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tv   Mad Money  NBC  February 12, 2016 3:00am-4:00am PST

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>> and't don ,miss missod hsa' g bi micus. >> ic ntae g lkinouto y.ou. >> m> myonissisi is -mple - to ke ma m you.oney i'm here to level of playing elfifod alr inl stves.or e'therwas al bys amaull rket so i promise to help you find it. ad "mey monar" stowts n. > >>y,he'm ira lcwee om "tod manemo"y. we omlctoe ra ot peher wopletoant e mak ndfries. jui'm ryst ttoing e savyou ne moy. obmy jno is stt juen to aitertn, t bueato tch. ll caor me et twe me. > >>datoway ths pee ecrft il stlutira oonthf fae tctt ha nipaisc ot n s aattry,egve en ghthouce it nlrtaiemy seets prty ea .sy yobut n u caarbe pedalyzh wit , fearusbecal e ois come odownr te in rrest aatesomre cdoing wn, ba tonk sarcks ine gowng do -- >> l sel ssellell. > >>e or wcocan tillec rvelyoll
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hi uagh q slitys tockonare e sal mp siecly b tauserehey'gh caut up in m thetwarkeseide f.llof to paday ffid oer aft it iny iallingettlig obteterad, avthe eseragou reb nndedy,icel c to dlose25own in5 pothts, e sd nancaq i dhingjuown .3st 09%. fi lerst get's e t thtinegave g goinon. wh rat'sy eallngaili m thet arke hais tl t alksstocde tra ge to otherf ff o tnewshat sh n'ouldodt prsuuce n ch a gehomod nizeutoutp. e thtinegaoeve gkes lis thi-- me sog thinilis athing roe eupe reso aop eurbaean stnks ocks edrankgo to n? dow nowhy t? ey thac're htingusideoly. it ld coube be e caus htheyave omoreoail lhans t dn we on't ow knut abo m, or jaybeust ey thgo're doing ecwn b ause 'rtheyine gowng doe , thstindury c isctolley ivelg u htheyalave e l th ehugeurxpose e toeauropnkn bas. thin oorer wpeds, aoplere wo d rrie tthat'sherete sysmic , risk hthat'taven h yetneapped n,agai f andheor tor repght mit no ppt hat en aagall bain,e ut w ve hae toredscar o outr f ou , witsusbecaate thha's w dt weid 01in 2d 1 andedeci sd toell ev hierytbeng, e causmathe rket nt went cou. 19% e,thert' thae s tharscenio. opluss il ig goin.down we e havexoil ivecutes ch riattebong aowut hll we'e hav
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be e cause'ther ls soe ittl oui thitght a wasny fun mm coent. t buoithe tul fugures aly reize it an's dusgeroow to l.n oi on gace ae in wd hears pres rtrepo is --ld coue hav said mean ecyrgenc opeinmeetg. at thft's aruer celde fl. s itstloweel levce sin3. 200 ruthe wamor rts cey ainlt righon ca e ll mcacynil. yb mae e thk stocetmarkri is ght y everr rumot abouucprod tion incutts g ha wbeen, rongetso l's umpresise th i oneoos, t. s let'umpresate th c oil ould atrepe s thericenaheo, w n it pl t umme afredt lmostlexacy er wh ie itw s no tdownn o te bu incks er a vory shrit pef od o ti jame, y nuararto mthch, at's gh ri6 t, 20 to 1esin lans th re thmoe hsnt. wthat could aause o lotinf pa g at thes makse sener, th ae is lot of os expure. noi'm gat sutircoahang tutt, b t' leans sterd evngythiit on s he ad. t' leavs leaze crwny-to. e we'rg goinalto werk ov to
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we n' arep t s&fu500 s ture ad trheers re. we no're yit tro ng th catce thes in aytrades mov. 'r wet e nohebig fudge thnds at ar mbe nidole, aling thgorims. we tr're tyingy o buksstoc of co iempan ls weanike icd pre es w , likedibut edn'tt xpecetto g, ca beweuse n' didint thisk th wo beuld ar a midketwlee sa. st laht nigai i s td iftohe sck of ne disrey wego to k bacheto t oflow , '86 fdown12rom ou2, y sh bouldomuy se. in thhags c enge,t xcep mit'sore tiposimove, eore pgople th to e rk paens whol gasisine ap cheer. if f youweolloatd th b andt ough eydisnll, we'r youree alumady ur foks buct , bu'sthat w nothat we in're fo it r. w weyoant hu toitold m foraybe mo , nthse maybs.year ho ouw aboct pr& ter legamb? dathe hirn tusng jn't wollt se off. ea 1sily a.6%,% 3.3d yiel afrom ancompaty th a hase huggyener ll bi. dd su tenlycohey p me uyoand u a get cechanbu to toy in ak we.ness th yoank utu de bsche sank,n,ocge th yoank mou jp.rgan yo n'u cafot afo rd tbunot y pg heat tevse lels. ad boded --nus k youthnow at r supekifreatrng sdoong illar'm ysalwaki talbong aut. e thanexchatge rome fr the ardoll e andhauro mes cok bac
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th pee suear fr skin'g tronardoll n' aipet suear fr akin'renymo, 'sthatst monooer gr d foteprocr. e.ther w hot abouo?cisc enwhis c rcoorepd techmuet br te an thec expquted r arte nlastight an osd bothted ffe dit erenheto t inpowht e er gite avu yo2.a % 45 el yihed, tbe to ed immlyiate ra d.llie al cal i y n sahuis cobck r erts di god a obod jt , bunti wa to th thank rme geanan bfrks, ench an ald itbaian fonks vir gi ng a e pricisto chaco ts t wa tiposi ivelye.nsan tisomethmes rke maruet tly rsange me. atno mhoter eyw thl telyou th e ey'rugin houe tranble g d bi de variveti ts, bhek oo tofs hi d an, thatthand e ey'rg gointo il fais, thn darnamcdo sld'stock t won' icomen. i mean, what the heck is that abt?ou yo t u geoca statk thld yie s 3% d ane a hufibeney ciar of a
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an e d th tdarn whing son'tell off. oui ththght dee incl wesldou us cae e th50s&p g0 towno do en tought o gerga baatain mc lddonana's, gh, i wuess e'll thaveruo r moremoer gn mankbas do baing dly. it es giv a younc cha he --ow ab thout &is j j? kei tepnkhig ine thesprenidalti ev enen lth or roe euanpe ynkg ba cwillpsollaise thpa combuny, t it ot's npe hapns. th avey h ae anngmazian balce ee shndt, ael accineratveg renue thgrowo intofone se thes say yo edu nebe to dy reaor if n whe at thpe hapns. ma inybe et janle yelaln rely
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at in 96 d stea01of 1. i amng bei g toohelib re? . no seyou 2e inwh011 which ole trcounweies ndre ibleed g owinup in em rem rber,beemem tringhe pi igs? d anheall asll wak breloing ose? th baese shnks houldgoave ne y bellhayou buve, eyt th lareguifte dntferevely oerr the. eythik l ye, kouw,noe giv athem awinkodnd ne , thorauths itie tlookthhe oayer wey, th t lethe or pounly ral totacly l bkinganks ay stbu in sssine. w no tthat cheseriountrees a all vesol ndnt a e theeauropnkn ba r isy un bara smy,t gu t youhink th oney dav't hple a o an t pirecazetaliry evek banin ou trble? htheygeave e nuiny cron
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th idey dbe it wforethhen e nk bares wehn teclyical lvinso oent,ilr bam the ihoytn me so t waydohat t esn'g brindown e the.hous sthonely. i nhavey o whthe. i nodo katw th s thetiituas on i ce odingtupporesniti t for hose wi g llinwnto oiv indl iduaksstoc ra ttherflhan n it iouand t of futhe s,turech whil wilitbe h ev tiery heme t are'sor ruma of ba aink f olurel r oi dgoesorown me soer fedesal r oerveiafficls sa omys sngethizy cra a andll e threhoof tilse wppl haen atrepe.edly at thhe's td kineaof y'sr it sh g apino up ouif ya 're refutuads trther, en
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at thus's je t al ghl rit? u yo'tdidn a getheny cofcks f e thklchectoist bday,f ut iyou bu e y thviindi sdual, tocki nt med ioneerbettce prid s anyou ow emn th m forthore 5 an 4 mi s?nute i k thincoyou utme oin a wner. ijohnw n ne, yorkseplea. c >>r:alle, jimdabad r y fothe eu anropeks ban. cerelyntou yom recedmend key nk ba. pit'sseropomed a wrgerith fi nirst a agar, bank obothf st weneern rkw yoks banda, toy pe paotr quoves gr ernoo cuomhas jo tinedrohe g cwings horuof ol pok ticheof tui acqonsiti. ve go crnors laimtinegampve iact wi mthgeeranr thd atreinenatg th l lega aact,e re wg gointo so iscialm? w>> iuras sedpristh at at.
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k thin wthey louldetet bonh moey otakethver anis bd k an imaket i sorkt wos. i t don' tlikeinhe falanciw,s no th i think eyat kre reps sentreal lu vae. i shwas d ockehaat tt. dni diee't sco it .ming ili stlil beineve , keyi but am t noinpushy g anheof t na filsnciath on owe sh. do i nk thiy the ahavece pla in th rte poo.foli d an hwhatneappe kd atasey w on wrg. le got's ma to n rk i sypennialvanea, plse. wh ouat yug thoboht avcut nr, no revacu. htheyneave ncw career tntatmes. wa i tntedowo knre whe t youhink stthe isock ng goi. i >>dot's 0%wn 5's, itot a tal sp ifec, u youstnderthand at, th ouen yfi're nd. is thke mar nt isinot k d to ulspecs,atoryo if veu hat tha u. yo
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c >>r:alle. jim al>> c nler:ooot th. muc ihey,w kno sthis itockt s no th ste bebr in beed, hut iave ab fiout o ve tyeten toars t. wai a noki twithnthe ictelleual l oft.ucen dwhatu o yok thinthfor xte ne re th fe toyeive ars. ca eyn thn turroit aund? m >>, aybewhbut t y nociown sco? it ot's g% a 4d,yielat gre la bashnce ceet, rhucknsobbi is in doteg a icrrif. job y i sao no ta nokiyeand s to scci to, cheo scndki. ta ouke yckr pi. a inke market lis, thi c youan be re sca pd oryzaraled. ma yoybe n u camabe srt. t smarstinveknors haow tt ti pa centsctan ay uallaibe wt yofor itur pch. >> s it'e wherheis tf? bee m i'insittwng doh witthe mp cos any'extop ivecut, es or
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h whickei li. ja yenet , llen ti'llyoell y u wh sh dne dio 't digit rht. >> d > dirapanek coo up a me co?back n' dosst miex my ivclusthe wi the un fotoder d finifout the re rastauasnt h i thedingre ents isto raie agnst. pn ra. st wiick rath cmer. > >>t don' amisson sec "d ofmad mo" fo @llowrajimconmer tt twier. have a question, tetwe ad #mtstwee. jsendn im aile-ma to ma eydmonc.@cnb ocom,ver gia us acall80t 1-3-0-74.cnbc smisshiomet inghen tlpo ma fortifying the gravity-defying... adventure-collecting... frndie-connector... rt fo tifyingoinghe gce-plas...
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y-sedainiz..g. u.yo u'yo strreg.on and 'rweheree o tlp yhetaou sy at th. way specnew k ial h.nouris mu ailti-gresn flak wi noth quilea, apps, ndalmoras and iespberrs. new special k nourish. rt foify. i ketari pc losec ot meachniorng r foremy fenquart heurtb nbee causu yot can'atbero zeea hrnrtbu! hh ahwe the sasteet tvi of ctory! ilospr oec. ontcpie llea mchngorni. ou24 hzerors. rt heaburn. janet? coh ug youifan cear h.medo evenn't nk thi i aboutt. i mtookinucm ex dr fomy gmy phleh.coug ..yeahha.but wt t abou?mike orksit whi on h s cougtoo. coug h! ksit wors on hih tocougo.
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s. t' leths end is. ta neke of o osthlle pisow an ad takeme big sll. methey sllll reaeshy fr wh iat tf wed olweyou as w hed e theseesh dts 7ays ago. really? no way do wny? do brwny faondiic certion gi a ve us , week d anl we'lanchge yo edur bor f.ever wa ornt mfre eseshns? d neaddow y frwnpresh otect. thwiove meefrltra u. it has triple-action support r fouryooi js,nt rt caanilage s.d bone un and thelike big oste fo-billlex pis, it ll i's ae n oniltiny pl. remove fa.e ultr ge urt yoon move . i ketaictu ps re sunofseri s, but thwiy ba m pcknai coi dn'tulle s epan get d iuptimen . fthen ileound p aleve pm is the only one to co inmbsae a sfeleep aid plus 12 the r pa houelin r ievingre st of ngthe.alev i' . m back
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> >>meslamerd evmey ti g oiloes do hawn ttonks c the-trazyown li e nkageebetwe n threfutud s an prthe ofice ru c, det buntces er lothe prwer sicesd houlbe a on boal to rtl so cs ofniompaes. th riat bmengs we to s.ndy' th ste fat -foogechanh wit 6500 tilocawion, sth a ctocknturrely tr g adinusat jovt abe e th ee52-ww.k lo ye dasterrny mothing f ey i re edportoo a gard qu ter, udincla ing seone-arnt es ning be, % 9r 8eaincrn se i -ssame store.ales at thhe's tt besernumb in dedecalus, psos a oulid k,tloo d ancaindithted rse fiw t fe we ofeks n thequext r arteare lo g okinifterranic, ned a w ad onditit tha mevengey veantari wkids louldove. is s thilysimpth anoxaer e mple hiof tnis pa scked mtockt arke withroheng ty babwiout heth t
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t' leals deh witouthe ngtgoi ceo d anessucctosor d finwhout ere quthe r arteeais hded. we e lcom tbackado "mey monnd", a omwelc "e tomomad ."ney. ha>> tounk y. hi>> t ts isg akinw a you delivered an amazing retn,ur eayet arr st wtingith de oulicidisly enfferw,t not wha e arexthe atpect fionshaor tt og prram? >> l, wel. jim is tha is t greartoppoy unitfor us te to hell tsu conwhmer at rasepaustes m froybeverelody se t oue,ther w and ge'veboot aut od foce sin a 196elnd dusicioly di enfferllt will reaivy drmee ho th diose enfferances lkd ta not st juut abo h thergambu bers,ut ea gremt itkes li b our blackean bu trgeryohat d u hathe po opitrtun ty to.aste >> m letk e as atodd tbouthat. th s is irga buyeer, nds, i ieed, st lerugget som dimes wo goith al mes. kid wh y?
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erburg. th s is iannot y eask thinto ma ke? n cao it gonnatial? >> de it tefinianly c go ti na.onal wwhatnte wado to pr is e ovid th nse co wumersoith ptme o ions th wihein tta rest,uran but lyrealth in ire spf it oitqualy is r oure,ecips thiffis og erin cthatadan lupder th to at f weveeel oory g td ineshe tt st rentauraows, hs it'orperfming da to wy it boulde e thtsirsa, , no rit's aeal,asnd tbetes tter m toane tham a herburg. do i t wanalto touk abe t th so ga nlinen.otio yo veu hato cus, mersalnot l we y,althht rig? is tht musoobe gr d fo.them mtheymaust stybe p ep uto nd wefry's noom a pther olacer yb ma ee an fxtraanry, ra ext i?chil >> a no,utbsolely. yo owu kn w, itt asn' lthatong ag ato th w gas- as -laregus,r ga .9 $3 p4 at aeak,ownd ns it'more li 3 ke $xc-- emeuse 70 $1..
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etpock is ofidndiv wualsith we lousr hodseholom inchoes w are hvery ueavy osersicf qurvk-see aurests.rant hewe t'sy itn beempan intorta orfactpu in g ttinthtogeer raseveryl vee nictequarrs. er tha e's epperc ation mong so inmethatg th - allnd- wey's s haysalwade prised itn lf o g beinh,fresen recitt fl itingn mthist?arke a >>utbsolely. sit'sonpot h wittrthe , ends m. ji h,freser nevze froorn, nth am anericf. bee wit'se ho w ahaves lway.been h wethave gee veestabl f cutresh ev daery ty inrehat rastaunt. we sp're nginni l ourceettush fre er evngy siayle d p andrirepa ng h itndow an whewayou t.nt i e we'v dbeen toingfohat r 46 ar yes. ou>> y f area rom chfranise grback.ound knyou owow hor imp ttanthe an freechise.s ar at whhe's tat relhiionsp? t >>elhe rnsatioiship go as od as s it' bevereen. 'v wenee doic a nb e joecconnting an rtd pangnerih witana fre chis mm coy unitakto mree suar we e
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sp oiritg f buteone niam uted. my he fats r waana freechis , so hi've lad acoong tinneco on t ma urke sate th e themiconoc de morkl wor s fofrour isanche mm coy,unit w and ce'llnuontie to rt pathner h rougt jointacapil an pl bs to tringalhat l to li ght. ou>> ybe've uyen bbaing ck a hu moge aofunt ck sto. oda go o usepif catal? >> ol absy.utel ouwe bbaght lmck a10ost 0 mi n llioesshard , anelwe b ieve ait'sat gre t waytuo realrn vue o tohaur sldreho aers,e'nd wre in go cg tonuonti de toato th ewiths xces, cashelas w l as co uentingr to urow oid div ends t atamhe scee pane of cot inme hiwe te'nk w sre a ttockcahat n ov prgride aowthlls we-- as an odd foet safsty colos a t of ey mond , an oit'susbvioly fr heom ts newe we'vhad. facan oost-fstd rentaurafos afrd
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im>> jat, thhy's wve we'e mada co ounscives inntstme in te lochnogy. we e havb a laedcallde 90 gree bs lath on tse ous kirthiof oo st unate siiveranty, 'rd wee en sp ading o lotnef mo y to al reorly w ck onmeonsucir-fang ch tegynolosk kioobs, mile riordemong, pbilentayme. we t wanutto p h the oandse f th er opnsatioo intcothe ernsum. wtheytoant tr conheol twnir o indesty. wthatalill uslow fr to p ee u he otbor lastr co ds toheo otr gsthin i, tot nves ibacke n th od fo i, tot nves ibackthnto e rv semoice del. ok ay. la uest qn.stio , emilyothe r ungelepeopht mig atbe nlyuraler intd este in a be uran barger ope pehole wch wat a,mediy theh watcalsociia med. >> e. sur ha>> we t ardoyou toing i getn ug touch tothh wi n thealatur rk mawhet, heat tng youeoer pple .want
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pr ap toachr o oua medirteffos r foouall odr pr.ucts wi athro pctduik lthe , isu'yoll se vee a igry scanifiusnt ph ai agsonst acialignd d ital a.medi 'v weene evd use othislon a cal l levereand hallycoave tennecd cwithmeonsun rs oit. th s ere't a loonof crssume gr coupsd alleexa fliaitarn. gtheyato me fless dor ar ay o evtwo weery ek. >> a i'mxi fleantari. ha>> ta t's ingrowigg, scanifint gr ofoup pl peoe. ithist s no tjusttearge td athe itflexn,aria t butrohe b ader p grouelas wl. > >>veyou'e donoda go. job bryou t oughgrout great oss ma s,rgint jusifterric sa tome-salre sanes, ild em is th tge ou coinganeo, m d i'a fl arexitian. m"mad" oneyacis btek afe r th k.brea > >>ngcomi t up,rehe gat ou rstdoo? hi ergh panformppce a garel iant
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.gear t bu twithrohis cllereroast nt wi cermali, te iistit tmeo ndbu ulewip tth she?tock hoor situld le be utft oth in e ld co? cr erams i ton theilrait wthh e o, cesh fre o offrnf ea, ingsstju ah d.ea (cell phone rings) er whe yoe aru? well the squirrels aacre bink he tttic a. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call y bouomack, m? he says it's personal this time... yif're oumoa m, cayou thll at t e wors.time it wha'syot do.u if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, yo itu swgech to ico. it ha's wdot you . e wheru?are yoit's y verheloud tre. ar u e yo atakingmb zuass?a cl h! ugrt hea!burn o nonsne burmy w on !atch altry eltzka-seaer h rtburnefrelis.chew they work afast dnd ton't astekychal. mmm. az..aming. hi haverneartbu.
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enjo e y th. relief tolayotal effects a skin transrmfonatioth ivat rtheals adlepaing de rtmentore sttumoisrizer. re skvives fiin to ghtgn7 sigis of ang. th owiy,lage you as, les yso bou cane ageless. ol elay. agess. emsekes live we' a hitd roabl emat r minds..e. neanyoav hsie occacoonal patinstidion, ..arrhea. .g ..blas, ng?oati yes! phone ps' illin coloalhe thprobiotic cap each day he felps deinnd agaccst onaasiogel die isstiv.sues hrwith tesee typgood of ct baiaer. li heve tul regifar le.
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> >> isoss gueve we' t goto st t arotrog inaiagt nsb jo
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y, boat i hise thd kinof tu sin,atio f buthied canef jet ll yeaten rthher mban engraci the ti nof on ounthe siteds tateis pe s rhapgrthe eowthe ngin that co puuld hell tt resheof tld wor t outsof iio obvluus shamp, s enchos h ther,ighe p andpserha aintoes rec isioncef ney ssar st juau bece se wd adde jmoreobs an thth we t.ough pi tyy callwoyou exuld tpecthe fe td toenightgiing thven e ro stobng jwt grouth, b the edunitte sta ls nor ongetsexis a inuu vacm. h wetoave er undd stan othatur in stterees rat d aretiramay call hi tghermuhan f ch othe de pevelorld wohed, where t re's ctan aboual hond se rtagn give e thidhorrd renraout oftes ow grth. de ioflat fn, ilieel hike ts ul co ad beio savmer moornt f ll yebeen, e caushashe chs a ance s tonoave stt juri amebuca, t e thtien wreldor. e shd coulinsay nt fro of recongetss lot's nk talt abou erhighes ratil unt g thel loba omecon iy islen a ress poucaris
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atinflryionade or ioflat nary emextres. si cmplentommeuts, bte inshead t ag iendacrs inlyedib rr nainow-mded. i lewaffwe beteien bngng at ry a th d e fengcomi a outaynd sing so oume ttugh sndff ati wano ng t sh thake mbe meiners eato r lity hein tl reaomecony. i' ndm miofful b bennkernao e wh sodid h muc, goodlesing od meut in e "thagcour ae towhct" en i mydid t ranhein tme sum r of a2007 hboutheow tewy knhi notng an eyd th t hadkeo taio actn fo be lre af ot os firm bwentelly up d , an athe, wnd iitas, d kin urof h ft myngeeliuts, b a i'm g biboy. i' l m alt.righ l soe et m iputs at ine mor st maatesken line manr. e thoss text wwereenrittor befe am aazonalnd w lmartwaaid toste hi -pgherg ayinilretas, job fo bef re otidigionzati and hooffs tringbehat thalfayhe w o ofouur c.ntry th erey wite wrbeten nfore, afta wtheywrere n itterebefo the
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3:27 am
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3:28 am
>> le calhar: w yt dohiou tnk ab maout onrath's oilli abio ty t astayt,floa a andg- lon term .play he>> trey we o onee f tht firsto t cueithffr dit.eren wthatruas p.dent atheybore ao ut trtrepot nex we .ek doi t n'vofa--r d i'tonan wtot n owy anssfo fill ueocst.ks e thrlwohad tus edrnga astin th .em ini therk tha e's arscent io i d coulo go tten. apit hd penensagai 1t in986. de un sr notiituaouon would y twantn o owthmaraon. it s's a.hame oda gopa combuny, ist thno is t e throenvit,nmen f andl ossi fu nels,o. 'r wet e nog goinecto rndomme on e ijohnnnn peansylvjoia, hn? c >>r:alle, jimeaa grg t bi yaboo-omh frke quan,rtow nn peansylvia. h >>cooly anw, m. ihey, a hadt fist fighin ak quwnertoa at k traccera. gua try peipmed it, as w un libeabev.le kni iewot ghe tha s.ft
3:29 am
i' llm witoing gi forndve a fo .rget al>> c wler:rfondeul. ji 'mm, ion a le gtimerhold of ne rkw yomu com bnityank. i l stil ahaveid soln gai even ghthou f theciinanhaals akve ten hi a 'mt, ioy enjic a ne erdiffent. t is i?hold buy? se ll? do on i ce tinueito rtmnvesent? >> t' thae s thcamusiunl soatd th sa akys ture yofi prod t an move on. we no're int go fg toarool ound twithinhe falanciits, eher. d we non'ttheed lse oi or ncfina oialsoun bar nclae sh tsee. d anatthua qrtken owy?gu th datn'idext tlacwoy ork futor hi m. ywan, ay mmysaeso ge tthe de fereral e,servs it' ttimeo y waup. op ouen yesr eyth to ale re ec y onomchand cangee,ours rebefo e youp nd uincausl g al s kindroof ps blemreyou' nd ma tatedsoo relve. > >>rapane f hasd aile mto ay yo ouur disgh rnde, uecer ry entl th i vei lot thae.plac > >>coand ialumbmo up hare tn %, 12wi my ovfe lhees tel sor ot bos.
3:30 am
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3:31 am
3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
omwelccke ba. g >>toood y seeroou, n. you mecath on owe shid, sare we' g goine to b, backe we'rg gointo thfix she mo, pite we'rg gointo t gelepeopan in 'sd itng goi to b ber.ette yo d u diit. >> re we'ng doi y it,es. >> s it'eaincrlysingar clet tha stour gyrateno is lyt onht rig t bu wit'sngorkid , anhayou ve riempievcal ceiden. at whoi's gn ng ohoat ttose sres? a >>oull ye havooto l ik att cothe fomps e r tht firsay41 ds of s thitequarp r, u.6.4% th rat'sy eallkispeang. >> t besnyof ath of e st rentaurades i ital wh. a >>utbsolely. wh s at ienhappating s the tore l leve'sthatin makatg thur occ. ou>> yd saiitit, an's p2.era 0. we se're teing.0he 2re stoats th avwe hnve cod,ertey' thep re u3% % to 5 wthanthhat mpe couls wod
3:35 am
'sthatus a sedtainwt gro'rh wee se , eingt so idsbuilr year afte ye ar. tta beomer ctipetiltve atiernave th h rougvainno itionodn fo , in etmark iing,orn stere opnsatio, opour ioerate n arincont tuingo t geerbettd , ane we'rnnbegiing to y pla dwitherelivy. y >>aiou s td inonhe cncferee ll cat thavedelis ry iadalrey od prg ucin gsomereood s.sult >> h, yeal, welou so ewr vi is e we'rngmovio intmnan onnichael rl wod. 0 2.eais ra lly erbettst gue riexpe.ence a its llowo us t bdo ar ettejob fo e r thn eateomcustfoer, e r th o to-gomcuster. a weunlso todersheod t ch tegynolobu we toilt bl enae at thco is templeelly rt evanto al nglowito us de do rilivees. h >>arow fng alo w arethe wi 0? 2. inour orvesto s whwaare ngtchi, i ismot alvest or? a or m lottoore l rolout. >> n whereyou aturnge lar mp coliany anke p 8era,0 ou ths sandlepeopyt, an whingith e valus takes d 3 y1/24 aearse go w thavehis
3:36 am
yo idu sa h youtoave ie belve, m. ji yo reu weht rig. a >>utbsolely. no lyt onyo do veu habe to e,liev yobut e u se'swhatng goiwi on th tsgues. ll i'l tela you y,storow my n ex enperice. >> so my tn inoshe mt.h pi tlexacy. goyou o intnea pasera, eing lepeopt wai lin aliong ndne a pl heay te gaminof furd yod foo d an owalktover os mpih ant wed , saidt isn'e thertta beayer w o to doutaket? wo 'tuldnbe it te bet pr ife eopl co pluld thace oreir ders ltsimuusaneohely weyn th're iv drining ac, pl oe itbin mole d an aweb,e nd wtestar td tohink t aboueathe bt-inesusins. i mbreme mer angeetiou in r st , oresinmeetung a siiverty esprenid at, indho sd we aupt a9:00 a.m.,e nd h dsaidu o yo nt wage to met sod? foo oui thi ght thavey o wa, four ve fiut minores fdr my anink d ff muwoin, 'tuldnbe it i if had my d foovedelitored me? lyi on 3 hadnu0 mifotes e r th et meing. >> i andalt's ppl hag.enin
3:37 am
uc>> tson? l nor ongeinflork? par ou>> yw knowai alo ys g to 9 t shors hillone. b >>hiut t os isn ne iontucs. roit b mughte e th afoodt my ta ble. >> n' was nt itice? >> ho i t iughts t walofabuus. >> y cano ou dveit eerrywhe? i >>ld wou a say 2boutan0%, d on sout abof. hal inimagu e yogocan a to k,kios t gouro yole tabu , yoe placyour r ordethand ode fobr is t oughto yo u. >> ov i late th. at thea's rgrlly eat. w ras,cost s yousoaid reme a in goetg prooty gomd, s te ofhe ag ff stue , thlecomp gx is oing wyour weighay? >> h, yea o the stheriside we ve hais legd later laboeaincrses. y >> kou inow. bu urt yois dectoion b buyasack smuch atocku s yo adid,nd ad edmittt ly alo$10 vwer,s ersu fthisstantanvic ionersi i, ist tr a ofade-f? i ytelli ou, d woulerrathe hav th owe grhath te n thacbuybk. >> i no,not's trt a ofade-r f fo . us th i itink c was tlearthhat e po opitrtunisy exted. we a hads lway vbeen very,ery
3:38 am
t,shee t andwahis s an rtoppoy unitusfor ba to llsicay ssacceut abo t oneofurn td ebia ebin dndt, a i user t foacbuybk, an sd itd eeme aliken pr apatoprimee tido to it. or rd boa i wasppn suofort it. th asat wll reae y thkey. ey thal're cwaysrvonsee.ativ tfrigh sullyo. thbut eley fnft cot ideno to d it. w >> ae'real loyemty m, bersand i' wam alhoys s ackede t th huge ernumbpe of yopleavou h e in pyouramrogr. t'>> itus ac tallyarhe l gest ltloyaogy prinram the re rastaundnt iy.ustr i >> tsn'tinhat ibcredle? 0%>> 5ou of nsr cos.umer bnextisest rb sta aucks5%t 12. a not oflot pl peoine thatk th an iyoneeas ah sd ofuctarbks, bu u t yo mhaveedanagdo to it qu y.ietl t>> i whinky e tro to d more gsthinet quily. we mo're ntre iteeres td inhe cu erstom. 'r wee e thinleadgig di t at aurest, rantudinclsting ckarbus idouts te ofhrhe tigee ba pis atoper.ions 16 o% ofalur sames croe thugh di l gita qlasteruart. ou>> ydo're a ing oflot
3:39 am
or -- n >>'mo, iin saygig dital or ngderi. re>> a a youtidver osingcin soal me dia? w >>x e miit. we do're soing mcial, ediaa h bunchaof tt. me soio natadnal isvert bing,ut mo wstlymahat s tterhais wt ha s ppenhein te, cafch whido is ouwe teoch porple 't don we? if do we ng thiats thto cus mers lu vahee, teyn thco'll uentin to co i if do we aln't e l thrtadveg isin t inorhe woeld d wsn'tork. >> at strisegy o notrinly ght, t bu wit'sngorki. racongtitulafoons tar tolly ge g ttinstthe toock ergeth. o ceanof p hera,ome pr, isedand he iv del.ered "m eyad m bac" istek afr the eak. bri k wethinul shoakd've ten a at leftrithe ver.antarzw wh knotaere o!rzan g antarzno does wt know hereantarz go. xchey, eme,use
3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
tit'sucoo m ah oftl batunegrod r fobume, dt myteaughntr was e. on i all sacan isy t' ia s ldco k stochamarsn ll iinvirgia? c>>leal wr:-hoo -oo- t >>sohat dsunai fr. >> sh marwaall ods got , bus let' tgojao iny ew ner al>> cr:lera cr,me p aaslee ur lk tatoing . you am>> se. >> al cr:le w it an ktowsnon o grthe powthtiotenoral f the ye boarr phutmace bical-io - >> ha tont ise on de. mo oven. t' le ts gohno joca in rnlifoia. jo hn? c >>r:allee lov jyou,im, re dsynolme acarin. i >>'t donom rec tmendcoobac ar stts. ju otst gha to omve se in prescipl. t nommrecongendim. the mi l chaeenin ky?tuck c >>r:alle, hey bjim,ahoo-y. >> -y booah. al>> c iler: a hadst queion ou abngt sini ronnae fil.ncia t >>thhat haing ens be obclrebed. i' gom g ino to gnsagaie t th--
3:45 am
t'legos de to isnnn i licarnfo.ia de ?nnis >> le calenr: dinnis al i ylikepiour tn onnyiffa & o,>> ny the owentndut ad sai al thl e eseagrtht gsinan, thd en ey thfe dif drentereliv. re heha's wi t y saouabt fftiy an b-- buy [ zzbu ]er -nnonoo . s >>seell elll sl. >> le calelr: hjilo, owm, h are yo u? >> re >> al cr:lean fstta.ic 'sit0 8grdes eeuspl. i >>jo'll ouin y. al>> c gler:meive r youxpo giloicsts. i >>otn anmaher irkett's ecperfutt, bn iroa -ullwip th bo owrrg innemoany yid bung di erfft eninth, gs iitnos ont e u yon calyoner hn.ei d >> bon'tdouy, bun't y. t'>> ists ju w the trongime. inickion oh. c>>leal yr:, esisths ickni om fro. ohi
3:46 am
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3:47 am
rkma tett'hanos tht ay ok. fair enough? pl , ease nit'shiot te.s on d davialin cniifora. vidad? c>>leal cr:mera br,-yoo, ahi h watcevyou daery ouy, ye 'r mi t qmystuen io histzer. s >> ttillaroo ely. i' t m non,a faav i h ben'teen fo whr a m i'chnot ngangivi my ew. >> ha t lt,ieadans ged lentn meis th s at icothe sincluf on o "the tnlighroing "und. "t ighe lnghtnind rou " is sponsored by td ameritrade.ytever whingell?is than cle l waspoike w! ait tddedothis herl leveanof cleit. to jusitndt ki..a like .wipederytev chinglean. c 6xgleanin eemy tre gth anglowith. sey areite.o wh 6x ni whiteng i lyactuallly reali 2ke the. steps st , ep 1cleans 2, stepenwhits.
3:48 am
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3:49 am
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3:50 am
>> t> indihis enffert vi enenronmhat, w wt do we doith a erwintar appomel c lpanyike co ialumb? i mmrecod endeggit aivressely e thres week bago,seecau i th t oughr aftehsmontbe of ing enbeatn, dows thiancompuly cod ne befrfit mom astultiate bl rdizzat , bustthe tuory rns toout mu be orch mane tht jus ouabtht wee heatr. 's itel a wn l-rue housraof bnds. re sootl boons amheg otrs. w nombcoluusia jpot re artedfter th ose cldae tondy, awa it s a ifterric. hi tgherexhan edpectes sal, cr ind ease% by 3 oyearyever ar on - a -on7% ct stanencurrcy ba psis,malus menageavnt ge pr dettygoarn olod suiid ge.danc etso lea's hrer mout abo the qu h marce,boylco welacme b k to ad "mey mon."
3:51 am
pri apteecia i youinnvit.g me >> s thithwas are quwhter i ere k thin cthatbiolumora spartswe aishn tecy ologancompthy wi br tandstohat seuch r culathgrow s area ylike aoga,hend ta ideif nit'solot coud, y't cane mak nyourrsumbea is g thinheof t st pa? w >> lell,n,istes it'ysalwa ea grr t foheus we n thheweatr is co buld, ant frwekly e hav sefoculid dilygentma on tkinghe si bu bnessr etteleand eass wther pe det.nden h nort0%of 3ou of ler sae s ar idoutse e th, u.s.heso tnc chaes t of ig beinprthe oper ertempe aturovall heer tld wor is t justeremo w, sovee ha to ha usve bs ines cthatusan s tain r outhgrowa on wlessereath-ant ti f me oyethe ar. t >>rahe pcqna atiuisis on i inlookilg brt.lian
3:52 am
aisuste?nabl y >> weah,ine th.k so sufor itre, r's aivelately sm coall y,mpanma a sarll p t of we th're edrillh witthe bu sssinepe, eslycial f theact ithatlet's ss al sm% l, 5ngsprit , bu most rtimpoy antl ait's 7bout0% ey thbu're ayingelpparh mucmore he y avil mthanen. 'sthatar an e'ea weeve bn cu fo, singngmakipr or tsoduc and br mandsreore ntleva. fe arw yeo s aguli wo td --ishis cha muge bigter ca tgorywehan al re iize,ss gue. i >>ret's hallyhaow todt pruct, h whicasis bn ed oe thoss kindof ac titivianes cen extyod bend ju host timse l aiteditctivies. so se thedu proarcts dee ma for lepeop a whoctre a wive,njho eoy in betsg ou bide, peingonassiate ab whout heat t, y dohewhetr ey thcl're ngimbido or yoing ga usor jjot en tyinguthe os,door es thode pr auctsesre dd igneto c twithbahat itsis ow all s us ws tofe difiarentfrted heom t it untaed sortes w the forldor
3:53 am
al rehely tor opptytuni p forrana is si outhede t. u.selas wl. m >>fey wies lovel sorre, the lepeopou on afr stvef ham thet % 14thgrow. tevenh houg ait'siassocinted r outrcoun yy iffeour reet a ld so. h itt asn' tbeencohat ld. heis tomre sngethie elsg goinon wherethith rais bnd? >> l, welre the a is,t'nd is al ren ly ansexteofion the ucprodtot inar appwhel, isich al smd l anrewas aally mi apcroc csulectolleweion put ge to ttheryehis buar, alt rely th ane brs d haucso mreh st ngth idouts je ofwiust , nterbut ai ags n, aalwe touk abw t hoto erdiffatentiese thane brrods fm he otwers, e havavto hmee so si baons upch whire to urly o gndesior effndts aus focse tho, d anlyreal u for'ss itut abo
3:54 am
ld coju or akst ma ing pgoodair b of footsreor geaat w.ther ow>> nu , yo ahaveshlso usown ti ndme ain agare the l's aot re mohn tecy ologouin yotr clhes athatt lmose -- w ahear bout we learabuts, b c younuonti e to pr imitove ma to t ke ihetougr et whither ol's c bder,r?ette t iscohat uintinthng, e ch tegynoloyo in atur mlseria? >> ct exaly. th , at'sn agaiintalkoug abt in pof ts oerdiffatentifrion om rous ferm evhey otanr brd. 'r weoue abkit maeong pbeple co tamfor sble,eyo th s cantay td ou loorsr.onge oit'sf ne orethe s asonthe ma stnchenier uteted asam h pr apedoach us. no lyt onou do odr pr vuctsery di enfferomt fr p ourctrodu s in ei thn r mas,shop i butalt's so th obe glatal nofure the nc maerhestte uniamd tewe as ll uras o d ownibistrn.utio
3:55 am
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3:56 am
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3:57 am
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3:58 am
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4:00 am
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