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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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to t,nighma dratic rrsudeenr. af rte a 40-day siege, an ovti-genernmt ot prrseste i nown de fecural odstasy tens of thousands enliste liv to every arhet-stopping moment. >> 's> itti getng pe alrson. in clanton ndd saers battle for thela bck vo s te aiva cilig rhts ic on slams sanders and a republican bwlra ta shkes inape the so h.ut > >>eth parolor vxte s roarin. otens mfonillis ac brfoing er th escoldt air of the season. al ok rs er ihere wa grnin of a ngdaouers. > >>high anetxiy. o ompiciafficls ta ctke atoion m cal fears over zika after bia arg sts say s'she t no ssure he'dgo. >> an> crd uise nitmghare. pa gessenhors wug thoht ey the wer going toie d w no,back sakpeginut o an don wrideng why the aicaptiln saiged rht toin a focerusio orstm. "nightly news" begsin ghrit now. a >>ncnnoufrer: bcom n wnewsorld quheadrsartene in w rk yois, ths inb "c gh ninetly wiws" th
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it 's .over arthe medie sget tha ha pts caedivathe t ti na aon'stittenoron f s weekrehas aiach d am dr caticusonclion. in he too w ods f egor, oneth falin ti aner-govt nmen esprotters oyiccupng a fe ldera wifildle re hfugeave su derrentored the fbi. it es comer aften tse niall-neght atgotiions he liard y ve b otensf sathouofnds pl peoe ro achess tnt couhory w li edstenev to ery ar heopt-st mpingt omen oplayut. nb jc'sryoe f iers in or aegontand susrts wioff atth le des.tail r >>teeporenr: tse mo s menton the 41st da ty ofhe wdlileif re ofugeatccupion, all t of idcbroaast live li onne. af thter ree ouholdts tu hern tvemsel,s in e thrt fouanh d final oc picudaer, frvid y, re sefutos ensurrder. 'm>> i f aree i dwillie are fe man. ep>> rr:orteor befe llfinaeay, pllcefuy giving up. >> ifve eboryaidy sd ll haahelujll, i'e com out. >> e hate a coieok, as evked neeryosa to y ha ujllelah. wh heen tidy sa ha ujllelheah, e cam out. >> or rep tter:bihe f
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oc ercupists la night, dr a icamatel devntopme wthatlsas ao li trve-sd eame with otensfho tdsusan st lig.enin >> come out with your ha upnds . >>no,re we' not! reyou'ng goiha to ve toil kl !us >> 's let be clr.ea ar d mecuoctipaon of defel raopprtyers ia crime. it is not a peaceful protest. >> mo a tngseho negotiating with the gr p,ouev rd eren klfranin gr,aham and se aswomblyman mleiche or fie. me arlid mis tanttook er ov the muralhe tinaalonil wifdle fure ngerleasiy x we eks ago, pstrote ing rafedelwn oipersh of st wen erndlas. tw weo s eko,ag one pioccuaser wt shoand ki illedn a roconfiontatthn wi law en forcement, and se l verarsothee wer starreined, includg am anmon and ry y.bund nlast,ight their fa , therencliv bu ndy, alwas so takennt io stcuy odteaflar inndg at he tor pantld ai orrpt. he as wot nar poft he t oc ticupaon. ra , therhises arrt em stoms fr aned arm st ffandoh witlaw en emforctwent aro yes
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ba ottlever idunpa gr g azinfee. no ndw buyac f es rasevearl changes d s join shisonseh bind .bars , welltheup occn atio veis or. th reeefug willll sti be lo c fsedor ekwes. th ere shcaiff ills at im crene sce. e thsafbi yst it mus be sheearcd for pl exesosiv. inall, 2op5 pe le edlinko t the paoccu htionnoave w en be itendicdn o rafedelol fe ny ar chges. erlest. j >>ryoe fn er i onoregan, thu.k yo a rmajo rsendot emenfor hi y llartoclinn is ot sptilighheng t im cr binale attlrunde y wafor af n-ricaicamerotan ves s in couthinarola. e thuafebr7try 2h de atmocrriic pmary th wiere ell b be erni ersand fs' tirstest in sothe auth,nd beefor la a nurge mberf o ac blk tevors. da toiny clton, who po shlls olow hds a bs suiatantadl leng amo ac blk tevors, got an im anportott shth in e m ar afromil civ ri ghts icon, whoo t ersandsel dediver jtus a .shot c' nbiss krtenke welr ha s ildetas. r >>teepors r: a arhilliny clanton d rn beanie s pdersrerepa to face off in
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l >> tet'sabalk out su ises. >> or rep tter: aherere re alady firkrewos. he>> t nre'so onels ee tt bereer pdpare toe b pr enesid tt ofhe un siteds tateof am aericn thail h lary toclinn. r >>teeporher: t fl iniauentlil pol tica ofarm the recongnassioacl blk uc caacus b ckingonlint to bday,t ut iwas ci lviht rigsn ico co ssngrejoman hnis lew wh oel dediver m a ajor tblowndo sa ers, tiquesg oninachow tive he i wase n thl civi tsrighem movent. >> ev i nawer s m.hi vei neetr m m.hi i swanv iveold in the insit-hes, ted freom de riuts, b i met ll hiclary n.into ti mesi pre dent >> or repr:tehe t sa erndcas aimp gn spredion, ngrnbe iies a tgreair admerf o co ssngre lmanewis and indrawg aha srp nt co trast, oday asrelething is rsendot emenovide fe inature g thg youn htdaugf er oeric ga errnwh, dio ed aerft po celiut pim hn ia okchhoe ld in 2014. >> go to p u astgain crthe aliminti jusce st sythem, at's why i'm r fobernie. >> reporter: all un coders tringhe im anportf ce othe af n-ricaicamerotan ve, y keinto w snings tate likeou sarth ca,olin
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nd saser among ri afamcan-anerics. e onlechalfonge r nd sa hers,is la reshtionitip wh es prt idena.obam ison d dplayg urinan in ietervthw wi's nbc e kasi ihunthin wch th ey dssiscued theap g tw becoeen ssngre and e thicamereoan pple. >> andou y't donnk thi idpresobent haama s cc suulessfloly csed th apat g? n >> do, i.on't ani mehi i tnk he has de ma e thet,ffor but i th whink e at w -need- en wh ial tk about a li poltica rutevol ion riis bgnginil ms lion miand nsllio ofpl peoe in heto t picolital pr s ocesin aay wha tt ndoesxiot estht rig no w. r >>teeporher: t in clcaton gnmpai ri fiacng bk. >>si conngderi h ow lelittat senanor sders ha s to showor f his 25 ar ye s inrecong tss,he tideahehat 'de b nggivide leaprshi urlecto es tidpresent ob isama rdabsu. r >>teeporurr: o te lastol plho sws idpresobent s ama' ovappratal ringng amo caafriern-ams icanin so cauth naroliat is s92%,xpo eect se arcretiny cltoton n agaiacembrme hi to t nighhain wult cod hebe tt mos nt coouentibas dete ye t.
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e thblrepusican face inoff th souol carina a eweekerarlin tha dethe mes, aee wkro fm sa ayturd. ni to mght,ofuch the t fighakto twne do the hi lygh-fdoing nald p trumakis tpling ace on the gdroun erthe. te uzd cro , whwon the rs fintt coinest a, iow ryis ttoing nc boue ck bam frolohis ss th eeis w nk inew gr agveessiun gromed ga a and ctdireac attk on ed cralentis. th wie, more' hers ha llie jasockn. r>>orepr:teat mt we s llitquis h sesal jo inb iaowo t sell d tecruzns itead al idongse 10,000 volunteers in south ca >> an i c a geternoth b jo iwhen b get ack, cso i gan'tnoet ather trcouny. i >>a t's y riskvemo, ou thgh, ,matt ins thi on ec qomy,inuitturg yo tojob e comanout d mp ca.aign >>he t emyconon i iowa n isot bad. i' oll gac bok tow ia d ango bkac tok wor bu y t tr handelped t hwineer r>>orepr:teel wls pa rtth of e niorgatiza conz ruis de ndpeg in.on
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on phlle cas a dayo t letoppmp true herlike he i didwan io. i >>en thte staf o so cauth naroli, i do thn't peink aoplere reinte istedn soe,meon r aliepubcandi candate wh o'sus phedar p tial hbirt abonorti,ho w n' wofet dend iamarrge. >> rast,tegynt pai umtrasp oo t belil,ra mwith aoredsik l e othisn ne othe way. h >>ree pstend to be a pu reanblic. r >>teepororr: f his , partp trums seemto be yi pla mng aore si po ptiveicolital ga hame tfon bere. >> ee i st' whas pp hag.enin git's toingo be such annb uvaeliebleee wk a and .half ep>> rr:orte i butn e th mmorerlanney ut soish, he mor lo co lrfulaganguy e ma bbe aurig t.noff e>> het ghes t mi noonnatiey, th're go toing h sueis [ p blee]. ep>> rr:orte the bl eroombcug foous grp un fod. i >>t's crass. nit'sot ofpronessial. t'>> it s nohow you wa ount yrsi pre odentf e thedunitte sta s -- m>> iyoean rnu tu on th .e tv hayou ve a lngeadi pr idesalent di candate sa pyingnirofaroty fm a agste. >> or repter:co mar bi rudo aneb jh bus whmeantaile king shots
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ow>> hyo do inu thk na doruld toimp go ng t inwash igtonins gog to so lve ytan?hing eb>> jh bus n haso fo nreig py olic riexpe penced.erio r >>teeporryr: ting to e provh soutlicarona is sin't amply twno-ma fi ght. un coders tringhat po aint, newz cruad sl ngammiio rubor f in bethg nomoing re th an att prey cefa. rtrepos of nasty new carobolls. in wi a tjest, shb bu is ti getomng seku bacp on t the frail hromis ot brher,me forr esprenidget worge. sh buki, maisng h ca gnmpaiut deb on nd moay. erlest. h >>e allickjason, th yoank u. rk luing. no w three dadedol par vo irtexads heing h,soutng briwiing th it the coldest air of th see onasor fen tofs mi ioll onsusf . ralerok jnsois uh wit ildetas. ntpotey ialllydead at wecoher imingn. e thrpolaor vtexs a sayou lwid aays e.ther nethe ouxt cofple ys da's, itng goi to no rnrthela at.ntic jethe ret stipam ds to sothe auth,hand tt smeanha ttol cd air il spouls sf th othe ca annadide borro int nothe asrthed t anthe
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of ourol cder ertempesaturt thawe ha eeve sn yet. arbismomck tw orrowill fe ikel l e 7,numis 7 in nn milieapos. n 13 ielclevand. as ge we tot in tu sa mrdayngorni, u' yoeell sse tho mp teureratsies, ngle tsdigi andw,belo and we bmottout oun sday mo g.rnin rdrecosss po iiblen st boiton whin mus, 52 in ew nk yor,city 4 in esroch 1ter, in pi urttsbgh. an ro 1oke,0. e thy ironis you get ou stt wet', isoi gng f toeel like a di enfferast seon. fr eaom sttlell a the toway we rosllnd a tdownn o sao,dieg it awillllctuaeey fl ke lipe temreratus in ri apd l anmay. w soe've got two di enfferunt cos trie nddepeoning re wheou y ve li. t >>s,hankd gooto ha ouve y rehe. th tee iniornatnal ol c ympiitcommtee tr toied ss reathure e rl wodad toaty th all urmeasrees ang bei ntake toig fht the vzika airus oheadf e thersummes gam in o. ri u.but lys. o mpic cioffiarals kie tang th oweir pnutrecaions w asare hee morro fm a st arth alete cngasti ub dot onhe wther sh ce'llteompe. d an otheeautbrask h toled em an ncergey
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cioffials,lt heah fi ofs.cial uras o raehem ellis re s.port ep>> rr:ortert pueo co rild couth be xte ne sphot orot fhe t zika ru viars, wthned eae hd t ofhe c,cdti tesgfyin be tforehe seenat y.toda >> so at me p, ointwe ma lly we t seeens or hu dsndre ofho tdsusan z ofikaec infstion in pu rertoico. >> ep rteor tr:his news, as the u. .s ympi olmmc coittee ceannouns d, it'nghiri two ecti infdious sease experts to advi tsehe 50 hl0 at hetesg opinto mp coinete br.azil cl ing udinersocc star ho pe .solo i >>haf i d to deecid da toy, i wouldot n go. unforty,atel the piolymrecs aut abo six hsmonty, awa so i li betheve eat w heav ti tmeoet g some of r outsdoubnd a es qustion swan.ered ep>> rr:orte the ersoccea tms will co e mpetin areasn eve mo ulre vblnerae to zi ka than the oiclymp ad hetequarnrs i o.ri on ade stmiu isr nea th ema azon inrastfore. heanot ar inean ar erwhthe nebeumr of ka zias ces are
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>> i d'ton think the so vccer senuedhoule b so se cloth to e ra foinstrehe w re erths e'remo mo tai mkehey thaler v y riseslouy. we all .do r >>teeporewr: n se re harchasnd fou morede evincein lking tzikaoie babors bn with crmihaoceplus. ol cympile athtese hav competed while pregnant. there were fe ivridung th loe onnd gesam in 1220in, udclg ingold medastliry keral wsh je gsnnin. w >>lle wi be ainwaitg h towhear inat kd of st areps ine gog to be ke tan toe mak sure ytever ihingfes sand a se .cure ep>> rr:orteh wit n womengmakiha ip lf th ame iceran amte,he t uncot down to the ol csympi ison. he rema s,elli nbc ne news, w .york > >>aal cniifora il utityom cpanyow n yssat ishain fally op stthped ake lem fro a rreuptudel wlha tt s habeenpe swing ss maive atsmoun of ranatus l gainto the ai arr ne a losesngel, ma pkinge eopl asicknd inforcoug ths sandof lifamiroes feim thr me ho ps inr orteh.ranc bit'sleeen g akinfor ne farlyr oumohsnt. viinblsitoe he tak ned ey be,ut theia gnt
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frinedarma e thugpls i a mptearorfiy bx,utf i it ol h,dst i wlil be ntcemeed edclos. ut so chernoralifnia ga fs isinac mgtiulepl la tswsui and stinveioigatvens or l alhi ts. > >>thfor ire fst ti name, sto i te ininrveng inhe t ss ma riveeeefug crisis ar spbyked t warin sy ria. it 'slo depyingro patl bo toats nt ipterce anmigrt smeruggls. anas meey flri sya, rsothe are petrapd, in includndg hu oredsf ou ths sandin risya's rg laciest ty. s nbc'f chieigforen rr condespoent richard engel shows us the de erspioat inidnse aleppo. >> reporter: the syrian regime has been fighting rebels in epal fpo yorrsea now bu a t recent wave of ssrun iarsaiiktr iess clearing the way so syrianroops are va adg ncinand de yistroheng ty citin e th tiacstvikns n ow tashe wh eit hmeeltsig d through the rubble for survivors. they provided us with this footage to show wust haisap hnipeng in aleppo.
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utold ss by tkype hat eahe fhers t 'scity ifalls near. e>> w are sori wored be e cause if wlose ep alwepo, l wil lose thall r.e wa o >> sthe ranussi vo inenlvemant chged th gae me? >> . yes cayou yn sa this. so ablylute. ey thng chaed ev hierytng. >> or rep ater:id enagesci say 70,000 people have already escaped aleppo in the last few weeks. the syrian army is cl inosing ,o san pic is pr sdiea ingnle aopp th tathe regime plans storvtathe cie ty toin sub iomissn. 's itac a tthtic eey'v ed usot in her esplac. t >>shat'hy w we are ngsayis thi to you,e w ne eled hp. w >> khatofind p hel oudo yd? nee awhatoure y lngooki fo r? n >>eow w needus jt to st op r theanussi s -- >>is >>e w don't have --any y' theusre jt lp heaaing fssads orce
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ys sa 30000,0pl peoe e arti sllan strded deinsile a appond s fearthat an un edprecd ente owavef gerefuayes m be le g avincithe n ty i nethe ewxt f ysda. ki manghe t d'worls wo trsef reeug csrisi r faworse. richard engel, nbc ws new , ne.york >> theres i laot meor to el tyol u abt.ou st lil ahead, new ta deabils thout at ni arghtmuie hwer earsfitan hd fr tomsehonl oyoa brd as -f30too wesav battered the ship. e only newsawed ys she edfear'd sheie d on her nehon.ymoo al heso tuly cod be th eir fstst autronas on rsmaan, tdy'he re ilstrol n om otethe am y ifavou hee thht rig
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it he wwen om cbae .ck we b arenoack w th wihe tse pasngers kfthanoul t bek bacn o ladry andvenunee o pe crsondalle ais crue fr om .hell ei thuir crseoc rkedy b ichurrfoane rcein wds and fo 30 ot vewas. ma nyon wderinghy w the sh etip sl sai with th toat s crminoming th fie trs c' nbans jetha siamln s ha deiltas. r>>orepter: pa enssrsgees dibcre it as ifterr.ying chthe caoti ho turs,he th anemf othes sea edsailth in dde mile of asi masve orstm. >> us i jout th ght, twow,ishis . it m i'ingotog e.di i' gom toing be ow dr ininge n thn.ocea asit wy ver y.scar >> w leee rithwas on r heyhone nemoy. le kyve le ehiclas w
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>> doou y question the cruise line's ju ntdgme? >> luabso.tely r >>oyalib carbean id sa s the btormeecam wo thrse anicpredted. tw yso daor befhee t cr euiseven arstted, th ate nl ionaheweatr rv seyoice ouu sh alded inwarng pctrediing ve wa hs asigh as f 31ineet he tam se ar ntea ahemat b tled stthe orm. >> s thi sis amyste wthatelas wrel focast da n ys incadva ae,nd er three wen eve rr hue icanwind rn wa oingsheut t day tthatheis crue ship ft le t forhe area wh there heyitse tho ichurrfoane rce winds. >> or rep ter: enpass sgersheay t ip sht fel ilikes t wa intiltgro f smideo t de sin i hu icrre-anrcfoe ndwis. waves crashing as high as the fifth in desi,as pngseser sc lerambr d forcove am idtt sha gered lass fland ying rnfue.itur p >>blrobaey th ar sc diestf ay omy en tire life. r >>teeporonr: t ight ntthe sb isar pf t o inthe igvestn atiointo wh hatpeapd,nend ahe t co t asargupod rerts th ipe shds neee mor pa reefir bore itan c sa gail ain. l royabbcarisaean ys an ithemsch sededul to cr tuiseamhe seat wers ar stting tusa,rday en whre the's a ss poitibily of yet heanotorr stm.
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ss parsengeti getng re s fund candtsredi afor feutur uicr se, refew tgrethis ca va itions over. >> j i'm vustery gr efat tult hami' al e.iv ep>> rr:orteet jan lishaman, newbc ns, ne rsw jeey. >> en> whco we acme bk, 's iten taken a c tury onbut e of teeins in's usfamoor thehaies s
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gh rit. fi ynall ghtonit, a he anlp wsited fgn o s sort'sthatet gting an anostrolmicabe numr of plaptsican. inasasin hirtsg i ne enxt gioeratn of as autronthts, rse fi t clnew inass r fou ye aars,ndom se could ti ullymate be bound fo rsr ma. s nbc'tomos cotell has mo rore fm jonohns ac spnte ceern i ho uston. or>> reporter: f ar nely 60 years, th e ey'vbeen america's
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>> t' tha osnell sma ep st forman. >> reporter: the men and women with t he ghristt uff. w, no sana'st nex ge tinerason iti suing up. je assic mear,h. pd. in ma neri olbiy,og as ontrt aus clasof 20 13. in r youm dread,worl y dohiou tbonk aut wh inat k ad ofsi mison u yod woul?love >> t inkhi'd iik ltoe bgoack ttooohe mn. at thld woua be t grea t firs tstepoti getng to s mar euaventlly as .well ep>> rr:orteay tod, e shn is iwathe ter, ai tr fning mor aonissi tohe tpa sce stioatn. 'sitne of oeth bi esggint ordooo pls in he tor w,ldhe t uieqleva ontf0 6 piolymolc poees, dp en toughod hol 6 iomilllln gaofons te waanr d every new as autronllt wind spe idconsleerabe timhere ingettt.g we i >>he'm tst fir rs peo on tbene alo on an nt eeir pletan. >> ep rteor tr: mheieov he "t man"rtia has ki red ndlethe blpuic's sc faioinatthn wis, mar bu t a real mission co dul b ye 20 ears
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ac inceptgli apponcatis icapplnsatio. > >>aicertgonly od co icmmunnsatioll skis, e thitabil wy toork essucclysfula on team bo s th aada lender a a ll fo.ower ep>> rr:orteti crical si a nce mmarsonissi co lauld wost t to th ree aryes. ul wou d yo twanto go ca g mpin swithodomeby at th you't can get g alon, withd spen a iweeke n thswoodh wit th leem, tlo ane two ye arsn inta teh wit e thoslepeop? ep>> rr:ortea nas only s need8 to4 1new onastr, autsbut al y read tmorehan 10 6,op0 peavle he ap d plieneonli. tu fuisre mssionou cld in e cludaen roudezvs awithn teas, roideven .mars o >> ttoget t tha e phase wheranwe c psende eople therand in bremg thk bac fe sai'ly, ud berp fo . it ep>> rr:orte t twoo re thare yers fam fro me ho. r fo, somestthe uff msdrea are mead of. tom elcostlo,bc n ws ne,ho n.usto th ilat wol dt i r fonus os thi th ayursd t.nigh lei'm ster holt. fo l r alofs ut a nbc
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ni ght.lit ve a"six. me potro licen o theun ht fwor to cr ooksus accfed o sinmashntg io nsdoze ofal loc sibuesness. >> es jcasi t: e hanstffdond es in re oongou hrser aftve clin ybund t wasakeo int stcuy.od th e cesharg hea fcesnd aow h mu che tim he couldnd spe in .jail im>> ja: l omar hdomoas cutme o of hinidgon msth aerft heos almt ed di a inad neva otbrhel. wh heree was sedpott datoy. j >>caessiak: te ad goooo lkt a ur yo rescen. po bliceveelie theen m you are ou abot t see are part of a rg buylarg rinsp reblonsie for goodevg.enin i' m jcaessi e.moor im>> j'm: i jim ydsner.
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ni ghtwl ori seesf ore baknz i ca be tuse'rheyepp hagenin mostly overnight. 's it our top storyni toghtt a si x. news3'sat no'han nealns joi us ve lim froe mtro huaeadqsrter th wie mor onhi ts case. >> or rep: tere w'real tking tabou arg lae scale opioeratn. po bliceveelieha tt two a menre th eas mintermds bdehin it. hwitsh sma arand gb ictacts, ie thvesye pred on atea lst 75 si buesnessos acrhes t v lassega va .lley sethe menus sedpectf o esorchintratozg dens of rnoveightak bre s-insince no ervembt tha idenclus thia tco sh op. be alrtoe dazla p is the r.owne ve>> edyrybo has devios. 'vtheyene seir the faces. an d thei obv qousiouestns i have ctheytaugh the ?guys hwhicfa as ir as know we don't kthinhe ty have. >> or rep ter:or steve surncillae de virao c fted aintogu ton aend ekche devio. ur set' ides ma for a few lsaugh bu the tl reaoa gl was to chatc


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