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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 11, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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by vee, ebory.dy >> my> is monsisi is .mple to ak myoe mou ney. i' rem hele to thvel aye pling field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. pri isomtoe el hyop fiu indt. "m madeyonst" tsarow n. he iy, c'mmerar. lcwee om "tod manemo"y. omwelc ce torirameca. r othelepeopt wanakto me ie frnds. jui'm ryst ttoing e makyou mo ney. obmy j't isnt jusntto einerta t buduto e ycateou. ca e ll m-8at 14300-7c.-cnb weor te et m@jim.amer nti wado to et som thinghtonig at thws sho a i'mhe was hd upas be n en o, this0tmy 5rth bi.hday ghey,meive re a bak. wh heen tw shotestarcld i d aime i 61was . w itetas btoter a be un yookg-lo61ing n thaan ol okd-lo50ing . yes. tion snell oe morwhday heen t etmark a wasvell oe r the plac th w e doinseekhug a d ndre in pots. sdna .aq%.35
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iofashnoned otiondgf juing mp cos aniebynot t wha atheyre, bu t by what they can be. idconsheer tt waleydisn mp coany. eydisnor repmuted etch bthter an ctexpeared egsn in. q to buoteigob ei er, am llthrio ed trtrepot thathe pe marforwance e s thlesing ea gr qtesteruartth in ste hiory heof tt waleydisnpa comndny a a t staristo f16cal . s hereaid e u innet ucome%.p 32 ju ad estedinarn p gs uto28% a ck buwh 63 isich h thestighe ar quy terlshper evare er. an e d thh tentecconse utivof ea ngrn iars showe grth. loour erng tram stc tegis focuin stinve amentrand bannds d chfran aisesrare d vwing ialuen e thnebusi.sses stthe goock to up day. th free,poour ?ints g.wron
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it t los tmorethhan buree orcks 4% ay tod. oi[ bong ] t >> ia hit lonew 8w of6. w noecin h tk ispohat lessib. w hoa can k stoc clikex lorowith me eragro gh wtllse6 2metieas rn gs inle whine dislly sesss le an th a thegeverack stoth in e s& 50p 0. w ho hdoesl,orme m the oakerf am spad, trtee liy rallwiat tce th ice pr ee toinarn ulgs me tipl hiof tazs amcoing y.mpan e theranswwa on trll siseet simple. mu f ch oeydisnro's gcowth mes om frn. esp th iough teger uells% s 95of icamerwians bth ae undlh watc tssporh witof81% se thowe viers tc wa ehingwhspn enich s gagemore 2thanil00 m alions dultssacro it ats pls.form th cte fa e thedospn t esn' have anas mopy peatle wg chin over e cablt as i tusedo. at thll's a a thestnalyres ca ou abt. ju isst ltoten q theiouestn ns i
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enpresontatise to w e hor lase sefocue d th pwolfanack t alys co itmmun oy isisn th i one.ssue mo alotst n ehingmalse edtter. thnot eme thrke pahes, tar "st " wars tdownarhe pk. t notepiras. it s gotd o ba athatpe res cted ysanal tt onalhe ckel asged eir e maybouit we ld berbett to sp thlit mpe cotoany ne nonraed w .side t gewait ay. in bremg thue val. al i fmostouell mt ofaiy chr. r eigetowas sto reedrain and sa did i won'ttoant k talt abou pa sengrati a thes.sset en wh g you do ony isnes,ride
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diand hsneyo as titdo we h th in attegrofion b theesusins. ei age r snd i bharedairthys. olthe y d gus lookgeyounanr th i t amh houg ahe'srore fm a yo r ungeagvinte. sn diorey wecks b iause ut isnder on ofe ro. di a dsneyedivid't wonnd sta to pa raraphnose a gther greatuy wi bth adairtho y tw fdaysrom no w. en whas i wed a hunge fnad mager i, , tood woul phaveunronoced di dsneyead. wh t?y no r eigeedtalkut aboup an itickn bs suercribt s bu'tdidne givus de s.tail uli woved hagh laued. i d coul shaveifaid u thetip ck is o sg,biho smew he ton m.ey heotisrwshe uutabp t woi d ulvehaie vd weisthab b el ouab"st watar virs" gadeo mes, eydisnis crus es aesdodg for nghidi r thefleal f aw othe co y.mpan rithe ndse agi trallc fa of es pn. ba heck twon i hauld hove t ught reigeul shoced acefpt deat efgrac, ullytanot bolk aheut t tu fure. pn esal is atl thte matrs. mready ickee'mousits ob, uary bo b. t geipa gr. i' t m nodga hende fuag maner. i' gum a o y whs triehito tnk ng lom. ter
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kn i haow t'st itor imp ftantor 20 ar16 egsn inim est aatesnd pe aoplet ren'hiwatcng te ennmrtaithent y e wa utheysed to . athen wgaini hen k thint abou ho maw tnyesimis dy nes haenbe tewritf n of tovereahe y rs i bhaveineen ivestheng w ther usbeca te ofomhe bf bs o john ca orteronr trch whina sig lled th n e suinsettd g anmothe vie ud stio. in includc g abthby ohaer cs nnel or t the nirede aturheof tme the pa thrks erat waye pluted o at on ine pot. no g thinunnew thder n.e su re i ermembn wheoui ththght e mp cowoany could sellaper und the pr usevio. ceo teachdiime rsneyeneinvted it tselfghhrouar pixrv, mar el o r "sta."wars ugthroe h th orisepnf es t andhe ve le iragef ng oprthe tyoper. wh ouen ye havtacapiasl, cowh fl d antarepu ttiondihat hsneyas u yorecan ntinvers youelf. ev f en i iespnlls faofing f a if clicf wh ih't maall te matwared e s th next tequard r ane maybini thouk abt e thtequarter afatr th.
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bs suercribd s aninslow tg inhe gr deioadat en ofwhspn t y no t shorit. er th ne isteo in srest thorterm. th cke paisage e toosixpenorve f ny maaf to .ford e thos thavemeo con. dow e thertoare nyo mas wayatto wch at thn' arecrt lue ativthfor e mp coany. tci wapnh esth on lle cene pho. th arere men'tdeany tirivaweves t don'.need o to bmanypoig scorts ctntras th aiey pt d ouunfortores f. e thk stoccohas owme dgen hu. otit gat greue valm fror,pixa lu ficas ndlm a w thestall reet co itmmund y ha fa guboaw aut ea nech olu inc tdingvehe oy.r pa wa i ers thene whha it edppen for lu ficas lm. ica prate thld wouha be y lfwa id path by imis t te orirhe fst ta "srsr wans" ru c itse ourswith mmanybeore ihindt. w it sas a.teal pe hoy fulle thermoare re ug lae habls dealngcomi. yb maere th se ishiometlsng ee t oue ther cthatepan r tlacehe sh inrinkv g restnew treams hat' oespne r thamstret thaabwas c
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evwhater. i t don' wknow ihereopt sts in gowng do. di dsney'toesne hav much ecprot.tion ouit cncld ie reaspathe ayoutnd co be hme ayiigh r.elde asit hma so ppny oniortu.ties do i knn't owow hh mucthe inearnilgs w hl bewhurt t en i s comeowto hh mucy mone iespns in go gg toeret psc subr.ribe owi kns. thi cat ainertant poin sooeydisn st wiock e ll bintrad ig as f it bis aumig dclb cy ricalr athe an thul fabbrous landsike pr r octeolor c bgateitut wreh mo ow grhath te n thagpackooed gds an cld cys icalincombed. llcaeving daery tey afe r th e closheof tke market asw d hoi d coulo be sidstupto as own sn diey. do won't abrry hoout e w th next tequarulr co dd bepoisapnginti. yo e u arkithinf ng onethe xt ye twar, hro, tfiee, r ve o your okidsybr maeie thdsr ki. cayou orn shsnt dintey uheil t co omws cmee hoyo if e u ara dg hende fuag manouer y m mayake y monethbut cle defrine 22om 1 8 tos 8 waonthe u e yo were ossuppo ed tget. or no ackgewledt thatueven ally cothe omws cmee ho.
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n owit. uli woard stlit a bttlet it a 86. bu dy itslown bowlyurut sely. liit faces bd k anhayou omve se a atat grece pri a forn in mevestnt. 'sthatt whaermattr s foyou. no e t th 2nextli mil4 on, iomill 1n orll0 miloion spst en bs suercribs. tlong derm,y isneoiis gng hi .gher rgi fohaot wa t -y61r-eadlole fo iolm. a o whs caret aboulothe erng-tm. or gen ge iidfloreoa, grge. c>>leal yr:, esamcr, ero-boh.ya b >>ahoo-y. c >>r:allequ my onesti is ca alrnivis crues. 's it e hadlexcelront gwth. 22 nc% sicee de emberiaspeclly wi heth ter buys. t>>s hi -isi - tehao tt puisth de lyado telbout bhi tiss mi silar. e thk stocowis d 2n to y.76%ield 4 knyou rnow adoold .nald
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wi i e'sh hmed cok. bac ea grest gut. 's itn dow20%. ju uyst b it. u yot pu honf aldatoany thd e xtneit bf od bawsneou yuy bhe t heothar .lf 's itic rids.ulou mi n ke iwadelare. mi mike, mike, ke. >> le caleyr: hm., ji m i'ju28, tast sg rtinw a nejob an ind go bg tovee inngst i in ti rentreme t forirhe fimst te. he i toard es inv ct inndbi a bcbs,itut we h thetmark i howt 'mis ivo nero us tstinve. ou sh ild it nveshoin tse? i >>e lovquthe onesti. i cboois tat rels e toilfoss el fus. cv ics wh ch isieharlto vicn r ru fby ameine arlots nd ig doin we ll. th oce stpok re artedat gre ar quter. uli woy d bu.that n' do at bed.frai y buof25% no it w. y sawayou hnt aedundrre shas. mo to 2
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d an0,at 8 5 buy0. inbuy ge stad s ant admirewe a faall lellib. dr ann ew iidflornda, arew. c >>r:alle, heyy.jimm ha y pp stoakpeit wyoh agu wh aathon r no wtoh isofone my ro he hes a bappydairthd y analso sa shy i a are hdbirtitay wu.h yo >> m oh,d.y go hayou o ve t bcomeanack td goo ba n r saelmiguig tonht. a weelre ctiebraitng we h thfrom a oldiavrio shismp dh. 's itd. goo c >>r:allequ my onestiab is out mc lddona's. i oamtwf mio s nd iont. sayou boy nootdy gt hurngtaki of prbuits set i w e ho iwells t' ldheev l seln ie thrkma-wete id tudownrn. y dohiou tt'nk iens be ns contisteau becf se osathe fe vidi adendcl la oorox hr itas troomn o ru iwithasncrealed se ts intahe santes std mo ce re jntly.apan t >>ishis un an evbeli gablyood tiqueson. i k thinlii beineve te easokrbro
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th cte fat thaidit dgon't n dow bi tg inexhis y actlouas yd. sai tlexac yy asaiou sd. t'if ills teyoing e u thk stoc t isn'g goin 1back1108, u 0 yo y buof50% he it ndre an thehope omit cowes dn. be i u t yothget ndat a m notuch mo re. al ril kuhaatna mata. di hsney tas mheicagon lteg .rm yo veu hath to loink erng tm. " on tmad"htonigll, cat thais th lle cene phoin buspeess .aked ithas n beelyoveris punhed? i thaveeohe c. en th i 211inpos 5. 201 ythisweear e havtwhad o. ad heat scrch. i' llm teyoing y u whputhe blic hahas wd itipith ndos a the eslargtet hompl coinany the d worlrtrepoined ws.ning hawindrlm woe dwidowat ls. t wetoalk c theeo. st wiick rath cmer. a >>ncnnoudoer: min't ss a co sef nd o m"mad."oney
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ve ha a question? tw t eeamcr, erad#meetw.ts jsendn im aile-ma to onmadmnbey@cm c.coivor guse a ll ca1- at 74800-bc3-cn.
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hi laghs umst smer. ana brw d nejulow odst t.ay y skrkwojus rstorepd tessle tthaneewo wgoks a. e thancompliy ded 58, re esvenut thaeaincr15sed ar% ye er ovr. yea thgrowgi marxpns engandi. th arose ode gobe numrs. gemana imentatndicheed tt nex tequarghr mi lt beerightn tha ua usanl tho ks tneweakt ss aa jo mastr cu.omer erwond t whoishat . vei hawo to indere f thk stoc ha ens beis punenhed .ough let's look at david altars of sky works solutions. to a getse senho of w the mp coisany ng doi. omwelccke ba. ha>> tfonks vir m >> me comvonce slumeenhipmts. t firs pmassctroduveion e hicl mm coatunic gionsm. ag flp shisusam aung ld nche ne st. uli co od god n anon. e thes20are ig16 hhthligs. wwhen touldmehey oran mane th e onicpart cularmeustod r anthat
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manot ckingphell .ones >> l, welnk thas. th aat'sat grest queion. i asnk thi k youwenow e weran rl eavey mo tr ing akinand oydeplteing lochno tgilewehat ecperfinted l celesphon and awifionnd civnectinity to a ohostt f ioicapplioat ans nd icvertaral m.kets we i aree n th ohomestr ne mothers,statke smoec det, tors og gondle au rokrtenteenainmt. we i areghn libstbulnt, conginui to nd rou t outorhe piotfol. ey th o aretiperaveng oltr muiple uefreqs ncie lwithofots uncommioicatndn bad s anrewe a tablempo si tlifywihat heth t al scd e andtbrea th ofolechnogy. imakesyt ea t foronhe cr sume eaand orsy fto cus tmerso in attegre e thnotech.logy i it% s 25e of rtonew day gr inowyeg oarr vearye.
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rk mao et tmebecoge lard r an la crgerneompof nt othe si bu.ness h >>o ow detwe g s the otoryther an thyo in reur gndat a tr aranspdeent hack tu t yoa are ay plga on , mingou20 h rs a h.mont st inreamsig muc. dastanefrd deo vidgh, hi def hlikendbo an esp4-and dek vio, ne x.tfli yo ghu mi tt beeshe bayt pl on ne x tflir othe nthanixetfl. t>> i thinks hanksafor ying .that a wen re ilegoogic devn es ithe ho me. a wen re iuavirtevlly hiery gh d speeamstre e ingtanterntinme vi degace, y tewadeinsi h theome in e theprnterise. l aldethe s viceedneedet togher thand mpe cotylexikn of ngitti e thoserdiffsoent onlutis to ergethth in mee hoth wheer 's itak spe ters,iselev ion, cu se mrityoronitsying s.stem ey th a arepell ongratir ove ff dit erenuefreqs ncieinand ff dit erens.mode wosky brks,r ette athandynybo t inorhe ws ld i tablempo silify th n at ierconctht wito cus, mers imakefot aflerdabke, ma it sm mall,itake su conesme ls
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i k thinllequapoy imt,rtanve dri shigh rpeedbleliaghe hied spe. at thoi's go ng tinconto ue tbe a bi ecg pi te ofushe bs.ines ou>> yti men sonedhiometng po imt rtaneoto patple e. hom te exg ndinidwe dsan't wy weant to an be p iotr layemaor srt ve eshiclhi, vetocle ic vehr le o hein tne con hctedorome hi macne acto m.hine rewe avi solheng tbl proweems ha sd to wolvethith e e krlou r foconew iempantes en ring etmarkats the havr neve been co tennecd. ouif yk loot at i ras angolli hu llb, a d theesevic and nn coviectis ty ithsomeweing d coul aplayor majt. par 'sthatig a bpager f rt othe bu sssine. t'>> ikes li'r youe e th iopatrts. j weprust e esum wtheywiill n
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en thy thet don'itwin and su lyddeny thebeare leatabt , no gthat.reat vo ilnn mcoler beuld heat tnem, o ay pler. i sfeelhiometapng hd penee wher stthe weock p nt ut.a lo u yomebeca p theotatrid s anwhen u yo'tdidn t winuphe sower bl htheyo ad tyocut hu inalf. we iv del eeredinarn p gs u30% ar yer ovearye. a we 4re ape0% ongratiom ince erpropitty wowh grhath tfat's r xcin eofess m thet arkeusbecae we p arenglayith in ghe rit ac spe. we i arebin mo, lity ecconntytivicr, inngeasin ly i ve icrt malkear gtsngoine concted fo e r tht firs etimever. ini thatk than -- wd ascoe beme
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cu erstome s, wseare ngei g aatre .deal h wemoave isre vitibilw y nointo sethe hcondofalf we 16 ha'll ve te a icrrifon seclfd ha of le ca 1ndard 6 an thaverko wo ugthroveh iny ntoreccoll itionn rc mad h anstinvewiors eell s yo behand tt. >> ha we eeve boun arornd f a lo imng te. wh heen tpa comasny wtr in e,oubl yo idu sa c thenyompa i wasn ou trble. is thce is nlrtait y nothe si iotuatw.n no r ouermidtdem monel, o a and thalfo o tws yearo is ttoget . $8 l we'l fgrowr aste tthanhe etmark. 'l we il do at inef carayul w. ma onagetiperaxpng es.ense a weowre no intlothe mw toid 50 oss grrgs main. t no cmanyniomparoes g wwingith 40 er% opg atinmeinco. e we mventd isseara quter. a weonre catservanive ind gog
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to aulemobi. y >>eeou klip dengverith, i ink stthe goock o t to.high wh anat c d youhao, tnot's urt yo t.faul no e w thk stocoois t. low d daviidaldrf ge oorskywks tisoluons. ea gr st toouee yr., si >> at grese to u.e yo th yoank imu, j s >>'stocke com adown. lot so bome bdyghouitt t a0.12 w nolfhaha tt. gi mvea e eabrk. m"mad" oneyacis btek afisr th. >> ou ann: ncermico ung rp,k oc r papeissc isorsmos hare tjun st a iefr gndlye amalon wstl .reet heen tal federve reserir cha, fadingfuzzand . .. do.with brwny facoic ionditner... it ot ny onlftsodens anes fr,hens
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ou yfavor teriloth ces stay favyoure orits.clothe down bry fadiic con.tionersh i wae n thwow. man (sternly): where do you thinyok oiu're gng?mr s:. mucu to , wiworkouth y. 's ito tu tacy.esda ma 'rn: yout coe no.ming ok mi toexucinlp to heri get my d ofsymucust congeion. i'm odgoay all d. nnou [a:]ncermu kecinex workeps ing. 4, nnot ,ot 6bu out 12 hrs. t' leths end is i' beeveonn ee my fl dal al y.shi'm bued! me tyea oo. excu mng..comigh throu! de ri g thee el wavomof c fort th d wi sr.ollsch mass inaggel g soins.le ey thov're pr en ive to gcoyou mfort. wh lpich hefes you el emoreednergiz .. d.allong.ay l i want what he has. gowe've blt trou tume inowmy tn. ocoppept ter!
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3:25 am
bo [ ]oing of 2 theto11 sthcks ecat bame icpublt las oyear# nly re45 a roup fe m thrioffering pce. afourncre uedhang t andhe inrema16ing oc2 streks an dow fr heom where tcay beubme plic. 76 of.8% s thes tock ithat po'd in 5 201 lhaveyoost neu moy. ievenu f yoingot th on e in l ttakeunhat nsicor. bo [ g wlin ]pins acpin , tionaryou ine gog wh noere. s hamathe trketd urnensagait es frceh faosd ipch whi m areore y risk ethanlistab cshedniompaes or w canfte siou thrhegh t wr geeckath of ale des? we thll, gge biloest asers mong e ths clas01of 2e 5 arsmtoo l al ttok alouabont el tioevisn. in ibcredowle hy the shavek.hrun wo i lould o ve t ygiveheou t me nas. 'sthat o nottyur sle. ny ma t arebiiny cho teats th are ti .nier e onheof tst worfo perg rmin ksstoct than i ca atalk, bout
3:26 am
t is ferraglorm .obal th tat'spihe sf n of tfromhe tr edoubl e sunn.diso ecit bpuame ablic5 t $1ulin jy. w noestradju at ndst $ th aat'sst mon0%er 8li decne. heon tp flidesihe tes bipt ino clthe ofass 5 201aris lge en toughsco dionuss ev teln isio hais shake shick wecch bame blpu aic21t ja in y nuarasof lt ye ndar a i now 6s up5%. wa sit ad.econ e shakk shachacan brdlye ns coedideruc a s scess otorynce it rt staraed t gding tivenhat shthe oaresd pene47at $ and edspikto up an 96 and chn ge i ma y. th weere oore ty mans deal last tyear to goghhrou. t buclthe ofass 5 201byone e. on th i itink im is anport gt toet a se ofnse t whaenhappered he. naby anglyzi p thermerfo oancef
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:34 am
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3:39 am
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3:41 am
ge mt asatuch titracroon fllm wa etstreau bect'se it s no high .tech nit'socot smeial dia. it mo is f re otsa nu b and olts nebusiss. gr bueat sssineem, trusendo ya lolty. we e hav ibeene n thnebusiorss f ea70 yrs. osomer f ounebusi issesron eupe ve han beendarouye 70 ars. th arese nge lom teraisuste nabl nebusi.sses he>> tasre wow a dn nturusbecae a ofdi creunt crch. yoare eiu senyng ag thin that s makeorus wbory areut candit d f wereeel gallywiood heth t dy csnamith of sie bu nnessow. th isere od nobkey liwi us heth t wemix e havh whiconis wulderf. e thrsdiveatificmaion uskes ro stng. >> re theso is inmething go g on hein tck stos. h wehaave rrd ma aiottnd st odarwo. ma f ny o athemorre mtee hol. d weavid hrre ma viottioacatn nt reonals . stthe kocksgoeep doing wn. ha i nove kouwn y a forg lon .time yb mau e yohecan e.lp m t is sherehiomet'mng isi misng? yo ntu med iones.texa
3:42 am
ma arkethend ton strdoger .llar e thosldshoueqn't thual ice pre cl de.ines >> no. if l youbaook ouck yti men oned dothe rnwntu8, 2009. 200 'l wendl hahele tut e b t nothe p. e thetmark t hascio dehade wt ll wipe hapern the. 'l wentl co tinueodo pruce. 'l we cl bestonsiy entlucproding. we l telwhyou o at tnddo a do it. we v areprery taedicble. 'sthatoo a gtrd ate ibuta for ancompy. >> th is soere inmethcug se lar, ll mialenniut above tral. kn i ilow mialennrels an't ge g ttinitcar wa is eyy thd use to. wthey souldh earcvafor lue. is t thehaimes- re -owi kn you sa eyy thd neee to b.sold thavegohey utne ofa of n?shio >> ol absy utelnot. e thenmills,nial a thegevera age of er buy as ofes tim hhareas ne gom froo 56 tea39 yrs. s it ingcomin. dow an frmikly nillenloals o ve t eltrav. wtheytoant o getheut tre.
3:43 am
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3:46 am
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th reey ah botliunbeleevab gemanars. wo i run't gale a einstr itheone. mithtige bcoa le got's mi to n ke itopueric ro. >> jim, good afterno.on ca gn weouet yopr ioinonn tu wapperre? i>>hi t inkist ow dton muo .ch we have to have rick back on the sh ow. we av htoe ea ddil ctreit wrih ck thfor swe aners. at thdi, la aes gndtlenenemis, th coe luncsion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning un ro sd isorpons bedy td ameritrade. th cie deo sion tride nd son ae he ided decsa to move sney byhingwitc hi rcs moto yclerainsu gnce toeico. s there'hameno s s inmoaving ney. oridee n, ridproud. o geictomolercyc,
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emsekes live we' a hitd roabl emat r mindse... an avyone hsie occa coonalpanstidition, ..arrhea. .g ..blas, ngoati? ye s! e phonpsillin ' colothhealpr tiobiop eac caaych d s dehelp afend ogainstioccas nalivdigestese issu. th t wi threef ypes obagood ia.cter helive tul regifar le. ilph'.lips pi takeloriotsec eac orch mngnifo myr qu fret entbhearnur cabeyouse cau ben't at hzerortea!burn t ahhhethe swete o tasctf viory! ilprtcosec opi. one eall mchningor. 24 . hourseazero hrn.rtbu
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3:52 am
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ait'sfan ine ntil tgamehat esprov t one.hing if p youitlay g longhenou you lwilln.ose oo a grkd maocet rk t can'p trumhianytng. r nopacan orper ss sci tors,hey wo n rk ierconcd t ano we g high or y theelcanc a outotnd n hing ha s.ppen in ad a bke maru t yoliget e ke w d hay todae wherobthe s jectare otin manion e d th elose tr ishe po lirtfospo, ellecia yy ifou tr toied w winpaith beper e caus yo ouu ththght nde ha s wasp et u r foiua trmph. 's it m toofouch nyr mach whi is y whanso mopy peeale lt ve i er evy y dahoand lynest c whoan bl thame em. stthe maage r,nagee carlato py ag ain? r >> pock,, apersoscisshrs, oot. aa h! s>>cktiit wcrh eram. ini thhok we sve tuld' aakenft lee at thr.riveta norzan ke w wheran gtarzo! rztaoes an dknnot reow wherz g he excy,e us,me youdow knothwhere wae all terfis? wa l?terfal meno, zan, tar ng king of jule.
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if 'r youupe a cole, yo t u figh diroveronectis. 's ityo what u do. if y anou wavt to se ft firceen peor ment ore c onnsurar i,ance yo chu switgeic to o. hhoh ohhh 's w ityohat u do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? i ta pketureicofs unri ss,se t wibu mthbacky ai pn i ulco't sdneple d ant upgen ime.ti th ouen i fvend ale pm. aleve pm is the only one to coinmba sae lefe s pep aidlus hthe 12painour ie relving ng stref alth oeve. m i'back.
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i o am steexcimod to.rrow avwe hnee para. yodid e u sequthe r?arte i tlikey o sae theris al awaysl buletmarkew omi prtoise d finorit f o youn ad "mey mon."
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