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tv   Today  NBC  February 9, 2016 7:00am-10:00am PST

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high stesak. ne haw shmpe irtevos datoy. p trumandde sanrs dahean ithe te vo. a telaig-nht rally, amp tru su tepporrse us aul vgar term to ridescedbe t cru azndru tmp repeated it. >> she said hs e'[ a eebl].p rrteleib. >> b>lilli cnton taking the ovgl oesff whit bernie sanders, unsongdiik lhee wheiss co-got a it ve en >> setomesimhe wn'm i on ata sge li ke isth, i wish we w'teren ma d.rrie then c i souldhaay wret i ally in thk. > >>aemichl ooblgmberd saie' hs so disgusted with bothes sid he may jumpnt io the race. > >>ik zari cssi rocontl. th e cdc aatctives its highest lleve eralt. hi>> t as isim tere whe weee n d cato sle. >> thehi woute hseur tngni to co rengss felor hp teo the tunf o nearly $2 billion. > >>dba choice. angry cruise ship passengers
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de oncisi toea hdig r ihtanto we porful orstm. he>> tre's a qiouestfn o why we ere wn i t thisoeg bin thwi. >> t thashipla s bmmedy hu icrre-anrcfoe wdsin and -f 30ootes wav asew n video geemers snghowius jtow h bad it got. to s day'datueseby, fy ruar9, 20 .16 >> ro> fm nbc news, this is a iaspecldi etion of od"tay." w neshhampire tevos,h wit matt la luer,ivero fmtu sdio 1a in ck roleefelrza pla ande havannsavaah gu rj gu e.thri oo>> grnd mo iing,t'sri pmary inday ew nmp hae.shir ma stt in itu s dio1a. lepeop o areutin votg real ady. ou>> ye hav aou cple of sstorm up erthe. youav hene oth in ate weher and e th ioertt's ait pol icalorstm. as you iomentned,he t dyon't st wamee tip u e.ther >> no.
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is ea alr odyut at a pngolli ac plhie ts mngornier he in ma stncheer. sh n'e catet voe her but she's yi tr tnggeo het r supporters out in foe.rc welr aeady havely eares rult biz the way, matt, inha wast h co beme ittradion. vo itersren th sellma tnsowas ct the first ballots at midnigh otn th e dot. heon tub repn lica,sidee whave a rethye-wa tie. nineot ves each fored t c ruz, john kassic andon dald umtrp. e thot v iings justti getng arstted. a lotil wlap hnpeor befee th ll pooss cltoe t.nigh ngcomiup , wel wilk tal toe som t ofhe caatndides. w we lillook at how thees rults here may change this race. le bet's oginurer covages thi rn mowiing th peterle aerxand who w isithe m r,peted goo mog.rnin >> or rep gter:ood mog.rnin th reey a etixpecng aor recd rn tuout datoy. aam cnpaigha t otnly sixon mths o ag fewpl peoeoo tker slyious is w noheon tge ver ofin makgew n mp haeshir sthiory. do tnald rumpcrinngeasily nf cot idenecin rent ysda.
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tipoliycallre cor nctot cinhangg s hi ltuneast night. re inpeat lgaganguome saye md fin nsoffeive. af ter dinominatg 75ol perls he nc sie nejuon, dtrald isump fe ofringew nps hamhireer vots on ste la acembre. >> s this it sorf o ourin fal ve lo fest, allghrit? you have toet g outnd a youe hav totevo n,ote matr what. >> or rep tter:he frruont-nner infeelodg gond ape sg akinout. ma kingea hesdlin after enpretdingo tld sco a c rowd lepeop whoel yled aul vgar term ou abdt te uzcr,he tnea rep ting ito intmithe hocropne. >> s sheaid iev nerxp eect to ar het tha yfromou. is sh ide sas he'ale [ b ep]. ibterrle. >> or repter:ak ting ape swit a ma rurco bio. >> i'm winatchg marco sweating keli a dog. after theif fth ti,me wshat' goingn oerov here i said? r >>teeporr: rubiory ttoing rn tut tha aintoal rlying >> i'm g toingayo st ir ove and over again. >> or rep wter: thilengurnids hea
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>> a werein tak ogursa mesoge t mi faliesug strgglin tose rai th cheir enildr t inhe 21st ce yntur bseecau asou y sa ww,e ar e rngaisi our fourld chiren in th 21e st urcenty. we know howd har ibet's tcomeo ulinst our vsaluen iur o kids in the 21step acct turry,t iis ha trderevhan o er tilinst l in cyourrehilden thal v tueshey te inach our >> reporter: thatpi esodeas h owblen the racsefor wcondide op .en jo hn khasic psiroming a le ceiobratn. i >>tht's one phe llca ts,he kn kioc ongnoo d, rs git's toingo op pele. t we no're toi go ng tstopnt uil e thlaste vot is in. >> reporter: chris cishrtie gi urnger vots toe giv him a ta ndilwi. i >> haave li f sghtulchedored f h soutlicaron na oeswednday morning. i ndinteta to i ep>> rorter: jebus b bhstlaing trump on twitter. the frorme gnooverr now en rezeergi reenergized. >> t' thalos a war bin sce it obesuarie wertewritn a day ago.
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ny mae herll sti deund.cide >> we want toot ve s forodomeby we w knoho w a hasnc cha we toin in g thealener. >> or rep tter:ishis aik str ing fa ct. orhistyws shot tha 20%- - 20% of w neshhampireer vots't don make up ir thed minil unt y.toda un tilri pmary day. mbremeer, ienndepdencean c dedecich whity paro t vote for at l themiast .nute h iaven see youe fiv times, the onpersd. sai chkasid sai do you haver you te vo? he d sai i'mec dgidinwe bet yenou andni bere ndsa ers. om>> sope peecle didehe t minute theta curinlo csesin behthd em. pe tter,hank you. , mattup to you. >> i>en them dtiocrac race, arhillynt cli ionsin hopg to rr naheow t gapha ttst exis be ntweehe rself andni bere nd saers. we h'rengeariir dyectlm fro fo rmer norew ytyk cior may ch miael bleroombg about his an chofces um jping .in an drea melitchl is inan mtechesr th wi all of .that r >>teeporoor: gd inmorng.
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mo g,rninla hilryol tdot vser she wi orll wntk uheil t l vastote is tecound. if theol pls are cctorreth, wi w neshhamp wire,hichas hee b n odgoo tthbo clintons inhe t st pa. 's ited pos d toerelivet a s back erto hay tod. sh eoe dsd hol a sstubtian laldea erovan srsdeat nnaioy.ll in thedl midef o a stsnow orm, iebernde sanndrs ala hilry in cltonin makghe t firalin pitch. >> t inkhiei b angro psigresve an meus yo wanto t makeea rl pr ssogre. i >>go am toing l tel.them r >>teeporher: tll chaenge for toclinown, h tora attct y oung nwomeer vothos wre ack flotoing ersands. a >>uglthoh ino kwhe s'ser vy we vllderse and i'mur sehe s's te inenlligdt anan c add aot l to ou r cotruny, d i'tonru tst r.he >> il bl cntli hon basneeea lding theac attks on the vntermo se r.nato oudo ynk thi heas hn bee unfair tor?he >> ink thie h heeas bn cuinac.rate ep>> rr:orte theme forr es prt ideninchafg at the ca aimp'sgnff etsoro t kpee him
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>> setomesimhe wn'm i on a stage ke li this, iis whe wer w'ten rrmaied. th cen i souldhaay wret i ally k.thin an d i don'tea mnha tt in a ne vegati. way r >>teeport'r: is n cotlear his ra st itegys wngorki. ai trling bybl doue di,gitshe t y aresi conngderi a eushakftp aer w neshhamp ire. e >> w twillake stock. git's toingeo bhe tpa camign th 'vat ie t.go ep>> rr:ortela hilrynt clion esaddr tsinghe res.port >> re we'ov ming i anto dreiffent e.phas ouof c irse,out wld be ma ctlpranoice st toayt wha wo drksn,t wha can weo d ttbeer? >> or rep nter:bc news is co menfirhad ttic mhael bl mboog,erou dinbtgnt clionr o sa s'ndernc chaes to winth in e fa isll, seriouslyon cdesingri injumpg in as a third party nd caatide. easpngkio tethin falanci s,time he yssa,ot verser desvete betr an id he s,otquooe, l akinglt al opthe s.tion al ghthount clion has tedrail ersandrs fo ntmohs, new shhampvoire atersream fyousl
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mo hare tn 40% say thaty the are peindet,ndenss clawiic sng te vohors we hav pcerodumed so rp sungrisiet upss in the past. th wat'shihat llaryli c intons pi hoorng fhi tse tim ndarou. a >> lotf odi cansdateop hing r fo tthathisrn moing. an thk u.yo di heantng io y,toda marco o rubibehas t en aethte cenr of e thusdisc isione n thblrepuican ra ce. erlest holtau cght up w hithim eryestday. >> d gooinmorng. ea gr st toee u.yo ru bioam c uender firein durg sa ayturdeb's dwiate th oenpponts likeer govnorhr chris ceisti ki taimng a for biruo's use of th xae ectam seac attkin les nsagaiest prtiden a.obam o rubinddefeised hom csment as we talked over a cf up oeecoff a atal locer din. >> let's dispelit wh this fi n ctiothatak barma oba d'toesn kn owt whais he g.doin ou>> yep rdeate thee samhi tng fo tur.saill y it again,ar bak ob isama tgryino t cehang icamera. he isoi dng gedama. i >>n rtiepeang ,it it pdlayeo t is th nnotioha t ytour ccsriti
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ythatreou a hered.arse ha>> tt's llsiy. de unndrstapl peoene why theare nn rufoing fir of wceill say wh eratevy theneedo t say. >> marcoro bot. haineadlaie sdou y okched. th oeat dsn'tot bher you? t >>shat't parth of e prs.oces w >>tas ir you finest pe marfornce? >> weid d llexceent. uron o wee,bsit weai rsede mor y monehein tst firr houf oha tt tedebas. i >>t's gnooverrhr ceisti has de ma the point's let notak me th e miestak wead mige eht years ag o ofct ele aing t-firs term se r.nato ma ngkihe tom csoparin to you and idpresent obama. wh o at danyou esd prtiden o bama ihavenmo comnn i t oermsf what u yo reenprest? w >>vee hafe difrent ex enperices. i er sfoved ner nirs yean i the st ate llaegis otureef thrd thi eslargatt st te incohe y.untr s i wathepe sakerth of e fdalori e housin fla.orid we r hadaeal evachitsemen. >> s iou y yrouthn aan adv otager sa ditadvange? >> ira emb ceit. it w'sho i am. vei han'tiv led as long as some t ofeohe pruple gnnin for pr enesidutt, be i'v donee mor an tht mos of them. >> yourrd thice plawi shonng i
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aput lot ofec expontatins o u, yo inms ter of goingor fward .here dwhat toesmehat nan ier tmsf o hwhatnsappe n inhaew irmpshe? >>hi ts is ay ver usunual el onecti. t i ihink bt'de a stmi take o ejudg thisct ele biony a onyf e th mcsetrif o past ecels.tion ewe'ver nevad h six oren sev -fwelld,undedi creble cdiantedas ru innng for president on th e pureicbl saneidt ahe tam se ti .me t ihink thein nomnatio isng goi to e tak atl liteon lger and be a di enffertro pcessn than ithe st pa. 'r weoie gong t dol welhe re. b >>e ut his lngooki ait b past e th arprimies. bi ruoay ss he wouldea bthe t crdemoatic nenomie,he wther i t be beernide sanrs or hryilla cl n.into nnsava hah,e is ogwnin the re tipetif on o athekttacin les nsagairet pntside obama. >> lester, tshank so much. k i ynowlou'le havor men ohe t te lastst twinds a turns on "n lyighton" tightro fmew n ha irmpshe. t' les bring in chuckd tod and
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rs fiont, d taldrumpep rdeate a lg vuerar tsem u bdy a srtuppoer at al a rlyas ltgh nit. sh d?ocke ny>> a otheran ctedida d who id at thhe, tff stald wou say, we ca osn lhee tma priryr ove this. um trp aisnd hm tead loveit. th roe cwdov led it. is thbo symlizes themp tru aicampgn. di enfferndt a notit pollyical rr coect. >> al donumd traip sd shiometng nsoffe tivesoo dymebo. >> for him, itoe dsn'tac impt yt an. hing et>> lal's tbok aheut t race. i t won' tmoveoho wla pces se rcondight .away slet' not miss who may place rs fit. na dotrld ump. if id tolthyou ixat sth mon ag o,t whald wou h you ave?said t>>heom ctibinafon omp trund a ersands. weal t akbouthe t seupn ts ithe orhistf y o ntheamew hrepshi arprimy. en wh c theryounta is grany, the rs filat poce tl tel uss iew n they'll hand us ddonalru t ampnd iebernsa s.nder th eab estmelishfnt oh bot iepartres ari fneghted of.
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fear, the more some voters want to rally around them. ithiss aug hyme, sc boliagmesse at th'sng bei ntse. he>> t peeoplth of e ta eshmblis entsay,y the canin w w neshhamp bireuthe t ny'llever n wi the nenomie. 'vtheyeee bnnd utieresdmate the ewhol e.cycl su asheme tiny wig b ghtonit, ey th'llak speth to gge biest au td au cedienhes tvey eavr hn e ithe excontf t ocobeming the idpresalenti ndcae.idat vewhoesr i se,cond third and thfour for blrepu,icanil h lary toclinasn h m toake a ,case re hehy's w theth oerte stas sh n'ouldolt flow itsu. f >>nyor aoneop hingew n mp haeshirld wouvi prode crilaty t aseo thmp trult atiernave in enhapp. ist i a bllseecau oft wha enhappned oat syurdaht nig with rc maoub r aiohend t badete? >> is it b allseecauth of at. orubing doihe te facnt pla at th ede,batewa it s an po opitrtuny. h hehead tor opptytuni to s eize the minoonnati. he had anpp oniortuty -- t here pwereeeopldy rea toly ral ar houndis mpca.aign you w hould save aeen flood of do enenrsemts.
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a od flof o --nd a pblrobay a wh inittlgth of efi eld. no f ne o othetherdi cansdate th ink,hey, rubio has ala gss w. ja he>> ty allay sy' theoire gng to ut soroh ca.lina yevert las e.on t >>hahey ove n rneaso not to. rdsatuay t,nighno ather tedeba. y ifeou'rhr chris ce istior yo mu'rearco rubio,hy wot n go? ogeten th deebatta s agend try ai agn. omarcub rioen wt from ha,vings a ch uck,said the minoonnatir, o l ateast the elistabntshme wing pa f rt otheom nioinatnn i his ha tnds,owo nen potlytialin havg s hiin nomnatio in mlorta da.nger held couin fishec sondig ton ht tand iurntro aund n.agai l >> tet's aalkboutla hilry cl n.into eshetsxpec toos le .here e thy onlss iue for yoeverne,t i em sess, i byow h much. wwhat till nheseextay dse b like for her ifhe ss, doen i fa lct, osehere? f>> i thels polre a right, and it ou's dble tsdigi,is it oi gng b toe sestoriut abo joe debin, aemichl bleroombg. iebern srsandes iea alrdy tr oungaisi her and willh wit mo re nemoy. va neilda wl snluddeooy likk le
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nthenaatiol pollsil wlho sw iebern srsande a oheadfil h lary toclinn. is th g isoingbe to the most pa linfuee three wksor befe the so cauth naroliri pmaryor f her esinche s's had inru feb ary 08 20. t >> yhankoou sch mu. 'l wel havee morro fmer hne iew n mphairshe coming up, idinclung ve li teinwsrvieh wit jebh bus and c hrisstchriie. fo nor w,,matt upo t you inew n yo rk. >> ll we' b be wack yithnou i a up comile s.nute w weant to turn to the fhtig ai agnsthe ta zik ruvis. th bae omadm atrinisnatioow n ngaskigr con fessor $1.8li bilon e inenmergcy infundg. al heth exspertre anc oe ainga rnwaginri ame ccansdeonsi ring s tripatto linri amendca a the ri cansbbea. m toos cotell is cinovergs thi reoutborak f .us e >> whave 51as cesf oa zik in e thte uniatd stescc angordio t thecdc. lepeop whoet rdurneth to e un co ttry,vehey'on ctetracda zik adabro. weno kw of 16n ilo frida alone. wh wile deon't yet have any kn cownasesf oos moquit
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th ndousa osfri amecansra tvel ut sof h othe u.s.or brdeve ery da y. r >>teeporitr: wprh s bingreak sweek ,away the cdc's wngarni aforenyon tliraveo ng tthe caribbean orat lmein arica is dd su tenlyg akinddon aed ncurgey. ll mi oionseof p ipleen thio regn e ar eecxpdte to cacontrtik za is th .year al yread in br,azil00 4,0 bsabie nodiag wsedithor abnymallll sma ad heds an nsbrai. w >> ne'reot cancelling spring break. 'r wee tngellieo pple a whore pr ntegnaou, yow kn,ou y m nayot wa nto t go. ep>> rr:orteh wit 30 cntouesri dan trierritoes now iluncdde on the cdsc' ltis ofik zare a taso oiav td,he cdc's emergency op ioeratnte cenras h goneth to e gh hi lest oevelf spre.onse no wh witthemp olyices gam six mo nths ayaw, the. u.s oiclymp mm coeitte isei rtiterang the gu ceidan for panregnomt wen or me wohon wou cld mebeco prntegna, to avoid theik za hot so alhe, t cdc wldou not andil wl t noev prent atethlesm fro mp cogetin forir theou cntry ou shheld ty quy.alif e thte whiou hse issk aing
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t inighe fhtga ainst kazi. udincl tinghe eedxpedit de loveenpm otf aa zik vaincce. wi a redespacad vcine rot llou d couleabe yrswa ay. >> ha we heve tap cilaby itto get a vaccine candidate into pseha on ine clical trial toet dmier ne ift' issa .fe >> ep rteorr: on the gunrods in florida, the states i wppragin upqu mositoon ctrol eorff.ts re desisntol td toet g rid of st ngandi r.wate it b cane aed breing gdroun for sq mos.uito >>es rheearcayrs sre the's a lot ou abtik zahe tony d't rsunde.tand hewhether tus viran c be smtranditteou thrghiv salnda a ur ine, w and thichstrimefer o babyig mhte bos mt at risk. th e mitosquoik leso t bite ri duheng t dayat r therhant a du sk. if t youlraveth to eas are and u' yootre nre ptgnan but erconc wned,earep rntella and
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ou>> yti mendon t ithenanteraltionss pre iures mo nguntiry eve seingl dayth on e br iaazilons tet g thiser und nt co broleefor the gamesrt sta in gu aust. hi>> ts rnmoing, werd hea from th kensenya who say,f i the br iaazilonns det't g iter und co l,ntro theya kenayns mot n nd seir the ownm teao tthe ym the knsenya are sseuppo tdo do ve ry well. >> to ham, tounk y very chmu. we go've eat br nking iewsn rm geany nioverght. atea linst nepl peoe edkill. re mon tha 100nj i auredfterwo t ai trnsra cshed head on. rasevelun hdred reescu wrsorke werele caldo tthe ensce. ju inredas persengers weri cared aw bayy hopelic aternd boat. th e rail line isd use myainl by ly bi blyy utcommgoers toing munich for .work a hot me, aew nrm sto is mo ivingthnto ase ehit t s rn mo ming,gakinor f a very peslipry mmcoute. mr oc. rrke is heer whit atth. >> e wvehaor m teo talk t.abou 'r weoie gong tw shoou y the sy .stem we e hav abl doue bl arrelow.
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ke lands ass pre oureff the ro ca linat.coas tthewoom cngbini b toring st .orms avwe h41e il mlioneo ppleer und so orme st ofin wterth weaer soadvihiry ts rnmoing. yearl y,todano swth in e mi lad-at.ntic snowil wlld buio intthe pa apialachns. to adayntnd io nitoght,io perds of snowm froew nk yortyci, wa gtshind.on, c.,baorltime. l weook for heavye- lakcteffe ow sn c toover andel devop into ni toght and moto.rrow w ne york,citybe may 1 to 2 in ochesf fasnowll, at .best ,erie pelvnnsy,ania 8 to 12.
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to nc 3 is.he ha>> t yt'sour ltates heweatr. ?matt al>> ha, tounk yy ver much. coming up, new questions ab tou theru ceishi sp nightmare off theoa cst ofth nor canaroli. y wh didha tt shipl sai right in to a huge storm? nnsavaah? >> lu> pros, ferm he in new ha irmpshe'e, wehre b tindhe
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mtheythake feir inalpu.shes y wh c it bouldooe g tdoom ce in se pcondlace here. there's precedence for that. c christihrisile woil jn us veli. fi trsn o a tsdueay moinrng,
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nb c. > in comg up,hy w dn'idt he ok lo too ciexted? wh liat e mnganni is sgayin about that expression he had onis h fa sce a histh broerey p wtonas inwinnheg ter supwl bo. > >> o twoef thge bigstes namn i ho oollywild w l berehe. be stn leilanr kdyaeti ho lm dadmom, .n.>>so w no fedthatasex hre std amlinee-coour cemmer he and us lped ogrowinur busess, thi 'sink itwe time rt stangactia like ssbusine. ok>>ay... here go we ... oh >>ok a, loist th... ok num, soonber e. no so peremnal it s arermitpeinted or the w.kplace .. th ne will eedomto c.e down 'll weoibe deng somnd may teatorg.stin therand ale's stso a ct nridao ng ptiicoly. >>, uhnebut hoe'rey, wri mared. at thng's goibe a to bl proem. gr our ow ynebusih ss witthe
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it ob.uate an>> dooa: grnd moing. 7:26n os thiue t sdaymog.rninit is fat estuday.>> : kim ands it'thee blu crew, ki d m an danaerwagn, ll kerry cunan o atweher.go od inmorng, erev.yone oo>> grnd moing. ofco,urselu be is aop pular r,colo so wnte wao t match the lo cof r o stheky datoy, t?righ nolo c oudsuthe tre and mp teureratlres aeadyn o the se ri, 54 grdeees, ersummlin, 49 andck che out thesebe numrs for ek we. 'r weooe lking at a hofigh 72 rrtomoow to tie the raiestr ning rorde of74re deges setus jt twoye agars on i .2014 >>well,ro fm theoo gd to the ba e d, w phaveemrobls oen th ro ysadwas thi s is ian ciac,denthi wch is oovern cesharltont a ,95 so th ese vleehicghs riter undhneat af infecteg th eouastbrand tvel oto g unenderathit w ahou c ple hard hiteh vsicle and one oen th s las vegap,strir ovee hern o the edge,hi t csars i sortf o dg wended uers thict traor tr raileth soudboun on v las egas evboul iard fnrontf othe almandbaay
7:26 am
rath tfficee squzingy b and th et lefsidend a t thelrave ti mes lngookid goo etxcepor f us ualou sunthbod5 i-1 is slow, ki d m an.dana im>> kha: tyonk u, an>> da: anus accedil kler is ck bain behrsd baou fnd hgidin ou tn iou b ldercity, hisam ne is enstevgh writap cdture in bo r ulde icityhen ta nevda inn d anhi t as isnxc evelusioo l akt e th room hse wa hgidin out. w heas tiawaingal trior f a gang terela mdrurden wheta misykenl re asleedro fmhe tos lng aesel iljaas ltee wkft aer ale ccaril roerr. ckbaeh bd inbars and eventually edheadk bac to l.a. toe fac the si mu c. k >> aim:omnd tworroni morng when you e "wakitup we h therwagn as," fo ndew farello t is a v videoault mniornng o the program and t hawomyle tesak us backn i teim thrghoutou the
7:27 am
main attraction in bay'lls
7:28 am
inmorng, 9thf o brfe,uary 1620. spoll o arepener h ien new ha irmpshe. te vorers a cngastiir thelo balts adalre iyen th firstth in e ti naonma priryf othe 1620 idpresalentira ce. li oove ltk a ali pol pnglace re he in hemanc.ster co ming,upre we'oi gngo tk loo w athyec sond p ilacemes sostime the cedovetze prith in ean begitgrane at ste. . 1a l tet's aakek loo at the ot rheto sesriak mgin heliadsne y.toda il41 m alioncameri ansre under erwintth weaerdv aieisors this inmornsg a the sdeconrm ston i anas mys day rolls .east sn owxp edectem fro the mi atd-ntla tic noew england te lar tot.nigh > >> newps ste areng beien tako t co lntro s thedpreaf othea zik svirue herth in nie ustted .ates thescdc'rg emeencype oonrati ercent nowin movog t itsig hhest ve leorl f theou frth time erev. es prtidenma oba issk aing recongoss te fre upor men tha $1.8 bonilli toun fdes rh earcof
7:29 am
og pr.rams en scistist s01ay 2s 5 waa co reetrd-s yting fearhaor srk at s.tack 98or repted rlwoe.dwid th e rimajo ty,,59 w iereen th it unsted ,atesnc ingludi 30 in th tae sfte ori floda e.alon th ree psviouor recd was 88 back in theea yr .2000 >> et> lo's gk bac toav shanna in w neshhampire. >> tt ma, ksthan. ewe'rng goi to beginhi ts half ur hoh wit ntheamew hrepshi primary, as you'd ctexpe. nwithineep rcaubli sns itilln e thra ce, theht fig forot vers ma re winside .open ewe'rng goi toal tk to re icpublopan hefulhr cis ch ierist a in mo.ment hhe's ereveli. rs fit, aoo lkhi bend thene sce s heat tti crical beattlla p ying out here y.toda rutevol ion r >>orepr:teit wh ddonal p'trums poll nrsumbe lngooki leik he's a flockor f pirstlace tot.nigh >> it's been inedcrleib. no mrattere whe we go. ep>> rr:orte thel reae raco t watch in new hampshire i tshe mbscraorle fco send. >> re the we go. ep>> rr:orteh witen sev nd caesidat hoping a srilveed mal to separeatm the fthrom epack, ju asts theri pmaryal crenda tsstar r to ampup.
7:30 am
d>> ion'tan wt to leave a ny ubdoint ew nps hamhire si res'dentnd mi is,'msk aing for yo ur tevo. i >> dtidn' askha whet t rules .were d iidt whawasri ght. th tat'sheea lhiderspe w need in wa gtshind.on, c. >> theia med are n gotoingo t tpickhe rubepcalinom neeinr o ethex n ptsirentde of the united st esat. r>>orepr:tehe t pitoliaicns are kima tngirhein falit pesch to vo rste. and game k-donnorrorss an a blestaenishmt analtertiveo t lddona p.trum t >>hels polge sugst you may be pe gakin at theig rht time. >> pl peopee snd their money in be gnevegati. h i'taven done atth. er evngythi b has peenivositnde a 'r wee siring. we s'llee ifhe t mreay be ac lytualew a nay d in pocsliti. h >>oow d you rcieconlet tha infeelndg aha ttxp enceriee reyou'in havgn i h newhiampsre th wi r therihetocou y're sgeein in this impr aary,hend t idcand wateshoee sm to beng goi r fa -- ai>> wt a numite. tfirs of all, i'm rgisine mor
7:31 am
en iathussm en iathussm. >> t whae hav lyouedearnou thrgh is thoc pr ress,ngunni for idpresent? >> e i'vrn leaeed wd neeo tlo sw wn do andar cebo aut oppele. e ther tareooan my ppleoe today who feel disconnected. they feel like nobyod cesar ab tou th.em r>>orepr:te s aonec pdcela fi shnin i n hewpsamrehis doe ha omve sree pnccedeeor f idpres.ents ow>> h is it going, new mphairshe? >> ep rteor r:enthen-soratba oma edplayne runr up to hillary in cl itonn 0820. gegeor. wshbut lostoout john inmcca in 2000. >>ec sond cechan. r >>teeporilr: blil cnton used hi cos seland pn ce ithe gnirate atst te gonaiio natnal actr.tion s adeconla pcein fish maye b be cinefinal i newmphairshe. a ta s wterehe 44% of verot asre in pedeennd otr unardecled. m inany secas, ciundedednt u il thet las teminu. i >>'mow d tnowo t now. >> i'm close to mgakin a final de oncisind, al i'le makt i to t.nigh e'>> wreoi jned now by one of
7:32 am
st ngro swihonge her in new ha irmpshe. w neeyjerser govnoris chr ri ch.stie goodmog.rnin go o od tseeyo u. >> d goo inmorng. >> i ist do orie d ghtonit? >> i don'tnk thi it's d oor die. ink thiur satdayht nigha cnged er evngythi. s it thookrahis p ce u in a ifsigntican wad y anblgumae. w we tantoo dll weut, b d ion't kthinth any iings d oorie d rafte thefo percermane w had at e th deebatur satday ni ght. >> do you thinkon d taldrump is in goog t l winike theol pls su t?gges e'>> hens bead ahe73 in 74, ra st ights.poll eif hsn doewi't t'n, iell bhe t gg bi sest otoryef th ineveng. 's it who ispe com tinghibend m. hi oanyf usld couom cero f smdecon toxtsih. i can'te hav a icpred.tion n'i doowt kn. ly on p theeeopl w >>mehat e ssag ywillakou te? yo pu'ved oureseyourntlf iiso th st ate. i k thinveyou'n bee mhereore an thbo anylsdy ee. yo enu spl t al tyourime. yoall ggur ee s ar okindinf he t ne haw shmpe if d you gon't met ageessam fro
7:33 am
weik l eyou, yeou'r not near the to p. at wh y areoiou go ng tdo? >> hi i t wnk iill. er thple's oentyf time to pr e eparthfor rse wot. 'r weepe pr faredhaor wr teve enhappnis toght. eli fed gooe wherrewe a. i k thinmothe ummentm fro tu sa nrday highteeas baln rely gr foeat .r us 2 inwh009 ren ioran fer govnor, i ogotutps snt spe 3 tino 1 a de atmocrte sta. no tbodyhthougas i wng goi to wi d n ann.i wo he>> t nre'seso qu ttionyohat u el shedlackco mario rubth in e tedeba. ayit me hav hhurtim. itdid p helthyou ?ough i >>nk thidi it d. iwhense've heen tno turatuts r outseven p ande eopl twanto sa hey, tat debdee mamy up d, min th i itink es makig a b ff diceeren. 13 il.5 m plione eoplhewatcd. akit m des areiffe nce. i >> j wasg okin ywithou ea r.rlie i idsayo, veu har youerlawy on. yo emu seli to heke tse pror cuto emwe rreembed. di u d yoy enjo?that
7:34 am
de unodrsto i'mea rdybe to es prt idenseand r natoo rubiis no t. i' adm re by tohieat y llar toclind n ans he i not. >> sa he e ys hthhas ste mo igforelin poxpcy encerie e of neanyoth in cee ra. w >>--ell s >> i athatr fai ch tearactirizaon? e'>> hves ned r haakto me a ci de asion aboutinnythg. >> ha he res moei forolgn picy pe excerienn tha you. >> te lis'vn, iade ret jusas bmanyinriefs gs ao marco.rubi 'sthat e hisiexpernce. hi ser expeienc isea rding ie brsfingre pd parehifor m by tesenaff staers. mai'm dkingioecisn ns othe gr eound dveryay. eni splot a tt ofinime the st la y few learsinearne g th fo n reigcypoliin busaness d lk tatoing e somheof trt smaest pe ioplee n thd worldvto aise me. do i thn't think s ere'any di enfferce. th s ere'ifno dncferetie unu l yo inget c th ouen y r getdieal enfferce. >> mp trunu is ombern ne iall th lle pos. inlook wg atyohat d u diarto mco bi rutuo sa nrday, ight msomeight nd wowher, dny diou't yin tra yo irur f te on?rump the'snehe ose poi wd tohein t ce ra. i >>nk thiat senubor rasio w the ntanoineed o.
7:35 am
ch r.atte se cconde an berbettn that firs lin af ot o iwaysw n ne shhamptoire k picidpres.ents ta i alked tbouterhe pi son th t oughedi neo ed t atalk bout nfto ithorm ere am picane.eopl we 't cane havheanotrsr firmt-te se r natoheas tin nomee. arhilliny clwiton atll e him e.aliv woshe ean't at me. live ari gue anteit. >> is chr rich, stiek thanyou ve ucry mh. w wehaill orve mmie cong .up w we hhichaveeb jus bh jnioi ng usn i aew fin mesut. ma , ttckbao tu.yo r.>> mer rokh witeca ch tk ofhe at we her. on>> dut't py awacothe ld we r athe ygearet. on>> crisidet ng iebis fy,ruar i n' wot. i >>bet's ilen md. we e havala reng chamie coatng, t leas iheree n th.east bbig,unig bf ch o acoldir co omingwnn do. fzeroomor tw orroinmorn g in eaminns.poli 11 ch in o.icag i 24arn che.lott ndorla7.o, 3 by ne wed asdaynofteriton, 's on 2 ly 4hain cterlot. 59 or in i 44mpn mehis.
7:36 am
zefreeni wargongs o inthenortrn or flida. th ayursdni moryong, n u casee tethe atmper surescotay ld. omby csoparioun, yt wan it a lelittme warear, ht d ou.west by da frit'y, i is 60nvn deer. 85 ph in x.oeni s loleange7.s, 8 sa ann fro,ciscig a h 6h of6 eedegrs. at thha's wgot's oning un arod e thtrcouny. re heha's what's inppen yg inr you t >>shat'ou yr ltates wer.athe tt ma? >>al,nk thaers vy much.
7:37 am
wh ouy yht migt wano t deelet the fa okcebopp and aet gt i neonli st inead. >> ne> o of the wod'rlsar l gest secruips shi now abandoning its journey after beingat bdtere off north carolina. passengersre ask aing whyhe ty re we 72 w% ofomen ey oy thften h makehy chois. t buo 90up t% fa rtll sho in g ngetti key nu nts trie... .. om f. fralood one. let's do more. ad a d one meday wo...n's om...cmuplete amltivitin. itwith v d aaminalnd ccium toel hsuppp t orne hbolteah.
7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
riexpe.ence.. methe lt. tonly lher indouftrfle. ffallawor strs berriethis valentine's day... try our lindor strawberries and cream uftrfle om frin the lastedt mr ol choc.atiers w be'reack now. 43 7:. h we aaven daupte to ato sry we to ould ybo aut on ndmoay. e onth of e rlwod's largest cruise spshi a tndheho tanusds of pseaserngs obon dar bteatdre by a massi svermto aset a. th is moinrng, aths atp shins tur ndarou and headsk bac to ,port ss parsenge. ta na hlieoras me on t hat. at>> rher thanti congnuin h,sout th eta capinid decedhe t
7:42 am
ywhenouee s the newma i ogesf e th mada yge,lou'l ustnderand why. >> reporter: flygin itfurnure, ce gsilin apcoll,sing serhatted gl ass. swave as high as 30 feet and rrhue-icane forcs wind tmorehan 15 le0 mi hs an aour,arll p t of hathe inrrowurg jomoney hare tn 00 6,ss0 parsenge c andworew n't fo argetimny tsoe on. e thptcan aillteg insspageenr passgeen -rs - y>>teesayrdur tdneut oo t,be pr abob oly one mfory wstay ds i' ve seen. >> or rep pter:ngasseersn' aret ar gguinh wit. that ee>> s winghatwe we re sgeein ts ouidef oour wis,ndow the -f 30 oots,wave you owkn a,nd 'rwee at a 30 deegre .tilt it wassainne. >> 'd youl rolut of o bedf i y ou 'tdidng han on. >> ili reazet iwasll reay se sriout ahe t p wointhen w ias tt si ainghet tha cir oen thar b thand e four lseg ceam up and i was on two. i flel off the chr,ai essentially. >> reporter: despite their arfe,
7:43 am
th ceinapta did are g jatob of inkeepheg tm foin armedndre a hao y tbe al ive. ap>> htpies dayf o mye lif right now. u yoow knt , iwaser tinrifyg last gh nit. ul try rrtengifyi. i >>'mll reayap hhapy tt er ev iyonefes sa t and whereere mi l nimariinjues. yo owu knth, ulankf nly,o ca s.sual ep>> rr:orteot ,hersng aryy the pwere iutnge dantr a all,in sce a to srm heead bn refo. cast he>> ty're angryec bausey the el feeb som sodyd houl haveowknn. t >>hey thinkre thehe's t es qu tion wof,hye wer wen is thi b toegin with? ep>> rr:orteal roy caearibbn's onresp tse,eahe w ttherhehi sp pe exceriensd waat grehaer tn cafore.sted ewhilhe tth weaer was pl unnteasahe, tp shi inremaed orseaw athyllt a .time e this cruine le pseromios tiv ge er ev ayonel ful refund and 50% f of anyut fure secrui. th oughe som mayer nevak te ad agvantfe ot tha . deal he>> w othertr no weve er go on a secruiai agn, atth i, n'mot su re about. >> s thehip etexpecod tiv arre n inerew j tseyroomor wmog.rnin wal,ree we tngalkiut abohi t s ngdurihe t y.stor th asis w arm stoha tst wal wel
7:44 am
r >>aloy ricaeabbsn' cimla ts hi s watnore pctdied is bull fe rsathe, cabasilly. th eat nl ionaheweatrvr seice fo strecahi, tss wa o put outn th ayursd. it was for 23 t31o t foo .seas in fa ict,fou y , looktheuo by ou ert thade h -f30oot s.wave lookrehee, th fostrecais, th s waout on urth.sday nd suay ghnit, nweorthlyster nd wis,0 4o t0 5 otkns. ab out 45 to 56r o 57 e--milhoper-urus sedtain s.wind notnt couing stgus. htheyadnt pley of leknowdge. so dymeboe mad ais decion and it wa hes tng wrois dec ion. he>> t hy'll taveo awensthr e os tiquesons. al ha, tnk you very much. coming up onop p arstt, a an chomge c tingeo th caosrs. 'swhat beingon de to leniv up th is y amksthin h youtoave besu arper sm nott tos mes upyo ax rur td.efun so ew we flsupe in arr smtht maiaematicarian, mdn chuovsky,
7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:53 am
ogphoterraphfos beakre ming afor run it".my r ca pooreshme.. socks. a,alexyo will r u ordeheranotir paes of br.cianis or re bderingianirescks soc. lokay..isten. n candyou see la soms wyermeor sothing? ni(moang).. c?.ale h. oo im>> k i: its 567: onhi ts es tuday inmorng. , hi e.therki d m an wdanaragnee liv ons new 3.>> a: danpl peoel wil lthove e da 7-rey fo.cast
7:54 am
. >> i'mov lthing e 7 -dayfo streca. asfanttic heweatr! adalree'y weere s ing ertempesatur rgisino int the0s 5 ro acssuc mhf othe area,di san va ,lley6 5nd a berouldy cit 58 gr de aeesnd we'reec expting hi ighshen t low 70s. rrtomo wow,eou cldi te the re cord of 74 set in 2014 and sit's ltillngookid goodi heang in heto t wed.eken >> a toughid accent down oen th ri is torractil tra rerig at the rear tend,his carus jent wt gh ri utnder it and we dtidn' see id sk marksm froky s o3, swa it sgo ing at aig hteh ra of 'sus by oen th 15nd a the rl ea aierenccidnt o chstarleon, .gone and theve tralti imes,t's ja ammedllnd ahe t major rsoute ar eni runngth in ede r,im k and .dana an>> dota: n odgo . k >> aim:nyway are stillki loong r fo a hndit a runve drirn i s >> an d ta:reheas w aor memial fortwaro-ye-oldly even witasmo ealtion and ynevel's mo
7:55 am
napregnt, thats ier hki talng to me adi aamnd fanily ied fr nds k thanu yofor waking up early with u sergathed. the pnersoha tt hitve elynre gen ok toff ond ae hct ayuallta s yed heat ten sc feroit a ltle while, ol apedogiz d foroingt i sgayin hhead no itintenfon ong doi it bu et her latk too off. ifou y h can celp,all imcrste peop ars38t 555-.55 to rrmo owenwhou yak w ue wphit us w,ree'in takgou y back in ti mees courty of tom wlha'sey devivaulo fot r good asreon.firs oft ll, ahi ts s waeth first agextravant song andce dan ia specctlity autin debng i 5819 d anat tththa greenes com to an end thursday. jubilee ishe tub sctje of tom's
7:56 am
the time's are t' is:0 80 on "tayod." the final shpu,ew nam hhipsre
7:57 am
they are alive as tom bkarow looks back on the ate'sts hi icstorol re inng pickihe t tinaon's next president. >> it changes the picolital ct pi iuren acameri for .1968 > >>owshea hrt y.toda g we bivetoack o onee f th trcounbry's t.aves >> i thinkis he g toingoee fl lyreal oheverw wlmedith gratitude. >> aes dngervier vetetan gs a sp l eciarisurpse. i.>> h >>hi. >> your wifeas hut pet togher a ttlile rpsu.rise >> >e doublstar power in sdiotu 1a. ben stillerack b ton he big sc reen. >> now. >> oh. >> with a zoolander see erer see quill 15 ye inars the minakg. >> > katie holmes and her
7:58 am
g >>oodmo g,rnin nnmia.esot >>el ctiebrayng m birthday in ne rkw yoy. cit >> hey, it'sor nth carolina. >> gd oornmog,inan >> good mog,rnin new anorles. pphaydi mar asgr. >> t ioday jsn'ttuust y.esda mit's gardiras. g >>ood inmorng, evoderyby. omwelccke ba. is ths i aci speplal sitdi etion of od"tay." 'r wevee lin i new mphae,shir da tobay's grttle iounde n th idpresalentie. rac hi,gu ys. i >>t's ahi cllyt for this inmorng. h wewiave nd. an 'vd wet e gotta linole s w in aithe r. okindkef li h newhiampsre we r.athe e >> whavein defyitel hade som at wetoher k talut abo cl unifear w itill atffeche t po lls. th s ere' msoucht a stakee her y.toda te vorers aea alrcrdy sngeami to in theol plingla pcescr aoss th e atste. th edi cansdate gngettin i a few st laut mine jabs at one anr.othe
7:59 am
ta olk t one otanher. we t'll talkbo jeus b ihn a mo .ment t,firset perxa alender sets the ag ste. 's heh wit meaiagn. od goni mor tngo u.yo g >>ood mog.rnin e tht firsarprimtey vores al ady gbeint casos acrs ttahe ste. be srniersandeom dedinat the 4last0ol pls in newmphae.shir lddonatr ump, theas lt .75 as ngsumise tho hold, new mphairsh ce sanden aes mgesa to t,night thari ame acansre yangr andt wanra dcmati ch. ange ep>> rr:orte theol palitic vi noceon ddalru tmpoo lking to lo pck u hisst firin w in an un icpredetablce ra. en evni leang on hisre ptgnan ug da fhteror help. >> s ifheas h they bab in new motoowrr. ni to ght. udincl ing.cruz fr heom tow crd. >> j she sustaid ari ter ble tshou itout. i 't donan wt to -- she said, 's he ale [ b].ep it 's telerrib.
8:00 am
from his neopponts,ar mco rioub pi hoong t unrebod. re heh witte lesr ltho. c >>ciritissm im frothe peeopl wh ovo cer lipo,tics notm fro voters. r>>teeporrur: sbio'ha cgellens se ne a inopeng. re theer govnors hgopino t pi cazetalini to ght. eo>> p apleoore lking notnl oy to er unddstant' whans ir you he bad,heut tlsy aoan wt tow kno 'swhat in yrou heart. aifll yreou as i scripted, i'm not sure people rpoesnd to atth. r>>eporter: among crdemoats, iebern srsandepo sups rtersee th era gnite states ahe t se r'natoses b ctehanco tng chae th e moumment. m >>onillifs o usil w hlave to st andp u and be loudnd aar cle insa,ying oovur gnmert en lobes ng ato oll fus, notus jt e th .1% an thu.k yo ep>> rr:orte anmee,whilla hilry cl ninto is agimin tow slo nd sa iersn ate stas he'xp edecte into w. w >>n'e caqut it. anwe c g'tet discougerad. we an c g'te iv.up we can't let the bad guys n.wi avwe ho e tbe on a path that
8:01 am
can go thtogeer. r >>teeporerr: hba huslsnd ao tr ngyio tel hp rlyal spouperrts wi hthis own, uqunie tcpih. s>>etomesimhe w in'mn o ata sge likeisth, iis wh w weener't married. then i coulday s what iea rlly th ink. i 't donn meat than i aat negive y. wa ot>> vers aream fyousle lat ci de.ders tcan'l tel you m howanyeo pple ld to mehe ty'lle mak uphe tir nd miay tod asy thed heao tthe s,pollex it nsplai t the ough .talk this inmorng,oh jn khasic it crinicizurg ot nex t,gueseb j .bush insisting he'sak t aen low ,road he sa ys,o ttheig h ohesteffic in thendla. >> tepehar, tounk yy ver much. ksthan for the gusee. je usb bh is here. go orvernic kash sgayinou yoo tk l aow road. i s gues the'sngalkiut abo ga ne tivertadveg.isin 'swhatr you resespon? >> on i dno't kwha wt it ,is to be htonesh wit you. ou>> yrup sacer ppe s mntoneyn o ga ne ativedsga ainst sikach. >> d itidn'n eve know ,it to be
8:02 am
co inmparndg atr conngasti the opartf .this it wail unthe ten geralct eleion en whla hilry cln,into if's she th e minonee,l wil tryo t secrap f of the.bark this't isn the mostfi difcult mp ca iaignern amican hiy.stor it's ugtoh. we 're rngunni t forhe pderesincy of u thed niteesstat. vei ha ave pronon catservive re tcord mhatesatch upea rlly we ll astgainov grerno's pa ulrtic warly aellstgain na se ttorshat haveer nevon de bmuchseecau tvehey'ic basally en beck stuth in eri gkdloc in wa gtshinon. >> l i'lck stih witthe ad isvert aingnu mite. iw kno iyn an oiafficl y,wa your mp ca iaignots nal tkingo t yrou pe suc.r pa ri>> ght. ho>> r,weve onesu pre tmeshey ha ouve yr siblesng. yo nu'reot yisang, don't do at th. n' dont ru n theivegate ads. yo veu hant spe more money on tinegadsve a tanhan hey otr nd cae.idat i >>ei'm bttng adacke t byhe ot cherdaandi ates,s well. 's it howit polics works. th eea rsonre we' doing brette re he p iseeoplt waneo somneh wit p anrove corerd. ecmy r iordsha w ital t akbout t onhe p.stum it ee so ms tbe nareso.ting lwe'l see. er th ae's lot of undedecid te vo ars,ous y all .know
8:03 am
th meir binds oasedn aot lf o erdiffenthi tngs thanha whet t pu sndit say. >> pl peoenk thi yavou her you gr .oove hyououad yrt beseb d oaten tu sa rdayt,nigh yeou'rti hitng yo trur s idenow. do you feelt thaay w and why is h itniappenong w? ra>> f, nklyusbecae inew n ha irmpshhee, thay cgellen you tand estyou. gyouetet b aters you go along. idid. d100reiffentti meewhngs i'ere m ke asrad cndzy a itampornt qu onestis. go i t be. tter re>> aou yvo nerbous aut ghtonit? i >>'m ans,xiou not rvneous. i' eeve bron a tund therack a few ti mes. inlookgwa forrd toei bng in ut soroh ca tlinaroomorw. da to ay is h newhiampsdare y. >> o nat m wterhahat sppen ghtoniout, y're hdeadeo tou sth licarona? >> il hton adhe, yeou'r wmeelco to come. >> e som say ifs thioe gs on,f i th e -csodallest eshabliment po ciliti aansrell sti inhi ts gl ut, andn the yavou h dedonal p,trum c the flearront nnruer, omat s epo tint,hese g huysave to ni u afydroun one onpers. do your evehi tnkn ise tho rm tes? ke li t ifhereom ces ant poior f
8:04 am
gh ouot tp ste e?asid i >> woulde liko tsee the su oortllf a the other nd caesidatpo supgrtin me, of co .urse ewe'r nowth in eec sond pryrima ou ft o abprobly, what, 53o t go, ticounheng t teorrrities. th sere' along,on lgro pcess ea ahfd o us. i ndintebe to theret a thend e. d >>d onalp trumyoand emu se to ahave leittlat relhiionsnp o it twter. he ee sms to geter undr you skin an d,pes,rhapic vvee rsa. eryestday,ou yet twee'ed hs a se lor se lo lr, a aiarnd inwher,ch whi th ouat celd b outf o trsump' ca vorybulaok bo. g >>givin a himas tte ofha wet h ve gis. at thha's wtli buleees n fdrom ti o me ttime. he has gone bupankrout frim tes. he wshinehe wn itsn doe't go rf peyectl for him. hens iultsis hay wo t the nanomi.tion nit'soiot gng to work. i't don thinkeo ppleel bieve at th. i >>ef hs win nitoght,s aol pls su tgges he might,ha wet ar new shhamp viresoter sa?ying eo>> p aplereng aryit wh inwash, gtond.c. my i jobos t say, i reage.
8:05 am
t don' pjustonrey pl peo e's s.fear tgive ahem solidge andan o how to fixit . 's itt wha iid dhe w wn ias rngovef or o sthe otatef idflora. >> r you mom saiday mbe yerou we o toit poln e ithe cagnmpai. do you reage. >> er aftha tt lastet twe i did, psheblrobaysn doe'tes neclysari kthint tha oranyme. lwe'lse e. >> er gov norshbu t, hankyou. ecappr iiateert vych mu. > >>om cing up,om t bwroka ex esplor i thetampornceth of e hanew irmpshrie pmary and how it esshaphe tre pntside ialrace. fi rst,at n halie cas a oheckf e thr othe topiestors. >> ff> olsicia sayll avi survors ha eeve bnov remroed fem th ng maledck wreage ofwo t cteommur ai trhans ttsh craed head ons thi inmornoug s othf mu,nich angermy. ne nipl peoere we edkill. t itook rerescusrs hou toea rch l al p 150eeopl ind.jure hmanyad to beut c outth of e cr dushe and ourvert tnedrain .cars no let car howas fhet tin tra s wereingoutg, bff olsiciaay s th seedpeim l oitnt tha schtret t ofrack is about 80il meres p ur ho. > >> f poureeopler we sp hoizitalned iri cltica
8:06 am
archrteus bra tlive fngmro n ew rkyoit c tyo a cinasoli fedppn o itotsid se in dimason, nn cocuectit. ab tou0 3rsothefe sufred in esjurian, r fgingromut csnd a br suise toro bken nebos. sn asow wal flingn whehe t ac ntcidek too e.plac ctheause is stillei bng in stveatiging. lunar new year cebeltirason turned violent inon hkog ngit wh clashes between protesters and poli,ce lvieang 100eo pple injured. the unrest started when authorities tried to shut down unlicensed street food vendors. lipoceed fir wngarni shots but itse caudhe t vncioleeo t ca es.late o erne p wsonasur htn whehe t no catpy a aif calaorni gas st natiola col.psed ha nt ma nainte wncersorkee wer t onhe ro ndof aot niced cr.acks on den'idtet gow d inn it ldean odn p araif o unforty,atel trihe d wversere in tsideashe gti staton a the ti me. >> ed> feralsh mar callstaugh up awith manan w ftedor altssau th wi an gaallitor.
8:07 am
oup t a ivdrroe-thughin wdow at a lo f wrida'sendy inob octnder a ss to aed small aatlligor deinsi. theat gor was creaptundd a le re.ased s jamehais c wrgedasith t saul and iallleg tporansiortat onf an gaallitor. hi ots mher sayswa it s a rm haless prank. > >> hourser aft sinpeakitg w uhs liven o "t,"odayey p mtonnganni iecarrnd o his s buperowl le ceiobratonn m adaytis dney la nd. nn ma aing hndisam filye wer the es gufts oon hort a a pa.rade fo isr hor rumed remetire ent,ven ckmi ceyldoutn'et g aee pput o of hi m. we d.trie mi ,ckey you ,knowke he eps mo meumrandth on atmu m onatthto, o. >> wa it grs eat. u nep anxt, da upote t o onef aymondre's tgndin cstopi. at wh u waspit wh elian mngnin i thatxp essreniour dgin his ot brsher'er supl bow orvicty? 'l weavl he the an.swer >> et somhing he ate?
8:08 am
k'hayes usunual itoutfur ding a tr o ip tthe er. >> al> asour sisprfoe ar de rvsegin veteran. jenna has aea hrmrtwa ingorsty. in[engvve reing] gn maetic. esby dign. l alaryeon lg. you put the time in. puyou e t th iworkn. y dandin a o dayut. wson heuryo r taxdefunar s,rivee makmothe f st oit. lo icw prnes oev hierytoung yd nee
8:09 am
. . .
8:10 am
we'rthe hotte tes unyocompg any around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need frh eseas!id t >>go sit. we we low,die. at>>whbo aasut cnghi out? m no! i' ttryingbuo soild g methinhere. w >>housabout fedeing x fgroundppor shiing? n'>>i doed st nekiome ind tellmeg to howa run ssbusine! i'n ve beeg thdoinis lofor 4 thng mons. de>>feoundx gr h canelp us sa onve mndey aiv deler tfastr o ouomcusters. no d,t bayo kid. umire me nd aofoung y mere. >> taiden!og ihe dtis eayong aiur retagainer n. talet's hoke a s5-mirt rnuteecess.
8:11 am
an menounce nt: sthisrotorm ptomises the be esbiggoft d theadece. th wiot tccal aatioumuln toof up f threeeet. ro s adll bwishe utwndoin indefy.itel and schools are closed. ca llmpbeps's souea go gr t awithan cold ced a ni. red de maea for rl l, > >>.8:14 let's find out what's in en tr tdingmohis g.rnin ev neeryong doiy oka twithewhe n ye rar'sutesol? ions c >>etomplbrely .oken >>ro bt ke i?when 2:>> 101. >> ne on arw yeay's d? w>> aoreek i twooun, ye los it. t >>, odaydatueseby, fy ruar9th, s isseuppothdly y e dalepeop ugive tp on fheirssitne so reonlutis. ithate s thluconc fsionthrom e na onti l'sgear gst cyminhas. go 'sldym gal f tlss hie th tnfis esipcl. r aftey,toda c gym-iheckilns wl odrophaff s arplyonnd wea't rch
8:12 am
e th.year da tom,y.copo we tstedtoips ep ke o youacn trnck, ingludi in use g thy buddemsyst. wr g itin ydowngoour anals d acembrteing lochnogy. od>> touay y g cann et oa tr ileadmthl wihaout tvingo it wa. >> t' thaghs rit. t >> iodaygos a ayod d. m sopeany hoplethave cee fabook oapp,urf cose. qu onesti i is, ds itinrainurg yo on phbae's y tter?life wr iiterhen "trd gua cian"slaim stuninngalli c thenyompapp's a saves up to 15of% ou ybar y.tter th sat'sfiigni.cant bofaceacok fimed s ilar cu aconsati ts inashe pt. yo n u cassacceeb facthook h roug sathe bfarierrows. he s say mit'smouch ffre eveecti d ant won'n draibathe y.tter fa okcebon' hasspt red.onde a esspokonpersd tol "the ar gu" dians it iinlooktog in the ma . tter o >>n-ur ie hous etecht xper yssa? >> oo i latked ba my y ttere usag d anbofaceasok w 2%. noi'm het a usavy f er ondit a i
8:13 am
i ont. it ot's nst cony antltiupdang. >> ry eve ibodyw knoa has abportatle b tterybrhey wiing th em thd , anr otheodmeth s to re gecharne phos. m >>ony ph de isedrainth by e en td ofayhe dry eve. day >> et l g'so et tsuthe boper wl ex sipresowon n. idit dexn't y actl lfeelthike e ri thf ll oorvicty. we ke taloud abist thmo on .nday lothe n ok omaeli g'nninces fa, brthe r otheheof tni winng ar quacterbytk peanon m.ning t wed alkeimto he liveryestday. th mee gano is t officially over, t buwhthe faole emilys ruptinto ce atlebrion. yoeverxcne eelept i. wh asat we htcwanghi? on eee twyst sawa he yis tro ng t pr s ocesputhe moppy bnkeyaby ercomm.cial el ei isinxplahiing f.msel he f wasinocus tg onexhe nt ay pl. ob pr nablyanot w ttingo ce atlebreme prelatury. as ua a qbarter- ck - e >> hs.know - >> k- he anowsinnythulg cod l stilenhapp. >> ho i t mught haybes e wa nsintee. >> w youonere it.
8:14 am
yo hu'rerois b.ther u' yohire tg,nkinre we'os almt er the. t noe ther yet. >> hi i thenk trey weng goigo to r fotwthe ino-ponvt coonersi. >> ct exaly. e >> wneall led ae ittl help om fr e mom nveryndow ain aga. pr e eparseyour flvesheor t stcuteeo vid'r youine go sg toee l alday. by bada pantts geheing rolp fm mo m. th s is ibebei yii tro ng tb clim tup aatree s thesomith nian ti na zonaloo. he et gs ait lsttle uck. wh meo co ts inlpo he? mo tm is wherethith sie asst. aninstcotly tminge o thueresc. gishe hives lim a pttle ush, li nttle uudgeatp the. tre he tolps d getagown ain. >> in givm g hirba veasal l hing enthe ttireime. to i ould y t not uo goe p th .tree ea>> yh. b>> cignghatoe hi tyes 'sar r oscamocerendny a the prinapatopriire shlmt seyea hak re woth to . e er nesheille. >> 's letrt stah witosthe .cars an hyd whe t ayrert statoing
8:15 am
ucprodarers ane pl tningowo bl up t thetiradi aonaltaccepnce chspee. is thr, yea n alleeominlls wi itsubmis a l pt ofe eopl'dthey ke lith to ank. du tringpehe ss,echet tha list ll wiol scr tl atothe boftom the sc sreeneyo th't done havto y worrt abouetforg atinge.nyon th ode prs ucer ihopellt wiow all erwinn gs tomoive re te ennirtaipeng ss echeeainstd of ju isst l nting. ames i >>e lik. that i >>nk thial we t l ged tireof he g arin aname nfterame. i k thin git's toing wo be. eird >> hi i thenk t ty'll thankhe lepeopy theldshouke, liir the mo m. ro>> py.babl >> sh we seall e. th oat'sf ne ochthe s ange no and unceheat tar oscin nomees lu onnchemo on .nday atakek loohiat ts. no155 esmineed pos for this s claso.phot llyou't spoifjennawer le,renc br arie lson and mark ruffalo, as ll wela as agdy geoa, lo nard ca di.prio w asasell t matn.damo t bustthe asar wob jacmb trelay. he ed posh witifjennawer le renc
8:16 am
to ve syl ssterontalle. >> ex> ntis up dp colanlay d yo bence. hein t newue iss"r of ngolli on ste,"is chrti marysn sa ncbeyosne walw't akeays n en o abcollinoratg. enhe sr t henga sole calood "hk ," up b andceeyonle calm d hi , downe,quotth in eee sw test y. wa i ylikeutou bs thiwfis aul. d davie bowi goncesiave r mila fe ckedbaa on erdiffsoent ng. >> > and next,el sayma hekn o the co templennly iro apptepriart shi woshe o re te.the r. syes,s he iinwearshg a irt. h,>> ogo my sh. >> s it'gndesio ed t hmakeer lo opok t.less it ar's p at oftu cosheme s was inwearilg whlme fia ing e moviin ne rkw yo. e shaiexplshned s e waedrush to th spe ho aital sfterriuffe ng a r mino iheady njureton s and dn diot't bchher ngangi. e'shfis ane tnd dhetooc rs ok loaped htopy, o. b>> iet. ru tshede o thithospal. ta cke ae ouplicof ps ture with e thordoct. >> be mayer aft. s >>elheinthle, yoank ryu ve ch mu.
8:17 am
we weat ha>> tt's your ltates atweher. theck smuer'sir bysthda are ngcomik bacth in exe ntal hf . hour ha>> t t'st,righ theas p osingn t ofhe h.torc en be a great ittradion. tbackoan savnah inew n ha irmpshe. >>guys,nk tha u.yo a s theos h otef thst fir pr yimarth in e na,tion new shhampireel rsishe iolts rhee wn it comes toic pking the tinaon's nextidpresent. tomka brow hase mor on that. yo uno kws thite stael wl. >> o. i d
8:18 am
ch heeristss iep rioutatsn a a cefierndly ideepentant shate t t splay i byts own s.rule er ov the arye is,t has dopeveled a rateput fionor surprises. often, big surprises. >>ep rteor nr: hewpsamrehis i a ttbagrleound of edunprblictae cc susesse h anduge ppdisameointnts. >> bo dy,id new hampshire come up it w ah surprising finish. >> because of new hampshire independents, there may be more ar chrsacte per capita in new hampshire thanth o eresplac. u yo get unpeexedctue qiost onsr un peexedct coronfatntnsio. >> it changes the political ctpieurn ime acarior f 19.68 >> ep rteorr: marccyth fisindhe a st ngro second in 6819. his student crusade astgain navietasm w ehnougo tve dri idpresent jonohns from a sdecon rm te. i >>il wl not accept the no namiontif oy m ptyar for an heot trmer asou yr esprenidt. >> ep rteor jr:immy carter, a
8:19 am
nwo honhanew irmpsheea hrts in .1976 by 1980, it was reanag 'sstate, after a owshdownit whrg geo e bush41, who hadea btenga rean in waio. shbuot g h tisnurn i 8,'8 defeatingn ary ang bob .dole o wh hadte beaimn h in waio. >> ot v fedor taxnc iereas 600 me tin s i yourercare. n ca you fedend that? >>k bacn ir you cave. >> senator ledo a,innythg'd you li ke to sayo ttheic ve es prt?iden to>> syip lngbo autre my . cord ep>> rr:orte19 in b92,ill cl nintot losew nps ham hireamid rsrumo of mawongnizi. th eer votse gavhe tan m ,hope justno eugh . hope ew>> n shhampire,on tight has made bill conlinthe t bacome ck kid. >>ep rteor br: y6,'9 pat,it wh al stmoo non mey but aop pouul s uc toh,al cledis h mpca,aign peasants with pitch rkfos. st ngunni g theopst eshabliment ewin nps ham bhireuted fad
8:20 am
in20,00 athnoer bu,sh 43, br immed with confidence and lost th tae s tteo mn.ccai stheghtraitk tal essxpre dncoulee't kisp h mtuomenm go ing. ei yghtears ago,ac baramk oba ll ronted iw o neshhamp aire fter inbeatgil h claryonlint in waio. >> ion d't think i'mha tt bad. >> 'r youeab likle ghenou, hi y.llar t >> hankyou. >> or repter:at senorli cnton was itwrnte f.of until she beat obama handily. en tougheeo kper hpa camign go bing, nutot ehnougo t t geto e thte whi ho use. pl>> ,easeom ce out. r >>teeporigr: e yhtears telar, ganavi ntingamew hrepshi is jtus as ac treushero. qu mcaidub peslish thean mtechesr un leion ader >> i'm proud of voters who adre,
8:21 am
th reiwn o mi nds. ep>> rr:orte h newhiampsre vo tersno k twheirwn o mind but th oney dik't le to tipir the .hand >> saahvann, don't aske mho w is ggoin toin w ghtonit. ve i'n beeom c hingerece sin 1972 iand b'veeenpr sur aisedtlmos er evy cycle. at th'sar p tt ofpphe aofeal new ha irmpshe, ouobvi sly. >>t' is theve gra oyardf ll posstere her inew n shhampire. inimagfe i the polls are rr co nect,amew hrepshild wou be insend hg augesa mesgef i it nanomi bteseerni srsande and na dold umtrp. >> gh rit. en th the qiouestn ,isch whi of th els pol are cot?rrec ey th a'revell oher t acple. th tosewoye stand ibe numr e.on hii tnk a bigar pt oef th e,issu at whl wilpe hap datoy, is who rv su?ives jnot wustho nswi. .race it's the khasic ,racels a tohe bu sh cera, also theis chr tie ra ce. it 's the jebus bh cera. th osepl peoens dowmtreae hav he otres hop bdeyon new ha irmpshe. w neshhamp tire, iaket ri sey.ousl e'>> weell s howic tketsut o of re here the aretot.nigh
8:22 am
la>> go d t behere. >> k bac to ttma. >> you goingo tch cat a e,plan nnsava aah,ndll we'ee sou ye her mo to.rrow jnicendob ank tha v you ery . much c gomin, up benti sller on y whwa it s time tori bngek der anzool bder tackeo th big sc .reen chmuor m eeaahd.
8:23 am
>>is it 6 8:2n am oestu ck datuesy. w neanorlet s buankim d dana erwagne herin velas gas ha g nginwiout outh y. >>da ina: t iselonecti. day >> kiyem: ns inew hairmpshe! >>da ona: f ne ous sh hould ave on e red. s wed houlhaneve o t red.oday tr ent.>> : kim we hdoave pabianrtis te vone in w shhampire vo.ters luabso telyon w theereath not ngmakion anyele fe uebl. a were log okinerat vy warm itcond ionsrealatady 57 de s greet righ vaeen lleylris a ueady p to 61 asand lo we t ok athvee sen y dacafore72st, grdeisees at wh 'rwepee exg ctinin the af ooternn. rrtomoe ow wd coultie e th rdreco of 74t thasewas t just yetwo agars o in4 20174and is wh e'at wre exinpectr g fothe re f st owothe rk .week im>> k: k thankeyou anlly d a celindaroure the for le vae'ntins day. u yo thavehe e e ont i go
8:24 am
im>> k w: it asn'ngtryi to re mindyou. d >> ana:i vehaet som hing nepland. re he in sornuthe ne avada man edwalk ayawm froa tjailhey ad inenvertletly t m hianout d w heent hito ts mointel the bo r ulde city.area n a mawho hais s aringm roo cnextt annoevbelie he was ngsayit tha asoonedccus ermurd er.>> he wiotll ne comto thore do d anhe wonould swt aner. tr i toied e givhim to awelsnd er evngythi h wase d woul not op heen t ordo. sa i kaid oy ma sn, iedtart ge g ttinspsuusicio. >>nadao : shestepn igwr ht be heing ld tatenhe honders te den ntioercent, s he i tiawaing trexioadit fn toace ermurdrg chan es ifocali.rnia >> kim: hthat e isndbehi bars.okay mesog thinttlea li morepl
8:25 am
wher sae ng byi tyeo 8:30 now on aue taysd mo inrng.
8:26 am
'vwe geot ahi cyll cwdro out on th e azpla. bu lend udp whit ait ltle snow in the air. fl inurryg. u yo know ?what ewe'rap h tpyo be ouetsid and sa y he llo. >> we had some ogirilna wr eranglpi-ins >> ll reayl wel done. >> ll we'av h teoan hg it upn i otheerang . room ou>> yt wan arsts? ewe'v gotemth. deinsi thetu sdio right w,noe w bhaveen ilstler. de rekla zoo hnderlfimse iser he alto tkbo a -ut- thereis it -- >> e h broket iut o d >>tidn'n eve .wait lk taut abori bgnginhe t ch tearacacr bftk a5er 1 aryes. 'l weall tok t benbo aut that. t>>t hawas ine.tens ti kaeme hollss ao tinacklg an in etense rol i hner new vimoe. wh at one magazine is clialnger h ul mati steonec dac t. >>oo lks go. od >> >ho ctecola and think poetotchiple. op teposios d tratact.
8:27 am
th ate weher? >> for y,todae' wrech wat ing snowos acrhes tat greak l aesnd tintohe mtlid-acanti st.ates go usrgeoay dth in ace pific northwest. tytoaslo in ges anles. hi fgh o .88 ywind andhi c tllyghhrou idflora. mo to,rrowha we reve feze rn wa iingsnor nnther orflida. irainen thac pific rtnot.hwes sn hrow t toughheor nstthea and ne wla engitnd w shnowun arohed t ir falyll chiy tpeemturasre mo ngvin, is awell. that's what's going onro ad un e
8:28 am
the ha>> t yt'soures latt atweher. gyoun n,maha w yt'sour ?name >> os j hua. ou>> yla pyedt a cgiarnelle ha? >> yes. >> t' whaoud ypl ay? >> tuba. >> asfanttic. the tuba? >>yeah. >> k you hnowow to geto t rn ca egie?hall ye>> s. >> acpr!tice rr so ly, aeittl .joke ai'mnld o guy. co tungraonlatis. at thfa's tintasc. >> nk thau. yo g >> foodor you. t' leeas hacd bk in.side a >>ncnnou ser: hhow teart oday rois bughto t you by campbell's, made for real. real life. >> one of our favorite times of the rnmoing. re mo o ofur rise,es show heart to wday,here weha sres actf o alovend ndki.ness coof ,urse lngeadi t upo ntvalesine' day. je bnnausher hags i ckba. at whyo do veu haay tod? >>hi t tsaleoo tk meac b tko my tohomewnn i texas. an armype of opledy reao te giv ckba to one of the uncostry' bravest. r>>orepr:tear minry agil marity
8:29 am
with jay, tgou,oing ttwiy, ha mendsohe, sld coun'tel h bput ll fa in love. >> i amdy reao t jump off the de ndep end a bn e itheil myitar wi thhim? m i'd gla i d.di >> or rep ater: fewon msth aerft their wedding,ay jas wlo depyed toha afgannist t forhe first meti. ersi,raor me t han008,0es mil ay awas, wgn preant withir the tfirsil chd. ugin aust of ,2006n oir the on are-ye nianarversy,ie srra got ala clm fro sjay' mom s he'd rneve etforg. s >>he ,said iee nd you to hear ethre s.word y ja is ivale. wa i lis ke, ,ohhi ts is it. th tat'snehe o callou y't don wa nt to get. >> or rep ter:sjay' vleehic hit an ar neally hisf h dyborn, bued. ie tl th ree of his fellow soldiers, edkill. x sis day r,late saierrav ge hbirt t toheirau dtegh r. n >>heot t y wayanou wtr you anhusbod tee mt yourhi cutld b it waste bethar tn thnoing. that's for sure.
8:30 am
st eady rerycove. hein t serwelt tingexas ,heat hi sns burti sll kpeeim hro fm yfull joen hyingis pan,ssio the ou rstdoo. f >> tromhe frtinge tips tohe sh erould on h liseft desi,s it' lecomp telybu.rned ywhenouet g t nheew inskou, y n'dowet sat outf ot thait so 's easy toet g heover.ated ep>> rr:ortey' jatos sryau c ght the atittenon oef th niorgaonzatit' thaels hped meor than0015,0 teve.rans they tmeead upit wh theom he de tpoo tur sispr jeayit wh a ck ba hyardnde ais ham f cilyould enjoy. wi th rasier's help,he tyop swoed in hi wayle j wasy awan o si bu. ness ha>> wot d youhi tnk his re onacti g is toingo be? >> ink thie' hsng goio tl fee er ovmewhelthd wigr udatite. ihi te'nk hlle b like, i can't li be peveeeopl d are toinghis forme. t>> iak mes yout wano t get te ary eyed. >> ahye. th wat'shatdi solersht fig 's it t forhesezi amang pe eoplto do hi tsngor f otrshe.
8:31 am
odaysfor wwnk dord, worr aives th jat jaytusde lan td athe ai t.rpor l >> tesshan anou hro t wrap is th .up le gt'set mo. ving ep>> rr:orte aerft f aalinh, pus e ther owasne thingef lto t . do >> hi. i' mm frothe ay"tod "show. >> yeah. >> and yrou weifas hut p geto ather leittl suserpri. re hee w go. ap [ seplau ] >> w.wo w>>tha do you k?thin >> nk thau. yo i ,meanhi ts is azaming. >> re the'sis mters here. ptheyutht ligsll ahe t way ndarou soou y c'llanla p y bafootll at ghnit. r >>teeporndr: a h aot tubo t he aylp j with hisnt joi inpa. a >> wholeew n e.fenc n>>ewat pio fuitrne,urew n olisinat gn.fa >> hoesrsesho ,colernho. >> wdanteo t do a leittl thsome singalpeci r toememrbe th oesneha t dtn'idt meakt i out t ofache ntcide. a miaemorl rdgaen.
8:32 am
ithats really cool. >> oneor me inthg. >> no way. o >>orne m ething. a nd bra-new ga. rage >>o n way. >> e com on! e>>ryvething you need out here to ld buite wha iver yt isout wan told bui. ap [ seplau ] i >>his tiks le a m?drea >>.yeah adi h toin pchys m aelf ceoupl me tis. yb ma'me i epaslen othe aanirple trighw. no yo u owkn? it's pttrey spiaecl,o t heav atthor mem tial pheyut in erthe. ota lth of euy gsha tt ier s ved ,withy' thehere tl rea s.hero i ryeallre appeciat youom cing tound aoi d tngshior f me and my fa lymi. fr tom bhetoot om mfy het,ar i wa tnto sayha tounk y. ap [ seplau ] an thu.k yo ppi aatrecit.e i ksthan a t.lo >> saierras w theai mnso pern in ch oargehef t risurpse. sh ole ted m jay is the rn coonerstfe oir the fa.mily
8:33 am
gthinut abo her. ait'sre g latove orsty, but al so oneh wit the gosenerityf o mp co leterasts.nger me so of them drovem froethre shour away toe mak it enhapp. yo nou khaw w jtay idsa? he ,said i'm here. i'm rkwoing. u yow kno wholl reay is the hero, ar e e th gguysngetti t offhe rp ais.lane he ha ts nkemthn whein flyg ar foundor .work henk thahes ts guyin comgom he. w he tas arueer hond at iwaso s ch mu fun. ou>> tgchin y.stor g >> reaty.stor >>jenna,ha tounk yer vucy mh foriv gingus . u p ,nextll we'at cch uph wit . mren b sertilln o a tayuesd inmorng.
8:34 am
nbc. > >> 8:39. ben str'ille00s 21 cyomed la"zoo"nder became a cult siclasc. it iduntroced u as tllo the lyreal, alrely, ridiculously good looking model, derek zoolander. >> wt haisou yr trarademfk, i yo veu ha one? >> the lkoo i'm btes kwnno for
8:35 am
ha>> w tt'shatoo lk li?ke im esprvesi. >> then trehe's fearrri. danhe t'sre a steofr one, more of aat cogal oklo. i i usert fo feaootwr mesos.time an>> c itee s that? >> 15ea yatrs ldeer, isrek k bac in la"zoonder 2." nca hisou fams looksti sllto sp fl ngyi objects? >> flash me ttha bifeautloul ok, mgivehee t crinibedle magnum. >> no. >> hi t nkfast, maumgn. >> itwa, no. >> magnum, now! co me .on yo gu'veot this. hayou ove t s.focu come !on >> stop! >> you've got .this >> m waybeeanry t a clwashoth. >> tea.quil >>no! nit'sot rkwoing. >> oe ds ite makse senhe w in say tisome imesl fee gyuilt i'm hilaugng. >> , no no,.no y >>ndou uanerstd ?that >> of co.urse >> wmeelco .back goodse to e u.yo g >>oodse to eu,yo ttma.
8:36 am
this cctharafter a5er 1 years, w ortas i a leittlor me di ulffichat tn ?that i >>tk too atl lite bit of ,time st juau becse it b had aeen e.whil woncetae srtedoi dng it, st darteo tl feee morno .rmal ionce w gotngorkih wit owennd a we e werth in e nadymic,fe it lt mi fa. liar k>> inowou y wn'ouldavt he br toughek derac bk teo thcr seen un hlessade hlv evoed co ernsid. ably >> yes. asit wd har to geter dekee agr oto d themo vie. heug thoht thest fir oneid dn't fl re wect oelln him,ug thohtt i awasum docryenta. ngtryi m to aakel deait wh him hion ts e,on you owkn h,e's a de mohol wnk thiss he'anac tor. ou>> yed ask aot l ofam fous pe topleoo deo cams ien th vi moe. >>. yeah i>> jtusea l srnedhiometng th mreeesinut yo sku aed nnjea's mom, braarba bu tsh,heme forirr fst lady. >> urlaa. >> a yousked her m?mo iho tughtwa it ers h dmgrana. u yosk a heder mom laurabe to n i the vimoe? >> yes. washe mas sort tol pyitel say no . w >>hatid d yavou hne i mind for
8:37 am
t >> iheres aro gup ofeo p ple that i g wasoingo t ask t hero a bet parof. sh e wedeedclin i and wasla gd i dn diav't hoe t ask herbe to a pa rt .of >> ra lau bushbe to ar a p at ofn or or cegy sne ioon "zerland 2." >> t thais eccorrt. u yoe comit weh th -hhardngitti qu onestis,t matla uer. ha>> wret we you thnginki? >> i rzeealit d i wasinsanehe wn it e cam out ofy m mo uth. ou>> ydl kinsky aed meo t iben e th mo vie. ye>> ah. >> t whapr surisede m is y coueam yo seur.lf hoi tught you'd sanend er intn s orhiometng. i ll reay d.di t >>rko woit wh u,yo ?matt >> in' didelt bieveou y'dom ce he ndre a t dohe redig.ctin y >>erou wice nnoe e tughoo d it etwicau becese w hado t come ba . ck d>> iides mts ip u t fheirst ti me? >> no. weyou re ndwol.erfu
8:38 am
nt waoued y t forhepe oning se cequen. u yoor m iphednto derek. ait'sn einxcitg shot,he w ynou co be -me o-ned goooo l gkinguy tu irnsntoth anoer edincribly od goki loong i >>ts i aie relf to t youhtonig tthathisem r iooerres heprreemie isrehed , an ythene ou'ronoff r you n?ow nc>> ote ies com out, it's done. reyou' wngorki on itil unthe t ve ry d.en weven whenree wewi sho ng,it we d ha f ourirst snicree ingsn raaust lliaast week. erwe w deinroppg shots in. kyou geepoing untily the pull utit of o yourha nds. 5>> 1ea yrsm fro now,il wl you b bewiack k th ndoolaer ?3" >> yes,h wit a erwalk, abprobly. >> s it'at grese to e u,yo it a wasun f ng colaratus.tion >> anthks, t >>shankor fng briinger dek ba ck. la"zoo nder2" opensn o fr.iday
8:39 am
-s cotar, bepe uzcr. > >>ar we ace bowk n at 8:46 with ka tieol hmes. sshetarsn ithe new mieov "t chou wed ith,"firela p aying et poug strgglinh wit labipor di atakeok lo. t >>gryin tour figute o who i am . u yo ,know bseecau i't don feel ke li mfysel ymanore. ev en w ihen go off the me cadionti i, d'ton feel like myself. >> ayok. kyou nowatwh, honey? t ihink wed neetoet g d.da >> 'm i rrsoy. sidnhoulav't he edyell. oni wel't yl aiagn. >> 'r yourie ght. si t .down vei ha aea rllyoo gd .plan u' yooire gong t sndpehe t nhtig ni to aght,omnd tworro rnmoing, rsfi tinth wg,lle'o gth to e sp hoital and getou yr file. uyoan csk a anhiytng. 'l weigl f aurells thi out. >> h iate itn whe youk loot ae m li keth at. >> a howm i lngookit a u?yo >> e lik i'm azcry. >> tikae, wmeelco .back tniceeo se you. ha>> tyonk u. ni tceeo se you. >> ine.tens i ch watedt i styey.erda it's an nsinteeov mie. yo ayu pl rlcaa,ho wuf sfersm fro th meseveassing swi osf otemion.
8:40 am
wo i uldinimagt'e, is a tough ne li tok wal asn a tracess, not toe mak m the soodssteamerem se em sttyereol.pica i >>.t is ait'se hug lechalnge, andne o i pfelturressoe t cereat an authentic archteacr. so many peeoplo dsu,ffer and i nt waed to b aring rstealiic po yartrao l t therole. >> you't can j rusteadut abo me sogthine likat th. haveou y hadpl peoelo cse to you, lyfami, ndfriehos, wav he d has thi ndcon?itio ou>> y know, h iave not m hadany ex enperi ces,no, withno kwing lepeoph wit isth. t bun whe i metit wh ,paulur o re di,ctor he told me twahis s hi s story. an hed sord meig lht on whats he' tgoneghhrou w ande hy w were ngmakis thivi moe. d an i howtamport nt iwaso t him. youknow, this vimohee, t ,cast th e ,crewry eve wbodyasns idpire by m,hit thahe tasre ws thi
8:41 am
so inmetherg vyhe autntic and ve ry alre. i >> atsksom seea rlly big qu onestis. r foplexamte, ial tks aboutll a th ell bri aiantndre ceativ pe oplehr touought sthiory. ke liin hemgwaynd a vangogh, li elott and f. scott firatzgeld, wh ouf sdferem fro labipo r rddisoer. it ks as, was it c a furseheor tm t orouhe srce ofir the il brcelian? hoi t iughtst wa faatscin ing. t>> ihthougwa it s infascg,atin weas ll. ,paul ourec dirtor, you know,e h lk taboed aut howt i swaso hard hfor wimhenwa he sia dedgnos to ensuddoly gro f bmeing aso pern t to bheneingus jnt a issllne. f he sounduch crtomfon i these ea grtis artts whols ao hadisth. i sots doeai rhase tt tiqueson. we ho hver,se i very, you know -- he'se gonou thrgh aot l of ea trt.tmen i >>sot als ask thetiques ion,s iten biaeficol t treat these op peitle wh s.drug >>t.righ y >>ound a i bh otmereermb a
8:42 am
th ubat sject heren i this ud stio. ho ow d t youhinkhe t movie comes odownn that? wh dereoou y think itea l tdshe vi ?ewer >> ihi t tnkhat what i think our ctdireidor d a wrfondeul job th wi iss thiov miein kd ofus jt s,show tishis it. th arese e e th ctwoctharaers in a e lov story,hi we'ch hsin sayg is in kdf o its own a,mani to ll fa in velo. al rehely, s puthe tue qnstio out er thore f a thencudieoe t m ake thatde oncisi. t>>hey cane livir theiv les en why' thenre o the metidicaon, t buy the't donl feeik ley the lareg ivinfullli ves. >> t.righ n >> othe camedionti. >> ri >> it's ael de icatncbalae. >> ht rig. i >> r wasngeadiag a meazin ar eticlut abo yout las t,nigh an td ial tboks a yutouiv ling th eim ultateec sacond tht rig now. is t tha y howfeou el? >> ink thit thas,wa you know, at wh the lyovel rvinteriewe kind ofhe gat oredn her own. i ee fl very luckyt tha'v i head nd wol,erfu civreateer expesienc
8:43 am
gdoins thiov mie was, asn a to acr,ll reay latiberingau becse ou drtoirecrll a uoweds toe hav there fedom tod fin these ar chrsactery eve a dayndo t ovimprise. yo knu ow, ist waha cgillen ng usbecaere three we h theighs and th eow ls ofse the rfpencormaes. re tallygryino tet gt i right. he aedllow us to play. u yo't donen oft get that, ciespe wally aithll smaov mie on a etbudg. t bu wead h time. >> i as menentiot'd, i steinnse. it 'sch"tou wedith refi." ti kae, ksthan. t >> hank you,matt. >> good to have you. itpe ons in y nework and los leangens oda frindy aat nidionwe f onarebru 1y9th. > >>us jt eaahd, aec reip guaranteed to spice up your valentine's dayce atlebrion.
8:44 am
nbc. e theramanicpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker mat i iin th ree al world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt cai't wt. we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppe aleamnd fsilie o wh ineedt.
8:45 am
>> hi> tsni morng on t odayfood, tr tseaha t wtlilur t unp t he athe for levae'ntindas y. h weave theos ht of op"tf che mexico" on our sriste network nbc. it 'sas bed on o'bravits h esseri"t, op chef." good mog.rnin oo>> gdmo g.rnin >>sibe bdeseingn ipa snishnd a comexiow, he els"t is heop cf xi me co"erdiffent? >> pl peoane c see afe difrent osidef comexi. po vesiti, frlyiend, lides,ciou ofsecour. it's ael levha tt'sve abond a be yond- - >> 'r youein makg aci spereal tat r fous. th sis iwn broies b wutith a ,kick right?
8:46 am
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8:47 am
>> po chitle prowdes ihe t key in iegred nt,t?righ o>>f secour. it 'lle giv it aic kko t it. >> put itn ithen oveow h ?long 3 >>5 numites. pu tt i in foil sot isn doe 't st ick. he>> trese ae nic and hot. az am ing. he>> tusy jamt coue t. >> er pfector f vainlent e'sday. espic y upour levae'ntins y.da >> ctlhipoeow pdern o top. >> ecperft. iagracnds ank tha you very much. "t heop cf ximeco" perremines o nb c. w >>vee ham then dow rehe. ey thco're ol. na e,taliha tounk yer vy chmu. > >>la wil srdcottet rired in de ercemb. p asseromie'd, hsss paheed t sm r'ucke bsdairthyat bonn oto . mr r.roke th at. >> nk thaos sh. muc i am so honored to be taking erovro fm as we tip our hats to the ecspliaol froks fllm a over,e w nt wa toak me you ouprd, wid.llar
8:48 am
lo ves t roiden law rsmewe. sl teaughr is 100ea yrs old. re he's deckcler from new eyjers. dn diet't ger hir fstit cavy un til99rs yea d,ol happy 010 bi ayrthd. se rymou ym sesour're secot t ngloy,evit eat one piece ofk dar clahocote ay.da ll misie i 100. sh eov lespe sgndine timh wit an grsdkid andre gat gr hiandcnldre an grlddchiren. ha ppy a75thernnivsary to vricto d anor nmam fro florida. your sreecot t a nglo,ap hpy iamarrge? ti pa.ence 'vtheyeve nader h a fight. do you knoweo somne tngurni 100 oreb celngratin a aernniv sary75 syear or remo? esharir the ptohos and sestori on our bsweite, tocoday.m. >> s it'ik leou ye wer tborno do
8:49 am
>> la wilourd weld by verou prd. >> e lov. it s>> a a d,kin wheas i w gngrowi , up myav feoritt parth of e ,show iro pmise you,he t >> >> a: dan unrtfoatuny ele ther aisit hnd-aun-r ivdrn er o the ru n isthni mor is aisil vigd helin e th lelittls gir noholar nsthtig. e shtwwas aro yes anold t d hi and llkin ed oaysund riduheng t pe sur .bowl henow m r moisli telveng ee ryon al tl ofhe supporrstet las ni thght otat ny onldohees s nt wa thepe rrsonnsespo ible be bhind sars,he soals doe have a gio ft te shar witherev.yone washe s exinpectotg anher ba larth s gavelis poo ce dnot
8:50 am
anhit d n ruerdriver oth than hthat e isanhispndic ahi in s d- mian40s atd th enevug tho h he won ahungd roune therr foa tt lihile wle tiullymatek too off rebefoic polt e goe ther and he wasivdra ing e whitvan that nodid vet ha owwind is int. ithatets prty ecsp.ific ouif y knnyow ag thin callimcre op st.pers >> nadain: f odingut atth he ac lytual ldto m ther othei'm y sorr hthisneapped wai ves ner myteinn.ntio shand e ssaid nhe'sot qute ila on hiseabr th.>> : kim itand s was uper bowl aysund w, itas ridualng he ftim may gbe foingonrom e rtpa y to nethe xt omor he. d an thisfuawtul sin atioedplay t. ou >> nadaow: nwi we ll k chec on ou r heweatrer fo cast twith heir ormeteisologt. >>y:kell h weave t grea news aras f heas w tthera ake oklo t at hesenus.mber mp teurerates realriady , sing ee grlln va2 ey 6grderiees ght no w, h nortvelas 61gas weand e arpeexg ctingha hi this rnafteoon ndaroude 72 s.gree mo to wrrowe e tia rdreco70 of ri apl 27,4 01d anenev inlookg od go inheadtog in thed.weeken it
8:51 am
onthe e motoowrror mngni, holly ki cracn ng opee vithdeo ulva t.we ill w youshowut abo the
8:52 am
ma onye f thoppele this morning on "today's keta ","olzoander 2," the biggest name in fashion is back and we've got one ofhe trs sta.
8:53 am
cruise passengers speaking out te afilr saining sto a.torm an ead trorts f s theetwe. delicious desserts for valentine's day. al atl th m andcoore umingp right now. >> nn ancou: eromfrbc n news, this i"ts ayod t'se,akwi" athl ro nker,ieatalal morwies, llie is ged t anontamrl, hal live from udst 1ioina oc rfekeerllla p. za >> we> omlctoe to "y"dan oa estuy it fa is est tu fday,arebruh,y 9t 20 .16 last day to asfebet refo the ar st lt ofent. ll mi oionsrif chnsstiaer obsve r foay40 ds. lo t ok apast. k'tricths cal edra er the. e itonnds te easndr suay. od>> ts ay idathe e y, wt.feas t >>wehen e havweash dadnesy. m i'okal rloer aitng wlah dyn naand e.tali ontamr w ande illisson aenignmt ewin nps ham.hire we go're toing k talheto t am in teminu. t bu ithisurs yoni moramng j. o >>urf cose. >> ad i hpi to fock "iormatn." ncbeyonee's ngw so.
8:54 am
be tforeuphe sower bl. ig>> rht. s >>erhe pedformli it ve. wa i ts oniehe fivld l se ashe s waorperf tminghis. i >> g was toingy,o san wheyou ck pis thi, songhayou o ve tdo th ore "fonmati." n >>e o ons wanteeto st. tha t trusme. ha i heve td. hea >> h theboead b. t >> idssounso awerime, tght,o o bee n thd?fiel ea>> yh. i tloveonhe sg. >> n whereyou'" 5'4inand the ba yock, n'u cae t sehianytng. ba llsica sy, iayaw mombe se lepeopth in ste di.ance sunot f re iasit won beyr ce o no t. j >>ngumpian up wnd do. y >>eah. sui'm oure y a hadte betewr vi at e. hom t>> i shinko. it s wasa uch orperfe.manc m>> id issewhthe thole ing. >> ee scrllns aun arooud thgh, t?righ t >>crhe s weens'terenki worng du tringerhe panformce. >> e i'v tbeencoo a suple uper s.bowl e whil ait'sat greng thigo to to e , th ifacto s, th watcit al t'l, i ms sobeuch attert .home yo e u seerbettle angd s anget th mme coalercis. i >>w. kno h>> i teard whereheas t mo -nkey- p >> muppyy onke. baby
8:55 am
ou>> yn' dide t sebathe opby p t ou twithorhe d citosrcommeial? i >> t sawhat. we e wer min a wediaspork ace, stvs,cao i tughtonhat e. ou>> yn' didsst mi m toouch. yonow veu hagg brariing .ghts s i waheon tld fie. c >> houldbeave oren wse. u yod coul bhaveoneen the ri can bbeasecrui. w >>lde to y yourdesteboay aut e thl royabbcaricrean suisehip. it h wasy it bh rougrswateer aft inleavs g itjenew prseyonort tu sa.rday asit wa on n-sevecrday tuiseo e thmabahas. t as imawas ikingayts wre the, hthisstuge hiorm ot itheff t as co st of couthinarola. 'r weare hefring heom t ss parsengend aee sg inmeso crinibed ilegemas. so omethf dae geman oarbo ad,s ll we. anthem of the seas had about 006,pa0 enssrsgend are conw board. al ey, thor repwated asves h hig 3 aset0 fe. ichurrfoane-wirce nds. ea>> yh. >> et som oimes15ver le0 mir s pe ho ur. al tl ofwahis res fo tcasth.houg >> wa it s.
8:56 am
emstat went, which- as - w >> thileeahe w wtheras eaunpl tsanthihe smap re ined aw sey orthllat aes tim. at thha's wyat roril can bbeais sa .ying t >>clhey d aimeasit wn't cafore bstedt ut iwas. th weere orre ftsecasm frothe onnatieaal w stherceerviof as ur th.sday fothe streca20 of 30 to t, fee th woere beuld ds winni, mi mum, be n tweend40 akn 50 wots, hich is ut aboto 46 mi 57 peles r , hour mat auminim. th asat wrs thuniday ght. th ree fo gcastorot wn se ithe ne ayxt dtw or o. htheylead pofnty ni warng. th adey mdee a oncisido, i n't kn f ow iasit w m for ooneyr -what- he>> touy ththght bey'dtheat e m.stor ve>> eayry dy' theutre o of e,placco it thsts onem mey. >> ht rig. t >>ache f, t is stheyd houlhave ne dover i fothe streca t >> k looheat tin flyrng fue.itur th mae daouge y o seearn bod. d anavwe hmee sose pass nger de biscriowng hal it ntl wen. dow >> s i'mthure s ere'g goine to b so orme s it oftinvesongati.
8:57 am
e we'rintiltg. it l wasa ike eg30 dtiree lt. it was insane. w>> ianas h ogingcan beyouse u wo rould utll obe of yd ifou di hdn'tonang . >> ea i r ilizes t walyreal ouseris. wa i tts sioning c the ahairt bathe re ahend tr fou clegsame ndup aas i wtw on o. i ofellheff tir cha, se esllntiay. l>> iitove il, whe e thheweatr wa pls unnteasae , th ship ma re sinedrteawohy. at thik's lyie sagong, ladzil was li a bttlef it ozaa lird. co o o >>f ne opathe gessenairs sd shthe asip wos alm at at 30 de agree, ngle twithavhe wes. i >>obt pr fablylielt i th waere ws not ay iwas. pr lyobabt fel iliket. >> ld wou g you ao onernoth ui crf se iexyou enpericed thsomeliing hake tt? i >>ld wouha be rerd p tssedo go ba ck. thbut reey aro -- cayal earibbn ffis og erinenpass agersl ful ndrefu t fortrhis ip. , alsoof50% af ofur fute secrui t, ifsohey e daror sechoo. ini therk th ge is toingo rt cey ainln be astinveioigatn
8:58 am
ouno dbt. 'm>> ing goitr to e y onl'of as mo faraus tionsitns. ca can't a tch secruine in w mp hae.shir at thor's fe. sur >> no? e maybcoyou uld. is re theor a pt? >> re theor's puttsmoh. ev>> niner md. >> hi i thank twht's eyy thed nam orit puttsmoh. h >>anow cak i mise thk? wor s let'arresech. an , ywayavwe hlle windie a ta imronw n neshhampire. it ri's p dmaryay. ey thwa're ngtchial it r l fous. ou>> y t cana ake secrui. u yocacan a tch oriden a lo aing-h--red >> tt sco--ish >> h higerlandf beelecatt. h wea ave lecoupho co-wists th a >>ld chiri is odingne. >> y thethgot y e dafroff om sc .hool sit's.nowy i,>> hie cut. ar sie inotde ving. l >> set'supize s thi arace li bttleit. le got's th to lle po s andee wh weere nd sta.
8:59 am
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9:00 am
e placg amonblrepus,icanon i d't e seneanyoti getutng o. le unhess tn y ruofout ey mon. a oflot pl peon e ca tmakehe ca o se t omoven. nlast, ightlddonamp truht rig ssacro s thet treeheat tke hocy en ara. rhuge, ally0 4,00,0or 500 pe woplethere ere. wh gat'sngettien att itionats wh ephe rd eate afroman womth in e d crowt righroin ff nt ohim. he mp afili iedant red edpeat it. ta g lkint aboucrted uz. >> j shesaust tid ablerrie th ing. u yo wknowshhat ide sa? sh itout b outseecauon i d't twant oo --kay. reyou' a notedllowsa to ndy, a i r nevectexpehe to haar tomt fr yo aiu agn. sh ide sai -- r nevectexpe to he haar tomt fr a you.gain sashe heid, ['s aep ble ]. th tat'sblerrie. rr te.ible pl[ ap ]ause e >>byven al donumd trp an sts,dardt thaa was wworde d hasenot imen h i usebln puic at th b waye.efor >> a hassi preiadentndl cae idat ev seer uatd th?
9:01 am
> >>whmean bile,anill lld hiary cl n intoaicampg gninthtogeller a y dastyedaerany lad nsthtigas, eythav hbee en. e therformsi pre identduntrocing secraretiny clwiton ayth m be a li lettoo tuc mhoh stney. se whe yat tounkhi. s>>etomesimhe wi'n onm s ageta li hike t ws, iweish en wer't rr maied. th ienou c sld wayt harei ally in thk. d ann'i doant met tha in a ga ne wtiveay. t >>wahat tes ininrestlsg, ao, s toilee binl clonton the aicampragn titil ws h hi.wife ithise s thndseco - day- eryestwaday e s thndseco i dayn ro a atw thl biltoclins n wathe g biasdog s he'rrrefeo ed tin wothe ofrld it pol gics, oing r afteiebernde sann rs i this averyssggrewaive y. yo aru hem d hie ther isay,'m ho g ldin, backlyrealca, bei use wa o nt tsosay thme ohier tngs. g amonththe hingsd e dialactuly asay,edccusni bernde sa ers' mp ca oaigninf bexig sest. so alus accheed tpa camofign in bepog hyescritga, reg rdinsome
9:02 am
iewill i ande hav obeenn ut o stthe s reetintalk dg toreiffent lepeopne in mpw hae.shir lithe reve f de orotie ms to i thsomething akey t e so ri sey.ousl ou ab% t 44heof ter votres he are de unedclar. tw be4%een 5% to th of ope pele, de inenpendt. y ifanou w gt to pet an ersofrom hanew irmpshlee ri, d upwhsay at u islandecred? no o onemewns . woyou knn't y ow m uvote intil wa n lk icaand hest te. vot y,today' theecll dide. he>> t are'sou famnes li new mp hae shirrsvote. use i' otve gto my rep the. n'i wollt te w yout ho ietis y. to tday,ophe tee throm bechees t ontop r e fo pmoste.eopl e'therres albeady oten ving. re s turninare m froe threl smal hanew irmpshwne tos. ftheyslamout y gegsthinng goi m atghidnit. um trasp, kanich uzd cr t areied nwithvoine tes. n >>voine tes. s >>orenatde sanears l ding etsecrclary n,into7. 16- ithiscos a laol po ce t come wi s tnescrdemoacy. u yoo go tlithe httle oallsr rabig s llie dliked onalp trum ahad,eend ser votsts lio en t anthe s swermaand heke tir
9:03 am
neand mpw hae shirmofor hare tn ye a ar. wheree.e ar a >>utbsolely. , guys mon ahoore anestnd ouserites noe , th tonly ihing ca bore aasut, d mr.raemoccy si erts hhee, tt besindunk do anutsn re ihanew irmpshe. >> th is ruat te? >> s it'.true al i y readmiate ne. re>> ay theerdiffent? he>> t dy'rereiffent. yoal, oku loer entedtain. ey th s aresto tarey he. >> do we han't nyve awe so l fee ft le. out ow>> hy mans time yhaveeeou bn t onoahe rd d angonot uttens an ngythi? he t 's avean endnt asa we y, i thbet dat'sioelicus. t >>n,amro'v youene bere the so nlongyoow, n u cat starngvoti nas aamew hrepshiid res ent. 'v>> iene bee heronso l g, i t don'onget s the acalerenymo. ti'llyoell etu, b tweeneehe bf il chd i andothe utughnt's, is en beoo a gmed ti d forraemoccy. >> oc dem. racy >> ri ameca. >> nk thauys, gs. guyou ilys wvel ha t allhe
9:04 am
b >>oom. where.e go h>> aow wredoe g in foneback,oo ?al w>>hae ove turayod t'se ak cefaokboag pe. y>>. es >> t' idas 10y f o d25s ay of th iisa s odgone o. peesalci ilyyof aru ate ethl.ic noor kmew so wbodys.ho i th ize prr e foy toda pis aofair br rooksngunnies sho. th e ey'rasfanttic. lu vat ed astalmo0. $20 u yoo go tbofaceomok.cay/tod's .take 'r weyie tro ng ttoget 1 mi n.llio arso f'r, we 1e at0088,0. w it bouldeae gr wt ifule cod k brea00200,da0 toy. go o tcefaokboom.cod/t'sayak te. kelis. u re ergist t for'soday psswees,take20 a $ir0 pa of br rooksngunnies sho. mo nore k tw inorhe n- th - isnowe n thhenortast. we e havr uppel leveovlow heer t t greas.lake w losupresysre softem e f theast co ast. isnowe n thatmid-iclantm fro adphiliaelphlt, bae.imor
9:05 am
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9:06 am
yooh, ysu gu l areg ikin us a lot. gu ys? w >>kee li it. an thu,k yo al. coming up, are the foods in ur yodg frifee saea to t? je osff rissen ak bredoing hewn t se bllday s te ktoyoeep u he thalany ked yep foum ro wa instg over $1,000 a year. atth a'serfthi ts.we re' s non wtop,vee'ta gotve ha e our pxtrainrote. oi trkos ziplegrero noeek tn fagu yoasrt hgr 15 ofams te pro in. azero sdded,ugar ro zeif artliciaee swr tenezeand atro f. zeand olro h mdingcke ba! kooiips trerle zbeo. to unsabpp.le
9:07 am
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9:08 am
i've ke smotd a loan itd qu, a lot enbut nded up.owhere w noe thi usis. th dee nicoq parm ctch, wi quth unitende exed lerechase te,nology lp heens preve urt thge mo to sll dke aay. wa i his nt ttime to l be mytimeast . atth i's whyhoos ce conirm cdeq. th s a ere'y storndbehi theersilvof la phihidelpeam a crsechee. it s alway wbeginsfresith h,cal lolkmi bl wiended l,th realeso whocrme eam. g goinfrfresh theomfa to rmr ouidgefr in us jsit dax .ys when it comes to fresh sttae, noth g inelse tastes like philadelphia. if h youalave y lergescongtion o ...treget ,lief hianyts ng iamfair g e. od intrrhucing ortinoc rg alleyy spra hefrom taker mofs zyrtec . powe rrfulfrelief om sa nalergl almpy sytoms, al y anl dal d alnight. y ne trinw rh ocortrg alleray.y sp dd mumole no re > u>> bse y,lsel b by,est by. do kyounow theda tesp trinoned fo odp aack hges navehiotng to do
9:09 am
m any ofus are tiossutng o ergroc iesempritatury,su regltin up th in eshtra. >> asuntog.din di g.ggin s he' got ftipsusor thext ne im twee go gr yocer oshnppig. f,jefod go ormg.nin b >>eiggst lafalcy. ohow ftenydo our thowfo odo ut be secauou y see i-- i dooot, t. >> mys hubandli vesbyt he d.ate >> it haso nngthi to do with od fo afsety. t i isn coedjurp u by the ufmantuac fre por eakshfressne. ' itbs a toutthe aste ofit .all > >'ryoun e i dtheyairec sonti a gond for s.egg >> youseehe ta donte the .eggs alook ittd anro thw ouit t that d ate. e wiggs asll ltn i your fgerid an ad tsteli deoucinds ae b safe or fre thtoe fiveks wee rafte y ouou b ght. them >> okay. t>> hreeivto fe ekwe ys,reou' go wod iththe eggs. w yhathoou sdould th wigs eg-- ou yp'll itut t inhe bt,aske l?a ak titing away? t >>'shatig rht. >> n thiargs eto ugh forl a at ehom. >>rtheree a estimt i goesas pt e the.dat how canyoue tll ifs it' fhres
9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:15 am
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9:16 am
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9:17 am
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9:18 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
hate the gu.ys we have tsr, eeglk. isthuy g gesivhe tes b-t - he's a ge.nius ootattes ar so upstid. 's he the oneho w didy m celolon sa s.nder alookt atth,re ptty icep. it sucks, i d lon'tike it, .dude wowhy i uld dos thi to my?self iev naner w ot it. n me yl>> kooe, grnd moing. g>>d ooinmorng. .yeah arhow yoe u? d >>oing t.grea reyou'oi dngtt pre yodgo. rs fit oo"z la"nder comesut o reyou' a agteener. di oud yr evenk thi y'dou ifar pt ofs thiup groix mgint i with -hans- h >>l?anse itno, s wasuper sul.rrea iwhen i wasnol clege we t hadhe d. dv - we -e therthwas isut o rage wwithfeill l rrele wher he's sedreslid un bke a gabyirl and ck liaing lllo.ipop 'd wech watov it nder ar ove n.agai h >>o ow dplyou ouay yr ar chr actessacrom fro will elferrl?
9:27 am
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9:28 am
is th we ek, youhaveme sslia m rcca,thyk anye we st. >> esur. > >atwh isttha klie? do ou y getta sr rstuck? >> i .do i anme ,ybeverody is olco. u yoow knat wh i n?mea e yver ibodyus lsualya e tsyo rk wo thwi. t ehers ha n'tbeen odanybyha tt's ee btn oughor f diuficlt. isthee wisk iexcting tghouh. it whka nyeon, a i'm big .fan ei rallyn wated tog aet topho th wi himat the 40th aivnnsaerry as k. > wi> yll tou ryisthwe k?e >> int wa to frees tylea bettl h iim, y >>'rougoe gingh rit in? >> freelesty atbe,tl wow. > >ttha'sry ve utg. sy i >>.t is >>d goo k.luc an>> c ik as you a quick qu oestin? isrit toue yau h ve008 vhs t apesat h?ome i >>ve ha aot lf ode vitos a my e.hous >>why? >>lookow h niceythelo anok he ta r ck. >> i took that ptoho teyesayrd, an d ink thith epo comiositisn re py ttodgo. >> do youehavv a cr?
9:29 am
h tsat' thengthi, i't canl pay mthe. i dohave a r,vc yes. ati whech tv oside a olt. >> ogod. >> "zolodean r2"is n iate thers fr .iday up next, you know him from "sons o afanhrc"y. he s'o n pwodrngucind as tarr lots of maetrkg going in inon is athleis .fay lanclsbeslic, dek gns;si this's oneot gwe flo ors,n it pit'sttrey. teafe r thomstu ach fls ravagehomy amme, po i supsed to el b tievet hacean o banereez onis g bnaitlow wa ay? no i owknt whaeacln elsme,ls likh. bleac th be samethleach nockat kdos enwn dystery. ancld nseacr up e you twantd o spens3 buck iqon ld uit,doube buemy u wayolent cgean, cleat a ner bwithinleach it. orox clns mea. clean you hbothpeave a rfectivindrcog rerd.ti une ofl on c youlips ta food.ruck ythenteour ragos ou thr rgh theoof. t.perfec dr for iverswith id accrgent fos,ivenes y libert wmutual raion'tse r yourates
9:30 am
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9:31 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
>>sit'at wh'm i linookr.g fo >>he tyoe os rroo i,ssod gomo nrnig. > h> t ank you hforinavmeg . >> ou yav h'tenee bn he erncsie "s ofons aran"chy,he te sries fi . nale ye>> ah. >> es doat thl folow you e whveryyoere ?u go yarehaou toppy ak t ne aew ntur? > > aso"sns"ha she tea grt es faten abse, soe th reeapr, ejuict', iell n gvero aawy. u yo okn iw,t'sa rffo mdedehe t htrig too cme and doth eseh oter nthi wgs,hhic'm ici ex tedabt,ou athatreco gmin up. >> ba "d rhut"s i ap iasson p erojofct yo.urs ou y also dpro uceit. a tht? >> m,uou y know,'m i rlleay iexcted foris tho tom cet ou and ut p o it uttto he wo.rld tworsyea goa,mo alsts thi ewek, 'd wet jus testardfi glminn ithe s ndecors wotow snrmsto iw n ne kyorst hi ioryn sentat anisld, thin he tome iownr gupew in. ah ye's, itzi amang.
9:35 am
pr ucodg inhas made me a lmil ion estimet br teractoe in very.way ho>> cw ?ome >> acrsto,h trey'e ain pa esometims. ou y know, t heyrea. >>reyou'ss le ademngndiw no as an tacor? >> ido n'tee nnd aiythnng o yo au wnt ceoffe? no t, leu's jst sh.oot >> o i d nn'teed a trleai r. y>> nourroew le as ,dadu yor son,in ca landexaer, what a re gat n.ame > >a thynk vou muery ch. e>> h ntured hteign mo ths syerteayd. he wen h wasn,borf i ound out rtheoneas i whys wa valie. i lt's ike, you w,kno the osecnd he am ce in,my wh oleli fe was in l aikeea clr-- itwas azz fuy f socud ant hen reveiythbng meeca arcle. k inew cexa tly-- >>ar heusts jt edmeltcr aoss am a.eric >> i mean, ine've vered liv a dayyin m le ifhowitut a dog. vei har thugee hoe d gsnow,er ov 70 pdouns,nd ahe fitri ghtoint
9:36 am
he a crwlsun arod eth house, um j wpsh itthe gdos. > ou> y cluddingth e dog and ca in. my>> og dsl howt afi ery hradnts wh enwe go by,nd aow n he's t siarttong do. it he>> 're asar ptengin itp,do n't let himcksti hise had outhe t wi ownd. >> an thouk y. g he foestor he water wlbo, too, so' ille havto dreiffetentia t. i w >>s hat' dtheeriffesenc t be weennglivi in.l.aan d s etatsn id?lan >>at st ienansld-- t>>he tstaien ndsla ryfer is ma ag.zin >>elistn, g iw re iupstn aten laisnd andef lthe wn iwas o y.ung it's cnghaed a toni s ncei've b eenckba. ouwe bghthe tse houhr tee ysear o ag anda rellyve modck baf ater ns"son" eded last arye. atst ienanslsd i the most uqunie pl iace b've eeniny m life. the dbigfeifncreie ys, ou k,now in al..,id eas areli ke c eonc a. in w ne,yorkwe cu exete ethm. >> b oom. ha>> t kt's indheof ty wa it is.
9:37 am
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9:38 am
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