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tv   Today  NBC  February 8, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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rocky mountain high. nd>> a b theisall , outhein t d ennezo! >> theen dr veonbrs con wie th su r pewlboup, ttseg ine th licaroanna ps ther0.24-1 ytpeon manning now the oldest winning quarterback in super bo iswl h.tory s waisit has lgat ?me we'll ask him this , plusthall ghe hitslighm fro e th. game on>> vle mild r digait ain! he>> tr- stadestudlfd ha time sh .ow an f d, osecoure , thercomms.cial >> py pupke monbay by. >> > fighting bac k. y >>aiou se d th tsame thinghree or r fous.time si'llt ay in.agai >> co mario rubce for dd tod efen why he repeated the same message fo imur tures dthing bae dete. wh biile lill c bntons lasta ou gr bp ofe erniersands sursorte g for aoing hfteris wife. tt>> a tacksarhat tee liy rall prtoo , ofapn,ofte t noto
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>> n theamew hrepshima pri ry a y da.away anpad incka g h.punc mthisngorniiz, bl wzardngarnis ac nrossngew ho scalols y readoscl aedoscrs the region. a ndsecorm stori is beght hind odit tmoay, , ndayuafebrthry 8, 16 20. >> ou ann: ncer nfromewbc ns, th iis"ts ayodwi" mtht atuelar and savann gahhrut, ieveliro fm st 1udio ra infeocke pller.laza oo>> grnd moing. lc wetoome da "toy." it m's ay ondainmorng. do jublen oy ilathe uer ho olusehd. l alidmy kres weti rooorng f nv deer. 'rtheykie wap ng uy.happ atheydylrea t gotobhe rllo ca at thoo sch cl isd loseusbecae of ow sn. >> ht migec affe t thngvoti in ne mpw hae.shir re moth on n at imea mont. >> t'> lears sttht wi g theame ou thgh. it ur's o s top.tory n dylaerdreyw dreluthe cky w strawaand ers th te tousake ndbehi s thes.cene n,dyla n i'dllormay y saelto tl a us tboutighe brm stot , bu
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ep>> rr:orteil i wlll te you t aboumait, tt. i hewatc wd itmyith e ownyes. pe su rrmanteeverckd bacl to ark nt kepe as mytonnganniro's bncos de edfeat n camn ewtohiand s nt pa.hers stheyefay d wenseins am chshpionanips atd thha's wt we atsaw er supl bow50. cobronnes lierback m vonr ille we ontn to win the game's mvp. omfrhe tow pfuer"sl r taanspedglba ernnto" he tta sstr-deudd halftime show wtot haoppe alere speculating was peyton manning's last game, it was a huge night in santa clara. >> the ball is out. in he tnd eon ze! the caliro tnadoouchwn. ep>> rr:orteer supl bows 50 iin hithe y c ifewam nwaton pes su, rman ytpe monnian ang tnd bheroncos fedee nsreweis hry th bre coonbes tat phethans er 24 m-10,g akinmanning a two-time r supe cbowl ahampivnd ghiing m rea rdco00 2ar cr eenswi.
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is thm. tea >> or rep iter:stf laht nig was y-fair etaleg ndinheto t 39 r--yealeold mg's career in the nf hl,wae 'tsnay i>>av hpre riioestin ideorr. i ntwao tsskiy mfewiki, mssy ds ki. >> thallt'se clo t outalhe hf. >> or rep ater: lfterg osinto erdenvro, ca'slinaye 26-ldar-o qumvp rbartewhack bbo daised h y waugthrowih a g nninonseas, wa cls early upset during the post ge amrvinte iew. he>> tayy pleted bthter u n'i doowt knt whawayou e nt mto y. sa ep>> rr:orten wheadhe hug enoh, sheplimgoy t up and walked out. wh neile 'swtonfo percermaned end in ap distmpoinfoent ror ca lina , fans gladys aga'itrendofion e thr "staglspananed b aner"t e tht starheof te gamd liveup tto hhee.yp 'rwewae inlkoug ont he tie f ld for the super bowl halftime owsh. it be'll zi amang. f asheor th- mucciantid pate lfhametiho s--w
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dla mef ey o osomeeif thr gg bihiest ts. but it was special guest bru no rs ma b andceeyon s whotole the show. say my name, you know who i am ep>> rr:orteh witma"for,"tion a su serprion sshg ree asle oedn tu sa, rdaykishocanng f s on aysund. e shrfpemeoritd live for the fi tirst n me it fronn of a es mati18ted ll9 miviion s.ewer hein tnd esu, r pewlbo0 5d ha thsomefoing err ev.yone brceleg atinama chshpioninip w enin d cver,inarolnsa fain copg with deaeft. ki tat ng iinall le at vi's st m adiuanin slata cra. th ode "tshay" t ow ae thpesur
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no hew, tasre wot a ldi leap ng u to s thehow. ft lerk shan' didket ma an ap anpearurce dthing lfe ha time ow sh. cothe tinfet g was aold, nd i ok toe som sas aniouver. >> re we'ne joi dd byr enve cobronin's lkeebacmar de rcus .ware go orod m. ning racongtitulaons. oo>> grnd mo ing. d>> i kon'tifnow s it'a rn moofing ti conionuat yn ofour yipartasng lght niutt, b how do t es i tfeelkeo wasu up per bo hawl cmps? y >>noou kt'w, ibrs fe tuaryhe 8t ghh riw t no:4at 3m.5 a.d , an i tiam soill gigng rowht n. 's itoo a gind thg. st juin havn g fut righannow d ce atlebrwiing heth ts. guy t >>alhey swayshaay tfet dee ns cwinsiohamppsnshi. >> t' thaghs rit. he>> wu n yoinsat r thethoom e stlaou ce plekweans yod lou edok at tapes of cam newton and the hepantwhrs, idat d s youn ee i th taose thpes adat mu e yok thin
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t >>hihe ts,ng ius i jokt lo at the speed of our defense, and having guys that can rush the pa lssermeike v andndon aik mal woand lf. se gutup ys. 'v weene bein agao st s many ru g nnintequarksrbac. wi arth aodon r, gersewandrk. luc e thos sguysofort u gotads rey fo isr thnt poiht rig. now lrwe a headyurad oh rusagpacke d angsthinne we teded to doo aicontgun a key li n camn.ewto e so w t bu kwew nesoalho we wrewe go aging t.ains ahe'sat grert quackerba. c >>ewam ndoton t esn'ersuff lfromofack fi cone,denc i butt em sekes lire the t waskehis y pl aray en ly o twithache shek, t lefumbe , thhdtoucown. do f youlieel hake ts t way a ke me mon nt igathe o me t okindf se tht coe seur? >> t inkhit iwas a key moment tin i think we ndeeethd path,ushe t timotiva fonm rougva ghntiet ng th ste p rickbaan, thd gentietng uca ton.hdow u yosecan se itofort u puts ov heer t a top. bit w wealere y readpistopheng t run
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c weetan gth to sse pa er a lelitt. bitf23 ricamaennes va priondo c los ga evme, efen bthore mee ga, wo thuld e is bonpeytni man ng's la amst ge. hedid a sayinnyth tg inhe lo rckerproom elivat ty tohe ay plthers eaat louds y to be e liev lhe'sngeanion in e re din ctionoor a?ther w>> in'ouldint th -k he- i me fran, heom tec speath th he ve ga t allayhe wto up g theame, ani mefe, i iklt l we hen as iit 0% 10 n andhiot tg nkint,abou you kn reow, ngtirian or ngythie lik at th. bu out, yw, knoth if s is iasor w lahis amst goue, yw, knowe he nt ou tt onop. m i' gjusttolad ab be o le t-- go lit a lettie p ocehif orsty hwithorim f l thetwast aro yes wi tth dheveenonr br cos. s >> buperchowl onampiar demcus re wang, colaratus.tion f >> seelsodo go. ou>> sgonds od. >> w youitear l. wel >> nk tha s youcho mu. c >>atongrioulato ns tanhim d al e l thcobrons. by w theweay, go're toing e hav
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nn maliing anve, red moth on e lf ha stimehow. e thoselclostcy wahed mm coalercis s, a.well 'l we tl dothhat horougheut t ow sh. w >> ne'reonot dlke taabing out suthe boper utwl b's letk tal tipolics. th ese prtiidenacal rhee, t new shhampprire y imaromis tw orro thand nde caesidat m areg akin ei thlar -mstutinpue esshft a aer momeblrae republican debate over wethe d.eken o marco rubis findelhimscif fang w neckattaiss thni morng. avwe hl e alt of irecoved. le stt's wiart etth per al deexanr. mgoodngorni. >> or rep gter:moood g rninto yo u. r afteatrepehiing f msel pe relyatede , thtiqueshion ts rn mo cing,aran mubco rio bo reund? it b wasr y famothe rast dc mati deand ngfinien momost, mt lechalg nginntmomeru of s bio' ca gnmpai. iit'stamporecnt b iausenst ru e th oriskinf reinforce g th tinegaarve curicathaes tbit ruo t isrooo pmegramood, tot robic. he n re igrthe e anite,stat na doruld toomp l tkingalo se his ad lein agaebst jh. bus
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.help m, mok walhein tw. sno ep>> rr:orte l thet atesckatta r aftep trumelbarrthled h roug bo n os ordsatuigay nht. ro>> py pert afromden elrly wo man. >> m letlke taie, qut. lo a tt of--ime [ ]boos >> or rep tter:mohis g,rninco mar bi ru to isg ryinilto s ence iccrittes afe r thhmfresan se r,natoea alrnddy uirer fr e fo inbetog sco ptri, edpereedat the same rehearsed line four times. l >> set'switop heth tti ficon th arat boback doama t esn' know atwhs he'g.doin fithe n ctio bthatk araca obam do t esn' wknowhehat oi's isthot nn ioatthar boback ama n'doesowt knt wha dhe's.oing r >>teeporubr: reeio slyming tt rawiled hrth chris ce isti li dengveri p theinoundg. >> re theis it e , thrimemozed 25-second spchee. erthite s, ive eborydy. r >>teeporubr: r oio'senpponts d coulrabe bg ndinashim an un edtestot robe , thodepise ngtakia on olifes f itown. e thidcandigate ngnori the di ri aculealnd t aking bout erdiffence dis flynn, not a lack dofthep. >> w ildouay phe ttom un r the clip because it's what i be evli pe,siasatony.el >> reporter: the contenders
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ck bae stag upile tp inhe -vrearmiiew s.rror idcand matesngissiir the. cue ot anfoher tergottin en. rely e'>> woire go ng todintrohuce io ve go jrnorkaohn .sich ep>> rr:ortes thiinmornerg, he yoare taur sgsndin. rackg po coll, syurteou of ier frinnds st boumon, lass,l,owel s youee lddonamp trune in mpw hae,shir rt fongifyi l hisupead po 21 ints er ov c histiompe.tors crted nduz aco mario rubin behd m. hi kjohnh asicjeand shb buin behd th em. ch chris ierists sayrathe ce ch d angenioverght. elhe bs ieve ntheya eed ngstro orperfe manc therefohat r ur o pe s rhap cfivedaandimates vey mo t onuto soroh ca llina taterhis mo nth. tt ma s andnaavanh? p >>, eterk thansoyou h. muc ov n er odethe atmocridic se,
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e thllpoovs cerntli hondiea ng tintoewhe nps ham phireryrima. t buidit dstn't liop c fntonrom ma akingou det sr ony.unda eaandrch mitisell lo fol wing rthatace. go orod m tningu.o yo >> or rep gter:moood g rninto yo u. litraierng bsanie s ndery badl re hene in mpw hae,shirla hilry cl n into tlefttahe sunte stoday o go tt flina for e.whil si a tgnalnyo mat thas she' adalrecuy fo osinge n th imprieartos om ce. but bill clinton was all about tr ying to change the outcome he irenen haw r fo cbillonlintth, gle esovre a f of nin hewpsamrehi. >> when yoreu'in makg a re tivoluyoon, n'u ca tt beoo re caabful thout cte fas. >> reporte tr:orhe fmer pr enesiditt crinicizndg sa ers' vibehan or icathe gnmpai. i >> gs hefoood err amica? do i thn't soink . is e hgood for new hampshire? do i thn't soink . oo sn. sh r r>>orepr:tean srsdese' orni adviser called president toclinwon's qrds,, uote sa dintppoiing. sa tyingamhe cn paig will inconto ue ts focuheon tue isss. in cliston o alsg goinr afte ersandups' serportr s fog usin hwhatlle caxis seanst le.guag
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o toofpre,anft onoen, t to nt meseion . xist >> repteorehr: bbyind bl doue gi dits, hillary clinton was back n inamew hrepshida sunghy nit. pe apg alinvofor ites,tinsisng sh ne isivot guping th on e an grstite ate. 'm>> ing goiwo to orrk fry eve te voan i c b gete eforpothe lls cl onose sd tueay. >> reporter: b tutolhe phols sw he lor ngsiup srtpomo a wngenom, es cipelyalou y wngenom. ci fan ng alluphiat be tl nin ew mphae,shirnt clipeon sosnt mt of nd sun ay iflint. >> whahat edppenfl in isint mo im ral. i an tssueamhe cn paigs feelis re tisonang. >> il i wanl stthd wi e you very st f ep owathe y. wi i otll n o for mneutinfoe etrg about you. r>>teeporndr: a i shesos al ca esnglati a herksttac on sa s'nderei forolgn picy encreds.tial he>> teare rislly ann't ndy ki of foreign policy network that s isrtuppoaning vid ad sing tosenandr saers. r >>teeporanr: s fders biredack. at>> l iely,e hav lbeenreectud on ei forolgn picy. r >>teeporndr: ame hamred cl n intovofor ftingheor tq ira
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w>> iigas rn ht o ithat.ssue ll hiclary n intowrwas ong. ho oldn! r >>teeporanr: s sdersd howehis telighder sih witdohis , uble la darry ovid,nln "s." >> ne we o ed te unitwoand rk to ergethwe if al're inl go g to thget h roug.this s >>s ound slikeliociao sm tme. em>> dtiocracic som.alis w >>s hat'dithe enfferce? h >>diuge enfferce. ug>> he? h >>uge. >> or rep bter:e erniersands ca hills f mselndan ug erdo ai agthnst ine clmaton e.chin ewin nps ham, hireashe h ts ou hpent:1er 2te in silevion ads. ot anreher tasonlihe c nton mp ca iaignt s nomiopti asticbout cl g osingathe rep he. is the racetis g ntingerasti. ersands s haundenothced e sursorte h whobeave en en nggagion in hlinesmarasent. a >>a,ndrenk tha v youmuery ch. et>> lri's bn ng iexour s.pert llnicolle waseace arved s an
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aicampangn, ucd chddk to, mo todera "r of tmeetrehe pss." oo>> grnd mo ing. hu>> cbick, meg mobint, g ak stes. ri chris ch astieutbsolely ev raiscemated rurco bio. is thpa camwiign evth seien, ght idcand, ates lit'sa ike ogamef re thmee-dinansioesl chs. er whese dofa it utll o? >> hi i thenk tse concequen of hwhatneappetud sa nrday iights, th i noink te matatr whpe hapns re herr, baoning te ofhe nd caesidatt sorkyof setrocking or up an ovset ruer ti mp, k thin eait mowns nod nobtsy ge. out th i itink ns mea h newhiampsre es dowin't t n oufithe eld. rc mabio rud o happan oniortuty t tocoake l ntroheof te racon sa ayturdht nig. he w kneybeverwaody ins go g to acome hfterim. th wat'smahat sakes ayturdht nig p soexerpling. he w kne wtheycoere aming fter anhim wd het asn' ndhe ep ed uinblow g an rtoppoy unit ithatnk thild cou
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no timinabeon, e lievr it onot. h ifd e haashad d goo nof aight as ha he bd asf ad ogha nit. l >> get'srto fuonher t. tha erwe wlke tabeing tforehohe sw. ri chris ch sstie tpenthohe wle we ayek sexing y actl hwhats e wa g goinayto sat to mtack arco o rubihaon tagt st se ondaatury gh nit. ylikeaiou serd, hmee coe s th h.punc goi'm toing y hitigou rn ht i e th.nose o marco rubi'tdidnpa preorre f ndit a n hadswo anorer f it. >> e' herdis a lirty sttlet.ecre o marco rubiolis pinariz tg inhe blrepu pican.arty om fr o thedeutsi l, he looksike eaa pl, santngrisir staurin o nk ras. in tsidearhe pndty a f the ield th kiin s onnedlin poatcy m, ters d anrichchs stri sie aawn en oping. he eg teledraph, and dman,e id h itaket. e >> hluabso dtelyid. esi guats thhe's tst que ion, k.chuc ag onain f theutalloer, wh e it coall dmes,itoes t lif stchriie? do hies tves ha e thet ffecof inhelprig ch?stie wh boat aonut dtrald ump? o nooene gtes afnar doruld tmp. the'snehe o l who tooks o be t abouinto w h newhiampsifre, beyou e lievpothe lls.
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>> on i dno't k iw iflpt hes ch ieristal at l. i t don' iknowrif ch lstied ooke go n od imothe .ment l hed ookeh toughein ten momt, m heruade lobio erok te riblin e thntmomet , budynoboal i tked to ie belchves ierist b haseen he hlpedere. e thidcandthate ayat me havbeen he tlpedoshe m tt by jhis,ohn ka .sich he b hassoeen f rt oguthe aty th n'doestat atnyck a.body ewin nps ham, hire cthat gouldet wa re.rded 's he g thehauy tert evhey otr aicampuign q tetlys hinkd coul d eneiup bn ng indsecoce pla or su g rginhein tt lasteminu. un>> fowny hng thid s enup. i' skll a a you tboutemhe dtsocra .here yo veu hal biltoclint n oue,ther al retaly sg ndinorup f w hisife, hi y llartoclinayn, sthing e ct tabeics using y ed bbethe rnie sa s nderaicampregn a t offhe ch warts.rong wh tat'seahe rn ctiohito ts? >> h youbiave lill c tnton here ok loreing eallyerxasp.ated ythenavou hlle hiclary n'intos pmostneromiemnt fsuale atrroges lo unn ad og younn womearwho e n drawerto bsanie s.nder
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toclins n wa sin ag tronghenou tiposiaton nlliona gy to lide ugthroe h thanups wnd do ts ofhe y earlesstat. e shggstruinled a iowt eigh s yearago. be srniersandefr is heom t ne orighbsting ate. th cte fa c she ban'tree mo ac plheid w'sn hell chad engeis, e,to m g theesreatret tho at t he enr ev atualtybilibe to the no e.mine es the e arlehurdkes lico mar bi rue o shldshoue hav seen mi cong. thi k in'sitor mnce congerni for suher tepporo rs tbisee ll toclind n aniaglorin steem d anlemadealine htbrigom bece hi un angede t th trealt hreashe fa frces anom s tdersthhan e tu achial cinnks a her.rmor la>> p tyingexhe scaism rd, hais twit a ?nner he>> tnty wara to wolly men. asit hhan't edppen. er evngythi b haseen ge tinera, onalgenot .nder clthe n intoaicampnogn kt'ws ill a beg lonuafebrefry bthore ey ge st to couthinarola. hu>> ci'ck, mim cooung yy.r wa mp co cleteagover te ofrihe pmary to owmorrni morn ng oay"tod," heweatrmr pengitti. c >>, huckhayou eeve bn
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re foedwarn. n hitngew is thni moranng, r othebeone hind th neat o. , al'swhatng goi on? w >> we'reinatchpag a oradef or stakms meie thy r waheto t rt not.heas 'shere f the oirstne. ri noght now, srew alinady g lon ndislann, cocuectindt, at jus t abouy readovto mtoe into bosn. i asest do's, itng goibe to mp dua ing lyfaird goontamou of sn roow fw m neanenglond, lg la isalnd, e l thupway to ma stncheer. snthe ilow w hl beereavier lat is thni morng. to t,nighmo it toves n the orth thand cingsdoalm lwn ae ittl bit. we al're oiso go ng toobe l king olat cr d aingcomi in. wh eratevon is g thed rounis go toing ez fre.e up ugthronih to wght, te'rengalki ou abymt pl, outhacmasstthuses, 8 to 10. ma stnche3 er, .to 5 w ne, york tless2.han onbostu', yoicll p 6k up10 to ch inf es o.snow sethe scond, tormindrawthg wi c itr oldeair. sn hoow s awerss crosthe mi lad-at.ntic lalsongooki l forreow pe ssurto ve deallop thong one frd t anmake it y s waheto tth nor. e th ngoodisews is, th't isn
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l it'lctaffe a theacppals,hian invirgthia, lme de arva nspeniula. l stilintalkoug abldt co a airnd ow blsning o ow sl it'l shaveome im .pact th wat'ss hat'g goinon. 'l wet l geouto ycar lorel focast co uming tp inexhe n t 30 mople peo tknowouhe fs r c'a of amdid.on w,noay kew jerelbrs gsinyo ..u.nethe cwest: oc che.olatia levocn cheolatam di.onds lyonev ln,iaas mrstef owejeylrde fsignenor cesturi... ak...mewes j welryraith chre atocolame di.onds vesap u 2to o0%sen ctleev lniast esyl, th wizl dazdeing s sign sthatsuhe's o re k atthe ay, ernumbje-one stwelry ..ore. n ...iicamera. vi lehocoan c dlates.iamond.. .f ..heor tet swethest ining ur yoe. lif
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ha>> tyot's atur lweest r.athe l,>> ank thas. > >>ngcomi a up,ht nig tmarerip fo uir crhise sssp parsenge. the video as their boat is caught in a powerful storm overghni t. >> not eugnoamh dre aminhein t rl wod. > >>lydeadid accatent an ymolc pibsbod lerkpa. tw bro heot krsleild. w hod dieythan me ag stoaknen o tto theckra? first, this is "today" on nbc.bolebsd
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ho w did tyhe meanag an>> cenounovr: mvee orte mysry ta r.ste ec [rinordg] a>>ounnernc r:h acis tinryg to gu tulo >> j>tus ahead, wasup s berlow ey50 pton mag'nninsas lmet ga? 'l weall tok t him veli. > >>m froam cseoo tdo aerabl imans,alhe t ainld wor ofullctf di atesan nvd coonentis,
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la e vieelst ble la e vieelst ble, the eau dear pfum, la menc ce rea ive gfreeift. lyont acyma y's ourfr ncagraste deioinatn an(mm.) hmha wdot you think? an(str gger)moood '!rnin to(s pre.).att aonentipp shoers,
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o) (vre the g's a breatig haun-korki wutld ore the. plexitore a in rusubacr reosstk. velo. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. is ithe s thr joy fome. i lo reve bad! vei lo. bread no i mw juste itanag i, sot don'ysdeny mbreaelf d, i bhave ereaddaveryy. tthat'seniuhe g s of pthis. rogram sti lopo 26 aunds hnd i aven eated breay everlesing. day dadmom, .n.>>so w no fedthatasex hre std amlinee-coour cemmer he and us lped ogrowinur busess, thi 'sink itwe time rt stangactia like ssbusine. ok>>ay... where...e go , >>oht look a...this , okbeso nume.r on p nonal ersos itemare tepermit thed inkp worlace. .so ..e thoseewill ntod e do comwn. bewe'll ng s doi omeatmandstory teing. an
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, >>uhnebut hoe'rey, wri mared. at thng's goibe a to bl proem. gr our ow ynebusih ss witthe ne onlippin shig s tooledfrom fex. [ c ]musi an defiince is bon oures. tracci palrls.ea li debecious anrries eam.d cr ft soewab, ch le,iu calc vm plusin ditam. roonly ftracm cial. ntadveesurro f$5m ,99 pl uus $p to0 30 stondpe s atea. eecome se rok thcayal n.ribbea
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7:26 am
nenshi t outheres thi mog.rnin 'shere aoo lk aet th te atmperures hngeadi t out he , doorissunre, 71 eedegrs,he t s,lake 47 and this afooternn, smoreinunshe and ah higof 71 eedegr 1s,0gr deees aveboor nmal th wihs higth in e0s 7ll aee wk an ord me 70so int the ekweend.>> we hadom se sceurfaee str t deaccihint ts isni morng but thefr yseeware aoo lking clear inlook ngorth along i-15n ithis iviewen th shout pofart the llva.ey to thely belth of e t,beas the hespagbotti wl inhaterc nge, ,i-15. u.s95he wvere einrythg is rngunni upo t d,spee the hbsout toundlraveht rig tot lef heon t ascros here.s u.15 , do ingus jt fein andhe tra ovell av trel s,time just atl litte bi sl n ow o stheboouthund 15. at th's thenl oyea rl tubrole sp kot,ndim ana da . d >> tana: yhankerou vchy mu, to nm, o atth . k >>im: we had a yetwo-ldar-o
7:27 am
rth legas vndas ahe t ayre > >>odgoor mngniev, ybery.od it f'srueby arh,8t01 26. 7: .30 hwee avgra t eaowcrt d ouuron o a.plaz g goinetto git a lsntle odow tay nin yewk.or >> es ywe, . are e we'r ibacke nsidiostud 1a. le lot's t ok a osomee f th liheadnes. ne mpw hae shirrsvoted heaheto t ll pomos to irrowe n thonnati's rs fiimt prfoary e r th idpresalentie. rac o marco rubiowis nen def ding elhimsr f foatrepething mee sa at otackesn prenidamt obura fo me tiris duheng tat deb te onhe sigop de. >> l i'litsay in agae , thonreas e thesgsthin i areoun trisble usbecarae baback os ma ithe t firsidpres aent,ast le mt iny fe limetiat, thts wanch to ange cothe y.untr gechan c theryount. finot .x it r >> pubiongollise in cond ndbehial donumd trp in new mp hae.shir ch leipotta restsuranl wil op aten ldae toy. 'rtheylde hoa ing ancompdey-wi
7:28 am
st rentauraens op3: at .m00 p. eainst td ofsuhe u1:al 1.m00 a. is thes comer aftmp slusaing les te afe r thole. ceai br tkouthat si edckenut abo p 500e.eopl > >>uba doecle-dbuker s ex inplod lg inn.ondo >> h, ogo my sh! i >>s t waalactuarly p at of vi moooe shr t focka jahaie cn ti acilon futm, b b the last htcaugot a lpe of wopleho di rdn'tzeealiwa it sts a unt of arf gud,d anio obv, uslyedscar a oflot pl peoe. ey th i says t wa aneark parand ch enildre werhiwatct ng i enhapp. th idey dthn't think waere s erpropic nott e pun up ithe ea ar. >> ks looit a ltotle alo re. > >> talsomohis g,rninou a rgh rideor fas pngses erugca ihta n m stor ron a coyalbeariban cr suiseofhip thf coe t as of rtnocah naroli. linata he iswiere rath dc mati o.vide g >>moood g.rnin e thheweatrvr sehaice sud ised a rn wafoing rrr hue-icane forc wi annds ssd parsenge t sayhe sh cip'storew held toum abe t th m storsaand heid ttry'd y to be iatt. co itndnsioer wfae wor e rsanth yo anxpne ed.ecte t >> whese aaves5 re 2 tfeetall.
7:29 am
shighsueas andayros a yal ca earibbuin crhise st p hih roug wa rsteff ohe toa c ostthf e ca narolis. 7 >>le5 miho an inur wds. r >>teeporffr: olsiciaay she t nt"am he tofeahe saks" miting s y wah sout nfromorew y tk tohe bahamas, ran into vesere at we fher,ngorci c thetorew ch cangee.ours l royabbcarireean inleasg a st enatemist thni morayng sining , partn in asnadoeaa't bf ns o utcan,iohe tap cintask a aed ll es guo ts t istayein thatr ste ro om until the weather improved. there habes o en ngedamath to e ip sh t duee o thheweatr. enpass ugers ssingl ociaa medito ow shir theer expesiencin ridg out the storm shot videond a ot phf os oletopprnd fue iturand ot miher danor .mage cothe guast reard edleas a at stt emenniover sght,g ayin rv nereous velatigas belln cag in t abour theid love oonesarn bod, t bushthe asip w i notedn ne of stassi.ance h webeave n en iincontued mm coatunicwiion heth tp shiand will continue to do so to ensure
7:30 am
rt poel safy. an mee,whilse pass ngerinconfed heto tabir cweins agre e tero she arr theis fearand trfrusnsatio. twone ngeetion, "dhi't t'vnk ie ev iser mlased hind tchs mu." an r othetitwee"wng, i ish took im sw lmingnsesso." he>> tp shiduschetoled iv arre p incaort ranavel. e thenpass wgersbeill il thrled g toffet oel safy. >> si kisheng tun grod. >> ve> inatstigision er undtoway refigu h out gow a oroupf en tes agergemana sd to oneakn to o aniclympsl bobared ptek afr ur hos. la tter,brwin rsothee weredkill a insh crath on ace trk. c' nbrgs moadan r hfordheas t orsty. >> ep rorter: a communi ityn k shocr aftelyan o pmpicark edtragy. >> looks like we'vgoe sot me oppe tleerheha tmat hay ve edjump f the.ence ep>> rr:orte 1 thear7-ye -old in twtes afeir thbor to ggan as cronhed ig a heeh-spn.d ru i >> bt isveelie ld at eeastight
7:31 am
e thopprtyerft a herrsou. >> ep rteor tr: bhethros eronalg with six friends snuck in thwi their own friends early saturday mo g.rnin e thk trac iusede n th 1988 erwintmp olyisics os alm00t 5,0 fe onet lg. bu e t thwecaldroll bs ther were li lykeam fiailwir itht. th mie faorly watked p theasark ll hias ambrssadoan, sc ning tickets and welcoming guests. t onnihis tght, whereas me sog thinbothe idys dn't ex .pect p >>ayartwn dowgrthe hioup t a e larg ugatetosed ar septhate e bs boanled sed lock tra. o twheof tal mes died at the e.scen >> reporter: 14 turns, 60 seconds, over 62 miles p herr,ou tthig ine thtegat aeabrkneck sp the park's website cal tls he bo d bslefathe t stest sporon ic e. ac re uhing fp totiour thmes e rc fo ge oftyravi. th rke paeo's csn doeno't kw w ho th boe gys ootton he tro prtpey. >> e wveha s afftaf on te llfuim-tsee ricu ptysoerelnn. r>>orepr:ten aoyemplalee cled er emy gencs crewr afteigmidnht, sa syingaleverpl peoree we ju in red.
7:32 am
to the hostapir l foriinjues, r >>teeporurr: os, boyda jorn an and evre, wegh bright lits, th lde ca fwelly amil isaidn a st enatemt. we re ari ginevthg r eisslout b nf cot idenhein tewir ne homof av heen. ep>> rr:ortega mordfn ra nord,bc ne lows, ges an les. osin lel anges. an>> c i younemagi s the peed thhit tee gat tha dtheyt idn' ctexpebe to re the? s >>d.o sa r >>y eallis. > >>s let'a get k checheof t at wefrher mer rok. a >>ncnnoutoer: s day'heweatr is br t oughouto yrh by orinoct, we po arfulgyllerie rell f alday an l d alt.nigh e'>> wetre g rting feady or a r polageplun. stjet treame o thh.sout ci nancinodti ttway, gro deees be nolow .rmal himemp.s 42 at a lantgr4 debeees nolow .rmal to owmorrwh is heen td colair se n.ts i mi wiami hth aofigh 65. n 39 ilochartte. ne rkw yoy, citeg 5 d brees elow er avage. we dadnest y, i isetsn. nd wilschill wil fbe ar,acto as .well e thsioppooate cwest, e hav erdiffprent msoble. we e havt a loeaof h tt toalk
7:33 am
e whilthyou itink g's a reat in theag, n or 90dnn wey esdain s loleange0 s, 7anin s an fro,ciscse boi w 45, se'llee th owe snk pac bdropseecau of e th iheate n thrasieric, whh is no odt gos newthfor oue drght. th wat'ss hat'g goinroon aund th une cotry. t >>s hat' lyourt atesheweatr. >> mi> cop,ng u u theecnexpted mm cofrent loom gstria m einethat ha r s heogapolg izinouto yng wo men. >> up> ex n wt,chhias wou yr vo fa?rite
7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
>> w>e're .back 's it .7:41 h we oavenef o ourav feoritt pos su boper wldi tras,tion hibendssi des theovhanger. >> re we' goingo t recap the esbiggomt m fentsthrom e mega. we e havid dav and iaoliv. od goor mning to you thbo. tniceavo he you .here
7:39 am
slet' see what $5il mlionuy bs u. yo le st's wtartthith eni funestd a weand pl'll lay aeittl ofit. ta olk t o men theer oth end. t>>'shere ybeour fuautil byba. y anay d now -- >> alrely,'r youe egatin ri dotos? he 'sat eingor ditost ay m ul outrasnd. lo haok w ht iave to deal . with >> ino kw. g >>ivee m that. >> iau lghed out loudur ding the ga me. wh idy d you like it? i >> love it. it 's mpsile. ait'sdbsurnd a ricidouuls. th e'er ss nopotar orwer mm giick. it 's notle c overr it'sbs aurd and halaug ble. um>> hor wo rks. hi>> t ts is yheearth of e ce itlebruty, bhi tsd a re tesonad. ink thit ies redonath wit
7:40 am
>> wvee ha arj tearerke ca rytego. t' leols rndl an thee' w trekal tllalk tabouit . it's aam ge soup ser t' i wshye wrewe bnor t>>sehe cisut are spoupdse to be up sower bl ba.bies the nfl is ngsayi, reprocate, er evy.ybod hlookow adleorab. i >>ott tally works. ethes peeopl would notxi estad h th heiromeea tms not won. w hooudo yte betssr ateocia ot fo?ball hii tt'nk igrs eat. t>> ihthougwa it srd wei to owfollwi it th aif dntfere ercomm.cial slet'rt stah wit d'davis ckpi. >> n,ma i mightt jushi cll ni toght. >> puppyke mony .baby puppy monkey .baby ypuppon mkey baby. >> ihi tnke w g etit. dwhy yooue likhi ts rast,tegy da vid?
7:41 am
ki maunng ff oup sower bl it ik's lery eve s buperowl ad ha s a puppy,ke mony orab by. un motainew dag maned to getll a ethreo int oneat creurend a cr deate a songve edyrybo will te haut b won'tp sto sig.ngin >> ou yik led onamaz's ercomm.cial >> wow. >> ad breed wings? reyou'wi blong it, bro. >> m howanyha cnsmpiohipsas h da nin maro n?wo z>>ero chonampis.ship >> alexa, m howany osscar has ec aldw balin won? >>c alewibaldasn h won -- >> alexa, . stop >> iik lte iec b iauset da asn wn o the cocimmeral,on ts ofr sta powernd awc sho waseshat th roe p ovi le pus,ppieon m akeysnd bi bautes b in' didtw knoha wtt i awas me comlrciar. fo thisws sho o wffhathe t co cimmersal ir, fo a.alex ,plusis msyio ellstt i at the wend,hoto sle the showas lt ye ar.
7:42 am
i'mat eingiz p azand na.chos i'mrrsoy, i't don wtan tbeo to aldutborr diahea and n costa constipation. >> from diarrhea to co tinsonpatiot, nt wha youan wt to ee sur dginhe tup s erwlbo. >> ab lusolyte. i' tminrygo t enyjo gcaualemo and here is this guy in black and white, looking lonely as another man leaves the bathroom. >> don't rgfoet the cltiayma on te inestin in inteste. >> s he'd kin of.cute lthe tast ihing'mnk thiing tabou is op-iioidednduc ticonsonpati orardi. rhea ur>> owe viers loves the dosorit co cimmer tal,he uloutrasnd. >> ho i t iughtst wa thene winr heof tht nig. n >>puot ppy, mo,nkey . baby >> ist wahe tes bt stgyrate. o >>orne m emeti, todoris. il$5 m ilions w iorthr t foa -s 30decon ad. vida adnd ivol,iaha tnk you so much. om cgin up,om shietng else 'r welle ach watingt las ghni t,
7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
we e 'rst ljue ikeryoev enelse.yo , u knowagaverese jo. st drart mieaigng bt a >> 'r> wecke bah wit omoren r supe 5bowl0. ei she nellveis o tr inrahe onge ro orom fso carn. h wemoave n re o.that shey,elheinle. >> le whi w youwaere ngtchi the wgamefrith s,iendro ast naut t scoty kellthwas ngrowiup a ser wl boh basonfor e. stho sed buperpaowl onrty ce spa iostatt n buneno owe sho.d up ahe hadomn awesew oe vie f th me ga. w sapethe su ir bowlrsonn pe r afteall. d itt idn' llastong. he be'll sp in unace netil xt mo nth. >> ea> ah cd of mhrisn artiand beyonce's halftime sho tw,irhe ug das hterarappetoing be be st fr s iend pin areicture sha d by yn gwpaeth w.ltro the hatilf sme rhow,ngockier sup
7:48 am
coldplaybr, o unmars and be e.yonc n queee beoktohe tpp otuortyni to ou annhence w r ned worl.tour bithe veg res al ingcomier aft e thrisurprose dofp er hew n si "ngleatform"ion. ca u n yok thin bof ar ettetoway chlaunin a sgle? l>> i iovedt. lo i evved biery it oft. >> t thao combedworkwe so ll. >> el unbblievae. >> ll read.y di a >>ngmazi. i >>s t wat.grea i >>s t waomawese. lli feee asl hp atimalfte. y >>haou wt? s >>elhe flel asigep rftht aer th rse filft ha. i , saidcoyou 'tuldne havedstay 5 up 1 mmoreesinut t forhe ha melftiw? sho >> as i wll rearey tid. >> ue i s b >>e y th hway,o ow dtoyou p a pe marforatnce s the buperowl? waone y. plcoldilay w hl be ere. c >>laoldplly win joiorus f a li onve c ocertckn roleefelr az pl ta inomhe cmoing . nths >> er vexy wii slly ta fup tort,haor f re su. > >>ngcomi s up, buperowl
7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
mak ites a lot of other cards seem one-sided. welcomoae aby strd miparsh .ah mateoy, ys! 's fitl ul thiofs nglovei ... d anee ofrthf dings i.on't ljustchexike ea cerl. 'sitof full stuffiratwe peees nd. ea met up, rtie heas! t keep idown! r.arrr te afushir brng,li esterinotal te carst enrengtheth,s te helps prevent cavities and restores tooth enamel. an it's weasygiay to ve stlieerin t cotalear t to theotal family. list eerinal tot care. e onle, bottbesix tsnefi. po tower mo your .uth so nd sup aicandw h andersomewh go,e toan n d cleaaland re andernowhe,e to b and warmth d loaninokgoodg , an sad wichndnd aoup s and jinsideokes, daand isn ac bk! good, clean food pairs well with anything. th
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
av trel s,time t thewo major ow sls downthare 5e 1th soudboun om frra cig ien thth noral v ley thand 5e 21tb easoundin com g om fr theth souwestle val iyn fromduo.rangth aosere theou tgh s.spotev hieryt eng ilsesni runngp utosp d,eeim knd a nada. im>> kll: ari ght, t hankyou, to m. d >> mana: letrongooki fore mor th an00 3 ley'le hava nnaatioeal s rch on .this rs fi at of yll,avou hoe ta tke an d pass the testnd a if'r you e ea21 ygers a orer old with a gh hioo sch dlmaiplo or ged,ou y n caly apple fw theio natnal st te ningrketwo webtesi. pl apioicatrens a going to be accepted through mchar 9th or un til 2500 acapplis tionare ivreceyed b metro.>> : kimre gatro pingramg teno, mo to mrrowngornin whe y wouake up h wit us, we're super ciexd.te 'rweeak tgin you live todi mar as gr inhe t mngorniou cyrtes nbc
7:55 am
amix,nd it's scho mu fun it :0's 8 t0 on aodaynd mi u fe stminier unde. fir >> when you are young you are thinking wherere a b theoys? bothe reys ah witiebern-- or o >>oh. s >>stuggeuns yomeg wolyn on li erke bsanie s nderusbeca'se he lapoputhr wi g theuys. plus kate middleton's powerful ssme age. >> giving every chila d alhey th happy furetuy thervdesee. o>>nspep ut abouusa caare ne and dear her heart. >> and cheryl crow in the show me state. >> . [ cheers and applause ] >> the grammy award winning si nger returns home and reveals
7:56 am
sc .hool brferyua, 82016. > >>weand p areack obackisn th mo mndayngorni. we i aree nsidiostud. 1 a oo>> gerd ev.yone th osis ppet suwlr boda mony. juand tstinuxherohe is o re t ta bolk aisut h m new zovieeroold
7:57 am
feli is treating him as el well. f >> airsttl litoue abpet sur wlbo0. 5 dethe bnverosronct beeinbeatg th roe ca plinaeranths. yt peanon m tningldhe oest tequark rbacisin h ttoryn o wi e thgabig ndme ais he ea up rly uwiths. onpeytod, goni morng. a>> it m noarup ely. m i'laout te. i nhaveeeot b bn toeted y. ve i'n beebrceleg atin mwithy fr s iendfaand .mily it no is e t onhoof tigse ntohts hu uprry g andhret t.ough thsomeyoing ntu wasl to owow dn i'and jom en iyingt. itbut gr is toeat wi be outh y l. al >> t mus efeelbeven atter s we mjustonentioued ye werthe stoldert quackerbaev to ery ar std t anthnow dee elst tequark rbacveto einry w and g goinnsagai yt in woungerhipp ap sninper f theoform cam onnewtit so ot's go t pbettrey
7:58 am
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7:59 am
loswalw. bu wt heeras vcey nime to i and re apach iaprecthted at. he>> tin defn itio of a senano icondmes tiwe betheen t egameg ndinthand ese qu tion ar st ating wbouterheths thi wo beuld r you glastame. 20 ns0 with by y e wa nis aice ro nuund , mberdnwoulou't y? say t >> iaicertisnly tt, ma. d an--i'm n wheini thouk abt os th0 e 20, winsini thouk abt l altethe teammad s anhecoacs ithatye plathd wi o andf ne o th coose s ache dtonyy unge just angot cenoun'sd heng goith to e ohallmef fa. d anedcallan me idd same do a fa vor. aihe sm d i'l stil cyour.oach do m notanake ti emo onal sideciigon rftht aheer te. gam eahe hrord fevm pr ciousesoach hawho e don athategnd redrett othatayne wth or hee otr. so e tak tsome gime,waet athy wi yo amur fily. flret ec wont'haocs rrcu teds hi
8:00 am
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8:01 am
at thhe's tst firav i h ie -- re hallynoave sct did usseit wi nyth a.body eyashl i ande havtanot lked t.abou it ha'll omve snge loks talh wit r. he i'and rall pouy ab tt ite o th mabig stn up aairsavnd he a e peac ithat gt is toingrko wo thout y e was it iossuppo ed t wo utrk o. >> l onetrast y. upa cof le o aguys and ioire gng p togolay n lf onda suexay nt ce de.mber oudo yt wane to bfoour . urth i >>te'll oull y. yo owu kner, thule co ad be bye .week t i ll i'th be ere. on>> culgratnsatio. t t greaorvictw y fe you. ha>> tounk y. all >> 't can w saydne diry't t. n >> oevthe ce ofe oursnethe w shhampreire icpublrian p mary ma rurco isbio y busnddefeing pehis marforonnce ur sats day' tedeba. w herias czeticir d foatrepeing
8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:15 am
mp teurerat aes,tl lite ha>> t yt'soures latt atweher. sa ahvann? >>al, th. anks g alori semteins iin havgo t ck baed paler afthe sug sedgest er ov w thendeeket thang youer me woren apo supgrtin beerni sa snderth in eem dtiocrac es prtiidenacal re so they can me et boys. 'sthat a quote. ihodase herit weh th st ory. hi>> tass h cdause a dust. up ll ca it a newol palitic ragene tiongap. th ome cment from galorite s,inem ada len er i ftheisemint mo ntveme, sedpark ckba.lash sshe'in sayg she ssmipoke in an in ietervitw wh hbo. ep>> rr:ortein femist icon gloriate s iinemn s itheid mdle of aol picital feirto srm over mwhy yoreoungen wom are not
8:16 am
he>> ty're madbo aut wshat' hagenin toemth. t >>heyll reay don'tik le ll hi aryghthou. wh oat d youhi tnk tshat' t?abou m mo likes r,heo s h iave to, you kn -ow - f >>irstf o al sl,heoe ds have a hu ge grende gapnd aac re gap. >> huge. >>om wenre aor me foror meha tn n me are. ot>> n yeroung women. ey th m'reore for rnbeie. >> or rep ter:nestei am,n ts ounpokela hilrysu tepporr, dtrie toxp e wlain bomene ecom pmoreicolitallyiv actes ahe t y getdeolr. >> n whe'r youeng you,ou y're in th,kingre whe arehe t boys? ey th w'reith rnbeie. >> now,f i iai s td -hat- >>no, , nono. >> vote for iebern. th wat's thereheoy bs are at. r>>teeporter: sinemau lghedt i of f. >> w howello dou yw kno me? >> ep rteor r:lionne,he t mm coentsrk spaed oue,trag ciespe aallymong ndsaers' feemal sursorte. #,noert hore f the ysbo.
8:17 am
wo wmenakho m einedform li poltica cehoics ss mbbios. he otrs said, old men who y,sa sh h,ol psitic iso n placeor f a girl. ethup gronc lauhedn aneonli tipetion,em dngandi semtein take ck ba her emstatent. dishe drd ad iesster lat on, mi adgttin shemi kesspo and ol apedogiz for wshat' been ntmisieterprsed amp ig lyingyoun n wome'tarenio sernus iir the li po.tics iwhat'dus jt said oen the sam ow sh t washe sioppote. un yoomg wreen a tiacve. d ma as hellut aboha w t's enhapp tingo ,themra ginduatng i debt butve angragis les over ei thrif leetim p to iayt back. et wh thergrhey atavite trno beie orarhilly,ou yngen wom are ac sttivins iat greer nrsumbe an thr eve be.fore in newmphae,shir 64% of women de un5r 4 srtuppo saernds. a 9 2 pointdv ageantar ove in cl ton. ha>> tyonk u.
8:18 am
thent clion cagnmpai. ma ndely aeineghlbrit had a mgeessa formewo yn,oungnd a old. >> re the a isci speal p ilacen ll he foren womho w't don help each heot r. r>>orepter: the first female secretar oy sftetael tls kstrien we erlkow h tubrodlehe ss iy b unyoomg whoen w't donnd uanerstd e thit policalru st. ggle >> ink thie wd neeom w tenhat ar eed dedicat toac eh other, and i do thinkha ttf iy theld wou enliste mor tohe tds kin of gsthinla hilry b haseenal tking ab outveforer, theyou wld un tadersernd he rol in .this >>il h claryonlint did fedend th eom csment on "meethe t press" nd su ay,debiscringt is a aht lig ar hetedut boi pnted remark. al htbrig hasd uset thae lin a hbunc of s.time it ne's o of heror favite sa s.ying cit'sdause aner intngesti dy c.nami tisome imesouf y a'repe layrson hiwatcng, you seeme, divo la atovo an dry ker wagtshinon.
8:19 am
yirallheng tng youeo ppleut b it do t esn'lookha tt way. >>ho da,ha tyonk u. te ininrestg. tt mave, oor t you. >> us jtinro theuxak ming his fi rstay"tod" show peapcearan. i >> tt'srue. >> tngalkiut abo oo"zerland 2," roco-wtte iit wnh be lestilr. >> y didouch wat theam gase lt ni ght? >> i did. >>py hap tcouome? >> 'm i not aig bpo srts guy,o s idi d hn't aaveog dth in e t.figh
8:20 am
>> k >> 8im: :26 amlo helre the m kiannad dane wag r onthe aymonder after sup aysund and tdownrohe e'ad walre t king ab suout per tuy.esda an>> dtha: s at ingcomi up .next ndi woower h s folk fwillare tfromuphe sower bl eryest s mberasreleated ler dato y or rrtomoow wiheth tes latt iword ag imthine at ilit w al be ig slht wi fnnerheor t bo oks ar toundhe e statarand ounds la s vegaelas wl. cobronnns withing e ogame ut ri ight, ththink heat ty abprobadly mnee moy e -- w will find out.>> : kim it wie ll bcoa rerd br r.eake t righnow outhi gh, t don'inthk re weak breing rdrecoens wh it me co ts tohe atwebuher u't yoll re sue lik whatu'yooire go ng t e. se iherells key dwithlsetai. >>llkenoy: itt que rdrecoak-brebuing t vefi
8:21 am
te afn.rnoo alookt mpteurerates aly read todowns wn i0 at 5eedegrs, un mos tain oedgef nd52 a'r youe mi con ng it 53 a-- incont uing ngrisi ertempesaturh wittslo s ofinunshe datoy. f inact hisunsllne ak. wee t 71 7oday t3 byhe ofend the .week k >> aim: t nd iesdok loo asfanttic k than you.>> : danare the a was lydead nd ha i runn lathe gas ves eyvall yedastery. a befuautil yetwo-ldar-ol, gir th s at iynevel negreee , th imvict heof t a hitunnd r ha aenedd roun p5:45m st yey erdaafthter n e su went down. this is lake me aada red ane th pe onrsha twat s driving the van at th t hitithe ltle tgirl ook of f. ey thno do vet ha tmuch oo gon t buh nortvelas gas cepoli say atheyre gotoing ve sols thi e.crim ilwe wl fihend tso pert n hithe tt liirle go l wh otook ll crtoimess pperif yoveu ha y anrminfon.atio >> kim: troomorrnw moing when wayou p ke u uwithe's, wivre le
8:22 am
it s irdmagri asmeti. good morning, everybody. 8:30. it's a monday,eb farruy 8th, 20 16. lc we bome tacko the "t"oday sh ow. avwe he are gat crowdn oour a.plaz itdespe thehi cllyem ttupera res thand hre t oeat afit l tle heweaterr h ieen th rtnot.heas >> s it'ic ne out rehe. bbig,igcr owd. whmean aile,l reaisrenaesanc n ma is iensid our stioud. ju instro thesux ie hero tal tk ou ab too"zerland a2"nd ttsalen he as hou yay mot ne beawar. of m heotay nn eve be aware . of >> ayok. >> i'm okhoed. >> >s, plur. d ozs ito sgppin by eeto kp your hey.alth ouon yrt nex igfl dht,oest i ermattch whit sea you?pick wh sat i the desirtitt parf othe an ple? 'l weell toul yt wha his >> yum. with valentinse' lses tnha a week aw,ay wree'om cgin upit wh sw teere tsatha tllt'ak m yeou ethpp alef oou yr sfiignicant >> hello.
8:23 am
,knowpl peoree aea lving >>ni opef ng othe de.bate g>>oodeh ralearser, evy.ybod > >> awerelsoic k okingff our ve lo ofki cooeset swetapswikes th iz pres regalo. om fr a ttorip s ouret tove or ,0 $200 worth ofoo ck ware. theado datom/y.cofood .club >> t.grea > >> mr.ok rer,ck cheth of e heweatr? a >>ncnnou er:y'todaeas w ithers ou brght to youy b rejahed, t ll ga oeriaf lrjewey. icomenod tayor f the oneie pce of el jewry tthail wlak teer h br thea ayaw. >> et l'sak te aoo lk at thek wee ah aeadnd s yhowout' whasoi gng on. fi wrst, se'lltarthe tly ear rt path of e week. ait's messm frotheat gre lakes to s theeaouthst. ywindth in eki rocn es o tintohe ut sot.hwes theneemidwe'k, woore l akingt sn roow a tundrehe gat l aakesnd
8:24 am
ns su thineghhrou the ganulf d t ou, westas .well la ptterart of eth ekwe a, cl rippe m bayringor me snow to th e-a midtitlancte stas. ertempeaturse wi'r, wee ex inpectgow belve arage te atmper furesthrom ree gat la kes teo th gulfoa cstf o idflora. ov abvee a orageut west. eemidwk pe,riod tolhe cdir a st iaysen thea st,ut b out west, th eaat ht ndexpas. th ete latarr pt oef th ,weeke w stay ilchly,ow belra averoge fm e that grees lak on ithnto e so asuthendt a-a midtitlanc gu clfstoand a o inthnto e
8:25 am
>> ha tist ou yr lattes atwer.he ma tt. >> , alha tounk yer vy chmu. >> s> a a diorrect, wrrite and to acusr, j ttinuxheros doe it al nl i llhod.ywoo 'sheho s owingff theen talts in oo"zndla er2," wchhi he notnl oy appears in but aols -wcotero. i t wanou y toak te a look. >> llheo. m i' the hestadmaer. de rek anzoolder. i' m miassu bng,seecaue i'vev ner metou y ever. i' m inedformt thaou y'd like to se oue yr son. lyeasi aredrang. co me. i oushldel tlou y yrouon ss i cr inlyedibte gifd.
8:26 am
sm arty ntpas. >> ve lea t youto i . then >> ju,stind goo toe havou y . here ha>> tnksor fav hing . me ir>> fste tim here. it a'soo cl th ing. ye>> ah. >> ma nor illy say,t wha ywasour tireacheon wn theri w ttersold u yout abo the cctharaer ye ou'r ggoin toaypl. ybutouro wte the chtearacr. >> i wrote mywn ora cha, cter h whicneis oth of e . joys ha>> widt dou ye likt abouhim? >> s he'll reany axt edendeam ceo thistime. it un's f to wearhe t dumb kemaup pand outen thri ter blearsc. y >>ndou aen b -wco trotehis mo vie. oudo y do it? yareouhe t elton joerhn-b nie ,moldre whe youre an iep satare esesacri, wtees jok andng brit i ge to?ther >> t' is ad googi g. w iroteh wit h iimnaw h faiior a mo anthnd ch.ange asit wn'tha tt l.awfu th al,ough youan c e,argut' is cr tuel io bewan handii a insitttg a a mpcoerut. we get theogetndr af goo ar,ound ke mah eacer oth laugh,n the go ck ba to our cos.rner
8:27 am
ss pa the sipcr btk acd anrtfoh, ki ondfik le that. >> en giv thece sucss ofhe t rs fioot "zerlander," whee tre an ruy les? he rere ang this wel wil do or in thegs win defyitel't won ?do o>> n rules. weea rllyan wted to --e wid dn't fe elhe t pssre ouref tgryin to mp co wetethith ire fst one. l at weasteri tedot n toee f l theprsuesre. on ece w ldockent ieo th ideas at th we -- o srortf othe plots an ed th tshemeth of e movie. ce one w got a ceoupl goodnc ahor en sc tes,hthouge w s hadhiometng fu inny, tmebeca a joyo t write. al rely n.fu o >>f ne othehi tngsou y neotic en wh youch wat themo yvie,ou ha ve a lotf o fsamoueo ppleo t >> many. >> a didenyonay s no? ddiou yo go t adynybo and they ,said, no ksthan. >> villrtuay, no e.on s asasoon wert staed inwrit g, weta srtedti getngnc igomin me nentiotd i toom sneeond a th 'deysa y,e' wdov le to rt paaticipe. w itboas aut hescngduli. we had so myaneo pepl w ahore sybupe leop. if wean cet g tmheo t ro,me wh h icis not aar hd se,ll we
8:28 am
>> ias wor honed to have a tiny ca meo. i was winatchheg tie movh wit my ki ds. i n' didvet eetn g a tireacon. innothg. ey thn' didtur tn ar,oundt jus pt ke hiwatcng. si wa like, did you notus jt see ?that innothtg a all. esincs thi yisourst firim te re heet, le mvego ocor a ouplef li tkeishis r tis iru te a youre a toatto ti arst? >> ou i wtldn' say starti. wo i sauld 'vy, inee doto tat os on ad goori f oendf minend a a ofewerth oppele. >> n whe was t lhetase timou y di d a toatto on meso?body >> ihi tnk i did oneut abowo t nt mohs ago. >> lyreal? >> yeah. >> ntrecely? >> ie havoo a gied frhond w is a tattoo atrtis whos doey m tt ta oosd,an odperilyicale, h le ets mn ruiar ptsf o his . body f>> i w you gereoing to do a ta ottoo nme,t whaou wldou y do? >> i'mhi tgnkinol dsphin ss or a errock t onhe ckba. w >> deon't goth to e .back emaybhe t u'yore a par?inte >>as occllionay i p aaintnd
8:29 am
>> -tlongime badertenr. >> erwhe? >> vnaugh downwnto. i >>s it still e?ther >> gouorges bar, ,oh yeah. >> y didou lthove e g?gi >> ah ye, iov led .it rit'syeall fun. ait'sp ste upro fm itwaer. gyoueto t atalkhand ct. >> o, als f itceorous y toak me i anntnstane conioctthn wi op pe wle, fhichnor a actor, ul wo ad beoo gdal tten to have. >> you getbe to gdroun level an eed s thees bt w andorstf o pe . ople he>> tt lasng thiav i hee her is at thou y areen flutn i ndma.arin no>> . t no ntflue. c >>ouan yak spe ?it >>sa pasebl ndma.arin i l wilot ne bra ttinsla angthe t u.n. anye tim . soon om>> sngethiim sple enth. i' mus j tinerthoux. i roco-wte la"zoonder 2"h wit n be lestilr. 'sit aak teff om frofithe rst "z ndoolaer." sa omy sngethi inda manrin.
8:30 am
[ spngeakian mndari ]. a >>enyonif very that? >> re we'ng goita to ouke yorr wd fo itr . gr teatavo h yeou on. >>th ,anks w >> ge're toing hoearm froou yr taco-srs,ri k wstin aiigilnd wl rr feell r.late la"zoo nder2" is in terheats br fe 1uary2th. > >> up next,na jen helpshe s ryl pcrowullff o apr surisen ier h ow nig hsch olho. fi t,rshi tiss "t ayod o" nn.bc> no> anr:uncee movr ove mryyste st taer. ec[rrdog]in
8:31 am
guesss s hhow teartoday is brought to youby quacker, off you go. enweekd. rk mat thawn do. h in oonorf atth,e' wre chlaun singhiometewng n to get ve lo. w >> ce'rengalli s ithow heart to day. we 're shiearcorng fct asf o ki ssndne toshare. je bunna agsh her is here to kick
8:32 am
w >>ess crisecroshed tnt coury to d finpl peoe sdipreang ki ssndne. in nnket,et missouri, i tmeead up h witry shel crow. we wentut oo tea sprd heart in the heanartld. >> reporter:l verershylw cro is a ni imne-trae gmmy wi.nner sshe'eg a lendn itheic mus si bu anessndn i her tohomewnf o nn ke ett,mirissou. da toty, aer h o hldigh olscho, lit's aikenyth oer day. ex iceptt isn'tny a other day. >> y' theoire gng to be edincribly risurpsed. ey the hav i nodeaha wst'oi gng on . >> ep rteor sr:ryhe lowcr, ke etnn hthigch sloola c ossf 19 ,80s iac bko t aounnenc a sp l phertsaren s ltillive in t own dandrop herff o for olscho. i >>ss thi alnost hgic,gavin ur yoen partsro dp youff o at ur yo h oldigh scolho? >>t iutis b ied livos acrs the etstre. i wkeal tdreheve ery y.da ep>> rr:orte we sneakth in e
8:33 am
ilwhetu sntdesnd a tcheaser peil into the gym for what they tnkhi aisep p rally. >>e mak some isnoe! >> or rep tter: ihent'sim t feor heanothor sw of spitir. t>>he od"t"ay swho is heer trighw. no [ auapplse ] y >>ouho t iught was the di dn'tyou? no, aclytual,e whave oneor me su serpri for yout tha i think yo gu'reoing to like. alot. b wehtroug a mehowntoir gl bkac he re toel craebte you. mr s.he slry owcr! ap [ seplau ] i >>an wtry evebody toiv ge a g bi roundf opp aelaus for your ac te. hers pl[ ap ]ause he>> tsey uir the m ownoney to ke mae sur h youavet wha you need hein t clooassrms. i wtan to bring down all the
8:34 am
dstanbe hind me. yourea tscherpe s undop t $600 m or soreimometes aye ar. rewe ang goio t prtesenm the ch ,ecksn o habelf of fmearrs in rasuencnd apt ado a, to the teachers kofneenttig hh school. [ applause ] >>ep rteor er:hacf o nnket'ets 36 ea terchsan c usehe t money to cwardrolassomup ssplie for ds ki. w >>wahat ts ie likhe w tnhey ca ylled uoup tol telou yha t t theyan wdteo t rogeczeniou yn i on frft oou yr ?kids i >> almost burst into tears. t>>ryea ey. ed y>>'roue gtietngea try edye no w. >> i am. hi>> , ysgu. w>>thas doe it mean to have me so lbody ikeersh wyl,hoas h en be so essucc,sfule com ckba? >> re we'bv olyious veryud pro of sh ierylurn o uncommity. dsheoes soh muc o forur co itmmuny. h to haveomer cace bk ando d thisor f theea tscher isus jt aextr ecspial. >> s thiis s imalle n thdgran sc .heme
8:35 am
>> or rep iter: satow dn wthith e srock wtarho sedtart on a erdiffent stage. o >>ne t phingeeopl't don k now ouis ye wera ter.ache w >> ihenot g out of hoscol, i iwentntoch teaaning idov led it . h ihiad tsur bning desire to get my music arhed. ep>> rr:ortew cros say her heteacrs irenspierd h too dt jus th at. >> iw knohe tse towns arell a the wayos acrs icamer ta,tha ndseid k oselut bngievihe t cyan hado wrtevey thean wtn ihi ts tgian d.worl wa i has tt kid. >> soe w ahave jyearoonborook fm yo imur tte a etkennt. >> , oh . good ou>> ye wer aen sior maid? >> s,ye w ias a srenio .maid th atns meaay alws a bsmrideaid nandever theua actl e.brid s >> oortf leikhe tad ly in inwaitg. >> tlexacy. pthedermeai hndr all a .that >>'80s. t >>shat'ha wt yeokarbores a go food r, is theon lgin le of dohairs. >> or rep mter:ieemorfs o a pcela th catwro ssayti sllas h her he returning brings theha cnceo t
8:36 am
>> s solhery comes from aon lg li fne o heteacrs. he otr m wheras a ter,ache st si wersere tereachnds, a she ys sa,e w bothav heam drest tha ewe're lat forla css. ev niery oght,o,h, nfo i trgoto ad gre e thrspape. >>ti s hllgavinse tho dr. eams t'>> imps intorta we srtuppour o heteacrs. it om's sngethiry shesl ing doi th wido apt a clooassrm. >> s youaid $600ll reay esrepr sentshiomet ngadblmirae. >> a thegevera atmount thary eve heteacper s ondsner matials for th e clooassrm. >> tereachuys b a lot ofha wt ey thd nee out of po. cket >> an,ywayha we ve topo suprt . them je>> tnna, hanku.yo > >> upne xt,r. d oz iser heo t ll te us about sngtayie safnd a he yalthyo on exur nigt fl ht, wfrom thereo s titohe wrehe t
8:37 am
a nll i eed > >>re we'k bac at .8:48 er thee arli mil oonsf germs
8:38 am
how do youy staea h wlthy yhenou fl y? 's it o oneef th tshingr. d hm mezet o is tinacklng o h is tshow hisekwe. od go rnmo ing. oo>> gd inmorng. >> on i dik't loe tnk thiut abo e thms ger but- - >> let's talk about not just ge s,rmot lsf ong thios t pay te atnntioo tn wheou y eltrav. when youk booou yr s,seatot n al sleatsre aat creed uaeqlly. ouif y'reor wried about water nd la,ings a get tbovehe s.wing rr wo aiedboutsh craingos ne rs fintt ieo thou mnntai p,to ma urke se yeou'rth in e back of th ple ane. mo re poimtlrtanhey, tot pilnds a -p cosilot't don get thee sam s.meal >>teininrestg. inas ce oneas h food onpoising. >> ve e tnhhoughe tne plas i supresd,rizery eveoh alcolic rabeveasge h twice the feefct. >> ha we o ve t tkeepirhe a ulcircg.atin dwhatouo yme an? >> a lot ofpl peoe t thinkhe
8:39 am
he>> tso perngo diaynall can, to o. so alhe, tso pernn o theer oth si de of the plane. ke heep t air mg ovinouon yr es cht. u yot wan t ito pctrote you ift i n. ca rotheng thi tsory wor aboutre a the d weid a su.rvey th sis i theti direstt parth of e pl ane. oh>> , shgo. h >> aaveki nap onr cloth behind yo heur ad. th hie tngs you takeor f tegrand, e thle tab top innt fro of u,yo e th airt ven above u,yoy' there lyrealir dty. >> er nev c get sleannd. >> er nev get neclead. e us theoo f t toh,flus as . well >>er othes mod of tr oranspontati? w >> fhen lolksook athe t stturnile,he tyhi tnkir the esglovl wilp keem the neimmu. glthe oves trap miescrob, as ll we. sh wa your gslove once a month. st mopl peoeve naser wh it, erev. i >>t's . true f>> i youe takou y crell pshone
8:40 am
it's derirtin thahe t robathom. stalmory evetu sdy done, tishis th ire dtties acple. te ofn. >> s it'mp sile. ju ipst we it down. ep ker youds han out ofou yr etpocks. >> s 20dsecon t forhohe . tels ta>> sy awayro fem th glass in e throbathom. wipe off theem rote rocontl. t puit n a ziocpl. re move theed badspre t andosst i aw ay. klquicety, g a upndal wk ifou y av treln oar bod. tcstreuth o the legs. kdrinot a l of water. t ge the hand pewis. a>>slwaylu fshh witthe foot. . droz,ha tounk y so much. mo nre o hisho swta sgrtin datoy. kchecr youoc lal liinst. gs p u ne,xt srrtiginp u eesw ttatre tsoet gou y ithn e odmoor f valentine's day.
8:41 am
nb c. e thicamereoan pcaple n'tfoafo rd t fwaitdeor ihaas t tunsoodd gopa on bper,ilut wnel maver t ke iin th ree al world. the grandmheotwhr hao tos ooch bseweet peninayg for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt c w' c weakan male regr pros esghri tnofow per aopleamnd fsilie wh edo ne it.
8:42 am
>> 'r> wecke ba. 's it52 8:. va inlent te'shis enweekd, od "t fay" iood fsngeeli the ve lo. 'r weere s uvingisp dhes toet g iyouen th mood. dibranlo milsy i .here she has a denecadtse des trthis mo g.rnin mgoodngorni. g >>moood g.rnin i >>his tois gong trk spa ma ronce? >> s thid foo d isitefin gelyoing to y getn ou ithe odmo. it 'srr itiesisble, ctseduive.
8:43 am
oc che,olat bu,tter ecpi,rust la ervend. s >>hio t as isrt ta? >> yes. fi trst whinge'reoi gngo to d is in ofusereur cam theht nig fo beitre wh ndlaveer. ndlaveer xerelas yound a it ce nlrtaicay oun, y owkn, get you in theodmo. do t thahe t night before so ttha it dd asen lavder teo th chganae. er ovre he,av i hye m ecpi.rust cyouane mak it fromat scrfch i u' yolid ke. l iovet jusng usito soure-bght pi stecru,sp elleciaory f me sogthine lik th,is wnhehe t ar st is the cal,rameoa tsted rs malohmalw. >> od go,'t done haveeto fl bad ou abtht at. >> s it' sieaer. we g'reoingo ticpr wk itthith e .fork ke ba it for 12 to4 1 esinch, un til gnolde n.brow yo u b cane a little ivfeste. >> t' thas cute. >> ov i le it. h >>ow arey mas tters do aiwnstrs? ar ue yoth in moe od?
8:44 am
dcoul youot n hbeave en t,swee br ?andi ss de.erts si wank thi aing boutyou. th sis i theie easst camarel sauce to ad d the gasur,ai wtnt u iilt locor. th aen tddhe erbutt. taddhet sal usbecae, hostne,ly 'sit thet bes rtpa. lit'lbl bubupe ,ck quily stir it. ke epti sgrrint iil unts it'e nic an d u'yo grengoio tnd ep u whit th .is >> lksoo aubel.tifu oh>> , my gosh. iou cldus j dtrink isth. >> ou i c bldathen i it. l >> het's beadack rehe, nnsavaah. i' lrve a peadyuthe tte sald ra cainmel heto tt tarn. pa ouif you c alddd ourvy heaam cre to in the olchoc ate. nt>> ieo th ocche.olat ha>> ttht's e laervendus-infed cr eam. it s add ait ltle soinmethg. >> adylrea warm. >> j iustop p ipedtth in e owmicr tavewo mis.nute le tt iit s trehe andt' ill mtel eth olchocate. yo eu'llpnd uh wit yifouwa nt, i'moi gng toe hav u yo t dohe olchocate.
8:45 am
erbe vy cplomedicat but it do tesn'm see litike . t >>'shere apl coueps steha tt ma tke ith wor .it maket ie nicnd a oosmth. avwe hhae tt ttbuery,ky fla rupiecst. th ale stedam carel. t >> talko me, byba. t >>ishis s 50shade of azaming. >> . okay he>> ttn iet gs ersexi. a weddhi ts mguerine pptoing. ev neeryows knoov i loae tsted hmmarswsallo. iov le mos'res. th sis i egg itwh ces,ream of rtta aer andit letlit bf o su gar. if ou ye hav a ,tort i wasol td i ca pn't wlayithe firon racame, ibutf h you aave ,tort you can tuseheor tchnd a- - >> get the brown? >>,nicest toaed part. utor p itth in e enov. ge slt a bight oroil. n it ha>> woet dhes til famhiy tnk do aiwnstrs? do l you ikeit?
8:46 am
>> . rich he>> sd saiad i htr to . y it n>> ia eed erdinngo to th to e ss de ert. e >> w twanttco waanh brhudi cg e tham carel. >> nd brahai, tyonk u. >> nk thau. yo g >>oo t datom/ ffoodheor t cire. pe eaah td,he >> an>> da: i mt isy ondamog,rnin e thaymond r aftesuthe per bowl ishow eryoev fneliee ngou t erthtoe y?da >> im k i: hi t nksomepl peo e may veha s the buperlue on nd moftay aer. but easpngkif oe thr supe, bowl ithats wwhenw e saour ci ty ghriert thine thcoe cimmer al r fonethe ovxt m ie forsojan bo aurne ndu wiyoeell s parts of v las regas ighte there as w k.spea lswe auno fot d outh morisngni by he twa cy, youeean s it ri
8:47 am iatths e menathe of e,movi e th jnext asonurbo ne in lmstalent cisd allelysimp so jaurn bo sisseuppo bd toe in tetheay rs b julyd anerwe we lk taing wielth kboly aut w ho -fast- >>: dana t the hing tthat hey st thop onere l theas s,vega e thh crasenscs e wa tshotwo or e thres weekago.> > kim: and it is aly read min a ajor mm coalerci. >>adalreity ednded a y read to go th is at inamazg? ertempe atur iwises etpr ty am g azintoo.k looheat t mb nuweers areeiselrng a eady comeroup a51und des,gree we al y readatde 71 s greea for .high ikeepndn mi , guys ithise s th co seeend w k ofbrfe auarye nd w ha 0sve 7ll ak weelo ng.>> : kim thevyenth of e ti na l rnmoweing 're okloating fe li piesctur andecspalific ly th e stboreon aa e wherinand w neyoitrk cd y annew shhamp ire wi heth t arprimmoy to, rrow all sh boulde ctexpea ing itspir -- se wvereereath. an>> dwha: idat d we a say bout the sedaven y?
8:48 am
va inlentdae's y. yo owu kn. e thone nous excthes, at'sfor u yo oguysut thdoere n't fo .rgetd fon'tt orgemotoowrr wtoe ak upthwi w thersagne. d ans it ii mard fgras at tu y,esda dathe foy beshre a dn wey esdanband sac's --rah ll wi be uwiths. wewiavll hr e he liveon the raprogm an wd weexill n plai how so eome parple e leabge to t
8:49 am srah,tay
8:50 am
ta ke," will ferrell and kristen wiig dishing about "zoolander 2." the super bowl moments everybody is talkingbo a. ut >> our special guest cohost y,toda the brunkaeaebl el eli kemper. l alof ttha and more coming up ri noght w. a >>ncnnoufrer: bcom ns, new is th"t is 'sodaye, takth" wi al ro nker,ieatalal morwies, llie geist and tamron hall, live from udst 1ioina oc rfekeerllla >> we> omlctoe to "y"dan oa nd mooray m, ninguafebrthry 8, 20 16. al ng aloh witlinatae. ontamr w ande illisson aenignmt in h newhiampsre. we e havonthe hee, ty, onl our tpal,unhe "kabrea eble" llie e >> wedmiss, youarmy d.ling e wher yhaveeeou bn? >> re whee haveni be? roin bn okly sin ao.tudi an thu k yohafor mvingcke ba. t >>ishis r youinmornm.g ja on"i dee't fkel lici danbyng"
8:51 am
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8:52 am
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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9:00 am
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9:01 am
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9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:06 am
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9:07 am
ashe tl vinlai ifashon gumol, a ndkr tiiswin igl pngayi his as fonhitais oaccimplce. on my twayow nehshamprei i, go t aa ch nceo topsta nd sit down with them. h >>wae s ocen the rwo'sldmo st f usamole ma elmod. >>re we' back! >> h!yea >>'s let get ybeverodyug cahtup e whree ware now. 15 a yers la.ter y uou jstr sevedpr tyetrd ha m tie. i >> amb ad beto re co now. >> he wasn i fiashon sprioron f 15 ys.ear yo u w,knot hisv moiei fnally laexp tins hat'sthatn ot just a e hupmiem.s t eher a is hfasion sprion. het hasche aan pl to caespe and seek vengeance on the fshaion or w. ld p>> eeact, ou wd.orl >>he'sot gtenre mo ycpstiho c, wasle' flndi ou. t >> ahh! >> krn,istidi oud yet g a part in ea cr ttinghisha cctra?er
9:08 am
ad hot gtenoo tuc mh ptlasic ur s.gery kiit fnd o madehe nor t pr uono nceherw ords l.wel >> isthe enproiauncn tioobpr lem theeaccornt e th seurgry? >> sheo prlybabad h gtonwue ork edon. > >i whisch ec binomg c insrealying lapopur . now >> oh, sye. >>o cicsmetgu tone ngleintheng. >>ghrit. >> adding so>> eme peoplst junt wato - - >> h i taveaso ak tbouthe is kngsi. >>oh! wh>> en i cwathed it, ih thtoug of muccal. eagrt ocn-snree mroeancs. >> so esnsual. >> soft. o>> yeu wresi ballcaye ylilng toinac eh orthes oe's ms.outh ho nyw maes tim y dido ou d the
9:09 am
we>> 't don mere.mber t buidwe d -- thenn futhy ingis ha trt bightreefo wear stted to o d these,cen we ralezi,edwa t,i w ae hove t dosthi skis. swhatulhoed wd o? > e> wdn ha t'tedalka tbou it. >>r kinist isad,m i'ay okt wih ha wveter. just so you know. lii'm ke, aoky. c viee vrsa. me sa bendsaiac it onnda tahst'h wt a ha enpped. he e y clledut and d,sai n'i dot kn wow hati'mtc wanghi but pkee i gong. >> s eincu yo b'reoths "nl" al ,ums y do eouach ehav a vo farite"s nl"h cacarr te eofhac he otr? >>oh, my gosh. we ll, ied lovhe tit le tlorsht ha nds l.gir >> dunise. >> aamg.zin >>a fivortell wir felrel? >>alex trebek. i t's h.ard >> ltheastv mowaie 15s years goa. i was thinink agob utthis, thn,e
9:10 am
rfkanhe t k,tan no dybud the el f. n onehof tesec iconi chctara.ers do s youtop at a mtomenik le th ndis a y,sa wow, lookha wtth e la 15st e yars h bave leeniker fo me? >> forsu re. ex otranrdi.ary a tnd fahe ctha ttt is waso al so resuralto ll a beor wngkin o hits moiv e,uyo k,now rriepngsi e thse rwe'le ainso he tm leidd of e.rom y>> .eah >> kindliof ke,h owid dth is a hnppe? h soyapp to be atpar of it. >> s,guyyo u cana ctch o"zodlaner 2" in athester at nnwio ideon faridy. it b's een15e yarss ince the f t irsol"zor"ande iemov, chwhi di adn'tlctuaoly dat thll we at th beoxff oice. be e cam asuch ct ul ihitthn e e y tarshat olfwelod. he thay od tke ma a useq aelnd revedyybo isk.bac ne pw leope,i uncldingr kiistn i wig. >> xc eeellnt. > t'> ibell h a tit a the box f oeficis thme ti radoun. > >. yup wi>> e,llian thks so chmu. w le'lat c uchwip thyoun iew n m haipshtre romo arow,ws ell. >> c>ngomi up, thesu r pewlbo
9:11 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
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9:15 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
twithhe gnwaiters wasab out ha melfti of thmee ga? d >> ana: yndes akn we ow alot p ofe eoplare drnginkiin durg e thsuboper ndwl a get into r thei acarsnd drarive .ound we doknn't haow t t isthsee ca re he butwekn do heow t pe rson of f. soimcrppestoneers eds your .help im>> k: aeand he r thinhotle mb nuer crtoimess pperat 70 5-2-38.5555 sp eak.>> a: dan anred he c's a heckin th wi w ourereath refo.cast >> llkey: teatmper tures oday ar coe a uantin tionoft wha was sa w erov w thendeeke. fa tintasc. om fr 73 grdefoees e r th ex edpecth, hig sqme uite ctexpeing a ohigh af 68n nd i s las vegay?toda d 71esegre. at th ais 1boutgr0 deees ab ove no frmalor isthe timeaof yr. th s is ig gointo couentin, 'r wee inlook 7g at3 des gree by th d e enof w theaneek d a al reicly ne ekwe end.>> : kim llke gy is toingo be mothe opst p ularrspen on i .town lepeop s areo exd citet abouher n-seve day.>> nada r: htig ? u yoknilow w l bepolessib pu polar rrtomo
9:18 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
iwh chyou see here. a ndo tore" op"pewale edntto srehait or i futnd oat wh hewas oidng. nu>> ermbo tw post,d lagay ga a nd theinatlona than. em r>> aveirev ews forher. swe bawsig chearnd at instere a ndroui ths. s aleoo p wpleiantng tot wach the r pemforeanca agonin yobutue. ait wus sanch angmazime mont fo r .her coof e,ursry ve potatri aicnd an a am ezingrxpeceien toese. e y ah, she bgotig erwvies. >> theu nmber one, tmosse chared m mo oentef th neveing, pbaro bly e bsecau h ie avenbe googling t,i yobee'ncpes orrfncma e. a>> o lotf data androur seasche with bceyone. swe aw ap sikein ic tekat sles 01,00%. sh aeunnodnceer ho crtncet afer he t peorrfncmae. we sawthese chari rnte iestn nbeyocer supass the super bowl as a term during the course of her performance. ethsu r pewlbois sareedchor me th aannyth oer championship in the u.s. it's b aig l.dea ta lo p ofleeop erinttees d. t>>hop tree a reixl m of rrumond a
9:22 am
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9:23 am
ny away. n 'mo, i ae v gan, all thetres of i t. > h> tatn ahed tv kehin art yu haind ercommalci. >>003,0 rshou wof hatcme ti of utyoe ubs adridu tngcohe seurf o them gae. pe ooplenth r eibimole esdri sicev,es t cangchiat why thes 'sit annevet,e sgeine th das. >> so hmucme ti espnt, you grew a rd beaom frhe tas lit tmee w sa w . you hi>> ts is a ev"rt"enan >>andiel,ha t snks oh.muc coming up ne,xt move over soyrtes. t rhe'se an ew phaorsdiaciin to n.w rfdie chcinke . >>ho wk w?ne >>ttha's my paohradisic. bii'm lly,d an si quit wmoking chithx.anti de i d tocidee takxchanti to shut everyby odpelse u t meaboutt quioking sming. i wa ins goivg to g te it ary, i but rdidn'ty theallink it g waso oing t hreallyn.appe te afwer one f chek ox,anti ewi knould i ct. qui al wiong poth suprt,ch x antiic(varenisline) ven pro h topeopelp uile qint smokg. an chdefitix lynited helpe
9:24 am
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e th douciticable car e th caronlyatd thyo lets eau ash rn c tbackn wice o everyrchapuse % with 1enwh b youuy and 1% as you pay. wi wo wth ttoays earn,akit m lotes aot of rdher cases ne sem o.ided hi hey yo lou oook u,ank yoeel i f. good it all wstartseatiith igng rht. at th i's whyma eat az!n prun th 'reydelie ouciand s lpheeep kmy ody b binanceal. loi tve.hese su weetnsma an prz!esunthe , elfegood ru ma erstg inreirstsi siblyotmo h. ndthe liffor trule. om fr lin theasdt mter ol chocrs.atie ha a errd outll w sheaith sm enooth cter. om welc thee tot besftime oyo ay.ur d unwrap...
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riexpe.ence.. th lt.e me only he tindo ltrr fle.uf fa or sll fbetrawrries this valentine's day... try our lindor strawberries and eam crfltrufe tfromdthe linr maste ch atocoliers. oh,h,yea y.bab wnowe're intalkg. th isor mningon to day oofds, odaphrcsisia. >> withnvalee'tin s daysthi w eeek nd,awe ire kngckif of a ee wofk e rescipor fod fotos et g youtin mhe ood. f>> i k you now whatrewe' ay ffjeau mro,e thst ho of "the it kenchnd," ao wner-- >>wow! >> i ca.n't
9:28 am
> o> god monrnig, als.die an thok yoru fv ha ingome n. kni owhe tc helichi tngor f o rtmaniic tatme t he ndiner ltabe, icavar,bs lor,tea ste ks. ha>> ws t'isthi frced khicen? i' amllbo aut .it >> i put a rawst oyner i ntfro of you and myde ciliuso fedri c khicaen sindwinch o frfnt o o yu,ic wh ahre you bigrab? ng t>> he hic.cken >>i'm aan mf o theplpeoane, m o ef th ilad es. k>> toey y m rthea,fr ied cchi.ken > >y ke toedfriic chkenar stted in asnlehvil. it ne's o ofmy a fivorteh tsing to eat. e wvehaya cchn, ili peowdr, b rownarsugor f eswestnes. oe glls a a in obwl. it 's sp. icy >> thep sice dlensts ielf to the apodhrc.isia >> you easwt,o lngoki ufl sh, ke liu' yoreu pngttion sbluh. t hewnbro arsugor f swtnees,es nugratelad gc.arli ot n a lfot oar maocsti in the
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9:30 am
ta andyo urf ravo hiteot se,auc a ta pbles.oon rslayef o heat andvoflars. t hiswis hat we do. h wtip uhatp abefuutilly. >>ddretge hhe cenickin ether. >>sthi isi goong t beur o co inatg. he ttt bumierlkst ayst hick so gyouetat th dgolen wbron erextrio eextrrio. e w 're alliin ort fha tt. he tsi inofde r a f ciedckhiisen go od, butsit'l alo abthut e sk in. t ouhe dtsihe tat unco. ts t>> skhe in. >> he tk sin, baby. at thhy's w'r wee kngeepi the oskinn. don't ado ebon-in ghthiau becse it on's a sadnh.wic x nert, deudg it in t.tha et gn itheo nondks a rcieanns. >> coated, oy.ka >>n ge tlyint hol, oiwe yu're bsus ing etveg able boilyut cou sean u npeaut oil. br iingpt u to365. n do 'trcoveookh t ceckhien th hsigor fur yo dla.ies > >o shnuldc't trowd hemheit er. d>> on't put 19gthihs in hete.r abdo outrfou a ate. tim
9:31 am
st d anerov theop pwi th yuro elovr. e smitll . >> you wantyour cckhi lenkei yo ur ,menol gden wbron. >> inmy secah, cgoica twin, ers altotly alpe.ale. e wve ha no .sun ne xt ctrik, take theot hil o, edrgedt sheicple bendnd a put he t o hotiln ihe ttore bomlo t,ic avatite it. lalt hep sceis areo gngi to k.coo youehave thr wosld'e grsatet c ioatng f yorr oukchicen. > > isee whyt i's an a diphro, siacoif yu'reoo blming it . > d,> re cspiy, sw,eet gsliyhtl a ntughy. >> he te smisll m co ingaldreay. so hmet inghais t >> iis. en whou yt gehe tpi scel bend eth re i--ll' dois thne o -- w e'llt takehet ho fedri cckhien andntpai iti wthth at ppepiner-d fuse.oil l >>set' see ift irk wons o el lie and i. >> li'l emak a you nsacdwih.
9:32 am
>>ieell, twan a hot e?on i >> likewh ouen y sayth at. youtwan a hot one? >> all ghrit. >> i lkesem th hot,ke lih is l s.adie n>> iadste of fdriehi c ckenyou at eh witur yo dhanhis, ts is aclener. st juas woh yur lobsu e. b>>e cefarulen whu yoou t ch pe ploet afarerwbds uecaose ef th icspe. >> true. hyouave twao shy our hsand. p esaeci lly when yyou,ou k,now dothe deishs. >> you can m akesethe irecpes. th reey' onour swebite, datocoy.fom/.od icomung ip, drnne is no hw wiat wyll ou eawr? w ave hune fnd a iflyrt touitfs i itdid ....di i td it.oo.. ttheynaook 'sturent bouiry ha , askinaind nls, 's itit a v saminemupplthent at ur nos ishe tfromnshe i..ide. wi ioth bfotin aur bel tifu hairan rod staing nls. an tad vic min e and forbr viskant in. gi t ve inta moh, y ifhaour skir, ndin als nai t don' alookeend f l bmoreifeautul, l we'l ygiveouou yner mocky ba.
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ouif ytryi're o ng ta be blittler...ette jthingst ust goole a whtlo better. introducing eneetrloads edwithla fr,vo no cat rieslo. ebapplriee's garll & bfavo srite amadeit lbetle ertt y for.ou featuring new dishes, unall 650 der ricaloes d anngstartist at ju99. $9. > >>d re p andinkre a theco rslo ofe.lov ifo yu wt andrto essmto ispres t hislevainnt e'sda wy,lle'h sow yo hou nw ot to go ovoerb.ard l >>ksoor fo ate daig nht or g s'irl nt.igh h weavei emly here. h >>yapp enval'stine . day >> th k anyou. >>eare w maierrd? i >> hope mas auchis love y iou,hi tnk w e'dehavp exnlai ingto o.d 'letets g srttaed hten, ey,mil eas wov mae pstth atwk ardwa mo ntme. rstagtinth wi a stfir
9:37 am
a cdvi e isbeto th aucenti to uryoer palsonst .yle >>xelyact. th tat'she eky. t 'hathes t resect. ourstfir pcoule,' webll ring th em out. >> m nelaiend a h.zac >> 's ito abute fngelik lie ou yelrsf. st ieppngg inngpi y up sourletyut b e feling coomfbrta alend nfcoenidt. amel nieois rngckihi tffs o the ou shr ldes,dreshi wisch a look th anat cor wk for ao w omanf any ag e. th bopi aecesre ftrom het etarg l cotlecion. it 's as styleiteo cnmbiied wth t t.arge ba sg ian hds efre. a zisch ea wngrie th iisnvleib e ti.look youcan see the rtshi is utbotdneto t it a's etrdiner aywor fma bey a ou yerngl fela to zy co swreate. > > forold ugys,we ctan'll pu t lwe ooki lke ndgra. pa ma>> ybe ao loseri fngttip ant and eropen sthir forn aol der tlgen. eman th>> yoank gu, uys. e>> noxt lsok i on entrds. arregsdles ofet whher ornot it's envalneti's day,t' is the
9:38 am
a>> m tybe'heybve eenda ngti a il whe. >> eo p plessdree likh treey' leath tic. y>> dou ton've hato c altuaoly d m soietheng suriosly lathc.eti bemayey th g'regoin a forke hi or iwalkhen t arpk. ythe ctan akesthio lork fom u br nchito sce ikatng. tanyghiney thnt wao g a ga bybi sarwengia tenrdyha t nda fu-nlcoreo dvste. u ase atpet.rn het lgieggsn rea from old navy, .$30 n'caot gon wrg. thenrr jey he tre,oghe jgigsnes rrae a hu egh tngi ,wno in akhisk. caupsveled nrsioo frhem t e swaatp.nts th>> nis extcloupoe, lve m,the b de bieand afrnk. ju stce brlengatiir the 23rd n aenivrrsay. a >>n'rett theyhe best? g atre coplu.e >> ha pyp nanveisryar . >>bdeiebis warengi tsehe maaiz lnggengi fgsortm he m selisa mrcca'sthy
9:39 am
>>g vean ler.athe >> xae.ctly e thro embryide on thesh ldouers fr esamhe r acfe. ra fkns ie wiar ang inwwdopa-ne s rhit. i st' aitlleto mre bsuletb ut t dreny. na vyndawh teis i icr ospn a uyg. ia hfnt o vnale'stine ayd. hisoc sksve ha ahe artr pint on mthe. i >>ve lo it. l >>tlite bitof . fun i >> like the nsjeato, o. d>>k arshwaa jefns rom old y.nav ytheok lore mo nexpeesiv. >> co tngratulasion y onour an rsniveary. > > to iwrapt up h, weave a s girlhtnigt ou on the way. br aooknd maorgn. >> envalnetiay's dul cobed a gi lsrn htigo ,uta hve funw hit fr eis.nd ewa he vhtism angazimp ju suit. iov lee thpa comnyls cal it ri schraa. it a's e firery d cr.olo e thare tre e hesoucutts, wchhi l wil tbe adren for snprig. y ouris waist ou yr lsmatlesrt pa heof t dyboso, ar we the ucutots.
9:40 am
o brok ise wria ang kio.mon loflsra ond't hveao te bu srpe lgirty. nd a h we aaveap wrr fom top sh op. g>> ouorges. >> nk tha s youmuo ch, s,guyfo r setheoo l aksnd eroth a vtlen'sinen irspied buteay s.tip togo dto.ayomcs/ltye.
9:41 am
f stir t,ihiss "today" on nbc. > >> wwe anttto k hanle.lie > >a thyonk u, s.guy >> wel ove you. y reou' b tooig of aar st tost ay
9:42 am
> h> woat du yove hain comg >> >> a: danst ju be 1fore o0:00n mthisonday rnmoing,im k and na dane wagr here. we op hyoe u d haa grt ea winter enweekd. >>m:kila gas vewas s oin ne t ofhe rrcut enmmcocierals la st ni foght r the jaboson urne vimoe ridu tnguphe s er. bowlwe o als that thethate namof th me next iovies, simply jas on ne bour . wtheyere shootihang tent sc e heon t v las egasstp rifea w weeks agd o ans it iadalre y in aia tranler isd th e movi is ex edpect toin be al loc tetheay rs b.july an>> dama: g azinhostw fay the turnitun arod. d andrg ivinndaroun towth is we d ekenwe noticed a few gas vi onsihes hreave gas for less
9:43 am
on.a ardoll a99diccoro ng t gasbud.cdy d tmorea han zedon atst ions t righnow rioffeasng g forssle an th twodos llarlla ga toundouhe c ntryitev is en ch r,eape ine somesplace lik la ok thoma sheirong fit or do $>> m:atths i az am ermemb lathe st prenesid tial e cyclerwe wlke taing ouabs t ga espric? ifand y thed coulerev t geto is th l,leve h andweere inare e th year1620. d >> ana:thand mpe teurerate etis g ttingo a odgoel lev now herellis eitie wath th. >> ke lly:i tuac gally oo byne of gathe ats stion isthke wee nd an d tsaid iheres a tlineo mp pu? gas asit wol a d99lar inbut t fac asit w nea liwa to hesh t car. ic wh ah is grideat o ea t usbeca're wee log okinat be fuautil itcond.ions y sunns,skier ove70 eedegrs da toy. 73inru pahndmp a 71 in las s.vega thisisre a geeat w k towa sh th r.e ca y sunns skiefor sedaven ndys a ertempesaturth in e tolow d- mial70s l weonek lg. >>da ina: lt isow awell bove alnorm.
9:44 am
or de 10 s greeor be atter bove alnorm. k >> iim: e havela feing l we'l shavefuome n rrtomoorow m ning tecourf sy oc'nbs sah raopdoll. e shwie ll b uwiths lin ve inew or s leanan wd weere an>> cenounovr: mvee orte mysry ta r.ste ec [rinordg]
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