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tv   News 3 Live at Three- Thirty  NBC  February 9, 2016 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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conitap holl ild an'sitet sngti c coa rerd. in e hish ightan pl pan,deresibant osma ila op prgosinnd spedest aoe rcord .1 $4ll tri oionn aum nrbef o in tiitiaves including launching a war on cancer,om ctiba ng obgl walniaregtiigh th atrefrs is .is ethud btge wsecreaa tx biz $2.6 iltr.lion th at's nyearlbl douhae wt he`me at tetemp ad tovechiet las.yearra > >> bthats ringo us tum qu onestiwh of woere yould keu li rdtowas. m >>: arieeninristaze fr peop vleiisngashi dton,bi w hoy thel sould ulicehep t etbudgpiry e. r >>teepor wr: e'veid deco ed t ikeept lesimp. ix s jrars seepreg ntinsix gocate rys.e we'vd askelepeop si vi oting uronatin's ctaapiol t ltel usow h tyheh tkinhi ts un costry'ey monul shody pre besspent. >> how many pnien deso i have? >> 15. >>e rrtpo: erow hwo dulou y spread theea wlth? aim sple tiqueson wnoith ot s si mplewe ansrs
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oc>> sseial itcurusecate a 24. i'lle b 25xt ne thmon. iand n'motoi gong tav he any. >> or rep ter: c weinombed thheal acarendanic medasare l wel ilas my itarveand nstera. nd a asinfrtutrucndeoc sseial tycurir^e d anr labopaand oyingheff t .debt a>> illctuainy th.debt >> he tyni runrong a lund aike a enteeragit wdirea ce i >> g amgoin p beyrettn ever because i thiryveinthdsee to be in enev. >> ep rteor r:n ihe tnd eei n e ther fedalge budt orur o riexpe cence oameut enev. tandhe wr inne smayisurpre you. > >ca eduntioau becsee i'v been ac te fhing0or 4 years. >> do yhiou t ynkoua m tdehe gh rit s?oiceciel >> . yes ep>> rr:orteny maer othres ag i >> f putinive f eend tntrcouny. >>rtrepo eer: tiducaonon weas? ha donds olwn fd lowein payg of hef tbt de t theit milary wh ich tporansiortatndn a in trfrasuructome cingn i stla.
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alactuer fedalud bgeth wit more te caesgori andis duttribuced mh di enffertly. at i a theme when t w s ou or m ineynt frond a ntceer. >> eshe rn_spea harlthce d analsocicu serity a ll sma gempsorr at whos th fngashi mi ghtdo. ll agh rit. so s it'an ieunscicntif study. wbut relyealan wtoted mi fk talinupueo tsts ca ev ayerydri ame acansomnd ceparte dos wh heat touy thabght thout e n inriste az fro eporeg.rtin ar>> m iie: lintelegencs e fi ofs cialwaare g rninlo ve gontrnmet tharea dittct a ton uhe. .sulco cd beg omin ifromn to sday'birerro alt. f >> tromerhe tisrortler inhi wasnngto^ j i'mhaonatn anth. e th dtoirecmarif oe:naatio llinteceigens say iisiskes li
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in rafiltgtinso refugees eascngpi from iraq and syria. a top european official says a 60 sontrisg iser tceror asll w sp diedatcho befhere tri pas ta at lcks astvenoemb th a jihdini ut intro pyepert d toel y carratout s tacke ro eu cpeans itieudinclr po tepulacid otybef iulgm. s atyactt k elsewhere in europe in the coming weeksde phsmont. > >> u thetmeparofent st ju cicegeharhed tfe wi itop l fderor her r dcilg th ate defh oa camerie eke woren l k m.ller spr os proecutayrs st thaw kne_x utabori impensonmt of lemuelr and two o hthergeostas bu het s didhi notong t stop .it wthenoma isre cur einge s he y ld bi iraqesforc w and do knn't f ow iu.the ils. w l be to cusofdy r. he f tromerhe tsmrorierdele art d inwash,gtonlerton jnatha el ias. >> i mar te: k han fyouth. > >>nt fliyb maan eet gio eel r om frhi tte warir cjonathonso f 'slintripor mayoric off aials
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re eplac ad leala p a th ite c seeksiooluton t t wa tersicris. e thay m sorsayhe tk woris ctexpeo ed tcost m $55onilli and in fl, t ise,quotng goi to st re soreafe dnkriginat werne o e housat a meti, one c ahildt a e.tim enhe wt on to sayor pri fityor e threenacemout wvee gi^le di outo hldsehoers whsie res dentplseg ar eme deo ed tigbe hskh ri. p u t onew sidngunni a c asala ma woefn b torein takffg o om fr theniensce. m >>: ariet thaanwom n isnow i e thpi hosontiit wrih sea ju in.ries rtrepoarer bes de s.tail ep>> rteor r: caes,pe ttha's wh heat tv driera of honda ni mi,-van 38r--yeaorold oland re d,d haison hin md ardccoing to histoaty.rne t>> i was f ohthtlig si iotuatn. d an heee n tdedoet gim hn pao t fe saoty tsajeerpres ue lif the ecsusphot when tujasan wal c vi octimomf soe sont.saul
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lared te rtodoaon.ragedu t bus hitiacs onsoalut p a rspe'sonli ife.daerng ng daer. >> or repr:te h aisorttyne cl msaith ri dr ve aofoy taot rasolapp stoo ed t ttalk e me soanone ocd blthked ree stet. af aterewhilnreed tri g tcarovo me. hefunnk hoised hetnrn ho tfron of he tety g art statoac att him. >> repteor r:e thensccae htugr twice. going in st kirithno verehicle then going the sidewalk, hitting the -y27r-ead olmawoben rfo deviring away. >> ist't_ a a vy erfounturatn se et er entve ae i'vlaos val ttoked . mr areddend h a h bot sendpa deour t epesatsymp ohiesout t ethi vimctn iisthca .seu n herever evera ea mer u inj odanyby. r >>orepr:te j udge samsop de edniai b iln this case. the reason? the allegationed rd dvero up on ethi swade alkndn iurjed aom wnue an s ed reid's n vi preous
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sa asisul hio pror ctinvic wons ere sthefiigni rcantase fon norn ba .il tiinhf in uyoz aer wca the sameit sonuatiprlyobabe hav e de sam th.ings ee>> rpod: tlicehe -y27olear-d ma woufn sdfereke bron ribs, a sebruilud araum p an ct fraured l.skul ar>> m aie: d solierun fodl aive de unr 25ee f st ofsinow ysx da te afe r h bwasdurie a byn anavalche. re scue tmseaug dhe tu jorni fiofrceut of oeth halimanay region o mhm kas sothe r ldieonwas ne of ot whersisho darappeeaed na rly aweekftgo an er aanaval t swep tdownouhe mn ntaiand oan c smerangavi w a am frongurniic veh ofthe ficearr veriatd he tce q dshaam cau ctghhe tscre.ue enwhhe tro teropaw she tur bngni ca rr heoan t v theleehic s wa tableulo p woan t fun fe saity wheth tci oelpor athnoi_ ma p n.erso
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ar>> m iie: ouf ych watthed su boper ndwl aer ordroed fm apizz hut catongrioulatouns y lphe tedheha c rineach ait digal l sarees .cord yo elu hpedak me hiy.stor pi zza hayut sts i soldea nrly $1 ll2 miion iodn focr aosshe t gi dit plasformne alo on su boper unwl cthenyompas say moreha t0 6ue pe t rcen tof oheinnlore rsdenc we lare pviced bia moeble wa. br erowse ts orghhrou itsapp. d or acth hugk jaca ve re aaledernotht bouh witn ski ca ancere nd hngearic su enscrowen n w to tansoo dt thesa 4he'sar7 ye as ofndim ate pos od oa eb fac pook age aymondwi shon an bdr ove hi oss ngayinlexamp er hwhatnsappen whedoyou sl u notas su eenscrn. w he irotes t waell cyuca ca omrcine a thesmildrmt fo nc ca th ste auanralior act b haseen fimeskior s ercanc. m >>: ariee morak bre ningtoews d ytellutabo a me forea tchern uder starrecc a ousedf lesswdne. r >> eed:is th s all btemsackla o tcodo v al tilegainons 12 20.
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wi mlliawf cradee ap inriprop catectontah wit ea12-yd r-ollefemade stuwhnts en e h awasor rea tmet sol ac y.adem s he ingfacirg cha w lsh itoor min de unher ts14 ar>> m fie: owor n w we tanto t aalk tboutoohe g mtu s fo those ahatel hom oessr li wvingith aab disyilitt ican h beardfi to nd a wayo tp kee sp sirit .up noneroew pmgraho s twsheres i evalu in ticrea.vity ee>> r rd: mando ckatta m as tartacattpl peoe in th ide mas stn.atio hwhatice pupked t thaad h the sh ca rierngunni for his .life hl>> craempes turessacro vathe illeye n thfo70s mor st hbneigodorhotss ou thand rme wais up ng goi to >> ie mare: w cuetinl fol akbreneing ouastb ctw beleaay nr wn do. tr meayo ssh cratimase caurofe r rbankryobbepe susroct tinoz iwg ae ey thus accfed oteinobbi_ ew vi
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amthe anericpl peon'e cat rdaffowa to orit fas idet tha d soun ogoodpen pautr, bl wilve neker mat it in e thalre world. the grandmotr heo whs ha tochseooet benweay pgin for medicine and paying rent n'caitt wa. a lesing w momesho dteperaly s needisa ran'e caitt wa. a enstudtht wiou a mn ntaideof anbt c w' we m canreake roal pesgrris tgh w nor fooppendle ail famies newho t.ed i
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m >>: arieiv a lek looth at e boeast21und 5. yo u seere the metroic pole kiblocffng o thea rmp tub heto ttw belay. it sh is rut d mir daw. >>: reeds thit par akbreneing ews w b've gibrinoung y5oull he. o metrcepoli t saythhat ase crar th waere uss cay ed b rbankryobbein trytg wa a 'rtheycue ac osedngobbil nk base rusoll r r neacerrle valado vi vewe'de r c aewsah ca los tion wand toingacta nt co tinuetho ganfer itiorma bon aringup tedael as asoones wyit. >> o> s w sshuld arges. th iisars pf t otheew ntscas 'sthatry eve bits aor imptant as otthe heristores. th sat ini shing l a oightn good op penle i ourldwor. it al's cthled ooe gstd uff. >> ie marn k all anow, a isde won trful.hing anit c beftupliing. an pror fro a gf up olepeopono wht
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di lisabiintys b then osto, areae s it ir theithart s at i prnk tha s to p aamrograt thps helm the rsotherl t seeaue vals ticrea.vity yharrit smakh t les a aook tthe t ar ofhe t ibpossle. >> or rep ter: a rtecen arnfte ar tt sco b dnettssiscu whis workaeverl adermires. >>ani w ttedoee s whatt i would lo loke ik dtoao pteatrnro fm ctherente of the page. >> or rep ter:os acrhes tm roo th e atrtisel hped fans. >> twhhis energizes .me atwhak m me feel morela teduni in . >> or rep ter:ethr aint hi t po gp-uprallendgmbri acmasstthuse ns isblota f oorne ryvemp itortanre oasn. ea ch aisrtt is eritheel homess or sadi.bled he>> whin tpes onedan up dou y me ca innd a you sawr you stuff upn ohe t alwar wthagr i was li ?ke i>>ee shi t bnean wr aithel ct pi oureoel mysd f anita l tler o. bie fthe tirstghinee i sn whe t indotiv a asus jte lik awtre-suck. >> or rep ter:ty kit b haseen elhom sessinceig hh hoscol. e sh'st batled prdeonessi,
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ushesedo t seller h artro fm apo bb an blinket to bosmmn coons. u o not keblanrenymoun op>> n ep>> rr:ortee thspart eaksr nggivice voiac to e quirs ricontrsbutose whok word wouli s he ote rwisnngo uedoticred bu ist thno is et anisxerc e in, uialtr isths ibua sssine, >> o oner f ous goaleiis rt nvenau ci sontal eiserprd e antecrea jo nsbs i oteadeaf cr tingpec nd ha.outs 'sthat u theltimav h d a k.brea ep>> rr:ortert aft li rk mathets rte a and sstick with th eoc pr weedsithhe trt aist ljust aikeun esal g.lery y c sc beott t nnetinwas he a srlte w then holdt bou indrawncg siee h a waso a is about.left t>> i'sne turtod inre moan th i ex edpect. p itderovi wd me aithgh litt a e th endf othe tl.unne ep>> rr:orteot scat hos hgusines
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r>>lieangzihe ta tntlen i ev yoer a t noeevonry ce cantronutibe. be uscahi tl tthaft o no igred. >> or rep ter:t arn caspineirs u r fo gawiro nngbeumr ofom hssele d an sdid,ablet' ises lro pngvidi he tel shes rr hasmy ede bc ninnteew na mb cae,ridgsa masetchusts. e her qis aiouesten w h'reinear lg aabot out. wh sat i thn wili e nn ma'sing .face ar>> m aie: o loteof pple ngaskier aft theer camauas cla e thsant'rt quaacerbndk a onpeytnn masing'ng youert broher oo l lking tesshan eedxcitat th hi bserrothas w about to win. w ias think theam s engthi. sarm uper cheing. he l isike what? oh. al ghl rit. tm hez, ty ct aughitup whi elt a th ire a oportn moay. hi naxpla siss say. ma gnnind sai w heas fseocud on hewhether t bosroncre weng goi twfor llo fogowin t thedoouchwn. he d sai ithenentert used his e facocon s mialediad ant i was
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t bume sopl peoe saye hy so memetihas wout y't dony sa is pe srhapde louhar tnh wouat y do. >> d: reehe t way id reaha tts i he isch wating ethveryingng goi o onhen t d.fiel she iin payg atiotentn. he l isngooki att i from a nebusi he s ialang yzinm*s th 'satha wi t, h if ae islo jearous b mthero he ds neeo tndseis hro berthne obr of he hor sisetwearhe levainnts e'y da lisess than a ekwewa a mahow akny mthing lie ho a extrmydreah witeaa drr.m ca afrombo lamnirghia to s rollup coles. he aes ths car meheven d va si s ngle alande dato. va ntlee'indas >> 'v iase n eeoppe clee om-- d dri t strip and come back with tw golsir.
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at he tnd ef oethy,daant's rdaffo,able funu luxhary ttt mos plpeooue weld nvere hav an op rtpoitun tyo do owitherse. >> d: reeen wh c it tomes o rainsu tncehe ancompcey's say tosa csseen rlstaar ea de co reveund r derrcut enanplbus t tiope if ou yre ant ieserd te ain re alnte h over tour o website ne v.ws3lfocom orr menf itormaion on howo tak tean advtagef os thi ne a gealde. m >>: arienty,eallll reaoly codt ca yrs. noou katw whe elsis coly ol? ho ngnori h our eere r undac -- la v_esheroe y donoou khew a n ro i your hbneigodorhone in aws 3eand tncare a unmi teapng ua opo toe h f aindso perthn wia os caror fcao esheropa came e ononpersl wila win f2016oord rientenng o eeb fac pookr o ne v.ws3lcom. >> d: reeme ti a fork loo at 'swhathe aadn ows "neiv 3 l e at e"fivda toy. we 'reki talabng out a scamle art at feivak tg inacpl aell aoscrs daneva. hy w s its tartabe a hci simple t
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yout aiur w t at c d anopart' iins go cg topers sto ou ths.sanddu ou ths sandolof d.lars th toat slury purs yoec forast e a "n 3 ews alivevet fi." r >>ategul gingalun s bcurtr consyover ar ove r ou ecotry. yo owu kn l, aofot p peoavle h edtalkut abos thihein te wak ntreces mas tishoongs. i ve eadn hre pntsidema oba lk taaning oid dhing ttongs ak me re sut thabo anyhody wys bu a s ha gpoou thrroackgpl ec chk. m >>: aries new i3's ossueau regnglati sgunde nl ot h inarec sp ial rtrepo. 's itsdalledmveb"wnsapo" an td is airon tight on " 3news ve liel at ."even ihereewrevis >> or rep ter:ghtoniyit bu qguns auickasnd eliy onalne ses th wiaout kg bacndrouec ch itsia gap hspen hdaneva tis iea grtde ir oroangeus pr ceacti? w hos gunare aircqued is a po calitiril terggto css iue do timinaomat deberinn bl tarsonvensatio. 'l welleou yow he g bers ar te ine linsi t ghomfr licensed dealers to background check advocates tohe t ppleoe
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>> nsan ayower d,ur a rc pu thaseunhe gm frou. yo l filtienny ae .rwpape noand ck bandgrouhe cck is co tenducd. ow n igo e us theun ge arn ima ee.crimn enlaw emforc entverecohers tsu me e.crime th raey t y'thereot no ggin tora t tcehat gunk baco t .me ep>> rr:orteu yol wilo als see at whpp ha wens whenske ase tho on line alde aerstbou sngelli gu ons t us. nokg bacdroun ecchk. no . i.d ait'sllin com ig upn mype slcia rtrepo "ebsit apwe"ons. f. in jo t mehtonigne " lws 3ative ev elen." >> as fticinastng uff. >> ie mares lig rerht hs det a ses0 3:3to s it's time to take loa ok r>>d:ee a re bhatf ore f yif don't have ampci spe. le vae ntin ejustiexperthnce we r athe las aleove ftterrom t getelo terl evdyybout abo a itend buna ad lef thur. >> oe chl'm: itt preestoka g weheot tod go ws nepp ha inat weherde mepartnt. it a's hhelf tso rean i'mea wring or shtev sle esy.toda
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co uentino acrhess t area. er hse ik loo ae som ertempesatur o in ne orighbs.hood hnortas las veg at3 7eedegrs ts ou ride nightow. 76re degores fdo el arados cros vtheyalle t in uhepper 60rs fo ersummlin. 70wns don.towco malso0sid-7t jus ofast b ucuos ou e.tsidpo so alpe temreratuz nel^ion pa phrum 76re degoves n.erto 71re degores f lkea adme. e'wre lkioongt aerv wymarremo co c we r athessacro a theon th ase reoron ft tha si'll yo ju ina ust ndseco cayou e n setonot cho mu ono ecdefl mtingofost s the torm te ti ac jvitytoust n the oorth . us e we'rg goinvesee xtry ws daydeernd vryy das a oos at we so alng goi f belyair nfe inin yo gu'veg`nla p oooutdf m tetupera sres tilloninmainn g i 7theby0s dive. ea clr swies ieti con ugthro thoutvehe e.ningp r uppeby50s e. nin nioveroigh gong t b"niv
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40mid- ts onorap fis thsia ni eve t inashe las vega. are e we'rinlook ug at tpperiehirt r foumpahrnip to sa40s vandy , lleym prima ul bocider s ty a awellers ov gh himos to irrowmen so hbneigodorholls wia be lelitt hibit cgherreompa od to ernumbr s foy.todae 'r weoke loating f 60souor mno ch starleco. 70 re degores fiaeindrin spa d- mibe70s aattyahnd p.rumpd or73 fdy sanle vall so al-s midtievenores f overton rs ilraempesturecineachg e th lowby60s d enef th t dveryeriff penturicto xp edecteovn. te icchn wallyrinteme ti. as wee takou y out the next nseves daywathe earm w ither in goo g tuntine. m tetupera srestill ien th 7.0s eveno int the wendeke.
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is theer pfectal vneenti'say d fo srecat. ed res, a you ioment ined,uf yo ar e brcelegatin itit w hmesoone, ouif y are doingt i by yolfurse, th eier way, wtheereathoi gs to pe coo.raten. r >> eed:yocan keu tar youn oe shf s ofivon l?e tvme d yo gu'veheot tle coohost so ce onin agaa m >>: arie a shes lwaythhas e ie hopy thev'tonnte sm .ell ee>> r t aree lik l ntvales ine's kickhaor wt? he te lfor,o b 25.ucksn_e m >>: arie w youthear elem w ee>> rdrd: icamateo vid o out idflorowa sha ing atman atacken el y derl athenkettacmed soelone itse w swa d.or e thn ma tin rheede he tad mhein beg ss to awing s the ca*ticerclk.
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m >>: arieyo if reu a f up yitr nngw eithgsinik llooo ck kiiks lr fndie coehlp tshi bmayht rig y upourle al ays l wel. sta renaurat inda jorn'sap cital ha s added cleatt bumeats rgertoee s it tmenug hoepacattrt ea idto is e make somgthinq uniue r fo fereignnds atie belthves e erburg. th efe chen acourgespl peooe t fbeneits. lit'sowern i fat than other me ats. >> d: reeac bl sn beaieveggi ntar uee d bu orgeresutdot. tha th lue crinh ne ewaryeay m av hice k okedasff leat ymig th idat d sn't ptopleeopg hon fkongcerom raleb.ting sthe lkiespit u into vicria orharb f asoirewrksok tove or e th w.sho i itst paranof go on ing st feyivit r toickn i the year of e th .nkey sathouur t onedut totc wah an de catlebrehe tar lun w ne.year tibeauful. >> ie marhe: c ockhiut tars re
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anl a epbiore gen sea --piin alb n greetusea .rtle` th rte tundle as it'erroth an std simaers d tcheon qu i innets vo eelunteprs k ct aelos o eye tthe t atles it selafy gg wi iledayts w tohe t ocean. howoo clt tha?is ee>> r bd: ifeautul. omwelcoe t therl wod .baby owe wuld r goingo cuentin as we e onnd t wight bithinreak cw sho you the 215 bayeltw ar nefa bufslo ihu st wndo. y ifreou a outet gting yours kid sfromlchoo y andaou heeve sn ,thiss thi is why. tr me poeolic t sayhera csh was ca busedy ak banob r sberyctuspe tr tyingkeo maet a g away. >> ie marha: ttim crene scear ne ru lssel a vndyalle .view t no veryfar .off ep kes thi minifind youre a he gadin o outn the bayeltwhi ts is theas endtbou bayeltwt tha thashe tuurclosn hn joan tres or iheon tne scer_ he ct's ay uallhiwatcwong t . tofwrihe cgenir fer oc edcurr t andcrhis asash l. weltfue ev hoen tweugh e takeaa brrek heda upfotes r
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on deboface and, of cour,sei l ovearws "ne 3 li t ve a."five gh>>rit.
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3news o app an cenount'r: is ttimeayo pl il"famudy fe." vegit i fup sorvetear hy!ve [captioning made possible by fremantle media] stev he:'ows ybeverody? ho w y'l?al an thu k yo mvery fuch,.olks api ecprteiaha tt. ah yedo, i an. thk y' k thany'all. pri apteecia. you k thany'noall eaw. yh. we well, e lcomfato " fmily"eud, ybeverody. i' m myourtean sarve h avey,nd, bo e y, wa got ogoodorne f you y.toda re inturnr g for theithfour day th wiot a tf al o8521,7ks buc, hfromn,-towst houteon, xas, it 'e s thpscham, it'ths lse neamon fily. an omd frig r hhteer
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