ermembha we qd al baedae efor adwe hs. isi aeal qttda ad acken us inew al da qaeac attouked bar ems ssie frin a--ica t >>nshe ilitabin ty i iiraqs hwhatreas c tatedanhis atd th adif shudam n ssei swere till e therouwe wt ldn' ihave sis. >> l, welhi i thank ta t's oflot s jumpogin lhaic t mt toe es doren't aallyp.dd u irthe araq wer, thnoe's bt dou co buntritoted ta instybili. m i'gonot toing an in y y wadeny th at. bu u t yootcannw drarea dict li ne. ywhatanou cis do sa to aty th ha ji tdistrierrotasm sg rtinwith al da qae. r >>. ight >> m andg ovin iontoatts lest
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is isis, re in sespona to ernumb orof fances ctd fathors reat a ro g ilinheup tdl midste ea. ceand nlrtaighy fi ftinghaor wt is melam anans w d ho git's oing e to benpresanted atd whpl peoe ar ine go mg towhean heen tlky ta ou ab.t it , so, yeahe we'va got much gg bieter spr of msoble. >> r all.ight ot anthher i ing edwant to fo -ullow tp onebhe date. se r natoersandlls caheed t reentiin busmoess ofdel l wal etstrera a fud. we n' didt t geana cho ce task yo ru tondespoec dirtotly t tha it cr.ique lii'd o ke tyoask ru tondespo to no it w. el>> w tl, i ihinktht's nde ki of re exttame snttemet tha once reyou tallya ake lhardatook , itt' isd harndto uanerstd. u yo, know ywhenalou touk abt wa trll s aeet,e re wintalkg t abouy ever?bank or w arelke taabing a out icpart pularofart y nework? at thev's neaer rcllly iearifd. at whel i b iieveats thre the are go ctod aanors d d barsacto in er evrty paou of onr ecomy. th b e joheof tsi pre ident s to
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ac ftorsdirom tisrupcong ec nomi ti ac fvityamrom ngassi m toouch r poweinand ncfluee. webut e liv cin aexomplba glol on ecwhomy weere go've ht toave go a anod b skingm yste ithats ab o le ticserve e thicameran omecony. itand ds neebe to e mor than ju oost l akinge t th bfive anks athathere t b big.anks we e havavto hmue a orch me ro cbustniommuanty b skingm,yste gi re bonalngankite systhm, o er fo ofrms di crecet acss. an atd thha's wamt i oc advg atin for. an std i doill u notstnderand y whhai'm tvingprhis m oble ingettnag sesator s nderoito jn me go in afing whter reat a the ntpoteprial msoblet thaouare t e,ther s thew hadoinbankctg seor an e d thstinve amentednd hge fu ecnd an>> c h youa ave sutreary etsecrwhary n'o ismit fa liar hwithalow wrel storet wks? d ansai thy bisauec isehi t nk er thsoe's h mucrudistigst rht no w.
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er the is. e theris. ix>> s oef tht lassutrearies ei ctherframe alom wrel str et o twentllo waee strtet afr. th i think ceere nlrtaighy rit no n'w is at anitppetr e fo me so fbodywarom trll stoeet be nethe rext ty asuretsecr aary,nd t yeyocan veu hare a ty asur se arcret ty ifdohey n't rsunde wtandstall ?reet >> l, wel h youtoave e hava ea tr ssurytaecrehory w de unndrstae s thomeconhey, t am anericno econdmy a g thel loba omecony. th i think arere loe a ret mo ac plhees wnere o a canhond suld lo orok fh suceaa tr. sury o >> dthyou yoink n u ca opickne wi t thounghavim the ahavel wal etstrekg bacd?roun ou>> yw, knoan i wmet so wbodyho ca ken maoo a gmmd contitme to wworkmeith ge to e t thomecony mo , vingetto ge mor jgoodobs ea cr tted,t o gemeincosis ring, to k looovout heer tiz hort on a me soth of one ec pomicemrobls athatutre ore the. 'v wet e goigto fouure att wh 'r weine go dg totho wina chi. in ch fa islyinalin hav cg toome rito gitps we h th tfacta hat t lotsof iwt groy h mahanot ve abeen as onm firdafoun ations w we houldope. so ne we eoed pinple er govt nmen wh veo hat tha okindmmf contitme d anrsundeintandg. webut go've pt toheut tds nee t ofmehe an ricaomeconrsy fit. d an'sthatng goibe to my itcomm. ment b>>orefi e t leu yo igoan wtot
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cr sey etartaof sadte mneelei al htbrigd, saiom a c iment've he heard y r sarebefo. bu st itofort g ranerdiffy entl a to o lotopf pele. sashe thid, s ere'eca spial ac pl he infoell mer woo n wh t don' whelp.omen but the implication isha tt hosome yw ife ou'rmoa deiccrat wo anman u'd yootre npo supg rtin wyou,s hat'g wron ywithou. do w youthant tee vobe to ci deonded de genner likes li at th? >> ,oh oklo,yo as meu re,mber lemadehaine ens bein sayisg th r fo, many ymany. ears ta>> sksrbucs cupini thk. ge i att th. s >>elhe bs ieveirit fanmly d in rt paau bechese sws knot whaa ggstrut le ibehas en. an e d shrsundes tandstthe lerugg is o notver. dso i won'tpeant tople o be ndoffey ed b swhats he i pr exngessihe as ryr ve -- ou>> y u canstnderwhand mey so mi haght eeve bnff od endet?by i el>> wool, gied gre'f, wre ge g ttinndoffeboed aut ev hierytheng tayse ds. ne hoo st tnegoodi ss, , mean lepeop't can a sayinnythg wi t thoundoffesoing dymebo. e sha has elifeiexperthnce at i re t.spec
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an thd i whink heat s t wasg ryin to do,ch whi's shee donvein ery insettveg i'r eve hseenn er i g goin 2backus0-plrs yeas , wato re ymind woung pomencuartiy larl at ths thiggstruhile wanch my of avus hene bet pars of inot ov er. an n'd do it bey n anluway lled heby tgr proweess ma've de. an thd i itink a washt lig ar hebuted ryt vent poiemed rark, h whiclepeop t canhoake r weve ctheye.hoos >> r all.ight dwhatu o yoingot s the uper ?bowl i >>'t done havodanybghy rit w. no ou>> y't done havodanyby? >> g i'm toingino flict, mn,higa m i'yiworrbong aheut ts kidin t,flinhi mic tgan,keo mae surwe ca wn dowehat t cankeo mae sur ey th n areotag damy ed b -this- y >>e ou'rg goiny,toda c youould ha onve gste yey.erda i >>e lovhanew irmpshe. mathe asyor meked co to me. wthisass aar etlies as wule cod m i' hveryulopefco to ssngre ic wh th isg ryinorto w ak in pa bianrtis w waycoill p me uwith so unme f tdingalo deh wite thes ob pr tlemshahat ffve aedlict the d angoi'm toing p keeg doin
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ec>> sryretant clii on, yknowou ve hala a po ne th.catc t >>s.hank t greaalto t yk toou. > >> nlast, ightoki spthe wi tosenarnr beanie s fdersnerom w yo herk we re hprwas inepar g to arappe"s on daaturghy nivet li." re heis it . wa i o nt tt star swithome ewrevioms fr d thee.ebat tfirs theat debne oal wl restet. u yo g sotomed goo res.view t buon fgnorei lipocy, it wan to pu t upom sedl heaines h sere,ir. no gt so"bood n ostoe,glob" ersanduns fln ks oigforen cypolihe, "thi wasn ngto,"post rn beanie s tders urips p on igforelin pourcy ddeing .bate dohow r youndespoth to at? el>> woul, yw, knoe timr afte wtimewehen e havthhad ese tedebahes, tdi puneets kp in th tkinghihat y llartoclinn wi hens tat debbues, met sohow th ope peo le dnot. d anidwe dy ver iwellwan io. i k thine we'rg doin iwellw n ne shhampire. d anini th'rk weine dollg we na altionly. ok loer, thnoe's st quethion at arhilliny clhaton grs a deeat al
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washe r s ouetsecrofary te sta fo urr fors yea. gthat hives ler af ot o riexpe.ence itbut no is stt juer expe ienc mthatrsatte. s it imejudgnt. i k thinavwe he e thmejudgn nt i rm te ws ofwehat ul sho wd doith is isht rig, now wthatoue shld n learlethe ossone f thiraq wa hir, w vch iouigoropsly d,pose h whics mean wthatnne caot, uc cho k, dloit ane. wi i o ll dytever thingi hat can akto mree sut thayoour meung n an med wo tn inilhe my itarotdo n suget ickeda nto etperpual rf wainare q theiruagm te ofhe dd miasle et. ut>> b c thernoncehi i ts nk i abnot yoout olur ponicy s. isi le pt mefolay u r yothsomeing se arcret sy of mtateeiadelne br al sightonaid ur satday. keta l ateisn. >> i've been very concerned ab hiout cks lakn of dgowlee. st mopl peoowe kn m howany ct dis atorh norta korehas. i shave apentfun awt l loof
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.ways ve i'e gonndup an dowfibriengs aland ndl ki ts ofs.hing ssunlelo he tokedlyotal ff dit erenheat te, timha he s ve neenr bean to iey br -fing- >> m letipe ste,ulatel mad eine br al iightsus a teppor r of arhilliny clanton e d shwas ou brupght e herheby tla hilry cl n intoaicampo gn t atalk bout is th. c myrnonceab is thout vee lel of in sttere h youonave ei forgn li pocy. hu>> cchck, iuck,est goho witut yi sanung, omberi ne, bhaveeen to ef briafing brter ngiefier aft fibrieng. knyou inow, t, fact jusupa cole w of aeekshego wvin i d sitewith prthe enesidnet, oth of ine thgs at thta we alked wboutraas in foand n reigcypoli. i itvis oby ouslnoan eslrmouy im anportrtt pawh of eiat bheng t pr enesid at is.bout inow,'t donll reaowy kns, thi e maybanthe iswerffs dit,eren mtellate whel mad eine igalbr pht'sioosits n waheon t
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ig>> rht. i t don'. know d>> i kon'tnow. i dnwoule 't brisurpifsed she orsuppitted . u yo, knowisthe hesue s re inot ju xpst enceriee. isthe issue gm judent. tei voaid agthnst rse filft gu wa hir, wisch h wtoryreill .cord le i e d thsioppo ationstgain the r warain ihiq, wisch h wtoryill ralsod ecoreias bheng tht rig th ing. ea cl crly,lylearei forolgn picy is rm enoy ouslrtimpoant. d anlli wil telthyou lsis ao, uc chf k, igoyou k bac00to 2 8, ithisacs exwhtly heat tnt clion pe wopledoere toing at senor ba orack.bama th erey wtae atg ckinhehim dn diav't he e thriexpe, enceet racete c, eta.eter i bsam aelolutnfy cot iden that if ct elereed pntsidewi we ll ve haer a vroy storng f eign po flicyheor tri amepecan .ople >> hi i to nk tviallesoate f me o es thnce co iernsu f yo -told- ho ouw abknt i ouow yn' didllt te t methhe oiger nheht wasn i ked yo ouu abo t wh fyourgnorei li podvcy as isorare.
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woyou enuld cd updeonsi arings se a arcret sy of otater se arcret dy ofseefen. i >>nk this it'tta liitle b atpremtoure k talt abouyowho ur se arcret dy ofseefengo is toing .be wi i elll tu l yo wthatvee ha met ntreceitly woph peikle lrre lay , cobbalactuorly winked the ag redman atrinisn,atioke tald to lepeope likzajim tgby,d alketo pethe ooplestn j treett o gea br peoad ctrspeofive m thee iddl .east ve i'n beeinmeetthg wiho a wle t loeoof pple. lbutet me rereassu theri amecan lepeop, dteespi wahaeyt th are ar he fingromel mad aeineghlbrit, at thgo it ites w shoutg ayinthat a idpresmuent e st b vwelld erse orin f peigny,olict mus ahave ngstroei forolgn ppoicy onsiti. an d i will, of urcodose, t. tha et>> lmo me ntve omeo sog thin yelseaiou somd fr d thee.ebat asit wou a thagh crge.
8:18 am
id sas thi wasoi gng to be a to chugh wargehen youd sai .it th use bsines modelf ol wal etstrefr is aud. bo hay, ts t waoaa brusd brh. d ans i wakithinbong aheut t ct fat thae'therlos a ut ofnion pe n nsios fund athatnvre id este alin wrel st30et, m% inofany em thn wheloyou ok. i lowas g okinomup s te of hese gsthin. lo a 4t of)s01(klo, a t of reretis mentasis bn ed o stinves mentalin wrel stet. it seemso t ,me if y bouveelie 's it idafra, w youldou note lik s toonee mnvey ideste in so inmethgas bedn oaua frd. l >> cook,, huck iwhatd saii be edlievbe to e. tru fe a ekw weo,s agyo as owu kn, a go n ldmas sachhereacd a tt sentlemeh witunthe ited st gatesnmoverfoent r $5 iobilln. il$5 b.lion y? wh an e d theranswob is slvioueyy th dwereudefraining orvest s in rm te ss ofngellipr subime mo gertgaka pacthges erat we hlwortess. no haw, tmyt's in defn itioof fr aud. an hed otjor mankr basos ale hav
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fi tones f thealederer govt.nmen d an rwhaty ealls burnthe icamereoan pupple af is ter pa $yingll5 biinion a se mettlegrnt anteemene, no of es thope penole, f ne othe utexec oiveslln waee strt t ge gecharthd with anying. gekid auts cwight omth se jumari gana,etsol a preice .cord dufrau alentitctiv wy onall st dreetoyestre s thomecono y, n cepolior recr d foexany ivecute. o so dlii betheve heat t si bu mness oodelllf waee strt is fl ?awed i k thinanthe oswerusbviof ly o ur cot se iis. er>> vicy qu skly, buperowl nd suwhay, yo dootou gr?, si m >> tayberohe b. ncos ha>> twht's u'o yooore r ting for? or t' thas whouhi tilnk wn?l wi 'm>> iti rooorng f e newndngla tr pa, iotsi'but ram afhaid tt's no int go hg ton.appe >> ll we'ba be n ck imea mont thwi the republican race and my dosit- fwn ainew m autesitgo wh na doruld tmp. >> d > ane as wo go tk,breare we' g goinivto gu e yo msomeabemorle me mofrnts ewom nps ham.hire
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8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:23 am
bi ruo. . hugh on>> dtrald diump ndosot le tu sa rdayt,nigh ink thioh jn chkasie pollt vauedve orco mar bi rutoo inec sondla pcey bng bei very new mphae,shir but'm i a racontnry o o,rubi heon wll a of that deebatxc eeptse tho three nu mites. th ilat wshl pu him ,backut be h ahad tfierricoc send half. i and kthinll he' get thero bnze co ueme t sdayt.nigh >> w.wo s.chri w >> tell,s hat'goodep exct the on roly p yblemavou he is the vi apdeote. d ant i tsexis. t >>hehr tee mis.nute a >>igll rht. , wellmelet uspae. alookhit ts inthg. it ro is ugh. ta ke a stlien. >> andet l'st justa s ortenc and fo lr alh wits thiti ficonha tt ba ckraba ooema d ksn'twhnow at he oi's dng. he knowsxa ectlyt wha he's g.doin t' lesps dihiel tcts fiofion at thac baramk obesa doknn't ow wh e'at hins dog. k he enowslyxactt wha he's g.doin nthisn otio bthatk araca obam esdot n'owknha wts he' doing is njust ot. true he>> tt re th itere . is th e mizemored -s25onecd sp. eech e >> wnoare act fing asi predent th oeat dsn'tw knot whae' hs g.doin nohe k wws hhate's doing. an wyonehoel bsievet thaac bark am obn'a isint doatg whs he'
8:24 am
rsunde wtandwehat 're duial ngeali th wi . here ha>> tt's eum nleerabti mes. re edmind mef o sthececien ct fiionm fil de"bla ru"nner e wheronsome te incahis hrse cis stchriroie p oveduthe tasre w a icreplnsa i oteadtf no a h uman in beg. w ittras s bangeseecauwa he s re g adine thesprorerecded st enatemtsch whi l areike im teplanmod mery kstrac. th erey wt e noaan hum resespon. an thd i inks he'gothe twe ans r itfor and ink thiwa it os s st erang h inoave a idehewhy d di. it ve>> eanry ctedida hasin les th ey pereat. we al've blnee d aoingli milon t. s.e.m. eesp.ches phisemrobl was when he got up on thett aackn whey thewere g doingait ainst him. ou>> frti mes, s ameline. >> enlist, thisor mningeo pple inco mar torobo cmeostusho swed . up ca gnmpaild wount poi outom se 50 op0 pehole swed up 45ut mines be tforeoohe denr oped. th eey'rrc fietrely tyingpio sn th ntis io a tiposive.
8:25 am
>> toep reatr ovend a overin aga yo ur lione- inersnro fnt ofou yr va rihols w are adylrea pongunci, o whalare yread cngalli him the bo ty inheub banble d di shminihiing m,ry tingo t nidimihish m, itea rllys hitim h trigh atis ht mos vraulneble po int. ug>> hhih, tss i wshat'er p inplexg,is chrtieel tphegraed th oris fee thr da.ys wthisbvas o tiouswahis oms cing d anthis isow h theyre ppare d. sn b >>seecaus he'inrunng a ge l neratieleconpa cambeign fore eche suredhe t notiminaon. i' llel t ylout wha usam mede last ghnit,ry eveem dtocra out er the iser eag to buryar mco orubiau bechese tey arfr aaid of omarc biruo. atheyrees dteperaly adfrai of m. hi eftheri ore k thin wwhate got is aou sarth caolinro bauhaht tha wi llol flows thi mix .up enconv.tion git's toing ao be onpen enconv btionseecau rusbio'ot n g goin. away ne>> o quonesti, was there logic d tooingt ifourim tnes i a row? >> be e caushe'sal t tkingo me. he al's tking toub repnslica ab baout orack.bama i heins goog tun rt thaen geral tielecon aicampgn. ba orackbamane katw whwa he s in do tg tocohis y.untr dtheraemocatts h tehat- - y >>eaou mfn i he couldo d it
8:26 am
sa me linesr foues tima in row? >>no. w >> dhatoest i anme? >> heol facd bkn ois chrtie a co seimnd te -- htais sffad h netraim d hiheand ad hea lrned eto b ipdiscd.line >> s it' ann plaed -- ut>> bin see sgtaffin traed is wnot thathesedi cansdated nee hoto sw on that agste, .hugh th eeey nod tho swt thahe tvey ha a fiounctning n.brai ithiss aer v symart man. ou>> yw kno whoe' w nreot lk taingbo aut? we no're lkt taabing outon dald tr orump ted cruz. melet play a quicktl lit -e- je shb buad h one of h bistes me mowints onth dtrald onump the is suef oenemint madoin. >> ha wt dd onalptrumid d was use eneminomt dain tory t to take prthe tyoper of anld eerly woman on theip strn ian atl ticcity. ithatsow dhtnrigon wrg. >> ts wan to be agh tou guy. ta lof oim tes'l you hlave- - d anitoe d wsn'tork very llwe. h >>ouow tsgh it i to teak pr tyoperm froan elylder n?woma
8:27 am
t.quie at thll's af o his dsonor and sp lecia iesnterts out erthe. >>t iwas aci fasngnatien momt ca bei use k thintheue isss iad b trfor umphere, but iho tught his rertto thereas wro pybabl go orod f . here nd>> a the ysph,icalhe tod by ualangyoge, u ,know shh, i anme, ashe w so trpainonizg. >> y. ver >> t i awasif dntfere jeb. wthatt asn' jthe oeb tfhree hsmont b agohote mel idnha tt me mont. >> m hiss om i houteer tngelli hi nm heeeds toer intruptor me an ld beess peolitnd aha tt's wh ouat y're eiseng. fo r p,trume hoe dsn'te likbe to oe bod. g he botooedou fres tim wnithi ou abot twin m wutesnithi t hat ch ex.ange ski aedim h du o yokthin you ca ffme oa as bullynd a hen eve sa asid lght nit, we,llus bh tr toies be h,toug b hute's not a h b >>uter govnor bush had his be nist ght. wa i ont t putheep rcaublin in sp t onshi bseecaus it' uetr. blrepus icanhatemi enent indoma. th atey he it. >> . yes t'>> isbu ased him ouengh. >> t thaawas binully gmo.ment
8:28 am
yo veu ha d toe ecidis the bully y onour desi. d anth if e buslly' on your ,side if s he'in a foxol he next to yo uin facheg t bad ysgu, you n' dondt mi it. hoi t lughtastig nhtt iid d n't tlook hatway. w he tasgakinn dow auy gho w's t noa scary guy. bo nody dkeisliebs j bush. i ghthou dt het idn' glookood. wa gsn'tfoood umr trp. >> g i'm toingveo ha ait ltle t. bi ike spoh witeajeb r.rlie l we'lhaveom se s jebtuff telar. 'l we bl be aackfterhe tak bre wi th a man whoro pybablds nee a ne mpw hae shirmowin hare tn yb any odseel. i t siwndoit wdoh ldnaru t.mpybany odseel.
8:29 am
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8:30 am
that an chang cthe way e u yoveli for s com how can you help? by giving a ttlelior m e, ytorsouf.el ami unni r fng my people sometimes forgetot t helpvehemsels. e thiscause irem retent, todaand thy sandouofs eopl p ecameo tce fra roriremetten d an tpledge ao saveditin ad onalpeone ofrcent ir i thee.ncom wifl e alhado twet a caninll w. prudtialen
8:31 am
> >>omwelce .back ll we w, ituias qte aat debet las tnigh r asongu burmindy haght ve , saidthat eatscaled klquicy. my t nexgu est, dd onalp,trum he wantos t redbounro fem thow ia lo ndss aak te namew hrepshi to ng hao ont his t-fronerrunn at stus. an . d mrptrumoi j mnse now. omwelccke bao tme "heet t es prs," w >>sho iin comg inec sond and e mayb fastir -- >> you tell .me mlete ask you this, hucow mho d neyou aed namew hrepshi win? >> on i dhi't tnk iee nd it, i pe hot thai get it. m i' d woingell. i ahaved gooat relhiionsthp wi e thlepeop n ofew mphae.shir i' eeve b hnere longor befe li po hticsady man ndfries. ivi le up .here edincr ible,areaea bulutifea ar. uli woayd sha t itld woue lik to wi utn, b i't donw knot thas it' ssneceary. wh ouen y, say you ,know the wa io i --e camn ion secutd of o or aligin7 ly 1oppe,le t aherere th those ayat s i allctuayam ce
8:32 am
wa ont tou chent tes votbe to sthoneau bechase tst wa a ho lerribng thit thak too e.plac bu wat i ers vyud prof oa iow and ve i'er neve dont i rebefo. d >>uo yo notep acchet ta iow ltresus? y dohiou thenk ty're lemagitite? >> hi i tt nk iwaser vy irunfa to ben. iandn a cinerta wt ay iwas fa unoir t me. feaf mctede e th wsametay i ctaffeened bau bec lse aot of s votewere added .on ema trusendobe numr of v otes awere oddedn. wa i s aon strgse ,cond but i'm t nokithinbong aut waio. m i'kithinbong aut new ha irmpshe. do i n'te carut abo it yman ore. c>> i han't belput neotict tha reyou' a leittl heumbl byt wha enhappned i waio,s it thaai f r sato y? >> well, d i ton't ihinknms ter itof . u yoowkn, ike worard hd there. i ea rlly liked waio. kei li thepl peofe o iowa. th cesaucuys stem is aer vy mp cosylex astemnd a lot of th ksing go off with acu caus st syem. i tlike shismysteh mucte bet r inew nps ham whire yhereou go ou out, ye lik sodymebou, yo .vote yoand n u ca ahaveun gro gdame an dl,al buthe tun gromed gan i io iwas veryor imptantre whe as grthe gound hameeers i erdiff ent. re>> a l youngooki atr you mp ca aaignnd yisang,ou yno kw
8:33 am
moredi traaltionhi t ingsn di ad ttione o thnodintraaltion uf statf thee's bn susfccesul. >> t tha istrue. d anini thu'k yoeell s it .here ry veor imp wtantasha tt weet g ro ththugh e badete. d itidn'an w ttveo ha aad b tedebaev or en a mtodes de.bate d anini th wke didy verel wl in th e deebatcc angordi - to- s >> oomefou yra iow staff has , saidy,boe wld coue havse ud moresoresurce ,here more e,ther ar eye th ghrit? >>,nohe ty're tlyotal wrong. i e gavm the miunlited money. iai sd dhao wt h you taveo do. avi gem the untelimid nemoy. y, helo ok,'m i $50 monillier und dg buet. i ghthou tt byhisim te'd i have mi$40 n llio50to $li milpeon snt d an si'vepenty ver leittl usbecae i h'taven hado tec bause lepeope lik you put men oll a th e meti. wh oat d ie tak a crcommeial for? >>re theou y go. i >> ththoug i'd be up tobo aut 45 or $50 min.llio d, an you know,'m i not. l iook at sodomebiky le jeb bush wh heere pe's sntr ove $100 mi n llioands he'he nowre and i sa hyows doe that pphaen? >> an i wt to talbok aut last ni sght' de.bate u yo tsaid iheres a lot of ey wsebrout abo tewardrboa ing. w>> i bould bringack
8:34 am
ck bael a h al of lotor w tsehan rbwateinoardg. o >>kay. wh tat'she rswoe? >>llwe,ou y dtidn' see what i bsaide eforthat. iwhat saidef boret tha is in th e me iddl yeastavou hepl peoe op ch oping otherther oppele's s.head thisas hn't hneappedin sce me aldieves tim. er thnee's bever nyen ag thinlike .this iand al tkedut abo . that >> iuntadersnd. >> i and idsa,y b the way, wa oaterbg rdinis ptseanu mp co taredato whre we'al t king taboupe hapning there. so i saidou i wbsld aeloluty ovappr ewaoaterbg rdinand i d woulgo aot l hefurtr. >> t wha tdoeshat anme? 'm>> iot noi gong tin defe ito t yo u ons thi ogprram, but w iould erbe vchy mun ior fav ofoi gng yo be ndtewardrboaing. be e liev ime,n termsf oti getng in atform iion,rkt wos. >> 't don youor wryth ough, oklo, 'r wee e thedunitte staes, w set an plexame. 'r wee sseuppo bd toe bretten tha at th. m asasuch re we'ki lootng a the evmedi- al - su>> re. >> ie medtival mes. e we'r not. he>> tn y cat,do i w butn'e cat. en why theflewne plasnt ieo th rl wo tdradete cenrle kild
8:35 am
rothehi t tngshats ipe hapning ar toundwohe rld, parisr o here, yo n u cado waoaterbg rdinand you co gould ate sp bdeyon rbwateinoardtg, ild wou n't erboth me ait ltle bit. >> th anoarer p tt ofheeb deat d hao to dwith hhealt reca. veyou'n bee hitn o .this i its eaunclro t me th,ough you mwantgoore mevern- nt -wayou nt me sot sorovof genernmstt syem y >> eah. ou>> y d lon'tthike ste syem th iat'sern the th at ideunndrsta. t >>inhe sgleer pay- - >>cr des tibeheys stemou y .want et>> l me plex ain. ka>> oy. >> st fir of l,alha wt i ,do i ha ve asi masve mpcoany, h iave ou ths sandthand ndousas of em eeploys. d anvei ha m in danyreiffent at stes. yo veu haif artlicia l ainesdroun eache.stat u yoknow why? ca be tuseheur ins cancenyompa ngtakie carheof tol piaiticns so y thetdon't wan to get rid of e th lines. ouif yet g rid ofse thoin les u yod woulhavere gatri pvate in ncsurad e anouit w tldakee car of os mopt pet le id wouln be a be unablievhile tng. in it addtoion t thacayou ven ha aav s -ings-ou y owkn y,anou c do the sgsavinua sit wtion here woyou huldavelt heahar ce vi sangscc asount and iult wod be asfanttic. th s ere'anto m tyshingou yld cou do . e thleprob tm ishens iceuran
8:36 am
th aingsnd they't dont wan to sp icecif gallyidet rth of e li benes e caus'dthey rrathee hav a molonopy in new,york asn a ex e,ampln thelet 50om cespani co nme i and bid. co iempanoms fr waio, cniompaes fromew n shhamp ire. ut>> b'r youeoi gngha to ove t ctstruaure gnmoverent pamrogr to do . this >> no. re heha's wut yo do. yo gu're toingveo ha a great emsystt, bure theil wl be peeopl ft let thaon d'tav hye an y.mone an atd wh id sai last night is i t don' pwanteeoplyi dngn ithe mi oddleef thst .reet nit's gotoing to hnappe if'm i idpresent. ok ay. th snis iin't sgle yepar. is th isng usihe tir htaospiols t ctakeofare lepeopou, y work em th out, youei rsemburhe t sp ho bitalseecau w welil get -- >> ndexte meiddica? >> c youoan d itou thrgh me iddica. u yodocan t itghhrou someer oth y, wa but'm i just sgayiny ver lesimp -- andhi t hsas nngothi to doh wit lesing. hthisasdo to with mahu.nity hthisasdo to withav hing a t.hear anwe ce hav beunablievle in ncsura ae at much l owercost. do i knn't fow i youno kw ob aramace is goingp u 35, 45, %, 55 the pumremis are tghhrou e th ,roof in '1 i7t llcos.apse yo u'reoi gngha to veeo pple --
8:37 am
pl bans, yuteou'rng goiha to ve pe toplehaton w'te bbl ae to rdaffon eve10 s.cent anwe clenot emt th o die tnhe st s,reetuc chk. d anewe'r goingo tak te care of em th. et whither ed's md,icaiyo or u're go toing or wutk oe som kind of a wdealithpi hos ttalso takear ce heof tse pe.ople bu it if'm idpresent,eo pple en aroi't go ng tyibe dn ng ithe re st ets. he>> tasre wou a tiegh p tcehis ek we " inwathe gtshinoson pt" pl im tyinghat yourpa camignnd a you iidndivy uallareou tgher on nwome rrcondespo, entsnwome oranchoms, wenor reptersha tn men. asit wth in e .post tr sump'en ptchan for itinsulng pe aoplend oizrgannsatio that di assplem e hiisel wl owkn n, less rkremapoed uwen hohaver s en be s thealpecite conthmpt at tr poump ouurs r t fowothe men whohr cleonic his aicampgn. >> hi i t'vnk i beeen terough on u yothan any h bumaneing o n h eartiner t omsf rtrepoer. >> hi i tynk me wif bveeliehas tt to o. >> t i'merough y onoun tha an y.ybod i >>he've thard ese werhisps rebefo. er th ae's ppterce oion ute.ther epperc?tion apperh'ss it the megynly kel
8:38 am
oo>> lhek, se gave m all reay ph ony esqu.tion it was a tusep quonesti. it as wn'tve en a esqu.tion asit w a atstt.emen asit win opappre.riat iand hiter h .hard ini thatk thfi's ne. t buouif ye gav me that es qu, tionhii'd ut yohe t same way. aryou ee th pcterfe one- - you bhaveeen, you ,know underir fe om fr me for ag lon .time yoand e u arfarm fro a n.woma >> well,ha tt is a ctfa. th .anks >> n ievern eveea hrd this. i n'haveent se thertrepo. ien havee't sn it. i get so muchli pub icityon d't t ge toea r edthverying rtunfoelunaty. t bu wthisasn ith "she waoningt st po"? ok loth, i tink ahereomre se me wo tn --'shere oneti sit ng t righ toverhere ien th be fuautid l res,dres do youee s that w oomanthver ere? i ghave rreatctespe forha tt ma won. do i knn't f ow iknshe thows at i' tmngalki about r.he i' mal tkingut abo you. i d woulr nevehado tt to u.yo i >>ie bele've h rsrieferong t eaandr hemitcll. >> r i'mrieferng to eaandr. i >>t wanto askbo autne oal fin th ing hernde a in 1999he wn you lk taboed a rutngunni for
8:39 am
ma y beie easor t peledgei bng a e- ontermre pntsideau becse'd you ttakehe picolit osutth of e se cond.term oudo yll stiee fhal tt y?wa >> well, t i think aherere ce nrtaian advstage b iutf'r youe gdoin aat gre job- - si'veeen pe ople doha tt and wtoant go fu r rthedoand e moroo gdpl peoe an eyd ther nev n.wi be e caus stheyaidne o t aermnd ait'sl rea tinegave. i t don' twantyo saha t btut th arere rte ceadain agvantoes t it. bu wt if de'reoingat gre and if th ope peikle le me,f ias i w lu ckyno eugh to n.wi yo u know, myho wlehi tng isak me am a erict grean.agai 'r weine goog tak meri ameca gr eat n.agai ke maur oil myitar st,rongak t e ocaref our tsve, we'llav h e ngstrord boers,e w willav he the .wall anso mffy diteren gsthinea, hlth ca gere, t ridf o obaramac e, tgreans pla forh muc less money. we go're ing toak mere amica ea gragt ain. lli wiel tlou y ifre we'ng doi a t greajob, we'llee kp ingog. d an if we're t,noou y knowe , w have aatutomic rmteioinatn. it'sle calhed ter vots will intermate. bu att th't wonpp haen. >> yo so u're notng doi a e- on termgepled? >> ,no i'm notng goido to a on rme-teed plge. i if'moi dng a goodob jl i'l gkeep. oing on>> dtrald lump,eave it erthe. e se iyoun s outhroca. lina
8:40 am
> >> wwhenmee co , back dwhato th owe ia rtsesull tel usbo aut wh ayat mpe hap inn new shhampire? llweit, a's lot, but it may be notha w ytou think. >> hi i tenk w knowug enoh to say th wie somta cer tintynehat w mp haeshiron tightas h madeil bl in clthton eco ckmeba. kid ee[ chndrs ala app]use thfue retuel bgsono te thstfa. d anelto hyop ceu acralete, we've created a new company... totaone folly oncused wh exat's nr yot fousur biness. e thartrue piptnersh e wherle,tpeopolechnogy id and eas evepushe ryond.forwar ac raticelennng in.ovatio ac ticeleransng traatioformn. ac nex
8:41 am
flthe s u viruighits b . awithchches, ills, an ved fer, there's no such thing as a ttli.le flu an nd it beeds aluig so: antioniv antiral. w soe hen thtsflu hi, y callctour doightor ry awa and tup anthee a withiralntivif tamlu. es proncriptilu tamifs i an ivir anthaal t t s attackflu the sviru at its source heand oplps st it from spreading ithn .e body ta ismiflu pp fda ad rove t tohereat t flu p ine tweopleko weofs nd age aer old os whsye flu mptomsst d arteinwith e th twolasts. day be takfore ingu,tamifl outell yorr doct you if're na pregnursnt, hing,ave ou serialths hedi contions, tak orhee otcir medines. if d you aevelop n rgicallect reaion, vea seh,re ras igor sunns of beusual or,havi op t staking tamiflu and youcallctr doedor imm.iately enchildrdo and aentslesc tiin parcular y ma abe t an eaincrd serisk sofzuei cres,fuononsior, ab rmnoehal bioavr. th moe cstmoom nsi ffde etsec are ldmimo to radeaute na se andmivo.ting
8:42 am
ke ja, reese" today al feel e"iv jake reese, "today ee fivl ale" r jake eese, da" fy toiveel ale" >> > a lot of use havbeen st ngudyit whapastes rultsn i
8:43 am
it ns turut o each oef thee thr inleadpug reanblicdi cans date ofout a iowe havto his oryn r theidesi. jitust ddsepen w onhichis htory yo u ch.oose so if you're ted cruz,ou yt wan e to bjohn kerry in 2004. th eaat yrer kry tedrailar howd an de erevreywhe, idinclun ng i ntheamew hrepshi poll. en the camthecu cau isesn iowa. rr key n,wo deanis finthhed ird ll foowed by then dea sc,ream a y kerrrgsue. rr keuny wod upni winigng b in ne mpw hae.shir wdeanooas sn outth of era ce. is th ist whaou yt wanf iou y're te d .cruz yturnourig ba iow wino int new shhampgoire ld. up ,next thear mco rubio and ga eary hrt ensc.ario in '84 hart tedrailal wter almonde b.adly ga ryt harll sti ceex,eded quote, pe exioctatanns, bdeecamhe t big ti naonalto sry .line so und mifa,liarat senor o?rubi ll we, it edwork. whartentnt oo a big vryicto in ne mpw hae shirthelo fol wwingeek d anec bamehe thi cefom ctopetir
8:44 am
na fi wlly,vee haal donumd trp lt chs he. anhe wo ts thebe trg geoe h.w. ibushstn hiory. 1988h bus wasad ahe upve or bop b boe dol by ten inpots. like bush o mnyonda head h a sa dintppoishing gowin in waio. he ua actlly fheinishid trd to .dole e thera was lotf ous bhpa camign ha ndng wri wingithh buspislipng t inpohe ll. hwhatneapped in h newhiampsre? he g hunn on ienthe itd que lynice. w heonew nps ham ahirendnt oo wi innng their entepe rcaublin nanomi ationndco of ursehe t idpres encyit.self hrso t eeonfrnnt-ruersac eh have so erme v osionfis htoryn ohe tir , side wbuthicher v wsionill ay pl out tayuesd ghnit? o whno kwst as thi inpot. mei sll a jumble co.ming ayanywom, cing up,h wit l arry ddavi hngostind ani berean sders nn ru hing,ouow cld "sdaatury ni ght"live sirest? they dndi't. >>no eugh is en.ough wed neeo tte uni andk wor ge to ithere'f wllre ang goio t tgehr tghou . this
8:45 am
th iatcys r-beimcre and ffit aacects eanh evd onery ofe us. mi oscrcroft teeaed th l digitaimescrni ut to ht figer cybme-cri. se twe uiche m crosoftoloud t visualize information e caso wacn tr tk downcrhe als.imin en whme it co thes toud clo, ust trd ancurise aty repa mounrat. we're building wt wehaea lrn back into the oudcl maktopee le aop ndniorgaons evwhat'rer youg,e doinplan l weljoand en..y life. or w, asate say un healitedrethcaan insurmpce coany,go g. lon ho u w yoanplup is o tyou. ta hkehcealtare. ke mayo sure covu're eredrefor mo wthansthat juar medicys..e pa. ns coeridaa an mrparedice su mepplensnt iceurann pla su in ured bydheanitearlthce rancinsumpe coany... e th monlyaredicppe suntlemean pls th arat chery tp aar,name and onthe t es thansmillioof p eeopl t trusftyear y always have a plan. an w pl eell.ifnjoy le.
8:46 am
w meelco ckba. t' leris bacng bk the l.pane de atmocracic re. s toett i upet l p'sut atl lite mp coioositgen to otheref th al rearly hshac attksha tt th e ey'v beenexgichanng. here it .is >> beingar pt oef th ta eshmblisisent in is theas lt qu r artenghavi aup sacer pt tha edrais $15li milonro fml wal st . reet >>hi i tnks it' time tond ehe t ve ryrt asmful eart thaou y and cyourigampaavn hene be cinarryg t. ou i >>e havbeen cciritizedor f yi sangha tt b iveelie all ofur o op pelere a elentitd tolt heah re ca. ye s, i plead tyguil. i >>fou yk loot a aot l of w hat
8:47 am
e thum nberst juson ddd't a up. w >>hatea lhiderssp ibo aut is t no just sinwimmgh wit the rr cu ent. hi>> t as is entffory bhe t sa snderam cnpaig toic basally y sabo any wdyho'sve erak ten a do onnatit , no fjustwarom ll st reet re stifet, t youaketo it the onnational cioclusomn fr yb an iody,ugs bondht ad pai >> toipti twantaro stist th nv cotiersan on oage larrop tic w weere tngalkibo aut offer cama st yey.erda 'swhatci fasngnatiut abohi ts mo deiccrate ract'is ihes t t firs ionen myet lifthime at ha ens be ae raco tthe ftle. h we'tavenn seethatn i l aong .time seit udbe to theoc demcrati es prtiidenrial p wmaryas a bout mothe lest electab laliber who co huuld eg th mi.ddle thand sat's ttillhepa camign in clntote wando t ru bn, ut 'sthat t nothe one she haso t no w. >> s it' hveryfoard r her to tfighim h bseecaus thi eiclast us te oferhe tm prssogreive. pr ssogreiveer coveded tdy os rot,evel m aatoderoue, yw, kno
8:48 am
'4 8 cedarrid kin of ay ver hard le veft eo-n pretsovi henry acwalle binreakitg wh tnruma sa tyinghe coldar w was our fa ult. i t don'k thinhe means .that hbute canom c oeutnd a get the fa strthet lef tevor,t jusik le uz cr g canet thear ftthesht rig r,vote andug h that rail. w, no hryillald wouur seprise m w ashehy sts wano to gsi chang r aftem.hi whysn doe'the s draw the neli, wh dny dihe't so d it three hsmont, ago'm iot n a cisot,alis n'i dotet haoc sstialiuts b i'm no t one. re he's y,wh fmeundalyntal i do evbelien ifrthe ntee eiserpre. at th's hurow ote sysms work, ca beofuse t thaed fre dom i on't wa nt the government to tryo t run erevngythi. b >>ut eaandr, p the hartyas mo ved. he>> tty par has moved. is th mirendse mof 19nd92 a e' shsts lo b thease and the wo men. th wat'ss hat'nistunerng h ien ne mpw hae.shir ey th r areyeall- -he ty't can gu fiutre o howo tom cbat that. t so tory tott aractng youom wen whom sheos l btyuc sh
8:49 am
inand theli polng so far here, s she'ggoino ten wom crsente who by ditefinionre at par oef th ta eshmblisanent erd thnoe's fe mmalearco biruo. u yo thave ao bener old woman to become a senator because the idecks sota sckedga a instu.yo th at's jthust ale reity. ouso ygo've ten wom nase,tors u' yootve gad mneelei aghlbrit o whdavaliteser hei forgnol picy encreds tialandri czeticis.d hi thbut peese aoplehend t us friotratn ofad mneelei al htbrig o andfla hilrynt clion is d whyon'tse theng youen wom al rewhize eat wt wenou thrgh and w hoween havon't w theat btle yet. an hod w, oh,s thi b cane taken .back whand rey a tn'they tireacngo t m18onilli csrackth in lae gss il ceing? >> ha,llie youen havee't snt i heon t trail? >>no. at whnt's itieres tngeo mhe wn u yotalkbo aut beernide sanrs he s hagamon aif dntfered kin of toelec.rate oki spthe wi w aomanes yayterd e' shens be aeg rreisted pu reanblic in namew hrepshi for 15 aryes. e shoiis gng toma priry for jeb sh bu t andhentc swierh h gi retistrao on sshean ce vot for be rnie ersands. sh oue's het treor wking and ntvolungeeri toly ral peeopl
8:50 am
of t whas he' tngappi i tntohat ksspeaso to inmethg atl lite bmore troadhant jus theic typal y part. line ot>> bhar p atiesrein racgo t ei thr s.base i >>ov let whand a jreaust .said 'rtheyine gog 19,72 i'm all for th at. >> , but ,hugh the rliepubcans e arg goin '64. e >> w thave ahetybilio t come ck ba quy.ickl i us mayt s i s wasedtunnyo by ur te inw rvie swithorenat ersands. i k thinites makim h notia vble a as cdaanditeo tbe ttha hard ft le f ongnorei cypoli. i dide notha tnat doruld tmp shfiniheed t de ebatriby bg ngin up n'intosve serasr lt t.nigh ouso ye hava tblerriy ecunele tablidcandatests wan to go l fulin agast aan ctedida who shaws fla on rdecor andes honty su ise. ep keng goi to '72. i>>e hav stoayve edyrybo is go ing to get albrut.ized e thtwoom nsinee g areoing to be pr ettyte bat arednd uibr sed. >> y the woung yomanrdesten ay i orconcmed cat ala hilry i wdorke for youn i 20 b08ut tleroubd by ng be ahazihend t rvse ser,he's ge g ttinowblbackro fem ther vy pe soplehe s.need
8:51 am
ke ta aui q pckause rehe. wback oithur end game set.gmen wa i ont tw shoou y shiometebng j bu tshdol mehi ts mngorniut abo st laht nigeb's date.or m aning bout st la - can you eccollwat rain ter howeto sthr wi, bue t thersiare eaayser w o to g green. li akinke torg showter sh ers, icwherh conswateves r d an ylowersbillour . u' yoll sloing lang balds inhe tai r n d andishort s inttie s the hower. t orhe mu e yo know w dhat' youe mak ofat senor
8:52 am
i >>t's risc,pted you ,know agmesseci diseplins i poimt.rtan d an iy envdi cans datewho can re tpeatamhe sine thgr ovend a overn.agai my berroth wasoo gd at that. tobut beo s stecriphad tt you ca han't heve t atygili to ,show u yo owkn t, lherseadephiki s lls ythatouee ndo tbere pntsidef o theni ustted iatesnk this i -- be ccameleart las ghnit. >> yes, jebus bhpa comringco mar o rubiisto h otbrher, i s.gues fl rengectila on st ghnit's tedeba a leittl ear.rlie i' inm goo g thave al fulen lgth rvinteoniew that'l youeel s mo to rrowrnmoing. avwe hece spcoial gevera on ms anbcsve edyrybo owkns. to owmorran's psel i here, end ga me .time , hught righ-- >> t nex ai'ves lwayevbelined i en opnv coonenti. ho i pe i geto to gn dowo tou sth ro ca blinaseecau w'som cgin out to f fightisor hth broer. ma rco biruo's got toet g offf o flthe beoor e causofhi ts eipercloved asss lght nidt an it wi e ll ba ntfac.asti l >>e et mt paina ensc,ario
8:53 am
th llen a of a su,dden sika,ch sh bu,ub rcrio, uz, 17, 1 16,5, 14 bo, nody gets out? >> s a iowasi pas donsrive youo t go th to e uscauc yes,avou he to t ge voin.lved yhereoue vot as a civic duty. ev oderyboty ves in h newhiampsre t inhe prieimars. op perele ang goio t go outnd a vo te. wh heen tey se rubioin havg a leprobem ther oth t,nighhe ty ve haeb somyodls e iet'sng goi to be kasich. he s sitre thes an a op.tion th i ink khasic isng goio tdo edincr wiblyellec bausef oic civ .duty 'rtheygue relar vo. ters >> iho tught head h- - by the ywaas kich had his best deebat 's her evehad a hnde's notee bn tgrea athe tse bade tes. ue>> qnstiout abois h or zagani ationhend were hes mov fr erom hde anis ham cnpaigls fee li heke tny cao det som hingin, at th l's a tongime ayaw. a >>a,ndreth sou canaroli's go toing be- -e who thtug -- h soutlicaro gna's toingkeo ma l2000 lookike t-pakea-ca. th wat'si hat inthk. >> st fir of all, yavou he beerni nd sanoers win try cg toteompe r foafthe n-ricaicameran .vote
8:54 am
bu u t yo thavehe venstera, the t >>ephe rcaubliden sis thiis go toing a be ba. ttle ep>> rcaubliden sina, doruld tmp p isnglayith to eer vet aansnd th e limi.tary m i' snotureas k cichan do .that w>> iaant trkaump- sichettick. th wat'si hat twanto i >>t wantong bri up a p oint hthatasot gtenos latt th i th maink edy feo intrca peonepti wthatn'e doovt c terhesehi tngs theam se. e th riowatsesulre, th te ofhe to urp fodi cans dateheon t pu reanblicid sree we twohis anhispics and an af n-ricaicameran. you ,know hriistoigc nht for the re icpublan party. ey th're not -- >> neregengrati a party that is ol fed li iser vy imanportt. >> th anohier thang ttt gose misd atl lite bit last ghnit. maryat kehrin ham whoos lr t he anhusb ad int ugusandel dediver ei thcor se cndhildn iov nrembe di d ari tercfiob jas lt ni ght. s>>he d.di i >>t wantoak tye m hatff o to he r. e' shs ininspirg. >> abtesoluly. >> good badete. >> wa it s a good de.bate le let's heave nre o a leright te no. y iferou w weinatchg at"syurda
8:55 am
d woulbe exudcuses ae w twereo tw oer bniean s odersn stage. erwe weki talng to srsandeiv le in tu sdio 8h live with larry da onvid aboat. >> i a smok sic othver e 1% ge gttinhi tsre pntfereial ea trt.tmen pl[ ap ]ause ghenou is ouengh. eewe n tdo unite a wndork thtogef er iewe'r alloi gng to gethr tough isth. s>>sounde lik sliociasm to .me >> em dtiocrac cisom.alis ha>> wst' the dienfferce? >>ug he ffdiceeren. >>gehu. >> gehu. >> t thawas onee morun pche lin er the, eaandre, hal t akedbout ltheyandn o ellis idslan ande h ys sau, yo know,y me nam is rn beiean sders tswiki,p dro the
8:56 am
i >>t's funny wne cagh lauut abo at thut, b theer othhi tngha tt co beuld to hisryin makndg a ey th'real tking aboutt i tishe tfirs jh ewisesprt.iden >>no,e' hsng goibe to he t fi jrstewisanh ctedida on the mo deiccrate sidinto weg delates he n re ihanew irmpshe. 's itng goio t ha.ppen e'therens be hryistoll a over th e e.plac fi rst, first, first. iand'veee bnur sedprisll ar ove th e veco.rage we did itht rig rehe. t >>lialk ke this orhi tnk -like- >> i know, iknow. o>>urs kid don't get it. t >>shat't i for datoy.
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