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tv   Today  NBC  February 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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seue yock bae hre omt > >> good inmorng. fe lihr tteeaning ldco. rpola vxorte dereliving bo hine-cgllinpe temreraturos fm nnmiotestoa he tor corerd setting cdolus phing the pl ape. deinsi. y >>ou sdhoulak te thisea wther ,veryy ver ouserisly. >> ow hg lonl wil it last? dy nla is tinrackg it al l. >> ou> snther discomrtfo. th e republican candidates geinarpg u forth anoereb date tonight. ethld fieet gngti smallers aeth ak stroes gw rglaer. wi ll dd onalptrumlo folwhr tough on is hui st toue sed t ?cruz ca nar mubco rio bacomeck? can johnic kaseph ke n theew ha irmpshome mmentu ingog? > >>injumptog inio actn. cr inleedibes rcue ctaugh on racame.
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inside p ilungesn the r.wate > >>nd aor mead b blood? ot anrhe kyean weayst/tlorft swi ud fe thisni morng over racy mu sic. sshe saysavhe ge her blngessi. r hem teas say not true. ditoesn'tk li looke she is re ady t sohake it off. day, to saay,turd fruareby 13th, 2016. bseecau we got badlo bod e wd useo tadbe me lov >> ro> fm nbcws ne,s thi is od "tay." li vem fro sotudiin 1a ck roleefelrza pla. g >>moood g.rnin omwelcoe t od"tay." m i'ri eca .hill nd>> a c i'm mraign.elvi hi>> tss i a rdreco.
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>>e we havnca bu hh ofand rmwaser ready to hand out. >>nd a aun bchf o ainerplas. e>> hee nds toet gom sreewhe klquicy. w >> deo heav folksve orer he. w we silleem then i a bit. lo tok a theem ttuperares adroun e th coy.untr eaminns,poliel 6 berow zigo rht now. th sat it jus thempteurerate. ithatots now ht ils fee ou e.tsid sit i ustnderblanday cyhill re he. dy lanhe ccked theem ttuperare in new rkyo. 's itat wh? >> it's 21h wit thedc winhill of 11. th sat iit . it l wilwanot p.rm u ilit wl get ldcoer. >> g weot oure fir pit here. i' llun ht some alrasc ybbra its here in a bit. >> s thiit bter airff angecti 65 ll mi ionlepeop. sh lleinease he mor on atth. t>> i is theid mdle of wrinte an d its ipo supsed to be c old, e thesertempesatur o arefut o e thdi or.nary atheyre not just inenconve,ienc
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of alficires ani warng people to ta ke every pcareioutn to syta fesa. r>>orepr:te iat's an drogeus ee fr,zingin w ddriven, record inmashg, sub zero .cold ns te ofil mslion ofri amecans ershiv fingrom w icyind bnglowi from tlahe pins toew nla engnd d an tdowne o thhesouttoast day. >> yhoou stauld hike tats weher ve very, ryrisey.ousl >> reporter: the national heweatrvr secaice itlls e lif atthreg.enin ng daserou dngrivin i tssenneee an d northol carinan o idfray. co ionditorns wsen i mianchig. i- s94owhutd anll aftonerno fr ayidft a terwora cessh vo inglvinen tig bck trus and7 1 .cars pfoureeople wer juinred. b sure finezgem traperetus led to a pairf oat waier mn bsreak in sypennialvanth as e werat stho ,upt ine turd to e.ic thedc winhilln i upstate n ew myorkayal fl to ain mdum nbing 50ow belo zers thi ekweend.
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gh rit now. r >>teeporr: t theomherm ieters pe ex tctedipo del bow roze. an d on a wdoinw in inmae, a osfrtyea h jrttus inim te for va inlent e'senweekd. ug sngle upy bhe tre fi. >> vtialen dne's aywed.eken thisd col wereath sd houl not last. long >> nk thau. yo we l wilus foc on .that an thu,k yo eishe.nell >> n,dylaha w atree woo lking at is thek weend? >> he sleinelai s idt will not last long. s it ipothe volar .rtex ilwe weel s c thestolde te atmper wuresave heee slln a se .ason te atmper turesodayl wil not warm up th in rte not.heas fain ct,ar we ose mt lyikel hi gttin ourh higertempeatur gh rit now. u yoo go tmithe t,dwes mi ponnea alist 6 below. this afooternn, traempesture ll wik sinnt iohe tgl singie dits d an entes. that isni runng0 2 to 25 desegre w beloagavere.
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a wereki looorng fto bos tno tstar off ien thni mortng a 4 lo bew. e thor recsd i 3 lobew. at th was setac bnk i .1954 rewe a lngooki atha perps re -bcordinreak tgraempesture nd suay inmorng. w asoe g intoda suny teafn,rnoo te atmper wures billn e ithe s.teen it isti sllut abo0 2 to atlmos 40eg d brees aelowgevera for tthisofime ar ye. we l wil seepe temreratusar wming nup o aymond. we e hav toet gou thrhegh t ek weend. as g wento io estu wday,el wil tseeraempestureve abo eravage. it ju is st thewe d.eken it isen val'stiney. da howe s suldlenugg upan .yway oo>> gead rson to staysi inde. dy tlan, hankyou. >> >ni turong tol psiticre whe re fiswork arexp edecte t onhe ut soroh ca linae.stag that is thee sit ofhe tt nex re icpublan tedeba. wi heth t aksttacti getorng me he oatedhen tpa camigntr ail, yt an chingan ha.ppen we e haver covageor fou yit wh c' nbs llhaie jonackser coving th pue reanblics. ll ha gie,ood mog.rnin ep>> rr:orted goomog.rnin thisinmornheg, tdi cansdate are
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sthetageth is ell smaestit wh si pxeeoplt lefth in e .race h soutlicaroasna h aut repnatio eiof bng aou rgh and teumbl e.stat tdon'ec expont tight t o be erdiffwient epth rcaublins al yreadki loong r teadyo mbrule. >> or rep iter:nnt fro of a rowdy owcrd, dd onalptrum tgakin aim at jeb . bush >>e h has aio vicus restak. ep>> rr:orte lionne, a dreiffent rg taet as trumpns wared t cruz on twr,itte if heoe d qsn't uote n cleaisup h astct, ophe cgatin an oid dngeg neativ s,ad trump wi uell sim h for not being a tu na bralorn tici zen. >>he tre is mthore an atl lite on iry thanon daldal cling bosomedy n wastyithhe t itsnsul an d lgvuiearits. r >>teeporrur: cndz aru tmp ba ngttli forng evaalelicns i ut soh licarona.
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th neis o frotrm onump eg illal mi imatgrnio >> his killer, an iallleg grimmiant. ep>> rr:orte t and fhisrom cruz t hi not aep rcaublin rival, but ll hiclary n.into e th adof sposhe tie movfi "ofce sp bace"ut afe dif krentind of tfilmhatas hru cplz exngaini y wh heke yanhid ts off the air. >>ot ve for a pyrettac fet nex ti me. >> itap hdpeneit whne o oef th ac setreshos was wre thead h a mo reol clorfu filmto hisryn tha w we eree.awar ep>> rr:orte the assctre the ostarflt adu msovie whoay ss hsheoas nd har elfe.ings >> iav he no iilll wgal ainst te d uzcr. ashe h j aob to .do i' m aid mdless claki worng rlgi. ep>> rr:ortehe t jobon tight for rc mabio ruroo, pe ve h bcaneounc fback nromhaew irmpshe.
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>> ha we o ve t phaveecersptive .here d i haanone iswerld woue hav ne do ffditlereny. r >>teeporubr: riopa cam aignide ll tese mhes ir eagetofor tnigh and ready to t oakenac attks di lyrecthe ratanr th pivot to pr enesidamt oba. tc waorh f jebh bus to try to la omnd sech punes tot.nigh ut soroh calina hgopint' ishe t me co sback ftateor bush. lo orok fn johchkasipi keeng up mo ummenter aft s thedeconce pla shfini inew n mphae.shir histi tacsc iff dit,eren gu.ys he is lngooki tota syit posive an tad sybo ave the ayfr. >>e' wll see ift tha rkwos. ll haie ckja tson, hanku.yo >> se elida jorn a isol palitic ad r.vise k thanyou for being rehe. ha>> tounk y forin havg me. t >> aherereix s cdaandites .left at whdv a wiceould youiv g tehe ca atndides? >> en givs thi ies thth nin
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th wih eac and how they pctroje th lvemsees. pe hople'tavene donl welin try g tott aack. yo oou lt k awhathr chris ceisti d dih witar mco rubio. w itas v aery etiffecveac attk an d ryeallme har dru bbio,ut stchrisie i out. he was a sdeuici brombe onge sta tand rookubio out. th at is thein fean balce these ca atndidaves he to natavige be ntweeei boong tas n atynd sh gowin a pivositise v aionnd ke gepinth in erace. >> you monentiedar mruco bio. er th webeill n ara extoc fusn o hi m ghtonit. >> s. ye heea rllyee ndso tav he a ryeall ngstro rfpencormae. n he teedsow shoe h g cano off ri scpt and not aot rob idcandate. th ieres a f oocusnt tha asemphgizint tha part of his po calitil baouckgrnd. he ds neeo tho sew h b canee mor f ofhe t cuff and llintet.igen >>al donumd trnp i s outh licarotna at las ecchk, he was roup aund 16 inpots, i evbelie. arprimyot vers iatn th statere a
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lynear %70 of theot vers are an evcagelil. na doruld tidmp del wlit wh an evcagelitel von rs i.iowa ihow gs auye likon dtrald ump in dogl welit w thhe sllo-caed go d tevors. >> it is ierntties hnges i na tivigahang talt banceo s well arso f. t ihink part oft wharu cz knows th wi the ongpeni erthhee, w n he thdid w e ne vyorksalue at,tack th at was notli sain ng ithe nd wi. k hethnew asat w feefe.ctiv iwhat'm lngooki forig tonht is tr sump' o usehef tou fl ng la.uage ithises th biblet bel and po lite urculte. lthataganguen int fro of drchilens i noiot gong t go ll we. >> a t loto tcwah. eelis anjordha, tnk you. ur t tningeo th draemocts wh perederesibant osma i aaj mor lk ta bingdehin foril h lary in cl atonnder bsanie snderer aft th ayursd's badete.
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on .that ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng. ll hiclary n into bande erni ersandils wpel sndt par oef th idaynev nhoada tpingto ge out e the votor fhe tad nevuca causes ne xt enweekd. sboth tpentheht nig andhe ty re were theo t helput ohe t state rt paoy tse raion mey for the hu eymphrda/monle di.nner w itas aec rord rntuout. iebernde sanpors ske t.firs hispa camigns see msoinnetait wh a htoisry ofct eleingor me li lberadi cansdate as ace pla ewher heou cldha cgellen cl n.into t buh botpo ske dreiffentlyhe wn ey ther ref tredosi pre dent a.obam e>> w have gotbe to htones and to awlcknoedge weti sll have a ,very vloery ng wayo tgo to cr eatehe tio natnt tha ino kw
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>> brette oecff b oausesf hi es prcyiden. soi, yes,l willd buin o the pr ssogres he'e madau becse i am a gr proveessi whoct ay uallslike akto moge pr.ress r >>teepororr: me andor m e arhilliny cl ttongryin w torap he frselth in e lyegac of pr enesidamt oba. nandaevads iha ttt nexig b doshowndwn ali c hntonasha cnged hered sch tuleope snde mor time e.ther nso oda monhey, sl wile bn i ne avadand frormesi pre bdentill cl nintol wile tak over h forer at ee thr fraund-siserea alrdy sc leheduord f orflida. ba ock t you. >> llkey, t hankyou. pfrope cianss i sndpeginis h first flulay d in mexico today viarriasng ltni eveng to nf faare. y,toda theop pe tlsrave to areas ag pl buedruy dg clarte viceolen. r,late aci speal ssma. nb ac'snne tsohompsn i in moexic ty ci. od gorn moing. >> or rep gter:moood g,rnin
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is thy cituzis b fzingthrom e us roweing elcomen giv p toope fr sancit lasgh nit. a heedrriv in rkda,ness but gr teeewid lthhtigs a thousands held up the pblortaige lht ic stndks a cedhant hisname. drchilusen rhed the pffonti on eth tmaarcch rea oinguto t omwelceim h tome .xico il whean dcersn ira tonditial dr pessrmerfoedor f the ifpontf. e therwas a rimaachi band as llwe. e on oedffer his mbsorero and he pu ot itr n fomoa .ment rl ea iieren th day o tnheli fght from mero, this mbsorero was fe ofdreo thi m. t onhe fl,ightsa he ide h was teexci cd to tomeo ximeco. adi h a cehanc tosk a a himbout wh rethe h iesce conrned a bout thea ziksvirut tha is so alprev hent ierenat lin icamera. e the poptold me no. ea r,rlie heto sppedr ove in ha vana forha wtur tdneut obe to
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pa rctria ohf the ranussi orthodox church. the first time the two leaders of those chehurc pope franciscr desedib it as a erconvtisaon between two hebrotrs. th eseti insontutis had been rasepa ftedor urcenties. e thpo pe. whe milleeth wit pthederesint an d give ape secho the t pl diicomat s.corp en the warexp engecti the gh hitlighth of eit vis whehen ho ldsas m ts athe onpatrnt sai of alguada.ajar ai crg. > >>nk thau. yo >> anou annnced c-feasewiire ll re tallyhoake n ld i ctheryount torn aparty b civil r.wa snbc'r keiim smons isn iay tod scdamaushi trns moing. >> or rep gter:ood mog,rnin a.eric
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aes consati ofos htitiliexes nt ek we. re al iadyst iin comarg apt. cr seyetarry kerti cringcizi the iarussorns f the brdombament ar ound epalpo. president assad ofyr sia sinayg he intends to keep fighting until he tesak bkache tnt eeir co truny. th ismoinrng,yr snia fceors ba bckedhey tsi rus aansnd an ir aiansreon cintinug to advance aroundle aopp tinakgew n ll vi.ages theeb rels, tellingew ns or nigatizasonay sginhe tn'y dot an plen to ed th dsbloohed. is is andl aaqaed al nusra still yi trong tol hhed t coy.untr lepeop d incuamasays shy w sh wouldep stoig fghtinn whe th oney d'tn plao t stop. oallfhe t diststru. uthe t.n.gryin to getid ao int theom ctimunihees w preeeopl are
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cr seyetar kerry wn hehe noanceun tdshi alde, hsae idt i s wa amoubitis. i heurs t oninguto tbe v ery, rvery aight tbouthat. a.eric >>keir, t hankyou. >> ut> atihorities sryll t tingo gufi ore wutthaed l a ch mawiete-ngeldi t manaso slh s hi t wayghhroun a ohio st rentauran osdthurigay nht. ha mommed berry became known to th febi frouea ygors a h foris ra ldicaam islic ewvis. at hi ts inpot, it isot nar cle ifse tho viewsro pdmpte th ayursd's taatck. >> ol> psaice hey tgi traeac d th ofwo t teens in an anarizoig hh ho scerol wcte ayuall a rd muuier/s.cide theot sho oingfwo t -y15r-eadol sgirlrk spaed aoo schl lownckdo te afnfr gureire edportr nea the tecaferiahe w treheod b wiesere sc diedover.
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su a eicide not b haseenfo und. ctdete sivesheay tns teepp aear to hbeave en in r aioelatp.nshi b chone-ngillid col .here lady ins bkac whit ahe c ockf th erefostca. >> 90 il mlionpl peo uender a chwindillis advory ornr waing th oris m.ning ithishes t acrctint frot thais op dr pingertempesatur. itro csses theat grees lak and its igg trigerin thee- lakcteffe .snow ouwe ceeld s 1t foo ofno sw off lakeieer. ertempesaturpp dro ingdatoy. >> ry jerwn bro. ecchtk ou s the-devenay refo.cast t isn'icit ne? dmihr0s t rnsidespa dady ann theoly eallhein ter uppanpron
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enth > >> and ts hat'yourat l est caforest. >> n,dylank thau. yo >> wee hav moren o thees r wcuee sh yowedtou a t thef op othe sh ow. a an wom h andery bab in thear c en wh the car is outf otr conol an dng plu iing tntohe canal lo bew. c' nbsly kelie cobllas i in nd loiton weh th video for us. ke glly,ood inmorng. r >>teeporoor: grnd moing, er ica. su ch ary sca mo.ment thisom w tangryin tok par her wcarith adl todtrer sd appein th eks bacwheat heen t car r cacar llros er ov e thedgent io the water withh bot tedrapp deinsi. th wi the cphell oneer cama ro g,llinne witssesal cled amsterdam's 911. ur fo braveeo pdiple t d no.wait injumpng i andwi sgmmino the t ca r. in ,sideot a m ahernddl toder nn ru oingfut o time. u yo scanneee o man sgltruging wi heth t car .door it enops, but thear c sh.ifts re mo waterod flos in.
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en th the speslash. ot an mherryan t tingo serhatt th edo winw with the stone, but nit'sot rkwoing. e th car isng goind uer .fast berun aahbram saw itro fm his ceoffi. s heayse han r to hisoo t blox an rad gbbed a mmhaer. th enpe jumd ino the t r.rive aihe sd. w iteras vy arscy. fi ynally theak bre tghhrou the ba ck ndwiow. pu gllin the child free and tnhe eth mo.ther justth as e rear brumpein sks wbelo theer wat neli. cepolid tols u wree wen ihe t wa fterwoor t numites, he .says it t fele more lik n.te usin jt aat mter of numites, he .roes d anse tho t menold local media at thy theus jt did whatny aone tu sin.atio lyrealti ins knctdicke in. th monder ald chier we taken to goodndcon.itio sh go, erica and aicrg, in ibcredhale wort fcet ik too to
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>> itll rea.y is arscy. th kfanlyul aoo gd ending. the sfur is upn o the west as cot. the vemackri sfurom ctipeonti wi wthesavo s big, its iik le su inrf dgnow afi--veorsty bu mesore ais rngkihe t liresivor f a shot at glory. we skepoit wh seom oef th da viredebols ahyut w they do it. >> reporter: half a mile offshore, -f50oot vewas. vemackriiss al cd lee thstmo tr ereach sousurfpe comontiti in th woe rld. a >>innythang c hnappe animyte. >> ep rteor tr:sehere ahe tll a st ars. 24 bigav we ersurfs. mo omre wen areec exp ntedext . year w>>are eak mgin ouroi vce hrdea we wantn apoopunrtyitt a rimave acksdroun the d.worl r >>teepor ar:ndve proy the are
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>> d whyoou y do isth? >> yout jusis rk atdeh. yo etu g as closeo tit, but ca espe it. ep>> rr:ortet whaes mak ma ckveriifs dntfere arehe t ro acksnd rseeve under the wa r.te they cause theav wes tpio uckp massive speed, height and e.forc >>po so ulwerf. r >>teeporr:ad mee moren intse by el nio. etheser mavicksur s afersre il steel flingff eects ofni el o wh ichse caus superha crged waves inat wthers at areea alrdy de lyad. >> ow hig b arehe tseav w?es >> aou fstr-y orilbungdi cinomg ghri att you. >>as mvesi r>>orepr:tehe t wesav a sre o bi g, satpect aorsrene bandm fro theorshe. he s sayis h jobs ius jte lik s.your f >>eedse mnd a my mifaly. th wat'shat ido. is th is what i do. er the's l aot of ,risk t buthe re iwardres gndat a the other gthin ,iss it' that or go get a alnorm job ande b a nlorma pe .rson ep>> rr:orte d you won'tant th at? >> j i duston't know how too d
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th deleas i d i wotha i was put on hi tsth ear to .do >> or rep wter: ihichse ridhe t ti .de >> aif le lgon -- >> it gives you cckhi sennki ta glkinbo aut it. >> reporter: awesome or as they y sare he, argnly. >> yayou s it is soen intsehe ty d hao tce canl it? >>on at e pointhe tes waver we o to big. s toeeha weyt thtp pos ionedt fo akr mesou yon >> il> st l to,comere we'oi gng g toouet yau cghtp u onhe t ekwe b'sig sts,orie idinclung the -smusteeal vneentiay's d ea trrot fm o.fabi ando als if youus jtre an't hein td moo fore lovhi ts enweekowd, hou y can craelebte the holiday in aer vy dfeifntre wa y.
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b buck,! uuck b buck, bucuck, k! b buck, bucuck, k,buckbu, ! ck foerstarms fot h spi n wcygsin. 10 ur0% natith al wddno ahoed ormoneseroir stds.
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ti sllo t co,me esprtsiden' y daenweeke d ar ofullf bu tul shooud yai wtnd auy b
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t andpehe scial ch>>inristooe: grnd mo iing'm richnesti. kim awe hn ve ateupdaa to y storwe oltoud yb a out lastewendkeu ot nof orthvlas aseg cepolie havstarre sed actuspe seaccuod af e dyadlr c t lekil d aea2-yldr-ochrgis ceoffiysainstor1- 5d r-oleldaniind rcgaaria-mz tinebewas thindhe eewhlal sst daun atthsh crai kelly2-dr-ol lyeveeen grwhn wao pls gayinrruc wheith brr r othehat tte ime n ies ga-mrcianeartifaz sceev s chsarge indiclufng aiglin ot stanop drd iivng iwhtuot a
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rrjeby ro > >>os res are red, vtsiole are ue blu , yo tarerehe pntsidend a mi a your s>> a wee comk bac on aur satday rn mo fing,arebru3y 1th, 1620. a it letlov l fem roeth fstir dy la to her boo. es prt idenaobam t on his ntvales ine' dayenweekd. mi cong ,upt whahe tsi predent had tsao yo ter h and how it involves the situation room. outside our studios heret a 1a, a very small crd,owlt augho h, fobe wree came on at the top of the hour, no one was wnoe w heav aew f fksolho w are yeladre up. la reye udp out e.ther w weilld hea out. oh, b aeaig bt r oue.ther >> a bigdy ted bear. >> w we gill oetut in a bit. > >> bthischone-ngillid cols i ngmaki hineadles y.toda
7:30 am
in the rtnot,heasha we ve ac lytual o hitigur hhs datoy. i its only etexpecod t get co tlderghhrou tout heday. >> or> fhe t firste tim since at thdl deayho sgotin in co inlumbige hhoh sc7ol 1rs yea o, ag dylan olkleb md'som is sp ngeaki out. ssueays shenk thifs o the imvictves edary y. yo ilu wlr hea from i herurn o xt nef halr. hou andt i is aet lifime ban for ts me rveelienrr jey mejia. therd thi time he fleai tdhe ugdr substantial rules. and wee havin she welleith the recap of the week'sge bigst ad hes.line f >>throm re wa ofor wds in po csliti t to zheika s.viru here are theri stohaes tt ctaugh ouren attonti. frontrunneral donumd tronp w big
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7:32 am
bi nllio aea y arnd agn,aiai pd fo r. s >>taecrery toclinn,ou y n'reot inhe tte whise hou c oomeitut wh youran hds up. >> no'r, wet.e no a >> ftertinegonsatio, a efpeacul surrender after a 41 -day stffando on the wifildle refuge. rm>> aed oatccup oion tfhe defelrape pro ortyhef tme cri is t no a pfueacel prt.otes a ziks viruerconcrens a ow gr wingithhe t srummemp olyics xsion mths away. >> if iad h toec dide today, i ulwo ndot .go >> it's aac rega a inst.time wiping out zika cinarryg mo tosquihaes tt pose ahr ttea to napregwont men. re arseerchs believe they can use knowledge of a similar virus to gi be an zaikac vneciri t aals so onth as e su.mmer pseaserng csleald it a ui crrose fmel hlft aer the royal ca earibbhin sp sdaileig rhto int a pfuowerl aantlcti stm.or -f30tooea s asnd winds of 015
7:33 am
it . >> he tca sesrit day ofy m .life >>oy ralar canibbe is psiromi ng full refunds anddi cretso t a refutuui crse. >> % 50ff os it noouen tgho get me ac bk on ap. shi no>> ssop i nowea fngturiur brge ngki l'sesatt .item o >>ne doggo t anheotr. d. gj.,rillat th. >> andou cldhi ts bhee t perfect valentine'das yteda? >> so,el tl meut abor you y.da s >>ghtrait off theov cf er othe ncromae venol, ofabi lnsistend a wsthro in mpcontlimes. >> us i jt went tghhrour you st inmagra and ill reayik ler you osphot. i >>ea rlilly ouke yr otphos. >> i its awe.esom e >> hnohas t .aged
7:34 am
gr aandm hadan romce lsnove. >> dmgrana? h >>e looksxa e tctlyhe same. >> eb somodye els whos igi ang et prty well. oosnp! di'ton tnkhi trehes iot n a product out there tthae hon w't pi htc athi ts inpot. >> s it' .true >> you know- - t >>omhe ciamerc ils rihilaous. >> it is so odgo. al lff flundy a atwh not. he>> t guyho ws getvapedo s ch mu n andowmo protingom sngethi gr d.ille no>> no, . ithiss pbaroybl a gdooim teo t ch keche t weheatr. >> ok.ay mo ngvin. o le tat's bolk aut licaiaforn. at th iers whhee t hot ertempesature. ar ngsprie-lik thwarm. yrainnd ael bveow a orage wutest wthatee aral finoily gng toee s mp teureratesve abo agavere. sa n anfro,cisc 65. s loleangehos s guldntet i tohe 80 s datoy. alnormh hig isbo a 1ut3eg drees lo bew atth. w westill ay above that.
7:35 am
sa egn ditao snys i low 80s. niphoeilx wosl mt lyikel get os cloe t 90 desegren o datuesy. heif tt y hi t90, ihishes t ar ye. e thyearl f wasarebru4y 2th. wee havse to te if hathas.ppen nd consitio areip r feor ertempesatur to warm up with ts losu of nenshi. ow sh iershen tif pacic no esrthwt. e th o 2/3ef thnt cousry ill a ab out the .cold icarct airtl seting .in chwindillsn downdarouo zerand be low. in thehenort wast,ine snk i the er>> jrory bwn. fostreca. n'is nt itice? miub t 70sghhrout^deesisnt'tu anday hed ttrll rea ty inpphe u
7:36 am
theen w_st > >>nd at' tha ysourat lest caforest. >> la dy tn, hanku.yo ti>> sll toe, comge fort va inlentdae's ytorrmo.ow y whuyo sdhoulb gra ybeour st frgirl iendy.toda andls ao is theri fhiendsp fi oflycialve oror fan kyend a yl taor ifswt? it nk stiers in h've. yougoe wt toisash th r wholeoom yoare inu kiddash g? wit? le sht's wawith it re febze. r foe all th ythingscaou wan't, us.. ...freebabze fc riherefresr whoa y he wmrs.beeb rin shale hey, ismt ls nele ic herine d tranply gablugfee ..breze. o ...tuocontinliusly ete minaorod..s for. .u ..5 p to 4 ofdaysfr seshnes gablplugbre fed eze an fabricfresre..her. ...[inha ele +mnxhale ].emonic.. . , ..motwo s re waybrto e haeathppy there's something to be said r foplorexg ine wothdrlar ndouou. y
7:37 am
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7:38 am
o myhelle! lovth e e o. h.ugy ..todaamthe fl oute is, to owmorrti my at.tude.. yo heur motr... an too.ninton e?qu e thovste. 'sitor not wking. becampicll's mabrowaveoupsle s. de f maeaor rl l, realife. there's no one i'd rather... hit the road with. no one i'd rather have dinner and a movie with. no i onehe'd rat or leann. bein ing ove l is amaanngzihing t. inbein lg e ovth wi uryoest biefr...nd .is ..erevhingyt. tr ing oducine th uever s o-twe stonngri. e onondiamfod r yoesur bndt frie ... fo one ur tr yolorue ve. e for thwomaone n in ifyour lo's e wh. both ev er us. ne thw alis vtienne'das y at
7:39 am
e wot g bad blood >> yes,e w do. e warek bacn o aur satday mo grninh wit nd"tre aing"nd bad oo bld. a >>ci spealal vneentiay's d it ed oionf nd"tre"ing. fo her t iensiden val'stine day sfolk oute.ther ayounre i cklu. en plfty o tshing forou y to do to getr oveou yr ex. od go.will urencogaginon anye tveo mo on afrom bad tirelaiponsh. rn tut tha ihate ntotedona. in broug ytur sffgo in od co ionditrin, ght? ord sen a urpicte. look how iur tnedhi tse hato int od go. g >>nto iheo t osclet. th sere'hi notng there. e'>> wllk wor on it. h >> oe'sen thre the m anyoreo t gon ithe etclos. >> deonatr youf.stuf ouif y areki loong for aay w to ge t out esaggr,sionhe t tohousn, xa tesun g rangeff ogerin
7:40 am
gbrin inff stued teddy s.bear ifha tst i not ehnoug for u.yo i l fee bad for thedy ted arbe. yo culdou aols tryhe t "i leov ki bockngxi"s i oerffginhe t sh dre yrou ex class. tape the picture ofr you exn o bthendag a go to .town u yol wil punchnd a kkicou yr ex an d reshgddin the unpods. yo u are sngtayi seingls thi va inlentdae's fy it tha y is our onopti. > >> y ifreou aoo l fkingovor le this hayolidnd aoi gng on a rs fidat te. ma cotch. ominfferheg t poolaybk. ck pithing ree rastaunt. th sis i a rano-b.iner
7:41 am
ouif yan wt to boost it, go for su shi. it bsoostha c oncesf aec sond date 70%. d >> gon'txio mecan. pr lyobab notoo gdor f f astir da .te >> sinpeakgm fro peexcerien? nn dioner catverssionno w. t inpahe st,ki talngit pol ics usedbe to a no-no. th akat menes sseno w. the studyou fndt thais dincussg po cslitir ovene dinanr c eaincrouse yr ceshanc of a co seatnd dey b %.91 >> wo w! >> fiy,nallie ladf s, iaryou e ov er ,itra gbr youlf girdsrien d anel cteebra ntgalesine' day. i itsll aut abo the gal lspa. ge out yrls gir andav he a bhrunc and partyho at me. to toast a oneernotho t an omaweseae yfr o iefripndsh. cr yaig,anou c dot thait w yhour .boys 'l>> ilpe s indth wity me wif eainstd. >> s thi isntgalesine'da y.
7:42 am
howe s guldo tonc bruh teafr, gi rls. e>> wll stie havha tt. >> i'mil avaable today, ifou y sgirl are. re he. vi hang bad bloodit wh traylo if swtin aga. es prt idena obama has love agmesse for the mi.ssus >>nd a the badod bloit whan kye we ndst a traylosw ift. he had anve or tophe thi fason sh ndow aum alb partyt ais madon sq uarede garhin ts .week e onak tes awi spe atay tlor t.swif e kany hsaysale ttoked lo tayr tabou l theineor befhee t song wa s asreleed. he r pciubliayst ss she waser nev de mawa afre o theua actlyr lic d anoe dsn'tpo suprthe t my issogntic ssmeage.
7:43 am
sn rseaken ihe tsh tra. me sogthinls tel me thery sto is fa ror fm .over ilwe we l se pthisoulay het wn ka nyees takhe tge sta on snl. s>> i he doing itsks? >> e w shall see. n extup,ar we eti getng a wi indowthnto ove l leifef o idpresobent aamandis h first .lady inowfhi ts photos i any di inoncati. i its osfrty. no ayw ping a visito t theen ell ,showe hec rdorde a vtialen ne's daysa mesge tois h fewi. >> somebody call t shetiituaon ro omec bause tshingre aut aboo t ge t t.ho ch mi,elles thi vtialen dne'say m i'ng goi to treat you ghrit. i' moi gng tkeo maou ye som nizuciad brend aea sprd ve blgetaes on a atple. ima obacaree morbo aut youn tha u yor eve know.
7:44 am
last but not aslet,le adeas h ot an hercoac tladeo add. ve cor rlgi. sh epe oupned ut abohe motd rhoo hein t march suise. r hetl litoye b gderounr.d he 27the r--yeaoldls fee comertfo orcomfetabl in hkier sd n an ousurrnds hlferseh wit eonverye th ovat les. her l>> ithove at. >> i'm sunurrodedy be lov .here >> ro surdunde by love? >> ahye. m>> a i not? i doot n feel the ?love e>> wov le you. we do. go et ttethe ase. >> up xtne, theto sry of how ei shenell met ea g rninmiunlicated acsh b k onrc pus.hase 'sthatin a w. t im bue aging earninceit twi. u yothcan wiit the cublei do sh cad. car it yo lets cu earnbackash ic twe. once n whey you buaiand ag n as pa asit's ch back cthenbaash gack ain.
7:45 am
cithe outi dcable arsh lye onth card s at letearnyou shcatw back eice onpuverysercha % with 1ouwhen y and buyas 1% pa you y. wi wo wth ttoays earn, it makes a lot of other cards oseemidedne-s. wh t at ican'.t do ur yocu calholus rkmewo. iwhatdot can . kema p yout eanuerbuttap it s 'ola whwe neki f nd oyojoy tu ge wh yen boue ittoin w a nebajif r
7:46 am
> >>k bac on aur satday inmorng. le vae'ntinys da has ushi tgnkin ab wouthen we met theer psonf o r ouam dre asndel fln i love.
7:47 am
so frt o ane saky way. o>> n s oortfut abo it. >> ink thit i is t.swee t >> hankyou. th iss i a s otoryn ithiss 'swhatet gting y >>enou w tt oneeo mout yowr n >> idid. >> l tel usbo a utthat. >> ha asmed. i em rrembet ia was tavisi tion day. da ty a rtnotehwesrn. hi ads d wasvi drirong a aundnd wthey erestlo. he pdulle mer ovend aai sde' wre edturnun arondd ay thewere inlookorg f a dorm. sa i id y oh,e ou'rcuso te. he 's .fine cyou laneave m.hi th een w sedtart tidang. >> andhr tees kidr.late , so ,yeah whone kw whehen as w 17 w we houldavehr tee drchilen. >> you metim h whehen 1 was7? i >>ats thal leg? >> w!wo
7:48 am
>> youet mr youus hband at rkwo, too? >> w iould say wait a teminu. w >>ete mur oba hus andst rkwo. da wvidashe t stageag maner at e thti staon we edwork. od go old ttvech years wnoe w he avenbeet togher 15 ye ars. ma drrie for n.te two great ysbo, a dog, a cat. ou>> yic p ukedpr youus hband at rk wo? >>e has w my camameran. en wh w youork at 4:00 ihen t rn moing. lo wgi hanng uifrt. we e weren frids f or ae.whil 's he not 30 yet. c i -an't- >>an dyl is a true crouga aet th e.tabl >> iid dt meey mif we ator wk ngduriom a ciamercrel bakn i .2008 a >>me comlrcia k.brea es do tn'takeou y .long tw ndo aal a hf numites? >> ich pit quy.ickl
7:49 am
i >> had to tryor f two s,year alactuly. sh ome cace brok fm china. shead h b teenhereer coving the ym sshe oaidh, hey, omwelce. lc weome. ye s. th ere we koneid la ter. an>> cse we hae tt preictu ic qukly? ar e you bgitinr you p?li >> t' thays mnl oy ilsme. si'meury m weifed lovt thae w us haed tt urpicte. > >> still to come rehe, liead s owh unlach. we willro intduce youo tthe nwome wouho cld have a furut e ssminioo t
7:50 am
7:51 am
nb c. ti sll to come on saturday, ben stiller andwe on wsoilann d
7:52 am
and ishi ts thees b ttime 's itto easy yo love axatur live t whenlax hat slove odyour bck.y ba ironly maxal hydr , atesaneases end soft s nbto uatlock n,urally y soavou he e peacdof min fr taom sfirt to nish. ve lor la youvexatimi. ralax. t myr-empucpedi lecuddtts behaer tmyn band huss. doe.. ut hat'etjust bween and you me. it r'sy eall to cooltothe uch. mat ats tresfirm,roget zecent per f aprnginanci. mavisit fttressirm, er amnuica's onember -ptempuretedic rr toaileday. ...wait
7:53 am
ect.perf at m delteon , rn cos ickpa ed t at pheofeak re fssshne wi ust th jr wate and a of dashsasea lt. innoth.g else so it'l-nas allturad anoudelici s. u vo: yoedget uspet to od yors inr.our cau yok thinmeit sfills ne, urbut yose passngerel smisl th... inelimodorate u's yoeve gonno inseblord to f 3 up toys0 dawi fth theze cebreenar v vt clip fe pasmaleerseng : wow.lssmeld in gooe. her : sovo a your nd yougepassencars ean brppthe hay. t toomhe wn an ithemi 'sd-90hows spptoer... you're right. t it's sime tohis et t fbirdree. h odot bloeced, chit ak eend s ... ot g f a oever10f 3... elinfehu' ry?ng how 'bout a donut? i b'm hotodloi'ed.. mt hooobl ded! r whethe's it 30ea-y oldrs 0- or 3lddays o, axcarml wilseapprai it in tt as li le as30 m utines. d th anouen y r onlyncercowin bell to show pendshthe ca.
7:54 am
7:55 am
>>stchri ine:m i'rchiniste kim lpo icey sada rrived an peridest eerin fautl in a racsh. wisstneses ay a-69year-old man was crossing outside of a marked oscrkswale whn a supse dctedurnk ivdr derftri iedtont he alne p kiinllthg mae n. meo trlipo ceas 3y-5ey-ardoln p etercmitdan hspagesen pu illed antoa nerpakla dan heneturdfamhito ina po alice abouthn ourtla
7:56 am
7:57 am
ni mtero's jruiscdiontio s faru us>> jbet a fuautitul sarday seg ttinyou. hoesw dony sun 7 andun6 sod, ldmi d andry. nowirth 5 nds 1 wtheyaill eccatlerje aust tad totnigh. fea nous ghe ratr maro anticwes set aor
7:58 am
7:59 am
ovgherniwst lo inmthe s40 oo gd fe liea thrngteni co.ld a ttbi berstlait hting 65 iomilln ppleoe thanks to the po lar exvort. theeio furinus whidcs.ll mpteateresurn imesore a casould fe sel aol c ads 40 below. the weather soan dusgero that pe aopleeire barng wnedo ty sta in side si inde. dy drlan ieyerras tg ckinalit l. > >>ak breing her silen.ce e thhe motr ofne o ofhe t columbineot shoerspe saksut o si hnceer son, d kylanldlebond a hi ris f kenddillen i 9919. mo fremro theon catversion and atwh sheem rbeemrs most clylear om fr thator hcrifida y. d anha wtit wh ofne o her vmsicti yssa about the attack. nd a aea lgue ofhe t irn.ow fo wurenom rdyea to lncauhnt i o speacit w ahos pblsie mission e on day to mars.
8:00 am
gr ofoup ro asts.naut we l 'llktao t them to day, rdsatufeay, rybruah, 13t6. 201 really rlleay reallyik leou y and want you to want me o t i relyal, relyal, rlleay ylike aoundt wanou y ou yan wt me to >> and a good saturday morning to you. omwelcek bac to od"tay." yo idu sa i its 21 des?gree >>1 2 des,gree but now the chwindisill 7. >> g itot ndwiier. >> itoe dsee fl atth h nasot stopped the fseein sfolkro fm jngoinis u oen th a.plaz >> i think wee hav a fire,ut b cthey fan'teelhe tfi .re we av hean hd w>>e nereviv gewa ay athnygin ton
8:01 am
ha nd wmearrs for all of you. etherou y .go tdon' put these on y,e-ba young la .dy ea .sy ndha rmwaers. >> nk tha f youor micong. th yoank u. th yoank u. we have remo. >> s idhoule hav gedrabb remo. e>> w willp keesi pasng tseho wndohe t > >> h weaveor m teo get to. we want c to iheckn with neshei wlleasho he morth on e p toy.stor dtheroangeus .cold >>nk thau, yo icera. fi ofscialm fro theonnatiid's m se nctioth to ore nstthea a re inwarnf g otheig lht ttehreaning ld co. gh hids win e aretexpecod tp dro nd wilschil b toelow zero. mayors arein urgg renesido ts t takeauprecs.tion ilwe wlav h meorehe wnan dyl ey drooer ltks a theat weher. > >> the remaining republican es prtiidenopal hs eful-ofaceff in s couthinarolato t.nigh nbc's iehallks jacon has a pr weviem fro eegrlenvil, s outh ro ca.lina ep>> rr:orted gooinmorng, sh lleinee. e thdi cansdate areet gting ready fo rhe t de.bate th tae ssge ihe tma stlles ist ha beenor fne o ofse theit wht jus
8:02 am
at c ther enteheof tag ste, do tnald arumpednd t uzcr. obothhef tmki loong ready to mb rule. tr umpli cal cngruz l aiarow n re thinatenog t sue himor f being bo rnca in .nada dcruzssismiginha t itsha wt he ll cas are torntul insts cgomin fromp'trums h.mout ma rurco isbio ki looo ng tceboun fback hromisel widy pdanne ba deteer panform icen new ha irmpshase lt week. a cigampane aiday ss he isag eer fo rig tonndht ady rea toot piv toac attks if he is finacg miincoirng froe f rmliepubcan ri .vals hwatcor f b jebtoush tryo t la omnd senc puhes. he is lngooki for a bacomeck. an ohd jasn kichs iki looorng f me montumft a herisec sondla p ce hanew irmpshfie .nish she i hinopg to stay pivosite an tad sybo a tvehe .fray ck bao t you. ha>> tyonk u, llhaie. ex ngciti. > >> p the iopesn i moexicy cit th is rnmoing.
8:03 am
fpopeisranc tllraveroed f tmhe rp aiortn i the open air po bipemole. he l wilis vit areasla pgued by dr ioug velenc andol hd sceervis in the fiayve-d iptr. itol f tlowshep sto ina cub wh eer heed immiate with the iarussrtn oxhodo iapatrrch. >> er> hte a meho, a moraj veinatstig iionsne opednt io an eissust fir rteepord on nbc ws ne. e ther govtnmen isin begning a pr oobef ptiotenalea hlth risks from a type of turfwn kno as b crumbbruer. made ofro gdunir t aesndn o or spiets fldscr a tosshe trcouny. etathlndes ach coa aesre po regrtinll issnees iluncngdi ca ernc. ma fanuurcter csimla p thectrodu is,safe but theov genernmt now ys sae mortu sdy is nd.eede and in o,idah a scaryki s ru r n fotha faer a snd.on nswinetoas w skiing with his son, ethan and ethan disappeared. >>adhe's .up
8:04 am
'sit ayok. re he wego. rehee w .go oti g you. >> t ournsthut ealan f ilen anto ee trl welhi w cchanm forhe wn yheavw snoes pil up aunro tdhe tr ounkhef t tree. au itthor sies iayt isor imptant atto wouch yhir ckild she aad of u yo and be eralt. >> nd> a llfinay,ib exhit of co tervetut, b t nothe way you seeemth. is twtedre wcks aret par oef th naontial cttorvee mmuseu in ntkekyuc. yo mu rayememrbeec situry ca smeragh caut akh sinolend u er theus meum swainllowigg ehtf o e th cars. tw o weer rtoesdreer afty the pweredullet. ou th ooey tk thees rtth of es car us crhedth in e dteisasrnd a edturnm theo int a ladispy. >> at gre eaid. >> g i iuessfef lies giv you nslemo. >> y mheart is beating after th kiat s ciac. dent yl drean dyer isac bk now awithernothck cheth of e fo
8:05 am
st mor stsy,em e,maybha ttou cld ma tske i. way itdespowe hd colt i iis,t i s ggoin tour t innto a wrarme es tuday. in the timeanme,e w have the hu rege aaos acrs caanadt tha dwillragow dn andng brit tha ld co airnt io the rtnot.heas a welrre aeadyli feeng it back ro thughin molneapis where te atmper aureselre wl b elow zifreendng adc winshill co.lder pi a ece of thear polte vorxha tt sits up h.nort tthenhe bsurst o cfold air st tartsoet sintle . it f leels5 ike wbelon i eaminns.poli ithates th air teatmperure. th ine wdic kkingn ios acrshe t henort mastakest iee fe l ware t inhegl sindie .gits hi emgh ttupera tres woday bille op drpingos acrshe t henortast. hi18 tser aftnoon inew nk yor .city oidetrt t a18. lw mieauke at 10. at th is 21eg dreesel bow agavere. mo to mrrowngorni isll reayn whe otwe b otomut ascros the no asrthet. inburl,gton onvermt, itil wl el feik l be 27 telowroomorw inmorng.
8:06 am
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8:07 am
heof t cbiolumneho ssoterpe saks ou r t fofithe tirst bome aerut h so isn, h rage and that trierebl da y 1ar7 yeo.s ag c' nbevs state pnerso has >> allhe tse dski. d an the heteacr. >> ep rteor fr: torheir fst ,time the mrothe ofne of o mtheost fa inmousil klers into hisatry s wn do a forn teinw.rvie >> ior'm sorry f whaty mon s di d. >> ep rteor sr: kueboleld sp kiea ongut onbc aal t king tabou o oneef thns tee re sisponble forhe t mcrassate a mbcolu hinescigh . hool i>> itsar h tdo leiv whit the fa tcttha sneomeo you loved and isra aedsru bytallil kled pe leop. b >>unchin comg tsou. >> or repter: onpr a0il 2th, ,1999eb klsold'on s danylnd a shi fenridri ecar hsri kleild3 1 op petle a the slchoo and unwongdior me berefoot bh
8:08 am
su ale re iizedast wer h son a nd thein sking feg.elin i >>em rrembe if t ihis tsrue d anyl dan is ryeallur hting lepeop,e h hasbe to to s appednd atha tt memont, ira pyed that he ul wod die. >> or rep kter:ldlebod sai she sp mentuch of thet las 17ea yrs on aggizinr ove how she mdisse th are wningig srons ferm h bltroued son. >> i ththoug ias w ad gooom m d an held couk tal toe mbo a ut an ngythi. rt paf otheck shoth of asis w thatrn lea tinghatt wha i be edliev h andow ied liv and how iar pteen wdas an inventionn i mimy nd. ep>> rr:ortey man t ofhe rv susivore havro gwn upit wh ie grf. sh ngootiti vicm annear m wieas ra padlyzem frohe tst wai wndo. de espitev hierytshng, e ivforges. >> t iis oneng thi toe los a son or daerughtut, bt i isno ather in thg to haver you nlastame fo rreveke lindh wit a agtredy. i don'te hav anyll i willar towd her. i fveorgi her. ep>> rr:ortebo kle wldants to is raare awsenesut abota menl ln iless.
8:09 am
i felt i had to do ethverying i ul co.d do ep>> rr:orte p onetaren sakpegin outop hingo tenprevott an her edtragy. ev ste tepa,rson nbc wsneos, l ge anles. >> > erica. >>craig, th.anks thfor rse fimet ti inorhisty, 'snasa ltatesss claf o onastrautsit spl. ey this finrah tginin in .july fo omur wen andou fr men. al hol csenor f an coup ming iomiss mn toars. we rtlecenygh cautp uh witm the at ns johonce spa ce.nter thest autronafs o 2016av hee com lo a ng way. >> onell sma step for n,ma one tgianp leaor f nkmaind. >> 25 ndsecos. r >>teeporndr: a nott jus ca be tuserehey'ig sshtre a now fsetarey bondhe t moon,he ty so alk loo dienffert. >>ou yre a a class ofst autronas is the fstir oneo tbe elyqual li spnt oen gder s.line
8:10 am
>>t is iet somhinge won d't no tice do-ay-tdayhi wch is gr eat. th aie trts weng brio ttheab tle wh ich isha wt is poimt.rtan >> or repter: in 2013,ht eig tr astonaudi cansdateer we ctseleed. in includheg touse fren womm fro re mo than 6,100 apanplicts. >> he t firstra gdech teaersk aed us d toraw a preictu oft wha we nt waedbe to n whee wre g.w up ewi dric a p oturef anro astnaut heon tn mooit wh a agfl. ep>> rr:orte a thenastrout ca atndidoes gou thrngh aen intse icphysallyan dem dingtwaro-ye ai tr ningraprogm. >> ou yem rrembe thest fir time yo utu pne o of these stsui on wh tatthaom mtenas wli ?ke y >>ouk loon i the mirror and th ink i'm an trast.onau r >>eporter: learngin to fly. >> space indancg. ep>> rr:orte w to iorknce spa s.suit >>tohousn, we aredy rea to
8:11 am
>> or rep ater:ond t work the bo roticrm a of the inanteraltion e spaciostatn. >> t ifhe ttoile br,eakse w otcann cl ala umplber. ep>> rr:orte jessica meir, a biologis wthit a ph.d. inin mare bi yolog hasdi stued eanlepht al sends a pinengus andal himayan geese. ri cha stinochammchk ko h aolds ma ssterre degne ile ecactril ennegig.erin i >>'m aet caraker of the ougrp. r >>teeporr: westnt poid gra anne minccla,ne earerd h mrsaste iner aceospang eriineengnd a im analat rel. ions >> animals. th omat croes fmy mug rby da.ys r>>orepr:tend a majorol nice hmann aoldsas mrste in ch mealanic eeenginringnd a mom to 3-year-old boy.
8:12 am
mi nsssiol wile takse the onastr aautsfrway om their families for months or yearst a a . time >> ink thi for a mr om o idad,t is ea r hlly tard tohinkbo aut it . unyou taderstnd i a isn po imtrtansi misndon at par of me sogthinig bger than yourself or lyfami. >>f iou ynk thibo aut thest fir moments on the moone wer le ik danin seertg eaomh frth anoer an plet etplanboary ordy f f the irst .time ilit wivl gse usp perveecti ou aburt oce plath in ole sar st syem and ursnivees i edincrlyib itampornt. >> ar we l e alesimpr wsedith the me won. ey the werra gsciou andn dowto h.eart dthey kon'tnowhe w tnhey will o go te.spac atheyaire wtingor fhe tir iomissns. th ieres a goodnc chanee o of cthem gouldoo t .mars er thse i aha cnceha tout yav he th ige rht stuff. ether s is ttillime to plapy.
8:13 am
pl apioicatnsor f theew nss cla of trastsonau. u yoog l on to uss.ajobgov. se arch f aornastrout caatndide. u yoll stiav he aew f .days good cklu. i >>ouf yet g ceac,ptedl wil you le t us?know >> aou cplee havbeenhr tough this be.fore ss je iica n0920he, sai sdhe s de ma it to the sdecon t orhird un rod. ne anli appefed b aore s.well ma idet to c aeoupl dsroun. w >>hatak mes a good asautront? s >>aihe sd instterey,ingly the t ges thist que aionhell t meti. it is a o bitf evhierytng. dyouoee ndo t obepen to new in thndgs a youav he to bee abl to ea lrnll reay .well so alve, edyrybo has tope sak ss ruian. ey thpe snd hours withva prite ru nssia toturs. >> t' thas ghrit. ey the hav tont iterach withe t sm cotsonau. >> i didly app to n sasachoolt a e onnt poi. di i gdn'tet acedcept. >>ar clely. >> y ande ou'rlibrilant. ouserisly.
8:14 am
th atoe d msn't makeste autrona itqualy. y >>otou gou yr ch.ance >> youal clan dyl biarillnt and th ey are keli, apwr. p u xtne, is now theim te to bu omy sef oho tse bigic tket em itns o sale tshi esprenid'ts da eey w okendr sulhoyod wau ?it ea , t upddbuouy. yl 'litget this time. ah ye ot tok nuioo qck t don'golet i untilay s so. goi u.t yo.. arstngt stroth with stine laeng f ergy o100%
8:15 am
m lii' bke an oxer i.a ringa l smalboxer. u do yoexn't ucpect mh... enand tham!, wh i t hiwi'em hth ugeeacroomy gesdns! ghalriund t rotwo! itbring rlfr, gindie! , rich, creamy na100%l tura.cheese mini yb babel. snack a littleig bger. ithisa s dybof oproof. f proo lofjoess t in.pain an ead clskrer in. th iis bs myy odroof pof that c i figan htpsortiiaarthc tiris withum hira. ra humi b worksy ta g rgetinlpand heing ckto bloci a spe fic osourceamf inflonmati onthat cutestribbo to th jo d int anymskin ss.ptom it ve's pro n to elhelp raiieve pn, op fstthur jerntoiam deag and clear skin in many adults. ordocthas eeve bprn ibescrgin mi huor 1ra far0 yes. ra humiow can lourer y il ab fity to infightonectis, inudclg tuinrcbeosisul. ou seriets, som fatimes al fe inionsctnd aance c,rs in udincllyg homamp ,ha hapveneped, av as hood,e bler liv and ou nervems systblem pros, ri seleous al reargicnsctio, d anornew se wor ning t faheare.ilur
8:16 am
ll tedo your ifctor u' yon ve beereasto a er whaie certaln fung ctinfereions an, commo d anouif y 'ved hahetb, tipatis b, arpre e toonnf itionecs, avor hu-e fl like mssymptore or so s. do arn't stmirat huf iu yo ha aveinfen ioctn. orwant mf?e proo k asuryoheum rolatisog t ouabhut rami. humira. ithismys y bod pof!roof >> ac> bk now on aat syurda inmorng. ve ha youic notedot a l of mm coalercihis tees welk tling ayou abouter sup s oalefe som so rtho in nor of idpres'ents day ek weend? sh youldaiou wt to buy it oret g itw?no we have jeteanetit wh us. h >>appy to be . here >>se we e the ercomms.cial le st's wtartith rnfue.itur he>> w cn it tomeso itfurn ure, wyou tantono khiw tss i the ttimeo buy. >> buy >> buy now. go toow tn on that. th ewe nes dignse camorin f
8:17 am
ey th are gngettiid r of old de s.sign ro>> fmur frenitu, nowthe qu onesti d iseo w buyow nr o wa it later for? >>or few jely. >> jryewel. u yo inthk? i >>ld wouay sai wt la ter. >> branillit. oualthgh moto'srrowal vneenti's y. da i wlil tlel u,yo wunait tilhe t daholiys. th tat'she time to buyse tho ondiamds. >> allt.righ gtheame cnuonties rehe. y bu now o wrtai later. wnowee ar h inome apncpliaes. i ld wouay s buy now. >> branillit. >> i have a 50/50 . shot om>> he aanppli eces,t xpecto se t e atleas 35% off. do ka pacgeea dl was mthore an one iaapplnce. go forrg eney star bseecauou y ca etn g resebatsi posbly de inpend ognre wheou y veli. ve lo that. >> buyow nr oai w ftor r.late is ths i aun f . game ec>> b yauseeou'r inwinng. t>>shat' true.
8:18 am
i ld wou say .wait >> youlm aost hadit. w >> dhyo we haveo t itwa? g>>oodls dea nowec bauset is i the cmeonsurle enictrohocs sw la most nth. they areti getngid r of 2015 de gnsis. yo gu getatre ok lo neonli, >>.okay y buow nor fig dital casamer and ar smnetpho ar smnetphos. rs ca. wai aleays hourd yt wail unti enthe fd ohe tel modr yea to buy a car. oo>> gd looksnd a libril.ance w >> faitor telar? >> . yes luabso telyitwa. se beptemr, beoctor,ou yl wilet g tgrea deals. if c youtanno itwa, buyow tard e th o endef th h.mont it wa. >>why? b >>seecauy thee hav tkeo ma ei thres sal i ifst iy bus on the t,lo they wo n't tinegoate.
8:19 am
i l fee i see moreat msetress mm coalercires mon thayt an.hing bu y now? >>no. re he's thething. i' pill stn i inr you diiorectn. u yodcoul g getoodea dlss thi enweekd. orhistlyical, it emis mloria day enweekdt tha you geto g espric. th ieresgl wigome ro. y >>anou c lehaggve orr you ma ssttre? i >>us jt btough oneau bec se i ha d to. he oterwis i would itwa. >> welw aaysrn lea thsomeing. th yoank oru f beingh wit .us il stl eaahd, thes boy areac bk in wnto. wowenn ilso banden lestilr. pr regizin theires rolor f
8:20 am
8:21 am
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8:22 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
ware e bkacn o aat surday morning. february 13th, 2016. seems like a neicay d to sit by eth refi. >> an aulwf dayo tit s idoutse. on>> d't y.worr oh , ahye. n,dylad gool caln othe keblants. n,dyla y doouem rremben whe we we o nt tthe ice hotel? t >>hese are thenk blaets erthe. i >>t a isit ltlehi cllyer h ien ne rkw yo andcr a tosshe uncotry. te fns oli mil oonseof p aplere ggoino tbe ateffecd by isth. llin a sesnriouess, aou rgh cold y. da avwe hune fff stuom cing up. de zrekndoolaser iba ck. co mingup.
8:29 am
st leil arndwe olsn wion about oo "zerland 2." >> d > an pthecterfe qiouestorn f lepeops thien val'stine day enweekd. w ho y doouea rllyw kno if you arell reany iov le? w hooudo y owkn,ri eca ?hill >> you know how ikn ew? ommy md saihe w ynou owkn, you .know ylcherou, ye wer right. w >>eil wlns a twer hattiqueson. >> ls> ao eaah id, yfou are inlookgo tak me a yummy le vae'ntinys daak brefastor f yoursweaeeth rttoowmorr. we e hav theer p dfectishh wit wa s.ffle >> q> auickgr prongammiot ne. th roe tad ooriti connues aes th am anericuns r for anc chae to n ruheat tmp olyic e th 20ly16 ompic mhoaratnal tris e arn i los leanges. fu ovll ceeragin begsay todt a e1:00rnastee her on nbc. h aowbout aal finhe cck of e thre fo?cast i >> rzeeali i'mit stingea rlly os cloe t u.yo ata nuralct rea wionhen youre a fr ngeezi. ot her. >> notau becseou ye lik him. u' yocore ld. i >>re'm fg.ezin ha>> t ht'sowd col yreou a.
8:30 am
>> draespete times. a wereng goio t see theol c d se ea. h weave to gethr tough the ek we iendnhe t rtnot.heas th exe ntot srmsy ,stemnc oe it ts ge ,heret il wilri bngnl maiy in rath to eaj mor esciti. th hrougur sat adayntnd io su ,nday weil wl seew snoou thrgh th hie ollo vandey ane ten ssee rrive vas.lley we il we l sesnthe akow mse it way togi virniand aol car inas rebefo it turns to ain wtry mix. s we wtartithno swda mony te afnrnoo in the noasrthe bt,ut c iteshang toai rsn a ertempesaturm war. up a were lngooki at c the aoldir c tonuontiore fhe t enweekd. te atmper iuresen thee tns and 20s. chwind bill rrtomoow mngornith in e rt not,heast' thaois go ng tbe as ld coit as getsh wit whiindclls o25 t0 3eedegrlos berow ze. pe hoyfulle ware notoi dhing ts >> ry jerwn bro. ecchtk ou s the-devenay refo.cast t isn'icit ne? dmihr0s t rnsidespa
8:31 am
70oss cl 8e to 0 bywemid enth >> a>nd we fndou athnoeran dyl on theza plah witthisma angzi headgear. wh datyoo cau llisth? m- popom? >> ah ye. w >> dhatoou yal cl this? wa>> rm. >>ik i late th. ra st fightmirom otnnesa. ic era. > >> dylan, anthks. a it ltle crielebunty fs thi th rseate. we d sat wownithn oweonwils and be iln stler for the elsequ.
8:32 am
so emeon has too dit. "z ndoolaer" was notox a b oeffic hit withen op,ened but it was a as clsicnd a iadt me derek and ha elnsou hhoseld names. eythre aac bk in oo"zndla er"2. h>>eas w once the rlwod'sos mt famous model. t bu that was a nglo, long, long time ago. >> it's been 15 years sincee w rsfit saw derekoo zerland strike a pose andto sp mgovin ctobjes. om fr supmoerldeo tup ser in reuscle.iv iit as cironsp tacyo kill the wo d'rl mstosut beaifulpl peoe atthet gsek dernd a elhans out ofid hingo t solveh suc a mystery. >> pceea out, world. e'>> wacre bk. >>?back byes,ut l aot hasha cnged in wtheorld ofig hh iofashn. >> you are -- >> s i'morry i can'ter unddstan w aord'r youe ngsayi.
8:33 am
and owenls wion, theea buty and brains behind derek andnshael. we tedouchn om fil andol psitic orand oiginuef blee stl. >> a howoure y g?doin >> .good >> ldegen hast ie blute selas w in edspir y byour mrirro cefa. heis trure tthn i?that >> g i puessart oft iam ce out of tache fwoe i mauld heke wn i ul wod brush myai hr aynd mif we ul woayd s why are yakou ming th faat ce. i would say wtha ?face >> enow d,o youav h eone? >>yes, d ioe hav one. >> enow'soo lk h aasnd sou cteffe. 'sowen elhansk loo has a unsod. b >>ifeautul. >> it's a work of artig rht er the. o >>nly oneer pson k cannowow h to teacklhi ts look. >> howld wouek derla zoonder in reterpthi t slook? t >>hat is ae blute sel. >> ou i w cldall tsahat d puppy
8:34 am
>> we doe hav t o be.fair tosenasar s.nder ho ouw wlder dek and elhans te int?rpre ra>> gy st eel. >>ru cdmble l.stee >> i personally thinkha ttek der d an elhans are rpoeslensib for so omeef thag mcenifiiant delogu inin cicemat hiy.stor wh ouat wthld oer mfiagnicent di uealog had derek and nshael en be adrounor f "a fewoo gd me n?" >> id d o you trderodhe c ered? i >>an'll swershe t quonesti. y doanou wt answers? >> i want the uttrh. >>ou y't can heandlhe t h.trut >> iov le you, jack. >> don't you do atth. do sn'tay your -bgood nyes,ot yet. oudo yer unddstanme ? >> 'm i so .cold >>se ro. >>ou y're goinggo to onnd a ke ma l ootsfab bies andch wat
8:35 am
wyouillie dn aold --s is thi al rehely t diuealog? >>ro pmisee mt thaou y'll su e.rviv >> i pre.omis >> never let. go >>'l ilev neret l ,go ckja. ni'll g a >>hand ttev ners get d.ol "z ndoola2"er s i iean thters w. ho i 't canem rrembe aie mov hgavin th anis my cameos in .it >> ol froks fm here, too. >>t matr laue nandieatal lemoras. >> ad goo .idea an thk u.yo u p xtne, one of 'slife rnbugin quonestis. w ho can youel t ilf you are ytrul l inove? th swe anfter aheer tesse engule ps inow shthr loei lea pebb. msome, hoalesr.weve.. e arartesmthr eran oths. sa tove up n 30% osele iact d mondshyin rthm. ay at knu, the onmberwee jeorlry stine rica ame... er evssy kiin begths wi. kay ys guje, kay rsweleld woukelimi to re..nd you.
8:36 am
a and,ngagll et emenand g weddins arring% e 20off is thday friugthroayh mond only. k at. thay..mbe nu er-onelrjeweore y st..for. yes! eric ot's gedten use to thnger lioding hors inhris bat oom hyep,nee's goli nosebnd t het hink ils fsmel bine,s ut hi sguests thimells... insfx: dleg, toiushit flng m sfx:egusic bins br feair eze cteffey s heavhaduty to s uptitwo emes th od mior-eling pnati towerveo remoth ba odoroomours yne've go seblnotoind d tranbry fealeze smspl heaacesutvy dy... .to ..ntcouousin elyminali teup ttwo timeo ths s e odorfor 30 s day e febrezl spsmal acesr and ais'effect
8:37 am
ni amerevti get mngedarri. r.neve teedaran. u piyoedck bea aifut rinulg. thanu.k yo we ve're nengr havis. kid mm m-mmm. ea brthe. ii love.t here aweerre nevg movinthe to rbsubus. a weerre nevting get o oneosf thive (minan). we re aer nevav hg inotanr kihed. i'm pregnant. ni ametever lo.ting g
8:38 am
>> >e warek bac on aat syurda rn mo wingithn amp intorta es qution onhi tsal vneentiay's d at wh islove? >>is it ag an de ol qiouestn th ate sompl peon'e doowt kn the eransw to. >> er he's lngooki at you, ou>> yom cetplmee . >> it's been rocheniclkronrochclni oed fnmil fo r decades. those ensces. th liose nes.
8:39 am
>>he wu n yoizreale you want to spend the rest of y lour wifeith me so,body w you tanthet res of yo urif le tort sta asoo sns a ibpossle. >> s ittarts w aithge and cu e.ltur what is it? ask 100 peeopl and youet g 010 di enffert swan ers. ov>> lse i l >>ove is being geto.ther >> iv g aingir gl a fl.ower >> ov le is yourst firra gnd ch ild. s. ye >>ov l iesn whe someone like ac re fhesouor yr food and you do hn'tthave ude sdene urg to tslapirhe hand way. >> youno kw youre an iov len whe yo ouu w rldrathean h ogutit wh gyourriirlf tendhanr youbest ie frnds. >> ng beilo in ve is loving the az crsinest thave e dryay br.ings >>e loveiis bng patient. b>>eing in loveea mns rbeememr th ese rft or you .life ok lot ayour wifery eve day and say it'sy m ulfat.
8:40 am
w >> weake upn itheni morng awith hug and kiss. nd>> ae hin sgsn ithe sh.ower >> , well'sthatma to urke se u' yoawre ake. >> i love him. >> biro lu,dwigd gooinmorng. >> good inmorng. >> no i kwol fksom c teo you all e thme ti. e thni opi aonsreng goi to vary. y in ouropinion,ha wst i love? w ho do youw knoou y're in ?love >>,well ihi tnk when you a re infallng ie lovhe woun y aren i , lovearyou dee unher t in ncfluefe o a neurohe clmica ck co.tail it p aacks llwoloalp. yo eu arin seeg your perartn ugthroh roinse-tted seglass. whatry eveoneee ss as noan,ying u yod fin as abadorle. >> theur insanceittenssy ine turupd .
8:41 am
rs peon all the .time u yohi t enkboverylsdy ee w ants athems well. er thea is si phycaltt aioractn an del intualectlra attnctiond a fuhopelly ctiompatybili as .well ha>> wst ihe t dreiffence eebetwein bnng ie lov and lgovin me soone? >> ,well ink thit i isor me in e.tens heso woun y love meso,body you tdon'd min snghari them. yo igu mht even matchm the up swithodomeby else. wh en youre an ie lovit wh so dymebou , yot don' twant hem awithdynybo but u.yo yo lau pn you lr aifedroun . them he>> w ynou areal f ilingn ,love yo reu a o tnhatol rler tecoasr. 's it i up, t's.down it'sinresecu. k thanwegod 't doniv like le th llat a theti me. >> it gechans. it is dreiffe wnthenou y are yo aungeend mteo somne forhe t rs fit meti. oallf ade sudnou y have ch enildr. il ch sdrentoeem ng chaove lne i a oo gd way. ri>> ght. >> you know,n i the end, ink thi
8:42 am
ca eclm s sureense ofe hom seba. er three an'tec nriessalyo s many shigh or wslo. er the's a sense of esixpanon yo behend two t of yount ior you fr siend and mifaly. i >>hi tnk i mt'sore no.rmal iit lsgovin who you aren whe you areun arodt thaso pern and lo wvingouho y can be. it is almostik le y houelph eac ot thero beecom theer pyoson u ar meeanto tbeth in ees bset-ca arscenio. >> t thais ad goo wayo tk loo at it. iwhates thre pessur for ntvales ine'day and peeoplot n in a tirelaiponsh? fo rpl coues oheut thore wbe may onef halth of epl coueee fls cmorettommiedn tha the other. ey thl feey the't donav hee th ittradlionami comttmenbo syml at wh ieverayt m be. wh oen d youw kno its ie tim to yb mat e curuand n? c >> autnd run sheomewre else.
8:43 am
tr ioadit rnalioelatpsnshi y.toda re mopl peoe e arco-tahabi ting tmore ghanngetti iemarrd. y ifou areo te wakp uea a yr fr owom n and your rioelatpnshi an oud yifr le wasol unfding the wa you y wdante it toou y i aren th ele rnsatio yhipouan wtbe to in. wh watouldhe t day look like? alvisu tize ahatnd goor fha tt. >> youd nee to rctespeou yr re onlatiship algos. hyouavebe to ir dectnd a say i nt wari maragend a it wan dski. t pu it out e.ther omif s ceonean't givet thao t cyou,utr you lo.sses h>>ow do youta susin velo? ho ow d youe make sur it is the ve lot thats las a limefeti? y >>ou haveo t f oirstlf alk loo a at rspeon'sha cerract andee s ouif yre aoo lkingt ae lif in e the sam diiorectn. doou ye hav thee samls goa? y doanou wt thee sam tshing out of life andre aou y wngillio t
8:44 am
ve lost exis wnithi rey.alit haif ttst exis witht whaou y nt wa andf i dit aoesndch mat , upt tha b cane dangmagi. y >>ou ,knowdi stuesho s twhat co suple whouc sceed and s,fail ctheesouplha ttuc sceedav he re moit postoive-at-negive in cttera eions wven thenheyre a tifighng. >> po suprt each heotr. rt nu aurelond ve. >> nk tha you so much. bi ro and n,iaha tnk u.yo ppha vyenalneti 'sy.da p u ne,xt sakpegin of velo, ho bow aut ael dusiciore bstakfa elto hp you getn ithed moos thi ntvales ine' daywed.eken do i e lov to eat. >> l we toveoat e l aot onhi ts
8:45 am
8:46 am
c. nb >> > thisni morng in od"tay's "food ael diciousre bstakfal ful of foods to get yn ou ithe mood. e th orpene ofke roct i cngohica goodinmorng.
8:47 am
hein t odmo. we l wilet g ie n th wmoodith samimos. w >> ahaturre opt o?ions >> poanmegrite. yo onu d s'tee a lot of le.achy hwe avengmao. we ak tehi ts tohe tho ctecola wa leff wshit secheecake mo.usse n cateyou hill winch mimum samimos? we haveco cholateps chi and eggs and rrbeanies cod cowda poer. we l wilak mhee tco cholate wa s.ffle we e havs egg and ttbulkermi and ad dingoil. >>ou y do allhe t wet gr inntedies geto. ther >> yes. ll i' startth on e dry.
8:48 am
a go aheadnd whiskha tt thtogeer. we have flour and cocoade powr d ann browr suga bandgakin erpowd andsalt. ri ghtre whe a youhere wnou y ihaveted mix --e w h iavet se teparaau becse yout wanhe t gr inntedieixs med llwe. weh pus this thtogeer. th owen nou yea rlly heavo tgo to or wk as you can tell. ye s. en thou yl wilix m that upnt u il its it sor of erbatte.-lik >> d.mixe >> ahye. c i dano that. at wh you wdoill is fold in some olchocate chips. if d youon'tan wt ,that yanou c us hie wte ocche.olat you can souwap ant peutut bter. yo anu c eathe tme likha tt like i it s aetbuff. y >>ou don'tan wot tve ser yb an ody.that i >>e lik the baby mm&s.
8:49 am
>>ou yre aoi gng czyrand a i love it. avwe hgge ete whisha tt we made ce ni and fyluffnd air ay bseecau anwe wt the wesaffl to beht lig and flfyuf. >> he tn we fo. ld >> you don't want to gozy cra be ecaus yout wan tont mai tainhe fifluf fnessheor t was.ffle >> iev nnoer kwhe wn'm i su tosedtoo spfo g.ldin >> withen to spsos lthing e wh ite r.colo tdon' go y.craz yould couee s h terehatar we e sm gokin hotea rdy to go. we l wilak me the clahocote wa s.ffle ow>> h y doikou lite ? >> it is .good >> i woulde lik aernoth one. >> i have o fneor u.yo is th one isbo autr fou teminus. pe dends on thee sizf ohe t ff wairle on. wthenee hav the lewaffs. wh sat i eagrt,f i you d won'tant to conook en val'stine, dayyou ca ron thesw th te inrehe ferez and then pop ithn est toaer or
8:50 am
th weneav he cream ch,eeseou sr cr eam,ow preded s,ugar nivalla. tthen yhrowour besrrie .on then use sbetrawrry syrup. ether you .go >> ion d'te hav a rkfo. >>'l iel us a spoon. >>'l il give you anme. bi lly, t hankyou. srock atars waalys. yo anu cet g the reecipt a to coday.odm/fo. >> rschee. >>en val'stine. day c>>erhetos yo u. >> first these messages. t doesmellhe sa of yfreshl unbopresd taenonti ll yfi wouopith smtimi? y doe ou loviryour ws elesyb keoard mo n re thaain certlyfamimb meers? is your success e duilto a f ingst syy em onldeyou unnd?rsta pridoesg ntinoufrom yetr tablto y wiour prelessrinter ve giou yol a joft fi conncdee?
8:51 am
meonsoo e whthknows rat the ightfi ofrce gea he u lps yoreatdo gng this. th and onere's ace e pl hthatitas all. fice ofot depem officax. ar u ger p fogreat. an menouncent: stothisrorm ptomises th be eesbigghet of tade. dec th wi a totalulatccum ionp of uhrto teeee ft. adrowills e bshut inddownitefinely. d anolschoars ose cl.ed ca ll'smpbeou s go pseagr twi a cthd old a an rniceed. ormade fl, r realieal fe. cithe outi dcable csh coard mesy in very wihandasth c h backontwice chas pures. ea nce rn o ywhen,ou buyag and as yain ayou p. th cat'sbaash owck n, caand acsh baik aglan r.te 's c itbaash ck d\j vu. th ti de cie oublarcash cd. th ly ce onthard s at letyou casearnckh ba o twiceyn everpurc hase 1 withen y% whuyou b1% and u as yo pay. wi wth twoto eays arn,akit motes a lothe of rdr cases sem one.ided ea but up, y. ydd'louget l itis
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8:53 am
use utcan io dwhenviring peraor o mtingneachiry. st mon commo-affsideisect us naea. li a fe as smoknon-s er iwha t ole loun.of f yoask tour dochar if c ntix r isoright f you. d hi ad. h uh uh. ahye.s..ryorbo a tutt.ha hi t ankutbot i t reheus mbet ig hr hevelo ow d tn ineahe h rt dwhatu o yok?thin a n nd istthe abars ove t higled, yadouou coild j,n us we nk thi' you gre oing ltothike nuese s.mber ng bria me erhighe lov ou i cisld rove ab e > >>ar elier in the owsh, we lk taedbo aowut h weet m our
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[song] - ffruf-ruftw aneet ved da awhatde won wrfulay peto sound yy r dathwi ruff-ruff eetwant dad ve atwhun a f dayrehego we yayru ufff-rf t tweedaand ve spthe gain ailin wtal uke sonno aerthre g aattudvenre sa eiy thmer nawhs gat a great ame so play along at home e we'ronoff th ine spin aga o whs know what mwe fight ind thwiat h tty hhestam erisak tg in tushere we know wel 'lveha maa cagitil me a gimal cameti play along at home sathy r eimena she wregoe 'sitf- ruf ruffru- ufff-rf! eetw- t t!twee an dad ve- veda !ru ufff-reef twt daand eave yh ll- heo! m i'y hatthathe r,mstewi y th mfuhat f ll otiques ons. ck[chu]lingi erwondt wha okindf ntadveweure ha'll tove, day. t'levis t siffruuf-r tf, weetd an, davefiand utnd o. yup.[l inaughg] ll- heato, h
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