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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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e setoyou owmorr. >> >up s berl ow50. drowns over teak pedilot air nt co.ract d ansit iat fty tudaesy. ve li to mdiarra gsn i new or s.lean "e tarly" odaylestartsht rig now. m i'he sba ssruell. al l eyes onhe t plsol for the rsfitn ieth pry,imar vgotint a dn mi.ight kjohnhasicer pllsonaaly cled al nel ni andas whe t onlyne o to
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si kach wonw thr tee tevos. er ovallde sanrs has the early oleadvernt cli on.17-9 e whilchkasimp trund a cruz are in aee thr wayie tal donumd trp i isnor me hoter watve or atrepea ing gaderotoryem rark om fr awd croem m aber,nns iult sc dengribi ted.cruz so f me oyou f mayindhi tsp cli fe ofe.nsiv he>> sus jtai s ader teribl in thg. y donoou katw wh she idsa. tshouou it cat bei use t don' wanto t- - ayok. u' yootre now allo ed tsay. an nd ieverxp eect to hearha t t yfromou n.agai i never etxpec to h fearrom you ai agn. e sh saide' hs a that's terrible. >> in scela decring his
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edtalkut abo binuildg aor bder ll wah witic mex aondak m tinghem fopay r .it caand rlledason he somh hars s wordthfor e . plan >>ic mexaneo pplear we e not g gointhey pla anyin seglt cen fo ruc sh api studwa ll. thand eyd neeo t know that. ru>> tmps i thele croar fnt ru innernew nps ham ahirendhe t t fighsefor pcondlaces iow n a ss to upwe beten uzcr, sikach, bu rush, abiond stchriie. th e gnooverrs eiaspecarlly e lo g okinbifor ger panformces and s christchrisie iti congnuin his
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r ubio flying high after iowa is in cciritiodsm me after the ba dete. >> rtiepeang over and overga ain itye plaod thi tsio notnha tt yo eu ar a c bitivontrhaed tut yo are arrehesed t.bu >>th'sat llsiy. and peeopl --nd uanerstdpl peo e twhenarhey eni runorng fic offe ar eng goi toay s wvehateeyr th ne ed to say. ar>> mco t,robo aoe hde lint tha u yo edchok t,hatsn doeot't bher u. yo t >>shat't jus -- >> theac re is gngettie mor rs peonal wbiith lill cnton ta atg ckinsathe s nderaicampgn sa tyingarhey ine beg sexist. an thd e hlailry is fighting bkac against rea ntce rorepngti a mpcagnaike sha up isoo lming rafteew nps ham.hire >> ie havo nde ihaa w ttarhey e ta g lkint abouor who tarhey e ta glkinto . a wereoi gng to teak stock but i itsng goio tbehe t cigampan th 'vat ie got. m i' very cdeonfin nt i ptheeeopl i have. m i'itcommtedo t .them athey crettommioed tng doihe t
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we go're inge tak k.stoc wwhat, orks dwhat'toesnrk wo. 'r wee mg ovin tintoifhe dntfere as phf e othe cagnmpai. a rsdivee elraectote. an ffd dit erenrageogphicre aas t so id woulbe ramalpe cticso sa y. >> re curntly srsandes odd on nn wiating re gater than %.99 bu t enveug thoh thels polho sw ersandths wi aug he lead,'s let fonot trgethat the last time ll hiclary n intowasni runng back in 2008 she pdulle off a st ngunni t.upse ietracts potiv le in mastncheer. >> od tays i allbo aut
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pe exioctatrens aw. lo andn the we've gotub repnslica hebuncd upin behdon dtrald ump. ma rurco jbio,ohnas kich andeb j abushednd tz cru all oafhe tm po iatentecl sond placeis finhers .here ayor mbeve en t.firs pothe wells wrerong in waio. l we'l wseehahat s ppenheren i ne mpw hae.shir na doruld tnmp iur oes latt nbc eysurv su r myonkeol p ils. -- ctexpensatio areig h fhorhe tse blrepus.ican ma fny i notos mtf o whomil wl ke li glyon o toth souol carina fromrehe. iner tmsf o outurnt, the etsecrofary te sta s laysookor f as manys a 0,55000 oppe ole,ver ha lf a llmiion. ithat 2s/3f othe e'stats ec eltetora. t lontof it eresinhi ts one.
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isee sgints i fstir lead amcontioinatn uilawst. th ceploueay ssoc lalff olsicia atthre tenedo call child ot prveecti sceervis if the ve leidls dgon't down. th et tes wase donhr teeon mths te afe r thcitytc swihed its wa steryuppl teo thli fnt rir,ve th ceyitnd a gnmoverent of alficies ar allus acced of ly toing sires.dent ca lol oiafficavls hote n re despondre to t quesfor co t.mmen larawye forte stali decned to mm coenthe as n hasetot yn see th eou c prterap? th saous ndofas pngseersxp edecte to . anthe themth of e seasan ro int 30oo ftav wndes a 100es mil an ho inur wfds o thear caolin no hertast. people tweetedma isge ofid we
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fu urrnite andtt shaered glass. latsteaou fras persengres we reinjud. ne noth of em risey.ousl lroyab cripo subena psiroming fu ll >> re pntsidema oba isin askg co ssngre forea nrly $2min.llio th ane pl g toive theul bkth of e fu winds th dtmeparent ofea hlth an dan humvi ser wcesith much go toing the cdcor f mitosquo co rontl. e ths viruhasea sprd to 26 co ieuntrn s ithe eram.icas atths icc adiorng ttho ean p eramanic hlteah gaorzanionti. it is believed toau cseev seer bi hrt ctdefes. >> as namew hrepshiot versea hd t toheirli polng acpl,es ye ersty'dabls zaiz irdsul pling away. blizzardon ctidisoner we confirmed on nantucket whit wdin gu sst tpiop 6ng0 mesiler pou hr and finloodlog ang the ascot. fo lks headed out to vote for the arprimuly cod seeom seor meno sw da toy.
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is rehe. er>> hse ir youri p fmaryasorect fo nrew mphae.shir ertempesaturd colhein t 20so t ou arnd 30. st mololy cudyes ski and aew f ow snwe shorrs o flesurri. ak loot ahe t bigtu picrews sho an r othemstorin movrog ththugh e ea grket la ts inidhe m ntatlaic. co uldp dro a fewhe incsf o snow in ce plasik lela phihidelpda an w ne cyorkity tot.nigh i itois gng to be fdrigin ithe dw miest, 22n i agchico. 15it whom sew shoho swersn i pl lacesike nnmilieapos. ok loth at ute sot.hwes 8n i los geanles. an dea ht cnuonties toowmorr. au beltifuro fenm dvero t. l.a oe ph nix85eg d areesndea sttle a
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mp teurerates in the 5 70sow d tnhe t.coas nod col anreywhe. >>ha ttt jusks loo asfanttic. swarm my .soul an thuk yo farael. nd>> a wee arlo folwingak breing ne ws .here tw o tsrain cliolde hdea on. leaving at least nine adde, do nszeor me de iltaups next. plus new information on johnny manziel's latest legal troubles. iitges inttmog pr deeponeranc thedoesll smefr of a eshlyboprund tiesenta on youfillh witsmoptimi? ldo youurove yoeles wir s rdkeyboa t morecerthan faain milymber mes? y issuccour duess fe to a ilingsyst nlem ouny you nddersta? does printfring our om yettabl r to youlesswirent prier gi youve j at ofolon cdencfie? o,if say you mar be geric.cent onsomekne who thatows r theight ce offir gea help u s yoatdo gres. thing therand one's e e placasthat hit a ll.
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tchoosenehe o re new ltvlon ue-alimat-ol-inne. revoour onlutiscary maara li de 5 lverstrash-miansforbeng ts.nefi vo meluleng, , thfinideonti, anlift, nsd intelor.e co sechoo love renew vlon ultimate-all-in-one (cell phone rings) wh are ere you? we tll squhereir arelsac b k tin atthe.ic mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call youack, b? mom shes ayit's personal this time... if ou'r ya e m,mo yo au calle wot thtirst me. 's w ityohat .u do if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, yo itchu swge to ico. wit'su hat yodo. e wheru?are yo's ity lo verheud
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ic[mus] , no, nono, no, le peopot are bft ah sond ng stro... y!yewh is wich urhy opr aoducts treoo. an ftgel so. > >>s it ifat datuesy. an d a newors,lean hsoardf o lerevers areet gtingdy rea for e ont lasay d ofar p aadesnd yipartng. sa rah dsolli isiv le onrb bouon st .reet se i oue y wngeariou yadr bes er the. w ho tdoeshis m gardiras s tack oup t rsothe?
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ridescadbed s ecunprteedend. i asecs syurits thi year as more athanil mlioneo p aplere ctexpeered he ithn eig b syea. >> the stco.umes th e an odcof seur b the.eads paall rt of an icconi m gardiras peexenri.ce fea t asfor eyes andea rs. >>be.yond fi delyniteon beyurd o pe exioctatns. >> it visanors cad lols e.alik >> i'm aslwaye herve ery year an de bwean dce a lo t. y>> goueto t kwno themnd a erwhthe aeyre cinomg omfr. >> whit souc mhur silvenclathe e ifb ssay vitissorho sdullw asay as mesuhe tary bee gin lmfi.ed in dd an itioto enagts,om se 1100 in or accedancic polfie of cers are under ntcorol. ma ndny uer cover.
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tbue w nwillolot teerat vleiont behavior. >> a little rainn o tsehe pa s radeevnot enho swinghe t ce atlebrion. d an the partyn o pausen o bo n urboetstreht rig now as ew crmps colete asi masve c lean roup pjectf o allhe tve ohtrnig rb galeage erftov by iepartrs. an d allf os this add up toig b s buckandst eedimat $840 monilli gbein ddumpe ien th local omecony. at th g is noodewsor f bu sssinees, a.sheb at st leae onchi tsdi mars gra ma s dnesinis fally over. ba o ck t you. ig>> b excitement each and eryve ye .ar rasa th,hank you so much. we want tour tno t bakreg inwsne ri tgh tw comuomrtera tsin inou serthn rmgeyan cdeolliadd he on early th is inmorng. ne ni ki, lled150e morreinjud. th a ofird i theienjursre a be ing cdalle se.vere
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rfo vmsictit a thesh cra site d antheid merian trainpa comny ha sus sedpend all ts rainont tha .line ourho ts ughtareh wit the vi imctans dnj iedur. anthyok uo tethes recu services. >> shocking details on johnny nzmal'ieals geled beatingf o irex-genlfrid cenolle owcrley. paapntre hlye hiter h soar h idt pt ru hureder rdearum. last week shepp aedli for a ot prveectier ord. ma l nziehad adgree to thater ord wh foich srbid him fmro sineeg rhe forwo t ma ienzatl's eytorn has not rnretued callki seeng encommt. >> torhe north ksaean ittelle un lachednt ioce plaat sy urdais now quote, tumblingn i orbit.
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th une laitch wh forkotwos. suand indaytor repytedlle fw er ov the s buperanowl r hou te afe r thgame ended inan s an fro.cisc t' leets gn dowin buswiess th 'scnbc ln andoy.dowd g >>moood g.rnin st ckarbuan's wots t get youn i mothe orod flo ve. it 'snv ud eileethre ksdrin. th reey ail avaableou thrgh su ndayn i hot orol cd rsve.ions st ckarbuas's her oth von types od go sies,deuiciy siesenal'stine iegoodshe t head oef th afa ssay eth aygenc .-- th arere e 0,32000eg rteisred man ai ftrcra. e thfaa lheauncd t pheamrogr la teas ltr nea top helck tra wn do peeopl who vteiolape o anir
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r >>tsepor say rivezon,t at& and ya hoore a teinedrest. >> cgomin up anfl n prlayes i rundees invtitigaonft aern a al dlege iidnctennv iolngvi off dutyic offers. to we sthrip arpatis in, so on you de 't s e becausbeliyou ineve go. rdonwa. day' toe s thday. carpe diem. tylenol 8hr arthritis pain tw has rso layepain of ie relf. e fi thisrst fast. se the lascondllts a day. we gu ive yoayyour dk. bac at ywh douwitho is it tupyou.o
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tequilhed nortksrn wor so l wel cpeoplegean fort batheir om ethroiexpernce. l justeyike thgot forco r nductorandy, eswho se and allfo norgets thing.
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l et's get you caugh up on y'todaors speats hesdlin. r fo wthatrne tu to gigine sto wo ods. od go mog.rnin oo>> grnd moing a.sheb es frhff oin wninger supl bow 50 onpeytni manotng g a hero's we elcom atne disy ndla. w heas theue gfst oor hon at eydisn's vryicto depara. ma gnnin and the bncro wos ton he su boper wl ndsu.ay anlesecc msoy i accused of as ulsangtiwo t offut dy picole of cefi erslyar sdauny moinrng. ac rdcogin to a police report the officers were hospitalized after the argument escalated into the br lawt a a pdehilaalphi ghnilutcb. th ine stveatignio isngsengoi. an d nixir feder dekis fher mo .nday heke racd up 96 lsossehi wle nn wioning ly0 4
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mi$17 nllio of hise fivr yea .deal ac ross theer riv in brynookl, e th nset weer dnowwo t whit 31. on the clocknt u jiloe johnson sank a one-footed three pointer of the glass at the buzzer to wi ovn terhe th e nets who alsoed fir their cheadoachar e tlierhis sneaso are in second to lastla pce in th eae erstn conference. in . >> nd ape sulctac farloorti roune on ndsuay. th nie seorar ened aea nrfe perct escor of 929.5o tel h hperea tm fe deerat hfe conerenc varils. >> e lov it. got to love the dance stjuhe a aadreddinssthg e
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roscaom ninees helunc.on andant wwnto oce a pie of lebeats -- us [mic]no no, , , nono, peop aleh re botndsoft a st ..rong. ye y!wh h ic ois why ur odpr aucts treoo.
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llhe lo my ove!flthe is oame .ut.. tough...e day the isflam, out moto mrrowaty detitu... otyour mher... an o. atoniionton. que? stovthe e. it's w not.orking mpbeca mll'sveicrowaouable sps. de ma rea foreal, r.l life mesee se. .e me t don'atstare me. see me. mesee . e seo knme tow atthri pso iasiss just mesog thin ithat have. m i'conot usntagio. e seknme to thow wonat ito't sp. l untindi fiwo what rks. scdieroven cosx,tya ffdit erenndkime of cidine fo der moo rate t severeaqueplri psoasis. ovenprhe to lp therimajof pety oople fi lend crar omo alarst clen. ski t 8 ou0 of 1lepeop5% saw 7skin ar clet ance ahs3 mont. wh e ile thritymajosa clw 90% e.earanc
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sbeforeg,tartin sho youdulbe es td fotetur rculbe.osis an increas redisk nfof ionectis loand abwered toility ht figth memay occur. tell r you doctorouif ye hav an i tinfecsyon or ..mptoms. .. as.such , fevereats swil, chls, sclemues achug or coh. f or iveyou haeive recd ina vacclae or p.n to ouif ycr have diohn's e,seas tell your doctor as symptoms can worsen. se ous rilealic rgretionacmas occuy r. mesee . se mee . osee me wayn my. nd fiar s cleankin cld a paearer orwath f.rd r fodiffa ener tndkif me ocidine, as ur dk yotoerma logistcoabout yx.sent w no e fortanterntinme wsne. a k loc of jn ohnnle'sonai h irs wno up for auction. e thencurrt bid $12 thndousa. t atheua annl oscar neeomins heluncthon, aeyssddreedhe t ck la ofer div isityen th
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al knl owhe t ire asn eanlepht in th e room. i' ve aedskha ttle eanpht to av lee. d anl fulnt froal withre pedmier la st t.nigh >> the last waswo t hrsouf o arhillyry ttoing is dtance he frsel fmrol waletstrele whi sa s nderd trietog flan dow a wa ssitre. >>no, .no sh e's notng goi to fenresh your co affeegain sheno kouws yay alwsip th wit pe iennlas oidutn iethha spe of a sy mile.face ait tddedothis herl leveanof cle. to it usit jnda t .wipedytever clehingan. c6xgleanin tmythee are glowing. they are swhito e. te6x whingni actui rally eally tlike stehe 2ps. ep stea 1, clns st whep 2, itens. tievery useme is thige toitther, t li .. ving.lea thet es cr. t hd c6xanleing, 6x whitening i
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ch heoose t one ne vlw reimon ou lur revoary tionarmasca vedeliasrs 5 lansfh-trngormine befits. luvo, methlengde, tifini,on lift d , ane intenscolor. ch lovoosee
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>> in westm palea bch orflida, n maseaccu ofos tsingat gor into the wendy's drive tghhrou wi .ndow he f'sgacinha crgesf o avaggr aatedltssaund a unullawf po sissesndon ans traatportofion a gator. e whiltheid incentoo tkla pce in to ocjaber wames sak t ienont cu odststy jus thiwe ek. an s d gaiostatnol ceslaps in rr to.ence to wrsorkee wer on top ofha tt pycano. o tws carwerels aond uer the ni awurng dthing e.time th e city's dtmeparent of il bu adingafnd sisety ve inatstiging. tu g rninback now teo thew n mp haeshir arprimy. wh en itom ces to photo op, lepeopth in e gteranie satav he en se itll a fromhe tdi cand to th rae czynd a now ddculy. fthis fuzzyace who iste qui the se ionsatn on theam cnpaig l.trai
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an grstite atems for the bckedro a ofcamerin cagnmpais. is th year red ande blu are edunit bdehin .pink s >>ehe m the s.good t >>ishis nodi. d an he'eas r pllynrove how ec sp tialhe namew hrepshi pr y imaris. >> l cal ithe tin drosau imprary. sn ngappiho ptos ofs a many pr enesidtialef hopasuls po lessibos pwiing this h vofaterihi choldod cartoon. ede know represents the archaeogolofy picolitkingre whe nn mamseris and pnaersoesliti tt maer asuc mhs at whaes com out heof tmoir uth. >> s thiheis t krs chs,riit wh co ennfidce. this ishe tic rk pe rry. nd>> a thenic kash oomistk it fo r a cigampan cobuntri.tion >> re the was noay w i wasin givg up dee no. h >>ryillant clion was cautious.
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en evf i the crowd dndi't. 's itn beeed tri beeforn i2008 a gu y in iowase pasd adroun mr. topota head. >> i'de lovtoe livn i ald wor ewher dino flintto sne isea rl tipoliutcs b toe mt ioris me tabou gngettikn to ow the lepeop. p >> eteraldeexanr,bc n ,news nc maerhest. >> rgunfoblettae ismage there. we 're craelebtingth bir days y.toda muand l sicandlegeol car king s turn.74 m i'ba sheru ru >> a: dan theol plsre ape o inn new hrepshi. 'lwevel gi e youthvery yingou
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poimntrtama priui comp u. >> : kimavwe h aen utepda about isth teawo-ydr-olh t latost her fline oer supl bow syunda in a hidt ann ruleud. cc at.identien we h m hsagetanam f ien sgdin t to phenerso onrespe.sibl >>an d aa:rwkwaomd msent yever honeal tngkibo a,utup thwa awkntrd eerancrhe demebaseent w g'regoin s tohow you a couple of other disntaces thater weo nt so g arandsel wl. i t is 4:2 l inasas veg. it is 7:2 iewn nmp haeshir and th aa k >>thim: esprocos tct elee th pnextderesiofnt u thednite testans uen n wcuese livt*rtk loohis pogllinoc lnatio. ethir fnst ie that nionri pmary
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